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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  September 12, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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who will have the seats in the american league when the music stops? it's way too early for this. good morning, i'm willie geist. this is "way too early," the show with a sizable lead with west coast voters up ripping tubes. i'm glad you are up watching or listening live on serious radio. you can do what vice president joe biden does text the word awake to 622639. we'll read the responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes is your cram session for this wednesday, september 12th. a lot to tell you about including breaking news out of germ any that will impact the debt crisis plaguing europe. plus, the first lady of the united states reminds us she can
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duggy better than laura bush ever did. that clip, later in the show. live at 5:30 a.m., you are at 30 rock. violent protest against the united states. at the u.s. kons late in benghazi, at least one american staff member was killed after they stormed the compound and burned it down. looking at the scene, you can hear gunshots going off. the attackers were armed with automatic rifles and grenades. libyan forces stationed there were said to have done little to stop the violence. in egypt, protesters scaled walls destroying the american flag, ripping it to shreds and replacing it with a black, islamic banner. the diplomatic staff had been
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evacua evacuated. both incidents in reaction to a little known akture movie produced in the u.s. po ridicule the profit mo hammed. the same guy that triggered deadly riots in afghanistan by threatening to burn the koran. the american embassy prepared a statement reading the united states embassy condemns the efforts of misguided individuals to hurt the feelings of muslims. respect for religious beliefs is a corner stone of american democracy. we reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt others. romney holding political attacks lifted the embargo shortly after midnight releasing a statement that blasted the state department. it reads, it's disgraceful the
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obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks. the statement was put out before the attacks came out. it came out later condemning the attacks. they responded writing, we are shocked at a time the united states of america is confronting the tragic death in libya, governor romney would choose to launch a political attack. for more on this, we turn to richard engel, live in cairo. bring us up to speed as we wake up this morning. >> reporter: well, the major development is what potentially happened in libya, the city of benghazi. it's not just any officer that was killed but it was the u.s. em bass dor that died because of smoke inhilation.
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he was visiting the facility in benghazi at the time. those reports have not been confirmed by the u.s. state department. they are being reported across the middle east with live images coming out from in front of the u.s. consulate, now, a burned down shell in the city of benghazi. it would be a major escalation. not only did the attackers storm the building in benghazi, they attacked it with rifles, then opened fire on it with machine guns. if the reports are correct, still unconfirmed by the state department, able to kill the ambassador. >> help us understand, as we sit here in the united states, what is driving the attacks. it's a vicious attack if it's true. it escalates the situation. was it based off a completely unknown video posted on youtube with something like 3,000 views before the story came out?
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>> reporter: that was the provocation. if you remember a few years ago, there was a cartoon that appeared in an obscure report. they are not scouring the internet to look for unwatched videos. this video was deeply offensive. it became part of a social dialogue in this country. there was a group of preachers here who started talking about it. they started talking about it on local egyptian television. they riled up the masses, then the rumor mill began. people in egypt yesterday started to believe this movie, which few people saw, but it was described as a movie as if it was a major hollywood blockbuster was going to be
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premiered in the united states nationwide tomorrow night, yesterday night on 9/11. in that environment of religious passions and misinformation and certain groups who are stirring the pot, you had the attack on the u.s. embassy and the american consulate in benghazi. >> before i let you go, what is the scene in cairo today? we saw the chaos yesterday. what does it look like today? >> reporter: that was quite a shocking development. egypt has a tremendously well organized security force. it was organized to put down protests in this country. it wasn't organized or mobilized yesterday until after several dozen demonstrators were able to climb over the wall and those dmon stremonstrators were able e gra fity on the walls of the
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u.s. embassy. people are critical that the egyptian response yesterday was slow. now, they are taking the exact opposite approach. there is a human chain of hundreds of shield and club wielding egyptian security forces. >> richard engel live in cairo, egypt. we are looking into the story. we haven't confirmed it yet, but the person killed in benghazi may have been the ambassador to libya, the united states ambassador to libya. that would escalate this thing. we are looking into it. president obama and benjamin netanyahu remain united on how to deal with iran's nuclear program. they spoke on the phone for an hour discussing iran and other security matters.
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netanyahu had harsh words for the u.s. saying the u.s. would not set red line limits on iran's nuclear activities. >> the world tells israel, wait. there's still time. i say wait for what? wait unt when? those international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. >> the white house also denying reports that president obama snubbed netanyahu's request to meet in new york in two weeks. it just didn't happen that way. the white house could not accommodate the meeting because of the president's travel schedule. the white house insisted israel never asked for a meeting. the request was never made nor
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denied. after observing a moment of silence on the white house south line, the president and first lady made an unscheduled stop at arlington national cemetery to pay tribute to those killed in afghanistan and iraq. vice president, joe biden, was in shanksville, pennsylvania honoring those of flight 93 with their families. >> no matter how many anniversaries you experience for at least an instant the terror of that moment returns. the lingering echo of that phone call. the sense of total disbelief, it envelopes you. you feel like you are being sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest. my hope, my hope for you all is
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that as every year passes, the depth of your pain recedes. >> vice president went on to praise the heroism of the 40 passengers and crew members who died on flight 93 11 years ago. president bill clinton will campaign for president obama in florida. yesterday, on the campus of florida international university, the president urged the young audience to register and vote. he reiterated the message the current president has laid the foundation for economic recovery. >> no one, not me, not anybody else could have completely healed that and built a whole new economy and brought us back to full employment in four years. it has never been done in the history of the world. it could not be done. the test -- so, the test is not whether you think everything is
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hunky-dorey. if that was it, the president would vote against himself. he know what is the problems are. the test is whether he's taking us in the right direction. the answer to that is yes. yes. if you are looking for the future, i think the president's budget plan is better. it makes the arithmetic test. i think the health care plan is better. i know the higher education plan is better. i know the energy plan is better and i know the economic plan is better. and i know it will not amount to a hill of beans if you don't register and vote and get your friends to. so do it. >> florida is the first of six battleground states where the president will campaign for the president. the state remains competitive.
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a ruling will make a bail out plan. the euro plan will give them more. let's get a look at the markets from steve live in london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that and the fiscal ramification as well. two keys of the plan of the europeans to get out of this mess. the $645 billion u.s. can go ahead with the court, the highest constitutional court in germany will have a limit of 190 billion euros. it can't go below that unless they ratify the extension. the same for the stability which takes away the sovereignty of nations and limits the amount of deficits they can run. these two key planks are part of
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the plan to get europe out of this mess. after this ruling in germany, germany can least go ahead and goforward. concerns about whether they are happy about the third part of the plan going into the market. that one has not been ratified. back to you. >> a big story out of the europe. still ahead on "way too early" the boston red sox are awful but they want to ruin the yankees. highlights ahead in sports. joe biden made an emotional stop in shanksville, pennsylvania on the way out of the firehouse, he invited in language you likely won't hear from anyone else working in the white house. he invited the guys to the white house for beers. that and a check at the weather when "way too early" comes back.
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save up to $7 on zyrtec® products. trouble with a car insurance claim. [ voice of dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, now it's guaranteed. [ normal voice ] so i can trust 'em. unlike randy. are you in good hands? welcome back to "way too early." 5:47 this morning. look at the beautiful picture of the empire state building lit up in red, white and blue. if you look to the right, you can see the lights from ground zero. >> feeling extra patriotic here in new york. it's beautiful. temperatures gorgeous. a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. talk about one of the areas here near jacksonville, light showers
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over the next hour. southern florida will see the better chances for the showers to fade. across the northeast, you have to look hard to find anything. clear skies across the area. clouds from late yesterday. that's all that was left there. the six-hour long loop. 61 in new york. a few cooler spots. albany starting off in the 40s this morning. chilly for some, full sunshine. handing these out toward buffalo. 83 degrees. we are on the warming trend. we'll keep warming up through friday across the area. here's a look at temperatures across the rest of the lower 48. >> todd santos, thanks so much. we turn to sports now. the red sox don't have much to play for. they had a chance to play spoiler at fenway against the yankees. yankees down a run in the top of the sixth.
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derek jeter takes the pitch to the right corner. a ground-rule double. yankees take a 3-2 lead. the red sox get even. dustin pedroia, we can't have this, a shot into the monster seats. red sox tie it at 3. tied in the bottom of the ninth. a base hit to right. play at the plate, safe. ichiro threw a strike to the plate. it wasn't in time. the last place red sox have reason to celebrate. they walk off with a 4-3 win. the yankees in trouble. 4-8 in their last 12 games. the orioles could take a share of the a.l. east with the win over the rays. hardy gives the royals a two-run -- gives them a lead with a two-run tloo. hardy at it again in the eighth. another two-run shot in the
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eighth. the os capitalize. a tie in the top of the division standsings. the rays sticking around. a.l. central tigers facing the white sox. tied in the fifth. cabrera takes peevy way out of the yard. they end a four-game losing streak. detroit is two games behind the white sox. the red hot as taking on the angels. as ul a run in the ninth. coco crisp, a little insurance. beat the angels, 6-5. the as won five in a row. they are three games behind texas in the a.l. west. what about the philadelphia phillies? haven't given them much thought. rollens crushes one. phillies beat the marlins. they have won six in a row.
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left for dead, now four games out in the wild card race. they are back at the .500 mark for the first time since june 4th. one american diplomat is dead. american consulate and embassy coming under attack. the latest in a few minutes. we huddle around the water cooler to watch first lady michelle obama on the dr. oz show. we'll be right back.
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we told you at the top of the show, u.s. diplomatic sights in egypt and libya were targets of protest with at least one american staff member dead in benghazi. the worst attack on the u.s. embassy came september 17, 2008 when al qaeda militants fired on the american embassy. 17 people killed in those strikes including one american civili civilian. 25 people eventually arrested in connection with the attack.
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now for the real news. joe biden's visit to a firehouse yesterday after giving an emotional speech at a memorial service for flight 93. vice president biden lightened the mood by asking the shanksville volunteer firefighters to come to the white house for a round of beers. >> come to the white house. give him your card. where's your card. he's going to call you. this is no [ bleep ]. okay. i didn't know you guys were here. you come to the white house, i will buy you a beer. >> if you couldn't hear that, he said come to the white house for a few beers, this is no bs. he reminded his boss when the passage of the health care bill
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was a big fing deal. >> michelle obama got people to break out into the dougie. she was at it yesterday. >> we do a lot of turning on that radio and dancing. that's why i know how to do the dougie and all that stuff. yeah, that's kind of it. >> show me how to do it. >> we need some music. you got it. it's kind of over the head, right. >> dr. oz, you love you, but that was more of a fixing your hair move. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake. moments away. so you brushed with colgate total and you didn't.
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