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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  September 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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office. so glad. so maybe we will get to celebrate walk out on ac ahmadinejad day. but until en iak great comfort in showing him what we think of him to his face. i have to say there is the grave pleasure of seeing him leave town. r day.t is the geshi now it is time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. this is msnbc election coverage. this is night one of our 2012 electionoveceot std y ow >> they are chasing each other's shadows. >> they will vote in rginia.
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>> for now the president is dominating the oldni >> p increasingly favor the president. >> i know something about polls. >> i know you can ask questions and get any answer you want. >> the calendar is mitt romney z nemesis. >> we areunniutti >> people don't trust him. >> how does he turn this thing around? >> mitt romney has campaigned as many things this election cycle. >> a severely conservative morning ya' ll. >> human pretzel. >> i repeal obamacare. >> don't forget iot everyone in my state insured. >> 100% of kids inyta insured. >> 40 days to election. >> and he's using this as a
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dge of hon othohonor. >> this guy is like a bobb bobblehead. >> did the rublicans nominate the wng y? >> do you think a guy like chris christy would be the right guy. >> with 40 days until the election and a new pol showing president obama leading mitt romney by five points, la ra ingram refused to participate in a republican battle against t polls. >> wsaatfhe romney campaign's numbers were different all of them fox included if they had a different read than the polls in the swing states you would really hear a
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roey ryan phacin the overall numbers in those battleground states. you don't hear that. i don't think they are happy about it. but i think they believe they are running behind and you are seeing some tweaks to the romney ai od iowa game the first swing state to start the voting for the presidentf the united states. the polls he showed president obama up eight pst state. now suffolk university poll shows the president at 6%. the presidt remind wwa said. >> i have always said that change takes more than one term or more than one president. it takes more than one party.
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i can't happen if you write out half the nation before you take office. t el otgor many of y but, i'll be fightin for you no matter what. i'm not fighting to create democratic jobs or republican jobs,'m fighting t create american jobs. >> today the omae-ti ai released it's third add hitting mitt romney for insulting and lying about 47% of americans. >> 47% of people will vote for the president who are -- belve that they are vicmsel that government has the responsibility to care for them and believe that they are entitled to health care and housing and you name it. my job is not toorry about
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those people. >> rush limbaugh is still struggling to find an honest way to defend mit romney's comments on the 47%. >> obama is saying tt 47% pereot victims. he is putting words in romney's mouth. he is taking it out of context. >> never talked about them being victims. here is what mitt romney actually s >>qu there are 47% who are with him dependant upon government who believe that they are victims. today, it was described this way byorr democratic governor of ohio at the democratic national convention. >> mitt romney has so little economic patriotism that even
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this money needs a passport. ecayman islands and winters on the cloeps slopes of the swi. barack obama is an economic patriot. mitt romney is an out sourcing pioneer. here is pdeba ecomic patriotism today. >> during the campaign season you hear a lot about patriotism. you know what? it is time for a new economi i the belief that growing our economy begins with a growing middle class. likely voters in new hampshire where mitt romney owns a home. esident obama leads mitt romny sen points.
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unlikely voters in north carolina president obama pol at 48% and mitt romney at 46%. ki a as for the rest of mba the campaign that do not include a 47% reference. there should be temporary tattoos with the number 47% that evybody wears on their foreheads on everyamn rally. this had proved to be beyond a turning point in the campaign. it has been devastating for mitt romney. he has been on the record talking about dismissing half the couny. you know, it is, it is in some ways, i would say this. as someone tha believes that
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there need t be a pnt and cor t i a travesty for the republican party, it is evidence of a party that is at war with itself. it is you know an example of how weak the gop has gten on ndamtalssue ttre the root of conservativism and a tragedy in the long-term. you just saw laura ingramive up. they areot all givgup fhat arguing with the polls fascinating. there is an industry that has now grown up around poll denials. i remember the winning days of the 2004 campaign. rasly nsuming a blog post that told me it was wrong. across spectrum to find goodness
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and confirmation bias. but it is so striking, the amount o institution al inivo encourage that instink. it is so flattered with money and attention. what we are seeing with this campgn is that in sting k consuming the replican party. al t things that they thought would be improving the republican ticket. these things become national themes and it turns out that the american public is no that receptive to themes that emate in right wing blog comments. the concern about how cell phones figure into this. it was a legitimate ncern
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becausewa legitimate factor. >> it is like the gop understands that mitt romney was not doing well. they were building him a house to walk into. therefore he st onn explains it in new york magazine. it is is approach to polling an the magazine. >> the economic misery, that is t felt i cerints the romney campaign built a campaign around the fact that they were a deciding factor. and it turns out that the economy is bad in a more complicated way ands getting better inayt i think americans feel more intensely than a lot of political commentato are.
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>> it is not a thumbs up or umbsown. tns u the american public is more reformed about it's views. >> the editorial board has weighed in on this. the campaign acknowledges that ok firisis began before oba has nothing to say about what bush era republicans have gone wrong. that impress lends kre dense to sh's third term. as rngor >> and half of romney's staff is former bushies. the relationship to the george w. bush era is very uncomfortable.
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there are no new ideas there. the fact that they haven't figud out how to get their arms around e bush legacy given the cthat e bear hug around the policies, one thing that i think is going on is, they -- there is a limit to how stupid they want to look. i think some of them want to be ab to say the day after the saiscoming. look at what i said in october. and in september. i told you if romney doesn't talk about what he is going to do, then he is in trouble. they are trying to put their markers down alth cumns are small monthly premiums on the insurance policy. they are getting attacked. they are putting down premiums
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so they could purchas the insurance. the ideas whe t battle after words. a lot could happen in 41 days. greece could exit tomorrow and it looks different and we are at is table in a week. >> they are proct frd romney loss and trying to prefight the battle over the reason that it happened. let's not forget. paul ryan voted for all of that. he voted for medicareart d presiption drug befit which has cost money that was not paid for. paul ryan voted for it. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. >> comingup. team romne i pin president obama now.
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they are, we will show you why they are doing it and crazyed td aiken. mitt romney was in favor of the vietnam war and the draft that sent americans to their death but he was not in favor observing in vietnam himself. he was taught a lsond t morality of his conduct during the vietnam period by a veteran of that war who taught him a lesson about the people romney thinks of a theer hhis are dependant on government. that is coming up. [ horse neighs ] look! she wears the scarlet markings! [ man ] out! your kind is not welcome here!
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there are 47% of the people that vote for the president. 4 47%% that are with him and believe that they are victi and believe that they are titled to heah ceo food.
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hughesi i housing and you name it. these are people that pay no in kw come tax. >> the romney debate team has six days to figure out what mitt romney has to say about his 47% comments. the firstade i just six day as way. as team romney privately obsesses now on how to handle at 47% question, they are publicly rg sdenly in praise, praise of president obama. they say he is quote universally acclaimed and quoteatural gi
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and is quote uniquely gifted and is quote one of the most talented political communicators and are trying to lower ctn to the point where if he can stay standing for the 90 minutes it will be consired the victorvictory. >> crystal ball, t president will not be allow s for the full 90 minutes of the
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debate. sp surely jim will get something in there too. possibly we cod expect a 30 minute attack add? ybhey should put that in the rules that president could speak for 90 minutes instead of mitt romney having to say anything. i suspe that is not what they are going to do. he has a challenge to come in and loocad defensive. he has to be cool and calm and confident and own the space. that is the most important thing for him. if he looks di those optics will be the most devastating thing for him. you would think would be about the pressure would be on the incumbt to defend the last
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four yrs in of bu in this debate, it is clear that 100% is on how does mitt romney handle the 47% question? >> i agree with crystal to put in other termshe undecided tereti wheir back toward the stage. the voice and he has to be strong and have an answer. the problem he has is which every way he turns he loses a piecof the argument. ro romney is going to lose a piece where he turns. onehat he has used before, is to say look, i care about the 0%. ok awhat did i massachusetts with romney care. if he give that is answer, he loses the strength of the
10:23 pm
argument. but i think he has no choice. i think he has to say that like the president, when the president in 2008 was overheard unse talking about people clinging to funs and religion that people shorthand thinks in debates and in private. there is no response that will not contradict the text of the actual words he used. that is right. there is no abili t all ge ohat box and i think his best attempt is what he put up in his add. he says i square. he cares for the middle class i do too.
10:24 pm
>> let's listen to what peggy noonan had to say about mney's t he has a chance to no not likability and all that dumb stuff. he happens to be on stage with a guy who has been the priden with the president's lead with likability, you can't dismiss
10:25 pm
librariability. where would president obama be in the pol today? arstf l, i talked not long ago to stewart st stephens. they want to make this an extended conversation. there are four debates. they may be hoping there are undecided voters now. so they care a whole lot about these debates. i think what they have to do is not wor mut the likability factor. what she means by height and hest i don't know. the trees are the right size. but this is the one time where est. romney canfron he has to say to the president
10:26 pm
look, you have failed, you have failed as the economic commander and chief, here is why you have failed and here is why i would be better at the job. thatt the es sen of what he has to do and winning the likability ge he will never do. he is going to be the dork from the beginning to end. i'm not that charming perhaps. don't as ng the right way as i proved in that quote from behind closed doors but i know how to fix the economy. >> i have no doubt that president amll b aet defender of that record. thank you both very much for joining me tonight >> coming up. i hate to say i told you so especially on this one.
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it is a problem. a republican problem. the voter fra that has been found in florida is asesult a republican party voter registration drive which of course fradlently registered voters. i can look at a bit of grand sculpture. >> they created who we are today independence, liberty, the union andhe prvn ohis whole area itself. those four men did that. which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on sety.
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[ male announcer ] the exceedingly nimble, ridiculously agile, tight turning, fun to drive 2013 smart. ♪ in the spotligh tonig toaiken. i think we have a very clear path to victory and apparently claire mccas kill thinks we do to. becae was very aggressive in the debate.
10:35 pm
i think that is because she feels threatened. aiken said wow, it is like somebody let a wild kateut th cage. she was fewurious and attacking. let's see how wild she got at the beginning ofhete tha you to the press association and thank you to both todd and jonathan for being here today. this is going to be a contrast for most ssourians. we are in the middle. but he is so far on the french. there have been many comments made that i find unacceptable. but his viewsill pul
10:36 pm
fo families. used to be much more lady like. i don't know what has happened to her. >> she did have a way of shting done. thank you todd wasn't ladylike enough in this debate. >> so, i'm glad we are not in that world. >> she's ahe ihe ll but todd aiken was a person she wanted to run against.
10:37 pm
>> we will not support this candidate. yeah, it confirms what every one knows, there wasn't actually any outrage about the terrible things he said. there was a conrn tt it wod lo i k funny. they were hoping to drive him out and get a better candidate. but they still want to bomb her with money. ri i you hear so many s
10:38 pm
calls for democrats to distance themselves from the most random people. this is the guy running for the party seat and he is showing a flare and a commitmen that should outrage people. >> what else did you know? todd aiken wants to eed stt l too. calls them a cancer.
10:39 pm
e adds and claire mccas kill has one that is similar. you do learn things about him. you thought you knew how crazy he was. ret in 30 secon youanrn he has a history of saying crazy things. comparing schip for children to the titanic. the guy, is nuts. andhi maybe missourians has to be snoen that.
10:40 pm
there is this double standard where there arettacks on th. to succeed in the mid western or southern state. it reminds me of a little bit around the frustration of our first black president. b tougher than other senators. there is a double standard. tough has never bee used for a
10:41 pm
male politician. mi up.nk y both for jning republicans who say voter fraud happens may have gotten proof. there is a crimina investigation into a republican voter registration drive in florida. and i t rewrite. mitt romney wants to be the commander and chief in the military that he refused to serve in. but he would be the first president who protested in favor of the warfis era and protested in favor of the draft of that war while evading that draft himself and refusing to serve in that war. thrgh erydagr? e ngakurark. ♪ [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn
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mitt romney the taker. we heard what he thinks of 47% of us. that he thinks of us as takers dependant on vernnt. iic of him in 19 1968. that is mitt romney on a beach taken a special draft defermt. thee , t very picture of ablifiousness to the fact that while he was playing in the sand on french beaches, beaches where 2500 americans died in oneay or wii thousands and thousands of young americans his
10:47 pm
age were dying in vietnam for a foolish war that american he was on its way to losing that the youn fully supported. he also supported the draft and participatedn what might be the only college demonstration in history in favor of the draft. bu hsotn favor of being drafted himself. he didn't want to get his hands dirty in the ment. he was in favor o his college classmes dng bot him. th wnd the draft bill ed against
10:48 pm
clinton did everything he could to avoid the draft without the benefit tha mitt romney enjoyed. but heidwa anyone to go to that war. he didn't force others to go to vietnam to die in his place. li mitt romney was. young american men had terrible ot tar o serve in the e days. war. protest the draft or avoid the draft or flee the country or go to prison in defiance of the draft. going to war was not the only brch . morally centered men made each one of those choices.
10:49 pm
the amorality of mitt romney's choice was something that i had never heard of. i snot kthreas a single american man who publicly protested in favor of the war and protested in favor of the draft and then evaded that draft himself and then sat i by played in the sand of french beaches while expecting other young american men his age to go to vietnam in his place. mitt romney thinks of people taking veteran's benefits as deped dedapts on government. thinks of them as the takers. we could have had ,0 more of
10:50 pm
those takers if they hadn't been killed in vietnam when mitt romney was playing on the beach. mr. romney was reminded othat reminded that he and his fathers and sons did not serve in the wars of their era. he was reminded of that by a man family has done the in virginia today, center wepp said this good the people that mitt romney this of as takers. >> i grew up in the military. my dad was a pilot and i was a
10:51 pm
mane. my brother and son was a marine. i' wd o veteran's issues all of my adult life. governor romney and i are right about t same age young guys. like mlion we came to adu adulthood facing the reality of the war. 2.7 million wept to war. took the lives of young americans and cost 300,000 riheea that i was in vietnam, 1969 our country lost twice as many dead as we have lost in iraq afghanistan combined over the past ten years of war. 68 was wseas t same. and there was not a day that
10:52 pm
goes by that i do not think about the young marines that i was privileged to lead. they have lived lives of courage both in comtndfthe return. many of them were derided by their own peers for havg served. but in receiving veteran's benefits theyot takers they are givers in the ultimate sense of the word. there is a saying, all gave some, some gave all. it is a heart of a tradition ere and independence. thef paid with their lives, some through wounds and disabilities.
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id to vote is responsible. >> since 2008 at least 15 states have passed tighter id l turns out that one case of voter fraud is being investigated. it is fraud by and for the republican party tonight. they had to fire a consultg td millions of dollars to after seficials flagged forms as fraudulent. local prosecutors are investigating the matter and say the c could be turned over to the california department.
10:58 pm
alleged fraud is the work of just a few bad apes. >> you heeen studying this florida case. there is a fame case. he was with me working on the campaign side. what they were accused of in 2004 is sending out register to so the. if you check off rtee arepublican. they turn it in. >> if he check democrat? shred it. and an employee told on them. he said they wereeparating the
10:59 pm
ballots and democrats were showing up to the polls in 2004 in florida to find out that they were not ready to vote >> it nev happed. e bus department never did anything about it. in florida there are types that have been caught and pending prosecutor. there are the falsefication of signatures. that has been caught. it has only been reic wh you say you registered to vote and you never really did. they left it out and there are two lawits pendinghauld over turn the mayor's race because people million dollars out their ballots for them. it is just not in person. >> tim made the point that