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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 16, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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unusual for them to claim responsibility after such things occur so the u.s. military is now investigating this incident to determine exactly what caused that crash. the identities of the dead, of course, are being withheld pending notification of next of kin. >> great to see you. thank you. >> the politics of mediscare. paul ryan uses the "m" word on the campaign trail for the first time. instead of running for democrats attacks, he flips the scripts and launches a counteroffensive. he spoke again just moments ago in ohio, accusing the president of robbing medicare to pay for his health care law. >> president obama's campaign calls this an achievement. do you think rating medicare to pay for obama care is an achievement? >> no. >> neither do i. >> the obama campaign firing back this morning calling the accusations blatantly false.
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here is obama senior adviser david axelrod for morning joe. >> the fact of the matter is, what romney is proposing now is to roll all of that back which would mean that medicare would reach insolvency, would lose preventive care, that's the romney plan right now. >> all of this word of wars continues over medicare. the discussion of economy seems to be taking a back seat. 60% of voters disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. matt cooper, white house editor for the national journal. ohio governor, ted strict lant and sofia nelson. so the president hit back yesterday, hitting back pretty hard, accusing team romney of being dishonest of what he plans to do for medicare, for the
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medicare afford act. >> they want to turn medicare into a voucher program. my plan has already extended medicare by nearly a decade. their plan ends medicare as we know it. my plan reduces the costs of medicare by cracking down on fraud and waste and subsidies to insurance companies. their plan makes seniors pay more so they can give another tax cut to millionaires and billionaires. >> sofia, i want to start with you. romney claims that he's going to restore medicare. but how does romney benefit by cutting back medicare and rolling back the savings that seniors are already benefiting from now? >> well, i want to make a point of correction. i'm not a republican strategist. i'm not sure where that lead came from. >> forgive me. >> not your fault. i think on the romney front, though, this is a matter of who the public is going to believe. are they going to believe what governor romney is saying, that, you know, the president has rated medicare to put money into
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obama care or are they going to believe what the democrats are saying, that governor romney is going to take the money and give it away for tax cuts for the wealthy. i think the question about what governor romney is doing here exactly and why they are going on the offensive, it's the competing message that we believe to be honest. both of them really fudging a little bit on what they've really done with the $700 billion. >> usually it's a democratic talking point where the democrats come out firing on this to put the republicans on their heels. do you think that the left has been caught off guard? >> well, i think when we're talking about medicare it is going to help the president and the democrats. the people in this country know which party and which leaders of our political party support medicare. paul ryan had a plan. mitt romney's got a plan. they do want to make medicare a voucher system to destroy
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medicare as we know it. the american people don't want that to happen. the polling is very clear on that issue. as our candidates for senate and congress across the country are starting to talk about the republican plan to destroy medicare as we know it. >> matt, romney has said all along that the economy is going to be the front and center topic of this campaign. is he leading democratic attacks to throw them off message? >> no, i don't think so. i think the question of the talks is something to throw back at the president, even though congressman ryan's own plan includes those cuts. >> all right. so a lot of people look at this in the write-ups that we're seeing out there, people talking about the nasty turn that we're seeing, politico notes that mitt
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romney is getting more personal when he talks about how obama is a nice guy and just doesn't understand how the economy works because there is no private sector experience. but as the campaign grew more intense and attacks more personal, romney dropped the idea that he has any admiration for obama. in its place is a description of obama as a purchase perveyor. governor, i want to ask you, he's responded to romney's claims that he's running a campaign of hate and anger. he sat down with "entertainment tonight" and nancy oa look. >> romney just described you as running a campaign as hate. >> nancy, this is pretty typical of what we do. we're going around the country talking about how to put people back to work, how do we improve our schools, how do we ensure
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that we're producing american energy? how do we lower our debt in a responsible way? and i don't think you or anybody who has been watching the campaign would suggest that in any way we have tried to divide the country. we've always tried to bring the country together. >> romney, this was after joe biden talked about the fact that the romney ticket wants to unchain wall street. romney then fires back at the use of the word "chains" and says the president is angry and almost unhinged and now we have the president and first lady sitting down with nancy odell at e.t. and "the insider." is she the right journalist to take the president on whether he has a campaign of hate? >> to accuse the president of having a campaign of hate shows that romney is reaching a desperation point. i've been with the president on the campaign trail here in ohio.
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i can tell you that he's relacked, he's confident. he's talking about the issues. i don't think there's a hateful bone in this president's body. and for mitt romney to make that accusation is just saying something about the condition of the mitt romney campaign since he has chosen paul ryan as his running mate. it's not working. it's not going to work in ohio. and i think we're seeing that reflected in mr. romney's change of approach here. >> sofia, we also understand that the president told "people" magazine, the truth is that during the course of the campaigns, folks like this get obsessed with how something is phrased even though people understand how it was phrased and it's not only that, it's the romney campaign. let's talk about this on the other side. >> in one week, you can put an end to the politics that would divide a nation just to win an election. >> 2012, it's alternative. >> we're going to put y'all back in chains.
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>> it's a trojan horse. >> this plan would literally be a death trap for some seniors. taxes like the tornado through america's nursing home. >> you've got to give it to the rnc, they were quick to get this out. going after the president for its high favor ability rating. if he's sitting down with "e.t.," giving quotes to "people" magazine, these are info-tainment type news sources. >> this president does not have an angry, hateful bone in his body. that's not the man that i've covered and everybody has covered. it's legitimate for the president, thomas, to talk to "people" magazine, those are people that mainstream the center of america reads. they appeal to generational blocks of people.
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mostly younger, sometimes mom and the female vote is going to be critical to both sides. that doesn't surprise me. but i do think that the romney campaign, to their credit, whether you agree with them or not, are fighting back in a way you probably don't see republicans typically do. and i think paul ryan has been a friend of mine for over 20 years. i think he's someone that many has energized governor romney to get aggressive in the sense of, hey, we're going to argue with you about medicare. we're going to argue with you about issues of character. if you're going to attack me on bain and saying that i'm not being forthcoming on taxes and whatever, they are willing to mix it up. it's august and i think these are the dog days, last days of summer and this is what happens in politics. it's what they do. >> real quickly, sophia has said that romney hasn't energized the people drawing eyes to the campaign. a new gallup poll shows that romney is not immediately benefited from putting ryan on the ticket. do you think that's going to change, especially as we heat up
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between people getting excited for joe biden and paul ryan at the debate? >> look, i think polls are going to go up and down all fall and through the end of summer. the big thing is, i think the battle lines have been drawn about romney hitting obama on the economy and obama hitting obama and romney on medicare cuts. >> it will be interesting, as you say, we're in the doll drums of august but it's going to heat up soon as we race through the summer. our panel, sophia and matt cooper, my thanks to all three of you. the four states where most of the millions are pouring in from. plus, a bull market. why wall street really hearts congressman paul ryan. and a group of people or someone is $337 million richer. there was only one lucky powerball ticket sold. someone could be dancing on the
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authorities in louisiana are looking for a suspect that left two deputies dead and two injured. >> they were on traffic duty near a vip of plants and refineries. one suspect is in custody. no word on what may have sparked that shooting. the super pacs have raised almost a dollar for every man, woman, and child in america. more than half of that money
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came from three states along with washington, d.c. in new york state, that's two-thirds of the money donated to the top super pacs. domeinico, explain what kind of influence these contributions get them down the line. >> thomas, you noted that the money per person, we're almost now at $2 per person in this country that's been spent on tv ads. we've just passed $500,000 mark. the obama campaign and romney campaign splitting that, what the romney campaign at about $272 million, that's with outside groups factored in. the obama campaign comes in at $239 million with outside groups
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with him. the issue there is that 59% of the outside money going towards romney being spent from outside groups. only 2% to support obama. the money that you're talking about, where that comes from, we've seen in texas which is made up of 20% of all of the outside spending. harold simmons has donated about 14 million or so to super pacs and bob perry, a home builder in texas, about 4 million, 5 million or so that he's contributed. >> so much money going into this. it's amazing when we think about it. it's not done yet. deputy political editor, domenico, thank you. you can keep tabs by downloading the nbc political app available on itunes. there was talk about whether paul ryan was the right v.p. for
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romney. there's bound to be the resounding approval. why, you ask? three words, privatizing social security. steve moore is an editorial board member and senior economic writer for "the wall street journal." good to have you here. paul ryan has been an advocate investing somewhere around 50 to 80% of social security into stocks with the rest being in bonds. explain to everybody why he feels that would be such a good thing, especially for wall street. >> i'm not so sure this is going to be an issue in this campaign. it's something paul ryan has advocated for in the past. to clarify for your viewers, it's not something that's got an idea that goes back 20, 25 years of creating personal accounts for young workers, for the authority that right now, as you know, is going to get a lousy deal under social security. when i talk to young people, it's going to be the worst
11:18 am
investment th investment that you make in your lifetime. some is is allowed to be put in bonds and a mutual fund, not picking individual stocks, just putting the money into the market so it gets a decent rate of return. we calculate for young people the rate for social security is going to be negative. >> when you talk about obviously the investment of what it means for social security, not being the safety net do you really think there's enough trust re-established given what is going on with wall street to allow people to think that they can depend on that? >> well, that's a great question, you know, whether or not people do have faith in the market. that's why under paul's plan, everybody would have their individual choice. so if you wanted to stick with traditional social security and get your negative rate of return, you could do that. or if you wanted to place, you know, some portion of your
11:19 am
payroll tax money into an ira type of an account, you can do that. it would be a freedom of choice plan. i think you raise a very good point about whether americans have any confidence in the market after what happened in 2008. by the way, a lot of studies have shown that with the big crash that happened in 2008, if workers starting 25 years ago had the option of putting their money into the markets rather than into social security, even with the crash they would have done better than social security would have. so the question is whether this will be a debate issue in the campaign. it's more personal lie zags that allows people to have various options. >> steve moore, senior economic writer for "the wall street journal," thank you. in the next hour on "now," we're going to have the other side of the argument, why wall street may not be a fan of paul
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ryan. alex wagner will have that. while ending the dream, january brewer defies white house policy, refusing to allow young, undocumented workers to apply for a work permit. plus, julian assange granted an asylum? what england plans to do about it. and then a plane leaving from new york receives a bomb threat. details ahead. are you okay, babe? i'm fine. ♪ ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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11:24 am
republicans haven't won in pennsylvania since 1988 and that's when george bush senior beat out michael dukakis. in the last election, however, if we factor this into the judge's ruling and although the republicans claim that it preserves electoral integrity, what is your reaction to what is happening in p.a.? >> we're very disappointed in what the court entered into law yesterday, stating that the state can go forward with requiring photo i.d.s. the chair of the pennsylvania house of representatives actually said that he was enacting this law to ensure that mitt romney could carry pennsylvania. and the problem is that seniors and students of pennsylvania who
11:25 am
currently don't have this i.d. and probably won't have the ability to get it before november. so it's a very significant ruling. we plan to appeal and hope that the pennsylvania supreme court will hold that it's a fundamental right and you cannot put hurdles in front of voters unless you have a compelling interest. >> you're saying that you're planning to appeal but there has been legal argument about this, that there is speculation that the ruling was articulate and fair and that it's going to be hard to overturn. >> well, we believe that the record in this case is so strong. we brought in witness after witness who can't get this irk d. they don't have their birth certificate. they were born with a midwife and the voting is such a precious right and we're asking the supreme court of pennsylvania just to recognize that. if they change the level of scrutiny that's applied to this law so voting is treated as
11:26 am
fundamental and not something that the state can just regulate at will, then we believe that they will. >> secretary of state ohio, jon husted appeared on "jansing & co." talking about where the obama campaign is filing a lawsuit. take a listen to this. >> the democrats didn't want us to have counties making their own decisions about voting hours. that was the controversy. it's not really been about the extending voting hours, where some counties were doing it by one set of standards and other counties were doing it by higher or lesser standards. >> he's being questioned about the fact that democrats are having cutbacks on early voting hours where in the primaries we saw primary hours extended. what's your reaction of what is taking place in ohio. reminding everyone that the
11:27 am
president took that state in owe owe 08. >> the problem in ohio is that the president has extended weekend voting, particularly weekend voting of the election. that's when the african-americans have souls after polls. they go down to the polls after church and vote. ohio has eliminated that and in the effort to make everything uniform, they've cut everything back to the lowest common denominator and say we're not going to have anybody do it on weekends and our position is that that's a change from 2008 and as you said a change from earlier this year and we believe that is hurts voters who are most vulnerable, such as african-americans who tend to vote democratic and that that may be the motive behind this. >> the advancement project, penda hair, nice to see you. why a gentleman opened fire at the research council
11:28 am
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juicy brats grilled up on a thursday. the perfect use of the 7th inning stretch. get that great taste anytime with kingsford match light charcoal. welcome back. we're talking about the countdown to tampa. 11 days to go before the republican convention in florida. and if you know some of the big names that are going to be there headlining this event, we want to remind you that they include the u.s. senator and former new hampshire attorney, congressman and former barack obama supporter, arthur davis that actually spoke at the '08 democratic convention and bobby y jindal will be there as well. the number two on the ticket perhaps gave us a preview of the
11:32 am
convention speech line of attack in ohio early this morning. take a listen. remember when president obama would stand in front of all of the pillar in all of those things and say, we're not blue states or red states, we're the united states of america, i'm going to be a uniter and not a divider? it's the most partisan did i vice sif climate we've ever had. >> and is that a preview? while the man who is expected to be nominated as the republican's candidate for president, mitt romney did an extensive interview with "fortune" magazine. he directly addressed the allegations that his tax policies will reduce the taxes paid by the super rich in this country. he said, my tax policy will have a very clear direction. we are not going to reduce the share of taxes by high-paid individuals and certainly not by taxes paid by the middle class taxpayers. joining me in the studio is andy
11:33 am
silver. great to see you. >> thank you. >> great read. really interesting to dig down into what mitt romney is talking about and he's been talking about his 50-plus point plan that's been on his website. you break him down to five points. what was the big reveal that you got? >> well, he did boil it down, thomas, which was kind of refreshing to hear because we wanted him to focus. we wanted him to be specific and he did sort of get there. he talked about -- the theme of these five point is, not surprisingly, smaller government, let's have the private sector do the heavy lifting here. one thing he talked about was spurring the domestic energies, fossil fuels. you can imagine that means fracking and opening up drilling domestically. number two, trying to spur international trade for the private sector and taking on china, which was very interesting. good luck with that one. also, moving job training to the states, cutting the budget, and deregulation. deregulation, the big thing there, of course, is going to be getting rid of obama care which,
11:34 am
you know, is going to be a huge deal. all of this uncertainty, though, thomas, when you talk to people in the business sector, we had the biggest piece of legislation pass since world war ii. now this guy is going to get rid of it? not so good. >> one thing that he's talking about, his five-point plan, he addressed what the president has done, saying that the president has done virtually nothing. the problem with tax increases is they also reduce growth. raising taxes to try to get more growth is like a dog chasing its tail. it will never get there. does that attitude kind of dove tail what the paul ryan approach is? it's interesting because we're watching paul ryan explain as he's the deficit off the budget guy, explain where he fits into the romney ticket and what romney's policy would be moving forward if elected. >> well, i think you've hit on something that is really key and it's something that the republicans are going to have to
11:35 am
resolve, which is getting paul ryan and mitt romney on the same page. right now they are not. paul ryan and mitt romney not at the same place. also, simpson/bowles. mitt romney has said i've approved of something along those lines. paul ryan was against that. you know, if you ask paul ryan right now, what are going to do about medicare, that plan that you proposed is going to be what romney is endorsing. he says, well, not so much. what is the plan? what are they going to do? these guys have to work that out and pretty soon. >> one thing when the conversation trails off the money for a second to talk about gun legislation in his record for massachusetts and it caught my eye, talking about what he would do as president when it comes to assault weapons and the gun conversation in this country. he says, this isn't a time for us to be passing new gun legislation. the laws that we have in place are appropriate and i don't look forward to new laws. so imagine that making something illegal is going to stop it. it is not realistic.
11:36 am
is this going to be hard for mitt romney? not just only talking about gun legislation but talking about the massachusetts health care law? all of the legislation that he has been heralded for being a good governor for, he doesn't really want to talk about when it comes to if he should be elected to president. >> salt lake city olympics and governor of massachusetts, he's got to be careful because some of those things not so pal table to the republican base and maybe not to the overall electorate. you know, with guns assault weapons, it's a flip-flop. it's kind of chicken. on the other hand, the president has not come out with a national ban either. >> there needs to be a lot more conversation about t andy, great to see you. >> thomas, thank you. >> good stuff in "fortune" magazine. thank you. we move on to developing news that we're tracking out of london where he can ka dor ecuador granted political asylum
11:37 am
to julian assange. it's really tense and angry situation with british police threatening to raid the embassy. and assange supporters, look at this, they are scuffling with the police there saying that britain is threatening to violate assange's civil rights. duncan, explain how ecuadorian officials to provide him asylum. >> good morning, thomas. ecuador really is defiant. the government reacted ang g angrily and are equally insist sent that julian assange needs
11:38 am
protection. to stand trial for releasing secret government documents. the government believes that, too, that the foreign minister said today that assange would not get a fair trial if extradited to the u.s. it's not impossible that he would be treated in a cruel manner, condemned to life in prison or even the death penalty. there are no hopes of this standoff ending any time soon. the british government said that they are disappointed by ecuador's decision. julian assange has appealed all of his appeal options. thomas? >> duncan, thank you. i appreciate it. investigators are looking for the motive behind a shooting in washington, d.c. the suspect was 28-year-old floyd corkins.
11:39 am
this shooting injured a security guard now being heralded as a hero for being able to subdue the gunman. justice correspondent pete williams is live with more on this. what do we know about this floyd? >> he's been charged with attempted murder and illegally bringing a gun into washington court. he walked into frc's headquarters and told a security guard words to the effect, if i don't like your politics, he shot the guard in the arm before the guard subdued him while another guard called the police. he was carrying a handgun, two more ammunition rounds and also in his backpack were 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches. comments were made about opposition to guy marriage and investigators say that his parents told the fbi, and i'm quoting from the court documents, that their son has strong opinions with respect to
11:40 am
those they believe do not treat homosexuals in a fair manner. he's due in court to be formally charged. >> does he have any type of criminal history or background that would lead one to suspect more about his motives from yesterday? >> well, no. of course, authorities say he bought this gun five days ago. he worked as a volunteer at a guy and lesbian community center here in washington, d.c. it's pretty clear, according to investigators, that he went there because he disagrees with the family research council's politics. >> pete, thank you, sir. some stories topping the news right now, authorities are searching a passenger jet forced to make an emergency landing after someone phoned in a bomb threat. the plane carrying 250 people was headed from new york's jfk airport to moscow and it was diverted to iceland early this morning. everybody on board is safe. dallas mayor declares a west nile state of emergency as that
11:41 am
city is ramping up it is efforts to fight against a growing outbreak. the virus has claimed ten lives there. aerial spraying is set up for the first time tonight for the first time in 50 years. now, if you live in michigan and bought a powerball ticket, you might want to check out what those numbers are because there was a single winning in the last night $337 million powerball. eight tickets matching five of the six winning numbers were also sold. you know what? those are worth a cool million bucks a piece. not bad, right? so for the first time in a national scrabble tournament, one of the nation's top young players has been ejected after caught cheating. he was busted, guess what, hiding blank tiles for wild
11:42 am
card. today marks the 35th anniversary death of elvis presley. people got a surprise when they were greeted by the former king's wife and daughter. it's the first time they appeared at the annual event together. elvis died in 1977. well, the end to the dream, at least in arizona. why governor january brewer is bucking the white house for refusing to comply with its new immigration policy. plus, pride for paul ryan? guy rights advocates divided over the vice presidential candidate. what do you think? you can tell me your thoughts. always tweet me and get me @thomasaroberts. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance,
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[ dog ] we found it together.upbeat ] on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. so air zone's government is defying the president's immigration policy.
11:46 am
january brew jan brewer signed an it's already been determined that you're not allowed to have a driver's license if you're here illegally. so with the obama amnesty plan, that doesn't make them legally here because they haven't even applied yet for whatever work permits that they are going to go for. >> now, this move came as thousands of young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally lined up to apply for work permits under this program. what could this mean moving forward? we want to bring in victoria, an msnbc contributor and visiting scholar at the university of texas at austin. victoria, let's talk about brewer's executive order. what does it do and what does it mean for individuals applying for that deferred action? >> well, it's a huge deal. the order in and of itself isn't, the content. the big deal is a political implication because nothing is really changing. undocumented persons under
11:47 am
federal law can't get any taxpayer funded benefits, which is medicare and welfare and under arizona, undocumented persons haven't been able to have in state tuitions. it's political grand standing. however, politically this means a lot for 2012. in terms of the president boosting his numbers in arizona, the arizona population of latinos has grown from 14.2% to 18.4. i'm not saying arizona is going to go blue but we're going to see a lighter shade of red and we're going to see a fellow latino potentially have a shot at getting into the senate. and in the long term, i'd say for 2016, we're going to see arizona turn squarely purple. >> let's talk about the new program, though, and what it exactly means. illegal immigrants must have arrived before the age of 16, be 30 or younger and have lived in the u.s. since june 15, 2007, and must currently be in school,
11:48 am
have graduated, be a military vet, and not have convicted of a felony or a serious misdemeanor. those who support the rights for that community, why would republicans make this move now, especially when they are trying to court the latino vote and januajan brewer recognizes that. >> jan brewer is saying, look, what president obama put forward is still problematic, that he really hasn't helped the latino community. she's highlighting that by showing that the states still are in their power to deny these rights from immigrant. so she's taking away from that impact that the president's executive order had. >> victoria, great to see you today. thank you. >> thanks. hillary clinton for v.p.? it's time now for the sidebar. john mccain is siding with his former running mate saying that
11:49 am
the president should can joe biden has his vice president. >> i think he might be wise to do that but it's not going to happen, obviously, for a variety of reasons, including and hillary cloibt i'd want to be on that team. >> the white house says vice president biden is not going anywhere. another ban sends a cease and desist order. this is for mitt romney. the rock band silver son is asking the campaign to stop using their own panic switch. the group describes romney's campaign but doubts it's the message that romney wants to send and it's the lyrics and will you release the glitch. can you fall asleep with a panic switch? now, the rock band divo is getting political. remember these guys, whip it, they are out with another song, don't roof rack me, bro. the band says it's not meant to
11:50 am
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welcome back, everybody. a quick look inside what's taking place at the white house right now with press secretary jay carney addressing the media, taking questions on what took place in afghanistan. the loss of seven military members today after that problem, or attack in the southern kandahar province. also, we do expect to see mitt romney. he's traveling through south carolina today. there we have a live shot where we expect mitt romney to take the microphone, again, this is in greenville, south carolina, at the airport there. want to take you back to politics and talk more about paul ryan. hasn't been pressed on his stance concerning gay rights issues since being tapped as governor romney's running mate.
11:54 am
a look at the congressman's record reveals he's consistently voted against lgbt causes with one exception. i'm joined be i the senior political reporter for buzz feed and tracked ryan's responses on social issues. in an article you wrote for "buzz feed" you broke down paul ryan's voting history and point out twice he voted to amend the constitution to prevent same sex couples from marrying and voted against repealing don't ask, don't tell. is he a gen xer out of touch with his generation and those younger? >> i think the fact is over a course of more than a decade in congress, there's only one vote in 2007 for the employment nondiscrimination act where representative ryan voted the same way that the human rights campaign, one of the largest lgbt advocacy groups wanted members of congress to vote. >> so chris, when you talk about that, the fact that he was able to put that vote in favor of ending discrimination in the
11:55 am
workplace, is that something for groups like go proud and for log cabin republicans to latch on to for their support of this ticket? >> both of those organizations did praise the nomination of paul ryan and they did point to that 2007 vote, but in the times since he's been nominated, i asked the campaign yesterday whether or not representative ryan would vote for and if it came to a vote in this congress now that it includes gender identity as well as sexual orientation, and i've gotten no response from the campaign. >> chris, real quickly, one thing paul ryan has been outrun on is he is against same-sex couples adopting, however, mitt romney has come out to say he is a supporter of that. >> in 1999, paul ryan voted for an amendment put forward that would have banned the district of columbia from allowing gay couples to vote -- to adopt, and
11:56 am
so because of that, there is questions about whether or not he would continue to hold that position if a vote came forward now. >> we'll see how he gets pressed going forward. buzz feed's chris geidner. thanks so much. >> thank you, thomas. we're getting word president obama made a surprise visit to the dnc headquarters today. we're going to have more on thathat coming your way in the next hour. alex wagner is going to have more on "now" coming up straight ahead. hings can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place... one pet at a time. discover vibrant maturity and more at
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