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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  September 27, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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you know, it turned out that more people watched the democrat natl enti onbisr anywhere else on cable which is awesome and thanks to you for watching that here. but now up next, presidential debates. they start next week, a week from tonight. i'll be here in new york, chris matthews will be in denver. the debates are starting. tonight, the romney campaign e htf its own lies is actually sinking. because mitt romney got caught telling the truth about how he really fls about 47% of the american people. >> president obama and i both reut pandd
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class families. >> we have brand new polling out this morning. >> three new polls out today. >> three separate swing states. >> show voters trend ago way from him. >> barack obama is a little bit ahd athis me >> because the closer we get to the election, the dumber mitt romney appears to be getting. >> there's no question we've made a couple of mistakes. >> time that cruel cru mistress is slipping away. >> you may have noticed there's an election going on here in oh, i don't see a lot of victims. i see hard working ohioans. >> we can't afford four more years like the last four years. >> how many times can you visit the state of ohio before they get tired of seeinyou. trip. h9t >> if we win ohio, we'll win this election. >> if we win ohio, we win the election. >> governor romney has logged 17 trips.
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>> no republican in history has thesency without ohio. >> romney, ryan. >> oh, sweet jesus. >> make no mistake, ohio, big problem. >> so you're a big romney supporter. >> if we don't run chris christie, romney wl be the miand lle. t laor with just 41 days until the presidential election, new swing state polls show that the secretly recorded tape revealing mitt romney's inteion to abandon 37% of the american people if elected president is actually having the effect you would expect. romney's secretly recorded words are crushing his campaign. a new poll shows president obama inn tsadmi romney in ohio, which is where abc news found mitt romney
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tonight and confronted him about the heavy words he dropped on 47% of the american people. >> about the people yosaid you ose y words. ie to take >> what i'm talking about is a political process. i don't expect to get 100% of the vote. i hope to get 50-plus % and make sure i get the nt president. >> that was his answer to the worst possle thing he could have said in his cpaig tt was the best he could respond with. notice that no where in that answer does mitt romney attempt to actually repair the damage of his secretly recorded words. he simply says i'm just trying to get more than 50% of the vote. no word of explanation. no attempt of an apology to any w d saisricavote wave >> 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. all right? there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon vernment, who believe they are
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victims, who believe that they artitoltre food, to housing. they pay no income tax. >> president obama has no intention of allowing mitt romney to run away from those heavy words, especially in ohio. >> don't believe we are going to get very far. if we've gotears who write-off half t natn h ic w don take responsibility for their own lives. let me tell you. i have spent a lot of time in ohio, and i don't meet a lot of victims. i see a lot of hard-working ohioans. >> a new poll shows 54% of mt romney'sords unfavablynd 32% are favorable to what mitt
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romney had to say. that same poll shows that 61% of americans have an unfavorable opinion of the way mitt mney is running his campaign. that's up 12 points from july. 54% americans have a favorable opinion of the way mitt romney is running his campaign. that's up 8 points from july. the romney campaign tried to bailut their sinking ship today by handi mitromn is st. >> too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make falling incomes meetising prices for food and gas. momensre ling in poverty than when president obama took office and 15 million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle class families. the difference is, my policies will make things better for em.
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>>ortelyromney could not remember any of those lines of that script when he was trying to answer the abc news question about those heavy words. here is how the democratic national committee responded to that romney ad. too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. >> i like being able to fire people. >> too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck. >> i'm tell you what. 10,000 bucks? >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle class families. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> t dreispoes mth br them. >> and so my job is not to worry about those people. they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. >> i'm mitt romney and i approved this meage. >> accorng ta new york times , g lyer ohprenamadmitt romney now about 10 points. in florida president obama leads
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by 9 points. in pennsylvania, the president ads by 12 pots. and according to a new bloomberg poll, president obama leads by 6 points. tonight nate silver fraufts that on november 6, president obama will opinion 316 votes anditt roey will within 222. and president obama's chance of winning the election is at 81.9%. the highest of this campaign cle. joy reid, i will bet you10 the goto ace of that secret tape, about the 47% in most of the obama and team obama campaign ads for the rest of the way. >> it is going to be on an
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endless loop from now until election day. that is for sure because it's so effective. in a way democrats should thank him. he ripped the veil off something like 30 years republican fooling working cls people into thinking you kw what ge aheocts are the party of labor but we really get you. he's showing they don't not only get working class people they don't seem to like them very much. i think mitt romney is like the guy who has to show up at a nnerartyfterei erheard insulting half the guests. a lot of people in the crowd are 47ers, he looks awkward and out of place. >> joy speaks for me. >> the great thing about where we are is that the statement that is controlling this campaign at this point is, as far as we know, the one true thing that mitt romney has said in the course of the entire campaign. i mean, my assessment that
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tape is, the feel that i have for that guy is, that was the isenyl ey thatas it. >> i don't know what the real romney is. >> i'm guessing. >> i havno clue. that's him at that moment that .ay, i don't know who the guy i have never known who he is. i think he's the worst candidate that i have ever seen running on either ticket. but what the tape illustrates -- >> how oldere you when spiro agnew was ruing r vi pren >>he problem that romney has now is the kind of worry about coencalcification of that his incompetence is beginning to calcify in the
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minds of voters. that people get to a point where there is no recovery. it has become so solid in their thinking that this is just a guy who's not up to the task. and part of that is policy, d part of that is just imsiti the policy piece he won't divulge what he's actually going to do. so it's hard to go anywhere in america and satell me what mitt romney stands for, policy-wise. d it verhardor ppl an t becse all they can say is, well, he's for lower taxes and he wants to give everybody a job. but where are the jobs coming from? and if he lowers taxes, for whom is he lowering taxes and do lower class people or middle income pay for that. and there's the impressionistic part which is complicated complicated by all these gaffes. he cannot keep the foot out of his mouth. that is a problem for him. you look to leaders to be leaders both in policy and impression.
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tcat t a negotiate with somebody. world leaders or whomever. you don't get that sense from mitt romney. mitt romney, the impression you get from him is that this is a loser and nobody wants loser. >> y're puine fier incoet icrl obrvation which i have not made. the totality of them, as you pot out, this person isn't really competent at what he's trying to do what he's trying to do right now is run f president. whenou frent t thyon'y that, and that may be what you're seeing in that poll number that says these people don't approve of the way he's running his campaign. >> absolutely. because you take the partisans, a sepate issue, partisans are partisan because of policy. you believe that, you know, life begins at inception, it's hard to move from that position.
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if you believe in the sovereignty of your body, whoever you sleep with or how you choose to exercise your health, it's hard to movfrom that policy position. if you're one of t pe in thdd take or leave certain pieces of this and i'm kind of going with the guy, the person who appeals to me on a visceral based level, this person es not connect in that way. he is not a competent figure when all things are taken together. >> bill o'reilly thinks he's got romney's problem figured out. >>he problem mt romney has 's oucth rioat folks. the president has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads stating that and the governor does come across as a classic rich guy. it's tough to picture him super sizi his meal at mcdonald's. >> this is the old fashied
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analysis that he's out of touch. i think charles's point trumps all of this that really what is coming across to people, he's not competent. ths ibhestng that could come across. >> i was waiting for charles to say the word loser. the thing is for romney not only does it calcify among the electorate -- >> loser. i would never go that far. >> loser is deadly in a campaign because it starts to affect donors. nobody wants to put money behind a lowester. it starts to affect the media's impression of you. it becomes a metastasizing cancer in any campaign. the only thing i would take ise with is that i think leknhaeynk he would do. that's the other problem. when you look add the the ohio poll, there was a story in the
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washington post where obama and e ofheplo e.plitting seniors. >> romney should be ared. >> he should be way ahead. you know what, he just wants to help out his fellow rich brothers and not me. that's dangerous. rnhammarized how hard ough this it is for republicans this morning. let's listen to joe. >> wait a second. romn, ryan! ere g that's great. thank you. >> oh, sweet jesus. >> how do you fix that? >> you don't fix it. >> he is a great businessman, great turnaround guy if i had a business anywhere in the world, i'd ha himun i he's a horrible politician.
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he's one of the worst. >> that had loser written all over it. we are in unanimous agreement in joe scarborough. that made me sad. >> joy reid and charles thank you for joining me tonight. coming up, mitt romney is now ntractinhif. within minutes he said one thing to nbc news backstage tonight before going on stage at a rally in ohio and saying thexact opposite. and the man who said mitt romney d dtrdeto against president obama is now giving mitt romney advice on how to debate president obama. that's coming up with jonathan cape heart.
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can i havme ♪ knouhethef but i want you to listen to it one more time, just a short piece of it. >> the 47% who are with him, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them. ti talth care. >> who believe they are entitled to health care. the same guy who said that, the same guy who just condemned people who believe they are titled to health care, that same guy said this tonight to ron allen of n news. cveeeabth icaneopland people of different socioeconoc circumstances. we've talked about my record in massachusetts.
1:21 am
don't forget, i got everybody in state insured. 100% of the kids in our state have health insurance. don't think there's anything that shows more empathabou thcaf pe iis country than that kind of record. >> so 100% of the kids in massachusetts are now entitled to health care thanks toitt romney. that also means those kids are among the people romy condemns utr evthre other side his entitled to health care. and right after romney beamed with pride for making health care an entitlement for virtually everyone in histate, the same mitt romney got up on stage minus later and said this. >> obama care is really exhibit number one of the president's political philosophy. and that is that government knows better than people how to jngnoe ren ves. finney and robert reich.
1:22 am
professor reich, the romney flip flopping now, it's instantaous, now sepated by minutes. he's getting caught up desperately on the issue of health care as we just saw. romney care versus obama care. it seems like just -- and you've atehaviorally what we're seeing here in this candidate is a form of public panic. the flip-flopping is related to him being absolutely lost at this point as a candidat enhihari it's a form of desperation. what this candidate is displaying is a lot of different voices yelling into his ear from different aides, saying you've got to be this kind of candidate.
1:23 am
some of them are saying in response to that 4 video, you' go css so all day today, romney in ohio was going around saying his heart aches for people who are unemployed. he is proud of what he did in health care in massachusetts. he's proud of the entitlements he created. but the same rney hearing from ob sin tther er ear is back to the right wing craziness that has characterize the the republican party for years now. and he wants to appeal to get out e vo amo thease. >> we know he's been criticized and he's been criticized from this disc and you too, about not including the specifics in his tax proposals. he says he's going to cut every income tax re by 20%, but that's going tbe balanced ho ces deductions.
1:24 am
let's listen to how he talked about that today. >> small businesses typically pay x at the individual tax rate. so our individual income taxes are once i want to reform. make them simpler. inthe tes down. xepingugt but by ringing rates down we'll be able to let small businesses keep more of their money -- >> so karen finney, there is with the staard message up to today, which is i want to bring thtewn and then the next sentence is, but don't be expecting a huge tax cut because i'm also going to lower deductions. his problem is we've asked him for specifics. he didn't give us any, but he sure left his audience confused wihe hidt. >> well, i almost expected him to say you free loaders, don't expect a big tax cut. just yesterday he admitted that president obama did not cut taxes on the middle class. so this guy doesn't know if he's
1:25 am
coming or going. i think what you're showing is quinesiallth exifiehis problems. this campaign is trying to be all things to all people without be a core and center narrative about who he is and what he's trying to accomplish. so much of what we're seeing is not just desperation, but it's trying to please or appease all these different audiences. ane onsisnc plays into his fundamental flaw as a candidate, which is he's not trust worthy. opanruim so if you're an undecided voter sitting at home and you see yesterday he said the thing about obama, today he says don't expect a big tax cut, you're thinking i don't know what this guy is going to do. the incompetence in that, the uncertainty of that is not something you can afrd when u're cengoup nst an incumbent president. >> some republicans are saying let romney be romney.
1:26 am
the obm is let romney be romney, is that there is no romney to be. >> he's been flailing around trying to prove that he cares about 100% of the population for a week now. let's listen to one of his least eloquent defenders makes the case. >> i know some of u people are exd t ey but the bottom line is folks, i don't care who you are, if you are a gay, one-armed amputee on the upper west side, there's not one thing mitt romney has done to you yet. and there's not one thinmitt romney plans on doing to you. but whatever your economic circumstance is, mitt romney has had nothing to do with it. so bob reich, i guess he's right there for every gay
1:27 am
e-d u oe upper west side of manhattan. >> i can make almost less sense of that than i can make of mitt romney. there is a choice that has to be made. republicans are going to be making that choice. and the question, the narrative er nfeek tg to be mingut problehereith e caidate or is it problem with a right-wing gop that is out of step with the re of americament and a lot of republicans are getting the long knives out and they want to attack romney as the worst candidate they cou have possly u butu ry oi exactly what the gop has wanted. he is the gop's candidate because he has been saying what the gop has been saying. a right wing gop that has all of inra allf narr mindness, doesn't really care about the 47%. that's what the policy is. >> i have to mark down robert
1:28 am
reich as being unable to make sense of rush limbaugh. your name is being added to the ever bn else o ha kan fin i d robe rei. thank you for joining me tonight. >>hanks. >> coming up, paul ryan's values line. whenever you hear a republican talking about values, that's when you know they're lying. 'stot'wr and wel talk to the man standing between another term in the house of representatives for bat crap crazy congressman allen west. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engier a true automote breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling,
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remember way back a few en mt romney would say mit romney would be a disastrous debatetor against president obama? now he thinks he has the winning advice. be funny and insult the media. itlwaywork for newt. jonathan cape heart and ari mel ber are already laughing about that one and they will join me next. and in the rewrite toint, honey boo-boo and i will teach paul ryan and mitt romney something about family values. and we'll show you why they mu whhelkutir opposition to marriage equalifity. that's coming up.
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i think as people look at his record and they imagine him debating obama, obama is going to laugh at him. >> that was in january talking about mitt romney fiing himself in the debate with obama. jonathan cape heart, newt gingrich thinks this is going to be easy or used to think this was going to be easy for president obama. one week from tonight we will have just watched the completion six mites ago one week from tonight of the very fit debate. how, each side is trying to spin it like the other guy is a great debar. what are you anticipating? >> i'm in that examp that says mitt romney is going to do a whole lot better than his campaign would suggest tisuy thres in narrow environments. when he knows that the clock is ticking down and he's got two minutes, he's got the perfect answer, he'll sound reasonable,
1:37 am
all those things that newt gingrich said in this piece that vi to romney abt whaticited the optics will mean as opposed to to what he said. i think it's 85% visual and 5% substance. so mitt romney thrives in those environments. as we saw in the debates. co f aggivy sudden wok debater. i think that's what we're going to see a week from tonight. >> let's listen from newt's adce how to debate president obama. >>stlad prered. be honest. sorry that's out of the question. use humor, i don't know. $10,000 bets, that sort of thing. joy the evening. oh, thanks newt. that's really helpful. d of course, be assertive and be on offense against both obama
1:38 am
and the media. that always worked for newt, right? >> can we have some real talk about ne gingrich here? plee,, >> the guy who lost tohe guy who's losing to the president is giving out advice on how to win. >> good point. >> so i just want to appreciate that context. as for attacking the media -- >> and by the way, newt lostn the debates. he would have a good debe with some dramatic flouries cainac t me and then mitt watched that and came back in subsequent debates and beat him in debates. >> that's what i thought was the most revealing line in his article, lawrence, was he said that attacking the media really workds for h, the guy who lost, because he got big applause lines. >> among fan at kal republicans. >> among the core base that has taken the republicans to the right. i think that was revealing. even now some distance from his failure, that sums up the
1:39 am
mistake at newt gingrich and mi romney e. miaking the st rical elements of their base for political victory. >> and newt says it is inevitable the media will ask mitt romney about the 47% instead of answering it -- le that's going to be an easy option. instd of ansng iromney shld pot sette you about the 100% has failed, the 100% who have to b gasoli, blah, blah, blah. so in other words do not answer that. hey le t president can come back and say he said i don't have to worry about those people. there's no way to pivot away from trashing 47% of the country. and it's not just 47of those folks who don't pay taxes. heaid ose pe w vofor president obama, those are the people who are dependent
1:40 am
on government. those tr the people who have no personal responsibility. you wrote off half of the country. you can't pivot away from that. >> h should the present handle 47% in this debate. >> i tnk he waits 20 o30 minutes because it would be more strategic to have it come from an independent source. we have to remember as much as we follow this, the debates are when you have the highest unfiltered impact to reach the public and everyone should know about this. i have no doubt the president will look for an opening if appropriate to bring it up before the end of the night. >> what are the thin the president has to be careful of and be ready for? >> i thought y were abto say onof tsengs. he's got tbe ppared to make the case to the american people. remember, the economy, there are signs of life that it still is recovering in ways that the american people don't feel in a majority yet.
1:41 am
buthe ecomy noingo . unploynt is still above 8%. there's a case to be made. he has to be prepared to say the american people, things are bad but they are getting better and be able to do it and not five minu answers, but in nice pithy 30-sond responses. >> a notn a fee >>nd n in a defensive way. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> coming up, the man who can save us from another two years of allen west in the house of representatives. pak hyl er and in the rewrite tonight, honey boo-boo will help me expose the big lie that paul ryan and mitt romney have to tell to justify their opposition to marriage equality. to marriage equality. th is next on e reite. k, u're a ln
1:42 am
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whenever paul ryan or any other republican starts talking about traditional marriage, they ther don't know what they're talking about, or especially in the case of mitt romney, they're lying. that's next in the rewrite. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat n with low testosterone. ndl 1.% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your montprescripti. mance dosi andpplicationites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman which may include changes in body hair or a lge increase in acne, possibly duto de eur men with breast cancer
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1:46 am
>> that was ul ryan lying to his dience in ohio. yocan waysell epubcan is lying when he uses the word values. let's listen to paul ryan lie once again. like tditial mriagand about family and entrepreneurship, she is aren't values that are indicative to any one person or race or creed or color. these are universal human value. >> first of all, entrepreneurship is not a vl u, it's an activity. family is not a value. some families have values. some don't. some families have good values. >> and we were taught to value everyone's contribution and treat everyone with respect. those are the values that barack and i and so many of y are il.i to ss o own that's who we are.
1:47 am
>>ut not all families value the same things. for example, while some families like the obama family, value education highlyothers value accuactiar more than they value economic achievement. >> this is fun! >> this is what we do all the time. >> i like to get down and dirty redneck style. >> she values down and dirty. people have different values. and then, there's that other value paul ryan lied about. the thing he and other reblicans love to call icf se, not valge.
1:48 am
at all. marriage is a living arrangement. marriage is a legal agreement. marriage can be a religion-based definition of a relationship. please note that i did not say a religion-based definitn between two people. because religion has always allowed, and still allows, for marriages between one man and more than one woman at the same time. fac throust n ory,he mt traditional, which is to say the most popular form of marriage has been between one man and many women at the same time. and throughout human history, the other most traditional compent mare ha was arranged. not by the two people who marry, but by the parents of the two people who marry.
1:49 am
this thing that mitt romney and paul ryan call traditional marriage, the marriage that is a union between only one man and onnean nrrd by their parents, is a tradition that is not as old as the federal government. the bible esn't just sanction polygamy, it advisesen how to dori the bie also notes that king solomon had, quote, 700 wives of royal birth. and 300 concubines. if paul ry were to actually beme vice president ryanhe would find himself in countries shaking hands with and smiling at government officials who are polimyists. legal polygamyists. and vice presidentyan would be
1:50 am
g ohaf esidt whe grea grandfather had five wives at the same tim the thing that paul ryan and mitt romy now call traditional maiage has estedn th romney family as a tradition for exactly two generations before mitt romney got married. the harvard football team has traditions much older than that. mittneand ul r ree ofanto when they use the phrase traditional marriage to mean a marriage between one man and one woman. now paul ryan, he may be such a callow fellow and so uneducated he t y e ow b of marriage that a lie he is telling when he describes traditional marriage. but mitt romney, he knows better.
1:51 am
as does evy mormon. mitt romney obviously believes he has to reite the history of marriage, including the history ofriin oam to give moral weight to the republican argument against marriage equality for everne. mitt romney believes lying i the way to achieve moral suorfos me against marriage equality. and there you see romney-ryan values at work. according romney-ryan values, to moral seriori. lie your way this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines,ools, people making stuff. compies have to inve in mang things. intrre, cotrucon, oduction.
1:52 am
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1:55 am
the modern day harriet tubman. >> i believe there's aut 78 to 81 members of the democratic partthre mbef communist party. >> take your message of equality of aievement, take your messagof economic dependency. take your message of enslaving tmen leewreneurill and spirit el you can take it to europe. you can take it to the bottom of the sea. you can take it to the north pole. but get the hell out of e united states of america. >> that was bat crap crazy tea party republican congressman alwe erdawest took to facebook to complain about president obama's united nations speech and to show us how lucky we and
1:56 am
the world are that allen west will never address the united nations. itat w hbestatemen the fure does not belong to those who attack our embassies and consulates to kill our ambassadors. the angel of death in the form of an american bald eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence. in npak hy can you explain to america how allen west got elected to that seat and how he currently in the polls is ahead of you by a few points? >> well, first of all, no one really knows how he got elected. 2010 was an interesting year. unfortunateldemocrats did not show up to vote. thankfully, we are getting a lot of strong polling results back. we a alledup
1:57 am
basically all of the polls that we've seen. we're in a great position to win this november. >> you've rais $2 million for your campaign, which normally, until very recently, was an awful lot of money for a congressional race. we used have senate races in thou tco2 million. but allen west has raised five times as much money. 's got $10 million he's trying to bury you with. who wants allen waft to stay in that seat so badly that he's been able to collect that $10 million? elbo9% of his fund raising comes from outside of the district. he appeals to a very small percentage of america, to the tea party vein. the vast majority of his fund raising comes after these ridiculous comments that you just played. he then sendout a piece of mail to people all over the country, the tea party folks and raises money off of it. it's not necessarily support in the district the.
1:58 am
it's that tea party vein across the country. i want to look at one of your ads, that as one would expt, where you use allen west's wor agait hi >> i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message. >> behind the ads, who's the real allen west? his bill would make all abortions illegal, even in cas of rape and incest. how does he really feel about women? >> and all these women are knew tering american men, let them know they're going to have their men become subservient. >>riur hnoer 50%. here's an incumbent who's been pollg 48% 49%. >> we had an internal poll
1:59 am
several months ago that had us tied in the dccc that haus up one int. deite g sp4- 3-1, we've upheld and now in a strong position going forward to defeat him and it's not a good sign that he can't break 50. people know how extreme he is and it's our job to introduce ours to the voters. we're getting support from the republans, democrats that are tired of the extremism and wants meonat ain background, that has a cpa that's actually created jobs and not just talked about it. >> do you have debates scheduled with him? >> we do ave e te seduled, october 19th, i believe. we've been to four debates already, which he refused to appear at and we've sent him several dates for other appearances which he declined. so we have o