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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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are republicans cruising for a bruising as new nbc poll shows republicans at an all time low. senator ted cruz the most c conservative in the party. cruz is among a group of senators at the white house meeting with the president in negotiations over the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. plus, the desperate search for an aus autistic boy missing more than a week after running out of school with no one at the school noticing. actress holly robinson peete, the mother of an autistic child why join us live. outrage, the girl shot by the taliban is not awarded the peace prize. her reaction is our "news nation" gut check. >> hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. following new reaction to the
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meeting between the president and republicans at the white house. senator or rin hatch said the ongoing fight on how to end the government shutdown continues to be a difficult experience. senator mitch mcconnell called the talks useful, also at that big meeting, senator ted cruz who barely an hour before sitting down with the president gave his speech at the values voters summit, a gathering of conservative activists, cruz dug in and vowed to continue to fight to defund the president's health care law. >> so after leaving here i'm going to be going to the white house. i'll make a request if i'm never seen again, please send a search and rescue team. in my view the house of representatives needs to keep doing what it's been doing which is standing strong.
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>> cruz's speech was interrupted six times by hecklers, some calling on him support immigration reform. a new nbc news wall street journal poll shows republicans have been badly damaged by the shutdown and 53 to 31%, with the shutdown more than the president. 24% have a favorable opinion, 53% have a negative view of this party. it is the worst rating for the republicans in this poll's 25 year history. joining me now, capitol hill correspondent luke russert. let's jump start to susan collins and others leaving the meeting with the president giving some details there. what have we learned? >> we learned that the president and susan collins put forward
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this compromise plan which they would have the extension of the debt limit for a year and government funding through january, as well as allow the sequestration impact -- i am pablgt of sequestration has had on various departments give those government departments the ability to be more in charge of how funds are spent. however the president from our reporting listened to the offer and noncommittal to it and from reading various reports, senator collins came back to capitol hill and said she was concerned that this late in the game tlsz not a clear way moving forward. do you think to put this in perspective, what we have now is two different trains moving on a way to extend the debt limit. there's fear now of house republicans may get too far in front of them. the house will meet tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. they'll try to move their bill by six weeks to november 22nd and in exchange for large scale
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deficit negotiations as well as have a bill on the floor next week to fund the government where they will get concession from the white house. however, what you're starting to see now is discussions among senate republicans that were probably voiced to the president today about a deal that would extend the debt limit longer than would extend government funding longer than when it put the country and this sort of break neck negotiation mode up until thanksgiving. the fear for house republicans is okay, if something comes out of the senate, some sort of bay partisan deal with a huge resounding number in the 70s, then they might be forced to take that and they don't want to do it. it's a fluid situation right now. what we can report is for first time since all of this started, there does seem to be real daylight at the end of this dark tunnel we've been in on extending the debt limit and funding the government. >> with that said, the back drop and minor one would be senator
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ted cruz today at this summit for the most conservative still throwing out the language that gets the base fired up regarding obama care. thr really ready to give up that fight and move on. >> reporter: what you're starting to see, after two brutally, historically brutal polls for the republican party, gall gallup poll, 28% and our own wall street journal poll, not only did the health care law improve, its standing, but also saw the historic vote. the elders in the party are starting to see what's happening and disint grags of the republican brand. you'll hear it's wrong, they should continue to fight and there's going to be these -- tim from kansas, tweeting we should
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keep the government shut down, shouldn't give an inch. the difference between now and ten days, the establishment in the party can take the scientific data of the polling and say, look, we're getting hammered on this in every single national poll. this nbc news/wall street journal poll, gold standard for 25 years shows us the worst numbers we've ever had. that's creating real movement from aids and members we spoke to. we can't underscore how bad the numbers were and how much it makes them want to have a deal. >> thank you very much for those details. joining me now, sheila jackson, lead democrat from texas. thank you so much for your time. first let me talk about the negotiations here. we know the president right now muling over this proposal reportedly in front of him from house republicans that would fund the government through december 15th and lift the debt ceiling through november 20th. i spoke with your colleague, congressman chris van holen and he seemed to be looking for a
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longer deal, not wanting this to come up again around the holidays when we're back with this groundhog situation over issues that should be resolved for a longer period of time. what's your reaction? >> good to be with you. yesterday democratic members of the texas congressional delegation, stood with cool heads asking for our senator, senator cruz in particular and senator cornyn to meet us in a room of nonpartisan shenanigans and talk about a way forward because we are texans and our senator is a senator out front corrupting and co-opting the republican conference with tactics that this house and this senate has not utilized when america is in crisis. we're in crisis. we're in crisis real estate agents can't do work in texas, montana has a city that's literally shut down because of that. and arizona is cutting off 5,000
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families that need assistance. my point is that i see the wisdom of mr. van hollen and wisdom of the senate, who realize that a flurry of hard pressed negotiations and six-week period does not speak well for the needs of the american people. i would like raising the debt ceiling to be longer. i would like senator cruz to meet with us as texas congressional democrats like we worked with senators in the past. senator lyndon johnson and benson tower, hutchison and talk about what's good for america and not give out, if you will, jokes about being rescued from the white house. i would like to see a longer debt ceiling and like to have the government opened up and stop putting the burden of our disagreement on the backs of workers who are single parents who right now don't know how they are going to pay their bills and really many of these workers, 800,000, maybe less now
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are in crisis, but more importantly, the collateral damage is unbelievable in terms of how it's impacted. >> you mentioned because you have a texan that you want to sit down especially with senator cruz here. but you have people like congressman peter king who believe too much power if you will has been given to senator cruz, that he's not the leader of the republican party and there's a small group who may want to follow him but if they do, they will go down like these poll numbers. why focus so much on senator cruz especially given the latest speech making clear he's ready to stop fighting even if it may be a losing one. >> he's standing as a lone voice in the storm. he doesn't have troops behind him saying the same thing. if the voice of peter king was the voice of the republican conference and sway them to not sit down with senator cruz but to sit down with the democratic leadership who has a plan, has a budget and go through the regular order of the budget
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process, get rid of the sequester, begin to look strategically at the nation's budget knowing what you can't cut fairly and what you cannot and put forward those needs that will help all of america, particularly growth. we're losing jobs. we've cut the economy. we've got the markets in fear even though they are resilient. the reason why texas democrats gave the offer because we are texans. we never had a senator that hasn't come together in a bipartisan manner to work with us on texas issues or lead the nation. we used to be leaders in our united states senate, whether it was senator hutchison or senator johnson, we're giving him an out. we're not proud of the fact that right today that a speech is being given to promote, it is not just in the room he is speaking but the nation is hearing it. to suggest he's in kidnapped at the white house, these are serious issues.
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i want the bleeding to stop. i would be interested in calmly in helping to extend the debt ceiling. i'm willing to look at all options but extend the debt ceiling and fairly discuss how we fund the government for long term. let's open the government. the democrats will be putting that forward, open the government with a clean bill and we will not run away from the discussion or hide from some of the hard decisions that have to be made. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> president obama is meeting with small business owners to discuss the impact of the shutdown and the debt ceiling deadline. joining me now, host of "your business" and michael smerconish. before i get your thoughts on what's happening, i want to play sound we got in. susan collins of maine right after the meeting with the president at the white house.
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let's play a bit of that. >> it was a good exchange but it was an inconclusive exchange. now he has sent somewhat conflicting signals about what length of a debt ceiling increase he would accept and what might be attached to it or what might not. at least he's talking to members of both sides of the aisle. he may not want to call it a negotiation. that's what i would call it and do view that as progress. >> michael, of course, so senator collins saying the president may not want to view this as negotiations but the reality is, this is a bigger issues between the republicans, joe scarborough said this morning, there are two republican parties right now. >> well, tamron, i'm thinking about the two weeks that the gop could have just concluded, two
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weeks where they were solely focused on the glitches that accomplished the launch of the affordable care act and instead they completely squandered that political opportunity with the ill conceived government shutdown. the only person who seems to still talk about obama care is senator cruz. the only message that the gop has successfully gotten through is one of on stinance. the sooner they shut this down through whatever means necessary, the better off the party is going to be. >> i referred to peter king a short time ago. he was on with andrea mitchell. let's play what he had to say. >> it reminds me of the guy in the school yard, doesn't have the guts to fight himself and tells other guys to carry out the fight. no one has done more to strengthen obama care than ted cruz. since he started this crusade of his, over the last ten days support for obama care has gone up 7% in the country.
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>> that's senly michael what you were say, not in the same words but that is the strategy if the republicans wanted to perhaps get leeway they could have had. but in the end, they end up with historically low polls. as we all know, the way it should with both houses signing and president signing off on it and supreme court upholding it. it's been a disaster. look at the numbers, 22 point advantage for the president when compared to the republican house. let's talk about jj, the reality of beyond this rhetoric and these things that may never be discussed again as in defunding
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obama care, at least in near history here, near present time, i should say. the reality is, you've got small businesses meeting with the president right now likely saying, what's going on here. the dow not doing poorly today. but if these issues continue if there is not a long term plan for the debt ceiling, not a three-week or six-week ban aid here, small business owners will start rallying. >> let me put this into perspective, the nfib has a clear opinion. but they do this survey every four years and say what are the problems and priorities. the one that just came out, this was before any of this started to happen was three out of the top five were uncertainty. uncertainty about the economy, uncertainty about the government. that is keeping -- was keeping small businesses from investing in their companies before, think what's it doing to them now. the uncertainty couldn't be bigger. >> when we were discussing this
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proposal that republicans had put on the table or at least said they were going to put on the table regarding an extension that would end basically at the holiday and did nothing for the government shutdown, i was per plexed how people thought that was some type of progress when you know hundreds and thousands of people with the shutdown are immediately impacted by this. despite the dire consequences we know that exist with the debt ceiling debate. >> part of it the willingness to extend for six weeks, suggests the willingness to come with with a solution. i feel we've been talking about it for past two years, certainly since the summer of 2011. >> kicking it down the can -- >> may be good for news and gives us dates to pay attention to. sure as heck ain't good for the country. i think businesses will be uncertain regardless of what washington does. the degree to which washington adds fuel to this fire is incredibly negative aspect of what's going on economically. >> when we say washington, i'll pause you, we've been having this discussion of who to blame,
2:17 pm
now you've got this poll. this is not a close call. when we say washington and that's the thing peter king brought up today. this notion of clumping washington in as both sides equally to blame for this, he's a republican saying that that's not -- >> it's clear the republicans are to blame for the mess and 60% said throw them all out. there is high dissatisfaction with congress. congress's ratings overall -- >> 5%. >> this is a washington issue and does not help matters. it is true the republicans have painted themselves into a corner and we're going to be having this conversation for a little while yet. if we turn to medicare and means test on medicare, we'll have this debate on the democratic side. >> as we talk about small businesses, this is all big picture. what i want people to understand, who's actually being affected, right? the small tour operator operating outside the park losing potentially months worth of revenue and guy who sells
2:18 pm
bagels who doesn't have customers anymore. when we talk about these big things, bring it home to this is these people's livelihood. >> this is why i think the reaction yesterday to the republicans in the house saying we've come up with an idea for the debt ceiling but nothing for the government, went up like a lead balloon because of that very reason. >> yeah, and it's so sad. these people have nothing to do with what's going on in washington, regardless of who's in charge or who's to blame. but they are bearing the brunt of this. they are the one who's can't pay their electric bills perhaps. >> their voices are completely marginalized, we know this is harming people and believe that this is the right thing. you can at least imagine there
2:19 pm
would be some regard for the consequences. >> and michael, just quickly to get you back in, regarding the
2:20 pm
consequences of this, our first read team, they believe that we could see an end to the government shut down somewhere around tuesday mainly pushed by perhaps this new polling out. what do you think? >> i saw a commercial this morning that i think you'll find interesting, i'm in one of the media markets for new jersey and saw chris christie commercial where he touts his willingness to compromise and i looked at that, that's a thumb in the eye at the tea party folks and sets the stage for what's to come for once we get behind this. >> thank you all for joining. greatly appreciate it. >> reminder, "your business" every sunday morning 7:30 right here on msnbc. it's been exactly a week since a 14-year-old autistic boy
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the desperate search for a missing 14-year-old boy with aus tim now epterring its second week as they scour new york city for any sign of him. his family reportedly taking legal action against the city and the boy's school. he was last seen running away from his school in queens last friday. surveillance video shows the teen running out of the building. that surveillance video you see there. the "new york times" is reporting the family's attorney filed a claim alleging
2:24 pm
negligence. here's more on how other parents are now helping in the search. >> reporter: when his parents sent him to school last friday, they expected him to come home. that never happened and now his picture is posted on missing signs all over the city. >> when you don't get any news, any word, it's very depressing, another day. that's why we're out here. we can't even sleep. it's hard to sleep knowing your child is out there and cold and hungry and unable to communicate. >> we've got leads here and there throughout the day. we try to take them serious and call the police and detectives. then we call any volunteers to go to that area. >> reporter: one lead led volunteers to tom p kin's square park and the false report claimed the teen was here with a homeless man. that didn't stop volunteers like wesley miller from posting flyers. >> i've been righting around
2:25 pm
long island city and queens and along the water front with the kayaks. >> reporter: joining the search for avonte since he was last seen on friday. his family has also set up this tent outside the school for volunteers to congre agree gated pick up flyers. >> could be my kid. >> reporter: as the search enters the eighth day. they are still hopeful that he'll be back home with them soon. >> another parent helping to spread the word about avonte is actress holly robinson peete, co-founder of the holly rob foundation. i saw the inisstagram, and you heard the parent say they could be anyone's child. why does this story for obvious reasons really impact you? >> what a horrendous nightmare
2:26 pm
for this parent to go through this. every parent's worst nightmare, just just parents of children with awe autism. almost 50% of children with autism wonder, it's a huge dilemma for the autism community. if there's any silver lining, we're at least dialoguing about what these nonverbal children have to experience. my heart goes out to his family and the community galvanized. >> one of his brothers said, if you knew him, you know why we are so searching. their love is quite clear and it is about educating us in the process. to your point, i didn't know until readi online, that there are many with autism who do wonder. you see him walking out of the building, to know he's unable to communicate, to your point it breaks your heart. >> my son is going to be 16 next week, hard to believe. but when he was 4, he had very
2:27 pm
little verbal skills and missing for two hours, on the roof of our house. heard us screaming and calling for him. but he couldn't connect a social cue of fear. that's what happens with these children, they don't know they are in trouble but the idea that this young boy avon te is out there and needs help or needs his parents, it's heartbreaking. i appreciate the community coming forth and you having me on the show to have more of a conversation how amazing and sincere and beautiful these children are. just because they can't talk or considered nonverbal, doesn't mean they can't feel, have something to say. and we have to keep that word out. >> i know that you are developing a plan to create the autism network at california state university. one of the things so important to you as well, one on one parent support that is so needed. >> yeah, and you know what, training is needed. not just the school, the teachers but the perimeter of
2:28 pm
the school. everyone in the community including law enforcement has to understand how to approach these children and how to have just more awareness of the autism community's -- with wondering. i want to do the mostky do by using my platform to have this conversation. i pray this young man is found. >> it's thoughtful for you to be in front of the country in wanting to be here in spirit and getting the word out. hopefully avonte will be brought back to his family safe. >> thanks, tamron. >> is it a sore loser? the parents of an american gymnast say their outrage after an italian official declared her victory was because of the color of her skin. more on our nbc news poll showing republican popularity, or lack thereof hitting a record low. >> why the first read team seems
2:29 pm
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there's been mixed reaction to the announcement that the nobel peace prize is being awarded to an organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. they have been around since 1977 but recently come into the spotlight amid the crisis we're all watching play out in syria. opcw inspectors are currently working in syria to destroy its stockpile but much of the reaction has been focused on who the award did not go to. 16-year-old malala, shot by the taliban. many considered her the favorite to win. she issued a statement. the opcw is an important
2:33 pm
organization working on the ground to rid the world of chemical weapons. i would like to con grgratulate them on the much deserved recognition. joining us now live, and obviously, atia, this is not dm diminish the work of that organization. but as you know many people wanted malala to win this one. >> reporter: you're right. they expected her to win it but that doesn't mean she won't win sometime in the future. she's still a young lady at the age of 16. we're hoping she has a strong future ahead of her, helping these young girls, young girls that we've seen stories about over and over on our television screens. people that tamron, i'm sure you have met in person and i have met in person. malala is a young woman who has given a voice to these women. because of her gracious reaction
2:34 pm
as you just read, she said, the opcw is an important organization working on the ground to help get rid the world of chemical weapons. i want to congratulate them on the much deserved global recognition. that's shows how gracious she is and also opcw they are around since 1997, trying to help the world get rid of its chemical weapons stockpile. since its decrcreation, thabl b able to report 70,000 tons of chemical weapons throughout the world and 80% of it. right now the biggest goal is to help syria get rid of their stock by mid-2014. even they were shocked about the recognition. let's listen to what they had to say. >> this prize goes to all of the colleagues past and present, even though we happen to be in the limelight here today. let me pass on congratulations to all of you. well done, guys, in the same breath, we must not rest of our
2:35 pm
laurels and just embarked on our extraordinary mission. >> reporter: a very difficult mission at that. members of the opcw around two dozen members actually arrived in syria on october 1st and been able to go to three of the 20 sites they believe they will find chemical weapons at so far. this week they've announced they've been able to destroy some of those weapons, including ariel bombs and various chemical missiles. >> thank you so much, atia. still ahead, we're getting closer to a deal to reopen the government. why the first read team says it will be shocked if the shutdown continues past tuesday. empty pan is a blank canvas. ♪ [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. ♪ [ man #1 ] to remember my grandmother. [ woman #3 ] to show my love. ♪ [ woman #4 ] because life needs flavor. ♪ [ woman #5 ] to travel the world without leaving home.
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2:39 pm
conversation. i'm not drawing any lines in the sand. it's time for us to just sit down and resolve our differences. >> we're arriving at a point in a few days, we're not going to pay our bills. this america. >> the american people do not get to demand a ransom for doing their jobs. reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling. >> the president said today was if there's unconditional surrender by republicans, he'll sit down and talk to us. that's not the way our government works. >> now because of a small group of tea party republicans we say, we can't even take care of your family when you die in the service in the country. for shame. >> shouldn't we be embarrassed about this? shouldn't you be ashamed. >> we want to offer the president the ability to move. >> the president is happy that cooler heads at least seem to be prevailing. >> okay, joining me now, senior political editor, mark murray. let's fast forward the first read team believes -- would be
2:40 pm
shocked as it's written if the shutdown continues past tuesday. >> well, we've heard comments on capitol hill, our own frank and luke russert have been on capitol hill where there have been members of congress who said the new poll is just more evidence for them that they want to have a quick resolution. no one knows how quickly but tamron, i think just listening to the tone, seeing how things are moving that we could have a resolution to the government shutdown by next week. >> let's get our audience caught up on where things stand because it has moved minute to minute and even the dates on the extension for the debt ceiling from six weeks and now discussion to a year here, mark. >> well, that's fluid. six weeks comes from house republicans, that what they wanted. they were talking about that yesterday before the meeting with the president. senate republican and folks on the senate are talking more of a year and one of the reasons why is that a lot of people don't want rehash the fight six weeks
2:41 pm
from now right before the christmas shopping season. it will be interesting to see if they try to split that down the middle, if all of a sudden that this whole cooling off phase gets even house republicans to say, we'll extend the debt limit beyond the 2014 mid-terms but all of the details remain to be worked out and that's where this will come into shape. >> let's talk about the new nbc wall street journal poll. i've got to tell you, it really obviously got a lot of attention for big number or low number from the republican party. >> well, tamron, i think what's more fascinating is when you look at the overall republican party, is the divide within the republican party. as we mentioned in first talk this morning, look at the reactions of ted cruz, among tea party republicans, they love the guy. 52% have a very favorable rating of him. among nontea party republicans it's 13% positive, and 23%
2:42 pm
negative. that's a huge, huge reversal there. just in our own poll, the tea party non-tea party sprit down split down the middle. 44% are tea party supporters and 45% aren't. that's playing out in the debate. half of the republican party gung ho about it and half against it. >> you had views on the health care law as well. >> this is -- when you talk about republicans potentially saying we need to stop this debate, we need to reopen the government because this has been so damaging to us, the popularity of the president's health care law increased. it's still overall a negative, but the popularity has gone up 7 percentage points from the last poll a few weeks ago. you can kind of see -- a lot of this has to do with democrats that are much more behind their party, much more behind the health care law than what you saw two or three weeks ago. very interesting divide.
2:43 pm
one party is unified, the other divided. >> have a great weekend, mark, see you monday. >> you too, tamron. >> a jury issues the verdict in the sudden acceleration case against toyota but the legal battle certainly not over yet. the italian gymnastics team under fire for a racially fired remark about a u.s. gymnast who won at the world championship. the parents of american simone are outraged. that's a picture of her there. we'll get into that. ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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the parents of a young american gymnast who's victory was clouded by racially charnl the comments are not speaking out. simone biles won the world all around championships in belgium. an italian opponent said next time we should also paint our skin black so then we can win
2:47 pm
too. not surprisingly that triggered an instant backlash and the parents called the comment out of line. her mother telling usa today, don't get roped into this and don't let those comments ruin this home for you. be proud of your performance and outcome. people are entitled to their opinion. kelly joins me now. i guess it's not unprecedented for race to be inflicted into spoorlgts. this is intriguing for many reasons because the federation, italian federation tried to blame the comments made by the athlete. >> and they -- by explaining it they made it worse. she apologized on twitter to simone and the italian federation came out with a confusing response to the whole thing. and since then the president of the u.s. gymnastics federation has spoken to the president of the italian federation and said
2:48 pm
the issue is behind us. the fact it even happened and became this issue just absurd. >> to your point, the athlete did apologize and tweeted out, i want to apologize to the american girl. i didn't want to sound rude or racist. i love simone, and the italian federation posted a link to their page which attributes many ability to race. many have been fired and kicked off air when they get into this conversation whether certain athletes are superior based on their race. >> the irony is some of those comments posted on facebook were from the spokesperson of the federation, you know, who also since apologized. but there's just such a lack of understanding on so many fronts here. you know, the fact that it took until 2012 and 2013 for a block woman to win the all around title at the olympics and worlds
2:49 pm
and this woman is saying that, they have a monopoly on it and the olympics been going since 1924 since -- >> where would she get this notion to your point, it's not as if it's been dominated by young black girls, gabby douglas captured the imagination for many reasons, her talent and amazing personality, and that she was one of a few that we've seen of color to excel on u.s. teams. >> exactly. i felt after this incident happened with sim monesimone, i hijacked her proud moment in a way. when gabby won last summer in london, there were comments about her hair, people criticizing her hair and it became a side topic. her response was, are you kidding me? i just made history. you're talking about my hair? in a way the simone situation is
2:50 pm
similar, became the first woman to win the all around title at world and we're talking about racist comments. >> her mother said it best, she said that you know what, be proud of your performance and maybe we'll be lucky enough to see simone on the wheaties boxes. >> exactly. >> thank you very much for your time. a jury cleared toyota in a 2009 deadly accident caused by a camry's apparent sudden a. acceleration, a jury in l.a. says toyota is not liable for the death of a 66-year-old driver who accelerated after she was struck by another car. toyota blamed driver error for the crash. the company recalled millions of vehiclings worldwide after drivers reported some were accelerating unexpectedly. they are facing more than 80 wrongful death lawsuit relates to this issue. investigating the death of a veteran zoo keeper.
2:51 pm
an official said john bradford was killed when an elephant became aggressive and charged him this morning. bradford was a manager of the elephant and worked at the zoo for 25 years. plus -- ♪ ♪ there's nothing that i wouldn't do to make you feel my love ♪ >> that was glee actress lea michele's emotional tribute to corery monteith. the new al bum it called the quarterback. it's already number one on i tunes, michelle's song, make you feel my love, is in the top 20 now of the an emotional show for fans and as you can imagine for his friends on that show. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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here's some things we thought you should know. cory booker is canceling campaign events after the death of his father. he died yesterday in las vegas and recently had a stroke and was suffering from parkinson's disease. he was 76 years old. cory booker was supposed to begin a five-day bus tour as he campaigns for the u.s. senate. the first photo of edward snowden since he was granted asylum was released. it shows him posing with former intelligence officials after winning an award in integrity and intelligence. he worked for the justice department and nsa, two things we thought you should know today. it is time for gut check. today's announcement that the nobel peace prize will be awarded for the organization of chemical weapons has been largely overshadowed by surprise over what was not given the award.
2:56 pm
many headlines were about malala not winning rather than who did. what does your gut tell you? do you think the nobel peace prize should have gone to malala? that does it for this edition of "news nation." we'll be back with you on monday. "the cycle" is up next. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru
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♪ >> i love that song. is it hot in here or just me? all right. today is really washington that is feeling the heat from the rest of america. outraged veterans plan to march into town this weekend straight to the sites of memorials shut down for 11 days now. dozens of truckers tried to shut down the beltway into town to protest what they call excessive


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