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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 19, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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right now in "news nation" crews not in control. house republica outraged as senator ted cruz calls for them to stand up to the white house over obamacare. house speaker john boehner telling republican senators the past few hours to, "pick up the mantel." in a bold, new interview, pope francis says the catholic church is obsessed with abostian, contraception and gay marriage. he says the church needs to refocus. we'll look at this. plus a former nfl player finds out via twitter that his home is trashed by teenagers. now he says angry parents are threatening him for calling those kids out, online. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following the house vote in the next few hours on a republican-led bill cutting food stamps to millions of struggling american es. the proposal would leave an estimated 3.8 million people without assistance next year. another 850,000 will see a reduction in benefits.
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that is according to the independent congressional budget office. the bill would also cut off aid after months between the age of the 18 and 50 if they cannot find work or enroll in a job placement program. new census numbers out yesterday show more americans are using and needing food stamps. in fact, 13.6% of households get food stamps. that is up from 8.6% of the highest of the recession in 2008. democrats say the bill targets america's neediest. >> smoker take notice. all of the food banks, all around the nation, should be bombarding this house today. all of the fake leaders should be immediately rising up and dialing in for this is a devastating food fight. >> this bill is immoral. it is wrong to take food from the mouths of hungry people. >> but house republicans say the cuts are needed, because the
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program is too large. >> republicans aren't trying to take food out of babies' mouths or make our seniors go hungry. don't believe the scare tactics from my colleagues who oppose the bill. this is a common sense reform that cuts waste, fraud and abuse leaving more money for the americans who truly need help in time of need. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us five lew knlive. what former senators bob dole and tom daschle said in this op-ed in the "l.a. times" on monday. if the headlines would stop playing politics with hung the latest proposal is an pab face on progress fighting hunger. if congress let's this bill fall victims to the ms. guided and detrimental politics we face today, those with the challenge of hunger will are severe. bob dole, republican, and some republicans saying that's a scare tactic? >> reporter: and there are
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republicans who come from parts of the country where unemployment is highest, that are also concerned about the real world impact of something like this. the likely snare dwlcenario tha playous, the house has the stroevotes to pass this. a steep cut. trying to reduce funding for this program. not many places in the budget where they're able to try and take the knife to spending, and this is one on their minds for quite some time. on the senator side, controlled by democrats, they agree that there can be some changes, and some cuts to the program, but at a much lower level. so the likely scenario would be, should this pass the house as expected, then you begin what's known as the conference. where the two sides of the capitol work together, and you might find an amount somewhere in the middle or perhaps closer to what democrats are looking for. this is normally tied to the farm bill, and so another interesting and different tactic here is that house republicans
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are taking that out of all the kinds of programs that fund the farm industry for a five-year period. that deadline is coming, too. and this is one of those approaches that democrats are very united in opposing and even those who agree there could be some changes some adjustments, they are holding firm. especially on the house side, to oppose this, but republicans do have the vote. then it goes to that next step of what would really happen before a bill would ever reach the president for his signature? you saw in that clip, s.n.a.p. it's getting a lot of attention with the census showing poverty at an alarming rate, and everyone's real life understanding that the economy is still struggling and food stamps is one of the ways people are able to get help and republicans are trying to target able-bodied adults saying families and those who have difficulty getting employment
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would still have more protection, but it is controversy to be sure. >> my next question, we'll talk about ted it cruz and obamacare later in the show, but you have those republicans saying, stwhas they're hearing from constituents. they want to see obamacare repealed. who is tells them they want to see the cuts in the food stamp program and specifically highlighting republicans, because we have a map, show it later as well, kelly, where in the south especially you see the numbers of upticking in those who need food stamps and we know that is the stronghold for many republicans in southern states. they stay red and they stay loyal, but they also, apparently, stay in need of these food stamp assistance programs. >> reporter: it's what makes it politically so difficult. because food stamps is a program everybody can understand. there are so many issues that get complicated on capitol hill. providing assistants to be able to buy your groceries is something that cuts through all of that. those who support it say the government has to cut somewhere, and this is a place where they could look to trim, to try to
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sort of reform the program. they have concerns about fraud, abuse, those sorts of things. that's where it becomes a harder sell, because democrats certainly are able to talk about real world stories where it makes the difference between a family making it in a month and not making it. >> thank you very much, kelly. in the past hour, senator ted cruz said he is willing to do everything necessary, anything possible, to define obamacare, including a filibuster. a growing bid between the republicans in the house and the senate. senator john boehner today had sharp words for cruz' call on house members to stay strong in the fight, because a gop measure won't pass in the senate. >> guess what? we're having a fight over here. we're going to win the fight over there. it's time for them to pick up the mantel and guest the job done. >> this all started with a statement from senator cruz last night saying majority leader
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harry reid will no doubt try to strip the defund language from the continuing resolution, and right now he likely has the votes to do so. at that point, house republicans must stand firm, hold their ground, and continue to listen to the american people. republican congressman tim griffin of arkansas then tweeded, so far senate republicans are good at getting facebook likes in town halls. not much else. do something. a short time ago, senator cruz, once again, seemed to put all the burden on the house. >> i want to commend speaker boehner for listening to the american people and for leading. for the house of representatives to stand up and vote to defund obamacare. it's a tremendous victory to the american people. >> joining me live now, democratic senator from mont, member of the senate operations committee and also the banking committee. thank you so much for joining me today, sir. >> great to be here. >> we know there's a battle ahead between republicans and democrats. as i pointed out, and widely
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reported today, seem nos love lost between house republicans and specifically smart ted cruz. is this a glaring example to the fact that republicans are on the losing end, perhaps, if they focus so much on defunding obamacare? not moving on with dealing with this nation's debt? >> i think that, if you want to really take a step back and say, all right, defund obamacare, a bill passed by congress, signed by the president, and upheld constitutional by the supreme court, now we're going to defund it, then what do we have? the old system was severely, severely broke. we're on the cusp of having a system where it brings competition into areas like montana where people have more dmois their policies. where people can afford to get sick. i just think that this is a great political talking point for the hard right, with the bottom line being, for people out there trying to survive, this is really a silly idea. >> it also, i think, people believe that it foints ineffective government. if we want to deal with the nation's spending issues, deal
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with our debt in a responsible way. that you have an opportunity to do that, but to the pull these measures together, it seems that it falls back into why 11% or so of the people believe that work is being done in that town? >> absolutely correct. there's ways to get our arms around spending and the debt of this country. this is not the way to do it. threatening a government shutdown, the debt limit, and putting the country into a stalespin are not well thought out ideas and don't show a lot of common sense. >> senator cruz is willing to do anything and everything including a filibuster. your reaction to what he said within the last couple of hours here? >> that well may be true, but i think there be people that are on both sides of the aisle that are willing to work together, get us through this. keep the country growing economically. keep middle-class families on the plus side of the ledger, and i think that's what's really
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important here as we move forward. make it so your business can succeed. folks, we're starting to see businesses freeze up again and not spend any money and we were just starting to see that thaw a little bit, and now this kind of talk out of washington, and the partisan. not policy, partisan bickering, to score political points has to end. >> believing the senate will really have to take charge and in their words, senate republicans like mccain, and mccorkle, criticized cruz will have to work with the white house and senate democrats on a compromised deal that certainly would not include defunding obamacare but a compromise would exist there? >> the bottom line how democracy works and works well, when people talk to each other and compromise is part of the equation. that's how it works. i look forward to working with anyone willing to work with me and anybody else to keep the country moving forward. i think a lot of the talk is coming out of the house, and a lot of the talk, some in the senate, will not move the
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country forward and, in fact, will move it backward. that's not the direction we want to go at is in point in time. >> thank you so much, sir, to are your time. greatly appreciate it. still ahead, new details on how the navy yard gunman carried out monday's massacre. officials now describe his actions as hunting for victims. that's a new detail that just came out. we have new information released within the last hour. plus, pope francis says the catholic church is "obsessed with preaching about abortion, gay marriage and contraception." more on his first extensive interview since becoming pope. and join our conversation on twitter, find ut@tamron hall and@newsnation. things at home is just a tap away. ♪ introducing at&t digital life... ♪ ...personalized home security and automation...
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welcome back. we have new details about the shooting rampage at the washington navy yard and how it unfolded. investigators revealed aaron alexis scratched two praises into the gun he used to carry out the shooting. the first, better off this way. the section, my elf weapon, authorities are looking into what that phrase could possible mean, and this morning, the washington navy yard reopened for regular operations. first time since the massacre happened. but building 197 where the shooting took place remained closed. joining me with the latest, nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, you've been getting a lot of new details on how this unfolded from the timeline to alexis' action there. >> reporter: right. we've just dprum a briefing with new fbi director james comey, who gives the following account. he says aaron alexis drove on to the navy yard complex just after 8:00 on monday morning. used his badge to enter the yard
2:16 pm
and then building 197 where the shooting happened. went up to the fourth floor restroom, came out and began shooting. so he says the shooting began shortly after 8:00, and that alexis was shooting people on the third and fourth floors of the building with no apparent pattern. and mr. comey's words, he appearrd to be hunting for people. the victims can shot in hallways and some in their offices, but they didn't seem to fit any pattern. it didn't look like he was target anyone, that people came from all over the building and in different jobs. comey says that mr. alexis said nothing. he says that there is no indication, despite some earlier accounts, that alexis fired from those upper floors down in to the atrium over the balcony. no evidence that that happened. he had a, the shotgun that he had, he had modified it. it had cut down both the barreled and the stock to make
2:17 pm
it short presumably easier to hide and carry in, and that he shot with it until he ran out of shells. he was keeping extra shells for the shotgun, extra ammunition, in a pocket, in a cargo pocket on his pants. at want point he ran down, back to the first floor, shot the guard, which we heard. took the guard's baretta handgun and continued shooting with a shotgun switching to the handgun when he ran out of shotgun rounds. so as mr. comey reconstructs this, it's about half an hour after the shooting begins, shortly after 8:00, until alexis is engaged by the law enforcement first responders shooting teams who pin him down and later killed him. comey says there's no indication that any of the victims were hit by police fire or friendly fire, if you will nap it all dpram alexiss two guns. we've been told one shooting victim was outside the building. comey says that's correct. his understanding, this was a
2:18 pm
person in an alleyway, in essence, outside the building, and it hit by a round that dpca from inside the building. so it's a picture that is a little -- a little fuller picture how it happened and in terms of the investigation, he says obviously they're focusing on his past, on alexis' past, and that a big point here is his mental condition in which was obviously deteriorating, but no indication that he had a dispute with someone in the building, that he came back with a grudge or was trying to get even or punish someone. no sign of that at all. >> all right, pete williams. incredible new details on how that all played out on that very sad day. thank you very much, pete. still ahead, a possible connection between the mother of the rescue georgia kidnapping victim and one of the suspects in the case. more on this new information. what was revealed in court documents. plus, jaden smith, son of will smith, causing quite a stir with tweets that critics say
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send a pretty bad message to young fans. in one tweet, jaden writes, if everybody in the world dropped out of school, we would have much more intelligent society. the criticism, that's our "gut check" and why he's now being praised by rush limbaugh. elaine housal, tammy wily and brian spec are a few of the small business owners in downtown bedford parks pa, working with main street manager, these entrepreneurs are trying to fill empty storefronts and bing in new customers. moundy find out how he revived downtown at 7:30 on "your business" on msnbc. has it's ups and downs. seasonal... doesn't begin to describe it. my cashflow can literally change with the weather. anything that gives me some breathing room
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we took care of your cold symptoms. you take him on an adventure. tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. in yet another bold move, pope francis is urging the church to focus less on dwis ed rules about abortion, gays and contraception and more on being "a home for all." the pope made these remarks laying out his vision for the church during a wide-ranging interview published in several jess witt journals and didn't hold back in part saying, we cannot insist on issues only related to abortion, gay marng and the use of con pra ceptive methods. this is not possible. pope francis went on to say, "rig has a right to express its opinion in the service of the
2:23 pm
people but god and creation has set us free. it is not possible to interfere spearstually the life of a person." the blunt remarks come months after the pope grabbed headlines for what he said about judging catholics who are gay. live with more, sister, co-founder of new ways ministry, a catholic social justice center working for the reconciliation of lesbian and gay people. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> i want to read a little of what the pope said about women, but let me first get your instant reaction to this interview. >> well, i was just surprised to hear that the pope had granted this interview to the jesuits, and when i just finished reading the text of the interview, and i just am amazed and -- actually, i cried when i first began to read it, because in the beginning, he has asked, who are you? like, how would you describe
2:24 pm
yourself? and he was stunned by the question. but after a moment of reflection, he said, to describe himself, he says, i am a sinner. and i just -- i just -- his humility was just overwhelming, because he realizes, no person is perfect, and yet as is so clear from his message, god loves each and we ever unone of us. whatever way. >> and made the comment, who am i to judge? the comments made flying back from this trip to south america but he take it is a step further here and says in his estimation the church needs to refocus and specifically brings unabortion, gay marriage and contraception. how do you believe this message will be received by, if not the masses, perhaps those who not necessarily wanted to see the change. it appears this pope would like to implement. >> well, i think his message will be received very well by
2:25 pm
the masses, because i think the masses believe there's too much concentration why the bishops of the church on these what we call hot button issues, or -- but the pope is saying, these are not essential, and i think how they believe -- how this message will be heard, he will be probably criticized, as he said he already has been criticized for not mentioning these issues, bufrt but he wants to make it clear, these are not essential. these trying to get us back to the gospel. to the reessential message of jesus, and the essential message is that jesus came to proclaim god's love. god's love for each and every person, no matter if we agree with them or not. >> let me read quickly what he said regarding women in the church. the church cannot be herself without the woman and her role. the swom essential for the church. mary, a womch marrying a woman important thant bishops.
2:26 pm
we must further investigate the role of women in the church. your reaction to, again, furthering comments made previously about the role of kim in church? >> well, i think his comments are very general, and very -- they're not specific. i mean when he speaks of the function of women, i think the real hot buttono issue of ordination, but only as tied to governance. he really hasn't spelled out yet his -- and perhaps hasn't come to any decision about the role of women in the church. because he is a reflective person. and i think what his remarks say to plme is that there is room f discussion about the roles of women in the church. >> sister, thank you so much for your time. again, this brand new interview with the pope certainly will be dissected and discussed much in the coming days.
2:27 pm
thank you so much. >> you're welcome. still ahead, in just a couple of hours, the house is set to vote on a republican bill cutting food stamps to millions of struggling americans. we continue to follow the story. a lot of you are tweeting about it pap few guests coming up to discuss. plus after striking a new deal with the u.s. over syria's chemical weapons, vladimir putin says he's not "100% sure" that the agreement will work. we'll get the latest there. and a former nfl football player says he's now getting threats after posting pictures of teenagers who apparently trashed his home when he wasn't there. they broke in, threw a party. he documented the entire thing online. so why are the parents upset with him? ♪
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(woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. more now on our top stories in just a few hours the house is set to vote on a measure that would cut food stamps for millions of americans. the republican bill on table.
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joining me to discuss it, elizabeth, policy coordinator at the center for law and social policy. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> i know your organization, you are advocates for low-income families the poor in this country. numbers are startling when you look how many people now depend on assistance, or who are receiving food stamps. more now than we saw in 1989. >> well, the economy has gotten really bad, and it rose during the recession, and the poverty rate stayed highs as the numbers we saw just this week indicated, and that's why food stamps have stayed high. >> the households, break down the numbers. 76% include children, seniors or the disabled. 58% include people working. 82% worked during previous or following years, when we say working, certainly that could be people who are making minimum wage or not able to feed their families. we're talking about, perhaps,
2:32 pm
about $1.30, $1.50 per meal. that many of these families receive. why do you believe this is before the house right now? >> it's not really clear why congress is taking this on now. obviously, it's part of the farm bill, but historically it's been passed on a bipartisan basis. with the farm bill. it's really unusual that they've decided to take it out this year, and deal with it separately. and it's really disturbing, frankly. >> you say it's disturbing, and interesting, this is not just happening with the house or in d.c. michigan republicans passed a bill that would require people receiving food stamps and other forms of assistance to either start performing community service or lose their benefits, and a republican from the state, says there's absolutely nothing wrong with requiring folks to have a little skin in the game. all they have to do is a little community service to get their benefits, implying that these people are freeloaders.
2:33 pm
bringing nothing to the table. what is your reaction to that? >> well, as you indicateed, most food stamp households do have members who are already working, who are just not making enough to get by. for people who aren't working, there's already a requirement that people participate. but states are allowed to postpone that when unemployment is really high as it has been. that's what the bill that congress is dealing with would say that states couldn't waive thee requirements no matter how high the unemployment rate got, and there's no requirement that they provide people an opportunity to do community service or in other ways meet these requirements. >> have you heard from people who are afraid that these measures will continue and that they are the target? and they are the most needy here? >> yes, it is very -- people are very worried about this. already food stamp benefits are going to go down in november. and i think people are very frightened about what will happen if the house passes this bill today.
2:34 pm
the president has said he would veto it. it's not likely to become law, but we are worrying that there will be deep cuts to this program has so many people depend on for food. >> elizabeth, thank you for your time. we'll keep an eye on the actions of the house and bring you the latest. more now in the growing battle between republicans in the house and the senate over their fight to defund obamacare. speaker john boehner today told senate republicans to step up, but our first note, boehner doesn't have the votes to be the negotiator here. a small group of senate republicans will work with the white house and senate dems for a compromised deal that boehner throws in the towel and allows the house democrating to provide a majority of vote. can boehner survive doing this again? joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. that's an elaborate destruction, but nevertheless, channels you see as way to move forward here? >> reporter: there is a
2:35 pm
potential exit strategy but the end game perplexed so many people. we don't know how it ends. tamron, there are two models going forward. the one is that the house republicans negotiate with senate democrats, the obama white house. we saw this when these same votes overt add government shutdown in early 2011. similar to how the debt ceiling was resolved, although so, so ugly in late 2011. then the other model, we saw this with the fiscal cliff regarding those bush era tax cuts and eliminating those. what happens, the senate is the one that drives something that you can end up getting a group of moderate senate republicans joining with senate leadership, they ended up trying to pass something with overwhelming numbers and then force house republicans, house of representatives to vote for or against it. i'm not sure we know what model it will be. the opening bid we'll see tomorrow in the house voting on their bid to defund obamacare is
2:36 pm
the first thing. we just have 11 days before the september 30th deadline. >> what do you make of, your analysis of this war of words between ted cruz, members of the house. republican members of the house and now eastern senator corker, a republican, of course, who's also taking issue with some of what cruz has said? >> reporter: you really have republicans at republicans. a republican civil war is going on, i mentioned with the deadline of a government shutdown as well as next month, the dead ceiling must be increased, and they really don't know what to do. i think we'll see a uniform republican vote tomorrow out of the house of representatives, but there are some republicans that want to go farther. some that don't want to go that much and it's unclear where they want to be and knowing at the end of the day this defunding 69 president's healthcare law isn't going to be anything the president signs in to law one way or another, and the question is -- do republicans, house republican, senate republican, accept that at the end of the day? >> mark murray, we'll speak with you tomorrow.
2:37 pm
thanks. >> thanks. today russian president vladimir putin said he could not be 100% certain that syria will turn over its chemical weapons and avoid a u.s. strike, but he is confident it could happen. meantime in a new interview, syrian president bashar al assad says he's fully committed to the plan to hand his chemical weapons over to international control to be destroyed, which he says will take some time. he also once again denies responsibility for the august 21st sarin gas attack on damasc damascus, a suburb, that killed more nan 1,400 people. instead he continues to blame the rebels. >> we have evidence that the terrorist groups have used sarin gas, and those evidences, those evidence handed over to the russians. but second, the russian satellites since the beginning of these allegations at the 21st of august, they said that they
2:38 pm
have information through their satellites that the locket launched from another area. we didn't use any chemical weapons, and because if you want to use it, you would harm your troops. you would have harmed the tens of thousands of civilians living in syria, in damascus. >> nbc is joined by beirut, lebanon, watching developments in the region. ayman what is the latest? not being 100% certain, putin said, syria wouldn't turn over its weapons? >> reporter: good afternoon, tamron. certainly something that was also echoed in that interview by the syrian president bashar al assad. he said it could take up as long as a year for the international community to possibly dismantle the chemical weapons. he also said it was going to cost as much as nearly $1 billion, and he said it was going to be up to the international community to
2:39 pm
provide the funds and the logistical, if you will, expertise to dismantle that. in some way people are interpreting that here as an attempt buy the syrian president, to perhaps delay the process of dismantling the weapons, even before they even get under way. now that obviously will be a very touchy subject for the u.s., which maintains the threat of military force against the syrian government, if this agreement begins to fall, and there is already some skepticism coming out from the russian president about this agreement. meanwhile, inside syria, the fighting rages on. today a very serious development taking place on the northern border of that country between syria and turkey. the rebels, free syrian army backed by the united states and some of its allies came under attack by al qaeda affiliated rebel groups in the northern part of the country, and this is something that many people have been warning about for some time. that these two groups that are on the opposition to president bashar al assad's government now start fighting against one another. that border control between turkey now is in the control of
2:40 pm
this al qaeda affiliated group and there is no, at least, calm, as we understand it, this evening. tamron? >> ayman in lebanon, thank you. still ahead, a new ruling after a judge ordered a mother to change her baby's name from messiah. saying the name is a title only jesus christ can hold. plus, facebook founder mark zuckerberg arrived on capitol hill expected to lobby for immigration reform. just one of the things we thought you should know. ♪ for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
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2:44 pm
posted online and alerted his dad after calling police, he watched helplessly as this scene you're looking at now unfolded in his home in realtime. in the end the kids caused more than $20,000 in damage, smashed windows, put holes in the wall. graffiti, and even urinated on the carpet. if that wasn't enough. well, turning the tables on these teenagers. posted their pictures and tweets online and compiling a list of kids that were there on his website called "help me save 300." believe it or not, threats over the site. joini ining me now, sirius xm, father of chirn wouldren would h a thing. saying the parents of some of these kids are threatening him, angry because he's posted their pictures when he's learned their names and basically wants to hold them accountable? >> you know, irony of this story
2:45 pm
is that social media played a role in fueling this party, and, look, there's nothing new about keggers, tamron, except your party in the old days, if i can say that, was only going to be as the mimeographs, if you know what that is, you can run off on a machine and distribute. now you just touch a send key and all of a sudden the whole world knows what's going on. but that same social media that allowed word of the party to spread so that there were 200 to 400 students there is going to bring those kids down. and what i've been thinking about is, and taking a look at some of the tweets they were sending in realtime, you wonder if it's going to follow them on a college application? >> hmm. >> you wonder if somebody taking a look at them for a job, google's their name and now sees, because right here on my laptop i'm looking at all of their images. >> incredible. some teenagers came to help him clean up the house. nos clear if they were actually at the party, but, again, there have been no charges yet, but basically, he says he's seen too
2:46 pm
many people die from drugs and alcohol and he really wanted to, tough love to teach these kids a lesson in this modern way. i'm still just stunned that if that was pie kid, i would drag them back to that house, make them apologize and make them clean that house until they moved out of my home. i mean, it's crazy that parents wouldn't say, you're right, guy, and they should be here apologizing and cleaning up your house. >> okay. i agree with that, and that's the way i'd handle it with our three sons. an interesting debate playing itself out online whether he should have tried to handle this as a private matter. because apparently, some of these kids now are being subjected to death threats, because people can look and they can say their twitter identities and so forth. one wonders if the punishment, if possible, is bigger than the crime. the best comment i've heard about this. $20,000 in property damage, and $1 million of damage to the english language, if you look at the way these numbskulls were tweeting about the party.
2:47 pm
>> yeah. stunning. this guy now has to deal with all of this damage and apparently is trying to raise money to take care of it as well. thank you. greatly appreciate if. the father of kids who would never do such a ink in. >> i hope. new details emerging about the kidnapping survivor. hur mother and the connection to the alleged aboutabductors. the mother of that 14-year-old girl, ayvani perez, their mother arrested with one of the suspects who allegedly took her child. investigators won't say more about the connection. police have two nen custody, they're searching to are two others. the suspects are accused of taking the 14-year-old at gunpoint tuesday and holding her captive two days. she was returned home safely yesterday. this afternoon, the white house announced vice president joe biden will travel to flood-ravaged colorado monday. right now crews are using satellite im5of a a -- imageses
2:48 pm
see where homes once stood. so far there have been six confirmed deaths. and meanwhile, the receding floodwaters reveal an oil spill in south platte river. officials say the damaged tank is leaking more than 5,000 gallons of oil. and a baby in tennessee will be able to keep his given name. the name his mother wanted him to have, messiah. a judge ruled in favor of the 9-month-old's parents. a lower court unconstitutionally changed the baby's name and said messiah was a title reserved only for jesus christ. that's what the judge said. still ahead, will smith's son jaden causing a bit of a controversy over tweets about dropping out of school. critics say he's sending a poor message to his young fan, but jaden now has an unlikely defender in rush limbaugh. this is our "news nation" "gut check." [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq.
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there's a lot going on today. here are thing wes thought you should know. in texas, ord nan, overturned money laundering conviction of tom delay. a jury convicted delay in 2010 for illegally filing corporate money to texas jop candidates. a court of appeals says there was insufficient evidence. delay originally sentenced three years in priszen, did not serve any time pending appeal. he cannot be retried. facebook's mark zuckerberg is on capitol hill to lobby for immigration reform. in the next hour he meets with house secretary john boehner and earlier met with leaders from both parties in the senate. he's optimistic congress will "move things forward on immigration." and time for the new "gut check." talk about an unlikely pair. rush limbaugh coming to the defense of jaden smith, the son of mega movie star will smith
2:53 pm
after tweets drew backlash. smith raised eyebrows toa s pos tweets over the last several days. some encouraged kids to drop out of school. one saying "if everybody in the world dropped out of school, we would have a much more intelligent society." another of jaden's tweets said, "school is the tool to brainwash the youth." a lot of remarks stirred up controversy. smith did get an unlikely defender. i'm not thinking we've got a conservative kid he, by any stretch. don't read that's in to it. he said, everybody get off your foreigns and go do what you actually want to do. and in jaden smith's world, school is an obstacle to doing what you want to do. my case it was. i'll be honest. >> so the entertainment editor chris witherspoon joins us with more. chris, a series of tweets he but out and this reaction has been
2:54 pm
interesting to say the least. what's your take on this? >> yes. definitely interesting. i think these tweets are kind of crazy. insane. we have to put it into perspective. jaden smith is hollywood royalty. for him school is not something he has to do. he's been working hard since he was young at 8 years old. "pursuit of happiness."rate kid" "after earth." school is not something jaden has to do. it's an option for him to do. to be successful. and he was home schooled for a while. he's home schooled now, but he was in a private school up until june in the school he was at, it lost funding. he knows what school is like and just being a hollywood kid right now. what a lot of kids in hollywood do. >> another interesting tweet. people used to ask plea what do you want to be when i get older. what a stupid question. the real question is what i am right now. do you know if his parents encourage him to dive in to
2:55 pm
this? i mean, whether people like his comments or not it is thought-provoking, and he's only 13, but got a lot to say? >> you're right. i interviewed his mom, jada pinkett-smith, a few months ago. criticism she's received. she'll never ask harer kids to less. she'll empower them to do whatever they want and be giants in whatever they do. >> jaden is a leader right now at 15 years old. big box office draw as well as his sister in the music front. >> he's 15. i said he was 13. he looks 13. nevertheless, rush limbaugh coming to his defense. what are people saying about that? >> shocking. in a lot of ways people think he's making a mock of him in comments. what he's saying is true. jaden smith doesn't have to work. i think he's being kind of fair in that regard. >> chris, thank you. interesting topic. what does your gut tell you?
2:56 pm
is jaden smith sending the wrong message to some of his young fans? go to too confident that vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." "the cycle" is up next. let's . and then, let's go to town. so then we can go do, absolutely nothing. let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. this echo blower. just $159 bucks. we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪
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i'm abbey huptsman. straight ahead, money talks. read all about it. wall street throws a block party. >> and i'm marty. republicans and democrats uniting over prison. >> i'm crystal ball. i can't wait for you to see at the obamacare ad. uncle sam holding clamps. >> sounds bad. what sounds good, all that plus the $400 manage question answil. you're in "the cycle."


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