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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  September 14, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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in five countries today including sudan where the police are firing tear gas to disperse the protesters who are trying to storm the u.s. and london embassies. and there were peacefuls in cairo, but it remained peaceful after friday prayers and the muslim brotherhood asked members not to participate. >> and also, this is much more unrest in libya after the killing of the u.s. ambassador. >> no act of terror will go unpunished, and no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> next week mitt romney and paul ryan will begin to get intelligence briefings, and in a series of interviews their advis
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advisers laid out what a romney presidency would look like including saying that protests in the middle east would not have happened under mitt romney. let me bring in ann cornblum, senior editor from the washington post, and thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> he would tell egypt if they want aid they would have to protect american interests and provide more aid to the syrian opposition, and stopped short of arming them directly like the president. what's the campaign strategy here, ann? >> well, they are trying to move away from the conversation of about whether or not he made a mistake or was right to object to president obama and to the statement that came out in the egyptian embassy, and the u.s. embassy in egypt the other night, and to broaden the conservation into a bigger one of how the two would differ on foreign policy toward the middle east in general. we saw a lot of republicans coming together a little bit more around romney than they have on the first day when they
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said that he had spoken inappropriately and quite a few of them said it was not right for him to object to a president at a time when the u.s. ambassador had died, but yesterday, they were coalescing somewhat talking more about the unrest in the middle east and saying that under president obama that would not be happening and he would both take a harder line and things would be more peaceful. i think that they want to draw the bright lines in the big picture between two of them as presidential candidates. >> there is a line between a lot of to republicans who have differing opinions about whether what mitt romney has done over the last couple of days is smarter or not so smart. let me play for jon huntsman who said on morning joe this morning. >> what is the basic difference between president obama's strategy and philosophy of dealing with the arab spring versus what governor romney is proposing? >> well, i don't know what governor romney is proposing at this point, and i'm a little confused on -- >> well, that might be a problem? >> well, that is a problem ta
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you don't know what mitt romney is proposing? >> it is kind of a problem. >> we should say susan for those who don't know, he is not a surrogate for mitt romney, but he was ambassador to china, and if he can't figure out what mitt romney's policy is, can voters? >> well, he was ambassador under president obama, and president obama has obviously as president has been clear to see what he is going to do in the e region and mitt romney as candidate has been vague. he has said essentially, we don't want the united states to be apologizing and that is the crux of the criticism the other night that the obama adm administration was once again apologizing, and he his advisers have been more specific, and some of the details that you talked about in the beginning of the show, and providing more aid to the syrian opposition for example, drawing a harder line on iran, although, they have gone back and forth some on how hard of a line it would be with so
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some of the advisers signaling harder than mitt romney himself has, so his advisory team, and he has a very robust one, has been able to lay out the specifics, but it has not come from the candidate's mouth as much and i would suspect intentionally, because he is the opposition candidate and he has the luxury somewhat of being able to object and not having to take the steps as president obama does now. >> and there has been some suggestion that he is looking to pivot back to the economy and talking again about the economy. if you look at the new nbc news/marist poll, and this was taken before everything erupted in the middle east, president obama has a ten-point lead on the question of who is better at handling foreign policy, so, you know, you wonder, do they feel like they need to make inroads, because this is a traditionally republican area? i wonder if when this all started with those comments after the four americans were killed in benghazi if the
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political calculation was that this is a chance for us to go where republicans traditionally have gone? >> well, i would suspect so being both foreign policy and national security and president obama has at different times had advantages more so in national security, and, you know, so i e would suspect that the romney campaign would want any opportunity to both draw distinctions and gain the upper hand and that said the strategy from the outset has been to focus on the economy and that is where the numbers have been the strongest and no surprise that in the midst of all of this yesterday for example when the news of the fed's quantitative easing program came out, you saw mitt romney addressing that and being skeptical of it. so i would suspect that they would continue to shift back to the economy and although the people care about the events abroad even though the lives are at stake, the economy and the pocketbook issues trump that. >> standby, because i want to bring in susan glasser who is
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editor-in-chief of foreign policy. i want you to listen to an interview that aired this morning. >> what is your red line with iran? >> well sh, my red line is that iran may not have a nuclear weapon. iran as a nuclear weapon is unclear to this nation. >> president obama said the same thing, it is unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon, so your red line is the same, and your red line is the same going forward? >> i recognize that when one says it is unacceptable to america, that it means what it is says. >> what is going on in an interview like this? ann was making the point when sometimes you are the challenger the good thing is that you don't have to take action or necessarily get specific, but does he have to get specific at least to a point? >> well, he has to be specific enough to be credible, and that is a lot of what the sparring on
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the campaign trail over foreign poll si tends to be like. does this person look and play the part of the commander in chief, and does he raise questions with the american people about his judgment in a crisis for example, and usually it is the threshold issues that the challenger is trying to surpass when he challenges. and also the contrast as ann pointed out that romney is trying to underscore his message that obama is not projecting as muscular a presence and assertive role for american leadership, but the interviewer was fair to point out in many ways there is no real difference that we can see yet except in rhetoric when it comes to the views of iran that you have seen from both president obama and mitt romney. >> and one of the things that we have seen over the last couple of days, susan, is the divide in the republican party and many people, and perhaps not as many, but just as you had people criticizing mitt romney after he made the comments in the wake of what happened in benghazi, there were others who came to his
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defense, and some who praised him and said it is time for him to look strong, and he did. one of the things though that a lot of the republicans have been critical of is the president saying, well, egypt isn't an ally, but nor it is an enemy. a top adviser to romney said this, quote, the president can't even keep track off who is our ally or not, and this is amateur hour, and it is amateur hour. is that fair? >> well shgs, i think they in m ways, this is becoming one of the classic campaign finger pointing exercises over something that hay or mmay or m have significance, but what is surprising this week is that mitt romney went on the attack in a way that made the story about him, be but in many ways there are a lot of potential negatives for president obama as the situation seems to spiral in some ways out of control in the countries that last year seemed so full of promise to americans in the arab spring. there are real questions of what america's presence and footprint in the middle east is going to
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be and the rise of political islamist in many of the countries leads to a much more insecure time i would say for the u.s. in terms of understanding who our friends are in the region and what our policy to going to be going forward and those are important questions for president obama and they got obscured by the kerfuffle on mitt romney's attack and should he have said that in a moment of national mourning or jumped in with a partisan statement in the middle of an international incident, and that might have obscured a story that might not have been so good for obama. >> and susan, thank you for being with us. and now let me bring in charles rangel, a democrat from new york, and good to see you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> let me ask you this question that we were talking about the republican criticism of the president for saying that egypt is neither an ally nor enemy and the response of the romney campaign which is that this is amateur hour and the president can't keep track of who is our
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ally or not, and what do you make of that? >> i'm so tempted to be political about this in terms of the lack of experience of romney and so many of the people that are being critical, but i love my country so much more than democrat, i'm a patriot and i'm an american. this is a very sensitive and dangerous things for our dedicateded m emen and women in foreign service and regardless of who is president, democrat or republican, when it comes to the security of the nation, we have to yield to him. foreign aid is not something that can be used to punish and reward countries. it is there for the security of our country basically, and so -- >> if i can interrupt you congressman, because i want t mhe make the point that you are making that there is a debate in congress now over the funding for the middle eastern countries, and if i can, i'd like to play senator rand paul and then senator john kerry, because they got into it.
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rand paul wants to pull $4 billion a year in funding for pakistan, libya, and egypt. i want to play a little bit of the exchange. >> they know the american people are with me. if you ask question, should we send money to countries who don't like us and disrespect us? 80% to 90% of the american people are with me on this. >> i'd ask the senator, have you ever been to pakistan? has the senator ever been to egypt? i ask the senator. has the senator ever been to egypt? well, senator does not want to answer and i presume that means he has not been. he ought to go to egypt and see what those people are struggling to do. that is a revolution in tahrir square. and it contin-- >> and it continued. and if a constituent came to you saying that we should give money to countries holding anti-american demonstrations, what would your answer be? >> i would have to take time to
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tell them, of course, we resent giving aid or assistance to countries that don't appear to be appreciative of that aid. of course, it is unpopular thing to do. but foreign aid and how we send our troops into harm's way is not based on popularity, and that is really why it is even more disgraceful when the senate who has six years they don't have to make these immature appeals to the love and affection of constituents. they have an obligation to do what is important to the united states of america and in the long run and not with each and every incident that hurts us and pains us like the loss of americans abroad. >> and so you think that the comments by rand paul show an imma chur immaturity? >> i think it is sad. i don't want to get too political with rand paul, because he and his dad have a
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different feelings about things that i don't understand and fortunately most members of congress in the house and the senate, republicans and democrats, resent this type of immature knee-jerking reaction to a very serious problems that we are facing in this part of the world. >> congressman, i want to ask you finally that you saw the poll in the state where you and i both live and no surprise that the president is significantly ahead in new york, but also the new battleground state polls that show that the president is taking a lead in key places like florida. he has quite a wide lead and high single digits in ohio and there you see virginia as well. but these polls also show that there are these key swing voters who haven't made up their mind and there are always voter s whose minds could be change and could their minds be changed on what is going on abroad? what will determine this race
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eventually? >> it is going if be a close race and so many democrats and republicans have dug in to make up their minds and i said yesterday when i listened to the remarks coming from governor romney as a partisan democrat, if you lwill, i am so pleased that the incompetency would help the president get re-elected, but when i listen to how ridiculous the remarks get and romney's response to iran and libya, they are becoming a threat to the national security. we just cannot afford that kind of incompetency and afford for our friends and allies to believe that people that have this immature response to international disasters for us could possibly be president of the united states. i hope -- >> i want to make sure i understand, congressman. you believe that some of the comments are actually causing
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problems and endangering u.s. security and endangering national security and potentially endangering our military abroad? >> no question about it. i think that if anyone has any friends abroad in any country, if you are strong enough to ask and what do you think about the statements being made by people like governor romney, and like people like senator kind, and ask them what do they think in terms of a great nation, the strongest nation in the world saying that they have a penalize a country, a growing democracy because of the terrible acts of some people that we have yet to identify who they are. you don't punish a country, because what has been done by some of them. as a matter of fact, if that were true, we would have decimated saudi arabia in terms of 9/11 and it is ridiculous the
10:16 am
make a statement like that without knowing the facts, and we don't get the facts and all of the facts in washington at the time that these things happen. >> congressman charles rangel, and it is always a pleasure to have you on the program, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> this is a picture now of the south lawn of the white house and a big good-looking group behind first lady michelle obama and the president and joe biden adds well. these are the u.s. olympic and paralympic athletes, and i have one question, is michelle obama going to challenge them to a push-up contest? we will be right back. to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade. ♪ but between check-ups, it goes through a lot. ♪ tartar builds and that feeling fades.
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could bit the bill clinton bounce. president obama now has a s six-point lead over mitt romney following last week's democrat convention, and in some democratic circles, clinton's
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convention speech is seen as a turning point in the campaign. let's bring back gallup editor and chief. when you were last here you said about a week after the convention to gauge the impact of both, and what have you found out? >> well, there was a bounce and for obama and not romney, and so we did not see any movement after the convention in tampa and now looking at the numbers and you saw them here, and it is a spread here and confirmed in a lot of polls across the board that obama did get a bounce, a moderate bounce, but he did better after the convention in charlotte than coming into it. >> and the democrats who saw the incredible reaction in the hall, and at home to some extent after bill clinton's speech. >> well, it is difficult to establish causality and how is that for social sciences? well, clinton did do much better than -- >> is he the best -- >> no, he is two points within what obama did in '08 and so he
10:21 am
almost matched the sterling speech when obama was first a candidate. but a lot of spending by the democrats in the ads coming out, and you don't know what caused it, but the speech was very well received. >> bounces don't last, be but does it give some reason for optimism? >> well, in politics you want to be ahead rather than behind so that the obama people are better off now than going into the conventions, and they are pleased. about i'm sure that romney's people wish they were in that situation. >> and we have fascinating information about foreign affairs and we talk about politics is all local, but there are major events moving the numbers from the high of 9/11 to bin laden's death and we are not saying that what is going on right now in the middle east is the same as the invasion of the persian gulf, and having said that, could this move numbers? >> yes, we call it is a rally event. when there is a sharply focused event internationally, then
10:22 am
occasionally the president's job approval rating will go up even when it is negative like the death of the marines in beirut, and ratings went up, and when the hostages were taken and we don't have that up there, but jimmy carter's approval went up temporarily, and it is possible that it is going to have that effect, but it is something that we will watch for. >> and totally change gears and hot off of the presses and posted to the website this morning and i think that this is fascinating the difference between these candidates, and we are calling it the gallup marriage gap. >> yes, the three things, the three rs, but hayed to stretch on mar i ared. it is race, religion and rings and how is that for married. but this is not a new phenomena, but look at the numbers here. >> married people like mitt romney much more than -- and the ing isle folks even a bigger gap. >> absolutely. if you stop somebody on the street and you say, are you married, right then their answer will give you a good prediction
10:23 am
of who they are going to vote for. >> and pretty good chance of mitt romney. >> yes. >> and what are you looking to next? >> the debates. and there are three presidential debates and one vice presidential one and clearly important. but i want to look at the next two weeks. >> this is the point of the campaign when things settle in. >> yes, and some political scientists say that the person leading going into the debates wins the election and some early vote sog the debates are too late to have an impact, so a lot will happen in the next 50 days before the election. >> frank newport, we love to have you in. thank you so much. and not many out stumping for mitt romney and not at the convention convention, but the former first lady laura bush is going to ho host a fund-raising luncheon for ann romney many her home, at the bush home, and it is not clear if former president bush will be there or at a separate finance event with romney later that night. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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join zyrtec® rewards. i i had pain in my abdomen...g. it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wrong... see your doctor. ask about gynecologic cancer. and get the inside knowledge. to politics now and president obama getting personal when he spoke about education yesterday. >> let's face it, you know, a mixed kid from hawaii born to a i single mom is not likely to become the president of the united states. >> mitt romney is making a joke in a fund-raising e-mail for $15 you can take a ride with him on
10:31 am
hair-force one, and not sure if you get to touch the perfect locks if you win the deal. and speaking of fundraisers beyonce and jay-z are doing their own fund-raiser. you can meet the commander in chief for only $10,000. and kim kardashian saying she is a swing voter. she voted for president obama last time, but not sure this time. she is a liberal republican, and lukewarm with mitt romney because of the stance on gay marriage. >> well, the stock market is at a new five-year high, and look at what is going on this morning after the fed flexed the muscles taking extraordinary steps to boost the economy and the job market. and the congress and the senate are deadlocked on how to solve the economy, but ben bernanke wants to make it cheaper for
10:32 am
borrowers to borrow and spend. >> it is a grave concern and while the economy is on a path of moderate recovery, it is not growing fast enough to make significant progress to reduce the unemployment rate. >> and mandy drury is joining us with what is moving your money, and explain what the fed is doing, and how is this going to get the economy going? >> well, here is the thing, chris. it is not a silver bullet and the third round of pump priming of the economy is part of the solution in bernanke's own words. he just wants to nudged the economy in the right direction and keeping in mind that the economy has been improving, but the central bank according to bernanke is concerned about the labor market and ie not enough people have jobs and thus push $40 billion into the economy buying mortgage debt with no specific timetable on when it will end except saying that it needs to see the labor market improve substantially, a nd to
10:33 am
keep the rates lower, i think that want to keep the fed rate exceptionally low which is zero through mid 2015 which is a lot later than what we were expecting earlier. >> beyond the big picture of the economy for us normal folks, what good and what may be harm will come of this? >> well, firstly, some people think that actually this won't do a whole lot for the economic growth, however, it aims to keep down the mortgage rates which will encourage more people to buy houses or refinance. >> how much lower can they get? >> it is a good question, and even with the rates as low as they r and i don't know if you have tried to refinance, but it is difficult to get a loan or refinance, because the credit standards have tightened, but none nonetheless, this qe3 aims to keep the rates low for car loans, and student loans and credit card rates and business loans and may put extra fire in the stock prices and did yesterday and again today. and various other risk assets
10:34 am
which helps to put money in the pocket of investors and it is already dampening the dollar which raises prices like gold, so if you have invested in gold, you have seen the value going up. so who loses, chris? that is the big question. number one, i want to say that the fed loses in the sense that it makes the whole process of an eventual and inevitable exit highly disruptive and messy, but in terms of us savers and particularly retirees and even bernanke admitted this, you know, you don't get anything for parking your money in the bank. the savers lose out, and people like retirees are pushed into riskier assets like stocks to try to get income. so this is obviously, the tradeoff i guess that bernanke talks about. >> the 5% cds. thank you, mandy drury. >> you're welcome. >> and now let's bring in former senator blanche lincoln and former rnc chairman michael
10:35 am
steele. and mitt romney used this announcement by the fed to pounce on the president. >> what bern bernanke is saying is that the president is gone. the president is saying that we are making progress, and bernanke is saying no, we have to print more money. what bernanke is doing is doing to get the economy going. >> senator, is that what ben bernanke said is that what the president is doing is wrong this is. >> no, what he is saying is that we have to definitely grow jobs in the country if we want to put the economy back on track and that is one of the tools in the tool chest to do that, and that is what he is trying to do. 9 of 10 americans say that the number one priority for the next president needs to be job creation, but there is so many ways that we can do it. and one of those is lessening the unsern certainty coming out washington. one ofhe things that we see that would not cost a lot of money is this unbelievable tidal wave of regulations out tlshher
10:36 am
and 4,200 pending regulations is something that the agencies could deal with and take the same steps that you are seeing bernanke take to create more certainty and more certainly for the businesses out there who create jobs for people out there in the country. >> michael, you have taken a look at the poll, and the president in the swing states is obviously still doing very well on the economy, and it falls within the margin of error as a matter of fact. and 51% aren't sure of who would do a better job. why isn't mitt romney doing better here? >> well, i think that's the question that the romney campaign particularly in states like ohio really have to get their head around. the fact that you have this trend line as the polls suggest that people are getting more comfortable with the direction of the economy or feel better about it, says that the romney message needs to get amped up about the importance of jobs and the action by bernanke will give them an opportunity to square it
10:37 am
out a little bit by noting that the fed won't create jobs and the fed is pumping money into the economy and they are just printing all of the cash and at some point, you will have to deal with inflation which we are already dealing with, and when you are driving up the prices, the cost of goods and services and material, then, you nknow, where's an employer? is the small business owners that the senator talked about, where's the incentive to go out to create the jobs? so this is an opportunity for the romney campaign to put into perspective for the voters that all of the talk of the more cash into the system is not necessary le go necessaryly good for the downward recession, and forcing more unemployment, and that is not the cycle we want, and we want to get out of it. >> well, in is a factor that was put into that decision, senator, and are you worried about inflation? >> well, the hopes is that we will look at the other means and inflation is a tool that has
10:38 am
been used in the past and used by other countries to really try to put economies back on track. it is not the best way to do it necessarily on behalf of hard-working people out there. so, we want to avoid that if we can, but there are so many other things that we can do, and working together and looking to the solutions and trying to eliminate the unis certain -- uncertainty, and whether it is policy or regulatory uncertainty and coming out of washington, but the point is that businesses that create jobs are not going to be able to do it unless they have certainty as to what is before them in the next 18 months in terms of tax reform, and all of the different things that are out there. so i think that it is important for people to find some consensus, and particularly on the capitol hill in washington, and start working towards what we all need to be working towards which is strengthening the american economy. >> it is going to be interesting how the arguments move forward, michael. on one hand, you have 20 million americans who can't find full-time jobs and the median
10:39 am
household income which has declined and then i suppose that this is an argument that the white house could make and has made about this income gap between the wealthiest 20% of american households and the rest of the country, and that gap is now at the highest level since they started recording it which plays into the whole tax cut debate and whether people making over $250,000 should pay more, and where is the whole debate going? what is going to turn the needle if the economy is so important in the election? >> well, it is a couple of things and the jobs report for the next two months that are going to be coming out to show going into the election where the trend line is, and we pretty much know that the numbers are going to be tough for the president there. and number two, it is going to be in the level of confidence that voters have that either one of these individuals, romney or the president, is able to actually begin to create jobs, and remember that we put a lot of money into the economy the beginning with the stimulus
10:40 am
money and have $1 trillion of cash sitting on the shelf that businesses are not moving back into the street, and again to the senator's point, there is no consensus built out there because of the regulatory climate that the administration has created and the uncertainty of the bernanke consensus, and it does not free people up to say, i will create jobs and expand. >> okay. that is the last word, i apologize. thank you, michael steele, and senator lincoln, for coming on the program. >> thank you, chris. after a marathon bargaining session that lasted well into the morning optimism that the chicago teachers are close to make making a deal with the city today, the fifth day they have been on the picket lines which put 350,000 students back into the classroom on monday. the royal palace calls it gr grotesque, a french celebrity magazine has published topless moments of kate while on vacation, and she and william are said to be furious. the palace says that the royal
10:41 am
hinenesses had every expectation of the prif si in tvacy in the house, and it is unthinkable that anyone would take such photographs and let alone publish them. how did they get the photographs? >> well, one watcher said he has never seen the palace so angry. the royal couple were on holiday after a current visit to the far ea east. they were sunbathing on a veranda there when the photographs were taken on a long lenses and possibly someone speaking on to the property or possibly a public road. then they were hawked around to a number of newspapers here in london where they did not touch them before arriving at "closer magazine" in paris which is part of a company, interestingly owned by silvio berlusconi, the former eye titalian prime minis
10:42 am
and the "sun" who published harry's picture said they won't touch these pictures and no way that the british press will under close scrutiny at the moment. what can the royal couple do? well, there are strict privacy laws in france and this does seem to be hugely in breach of that, but because of the magazine clearly calculated, there is a lot to be gained in circulation and perhaps not a lot to be lost in the fine, but, certainly, a lot of outrage, chris. >> ian williams in london for us. thank you so much. i don't blame them for being angry. >> and boxing great mohammed uhi is being awarded with the star of liberty and that is his daughter leyla give himg a kiss and presenting him the medal. it is to award his fight of humanitarian issues around the world. and now an exclusive twist.
10:43 am
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republicans are not just setting their sights on the presidency. they need a net gain of four seats to win a majority in the senate. there is an article in "the new york times" that says that the atlanta landscape has shifted significantly over the past couple of weeks with the control of the upper chamber being anyone's guess. joining me is the author of the article jonathan wise. >> good morn, chris. >> start with some of the races where republicans are gaining ground and particularly in connecticut and wisconsin and tell us about those. >> connecticut is the big surprise. this is a race where linda mcmann, the republican candidate was squashed only two years ago. she is the former chief executive officer of world wrestling entertainment. you know, the democrats really body slammed her and made her out to be the overseer of this sex and violent-filled thing,
10:48 am
and she has come back and remade herself as a grandmother and a mother and a moderate republican, and amazingly just a few months after voters rejected her in connecticut, they are taking a second look, and that is a big, a big upswing for the republicans. in wisconsin, the republicans got the guy they wanted, former governor tommy thompson coming out of a tight contested primary campaign, and he is taking a lead in the polls which really hurts democrats, because they really wanted that seat. >> on the other side, the democrats in strongly competitive races in indiana and north dakota, and what are the key factors there? >> indiana is the big surprise on the democratic side. and the democrats have been hopeful that after richard luger the long-time senator lost to richard mourdock in the primary, they could make him out to be a
10:49 am
tea party type, and give their candidate joe don nelnelly, the guy, and it looks like it is working. and making mourdock the my way or the highway guy, and he has traction in a state where there is a long ticket splitting and romney is supposed to win the state, but it does not rule out donnelly. and north dakota is giving the republicans fits. they thought they would waltz into a seat being held by a democrat right now, but the democratic candidate heidi heitkamp is coming across as a likable character and warm person, and rick berg, the former congress mman from the state has the baggage of coming from congress which is like an 11% approval rating. >> jonathan weitzman from "the new york times" and people can find that article at nsh
10:50 am thank you. and this just in, anti-american protests in germany, and they are saying that their employees are safe. we will be right back. ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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all right. here's a shock, the companies are trying to cash in on the presidential election. boston market is the latest with the market poll has right wing chicken bowl or left wing chicken bowl, and customers will get a buy one, get one coupon. this is just the start, richard lui. >> are yes, the food and beverage chains are eating up the election. seven-11 counts the coffees bought in red and plu and the last three elections they paralleled reality. and the obama java lead is 60%,
10:54 am
but the toss-up states are closer, and monday, romney led in north carolina and today, they are cup-to-cup in iowa where it is tied today, and in battleground new hampshire. tied yesterday and now leaning blue. now that you have the election coffee to go with it, i introduce to you -- yes, the dough b dough bama and mitt yum-ney. the mitt has a red speckled belly, and the blue dough for the obama one. and the tortilla chain has grilled mexican meat loaf and mash ed potatoes and meat loaf sauce and salsa. and now for dessert, they will
10:55 am
substitute for a chocolate cone for obama, and white for romney. it may not get what they want to promote. and the left wing and the right wi wing, and consumers can vote with the taste buds. >> and you can take these to the beach. flip-flops and one is obama and one is romney, and as a journalist, i have to take one of each. >> i will take the other pair and we can do that. >> beach time. >> crazy. >> thank you, ripped. that is a friday segment for you. that wraps up the hour of "jansing & company." thomas roberts is up next. >> do the flip-flops come in size 13. >> sizes 10 to 11 1/2. are you a size 13? >> just give me the box, chris. and the agenda next hour, breaking news of new video of clashes in jerusalem as there are protests in 17 countries across the middle east, and we will take you live to cairo where the egyptian president and the head of the muslim
10:56 am
brotherhood are appealing for calm. and we will talk to former am bas dor dennis ross and bobby gosch of "time" magazine both here. and we will have the latest on the polls showing president obama ahead of mitt romney. does romney campaign need an extreme makeover? we will have more on that coming up. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level.
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we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place... one pet at a time. discover vibrant maturity and more at rage against america and the west. i'm thomas roberts and new video just in by angry protests by palestinians in the streets of old jerusalem as the protests are exploding across the muslim world, and we learned from the pentagon that 50 u.s. marines are being sent to yemen to provide additional security for the embassy there. but in cairo, there is a call for calm and maybe the intended effect needed, because this latest hour protests happening in 17 countries, iraq, iran, jordan, jerusalem, israel and sudan all following this morning's traditional day of friday prayers and all


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