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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 27, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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weapons have no place. >> people need to feel safe. more than six weeks since newtown and the gun debate takes center stage in d.c. you are watch msnbc. we will talk to connecticut senator about what is realistically going to get done. plus president obama sits down with hispanic caucus leaders to talk about immigration reform. congress woman sanchez was one at the meeting. she is packing up and moving out and heading home. what is next for hillary clinton? we will check in with one of the
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long-time residents of hillary land. president obama is urging gun control advocates to listen to voices of americans who grew up hunting. if you grew up and your dad gave you a hunting rifle when you were ten and that became part of your family's traditions you would see why you'd be pretty protective of that. congressman paul ryan sat down for his first talk show appearance since the election. the congressman told david gregory that it is premature to talk about whether he will run for president in 2016. >> i represent wisconsin and i am chairman of the budget committee. i think i can do my job representing the people i work for by focusing on that right now than focusing on these distant things. a new anti-chuck hagel ad
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has popped up. the ad is from a conservative group called americans for strong defense. at least five other groups from the right and left are a organizing to block hagel's nomination. the president out on tuesday. republican congressman paul ryan said both parties are waiting on the president. >> the question many of us are asking, is he looking to play politics or does he want to solve the problem? we don't know the answer to that yet. we know there are a late of democrats in kwg who want to solve this problem, fix this mess and many of us agree with that. >> white house correspondent peter alexander joining me live. on tuesday can we expect to hear from the president about actual legislation or is he going to give us more of the contours of what future legislation would resemble?
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>> he is diving head first into this major policy speech of his second term. it is going to take place in a state well familiar with the issue of illegal immigration. one of the risks of proposing specific legislation, a bill that has his name on it runs the risk of potentially alienating republicans who might support an overhaul. here is what we expect to hear from the president laying out a blue frint for his immigration reform. he will be expected to push for improving border security and expand the system used by employers to verify the legal status of their workers and perhaps most significantly he will address the path to citizenship. that is getting bipartisan support. it is one of the toughest issues for a lot of republicans. there is a new political reality taking place especially given the fact that a few months back
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the president won more than 70% of the latino vote. for the president's proposal the path would include the requirement that those illegal immigrants pay back taxes and fines. that is one topict that this morning we heard mixed support on. mccain ameng those saying he believes will take place. so did senator menendez and senator dick durbin today. >> peter alexander thank you so much from the white house. we will come back to you later in the show. the other big battles between president obama and republicans are mostly budget focused. on march 1 one month from this friday sequester cuts kick in. it is $1.2 trillion. those are cuts to military and discretionary spending. paul ryan says don't expect a
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last minute deal or any deal at all. >> i think the sequester is going to happen because that $1.2 trillion in spending cuts we can't lose those. >> joining me now lynn sweet and david who covers the white house for the washington post. good sunday to both of you. let's start with the claim from paul ryan. $1.2 trillion in cuts said to take effect march 1. paul ryan indicating this time there will be no 11th hour deal. >> it is just a bargain position and it is not going to necessarily unfold that way. there are no absolute right now. it is early in yet another chapter of the on going rangles we have been having. so i would put no more into it. it is a prediction and i don't think either side has anything to gain. remember the virginia economy, a
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lot of places very dependent on defense and other industries, neither side will look good if they cannot make an agreement. it is a prediction but one that i don't necessarily think will be true. >> david cuts would have a serious drag on the economy estimates from a half a percent to a full point of gdp. someone is going to get the blame for that if it happens. who do you think blinks first? >> that is a good point. you may recall the pentagon was very concerned about this saying they would have to cut about $100 billion right off the bat. some of the officials went to the white house and said let's make a deal on this. there will be a lot of pressure to do that. republicans agreed to raise the debt ceiling. that took away a little bit of their leverage going into negotiations at the end of february. here comes paul ryan.
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where has he been? he is making this line in the sand now. i think the white house is concerned because this could hurt the economy going forward if we go through these deep cuts and right now the white house is saying we need to keep the economy moving. we have to keep all eyes on that and continue to have growth and jobs. there is concern for the white house. >> ryan took one of his famous charts on "meet the press." you can tell immediately what he thinks the problem is, more spending cuts are needed. paul ryan says increasing revenue is off the table for now. the gop, the tax hikes during the fiscal cliff stuff. do they do it again? >> he was also asked and side stepped whether or not you could close loopholes. it is another way to get revenue. that is what david gregory asked him. he had a nonresponse response to that. there are other ways to get revenue than across the board
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tax hike. we know we just litigated that. i don't think that congressman ryan was very responsive to that line of thinking. people on both sides say there are loopholes that can be closed. >> this is paul ryan talking about what he learned after the 2012 loss. take a listen. >> what do you think the party should learn? >> we had to expand our appeal. we had to expand our appeal to more people and show how we will take the country's founding principles and apply them to offer solutions. >> that sounds like a lot of corporate speak. what is your sense of the gop's efforts so far? >> it's a little bit vague. you mentioned the immigration and that is one area where i think the gop does see a chance for them to sort of move into some sort of leadership role and take advantage of discussions coming up. but i think they are saying we are going to tackle immigration
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reform this time. i think that is where republicans will try to expand. what paul ryan said was very vague and goes against what we heard last week that the republicans had to retreat and talked over lessons learned. some are saying we need to say it better. we have a good message but we need to deliver it better and not change what we believe in. i think it was a battle for control over the republican party. >> we'll have to leave it there for now. chicago sun times lynn sweet. we will see both of you later in the show. folks, we are following a developing story in brazil. more than 230 people have been killed in a night club fire. we will have the latest on that coming up. in egypt smoke and tear gascon to fill the streets there. dozens are dead. we will get a live report from cairo. will we see middle ground between border security and
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this has always been an uphill fight. this has never been easy. this is the hardest of the hard. >> california senator dianne feinstein acknowledging her bill banning assault weapons faces an uphill challenge. joining me is democratic senator richard blumenthal. it is good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you, kraig. >> you just heard what senator feinstein said. what reforms do you think we can
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see enacted? >> an assault weapon ban and a prohibition on high clip capacities is doable. >> you think it is doable? >> i think it is. more likely background checks for all firearms purchases. right now 40% of them involve no background checks. convicted felon, fugitive, drug addict can walk into a store and buy a shopping cart full of ammunition and pay for it no questions asked. and improved background checks so that states report mental illnesses and commitments. >> i am glad you brought that last part up. politico earlier this week writing about the current system of background checks as, quote,
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ineffective. few states are submitting the required records to the federal database. why are these states not submitting these records? is it a question of inadequate resources or a lack of political will? >> my view is that it is a lack of political will more than financial wherewithal. that is why the president's leadership is so important and why congress has to provide more sticks and carrots so that states will do better in reporting all qualifications. it is drug addiction, fugitives, felons, domestic violence abusers, all need to come into this national database so it is more effective. both congress and the administration have a responsibility to require or incentivise the states to do better. >> it is an often cited study conducted. they looked at the correlation
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between background checks and murder rates in states that had background checks being enforced. with the background checks be a kin to a placebo effect. it would make people feel better but not accomplish a great deal? >> my professional life has been spent in law enforcement. i was a prosecutor. worked with the law enforcement community. i am listening to the law enforcement community now, the prosecutors and police who tell me background checks are significant. are they fool proof? absolutely not. they are not perfect but they make a difference. >> ceo of the nra expected to testify this week. what are you going to ask him? >> one question will be about some of the marketing tactics of the gun manufacturers. promoting assault weapons to children is certainly
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problematic rife with risk and fraught with peril, a tragedy waiting to happen. my view is that some of the scrutiny ought to apply to the promotion and marketing tactics moved perhaps not by the gun manufacturers directly. i will be asking also about background checks and why the nra can't support this common sense law enforcement tool to make safer our streets and neighborhoods and prevent the kind of tragedy that happened in newtown. newtown is a call to action. 26 beautiful people, 20 wonderful babies and courageous teachers and educators would be alive today. >> are you where we thought we would be in this country with regards to the public debate that is going on right now since newtown, connecticut?
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>> the public debate on gun violence prevention has always been fraught with controversy. and i am encouraged by many of my colleagues who have been staunch opponents of any measures in the past who say we really need to do something about the guns. and that is the -- >> did you think that by now -- 20 first graders killed, six teachers killed and there was this tremendous mood in this country. a lot of people talked about wanting to do something. and now it seems as if once again the devil's in the details and the political will has subsided. one point to make very clearly is there rights to possess firearms. the second amendment has been reaffirmed to provide for a right to possess firearms.
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on marketing and promotion, gun ownership and responsible shooting and hunting ought to be encouraged and promoted. and nothing i say about promotion or marketing ought to take away from that important point. there is common ground. and i am not surprised that this debate will proceed for a while. i think it has always been an uphill battle and always an educational challenge. i think the nation is ready. more than 90% of american people approve of wider use of background checks, a majority approve of banning assault weapons. there has been a seismic shift, a real change in american public opinion in part arising from newtown which is a call to action and in part because i think americans realize how potentially tragic these horrific massacres can be. >> connecticut senator, the official debate begins this
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week. thank you so mump. do appreciate you. do keep us up to speed on all that happens this week. >> thank you. with more crashes raging into streets of cairo, egypt's president spoke moments ago. we will go live to the egyptian capitol next. also president obama bringing the heat to the white house. he is literally bringing the heat to the white house. we will explain. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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spelling might not be in the senator's wheelhouse. three straight tweets posted around midnight showed spell check would be a good idea. misspelled words including you're. and he butchered whatever. a member of the super bowl bound ravens plans to use the nfl's media day on monday to talk about the importance of legalizing same sex marriage. and if the ravens become super bowl champs he says he will go on the ellen show to talk more about marriage equality and says he will do a little dancing, as well. and lebron and the crew are heading to the white house.
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president obama will be welcoming the heat to the white house tomorrow to celebrate that team's 2012 championship. we flashback to 1998 when the then first lady uttered a phrase that stuck to her like glue ever since. more ahead, plus. the last time senate democrats passed a budget the ipad didn't even exist. >> so how long ago was that? they are everywhere now. coming up the day it all began. you are watching msnbc. [ male announcer ] no matter what city you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ maybe you want to incorporate a business. or protect your family with a will or living trust.
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we are told witnesses say band members lit a flare or a firework and that may have triggered the blaze. more than 100 are still in local hospitals. it is the world's deadliest night club fire in more than a decade. in egypt dozens have been killed in fighting this weekend and egypt's president has declared a 30-day state of emergency. ayman mohyeldin is in cairo with the latest. >> reporter: a short while ago president mohamed morsi addressed the nation. he issued a warning describing the protests as counter revolutionary and are damaging public buildings and threatening the lives of ordinary egyptians. as a result the president has declared a state of emergency and a curfew in three of the largest cities of the country. all three of them on the eastern
3:30 pm
part of egypt. seeing some of the most intense fighting over the past several days. close to 40 people killed at least in the past 48 hours. the president is inviting members of the opposition to come and sit down and try to negotiate a political end to this crisis. for now the opposition block has rejected that. they are calling on more protests and this evening we saw that first hand as we went out to the streets. the police and protesters clashing for a third straight night as the death toll continues to climb. >> ayman mohyeldin for us in cairo. hacker activists from the group anonymous said, quote, a line was crossed when aaron schwarz committed suicide. the hackers say they copied secret information and are threatening to release it. he was facing federal fraud charges for allegedly hacking into m.i.t.'s computer network.
3:31 pm
casey anthony is filing for bankruptcy. court documents show anthony is now $800,000 in debt. she owes most of that money to her defense attorneys. tennis start djokovic won the open today. president obama will outline a major plan in las vegas tuesday, a plan expected to contain a pathway to citizenship to roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants. the plan is also expected to include a nationwide legal verification system, additional visas for highly skilled immigrants and a guest worker program. joining me to talk about it california democratic representative linda sanchez. congress woman, good to see you.
3:32 pm
>> thank you for having me. >> you and other members of the caucus met with the president on friday. what did he say to the group? >> first and foremost the thing that was music to our ears is that comprehensive immigration reform is his top legislative priority. we were in agreement that this needs to happen soon. we need to be rowing in the same direction, so to speak, and that we are hopeful that our republican counter parts will work with us on this long overdue issue. >> senator john mccain said any bill must include a pathway to citizenship. senator bob menendez agreed and he gave four reasons why. >> americans support it in poll after poll. latino voters expect it. the democrats want it and republicans need it. >> is that really what this boils down to?
3:33 pm
>> well i think that the topic of comprehensive immigration reform is one i have worked on for more than ten years in the congress. and it is time. i mean, i just think that for so many reasons for our community and for our economy and our safety and security comprehensive immigration reform must include a pathway to citizenship to bring people out of the shadows. it makes law enforcement more comfortable because they know who is here and who is here to do us harm. it helps with the underground economy. it helps distribute to the tax base. there are so many reasons why any comprehensive immigration bill has to include a pathway to citizenship. >> there are a lot of folks on the right and there are some who aren't on the right who said the pathway should include some penalties, as well. this is marco rubeio writing
3:34 pm
saying we can't round up millions of people and deport them but we also can't fix our groeken immigration system if we provide incentives for people to come here illegally precisely a blanket amnesty. do you support back taxes or fines? >> in the numerous legislative incarnations there have been things like paying back taxes which i feel compelled to state that many immigrants do pay taxes. for those who have not been, certainly, paying back taxes, learning english, other types of requirements, absolutely because citizenship in this country is a privilege. we want to make sure that the right kinds of people are coming here, those that want to work and contribute to their communities and to our economy. so, yes, i am in favor of
3:35 pm
creating what we like to call an earned legalization so it is something that you must earn and i believe that there are -- >> earned legalization. >> there are millions of people who have earned the right to be fully participating citizens in the country. >> congress woman linda sanchez of california. thanks so to you. do appreciate you. >> my pleasure, thanks. >> what can congress agree on? what can republicans agree on when it comes to immigration reform? senator john mccain saying one thing they should be able to agree on is that the 2012 elections were quite the wake up call. >> how do you convince republicans about the path to citizenship? >> look at the last election. we are losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of
3:36 pm
reasons. we have to understand that. >> we are going to come back to that variety of reasons thing. here is the war room. democratic strategist robert trainm. we don't have time to get all of the jobs. robert, let me start with you since you are sitting across from me. republicans say the path to citizenship has to be part of the total package. this is a poll released this past week. it shows that a majority of republican voters back this path to citizenship. is this time different now for republicans or are we starting to see some cracks once the details in the plan come to light. >> this is reality. what senator mccain said is real. let's put this in context. there are a lot of folks in this country through no fault of their own. i will also remind you the last time it was comprehensive
3:37 pm
immigration reform was in 1986. 3 million individuals were granted amnesty. that was done in a bipartisan way. ronald reagan signed it into law. this is a real problem that hasn't been addressed in almost 20 years and i think it is the right thing to do not only for our country but folks here illegally. >> why don't we call it amnesty? that is what it is. why not use the language? >> i think it offends a lot of people that immigrated to this country and stood in line. i think to call it amnesty is not it. i think it is probably a little bit more complicated. >> okay. >> i tried to talk my way out of it. >> i liked what you are trying to do there. some democrats want to make sure that health care exchanges,
3:38 pm
those are open to immigrants as well. that sounds like a pretty tough sell. do you think that is possible? >> well, i guess it depends on the details of the deal. i think when you step back and what is interesting business immigration reform is how much things have changed. the politics is kind of at the moment republicans are facing a demographic reality they can no longer ignore. there is clearly this momentum towards a deal. if you factor in health care and the potential for millions of more people being added to potential health care exchanges or whatever it might be, there is a cost after that. you have to balance that with the fact that the reality is when these folks come out of the shadows they will be paying federal taxes and filing income taxes. this will balance out. it does add a bit of a complicated wrinkle. all of that being said i think you are seeing from all sides of
3:39 pm
the republican party democratic party is there. you are seeing all sides except maybe one of the more far right factions that this has to happen this year. >> george w. bush tried to have this conversation. right wing folks within my party said this is not somethingt that we are interested in having. the politics have changed and the temperature has lowered where we have to have a bipartisan conversation. >> losing elections will do that to you. >> especially when you lose the expanded vote something else struck me unusual. he said, quote, the hispanic vote should be ours for a variety of reasons. what are the reasons? >> we should work for every vote. i think what he is trying to say is from a traditional value standpoint and a faith based standpoint, traditional values republican party pretty much lines up with the hispanic
3:40 pm
culture in terms of gay marriage, in terms of prayer in school and so forth. >> is that how you heard that? >> basically what he was trying to say is as long as we keep hispanics and those folks who care about immigration reform they will be with us on these social issues. here is the reality. the reality is when you look at the bread and butter issues that hispanic families, caucasian families, they look at both parties and see a major distinction. that is a product of the policies that you propose. you propose policies that only benefit the top economic strata. you are not going to create a lot of allegiance. when you look at hispanics these are hard working folks. they are not going to say we want to help the top 1%. they want to do the same calculations is what are you passing to make my family
3:41 pm
better. >> there seems to be a general consensus that something is going to get done on immigration. i want to talk about the political implications of what happens. robert, is this no matter how it looks a win for the white house? is this a win for president obama? does this become next to probably health care reform one of his lasting legacies? >> yes however i think it is a net neutral for both parties at the end of the day. the white house will claim it as they should because they are driving the conversation. republicans are also going to claim credit as they should because they are going to say we got this through the house and senate. >> i guess we could aargue that if republicans and democrats aren't talking about impgration reform in a year that is a win for the gop, as well. >> i love talking about politics as much as the next guy. on this issue this is a win for the country.
3:42 pm
you cannot have 13 million people in the shadows and think that is good for the future of the country. too many young people worried about the future. that is not the way a country needs to be run. in terms of the political consequences or the benefits, both sides i think can make the argument that they benefit. at the end of the day the country will benefit from this. >> good to see both of you. thanks so much. >> thank you. the day after his infamous fingerer wagging news conference the first lady came on the today show to defend the president it was then we heard what was behind the clinton sex scandal. a new wide ranging interview out today. a closer look at that straight ahead. msnbc, the place for politics and coming together. [ dad ] find it?
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that's what it looks like. very thin. >> today's flashback. it was just three years ago today that the world was first introduced to the ipad. the late steve jobs presented the first version of that tablet which has been revised three times. more than 100 million ipads have been sold world wide. this past week apple lost its title as the world's most valuable company to exon mobile. it lost 30% of its val since september. on this day in 1998 on the day of her husband's state of the union address first lady hillary clinton came on the today show. the interview was made all the more interesting given the day
3:47 pm
before president clinton made that infamous finger waving denial then mrs. clinton made this comment about the scandal. >> but i do believe that this is a battle. i mean, look at the very people who are involved in this. they have popped up in other settings. the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right wing conspiracy conspiring against my husband since the announced his run for president. a few journalists have caught on to it and explained it. actually, in a bizarre sort of way this may do it. >> and it did. vast right wing conspiracy became part of the lex con. conservatives latched on to the comments. the ken star investigation which
3:48 pm
was the topic of conversation continued for another year and a half and ended up costing taxpayers about $70 million. >> hello. how are you all? coming up what the former first lady and soon to be former secretary of state has her eyes set on next. this is msnbc. d i quit smoking . when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away
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as i said, there's the over-the-edge crowd. there are people who do not believe in government. they are anti-government ideal logs. if you don't believe in government you won't vote for most things that come up, and they haven't. >> nancy pelosi is not the only democrat pointing the finger as the far right republicans as the source of hostility. president obama says in a lengthy interview given to "the new republic," dell evers into a bunch of topics, national and
3:52 pm
internationally, but he does not see d.c. becoming less hostile to the republicans. one of the biggest names of the 2012 race saying today it's not republicans who are the problem. it's the president himself. >> i decided to not comment between the election and the inauguration because i wanted to see what kind of president we were looking at here, what kind of path and trajectory he was putting his administration on, and all of the statements and all of the comments lead me to believe that he's thinking more of a political conquest than political compromise. >> back with us now, "chicago sun-times" lynn sweet and the "the washington post's" david nakamura. david, the president says in this "new republic" article he doesn't see a light at the end of the tunnel until republicans finish the self-examination that they are currently undergoing. is that just a nicer way of saying that he doesn't expect tempers to cool while he's in the white house? >> i think so. he said even before this, that you know, whenever the president himself put forward legislation, the president's words are
3:53 pm
republicans just don't want to support it because barack obama, you know, put it out there, and even on things that the president says that they have supported in the past, and this will be an interesting test with immigration, if he goes out very strong on that, whether republicans would be concerned he'd get the credit. i think there is an important point in the white house from some of the moves the president has made to sound himself with some of the key loyalists for the second term, chief of staff and other high-profile positions, it looks like the white house has tried sort of reaching across the aisle they think in the first term, didn't go well. republicans don't think they did enough, frankly that he's willing to compromise enough, and i think the white house is now saying we're going to double down on our strategy you saw during the election cycle, rally the public and sort of demand change that way and, you know, compromise with us or try to beat you, you know, with public opinion. >> lynn sweet, i want to turn our attention now to the gun control debate in this country. of course this, week we just talked to senator blumenthal a few minutes ago on the snow, the senate hearings will start. i want to put up a quote from
3:54 pm
the same article, the "new republic" article president obama talking about guns. he says the democrats, not just here in the white house, but i would say in congress also have shown themselves consistent. this is not actually the quote that i was talking about. but he talks in the "new republic," quote, about guns, try to get that up here in a second. essentially it sounds as if the president and senator blumenthal as well, they are start of sorting to change their tone on guns and speak to red state america as well. what do you make of the strategy shifts, lynn? >> well, i think on immigration and gun, craig, they are trying to have outside pressure influence the inside, whether or not it's a reluctant democrat up for re-election in 2014 and does not want troublesome gun votes on his or her record. the obama campaign organization just last week just transformed itself into a permanent non-profit.
3:55 pm
that is where the obama camp team thinks they are going to get some of their strength in congress is by pressuring members through this new non-profit that they have created, and that's something to watch to see how that develops and the millions of dollars it will be raising because i think in the end that's how obama's going to real the bully pulpit and try to force change in congress. >> i mean, is he going to use the organization to buy tv ads or use the organization to organize phone banks? what's this organization going -- >> it will be a permanent campaign. it will be down to the precinct level. it will be modelled very much as a campaign where it will be customized. that's why they are putting a lot of faith in the kind of district by district customize. tv ads, maybe not, very expensive. but they are going to have this outside-in pressure. maybe they will do it on some reluctant democrats when it comes to gun control. that will be a tougher one to take. i think that obama in a sense has given up on traditional
3:56 pm
negotiations in some ways with getting democrats to reach -- republicans to reach compromise. they are hoping this pressure tool helps bring them to the table. >> david, president obama says in the interview that he goes skeet shooting at camp david as well from time to time. he also says this. he says, quote, part of being able to move this forward is understanding the reality of guns in urban areas are very different from the realities of guns in rural areas, and if you grew up and your dad gave you a hunting rifle when you were 10 and you went out and you spent the day with him and your uncles and that became part of your family's traditions, can you see why you'd be pretty protective of that. the president seems to be trying to impress the idea upon hunters that he understands them. is that an argument that the president is going to make with any modicum of success? >> go back and remember his 2008 words at a private fund raise their got him in trouble that red state voters sometimes cling to guns and religion that. still follows him around. we haven't seen any photos by the white house photographer
3:57 pm
from these skeet shooting sessions, you know. i was there at camp david with the president last summer when he had angela merkel. >> was there any skeet shooting? >> the president sometimes plays golf and basketball with the guys. it was a remarkable soft of line in this interview and people kind of raised their eyebrows, never seen it, and i'd like to know about the president's ability on the skeet shooting range. >> it would be a remarkable photo to see. >> it would if we could get it. got to go, guys. thank you. appreciate it. >> still to come, the secretary of state on her way out but do not expect her to fade away. we will talk to one of her former top advisers about what's next for her and the gop slamming the president for what he laid out at the inauguration. how much did he play to the left wing? this is msnbc, the place for politics. )p0á)uog5u,qcf;ub"h.ab
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