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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 15, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we're following the gun control fight. we've got live pictures for you, the senate floor where majority leader harry reid is expected to speak any minute and we may hear remarks from pat toomey and joe manchin who are on the floor talking to colleagues. even taking questions, according to our reporters there and working to secure the need background check. just within the last 48 hours, senators who were undecided on how they would vote have been standing their ground, if you will, this morning. north carolina kay haguan, a red state democrat who had been on the fence said they will be a yes. saying, as a mother, there is nothing more important to me than protecting our children.
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but republican senator lindsey graham came out as a no saying it is not a solution to illegal gun violence. instead of expanding a broken back ground check system, let's fix it. and susan collins became the latest to back the bill and heidi is now refuting a new york time story that claims she will be a no. saying that she is right now undecided. that leaves seven senators, four democrats and three republicans who are still on the fence. and by the latest nbc count, it is six votes shy of passage to come today or tomorrow or wednesday. the vote is expected to be so tight that senator frank lautenerg who is 89 and has been away from washington due to illness has just confirm that he will return to the capitol to cast his vote. kelly, take a deep breath. a lot is going on. you've been doing an incredible job keeping us up to date. as we see most important today,
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toomey and manchin taking questions and talking with their colleagues. >> they have so much on the line. their name are anonymous with this bill and they have their reputations. both have an nra rating at the highest level and both are trying to convince those undecided colleagues that what they've put together is a reasonable compromise. they really believe in talking with both senators, as their colleagues look at the details, they'll find some reassurance that what they're doing would not impinge on second amendment rights and would make some positive steps forward, knowing that not any type of legislation could prevent all violence but this could do some positive things. with respect to the new jersey democrat frank lautenberg, he hopes to be back. it is a very positive sign since we have seen him missing a number of votes due to illness. if he is back, that helps democrats. why is that so critical? in addition to his long personal history for greater control on
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guns and gun safety, they need his vote. they need that number to get to 60. with just a handful out. i think it would be interesting to watch two republicans from arizona. you've got john mccain who his senior aide said he is confident mccain's vote will be a yes. and we're still waiting on jeff flake. as he close personal friend of gabby giffords. they represent a state that went through the trauma of tucson. so they come at this with both the personal experience that their state has gone through and the red state experience. so they will be important to watch as this unfolds. >> i'm curious, kelly. what kind of behind the scenes details can you give us regarding the reaction to the mother of one of the children whose life was taken down in that massacre, giving the president's weekend address? >> well, i have been very struck by of all the kinds of individuals who have deeply personal cause who's come to the senate or come to capitol hill
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to try to make their voices heard, and on different subjects it happens quite often. the senators i talk to really expressed a deep sense of connection to the families. a sense of wanting to do something in addition to listening to then, but those who, especially democrats, want to take action. republicans, even those who will not vote for this describe the importance of being able to listen. highly unusual for any public citizen to do the weekly national address. it was a real sign of how deeply invested the president is in trying to get this through. >> thank you very much with the latest. joining me now, democratic congressman from california, thank you so much for joining me, sir. >> you bet. >> as our first read team has pointed out. we know a lot is going on behind the scenes. there is a fear of the so-called poison pill amendment that's could have a big effect on the manchin/toomey compromise. the next obstacle is pointed out by our team and we know this very well. the house of representatives. as we've seen in the past with the fiscal cliff deal and
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hurricane sandy relief, the house is willing to bring legislation to the floor that is not supported by a majority of the majority. if it is garnered, 70 or more votes in the senate, and right how that the manchin/toomey measure is not close to getting that. so right now the house and those republicans, your colleagues there, what are you hearing behind the scenes if in fact we get past the senate here? >> well, i don't think there is a magic number like 70 that the house representatives looked at. i think what the speaker will consider in violating that so-called lastert rule is whether the political pressure is so great that would be so damaging or the them to bottle the bill up in the house. thats the ultimate question for the speaker. he wants to keep his job and can't depart from that rule very often. but here, 90% of the american people want universal background checks. 90% of the american people would support something stronger than manchin/toomey.
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i think it would be a disaster for the republicans to keep this up, keep this from getting a vote or try to add poison pills and kill it. if the congress denied states can't pass something that enjoys that kind of super majority support, that powerful and motive and issue around the country it will be devastating for the house leadership. >> you don't believe there is a threshold point that would apply pressure to speaker boehner here. the notion of 64 votes or the 70 number that was brought there. that would bring some kind of pressure to the speaker of the house. >> i think it reflects what the popular will is is it a good barometer of what the speaker will do. even if it a very close vote in the senate, the american people are squarely behind this. i think the emotion you heard from that newtown mother, if that can't move you, you must be made out of stone. >> let me bring to you someone within your own party.
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heidi heitkamp. assess saying she is an undecided. we're not talking about just republicans here. we're seeing some democrats as well. >> that's true. there are some democrats from some of these very strong gun rights states that are having a hard time with this and they're going to have to come around. and i think most of them will come around. we are very close to getting the vote necessary on the senate. i think when you get that close, there is a certain longic of its own that takes over and a certain momentum and no one wants to walk away from a deal that close to passage. i think those votes at the end will flip our way and i hope frankly we can achieve much more than what we see in manchin toomey. i want to see us with an assault weapons ban, a ban on extended clips, i want to see with us a much better public health system. those issues won't go away either. >> thank you for your time. i appreciate it. let me bring in our political panel. radio talk show host, michael
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smerconish, now heard exclusively, he is back with us after a bit of a break and also an msnbc contributor. also chief of staff for joe manchester younger. he is quite passionate about this, he is answering questions right now. for example, heidi heitkamp, what is he saying to her? she is disputing the new york times report that says she is a no. she is undecided. what does he say to get her in the yes column? >> i think a couple things. first, read the details of the bill. and not to be glib, that is to allay some of these concerns. when you're talking about penalizing individuals that set up a registry. why is that important? one of the fears the opponents of universal background checks say this is the opening window to a national gun registry that would be used to take away guns.
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not only is that not true. this bill would actually make that impossible. it would make it illegal. so that's one thing. the other thing he talked about is the politics. west virginia is a very, you know, red state if you will. and he has won there consistently because of how he talks about issues and like guns, i think you've seen this very clearly. he is able to communicate in a very effective way. i think he is talking to her and making it clear, this is an issue. we're talking about criminal back ground checks. we're about mental background checks. strengthening that process. this is something, legitimate, law-abiding gun owners want. by strengthening, getting rid of these loopholes, strengthening these laws, you strengthen the amendment. >> let me play a bit of this. it was to talk about immigration reform but he took a few questions on this gun control legislation. i'm going to play what senator
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rubio said and what joe scarborough said this morning on his program in reaction. let me play both back to back. >> the reason why we are doing this, we are spending all of our time talking about background checks as if somehow criminals will no longer get guns because they have to underago background check. we're lying to people. that isn't true. we have a violence problem in america. guns are what people are using but violence is the problem and no one is having a debate about the violence problem. >> people like marco rubio who think they're playing, they're playing to 7%. i fear for them politically. it seems like the thing to do, he'd better be hopping straight to a presidential race and primaries in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. i tell you what. that position, 94% of people in florida. 94% of people in florida support background checks. >> let me start with you. playing to the 7%. that's how joe scarborough is describing marco rubio and others who had spoken similar
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comments regarding this legislation. >> i agree with joe. i think that senator rubio's comments play to a very narrow casting of the gop base. i look at pat toomey who is a senator from my home state and many are debating, what are the politics for this for him. i think it is all gainful i think his comments will play very, very well with swing voters, middle of the road people who will determine whether he gets reelected. there's a disconnect on an issue like this between that hardened base and where the rest of the country is. and the reality, final thought, is that it is not even that strong of a measure. person to person transfers are exempt from this which i think is a tremendous mistake. >> let me bring you in. all politics local. you heard, what was he risking? many believe he has bettered his chances. marco rubio, lindsey graham as well. what is the motivation to play to the 7% if joe is right,
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you're in jeopardy in your own backyard as he predicts is the case with marco rubio in florida. >> at lot of politics surrounding this issue, most of it has to do with republicans facing challenges in the primary. that's the first hurdle they have to overcome. you're seeing it with lindsey graham in surl. with other democratics, moderates who have to worry about their primaries, actually and then when they get to the general election. for republicans in particular, it is about worrying about their primary and protecting their right flank where they have to worry if they do support a gun control measure. that is where they're going to approve vulnerable. if they can't get past that first step, they won't get to the general election. so perhaps more so than the nra, the republican primary that is driving a lot of the politics. with districts drawn the way they are now, in washington, there are far more members who are worried about primaries than
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they ever are about their general election. >> we've talked a lot about the newtown families and for example, mayor bloomberg and his organization and others like it, lobbying hard. we're starting to see the first ads and the first pushback from gun rights advocates had a want to put pressure as you pointed out, i want to play in anti-susan collins ad up now. >> susan collins doesn't sound like a mainer or a republican. call and tell her to oppose the gun control and to support the filibuster. >> first, obama's gun control. it sounds similar to obamacare. meanwhile it is the manchin/toomey. there we know what the individual ad is going after. here again we're seeing and hearing a lot from those who want to see gun safety regulations. it is not to be believed it is simfully nra that will put pressure on some of these lawmakers. >> but you know, the reality is that the brady group, the group
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name for secretary james brady, gave president obama an f during the course of his first term in office. and but for this spate of shooting incidents, i suspect we wouldn't be having this conversation. and this administration would not have taken the initiative. so to assert that all of a sudden, it is obama coming for your gun reminds me of radio talk show hosts in the first term saying there was going to be a ban on ammunition. and all of a sudden they caused a run on weapons as well as ammo. there is so much fiction being spread out there. i'll be kind with the word choice. but it play indicates the base. that answers your first question of joe and the 7%. the 7% believe that sort of a commercial. >> and quickly, at the bottom of the skraen, we say chances are. we don't know which way this will go. you have for example, john mccain saying he kneads to read the amendment. he needs to soak it all in. he gives them credit for at least trying here. what are the chances here right
2:15 pm
now tomorrow, what we'll see. >> they're much better in the senate at this step. still a long shot. senator schumer said yesterday, he has to work on democrats. he kneads to lock up the senators. you're seeing it with kay hagan. the house, an extremely long shot that it will get through to the president's desk we've missed you. >> coming up -- >> if they're not prepared to put the pressure on the north and they have the greatest ability to have an impact on the north, then this can become more destabilizing. >> still ahead, secretary of state john kerry pushing for china to do more to defuse the tensions in north korea. also, a possible break in the search for who murdered two
2:16 pm
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this is the day many thought north korea might testfire a missile to mark one of the most important holidays. instead these we've the massive celebrations of its founder, kim
2:20 pm
illsung. meantime, secretary of state john kerry who just visited the region told our own andrea mitchell, the door is open for direct talks if kim jong-un ends his fiery rhetoric. >> i think there's been so much intensity to the missiles and the confrontation that sometime, the message gets lost. i think it never hurts to reinforce a nation is prepared under the right circumstances when conditions are met to have an appropriate negotiation. >> the reporter is watching from tokyo. so now there's the latest report that north korea is planning to test fire not one but multiple missiles. what else can you tell us? >> well, we know that despite the significance of today, the symbolic experience today, passing without that test firing taking place, japanese and south korean officials say the militaries remain in posture, if
2:21 pm
you will. they're monitoring the situation closely. the south korean defense minister said his country is conducting surveillance to make sure that the missiles that have been positioned in the eastern part of north korea are not fired. despite the cooling down of the rhetoric, the rejection by north korea to participate in any direct talks, either with south korea or the united states for the time being suggests this situation is still far from over. despite the fact that the u.s. secretary of state john kerry said there is an offer on the table, there are preconditions for those talks to take place. that is, north korea must abide by the agreements to abandon its nuclear program. not something they have hint at accepting. the problem from the perspective of the american, south korean and the japanese really have to do with china. they need china to implement the previous agreements, and more importantly, to put pressure on north korea to come back to the
2:22 pm
negotiating table under the preconditions set out by the united states. >> thank you very much. now let me bring in former state department spokesman, p.j. crowley. thank you for your time. >> hello. >> john mccain and others have said we're looking at a vicious cycle. that they have fallen prey. to you have a confrontation, negotiation aide. the request for north korea to abandon its nuclear aspirations and then we live this all over again. what do you make of john mccain and others saying that? >> he is right. it is groundhog day with respect to north korea. we have gone through this before. i think john kerry did what he needed to do during his trip to the reasoning. but this is clearly a long term challenge. and what will be pivotal is to find out whether north korea further escalates through these missile launches or steps back from the brink, at least leaves the door open to some other
2:23 pm
steps. >> you heard also, john kerry. secretary kerry talk about china and the meetings happening behind the scenes. but was he using too ginger or too tender of a touch with china knowing the significance, when he was with an dree, a he said he won't talk about it specifically but there are many that china could pursue at this point as opposed to sitting and waiting. >> i don't think china has been sitting and waiting. they put out right before john kerry arrived, a pretty stern mention from a chinese standpoint. and that was reinforced during john kerry's various meetings in beijing. one significant question will be, at some point does kim jong-un receive a high level delegation in pyongyang to have the kind of frank conversation face to face that you would like to see. he has kept the chinese, the new
2:24 pm
chinese leadership at arm's length so far. so i'm sure that confidence that baing is saying the right things, but obviously the one thing they won't do is put so much pressure on north korea that it perhaps risks a collapse of that regime. >> here we are, the north koreans are another occasion. the world waits to see what action it takes. if anything, what is interesting is that kim jong-un has not been seen in public for a couple weeks, and at least according to analysts, this is another sign of posturing. as if he is behind the scenes working with the military and that's why he is not out in public. so much of this is kabuki theater for this young leader but a great price can be paid here. >> sure. and they have fashioned kim jong-un in the image and likeness of his grandfather. so we will have to see. a lot of this rhetoric may be
2:25 pm
for internal consumption leading up to this 101st birthday celebration. now let's see what happens in the aftermath. once the parades are dispersed, does he walk back or further escalate. that will tell us a lot about where we're going with this. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate that. we continue to follow investigation news on the senate floor. a lot of action is happening with regard to gun control. as we lead up to the vote, the bill is still short several votes to reach a 60-vote majority. but there is also a big focus on immigration. as the gang of eight prepares to roll out reform. we'll get you caught up on all the things you need to know. plus, can human genes be patented? it is a heck of a question. it is a question the supreme court is now considering. what they decide could change the way research is done on diseases like breast cancer and many others that could impact you. for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh...
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nbc news says immigration hearings set for wednesday will move to friday and into next week, giving more time for a bill to be finalized and rolled out. meanwhile, there are questions over how effective senator marco rubio was in convincing conservatives to sign on to the immigration bill. he appeared on a record seven sunday talk shows making it clear he is all in. >> we have a legal immigration system that does not work. it needs to be modernized and our agreement will do that. it will mott earnize it in a way that it is merit based and joks base asked less based on whether you know somebody who lives here. >> but they said there is not an exit ramp for him anymore. and remember, he is not charged with getting it passed. he is charged with getting a big number by lobbying and giving cover for conservatives because that's the key to unlocking the
2:30 pm
house. joining me now, senator political editor mark murray. thank you for your time. i want to play first jeff sessions on "meet the press." he is not convinced about this immigration bill. let's take a listen. >> i'm not convinced. i know senator rubio's heart is exactly right and i really respect the work of the gang of 8. but they have produced a legislation that will give amnesty now. legalize everyone that is here effectively today. >> in addition to that objection, mark, senator sessions rattled off some of the things we've heard in the past. that the american workers will be hurt. the economy will suffer even more when 11 million plus people as he says, will be given amnesty here. so was marco rubio effective or not? >> well, it still remains to be seen. so far he has been effective. one of the biggest reasons is the word that senator sessions just mentioned in that clip, amnesty. in a way that dominated and the
2:31 pm
political debate in 2006 and 2007. it was part of the conservative resistance to comprehensive immigration reform. this time around you've seen marco rubio saying this is not amnesty at all. that comprehensive immigration reform would give a pathway to citizenship only if people pay fines, pay back taxes, do other things. the argument is that is not amnesty. you've seen marco rubio make this argument tole many conservative outlets in the media as well as to his colleagues. that is something that was missing during the past immigration fights in 2006 and 2007. >> to your point, let me play you what he said. in reaction to those who say this is amnesty. let's play it. >> amnesty is the forgiveness of something. in fact there will be consequences for having violated the law. amnesty is the forgiveness of something. amnesty is anything that says do it illegally, it will be cheaper and easier. i would argue the existing law
2:32 pm
is more lenient. going back and waiting ten years will be cheaper and faster than going through this process that we are outlining. >> so looking at him the day after, his passion, his choice of words. all back up with you and the first read team point pougt some have perhaps doubted in the past wlor he is all in but we saw a senator all in on this issue. >> right. this was somebody who clearly wants this to get done. he is not trying to be convenient and then back away later on. one of the things that is very important is marco rubio's credibility. we heard lindsey graham, john mccain make the same argument that's marco rubio did on the sunday shows. this isn't amnesty. people to have pay back fines, et cetera. but rubio has the credibility. conservatives are listening and they sometime tune out john mccain and lindsey graham despite their stature in the republican party. >> they are listening but many are wondering if this is all about a presidential run. which senator rubio was asked
2:33 pm
about as well. let me play a little of what was said. >> i haven't even thought about it in that way. you talk about the political kool us. >> you are clearly at least considering running for president in 2016. isn't this -- >> says who? >> pardon? >> so he may get an "a" for being all in. that answer there, to some certainly did not appear sincere. >> as someone who covers politics for a living, everything these senators, serving political. >> that's not what marco rubio just said. >> it's not but it's what goes on. one thing worth noting that marco rubio and other people supporting immigration realize, they need to do this to change the poly.
2:34 pm
they can't continue to lose the latino vote by giving it to the democrats some 70%. that needs to be done. the reason the stars are aligning for immigration reform, it seems to be in the budget party's interests. >> quickly, the timetable moving back, you have at least one article saying if republicans look over this bill and they stand in the way for one reason or another, they could be looking at the threat of the president in an executive order and moving past them. >> that's the rhetoric we've been hearing. this will play out over the months ahead. right now it does seem many parts in the republican party want to get this done. they seem to be all in. usually that's a recipe. we won't get to see it for a while. >> thank you very much. i'll see you tomorrow. >> to the supreme court. this is a question. can a company own a patent on the genes in the human body? the u.s. supreme court heard a case today that will determine the future of genetic testing in
2:35 pm
this country. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is outside the high court. this surrounds a party based in utah, myriad genetics. tell us about this case. >> reporter: they have a pat owned a gene used to test for the likelihood that a person will get either breast or ovarian cancer. the question is, can they patent the gene itself? and it would appear from today's argument, that the supreme court is prepared to say no. now, myriad has said, if the supreme court rules against and it several other companies are lining up against it, would it make it much harder to attract investment. finding these genes and discovering the tests and cures is very expensive. the court seemed worry that you could patent something that is basically not the work of man. it is the work of nature. there is a dispute about whether you isolate the gene, the majority of the justices didn't seem to think it is new enough to warrant a patent. it would be pun thing they said,
2:36 pm
if you found a plant in the amazon that had a chemical that could cure cancer. you might be able to get a patent on the resulting drug but you can't patent the tree. there were lots of these analogies. like if you develop a new kind of chocolate chip cookie, you could get a patent on sugar, flour and salt. so based on what the supreme court justices said today, it appears that myriad will not prevail on the broad claim that you can patent human genes. and this is a case with implications far beyond this test for breast cancer which has been used for over a million women. it will be about the future of bioengineering, genetics, you name it. >> thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. coming up, the top hedge fund managers raked in billions of dollars. you might be surprised at how many. you probably won't be how much many pay to taxes. senior correspondent lisa myers
2:37 pm
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risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit they earned more than $1 billion last year. by their standards, that's only a pretty good year. today even for the small investor, wall street is at record levels. the man at the top of the institutional investors' rich list, david tepper pulled in an
2:41 pm
extra $2.2 billion by going all in last year. >> first off, before you start -- >> oh! >> just a couple things. we were up 30%. >> that's almost twice as much as the stock market rose overall. >> he was convinced there was great opportunity in u.s. equities. he made a lot of money on it. >> he has long been known as a millionaire with middle class sensibilities. not long ago, he bought this $44 million home in the hamptons. tore it down and spent untold millions building a new one. at number two, raymond dalio who earned an estimated $1.7 billion. number three, steve cohen. $1.4 billion. >> since he started sack, he has returned 30% a year on average after fees. it is remarkable will. >> his investors earned half that return last year when a criminal investigation swirled around the man many considered
2:42 pm
the smartest trade order wall street. he denied wrongdoing and has never been charged with anything. the legal problems don't appear to have impacted his wallet. he paid $150 for this picasso last year and another $60 million recently for this ocean front home. the fourth man to pull in more than $1 billion, james simons, $1.1 billion. he has now been on this list a dozen years, bringing home more than $18 billion. now, since it's tax day we should note these billions are taxed at a lower rate than most americans pay on their salaries. none of the managers would comment to us but a spokesman points out that all of them do give a ton of money to charity. >> thank you, lisa, greatly appreciate it. developing now, a huge sell-off on wall street. the dow is down 175 points. on top of that, the price of gold headed for its biggest one day loss in 30 years.
2:43 pm
joining us now, more on what's happening. it was just not too long ago if you turn on the radio or television, all these commercials about your money and gold and what is behind this drop right now. >> gold has been up 12 years in a row. this year it has really been facing head winds of stocks have done a lot better. gold falling more than $100 an ounce. nearly 10%. part of the reason today is because of some really disappointing data coming out of china. normally, investors look at gold as a hedge against inflation when they think things will go out of control. we got news from china that the first quarter growth was less than expected at 7.7%. that sounds like a lot but the expectations were for more than 8%. so as gold today declining, china is one of the biggest second largest buyers of goal in the world. so the slowdown there is seen as negative for gold. a lot of investors have been moving out of gold into stocks
2:44 pm
following david tepper's move saying gold is the place to be. that's part of why we've seen the dow and s&p 500 at record highs. today some folks are taking a bit of profit off the table. >> live for us. good to see you. coming up. swatting of have you heard about this? a person called 911 to report a crime. mostly this is happening to celebrities. the problem is it is costing the state of california tens of thousands of dollars. draining valuable resources and some analysts say it is even putting the lives of police officers in danger. we'll take a look at this disturbing trend. a new detail on what police are doing to combat it. apital one vd to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act.
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celebrities are typically the victim. it promise a massive police response usually involving s.w.a.t. team. that means thousands of dollars. ryan seacrest, for example, one of the latest victim of the swatting trend. the california state senate has now approved a bill that would make those convicted of swatting pay the cost of the police response. joining me now, ian lovette who wrote about it. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> so people will hear this and they think, okay, how is it that you can't trace a 911 prank call. these people are using high-tech technology, hacking into computer systems to pull all this off. >> that's right. police say, they think it is mostly a network of hackers. many of whom are teenagers or even younger and they hack into other people's accounts or make the calls or they use relay systems design for people with hearing disabilities so the call comes into the police dispatchers like a text.
2:49 pm
and they act as though they're inside the home describing people shooting and victims screaming. then when the police respond and they get there, they find nobody is there except maybe a gardener or a maid taking out the guard bang. >> and it creates an emergency, a kidnapping, life in danger, so this is costing tens of thousands of dollars but it is also putting the lives of officers in danger who are rushing to the scene where they believe there is someone whose life is in danger or being held hostage. >> yes. so legally, the police have to respond code three to these calls which means with lights and sirens. in a city like l.a. where there is so much traffic and busy intersections, that's dangerous, first off getting to the locations as they're going through intersections and things like that. also once they arrive it is dangerous. both for police and people who might live there. they're coming over the gates potentially with guns drawn. some celebrities might have
2:50 pm
private security. and nothing, no one has been injured yet. but people on both sides of this are worried that something could happen if this trend continues. >> to your point, some of these suspects are very young. last month you say a 12-year-old boy confessed to making call that drew authorities to ashton kutcher's home and to justin bieber's home. he is now serving two years in juvenile detention and there is some push to make the penalty even more severe for people who do this. >> that's right. there are bills both in the california state legislature and they're considering one in los angeles city hall as well that would make the people who make these calls responsible for paying the cost of the police response. if there is an actual s.w.a.t. team, can be up to $10,000. since a lot of them are minors like this 12-year-old boy, part of the bill in the state legislature would require the parents to pay that cost if it was a minor. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. pretty disturbing that people go to this length.
2:51 pm
it is amazing how much it also costs. we know the police departments are cash strapped already in many cases. thank you for your time. greatly appreciate it. coming up, more terrible weather set to sweep across the country. in fact, forecasters say it could be a repeat of the severe storms we saw last week that included tornadoes and snow. plus, the ann frank holocaust museum now defending justin bieber's note that he wrote in a message book. he says that anne frank would have been a believer. what do you think? man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. [ babies crying ] surprise --
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welcome back. a major spring snowstorm is stopping the search for a man buried in an avalanche. the snow swept a washington state man and miss two friends nearly 1,200 feet down the mountain. it was the first of two weekend
2:55 pm
avalanches. there week's storm will dump snow from the west coast to the great lakes, including bismarck, north dakota. the people found their cars buried in the city's all time record of 17.3 inches. the latest system will dump most of the snow in southern wyoming. the worst ars could get fairly two feet of snow. time for the gut check. justin bieber facing criticism for what he wrote in the anne frank museum in amsterdam. he was there over the week and wrote, truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a belieber. reaction on the facebook page was quick. one person wrote, glad he went but the last sentence is very self-serving. he missed the lesson completely. how does he manage to think about his own fame and success in such a place of tragedy and
2:56 pm
injustice. while the museum supported him saying the most important thing is that he was inspired by the visit. so do you think critics are being too hard or not hard enough on justin bieber for his comments on anne frank? cast that vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." we'll be back for you tomorrow. meanwhile, "the cycle" is up next. i'm with clemmie, who is looking to save to help make ends meet. what if you could save over $500 bucks a year by changing one small thing? yeah, let's do it! let's do it. the average fast food breakfast can run you over $4 a meal per person. i know. walmart has a ton of breakfast options. a meal like this costs about $1.64 per serving. if you replace just one fast food breakfast each week with a breakfast like this from walmart, your family of four can save over $500 bucks a year. wow, that's amazing! and i could cook for you. [ male announcer ] save money on a delicious breakfast with kraft american singles and oscar mayer fully cooked bacon with our low price guarantee. walmart.
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the tide is turning. we'll learn about the bipartisan plan for immigration reform. a major change for the republican party whose plan included self-deportation. >> so let's try that again. all right. i'm krystal ball and i've got some sports stuff to


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