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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 16, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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less burdensome regulations. >> and to kick that half breed out of the oval office before we turn america over to the -- >> you're really not helping? >> i'm sorry. does my freedom fighting bother you? >> what did you call me. >> you heard me, chairman mao. >> that's it. you [ bleep ] nut job. come on. come on. take it off. let's go. put them up. >> the republican party, let's bring america together. >> available at walgreen's. >> unfortunately might not be far from the truth. we are inching closer to the debt ceiling deadline and house republicans still don't want to play ball so it's now back in the senate's court. yep, it was a mixed metaphor but you get the point. we'll break it down. we well established it's never too early to talk about 2016 and appears that hillary clinton might be trying to separate herself from joe biden apparently taking some thinly veiled shots at him. we'll tell you what issue she seems to be referencing quite a
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bit. amy poehler and tina fey living to host one more day as we begin this wednesday edition of hueway. here on "way too early." good morning, everybody. brian shactman, october the 16th. a little later in sports we will talk about the u.s. soccer team at the same time saving the world cup chances of another country while destroying the hopes of another. an important day today in politics and for this country as i just mentioned, we begin with the waning hopes of a deal in washington as political posturing put the united states on the brink of default. the nation is facing a po downgrade of its credit rating because of the, quote, political brinksmanship and reduced financing flexibility of the united states. last night leaders from both parties in the senate scrambled to restart negotiations to end the shutdown and extend the
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treasury's borrowing limits after a deal in the house of representatives fell apart. earlier in the day majority leader harry reid and senator mitch mcconnell put their proposal on hold to allow the house to act first. but after a full day of negotiations house speaker john boehner was not able to deliver the republican votes necessary to pass the bill after it was deemed unacceptable by many conservatives. democrats in particular were outraged that the house leadership for setting back negotiations about 24 hours and putting all of washington under intense pressure to strike a last-minute deal. >> we felt blindsided by the news by the house but this is isn't the first time. extremist republicans in the house are attempting to torpedo the senate's bipartisan progress with a bill that can't pass the senate, can't pass the senate and won't pass the senate. i'm very disappointed with john boehner who had once again tried
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to preserve his role at the expense of the country. >> the problem that we've got is that for speaker boehner, for example, him negotiating with me isn't necessarily good for the extreme faction in his caucus. it weakens them, so there have been repeated situations where we have agreements then he goes back and it turns out that he can't control his caucus, so the challenge here is can you deliver on agreements that are made? >> all right, now after failing to produce a plan of their own and stalling the senate's negotiations, here's what needs to happen today. if the senate finishes a deal and passes it the leadership will bring the senate bill to the floor for a vote and that will pass with democrat support. one aide says "it's all over. we'll take the senate deal" and another says it's "time to roll over." republican leadership is also under fire from conservative groups, heritage action came out against the house plan for not
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taking a strong enough stand against obama care. and the senate conservative fund says senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is leading the surrender on the affordable care act and the debt limitment for some it's time to put the fight on hold and get the government back up and running. senator john mccain said "republicans have to understand we have lost this battle. we were demanding something that was not achievable." senator lindsey graham said "speaker boehner was becoming a victim of a failed strategy saying republican has gone too far and screwed up." congressman peter king looked at the entire situation saying "this party is going nuts." now, let's see how this is affecting wall street and the global marketplace. geoff cutmore here with us live in london. ratings agency fitch threatening a downgrade of the u.s. credit rating and i guess for the viewer out there, what does that
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mean both now with the warning and also if it actually happens? >> yeah, well, it's fascinating because it's not the first time that america has faced a ratings downgrade. in fact, s&p took down its aaa rating on the united states a couple of years back here. so what does it mean if fitch now moves from this negative rating that they've imposed to a knockdown on the aaa? the question really is we don't know. i mean the answer is we don't know. in reality, it meant nothing when we saw s&p do it. in fact, if anything, it reinforced the view that the u.s. was still the best house in a bad neighborhood when you looked at the situation in europe and in emerging markets. but now we have the debt ceiling issue there and the prospect or the potential for a default may be that changing the situation anticipate tests the holders of treasury's nerves. we watch this carefully but no
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immediate reaction really in the fixed income markets. i want to move you on. there is another story that, again, people are watching closely in these markets and that's whether the treasury is able to prioritize its payments and just make sure bond holders get their coupons paid. perhaps ahead of social security payments or to government workers. there is an argument going on, jack lew at the treasury says, yes, we can prioritize to a certain extent. moody's says i'm not sure if your system will work effecti effectively to do that that's the current state taking place over what payments could be maid if this goes over the cliff. >> secures the credit if you pay the bonds but political ily it's tough if you don't send out the social security checks so it's a real tricky balance. i just noticed the stock futures are positive. either the global market reaction, what was it overheight and what do we expect in europe, as well? >> well, there is this hue and
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maybe it's complacent but that the deal will ultimately get done, the u.s. will not default. worth pointing out the s&p is still up 5% from its september all-time high on nervousness around this debt ceiling story, brian so the market still very, very concerned that the politicians pushed this one all the way. back to you. >> thanks invest, geoff. as a point person for obama care, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is facing serious pressure. a number of republicans are calling for heiress significant nation because of the hiccups with the launch of the online insurance market and some think that's a euphemism to call it a hiccup. the white house says she's not going anywhere. >> secretary does the full confidence of the president. she like everyone else in this effort is focused on our number one priority which is making the implementation of the affordable care act work well and people are working 24/7 to address the
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problems and isolate them and fix them. when it comes to the website and enrollment issues. >> a lot of americans have been simply unable to sign up at because of error messages, long delays answer website failures. the obama admission says it's not sure how many americans have successfully signed up. there's new speculation in 2016 in terms of the presidential race pitting two top democratic contenders against one another. you probably remember this dramatic photo from the situation room during the bin laden raid that featured hillary clinton and vice president joe biden. well, clinton is apparently starting to take some swipes at biten for opposing the raid. the atlanta journal-constitution says when asked about it a state representative present there, republican tom tyler says clinton stressed that she strongly supported the raid but that vice president biden advised against it.
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clinton also reportedly made a similar statement at an event in new york. amid the fiscal crisis the president obama awarded army captain swenson the medal of honor. he was in afghanistan when a group of soldiers and marines in 2009, they were ambushed by taliban fighters. they faced rocket propelled get nads, mortars and machine gun fire. army commanders would not provide backup air support. eventually four died in that and one of the enduring images of the battle was captured on a helmet cam as swenson helped the fallen comerad to safety and leaves a kiss on his forehead. >> americans like will remind us of what our country can be at its best, a nation of citizens who look out for one another, who meet our obligations to one another, not just when it's easy but also when it's hard. will swenson was there for his
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brothers. he was there for their families. as a nation we thank god that patriots like him are there for us all. >> it is the second time in the last 50 years that two service members who fought in the very same battle have been given the honor. the other was marine sergeant dakoda mire. two florida girls are facing felony charges accused of bullying one of their classmates so much she eventually committed suicide. rebecca sedwick jumped from the top of an abandoned cement plant last month but the sheriff in her hometown made a stunning announcement. two girls aged 12 and age 14 would be charged as juveniles with aggravated stalking in connection. nbc news is not identifying the girls but they are accused of bullying her physically and digitally. one of them wrote to her "drink bleach and die." but the turning point in the case came saturday when one of the girls was accused of writing on face, yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself
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but idgaf. which stands for i don't give an expletive. the message ended with a heart symbol. >> last night because we learned of this over the weekend, we decided that, look, we can't leave her out there. who else is she going to torment? who else is she going to harass? who's the next person that she verbally and mentally abuses and attacks. >> we opened our show with the news of new explosive packages planted an l.a. international airport. decarlo bennett is accused of taking dry ice from a plane and putting it in plastic bottles around the airport. two of them exploded sunday and monday but to one hurt. bennett has been charged with possession and explosion of a destructive device near an aircraft. his bail, set at $1 million. well, this is anything but sweet news for coca-cola. they're admits diet coke is
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under pressure as customers are more concerned about artificial sweeteners. the head of the north american division admitted in a conference call with industry analysts as much. coca-cola launched its first ad this past summer defending the safety of aspartame. still coke and pepsi are both working on natural diet sweeteners to solve this particular problem. sort of brings us to our twitter question. all about tweeteners. hans regul hans regal, we want to honor his death. what's your favorite bite-sized candy? i'm focused on the candy corn in my house. can't eat less than six at a time. #waytoosweet and still ahead on "way too early" a big home run gave the lead.
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we'll see if the comeback was enough to even the series. oreos, they're dangerous. i can't have less than four and they could be more dangerous than you think. that's right. you might want to think twice before you twist them. i'm not a twist guy. double stuff, whole cookie, boom, down, three bites and milk. that's it with a check on weather next. >> all right. cheers all around. >> there she goes. being rufshed off to a waiting ambulance. and off to the hospital. [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance
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that ball was driven to left and it is long gone. matt holliday. >> he absolutely crushed that and that was his very first hit of the series and it's a big onon one, two run, homer gives st. louis a 3-0 lead. dodgers, seventh, cut the lead to 1. pinch hitter shane robinson gives the cards a little bit of a cushion, another long ball. cards take a 4-2 lead and that would be your final score. by the way, let's take a look at this guy. that's what bryan cranston looks like when he's not walter white. a little unhappy in his dodgers cap. the outcome not good for dodger fans. they lose and they're down 3-1 in the series. detroit, sox and tigers game three, john lackey and justin ver lapder of detroit old-fashioned pitcher's duel. verlander pitching to mike napoli. >> high fly ball to left center.
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back at the wall. the red sox have taken the lead. >> that's a solo run off verlander. that's all they would need. boston takes a 2-1 series lead. gave up two run answer six hits with 35 strikeouts in 21 innings after losing the series 2-1. >> the red sox pitch something good. >> yeah, just been amazing. i think the hitters have been a little too apprehensive. game four is at 8:00 tonight in detroit. cards and dodgers game, at 4:00 this afternoon in l.a. to soccer, the u.s. has already clinched a world cup berth and top spot in the qualifying group. that gives them a chance to spoil the chances of another country. panama who needed a win to jump foot final spot. match tied at 2 in stoppage time. johansson -- >> nice. >> the game winner.
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s that's dashing their hopes. they gave up. now the team's twitter account had a message for their rivals. "you're welcome mexico because mexico gets it that spot. they get to play i think it's new zealand for -- >> throw it and not -- >> listen, they're already in. you just got to feel bad. even jorgen klinsmann is like, i feel terrible. my country where i grew up, germany, we play until we absolutely hear the whistle and the game is over. that's what his team did. >> mexico/u.s. is a good rivalry. maybe they'll meet in the world cup. >> i don't want to see them in world cup. >> yeah, i know. let's talk about the forecast and get you out the door on this wednesday. a little bit of light rain to deal with. no big huge storms but buffalo, pittsburgh, cleveland, down through kentucky too. we have light rain for you as the kids head out the door to the bus stop. we've had rain in texas for like four days in a row now. a little light rain left
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shifting south of dallas. shreveport, little rock, austin, san antonio have the umbrella. it's cold back behind this storm. it's 28 this morning in denver. i mean that's like glove, hats and mittens, as far as 45 in minneapolis, cooler in chicago too. enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. only got a couple more days and today will be beautiful. 72 in d.c., 76 in atlanta. all signs are pointing, brian, next week, a week from right now it will get very cold from the great lakes to the east coast. a big change coming? >> enjoy it while we can. yesterday was gorgeous. coming up at the top of the hour, speaker john boehner remains stuck in the middle. between party mott r-- moderate. what will be next? when we come back here we huddle around the cooler. two of the most popular women in comedy now expanding their resumes with new hosting gigs. where you'll see more of tina fey and amy poehler when "way too early" comes back.
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at the top of the show we talked about the latest recipient of the medal of honor. army captain william swenson. want to sound smart, tell your friends he became the sixth living recipient of the medal of honor from the wars in afghanistan and iraq. also the first army officer to receive the military's highest honor since vietnam. put aside the news here.
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go to the cooler. louis, good morning. >> good morning. thanks so much. amy poehler and tina fey are both pretty funny women. when they hosted the golden globes they were almost universally applauded and may have been looking towards the future. >> we want to assure you we have no intention of being edgy or offensive because as ricky learned the hard way when you run afoul of the hollywood foreign press they make you host the show two more times. >> the dynamic duo will be back hosting it for the next two years. "the hollywood reporter" said producers said 20 million tuned in to last year's show. this one will air january the 12th. now, not exactly the loch ness monster but pretty close. they discovered the body of this 18-foot oarfish off the california coast. it took 15 people to haul it in. the oar fish is the largest of
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all bony fish but at 18 feet this was pretty small. they can grow to more than 50 feet. they're female because they usually live hundreds of feet under the sea. it's one of the most basic fun games that you could play in the school playground. but this one principal think it's too dangerous so she's banning it, tag. she's banning tag at her school. she said there's been some injures related to tag says as you know recess game tag involves one or more players chasing other players in an attempt to tag or touch them. one parent said sarcastically our kids shut be wrapped in bubble wrap and sent to school. if you want play tag on a school playground, what's the point of going to school? now, finally, my favorite story of the morning, have you ever wondered why you can't stop eating a package of oreos? well, you may finally have your answer. a brand-new study found that the cookies were just as addictive
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as cocaine. that's right. students at a connecticut college used lab rats. they called behavior similar to behavior caused by cocaine use and like many of the rats they seem to like the creamy white center. the study like all of us, of course, the study supports the therry that high fat and sugar foods estimate late the brain and has the same effect that drugs do and all i know, brian, i love my oreo cookies, you though what i mean. i eat them all morning. it doesn't faze me that i'm addicted. >> you're in oreo -- good that we may be back in the party case. we made the right choice. i chose oreos. we chose them. thank you, louis. can you do it again. ah, de his that one? keep going, louis. still ahead on "way too early." fo #waytoosweet.
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come on. let's see it. nice. keep going. [ making seal noises ] >> we'll be right back. ♪ might as well face it ♪
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