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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 8, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following breaking news out of ariza. gabby giffords face to face with the man that shot her in the head during a shooting rampage that left 16 dead and many wounds. many addressed him during the sentencing hearing today including suzy holman who was shot three times as she tried in vain to protect her 9-year-old neighbor who she said she brought to the event that day for a civics lesson. christina taylor green did not survive. she looked direct at at loughner and said, quote, i wanted to shake you and scream at you as if that would matter. i will walk out of my courtroom with my life and not think of you again. loughner is being sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole as part of
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a plea deal that spares him from the death penalty. jack chestnut is in tennessee. jack, we know that congresswoman giffords' husband has addressed the court as well. what did he say? >> reporter: tamron, it was extremely emotional in that courtroom, as you can imagine. gabby giffords still has trouble walking. her astronaut husband, mark kelly, and gabby approached the podium slowly and kelly did the talking. he looked directly at loughner and the first thing he said, and if you pull up the graphic it's stunning. gabby would trade her own life to save any of those you savagely murdered that day. you may have put a bullet through her head, but you have not put a dent in her spirit or commitment. kelly also at one moment said to loughner, pay attention. he also talked about the physical damage that has come being as a result a loughner's
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attack on his wife. and he said if we could show that second quote. she struggles to deliver each and every sentence. gabby strugs to walk. her right arm is paralyzed. she is partially blind. you have decades upon decades to contemplate what you did. after today gabby and i are done thinking about you. so with that, the couple sat down. miss giffords left the courtroom briefly and then returned, and the proceedings are still under way, tamron. other victims, as you mentioned, spoke directly to loughner and told him of their sorrow and the losses to the community. >> jack, what was his demeanor? you mentioned mark kelly said to him listen and look up. what was his demeanor during that time? >> well, he looked directly from the reports i've had from people in the courtroom he looked directly at those addressing him. he has not had -- he has not taken advantage of the opportunity himself to address
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the court. he simply acknowledged when the judge asked him if he was aware of the proceedings and that he was going to be sentenced today for this terrible crime. but he did not have any communications with these witnesses -- these victims at all. he did pay attention and look at them and had a brief conversation with one attorney at one pointment it's still under way inside, and very difficult day in what appears to be the last chapter on this saga in tucson regarding jared loughner. >> i'm curious from the reaction of the people regarding this plea deal that spares him from getting the death penalty. have you heard any reaction outside of the courtroom on that? >> reporter: not so much outside the courtroom, but many of these folks attended his pleading back in august when he agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a lifetime in federal prison without parole. many, many people who spoke at
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that time and who we have spoken to since then say that they are satisfied with this particular deal so that loughner is behind bars for the rest of his life without any possibility of parole. across the board the reaction seems to be he's in a good place for him. he'll be safe. the community will be safe from him. >> all right. jack, thank you very much for the breaking new details in this story. thank you. president obama's spending his first full day at white house after re-election in closed door meetings. team obama tells "the washington post" they were confident in victory but admit they were surprised how quickly the race he was called for the president. we're learning more about the president's re-election strategy. in the new yorker the biggest decision was to spend 20% of the total budget on a summer television advertising blitz attacking romney. the idea was to define rom nil early while he was recovering from the primary. with the celebration over, it's
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certainly back to work at the white house. topping the agenda, how the administration plans to work with a divided congress to vide the looming fiscal cliff. kristen welker joins me. the president has a trip planned already to myanmar on that trip agenda. what else do we know about this? >> reporter: tamron, this is big news. the white house announcing that president obama will visit myanmar in just about ten days. this, of course, comes after secretary of state hillary clinton visited several months ago. the united states has been working with this country in its transition to democracy. president obama expected to meet with the president of myanmar as well as pro-democracy leader sue chi. she was a nobel lawyer rate under house arrest for 20 years. president obama will now. she's part of myanmar's government. a lot of transition towards democracy. the united states has been working with the country toward
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its transition easing sanctions and working with them in other ways to help and offer support, but doing so on a limited basis saying we will give as much you receive. by the way, this is a part of an overall trip president obama is taking to asia pegged on the east asia summit in cambodia. >> the president has spain to speaker boehner and other leaders about plain going forward. what else do we know? >> reporter: it's significant. president obama called these leaders within the hours of his re-election sending a strong signal that he's serious about bipartisanship and working with the leaders and reaching across the aisle to get a compromise on the fiscal cliff and work through this it. the message he sent to the leaders is we need to work together to resolve this. i would point out that house speaker john boehner in his press conference yesterday echoed the president's sentiments to some extent saying he's willing to work with the
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president on the issue of taxes. that's the big issue here in washington. so signalling that he would be willing to work with the president. now, will this actually happen? of course, the republican conference is larger than the house, so speaker boehner is saying something in his conference going along with it are two different things. they're in a wait and see mode. we won't see the crisis of debt debate in the summer of 2011. >> i hope you're right. nationally syndicated host and msnbc contributor michael sikonis, and a.b. stott dard, social editor for the hill paper as well as the huffington post. sam stein with us. sam, let's start off with you. speaker boehner says he's open to tax revenue, also spending cuts. similar to the speaker boehner before some of the house republicans got ahold of him, and he basically pulled back on a deal struck with the president.
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>> yeah. i mean, this is a complicated thing for speaker boehner because he doesn't have a lot of chips here. obama can sit on his hands and not sign any extension of the bush tax cuts. so he's got a very difficult task ahead. i think he has less leverage than in the summer of 2011. he signaled very publicly yesterday he's open to revenue raisers. what that constitutes is anyone's guess. it could be a magic dynamic growth stuff, but he realized at this jeng tunction tur he doesn have a lot of chips to play. he has to go back to his caucus and sell it. >> let's see what he said on reaching out to congressional republicans. let's play it please. >> that door is open. it has been open. what we want to do is break that misguided notion that somehow obstruction is a winning strategy and that partisan ship should take precedence over progress. >> michael let me bring you in
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on this. so interesting, doris keans-goodwin says he has to use the people. in private people say they're sick of the gridlock. no one wants to see the dow tumble saturday of investors allegedly being concerned about the fiscal cliff here. that people are certainly hoping for somehow a new day and not the status quo yet again. >> i'm very encouraged. listeners who called me today are encouraged by what they heard not only from the president in the midst of his speech on election night but also the initial comments from speaker boehner, but i have to say and here's the glass half-empty, that the statement that was issued by mitch mcconnell, i personally found to be appalling. it was as if he hadn't taken any note of the election result whatsoever, and it spoke more of the continued intrans jens that have marked the last couple of
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years. in which direction is the gop going to go? the boehner path that's more con sill laer, let's get it done to avert a fiscal cliff or the mcconnell path. i hope it's the former and not the latter. >> you have boehner saying he's open to accept additional revenue. combine that on the other side with mcconnell as michael just pointed out and you have is there still a grover norquist impact, or has that evaporated or gone by the election? does that still exist, that pressure on republicans that sid signed in pledge. >> grover publicly stated that the american people did not vote for an increase in taxes. that they kept republicans in the house and the senate to stop any tax increases. so, of course, the pressure continues. john boehner is dealing tw two tensions. he's trying to explain to his conference they have to increase leverage. they don't want to see a middle class tax hike as a result of them standing firm on all the brackets and then us going over the cliff and them being blamed.
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a political fight that would bruise them through 2013 and into '14, the year they want to pick up a majority in the senate and consolidate their majority in the house and look to the white house in 2016. so he's trying to convince them of the longer view while dealing with the fact many of them are extremely frustrated. they don't believe obama has a mandate, and they want to -- you know, they're spoiling for a fight. he's trying to work through thanksgiving. we're going to see any meat on this bone until after thanksgiving. everyone will take a time to sort of lick their wounds, and then he's hoping the leadership is hoping they can convince the conference to get this off of the table so there's no longer government on the brink and an emergency all the time. they want to move on to cleaner fights on energy reform or other things and have this off of the deck. >> okay. chris, let me bring you in. you heard a.b. say that grover norquist, who is not an elected leader surmised there's no mandate. the vice president actually on a
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ballot, here's what he believes came down on tuesday. he said in part, there was a clear sort of mandate about people coming much closer to our view about how to deal with tax policy. i just think he it's going to take time for the republicans to sort of digest what the consequences are for them internally. what's your reaction to at least biden believing there was a mandate for their tax policy? it shows in our exit polling that a significant number of people were okay with a tax increase for people who make over $250,000. >> my perspective is elections have consequences, and to the winner there is a certainly significance that follows from it. when you look at the exit polls in particular with the one you just referenced, 60% of the voters sided with the president's position on raising taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year. at the end of the day the republicans are torn by multiple different voices with grover norquist being one of them and mitch mcconnell being another one. having worked on the hill and
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seeing on the senate and how it worked and how dysfunctional it was first hand, i can tell you that the main source of concern i would have is not with john boehner who i think can make a deal, though he has problems with certain wings of his sanction, but it's more so with mitch mcconnell and his unwillingness up torre electifon to make a deal. the republicans hold firm with this nonsense we have revenue through growth, et cetera, et cetera, that's not conducive to a deal. >> sam, let me bring you in again. you have the article in "the new york times," the headline was obama needs to reach out more. how do you counterbalance that with grover norquist saying this was right before the election on november 1st he gave an interview saying republicans will impose allowing any tax cuts to expire or not restored after january 1st? >> i think that's silly. i mean, again, like i said at the beginning, obama doesn't have to do anything.
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he can go on vacation until january 1st and come back and offer the tax cuts because the bush ones will expire without his signature. he holds all the cards. he can reach out and negotiate as much as he wants, but in the end the republicans have to come to him on this one because the cards in his hands. a reporter said we can take off time until december 31st at about 6:00 p.m., and that's when they come to a deal. these things tend to get done always at the end. we make so much news out of every minuscule development, this is a situation where everyone knows what the end game is. it's all about just figuring out how to get there, and it's probably going to come down to last minutes. >> it seems like we know the end gim time and time again, but these last few years it's interesting. there are a lot of reps licking wounds and trying to figure out what happened to romney campaign. they point out that the top donors are unhappy on the senior staff describing it as a junior
2:15 pm
varsity operation that failed to adequately insulate and defend romney through the summer of relentless attacks from the obama campaign. so they're looking at the summer and what went wrong, but i want to play what haley barbour said on the "today" show. yesterday there was talk from republicans about demographics and trying to understand how to bring in latinos and people of color and even women. now haley barbour is going back to plan a, which is blaming the story sandy. >> they decided to have this negative, personal campaign to convince people romney was a bad person. they didn't attack his policies very much. hurricane sandy saved barack obama's presidency. it broke the momentum that romney had coming in at the end of the october, but that's not chris christie's fault. >> he lets chris christie off the hook and blames sandy and not the larger concerns about
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the party brand and moving ahead. they think it's a storm. >> i think that the governor misunderstands the significance of the christie moment. americans liked to see the democratic standard bearer working together with the man who delivered the keynote address for the republican national convention. that's what we want more of. we don't want to be led fringes or polarization. we want them to act like adults and get along. it boded well for both of them. today what republicans should do is assess their nomination process from four yeerdz years from now. if they fov a strangle hold on the process, it's lights out. it will put forth sarah pull lynn, mike huckabee or rick santorum and none of them can win. >> let me play real quick, a.b., this conversation between ann coulter and laura ingram, again,
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trying to in their minds figure out what happened with governor romney. let me play it. >> if mitt romney cannot win in this economy, then the tips point habben reached. we have more takers than makers and it's over. >> i'm sorry, this is going to sound cruel, but some of the times i didn't like he was connecting with the material. i think you have to connect with the material. maybe it's people who have actually been in the trenches for decades, not just someone that was a success in business. >> in the trenches like a community organizer and not just a business guy? i mean, what is -- we in some kind of topsy-turvy world now suddenly his business background was nothing? >> there's a lot of rationalizing going on on the republican side because the win was much bigger than -- if they thought that obama was going to beat romney, that he would eek it out and they did not expect 303 and possible 332 electoral
2:18 pm
vote fs obama picks up florida. not one swing state went for romney. there's a lot of reflection taking place. many republicans i spoke to yet are out of their denial. they know that their coalition is white, that the white vote is decreasing with every single election cycle. that's the trend for 20 years. it's not going away. it will only get worse. the only way for them to be a majority party is for their poech policies to represent a majority of the country. obviously, president obama and his team planned for an enthusiasm deficit. they knew they would lose black and brown voters and young voters from 2008 and went out and got more. republicans know that. it's demographics and mechanics on the ground. and they got whooped in both departments. if they don't make changes, they're a minority party in 2016 and beyond. >> we're running out of time. chris, if you had one word of advice for the gop moving ahead, what would it be, if you can put if in one word or two.
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>> it's actually simple. diversify. you can't be a party that speaks only to white people and think you're going to win an election in an increasingly diverse country with increasingly diverse voices and backgrounds. that is the fundamental problem with the republicans. they're living in the past, and if they keep doing what they're doing, they'll be in the past. >> sam, it's a great pleasure having him on. chris, a.b., michael as well, we see you tomorrow. right now power crews are back on the road trying to restore power to people hit by last night's snowstorm while they're still suffering from hurricane sandy. casino republican sheldon adelson gets around $50 million into super-pacs and campaign. so, we ask you today or maybe asking himself today? >> how was the money spent?
2:20 pm
>> by paying bills. that's how you spend money. >> guess how many of the eight candidates adelson supported? how many won? new details about the final hours of the romney campaign and what happened to staff members that it tried to use their campaign credit cards to get home election night. it's just one of the things we thought you should know, and you can join our conversation anytime. we're open 24/7 @tamronhall and @newsnation. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare...
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power crews are back at work in the niece working to restore service after another storm hit the region ten days after hurricane sandy. it's so hard to believe. the nor'easter dumped a
2:24 pm
record-breaking amount of snow on the area bringing recovery efforts basically to a halt. tens of thousands of people who just got their power on lost it again as the storm tore through the region. more than half a million people are right now still without power in their homes. the weather channel's mike seidel is live at point pleasant beach, new jersey. >> reporter: a lot different and also something we've never seen before having a snowstorm or any kind of snow nine days after a hurricane. it just doesn't happen, because usually late season hurricanes occur on the gulf coast where it rarely snows to start with. this is the protective dune they built wednesday and tuesday from sand they bougrought back from streets. the tide wasn't that bad, they got up to the he edge of the -- the bottom of the dune.
2:25 pm
the atlantic today is almost glassy. we had record amounts of snowfall. n newark, the biggest snowfall. it's kin of surreal to see snow on a dune and also see snow on hurricane damage. we have debris piled up everywhere. power crews are back in town here because the beach east of the tracks is still without power. they don't want to turn the power on. they're concerned about fires. we have crews up and down the streets from tampa, florida. this is the debris lester holt showed you. this is where we were standing until about three hours before sandy came in. then the surge took out a 350-foot dune. this restaurant is a total mess. one bit of good news today. airport cancellations, flight cancellations down. yesterday we had over 1700, today about 650. 90% of those are at newark, laguardia and jfk.
2:26 pm
no delays are reported. when you have 500 cancellations at newark, that would cut down on any backlog and delays. also brick township when this a mandatory evacuation in low-lying areas rescinds that at 3:00 p.m. only for the mainland areas. the barrier islands up and down the coast are off limits in jersey. better weather aahead, though, for you in new york city, tamron, and up and down the east coast and in hard-hit areaing this week end. a nice turn-around. >> it adds to just the strangeness of the weather that we've been experiencing or the range of weather that we've been experienci experiencing, mike. you know that better than anyone. thank you so much. still ahead, will some swing states be taken off the battleground map after this election? why the first read team says key counties in florida aren't as up in the air as they used to be. plus, "the new york times" nate silver seeing gold.
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he named his election night prediction, and now it's paying off apparently big-time. it's just one of the things we thought you should know. [ tylenol bottle ] nyquil what are you doing?
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sure don't you? [ nyquil bottle ] dude! [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. jesse jackson, jr. is reportedly discussing a plea deal in the federal investigation against him for alleged misuse of campaign funds. if jackson pleads guilty, he has to step down from office. he was, in fact, just re-elected. he is on medical leave since june for mental health issues. the fbi says he used campaign money to decorate his home. if jackson is forced to step down, a new election would have to be called. stocks are slipping on wall street again one day after the pow posted the biggest one-day drop of the year. they say worries about europe's problems and the expected gridlock in washington are to blame.
2:31 pm
tyler matheson joins us. they're so many conspiracy theories about what happened yesterday, but wall street has done well as of late. how do we read into today and yesterday? >> today i think things are settling down a little bit compared with yesterday, tamron, and maybe just maybe it's because some of the noises that we're hearing from speaker boehner, from leader reid and even from the administration tend to suggest that maybe they will be able to get together on avoiding this disastrous fiscal cliff that looms on february 1. it's the expiration of the bush era tax cuts and imposition of automatic, across the board spending cuts that would take some $600 billion out of federal spending over the next decade. today perhaps after the big storm literally on the markets and here in the northeast things are settled down a bit. let's look at the numbers. as you see the dow jones is down
2:32 pm
63 points right now. the s&p and down about 9 points and nasdaq selling off. one of the interesting stories on nasdaq has been a major decline in apple, which is one of the nasdaq composite's most heavily weighted constituents. that stock is now down about 20%. that would take it into bear market territory, about 20% over the past couple of weeks. it's very hard, tamron, for nasdaq to make much progress if apple isn't. >> wow. all right, tyler, thank you very much. greatly appreciate you joining us. coming up, republicans spent $1 billion trying to defeat president obama in the most expensive election in our country's history. we'll talk with "new york times" writer nick kapasori. he said big donors have little to show for their cash flood. will it change it ahead? joe biden said the election results are a mandate on the obama tax policy. what does your gut tell you
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the results of this year's election show parts of map are shifting. the i-4 area of corridor is not a swing area in florida anymore. there's a huge growth in non-cuban latino voters in the area. joining me is mark murray. the republicans are learning a lot about their party brand, and we're learning a lot about this k country. >> that's right. the i-4 corridor is orlando and tampa. for a long time the reasons
2:37 pm
that's been a swing county is because who usually wins that area win the statewide contest. my colleague actually went back and noted that only did president obama end up winning that i-4 corridor in the counties there in 2008 and also on tuesday, the failed democratic gubernatorial candidate alex sink also won that area suggesting this is more of a base democratic area. certainly not as big as miami-dade, but where democrats are going to be able to win. if democrats win those areas, win or lose, you give them a big advantage in florida that, of course, awards 29 electoral votes. >> what other swing states are you keeping an eye on that perhaps we will have the same or similar conversation about in the future? >> you know, if demographics are destiny and president obama ended up doing so well because of demographics, you end up looking in states like georgia, arizona, texas. states with very diverse
2:38 pm
populations and big growing latino populations. you know, you could extrapolate that come 2016, maybe even more 2020 these states could become more battlegroundish. it's not to say this will be as big of a battleground as ohio. if we're talking about states like michigan, minnesota being in play for republicans, you would have to argue four years from now that states like arizona and georgia could be in play and that same level for democrats. >> it's interesting. i think it was chuck todd that wondered out loud before the election why the obama team didn't make a play for georgia even now. >> it probably has to do with finite resources. one of the reasons of having the political winds at your back like 2008, they were able to make a play in georgia, in indiana. they crossed off states knowing the head winds this time around were in their face blowing, and they wanted as big of a map as
2:39 pm
possible but ones with a better chance of winning. indiana was off the map. they decided not to make a big play for georgia as they did in 2008. the next democratic nominee 2016 might circle georgia as at least a state to be in. >> he'll see you tomorrow for our pous script. what a week it was. >> thank you. >> karl rove is doing a lot of explaining today. politico reports he's calling top donors to talk about the nearly $400 million loss on tuesday night. one republican operative told the huffington post, quote, the billionaire donors hair are l e livid. there's holy hell to pass. joining me is nick capasori, political reporter for t"the ne york times". nothing is guaranteed. why are she so livid. sheldon adelman is a casino man. most of the time the house wins,
2:40 pm
and in this case it was obama's campaign. >> he gambled a lot and lost a lot in terms of return. how many races he won, if you exclude the house majority of republicans into which he put a lot of money and some overall super-pacs, the candidates he backed, eight candidates, all loss. that's a lot of moo la. >> this is what mr. adelman said regarding all this moent money he spent. >> how do you think your money was spent? was it well-spent? >> by paying bills. that's how you spend money. either that or become a jewish husband. you spend a lot of money. >> i'm not sure what he meant. that was his reaction to, i guess, one of the reporters who caught up with him. to your point he invested in a number of different races, but when you look at the money invested in newt gingrich and the number of dollars put into the romney campaign, it seems that a lot of -- i guess, his
2:41 pm
desire really was simply to get president obama out of the white house, and that's why he was just shelling out the money and maybe not necessarily believing in his candidate. >> i don't know. i think it's pretty clear he believed in th messe, that's rey
2:42 pm
the best sort of practice you can imagine. >> i believe when you look at the total sum of the money put in in the races, he won about 42% in good bets, 58% in bad bets. so i mean it depends on if you have the cash whether those are good and bad odds. moving ahead, we talked about super-pac money and the fear of what it would do. the president is not happy with the supreme court ruling on the money, the unnamed donors. the next cycle, what do you foresee? >> i think super-pacs will play a huge role in presidential primaries, as they did in 2012. mitt romney owes a lot to his super-pac restore our future for even being a nominee in the first place. i think they spent -- i think his super-pac alone restore our
2:43 pm
future spent more in the primary than any other candidate spent besides mitt romney. it was a whole lot of money. it was donated by a very few number of people. the lesson there if you're a candidate running for president in 2016, you're looking through your rolodex and asking how many people am i friends with or who support me who can put 1, 2, or 10 million dollars at the drop of a hat into a super-pac? that can change everything that we understand about what it takes to win a nomination. >> you're a candidate and look through your rolodex and see who can give you $10 million. wow. >> changes everything. >> change and money. greatly appreciate it in some cases. as the so-called fiscal cliff approaches, does the obama administration go for a big deal now? is it the only opportunity to go big on tax reform? next up we have an update on
2:44 pm
capitol hill. here are things to know. how fast did mitt romney's campaign shut down. aides taking cabs home after his concession speech early wednesday, they got a rude awakening when some found that credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked. we're learning team romney accidentally published aa victory website it developed in case the candidate won. it was titled the office of the president-elect and featured biographies of mitt romney and paul ryan and pages dedicated to the inauguration and join the administration. it was taken by the way this morning. and "new york times" political statistician nate silver correctly predicted the election outcome in all 50 states. you probably know that by now. now his book that explains how he does it, well, it is selling big-time. the signal and the noise has skyrocketed to number two on amazon's best seller list. like nate silver, the people on "park and recreation" got the
2:45 pm
election night outcome right. now a guest appearance by vice president joe biden was filmed, and take a look. >> i just remembered, i kind of got you an engagement present? >> is it a waffle tower? >> it's a little better than that. >> how did you do this? >> i called in a few favors. ♪ ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me...
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welcome back. debate over the fiscal cliff returning in high gear. congressional leaders say they're willing to work it out. however, they're also throwing a lot of buts behind that. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us live. you've seen it all. you hear a lot of the talk behind the scenes. do you feel that there's a different, i guess, tenor at least going in and folks there really get how dangerous this is
2:49 pm
for our economy? >> i think there is sort of a spirit of seriousness about this, tamron, and that's probably a very good thing for the country. after an election people take their foot off the gas a bit and recognize there's some work that needs to get done. next week will be important here in washington. you'll have members of the new congress who will be coming into town for orientation. the regulars will be back, and we would expect to see some more work on this. perhaps not as much publicly. one of the things that struck me about what speaker boehner said yesterday and harry reid, they are talking about working together, but you get the sense that they don't want to do all of that front stage because that can sometimes cause criticism to kind of be volleyed in from all corners and can put a damper on real work that could be done. so far i'm told there are no invites to go to the white house just yet, but there have been phone calls, the president is reaching out to members of congress important in the
2:50 pm
discussion. that is an olive branch or opening of the door people appreciate. the buts you mention, it's how to get there. how to reach a change with regard to the tax code. would that mean higher rates? that's what democrats would like to see. would it mean closing loopholes and sort of reworking the system in republicans say they're open to that. it's important because without it all the rates go up in january and those spending cuts would kick in. that's what's called the fiscal cliff that people are so concerned about the damage to the economy. >> kelly o'donnell, we'll talk with you every day leading up. thank you. >> many times. >> it's a pleasure every time. the army private accused of leaking classified documents to wikileaks could plead guilty to some offenses. that tops our look at stories. bradley manning is offering to take responsibility for some minor offenses, but the military could still prosecute for more serious charges, including aiding the enemy which carries a life sentence. twin baby sisters joined at
2:51 pm
the chest and abdomen were successfully separated wednesday at children's hospital of philadelphia. about 40 doctors took part in this critical operation. it took seven hours to complete. the lead surgeon says the twins should be able to have full, healthy, and independent lives. and fox con, one of the largest makers of apple products, says it can't keep up with demand for the iphone5. they say the design of the popular smartphone makes production difficulty, and they're unable to fulfill apple's requests for the phones. and our "news nation" gut economic is up next. we asked you earlier, do you agree with vice president joe biden when he said the election was a mandate on the obama administration's view on tax policy? you can always join our conversation. we're at "news nation," our facebook is at oh, a little tina. we've all had those moments.
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yes, you can join the "news nation." you can find us on the twitter page at "news nation." it's monitored 24/7 by one of our team members. time for the "news nation" gut check. there he is, we talked about vice president joe biden insisting tuesday's election results were a clear sort of mandate in favor of president obama's tax plans. they include letting the bush era tax cuts expire at the end of the year for americans earning over $250,000. what does your gut tell you? do you agree with the vice president when he says the election was a mandate in favor of the democratic tax policy? go to to cast that vote. we'll have the results tomorrow, but look at what the "news nation" says about the gut check. with the re-election of president obama, will the partisan fever in washington
2:56 pm
break? i like this number. 65% of you are optimistic. you said yes. 35% of you maybe realistic and said no. we'll see. let's hope for the best four country. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. tomorrow democratic congresswoman karen bass from california, "the daily beast" zachary karabell and michael tomasky. he predicted a gop freak o-out romney lost. what will he say tomorrow? "the cycle" is up next. us d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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it is thursday, november 8th, and you're in "the cycle." what will washington do about taxes and spending cuts? >> i'm krystal ball. let the countdown again, 73 days until the inauguration. come on, nobody can replace hillary. >> amen. i'm toure, i'm not crazy about the cops,


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