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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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depart, i say, and let us have done with you. in the name of god, go. >> that's what oliver cromwell said. thanks so much for watching. stay with msnbc for continued coverage on capitol hill. next up, my friend, ed schultz. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. think about it. 800,000 workers tonight are saying, "let's get to work." ♪ >> this legislation needs a standoff. >> this debate and this fight will continue in the months ahead. >> because i don't want no scrubs. >> really? ♪ scrubs ♪ no >> no, no, no. now it's time for republicans -- other crucial goals.
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>> i personally am calling to impeach the president of the united states. >> the repeal of obama care is a matter of life and death. >> you think you have a lot of voices in your head. >> right, because i do. >> well then you do have a lot. >> i wish to god somebody would do something to block out the voices in my head for five minutes. >> mike lee, i am your father. >> a lot of conservatives, myself included, in spirit, love the kind of fight in ted cruz. >> the unusual power of ted cruz. >> i think we have seen a remarkable thing happen. >> what are you doing here? you're partied out, man. again. >> i'm oh optimistic the spirit of compromise has taken root in the senate over the last two days. >> i'm going to use a highly technical term. that's bologna. ♪ no scrubs ♪ no-no >> you mean we're not going to have a default? we're actually going to pay our bills? the republicans actually have a pulse, and there might even be some kind of a conscience? i'm glad i'm wrong.
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this is a real good subject to be wrong on. because i thought we were headed for default. so if the republicans are going out for a couple of cool ones tonight, they should probably go on over to the recovery room, because there are no political winners in the republican circle. it's a sad commentary. it's unfortunate that we have shown the world that it can get this bad in america. this was an unnecessary exercise from start to finish. and so the breaking news tonight is, folks, that the senate has reached a deal! that's right. to fund the government through january 15th and raise the debt limit to february 7th. so we get to do this all over again, because we know the republicans are going to change. the argument strengthens. this agreement strengthens obama care. this is not a real big deal, okay? fine. what's wrong with that?
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no big loss there. at all, politically. it also creates a negotiating committee charged with finding a long-term budget solution. that's where it's going to get really, really interesting. the democrats have wanted this committee for a long, long time. they have wanted to go to conference. the republicans have said no. so that is yet another victory for the democrats, and the american workers. the positive news tonight, folks, it's not this agreement. okay, it is. but 600, 800,000 workers tonight are saying, well, i guess i'm going to work tomorrow. and this has really been completely unnecessary across the board. now, the sfat is expected to vote on the bill between right now and 8:00 tonight. and they're expected to pass this measure, no problem. and if it happens in this hour, we'll bring you the results live. the house is expected to take a vote tonight, where it also is expected to pass. but you never know. it probably will, which is the
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good news. and senate republicans indicated they will not delay a vote, and here he comes with his big texas hat on, looking for attention again. ted cruz said today that he will not filibuster the bill, that he will not stand in the way. but, you know what? he was sure quick to get into action to go do some face-saving camera talk. he ran to the cameras with some, i think, remarkable spin. >> we saw the house of representatives take a courageous stand, listening to the american people, that everyone in washington weeks earlier said would never happen. that was a remarkable victory, to see the house engage in a profile in courage. unfortunately, the senate chose not to follow the house. and in particular, we saw real division among senate republicans. that was unfortunate. i would point out that had senate republicans united and supported house republicans, the outcome of this, i believe, would have been very, very different. >> oh, no, it wouldn't.
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that's just procrastinating. that's just forecasting. that's bad weather right there. this guy is a looney. he really is. and he has embarrassed the united states senate. there is a difference between a legislative fight and the kind of fight that he staejed, which was totally unnecessary to hurt a lot of americans. now, this all started because this guy want wanted to defund obama care. he made a name for himself, quickly, in a matter of months, running around the country, hyping up crowds, saying it was actually possible to do when his own caucus was saying no, we can't do that. so obama care is going to be fully funded, full lie implemented. on january 1st. a loss for the republicans. they want to fight another day, fine. let's get it on. the president of the united states, maybe he learned some lessons in the summer of 2011, but certainly the president has strengthened his position, and shown his liberal base that he
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can say no to these radicals and he can hold his ground. way to go. we've kind of been waiting for that. i'm glad it happened. republicans have absolutely accomplished nothing through this entire exercise. not a thing. no political expert is running to every camera saying, hey, this is really good for the republican party. because a public opinion right now, it's lower than whale manure when it comes to what the american people think of the republican party. in fact, i'm not going to spend a lot of time on this program and weeks to come saying what's wrong with the republican party, how are they going to bounce back? i really don't care. i don't think americans care about if the republicans bounce back to become a viable entity in american politics anymore. you know what americans care about? they care about jobs. they care about paying the bills. the other thing that i think is a big scab that has been ripped off all of this, there has been a complete exposure to just
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novice news consumers who may not pay too much attention to the minutia of washington, the power of outside groups have been exposed in a totally different way. what john boehner did last night when the heritage action group decided to jump into the game one last time, and he pulled that bill away from the floor, that said an awful lot. and it opened up the eyes to a lot of democrats that, you know, maybe we really can't deal with these people. they are puppets. then this is the one that gets me the big loss, the gop has scarred themselves with veterans. after using the veterans as nothing but political pawns, and flat-outlying about who is at fault for the shutdown and who orchestrated the whole thing, now they have to go back and home and tell veterans that they're their friend? i doubt it. in talking about going back home and explaining things, how long did it take this guy to get to work today?
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john boehner called up his home state of ohio today, thought he would do a little interview on the radio with low-rated talker, right-winger, bill cunningham. listen to this. >> john, how are you? >> hey, bill, i'm doing good. >> are you sure you're doing good? >> yeah, i am doing good. >> tell me why. >> we have been locked in a fight over here, trying to bring government down to size, trying to do our best to stop obama care. we fought the good fight. we just didn't win. >> we just didn't win. we fought the good fight. we just didn't win. so it's a big political game. i thought boehner was saying not long ago that it was no game. so all of you workers out there, you middle classers who have had to go through this gut-wrenching time, we're seeing your finances are being torn in the lot, throughout the entire financial sector, throughout all of the anguish we have gone through. eh, it's just a little political fight boehner has been getting into the last few weeks. no big deal. it was a fight and we lost. there's more. boehner also gave us a preview
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of what we can expect in the months to come. >> can you win december 15th when ryan and patty murray get together and do this deal? is this like a step on the ladder? >> well, i would hope so. but we'll see. you know, every time i've gotten into a discussion with the president, vice president, the democrats here in washington, and talking about entitlement changes, trying to make these programs sustainable, all they want to do is raise taxes. we can't do that unless you're willing to raise taxes. and so if they're going to hold on to their position we're always going to raise taxes, we're not going to come to an agreement. >> i tell you what, he hadn't even had the vote up tonight on the house floor, already back home lying. social security will go through adjustments, but right now for decades to come it is sustainable and a program that, oh, by the way, measures like. medicare will go through some adjustments, and the american people like it and don't want to
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priest eyes it and don't want vouchers, rejected in the last election. and the other thing about taxes, whose taxes have gone up because of barack obama and the democrats? well, if you smoke cigarettes, your taxes have gone up. maybe your local property taxes have gone up. your federal taxes went back after the bush tax cuts expired. but barack obama hasn't laid anything new on you at all. so it didn't take boehner very long to go home and try to mop up with his old buddy, bill cunningham. and, oh, by the way, talking about saving money, the congressional budget office has repeatedly said and put out reports saying that obama care will save us money. get your cell phones out. tonight's question. who is the bigger loser, ted cruz or john boehner? text a for ted cruz. text b for john boehner. 67622. you can always go to our blog at
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ed.msn we'll bring the results later in the show. this has been a real listen for liberals in this country. because oftentimes there's a crack in the armor. oftentimes there's some water slipping through the wall, so to speak. it didn't happen this time. a lot of credit goes to this man for keeping the caucus strong. congressman steny hoyer of maryland, who serves as the house minority whip. this is a good day at the office, steny, if the votes go the way we think they're going to go. hundreds of thousands of workers are going to go back to work tomorrow. the government is going to be open and we fight for another day. your take at this hour, where we are, sir. >> well, i think we're going to do the right thing. we're certainly not doing the perfect thing. but we're doing the right thing. and it's never the wrong time to do that. i'm glad that we have come to this agreement. the country is the loser in this so far. hundreds of thousands of people laid off, millions of people lost services from their
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government. and the reputation of the united states of america has been tarnished. we'll get it back. we're a great country, we're going to confront these. but we cannot continue this government by crisis and this government by hostage-taking. it will not be a sustainable policy for republicans to follow. >> okay. so that -- >> they have done it once, they have now done it twice. and let's hope on january 15th they don't repeat this performance, because the country is the loser and the american people have been the loser. >> congressman, there's not a whole lot of difference between what you're going to vote on tonight and what you could have voted oranges the continuing resolution just a couple of weeks ago. so this -- >> yep. >> so this has been an unnecessary political exercise that has hurt a lot of americans. it's also questioned our position of the world financially in the markets. can you count on the united states. and, you know, ted cruz has got the kind of peshlt he could have changed his mind and blocked
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this thing. i mean, this is not a way to run the railroad. can you trust republicans that you're going to get him into conference and you're going to get a budget deal? >> look, i think the american people have made it very clear they want to see responsible government pursued. they don't want to see their government shut down. they don't want to see the government of the united states not pay its bills on time. they thought this was a bad strategy by the republicans. and they have sent that message to them. and i am very hopeful that we will not repeat it. because to repeat it will damage our country and its people. so that this deal -- you are absolutely right, ed. this could have been cut on september 28th. never had a shutdown, never had a debt at risk, paying our bills. and let me say on that, it's unfortunate that we haven't extended the authority to pay our bills well through 2015, frankly, to give the markets confidence, to give job
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creation -- >> well, that would help the economy and the republicans don't want that. >> absolutely. and so let's hope that they don't put the -- paying our bills at risk again on february 7th. we need to come to a reasonable agreement. we're prepared to do that. move forward, but stop this government by crisis. >> congressman, it's interesting. john boehner calls back home to a cincinnati radio station today. he's quick to say about the conference committee every time he talks to you guys, all you talk about is raising taxes. i mean, you haven't even gone to conference committee yet and he's already throwing bashs. in fact, you haven't even voted on this deal yet and he's already throwing barbs, saying what it's going to be like dealing with the democrats. your reaction to that. >> the real issue is paying our bills. paying our bills to educate our kids, to keep our veterans in the kind of benefits that they deserved and earned. to keep social security going. the issue is about paying america's bills. not raising taxes, but paying our bills. and deciding what we want to do
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on a rational basis to make sure that american families, american children, american seniors, american veterans, have the kind of quality of life that we want them to have in this country. >> yeah. >> that's what this conference is about. and, frankly, as you know, ed, we have been asking to go to this conference for six months. >> yeah. >> chris van hollen, ranking democrat, asking to go to conference 17 times, and we have not been able to get there. i'm glad we're going there. let's hope we go there with an intent to agree upon a reasonable course of action. >> steny, what do you expect out of john boehner? at one time he said that bashob care, the affordable care act, was the law of the land. is this going to continue on? do you think that we are going to just keep playing this all the way into 2014 about defunding obama care and chipping away at something that is going to work and is going to save lives? >> ed, you just talked about some of the outside groups. as a matter of fact, those very
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outside groups within the last 48 hours have been owe giving the answer to that question is yes, they want to continue to talk about something that almost every rational republican and commentator, independent or otherwise, said, look, this strategy is not going to work. they pursued that strategy in any event. i'm hopeful that john boehner, mitch mcconnell, will not pursue this strategy again, because it clearly will not work, shouldn't work, and we ought to get down to -- >> but you have no assurances they won't go down this road again, do you? >> no, we don't. >> okay. and i think that's -- >> but let me tell you, e. the american public needs to -- and voters and every one of these districts needs to tell every one of us shall don't do this. stop this playing games. get them to work. make sense with one another and for our country. >> congressman hour hoyer, congratulations on the resolve. i think the president also deserves an awful lot of credit,
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stuck to his guns throughout the whole thing and this is only going to embolden the democrats further as negotiations. because we know they're going after the big three. they're going after the entitlements, earned benefit programs. that's the big prize. and that, of course, is trying to take down obama care. steny, great to have you with us tonight. thank you. >> thanks, ed. you bet. remember to answer tonight's question and share your thoughts on twitter on ed show and facebook. we appreciate it when you do that. up next, ted cruz burns in his status as a political hot third rail. plus, some millionaires in detroit get a taste of what real people in the city face. when the lights go out. ♪ ♪ when the lights go down in the city ♪ you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief.
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time now for the trenders. the ed show social media. sirius xm 127, and on facebook and twitter @edshow. our folks are reporting, the trenders, obviously, social media all about what we try to do here. we're reporting tonight. here are the top trenders voted on by you. >> okay. i guess i can play a little ditty. >> the number-three trender. band leader. >> at his alma mater, usc. ♪ >> will is the first nondrum major to wear the full costume in the history of the band. >> will farrell shows his usc spirit. >> great day, college for cancer day, a program awarding scholarships for cancer survivors. so good on you, will farrell. ♪
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♪ aqua lung >> the number two trender, power hitter. >> the lights have gone out. at least the majority of them. >> the score boards are flashing around the sides of the ballpark. >> detroit's ballpark goes dark during the american league championship series. >> not exactly super bowl xlvii. >> reporter: these lights have not come back on. it will take 15 to 20 minutes to get the lights powered up. >> honey? >> and today's top trender, texas two-step. >> do you like green eggs and ham? >> mike lee, i am your father. >> could you, would you, with a goat? >> the songs amazing grace and the theme from gilligan's island are musically interchangable. >> i would not, could not, with a goat. >> the houston chronicle walks back its endorsement of ted cruz. >> all caps, and three
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exclamation marks. i'll let you decide whether that's a good or bad thing. ♪ >> let's bring in senator ben cardin of maryland. good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, ed. good to be with you. >> the tea party has -- really infiltrated our government and done some real harm to us on an international level when it comes to how people view us. and at the heart of all of this in the senate is ted cruz. are other senators expecting this is just the way it's going to be dealing with this guy, that one guy can gum up the works and cause the country so many problems? >> well, ed, this shutdown of government has really hurt our economy, hurt our country, hurt a lot of people. and it was totally avoidable. you go back three or four weeks ago, speaker boehner thought he had a plan in order to pass what we call a clean and continuing resolution that would have kept government open. but it was the tea party that
5:24 pm
hijacked that plan, and certainly senator cruz talked about that for a long time on the floor of the united states senate. so there is no question that they have caused harm. the tragedy here is that if we could have had a vote on the floor of the house three weeks ago, we could have kept government open. >> are they going to use the same strategy the next time around? steny hoyer, from your state over on the house side tells me there is no guarantees, that this isn't the kind of shenanigans you're going to be subjected to in the future. this could just be kicking the can down the road, buying a little bit more time, but they're still republicans. >> you know, such harm was caused to this country because of the shutdown. the near violation of our credit limits also caused this country real damage. i just hope that those who have been just ridiculous in the way that they have failed to work together will realize that the american people won't tolerate this type of harm to our country. so, yes, we have a heavy lift to
5:25 pm
get a budget done by december and pass another budget by january. but i can tell you, there are good people on both sides of the aisle that want to make sure this happens, because they know the harm to our country. i'm not sure everyone gets it yet. but i hope the american people gets it. >> well, are good people going to conference? one -- one of them is an ideolog ideologue. and we know about his antics when it comes to vouchering medicare. he's going to go right down that road again. you know he is. i mean, this is going to be okay tough conference committee. but we're going to be in an ideological logger head again, aren't we? >> it's going to be very challenging, but patty murray, the senate chair, and chris van who wil hollen, house democratic leader, are very talented people. they know the challenge they have.
5:26 pm
they know how difficult it's going to be. if we can keep this as open as possible and the american people understand what's at stake here, we have to act like adults and reach an agreement for the good of this country. >> observe. well, so the next are, you know, weeks to come, the democrats are going to have to get the pulse of the american people again about what do you think about social security, how far are you willing to go, medicare/medicaid. that's where the republicans are going, and, of course, they're going to try to chip away at obama care in conference committee. so resolve is the real word for the democrats again. >> well, i think you're going to find resolve -- our bottom line is, we want our country to grow. we want to create jobs. we want to invest in transportation, infrastructure, transit and energy and education. into research. we want to make sure that we have a balanced way to deal with our budget, including the revenues necessary to fund government, and we're going to fight very hard to make sure our priorities are part of that discussion. we don't expect to win on every issue.
5:27 pm
the bottom line, we need a budget that will allow america to grow and protect those who the most vulnerable. >> senator ben cardin, good to have you with us on "the ed show". thanks. coming up, the world thinks we're all a bunch of boehners. plus, fox's psychoanalysts , keith ab low, needs to take a turn on the curvy couch. next, i'm taking your questions, "ask ed live." that's just ahead. stay with us. [ male announcer ] campbell's angus beef & dumplings.
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you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at welcome back to "the ed show". love your questions on the "ask ed live" segment. first question from jim. what are the chances the government shuts down again in january? 50/50. remember, they're republicans. you just heard on this program in the last segment that the democrats have been given zero guarantees that we aren't going to go through this again. that boehner doesn't have the
5:31 pm
character and, of course, cruz doesn't, to step up and say, you know what, this did damage to the country, wasn't the right way to run the railroad, we're not going down this road again. we've got to win in the arena of ideas. next question from steve highly. which used car dealership will ted cruz be working for after his next election? he'll probably start his own used car lot and it probably won't have a whole hell of a lot of inventory either. i don't think a lot of people want to do business with ted cruz. there is a real sadness to this question, though. because in the united states congress, there has been a tradition of statesmanship, that it is about the country. ted cruz, for a long time, up until the very last second, made it all about him. stick around. rapid response panel coming up next. i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks closing near session
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highs today. the dow surging 205 points. the dow gaining 23. the nasdaq climbing 45. the federal reserve reported the economy grew at a modest pace last month, with concern about the budget impasse. fiscal worries also caused home builder confidence to fall two points in october. and twitter will list its shares on the new york stock exchange. it's eyeing november 15th to start trading. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. ond, sweetie. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain... ♪ ready or not. [ female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked,
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he. welcome back to "the ed show". no maestter the final outcome, e thing is very clear, the damage to our global reputation has already been done. the self inflicted crisis has eroded our credibility across the globe. and the british newspaper put it this way, "the guardian."
5:36 pm
americans need to discover how the world sees them. let's take a look at some of the world's reaction. in france, a headline reads "jefferson, wake up, they became fools." in sri lanka, the good governance advocates cannot govern themselves. in germany, they're saying america is already politically bankrupt. and calling republicans the kamikaze party. heck, even the taliban militants took the opportunity to taunt the united states, the group issued this statement, accusing u.s. politicians of sucking the blood of their own people. without a doubt, our biggest critic in this crisis is china. as the chief holder of u.s. treasury bond, china has a lot at stake. close to $1.3 trillion of u.s. federal debt can be exact -- to be exact, is where it is. china is using this disaster to
5:37 pm
turn out some scathing anti u.s. propaganda and the communist party's mouthpiece "the people's daily" wrote, it is america's arrogance that led to the decision to bypass the united nations and launch a war in iraq and it is the same arrogance that often let's america use domestic policy to kidnap the global economy. another state-run media outlet in china took it a step further, saying, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a deamericanized world. joining me now, our rapid response panel, joan walsh, and goldie taylor, of goldie taylor project and msnbc contributor. well, what an interesting day this has been. joan, you first. this is pretty serious stuff. china is talking about deamericanizing the world. they're certainly not on our side. >> no. >> does this teach our politicians in washington anything? >> i don't know. i don't know that they have -- that the republicans have
5:38 pm
learned anything, ed. you know, christine lagarde, the head of the imf, told david gregory this weekend this mess was a big topic of conversation at the imf, because we are a pillar of the imf, international monetary fund. we're not some debtor nation, you know, that's a failed state they're used to having to swoop in and help. we are the backbone of that organization, like so many organizations. you know, we've had -- we've had crises in our past, and, you know, i think we had a constitutional crisis in 2000 when the supreme court stepped in and did the recount in florida and made george bush president. and democrats grumbled but al gore conceded immediately and fell in mostly behind that president, at least until people began to fall out around the iraq war. these people never once, never for a minute, fell in behind this president. he was elected with 53% of the vote the first time. and they plotted against him, the night that he took office. we have been in a crisis since 2008. and i think the world is just waking up to it, there are some
5:39 pm
people that will not accept legitimacy of this presidency. >> goldie, i think that the republicans are given our adversaries, even though they lend us money, our trade adversaries in a big way, an opportunity to weaken our country. the republicans caused this. they are the ones that decided to shut down the government, that threatened not paying the bills, that hurt us internationally. how does -- how does president obama deal with this? how do the honest brokers in the congress deal with people like this who are idea logs and will do anything to push their gain? >> you know, first ed, i certainly believe in this country and i believe in the strength of this democracy, is it strong and elastic enough to host more voices and not fewer. so i am a person who is in favor of a strong, two-party system or multi-party system, where you have, you know, diverging voices coming together around a table that may agree or disagree.
5:40 pm
but when it comes to how the outside world sees us, that's another story. and so we've got to show a strong and united front to the rest of the world, whether it it is within our foreign affairs or banking relations or what have you. and so i think that, you know, this means real trouble for us when we give fodder to some people who may not have our oh best interests at heart, who may be looking to exploit this situation for their own gain. this is a republican party who constantly talks about how this america looks to the rest of the world under this president. this is a republican party that constantly talks about how we ought to bring stability so that businesses know what we're up to and so that, you know, they can plan for these things and don't contract jobs and support this economy. this is a republican party that is constantly talking about how our reputation impacts us going forward and this is a very same republican party that did everything in its power to crush that reputation around the world. >> so, okay, we're kicking the can down the road, we get to play this game in a few months.
5:41 pm
where is the victory, joan walsh? >> it's really not a victory. i think we're all relieved. it looks like we're not going to default. it looks like we're going to open the government temporarily. but i fear that the three of us are going to be having these same conversations down the road in december, january and february. it's not a victory. the democrats, again, did the responsible thing. they did not give away much, but they did give a little bit. and i don't think that we've broken this fever yet. i think you hear ted cruz and other voices saying we will fight again. we live to fight again. and they will fight again. we cannot delude ourselves. plus i think, you know, we may be fighting amongst ourselves if they're really serious about entitlement cuts, earned benefit cuts, which it sounds like some democrats are serious. >> well, in many ways, the fight has just begun. >> right. >> when you look at the big three and what they really want to do, want to privatize everything, political exhaustion right now, goldie, no room for it, for liberals if they want to protect their ground. this is -- these are election deniers. i mean, you go listen to paul
5:42 pm
ryan, the house budget chairman, you know what he's going to come to the table with. so, you know, they don't want to give anything. they don't want to -- boehner out there today on radio in cincinnati saying every time he talks to a democrat all they want to do is raise taxes. that simply isn't true. so how do you deal with these people? >> you know, i think we're talking to different people today and october 2013 than we're going to be talking to in january or february 2014 when we have med term elections to look forward to. the american people i think have shown very little patience for this kind of brinksmanship and so i think we're going to see somewhat of a different approach coming going forward. we're going to hear entitlements talk about that putting back on the table. we're going to talk about some of the earned benefits americans have received today, that coming back on to the table. we're going to hear a lot about debt and deficits, but i don't think we're going to get back to shutting down the government. i don't think we're going to come back to, you know, the possibility of breaching this debt ceiling. i don't think we're getting back there any time soon.
5:43 pm
just because, you know, the midterm election in 2014 are coming up and we have a handful of tea partyongressman who want to be u.s. senators and don't want this conversation to come up. >> the liberal community in this country, if you care about workers, if you care about american jobs, what's on the table with the transpacific partnership, this is -- this is going to be a big deal. and i think that this -- >> sure. >> this conference committee cannot overshadow that. because it plays directly to american jobs. i mean, there's a lot of business to be done in this country. then there's word now that the world bank is going to subsidize the renewable energy efforts by the chinese in other countries. >> yeah. >> and so we know that the policies of the republican party certainly, and the conservative movement, do not protect workers. >> no, and i think this is part of the strategy, too, as long as we're fighting these battles and as long as we're trying to keep them from taking something away from people, we're not arguing to give more to people, to grow the economy. you know, barack obama had a
5:44 pm
chance, has a chance, had a mandate, you know, still has a mandate to do what fdr did. fdr built an opportunity ladder for the 20th century and he built that vast middle class that many of us came from. we need to do that again. barack obama had a shot, has a shot, to do that again. he had a mandate to do that again coming out of the financial crisis. and they stopped him. you know? >> that's right, joan. we're not talking about the jobs act. we're not talking about immigration. we're not talking about those things that could actually fuel this economy. again, like you said, we're talking about what we're not going to take away from people, rather than what we're going to invest in the communities that need it most. >> right. >> goldie taylor, joan walsh. coming up, debbie wasserman schultz joins us for the punchout. ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software.
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says he's got president obama figured out as the victim in chief. >> there's a real victim mentality here. that explains why he wouldn't negotiate with hostage-takers and victim eyesers. i think the president going back to when his dad abandoned him, when his mother left him with his grandparents, when he describes as grandmother assent mating, that she didn't trust men of color. that all of those things led him to feel victimized, hurt and injured. and he has extended it to this country. more food stamps. don't learn to feed yourself. don't find it within yourself to pull yourself up. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. did you hear the first part of that sound bite? did he just call the republicans hostage-takers? kind of interesting. keith ablow knows abandonment. he tried to run for massachusetts senate seat, this year on one condition, the republican party would not
5:50 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is the show for those who take a shower after work. this show down is coming to an end, we hope. democrats are ready for the next round. it could cost some big time in 2014. once this vote is settled, i guess could you say the election starts, because the issues in conference committee is going to be what the next election is all about. the dccc put out ads. this is a simple example of republicans getting what they
5:55 pm
deserved. they were reckless enough to shut down the government to stop people from getting health care and for democrats this is fuel on the political fire. the fire is spreading to elections and distribucts all or the country. bill de blasio didn't take a traditional play at same strategy at all of a front runner. he extended his opponent and branded him as a textbook republican. >> you can't have it both ways. i think when the republican primary was going on, mr. lhota wanted to prove he was a republican. now he's going to have to appeal to the mainstream. >> seems to me republicans are going to need a pretty big bucket of water to put this fire out. up until now, speaker boehner and ted cruz were only fan being the flames. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz joins us.
5:56 pm
>> great to be back. >> really, there are no winners here. and this is a can kicker. and it's a chance for both parties to go at each other again to get what they want. how do you see this? >> well, i see it that thankfully we are, going to reopen the government and make sure that we don't default on our nation's debt and will pay the bills. we're at a place where we should have been two weeks ago. we shouldn't have shut down the government. it didn't have to be this way. but we've gotten to a point where now we vo a chance. we're going to have a budget committee conference finally where we can hash out what the appropriate spending levels are. hopefully get rid of these irresponsible sequester cuts and focus on more targeted spending more targeted cuts. >> on this that the republicans have requested, the republicans, they don't say no, that's not
5:57 pm
true. who's telling the truth here? what's going on? >> i mean, it just, i don't know what truth they are subscribing to. we have a budget that passed the house, one that passed the senate. we've been trying to get the republicans to appoint conferees, and they've refused. we have only been able to send a handful of our appropriations bills to the house. they want even deeper cuts than the current sequester levels r so look, i'm grad we've reached a bipartisan compromise coming from the senate. i'm hopeful it will garner enough republican support. but anyone on the republican side that is a bit afraid of the tea party is not likely to end up feeling comfortable voting for this. >> considering the outside
5:58 pm
influence of these groups, what kind of behavior do you expect from republicans before january 15th? >> i think we're going to -- i'm going to be an optimist. we'll have enough republicans who understand we can't do this again, that this is dangerous for our economy. i'm going to reach across the aisle and do all we can to start tamping down the rhetoric. we're going to do our part as democrats. and we need enough republicans to join us so that we can really focus on doing the right thing together and making sure my way or the highway politics is a thing of the past. >> how damaged is boehner in all this? >> well, i think that's really more for the judgment of republican members of congress. i think that, you know, he's, i'm glad that he's finally agreed to let the whole house vote and put a majority behind, the whole house behind legislation. >> do you think he's learned anything congresswoman? there's not a whole lot of difference between what you're joeting on tonight and what was
5:59 pm
on there two weeks ago. >> there isn't. it's hard to say. i think speaker boehner has clearly been more focused on remaining speaker and his leadership position than i has in doing the right thing. i don't know why we had to go all the way up to the very last minute, teetering on the precipice of economic disaster, but, look, hopefully he's learned something. he cannot allow the tea party extremists in his caucus who are definitely a minority to drive the agenda. we've got to stand up to them and tell them, look, the only way to move our country forward is to work together. and we're not all going to get our way all the time. it can't be that way. >> they want their way all the time. >> they do. they do. the tea party does. >> they want the big three. they want to privatize this between now and january 15th. >> let's hope


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