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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 19, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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headlines. the president kicking off the national day of service today volunteering at a school here in the d.c. area. the first family and 500 volunteers joined him. tomorrow president obama will take the oath of office in a private white house ceremony. monday, hundreds of thousands are expected as he takes the oath on the capitol steps. former presidents clinton and carter will be present at that ceremony monday. not attending former president george h.w. bush and his father, former president bush, the younger bush staying at home because his father is sick. the president was just released from the hospital after an extended illness. also today a big development on the debt limit. a vote is scheduled for next week and we'll dig in to those details later in the show. first, though, the stars are coming out for that national day of service that we just
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mention mentioned. eva longoria who is an inaugural committee co-chair. and chelsea clinton were one of the first speakers at the event. angela basset is also there and we'll talk to her later here on the show. the president also -- he also spoke at belleville elementary school. take a listen. >> not so much inauguration when we think about the fact that this is dr. king's birthday that we're going to be celebrating this weekend. i'm always reminded that he said everybody wants to be first. everybody wants to be a drum maj major, but if you're going to be a drum major, be a drum major for service. be a drum major for justice. be a drum major for looking out for other people. >> nbc's ron mott standing by on the national mall for us today. ron, we just heard from the president there and vice president joe biden and members
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of his family also participating in the day of service events. since when has all of this been a part of the inauguration festivities? >> reporter: the president when he was inaugurated four years ago made a day of service part of the festivitieses for that first weekend. he wants this to be a standing tradition and hoping future presidents would make this a standard tradition and another way to extend the legacy of dr. reverend martin luther king, jr., who also has a new memorial here in town. thousands of people have gone through this tent today on the national mall for this national day of service. about a hundred or so national or local organizations, signing people up to go back home and donate their time and maybe even some money to good causes all around the country. today we expect anywhere from a quarter million to 300,000 folks to take part in festivities all across the country in national day, and they're very excited.
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this is a family event for a lot of folks. they want their young people to get involved and build a new spirit of giving back to other people, craig. that's what this weekend's all about. >> ron mott there from the national day of service. we'll come back to you later with the latest on the inaugural prep, as well. thank you, sir. as the president prepares for his big day, he is still spending the weekend pushing one of his top agenda items. changing gun laws in this country. in his weekly radio address, president obama urging people to call their lawmakers. >> ask your member of congress if they support universal background checks and renewing a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and if the answer is no, ask them why not. ask them why an a grade from the gun lobby is more important than keeping things safe in a classroom. >> nbc's kristen welker is outside the white house for us. on the very last day of his
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first term we saw him out earlier working at that school for the national day of service. besides that, how is he preparing for the big day tomorrow and the bigger day, perhaps, on monday. >> reporter: craig, i can tell you that he's behind the scenes working hard on the big address that he will deliver on monday. in fact, a senior administration official tells me he has a strong working draft that you would expect just a few days out from delivering such a large speech, and i am told he's putting the finishing touches on that with his speech team here at the white house. don't expect a big policy address. this is going to be about the president's larger vision for where he wants to take his country over the next four years. will he mention immigration, gun control, some of the fiscal challenges that washington is facing potentially? but i think you are going to hear the president speak in broader themes and one of the big themes that he's really going to focus on, craig, is finding common ground here in washington. of course, this continues to be an incredibly divided capital.
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they have a lot of problems every time they try to get anything accomplished so that is going to be one of the president obama's main that heel be addressing on monday. friends who have come in from out of town and making the most of the few moments that he has behind the scenes here as he prepares to take a second oath of office. i should say, his fourth on monday. craig? >> excellent point. kristen welker from 1600 pennsylvania for us. thank you. always appreciate it. >> thanks, craig. there are major battles coming up in the new term. kristen hit on them there, gun, immigration, among the biggest, the debt ceiling and president obama has a lot offy second-term agenda, but many seem skeptical and in our latest wall street journal poll asked where america is headed, nearly 60% of the people polled used negative words like wrong track, downhill. joining me now to talk about all of this, christina antonio,
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political reporter, and ed o'keefe for "the washington post". good to have you guys in the flesh. usually it's in double boxes and this is a nice treat. >> let's throw another number on the screen, christina. this is the president's approval rating as he goes into his second term. right now, 52%, according to the poll, say they approve of the job that president obama is doing so far. how does that compare to other two-term presidents? >> he is not quite as popular as many other presidents and he's a little bit higher than george w. bush was going into his second term, but it really reflects that and when you look at the breakdown of the job approval rating and what people like, he's okay, just over the 50% mark in those polls, but personally, they like him a lot and that's playing a lot into how the president is pushing his agenda, how he's framing his second term and it also makes a huge difference when it comes to dealing with congressional republicans who are on the other
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side of that popularity. >> we'll talk about this later because it seems as if based on some of the heatings that have happened over the past few days and perhaps congressional republicans realize that people really like this president and they do seem to like him a whole lot. ed o'keefe, senate majority leader, harry reid has not come out and endorsed the president's proposals. tom, also not coming out, how is the president going to be able to get this legislation through congress if you can't seem to get some top-ranking democrats onboard. >> that's the biggest challenge. harry reid has said generally, he supportses the conversation about it, but his aides made it clear he's not taking the lead on this one and he expects to see other senators who have made issues of gun violence and the law enforcement their main calling card on capitol hill and that's patrick leahy and ann fine stine and chuck schumer from new york. we have 23, democrats running for re-election and most of them
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come from midwestern, western states. they have strong, rural communities and therefore are a lot more open to maintaining gun rights and so you will have a lot of these democrats who will be very nervous voting for any big changes and harry reid is one of them. the national rifle association stayed out of the reelection race and he owes it to them to perhaps temper the debate and not necessarily let all of this go through. >> that's one reason why you're seeing the president take executive action and that's something you heard critics and people who had been his supporters criticized him for not doing more of that in his first term and he's signaling that he's willing to do more of that on these big fights and it's about seizing the moment because the further and further you get from the sandy hook tragedy, the less you're likely to achieve and he's trying to make this happen swiftly. >> let's talk about second terms. how have presidents comparatively, how have they feared in his second term. that's when the big scandal happens. the iran-contra and watergate,
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the monica lewinsky. how can we forget and the fallout during the bush administration over the iraq war and hurricane katrina, so certainly, things could get a little worse for the president in the coming years, but he does start with the decent approval rating and at least part of congress on his side on most issues. >> you do have to wonder how much of his political capital he'll use on gun control in his short term, before immigration and not even just talking about the debt ceiling, but if he is to do -- with regard to the gun control and universal background checks and he is going to have to spend a great deal of time and a great deal of political capital to get that done. >> the white house says a few things about this. one thing is he has his coalition that elected him by a strong margin behind him and they'll amplify that coalition as much as they can to try and push action, but they're looking at this as a three-track deal and the immigration reform
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measures they'll start pushing plus gun control. >> in four or five months he becomes a lame duck president. >> pretty much. >> we'll come back to you guys later in the show and i want to talk about what happened in the gop retreat, as well. >> coming up, though, 50 years ago she predicted america would not see an african-american president in her lifetime. maya angelou will join me in just a few minutes. also the little girl that stood beside president obama as he unveiled the new gun proposals and the letter that helped move a president to action. 8-year-old henna zija will join us next. ♪ ♪
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>> mr. president, can we do something that will stop all these terrible problems? after watching the news all day on friday one question popped in my head and that question is can we stop using guns? >> that is 8-year-old hinna zeejah, one of the children who wrote to president obama to stop gun violence in the wake of the massacre in newtown, connecticut. this week the president laid out his gun reform agenda. with him in the room, hinna, among the other children who sent letters urging the president to do something. hinna zeejah joins me with her father farhan and a good saturday afternoon to you. >> hi. good afternoon. >> hinna, tell us about what made you write the letter? >> um, i actually wanted to know
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why do we have guns in our country, so i don't usually like guns, but i don't want guns in our country. guns usually hurt people a lot. >> what was your reaction -- what was your reaction when you found out that president obama wanted you to come to the white house for his announcement? >> i felt really happy because it was usually my first team. going to the white house and -- and he let me go, so that's usually my first time i'm going to the white house. >> and by the way, that's a beautiful red dress that you wore to the announcement. what did the president -- what did he say to you, hinna? >> he -- he said hi.
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he said great job and he hugged me. he also gave me a high five. >> i love it. farhan, let me go ahead and bring you in here. i know it's an incredibly proud moment for any parent and a valuable lesson for your daughter, as well. you both met the president and the vice president, i am told, what did they tell you? >> basically, he told me and her great job of writing the letter, and to keep up the good work and he's going to do something. >> you probably know that some people were not pleased that there were children at an event about gun violence. did you have any reservations at all about taking your daughter to that event? >> no reservations at all. something has to be done about stopping these senseless shootings and loss of life. >> what do you think about the proposals that have been presented so far from the president? >> he's on the right track. something really, really has to be done about gun violence in
2:18 pm
this country. >> hey, hinna, really quickly here. did you get to see bo? >> yes, i did. we got to pet him also. >> you got to spend some time with the first dog? did you get any souvenirs as well? did they give you anything? >> yes. president obama gave me -- um, m&ms, a yo-yo and a white house coin, and i already ate the m&ms in the white house because they were so yummy. yes, they generally are pretty yummy. hinna, you know what? we'll leave it right there. thank you so much. i do appreciate your time. farhan, thanks to you, as well, sir. >> okay. >> you're welcome. coming up here on this saturday afternoon, he's back! marc sanford disappeared along the appalachian trail so he said only to come back to face a
2:19 pm
major scandal. the reporter who first caught him in the lie back in 2009, one of the best reporters in this country, she's going join me next. and next, she wrote the inaugural poem for the first inauguration and now she reflects on president obama's second. maya angelou, you are watching msnbc. maya angelou will join me on the other side of this break. [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home. until i got a job in the big apple. becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but he had purina cat chow indoor. he absolutely loved it. and i knew he was getting everything he needed to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home! [ female announcer ] purina cat chow indoor. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am pink and i am a covergirl. ♪ you, the arab, the swede, the german, the eskimo, the scot, the ashanti, the crew, bought, sold, stolen, arriving on the nightmare praying for a dream, here, beside me, i am that tree planted by the river which will not be moved. >> that, of course, noted
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educator, author, poet maya angelou reading from her poem on the pulse of the morning. that was back in 1993 at the inauguration of bill clinton. besides being one of the most renowned and influential voices of this generation, maya angelou is a big president obama supporter and also very vocal during his re-election campaign, as well. she joins me now via telephone to talk about the inauguration. miss angelou, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. how are you? >> i'm fantastic. it is so much of an honor to have you on. you, of course, worked alongside reverend martin luther king, jr., back in the '60s in the southern christian leadership conference. in fact, i know dr. king died on your birthday in april. how does it feel to see the first african-american president inaugurated for the second time on martin luther king, jr., day? >> i tell you, it's so exciting it's hardly livable, that is to
2:24 pm
say young people, people after my generation can take it with more e kwaun imity, more easily, but for me having been raised in the really, the awful south, it is amazing to think that a black man, not only has been president once, but has been elected a second time. this is really rare in our history. there are only a few people that have been -- who have been celebrated and elected twice and that a black man is -- i mean, mr. melvin, it's hard for me to even describe the feeling. i'm somewhere between weeping and laughing and shouting and dancing for joy. >> how would you characterize the president's first four years? >> i'm sorry?
2:25 pm
>> how would you characterize, how would you describe the president's first four years in office? >> i think that he -- i think that he expected less difficulty. i think he expected more supp t support. i really don't think that he expected to have people resist him with such -- with such verocity, but he's a tough man and he's just what we need. he's tough and he's tender and that's what we need always with leaders. we need people who are smart, who are fierce and who are kind. so he really needs to represent all american, the black one, the white ones, the fat ones, the short once, the pretty ones, i think he needs to be our
2:26 pm
president. >> you -- you wrote a letter to obama supporters during the 2012 campaign where you were recalled a conversation with dr. king. in that letter you said in part, quote, i once debated with the reverend martin luther king, jr., about whether an african-american would ever be elected president. he believed it would happen within the next 40 years at the time. i believed it would never happen within my lifetime and that was back in the '60s. when did you change your mind? >> i changed my mind at the first election of president obama. i really -- i first started by supporting hillary clinton because i liked her. i respect her. i know she's a fabulous woman and there's a difference between being an old female and being a woman and she's a woman, so i supported her. when some of the democrats called me and asked me to ask her to step down, and i said no,
2:27 pm
and i'd make a good friend and i told her if she wanted to run for something, i'd support her. i have her back. i said if she steps down then i'll step down. when i went over after she stepped down, i went over to the obama camp and asked if you need me, if i can be of any use, please make use of me and so i -- i gave my energy and my hope, all of that to the campaign. mr. melvin, the truth is i didn't, honest to god, expect him to win. i prayed for it. i worked for it. i got up early in the morning and slept late at night, but in truth, when he -- when he took the first -- at the first election i was speechless
2:28 pm
because it means that our country is growing up, and when i go abroad i don't have to apologize as much for my country. >> yeah. >> i think few americans realize that when african-americans go abroad europeans say oh, poor dears, welcome. they treat you so bad in your country, oh, and so you have to support your country even when you're angry. even when you don't agree with some of the actions, but now after the first election when i went abroad to britain or wherever i went and my shoulders were back, and i was so proud of myself as an american, and proud of our country. we're growing up. >> yeah. dr. angelou, before i let you go really quickly here, a lot of folks, as you know, you are a bonified national treasure. how is your health?
2:29 pm
how are are you holding up? >> the truth is i'm getting older and i think -- a certain american said growing old is not for sissies and it's very true. you find, good lord, i didn't know i had muscles there that could do that, and i'm -- i'm celebrating my 84th year, so it's not easy. however, i'm delighted to be doing it, and i suggest to anyone who has a chance to grow older, do so. >> and very few do it with such grace, maya angelou, author, poet. thank you so much. always appreciate you. have a great saturday to you. >> and the same to you, and a blessing to our country. thank you. the obama re-election machine has turned into a major force re-launching this week as a new group.
2:30 pm
its chairman will join me in the next hour. up next, though, mark sanford making his big comeback into politics. lance armstrong, raps yperhaps heard, he came clean or cleaner. why do we let our leaders and heroes get away with lies? you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ ♪ ♪ nurses are dealing with a wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at
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2:34 pm
me anymore. >> disgraced cyclist lance armstrong choking up last night with oprah as he described how he told his teenage son over the holidays that the rumors about his doping dad were, in fact, true, despite confessing, armstrong admits he's far from winning back the public's trust and he knows he may have lost some supporters for good. good saturday to you. i'm craig melvin. here are other stories making news this afternoon. american and british officials say the hostage crisis in algeria has been brought to an end, but the head of bp which owns the gas complex seized by islamist militants says four employees remain unaccounted for. 14 others are reportedly safe and secure. former new orleans mayor ray nagin faces 21 federal corruption charges today. a grand jury has indicted him for allegedly taking more than
2:35 pm
$200 in kickbacks. prosecutors say nagin used that money to go to hawaii, jamaica and las vegas as his city rebuilt after hurricane katrina. federal health officials say it's not too late for you to get a flu shot. they're adding that there are plenty to go around. the cdc says the vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu. of course, that's in addition to washing your hands. >> former south carolina governor mark sanford is going to run for congress. sanford, you might recall, was a rising star in the republican party until revelations of an extra marital affair, a secret trip and a cover-up all led to his resignation in an odd public apology in 2009. >> the bottom line is this, i have been unfaithful to my wife. i developed a relationship with a friend from argentina.
2:36 pm
i also want to apologize to my staff because as much as i talked going to the appalachian trail, i didn't want to -- >> the governor did end up in argentina to visit his mistress who is now his fiancee, we should note, waiting for governor sanford when he returned was a reporter for south carolina's paper of record. the state newspaper, that reporter, gina smith now the lead political reporter for "the island packet." good to see you. >> it's great to see you. don't you wish you were in south carolina where you could cover the story for back in your home state? >> there's never a shortage of political news in the palmetto state. for folks not familiar for this, recount that moment for us when governor sanford stepped off that plane in 2009 and saw gina smith standing there waiting for him. >> i got really, really lucky.
2:37 pm
basically, we had reason to believe that the governor was not anywhere near the appalachian trail. that he, indeed, was in argentina with a woman who was not his wife and we figured out which flight he would be on and i was standing there around 6:00 a.m. in the morning and he was part of the crowd that came up and was headed toward baggage claim, and i walk up to him and i said, governor, it's gina, where have you been? we all thought you'd been hiking the appalachian trail and at first he seemed very calm, very cool and collected and we sat down and had a conversation about why he had been in argentina. he did not mention maria who is now his fiance. he talked about how much he wanted to get out of town and to get away from the pressures of public life, but as our conversation continued and i became a little more pointed with my questions about, well, where did you stay? who did you see when you were in argentina? i think he started realizing,
2:38 pm
wait a minute. they may know more than i realize. so that's when the tone of the interview changed and he basically just cut me off and said, you know, i see where you're trying to take this interview and i don't appreciate it. i'm not going there. and he got up and left. a couple of hours later we had that interview or not the interview, the press conference that you just played a clip from where he confessed to the affair. >> how surprised were you when you found out that he was going to be making, or attempting to make a political comeback? >> you know, i think we all thought he would eventually try to get back in the game, mark sanford so loves to be in politics. he really gets a kick out of it, has a very strong following in this state, still does, but i think we all were thinking it's probably more five years, ten years down the road when this -- when the affair is more water
2:39 pm
under the bridge. to see it happen less than four years later is a bit of a surprise, but talking to him, i talked to him earlier this week and he says it is such a rare opportunity. this is his old seat that he held for three terms when he was in congress. he's from this part of the state. he knows this part of the state. his family has owned property in this area for years and years. he sees it as such a rare chance that he felt he had to jump on it. gina smith uncovered the affair in 2009 and still down in the palmetto state and we'll certainly have a lot to cover over the next few months and probably the next few years as well. thank you so much. good to see you. >> it was great seeing you, too. keep up the good work. >> thank you. in what seems to be an era of lies, liars and cheaters, how does one mach a comeback? let's bring in the political war room, with me former democratic
2:40 pm
congressman martin frost of texas and rick salesman, campaign manager of mike huckabee's presidential campaign, scandal-free campaign, we should note. >> we're very proud of that. >> yeah. mark sanford, he seems to be poised to make this political comeback. the national journal wrote of the four ways to rebound from a sex scandal. we found this especially interesting here. tip number one, play to your strengths. be honest about your weaknesses and make sure your ex-wife is not running. mark sanford made sure jenny was not going to be in the race. raise big bucks, politics is expensive and stay out of the spotlight until you're ready to return. >> mark sanford, do you think he'll be able to rebound from the scandal? >> first, the thing he did right was apologize, admit it. the problem is we build our politicians up to be mortal and we find out they're mortal and the ones that lie, they lie over and over again and we get madder
2:41 pm
and madder. governor sanford tried to get it all in the open when he could and he has had some time since this has happened and is there enough time? who knows? i think he's trying to move on and it's a good opportunity. >> what's the key? not discounting the national journal's advice and what is the key to overcoming the scandal? >> as you and i talked about earlier, i have family from south carolina. people in the south in states like south carolina don't like to be embarrassed by their public officials and i don't think he's home free yet. there's a wide republican field and if any of these opponents can put money together, i think you can still have a tough race. this is people in south carolina were very much embarrassed by his conduct. he's not re-elected at this point. >> let's pivot here, chip salesman from mark sanford to lance armstrong this week, we spend a great deal of time listening to him confess to what he's been denying adamantly for
2:42 pm
years that he doped. is lance armstrong the world's biggest liar? that's "the washington post" fact checker right there. are there some scandals that are, in fact, just too big to rebound from? >> well, probably yes. i mean, this is one that because lance armstrong not only inspired so many people to get into biking, but inspired some with live strong and overcome cancer and he did so many things and we did build him up to be this iconic figure and he consistently lied over and over again to the point that he brought so many people into his life and crushed people that challenged that. this has been a very tough road and he's going have a long, long way to get over this. i'm not sure he can recover from this one. >> i have some thoughts about this, and of course, i'm from texas. >> yeah. >> that's where i served and why did this guy have to be from texas, that's all i can say? we've got tom delay, we have rick perry and now lance
2:43 pm
armstrong. i just wish he'd been from somewhere else. he's got to be done. you can't recover from this. >> we don't even have time to get into manti te'o from notre dame, as well. is there an effect that these lies and these liars and these folks who say that they've been the subject of hoaxes, is there some sort of effect from all of this, do you think? >> i don't think -- politicians, if you're asking about what effect this has on people with public office, the public officials can't go much lower than they already are. we're down there with colonoscopies and cockroaches. >> that's actually pretty good. >> they're unfortunate, and i don't think the public will think any less of of public officials because of all of this. the public is kind of bemused and unhappy when people get involved in this. >> we have these discussions, it seems like, fairly often, but there are a lot of folks who bounced back, bill clinton, of course, and one of the most
2:44 pm
famous, eliot spitzer. we can play all of that another time. >> rick saltsman and martin frost, thank you for being with me. >> just in time for the weekend, one legendary eatery getting into the news business. why a washingtonian's appetite is insatiable. also just in time for the weekend. president obama has released his official inauguration playlist. katy perry is on it and so is "glee," you're listening to some of that playlist and we'll play it for you throughout the course of the afternoon. you're watching msnbc, the place for fireworks, the place for politics and music. we'll be right back. ♪ [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] zzzquil™ sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ]
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2:48 pm
doors in 1856. now the respected washington landmark a block from the white house is embarking on new territory. there it is right there. they're getting into the news business because we don't have enough competition. joining me right now, david moran, managing director of that restaurant old everett grill. you're printing news wires on customers' receipts. >> we are. >> what brought this about? >> it's long time ebbit regulars and former head of mpr had an idea, the customers that those that run washington, those who visit washington and we have breaking news all around us and we have the ability to print it inhouse through a computer system that runs the restaurant and we're able to deliver up-to-date breaking news that's updated every two minutes and delivered to the guests. >> we can beat you. >> of course. >> the interesting thing, we know washingtonians have a huge
2:49 pm
appetite for news, but these days everyone has a smartphone. >> yeah. >> so why not just check your smartphone -- >> when they brought the idea to me that was my first thought, as well. >> what you're saying is people want to read their news. the washington post still prints and it's been very well received and they a growing trend of people being told to put their devices down and it's actually sparking conversations when we deliver it, not just the movers and shakers and it's been interesting watching family, the kids are picking it up and reading it and they're in washington so it's part of their visit to d.c. of what's going on around them. it's been very fun. >> here's the thing, we are big fans of anything that gets more people appreciating and digesting news in any way, form or fashion so thank you for that. very quickly, before i let you go. old ebbitt. >> it's our super bowl weekend every four years. january is typically a slow are
2:50 pm
time and having this every four years and wonderful. four years ago he got out right in front of the old ebbitt grill. >> david moran, thank you very much. i do appreciate you. have a great weekend. >> republicans go back in time to the place where american history lives and breathes. what they learned and what it could mean for the fiscal fight in washington, d.c. this is msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] think you need to go to a department store counter for a professional cleansing device? join the counter revolution and switch to olay pro-x. get cleansing results as effective as a $200 system. guaranteed or your money back. olay pro-x.
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republicans took time this week for retreating in virginia to launch the strategy for the new term. i want to bring back christina balantonii and craig from the washington post.
2:54 pm
we came out with it with regards to the policy and the debt ceiling and the three-month plan and we'll dig into that in the next hour. how else did they regroup? what else did they say about rebranding? >> they said it was one of the best retreats they'd had in years and it was with rank and file and a lot of educating with the newer members explaining what will be happening in the next three months regarding the sequestration and the end of the short-term budget deal and everyone seemed to leave in a much better move than when they arrived but they admit that they've got work to do. paul ryan described it best when they said one of the things we're discussing is the fact that we control the house they control the white house especially following the results of the november election. >> it sounds like they're changing the tone a little bit. >> this was really important for the house republicans because they didn't do this when it came to them coming into power after two years ago when they took back control in 2010. so it helped for john boehner to get his troops in line and to
2:55 pm
get the conservative groups onboard with the budget proposal and to get that messaging across, very simple line. no budget, no pay, right? it's tweetable. it's something that they can get republicans, tea party republicans all onboard behind that and be united in a way that you haven't seen so far over the last few years. >> it's also one of the messages that will resonate with folks in this country who hear we'll stop paying them? we dislike them anyway? we should cut their pay? >> with all of the talk with republicans being in control with most of the statehouses. it's a complete nod to state legislators who have done this. >> part of the mission was to think of ways to gain women and minority voters as well. how do you think republicans are going to get out of the colonial types, if you will, on this one? >> you're already seeing a lot of this immigration reform push with senator marco rubio taking the lead on that, but you're seeing paul ryan join up and the
2:56 pm
chamber of commerce is starting to get onboard with whatever that republican proposal will be. so i think that that can end up being a moment of unity for everyone and it's possible and there's always rancor in washington. >> there's concern about how they talk about these issues and getting to understand certain things they do and say will be interpreted differently especially by spanish-speaking hispanics and those that are willing to vote republican. >> even the decisions to stop using the word rape, you know? you would think that at some point this is something that members alone would have come to the conclusion of. kristin a thank you very much. ed o'keefe, thank you. do wear your glasses on the air next. they'll become part of your new look. >> there you go. >> excellent! from the city of angels to washington, d.c., coming up, the mayor of los angeles will join
2:57 pm
us to talk about what christina said was the future of immigration in this country and the best way to approach it. what happens to the obama machine after the campaign is over. we'll ask the man who has it, jim mess ina. this is msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
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