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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 14, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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good monday morning. on "first look," demonstrators voice opinions about the government shutdown, but did the government make any progress? have you seen this man? british police believe he holds answers in the six-year investigation of missing madeleine mccann. 58 million americans will get squeezed tighter. chocolate prices are about to skyrocket and meet the $8 million horse. good morning, i'm veronica de la cruz. nice to see you. on shutdown, day 14, we have lots of talk but no action. over the weekend in less than 72 hours it could go from bad to worse. that's when the debt ceiling expires. congress has raised or adjusted it 80 times since 1960 without drama but now we're risking the
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first default on the nation's bills. raising it does not give the government authority to take on more spending, things like social security and medical benefits. chuck todd. >> what a complete wasted weekend of the leaders. amazing how things had been moving starting thursday night into friday, you had another meeting of senate republicans and the president. you had some back and forths and looked like things were moving along. then all of a sudden everything came grinding to a hate. some of it harry reid feeling emboldened by the numbers punishing republicans particularly in our poll and house republicans essentially walking away and leaving it in the hands of senate republicans. we have two paths. path one this negotiation going on in the senate. maybe they come up with an agreement that gets us through
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january. path two, if that fails is the house caving in at the last minute and passing just a quick six-week extension and then we'll do all this again a couple weeks before thanksgiving. >> nbc's tracie potts live in washington. can lawmakers reach a deal. >> reporter: that seems to be the million dollar question. option three is they don't reach a deal and there's an historic default with the government still shut down. a small group of senators are trying to prevent that. they seem optimistic. a number spoke out and seem optimistic they can prevent this from happening on thursday and buy some time for more negotiation but there is still a lot of finger-pointing going on in washington. >> if we had engaged in the negotiation and there was an impasse i'd say there's fault on both sides, the republicans in the senate would not allow us to go to a budget conference to
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debate these. >> the greatest act of bipartisanship has been republicans and democrats alike overpromising and overspending and so, yeah, there's fault on both sides. >> so thursday is the day we won't have enough cash on hand to pay our bills but not necessarily the day we default. the congressional budget office says it could take until the end of the month before america fails to pay a bill on time. >> we do appreciate it. the frustration is spilling out on to the streets. protesters on both sides express their contempt for the government shutdown, but the far larger turnout they toppled and stacked barricades. some protest cut them apart and carried them to the white house and some protesters squared off with police. among the high-profile attendees, former vice presidential nominee sarah palin. she says these a using it as
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pawns in a political game. also there texas senator ted cruz. british police hope new images will reignite the investigation into the disappearance of madeleine mccann. they saw this man when she was 3. they believe he could be the key to unlocking the investigation. madeleine's disappearance captured the world when she vanished. her parents went to have dinner leaving madeleine, her brother and sister sleeping just 100 yards away and denied any involvement saying they are still hopeful. to india where the cleanup is beginning after phailin came on shore. it was a category 4 storm bigger than the country of france. it's being called asia's hurricane katrina. entire villages gone people wondering what's next. the last time a storm this size hit the country 10,000 people died but this time more than 800,000 heeded warnings to seek higher ground. this morning the death toll
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stands at 17. back at home, the boys missing are safe under the youth program for troubled youths. they went to the ranch and amber alert was issued when police found in one there. cops haven't said where the boys were found but say they may have traveled out of state. the man in charge is considered a person of interest. the fbi investigating an apparent dry ice explosion at l.a. international airport. it happened in an employee bathrooms. the terminal was partially evacuated while a bomb squad investigated. responders found evidence of a plastic bottle containing dry ice. multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news that peers to have been a prank but stress it is still early in the investigation. no injuries reported.
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for the second straight year nearly 58 million americans who receive social security are likely to see only a small bump in benefit checks come january. according to an analysis by the associated press, preliminary figures suggest an increase of roughly 1.5%. one of the smallest since automatic increases were adopted in 1975. the increase is tied to september inflation numbers which have been delayed by the government shutdown. and now for your "first look" at business we turn to bertha coombs. >> good morning. the futures pointing to a down open. a sharply down open as those senate talks to avert a deal or for a deal to avert a possible u.s. debt default appear to be stalls. christine le guard says a default could cause a massive disruption to the global economy. xerox says it quickly fixed a glitch that caused an outage in the food stamp debit program but the system was not fully
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restored for several hours. supermarkets in 17 states were unable to verify people's cards due to the outage. netflix is in talking about offering its service through an app on their set-top boxes. veronica. >> bertha, thank you. well, chocolate lovers are in for a shock. expect price increases of more than 20%. worldwide demand is on the rise and the fact that cocoa beans, the main ingredient are in limited supply. 1-year-old female horse was sold at auction to the qatari royal family for a world record $8 million. the unnamed horse was sired by galileo and franco who claimed a perfect winning record in 14 races. let's stay on sports. the latest on baseball playoffs, a stunner between the tigers and red sox, bases loaded in eighth, red sox trailing, 5-1.
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big pap many i at the plate and, bam, a grand slam to unload the bases. thanks to that hit gomes and red sox winning, 6-5. series tied at 1-1. erin andrews got a surprisisurprise ing gatorade bath posting this "got to love postseason baseball." the cowboys hosted the redskins. dewayne harris with two incredible punt returns, one for an 86-yard touchdown. whoo! and rg3 in trouble sacked and loses the ball. this is picked off by dallas' orlando scandrick. the boys win it, 31-16. vikings running back adrian peterson played despite the death of his son friday. the vikings lost 35-10 to the panthers but peterson not playing was never an option.
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>> i never thought about not playing, you know. it was all about this, having the strength, praying the strength to play and get through and help my team. >> the play of the day might be a classic clutch move by tom brady. eight seconds left he throws this touchdown pass pore the win. 30- 30-27. and the football folly of the day brought to you by seattle. free safety chris muragos tries improv that goes wrong fast. he returns it for a touchdown. what a way to end the first half. nbc's bill karins now with your columbus day forecast. >> the new england sports fans are very happy this morning. you know, the red sox won late,
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late last night. >> and you? >> no, i'm not a new england sports fan at all. it's well known. all the people that work with our morning joe will be jumping up and down. i know. not you and i. the middle of the country we are watching a lot of heavy rain and thunderstorms up through the northern plain, big storm system unlike the one two weeks ago. doesn't have quite as much cold air to work with. there will be know in wyoming at the higher elevations but not like the blizzard of two weeks ago. rain left over around ft. worth and dallas. minor travel trouble there. the eastern seaboard is looking okay. from philadelphia northward, a really beautiful weekend but around d.c. and virginia and maryland and delaware that storm kept us kind of cloudy and drizzly with periods of rain all weekend long. much improved weather today. d.c. should be 70 and mostly sunny to partly cloudy. all the stormy weather in the middle of the country. should stay nice. it looks like probably until
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thursday. we got a nice period. going to be very warm so enjoy it. >> i know. i will and out there doing just that. do the republicans pull a fast one with the last-minute rule change that controls the government shutdown? ♪ [ male announcer ] you say mango. ♪ old el paso says mango salsa
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now here's your first look at scrambled politics. texas senator ted cruz won the straw poll with 42% of the vote. conservative doctor ben carson and rick santorum tied for second. maryland attorney general douglas gansler is in trouble. the ag often directors troopers to turn on sirens and speed through traffic. the democratic candidate for governor often flipped the switches himself. texas congressman louis gohmert still doesn't know if he will support the debt ceiling. if the limit isn't extended the president should be thrown out of office and says a u.s.
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default is an impeach many offense. sarah palin made her first campaign appearance. she pulled into new jersey for republican candidate steve lonegan. gabby giffords has become a major face in the national conversation over gun control since being shot back nearly three years ago. gun owner herself she asked people to come together to stop the violence. >> now is the time to come together. be responsible. democrats, republicans, everyone, we must never stop fighting. fight, fight, fight. be bold. >> the stat tu of liberty was one of national parks to re-open. the state of new york will pay the government $61,000 a day to operate lady liberty.
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leaders of the grand canyon and mt. mushmore struck similar deals. apparently a special rule was enacted in house by republicans on october 1st. saturday maryland congressman chris van holland challenges it with jason chafen. take a look. >> the rules committee under the rules of the house changed the standing rules of the house to take away the right of any member to move to vote to open the government and gave that right exclusively to the republican leader. is that right. >> the house adopted that resolution. >> joining me "the washington post" reporter david nakamura. good morning. so, explain what happened here and how this rule prevents anyone except for republican majority leader eric cantor from bringing a bill to the floor to fund the government and end the shutdown. >> this is something republicans wanted to do before the government shut down because they wanted to keep control of this debate. as you know the democrats and
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president obama saying, look, the senate passed a bill. let's put it on the floor of the house. it will pass with a majority. the republicans don't want to do it so passed this resolution. that you just showed the clip about to say only the house majority can do it. that is what is holding this up. democrats are keeping the pressure on saying let's bring it to a vote. it won't happen until they're comfortable with it. >> where do we go? >> look, it's been looking more likely it will go down to the wire as these things always have the past two years. this is the fourth time we were doing it. obviously the stakes are higher and the government remains shut down. it's a big problem and you have now the senate majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mick connell negotiating with some extent to each other and saying, hey, let's rise about this and try to get a big deal but, you know, the devil is in the details. right now they talked over the weekend but still far apart and i think you're looking at this
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going down to wednesday night, possibly and really each side sort of staring at each down to the wire. it's making obviously the markets nervous and other, as well. >> i'll ask you a question about the washington redskins. you're there in washington in the fish bowl where the faithful are. where they live and breathe. >> the owner says the redskin fans don't necessarily favor name change. the president said this within the past two weeks that he himself would think about changing the name at the owned the team. that was a big moment in the debate and i think a lot are hoping they change but no sign that he will do so. he had said the name is here to
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say. pressure could continue but nfl might step in. >> nice to see you. >> you too. headlines on this incredible bridge collapse all caught on tape coming up next. [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. ido more with less with buless energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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they have frozen the construction materials for the palestinian territory. six red cross workers and a red crescent volunteer have been kidnapped in a town in northwest syria. it's not clear who abducted them, but the area is controlled by rebel forces. nfl commissioner roger goodell said he believes the redskins owner snyder is way down the road on changing the team name. ranchers in south dakota lost tens of thousands of cattle in last week's blizzard when up to 4 feet of snow fell. some ranchers lost more than 50% of their herds and few of them have insurance. and an eastern china surveillance video shows dozens of visitors falling into the of visitors falling into the water as a food bridge to a ferry collapsed. the life rings helped people in the water, and ten people were sent to the hospital.
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bill karins and richard lui will be here for first buzz. who played the most postseason games in major league baseball history, derek jeter, david justice, bernie williams or jorge posada? ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer. for $499 a ♪onth for 27 months. (announcer) answer the call of the grill with new friskies grillers, full of meaty tenders and crunchy bites.
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so, okay. before the break, we asked who has played the most postseason games in major league baseball history? is it derek jeter, david justice, bernie williams or jorge posada? anyone? anyone. >> my boyfriend.
5:27 am
>> your boyfriend. >> derek jeter. >> it's derek jeter. >> that's a whole season. >> i went with jorge posada. it is time for first buzz and richard's talking about kissing. not me. >> yeah, so a couple interesting studies coming out from a couple of journals, why do we smooch? came from the journal archives of sexual behavior. evidently, you might find this interesting or, duh, it's sort of a lead-up to mating. two, it's to cement relationships and, three, trial runs and actually -- >> trial runs. >> it found attractive people kissed more because attractive people were able to have more potential mates so the way they went through them and vet the these mates is to kiss them. >> do you find that true? >> to vet -- to figure out -- in other words, do you marry the person who kisses the best? >> maybe.
5:28 am
you probably should. >> you heard stories of the sloppy kissers put off to the side, right? >> and we have. bill karins, first buzz. >> 98-year-old grandmother living by herself in a house. need to check on grandma. this woman in cocoa beach, florida, 98-year-old reported some bees in her attic. 20,000 bees. >> $20,000. they were just literally honeycombs covering her entire attic and heard some buzzing occasionally. if you're 98 -- >> never stung? >> they never got into her house. they were all up in her attic. 20,000 >> that's a lot of honey. >> you think the honey would be dripping down. >> probably keeping the building together. >> great news. our jobs are safe. new pew research poll says people at home get their news by watching television and more watch broadcast news but it is the cable news that people are
5:29 am
actually -- that keep people more engaged. 38% of adults watch some cable news. watching for at least one hour. so good for us. >> very impassioned. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "first look." stay tuned because "way too early" starts right now. s. bases loaded. two outs. hard hit into right. back at the wall. tie game! big papi. the grand slam. >> that was absolutely amazing, what a night for boston sports as the red sox completes comele back. the pats have magic of their own. what you may have missed. revelation from michael douglas. he said he never had throat cancer. why he misled the public and the government shutdown as


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