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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 18, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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"the ed show" with my friend ed schultz, starts right now. >> good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. ♪ ♪ we've come too far to give who we are ♪ >> our goal is good for the american people. >> you better take the reforms that we were pushing, even though the other oh guy won. >> the left likes to think that we are the fringe. >> paul ryan -- paul ryan is a true believer. >> that's right. >> and it's pretty darn ugly. >> and you're saying that man should put forth his own self interests? >> i wouldn't say first. i would say only. >> that's liberty. that's freedom. that's the american idea. >> paul ryan's own work of rand
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fan fiction, the republican budget. >> they want to fight another day. >> we are sort of shadow boxing. >> the special technique of shadow boxing. >> shadow boxing the big government in theory. >> fine, let's get it on. >> that's what we're beginning to talk about. ♪ >> jerry, show me the money! remember that movie? you know, folks, i just can't get away from this number. it's been in my head for the last 24 hours. $24 billion. you know, now we're on to another news cycle. this was yesterday's story, $24 billion. now we're off talking about, well, glitches in obama care. we're back to that. everybody is all over there in the conservative media. very little if no commentary has been given by any conservatives on just what the heck $24 billion is to our economy. this is a total disregard for the taxpayers. all these guys that run around
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talking about how fiscally responsible they want to be when they go to washington. no, they don't. they want to save their ass and that's all they air about. now, with the republican government shutdown all over now, and we're getting back to normal, i just want to prepare you for phase two. because the real fight starts right now. activists get engaged. members of the bipartisan budget conference committee have been chosen. oh, this is the big stud that's going to be over there. that's paul ryan. look, battle lines are being drawn. he has his budget. we have our priorities. here's what's on the table. the republicans are likely to go after social security, medicare and medicaid. they not only want cuts, they want major reforms on how these programs operate. now, they're also going to be pushing for military spending. of course, the righties love to spend money when it comes oh to the military. let's take a look at cvn 77. this is the george h.w. bush nuclear powered aircraft
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carrier, commissioned in january of 2009, price tag, $6.2 billion. wait a minute. that was only $6.2 billion? holy smokes, we could buy -- let's see, this is 2009 when it went into commission. this is late 2013. cost increase, can we conservatively say that the republicans have screwed the pooch on three nuclear powered aircraft carriers, which, of course, the military is going to be asking for? i once knew a captain of the "u.s.s. carl vincent" and said when this baby pulled into a foreign port, that's a whole lot of democracy. so this is what the republicans have done. take a look at that. we could have had three of these babies. $24 billion? it's like we have got to have a visual to understand exactly what kind of injury they have done to the economy. now, when it comes to the budget talks on the flip side, the democrats are going to be working to end sequester cuts. you know, they're going to try
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to protect the big three. that's what we're all about. and, of course, they are likely to push for more tax revenue. and this is where it's going to get sticky. yes, the democrats are going to want more revenue. the question is, where is it going to come from. and make no mistake, both sides are going to be hard pressed to get an agreement with what the democrats want and how they view the country being run and what the republicans and how they want to destroy it. no, it's not fringe to think that social security should be there. social security isn't the problem. ryan is going to make it the problem. these certainly no easy task across the board. congressman paul ryan and senator patty murray have been charged to lead the committee on thursday, and, of course, murray said that they're a long way apart, and they realize it. >> chairman ryan knows, i'm not going to vote for his budget. i know that he's not going to vote for mine. we're going to find the correspond ground between our two budgets we both can vote on and that's our goal.
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>> now, under the leadership of ryan, there are 13 other congressional nal republicans on the conference committee and i think it's very profound that we point out that nine, count 'em, nine of these republicans voted for default! on wednesday night. 144 voted in the house for default. now, folks, let me tell you something. this 144, this is a number that has caught the attention of the democrats. you mean to tell me, there's 144 republicans that would have rather seen our country hit the tank and now nine of these guys from the senate are over on their committee? so do you think it will be a fight over priorities? under senator murray, there are 13 congressional democrats, and one independent. none of them voted for default whatsoever. now, the biggest fighter in the group is senator bernie sanders, seen as the independent pitbull from vermont.
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and that's about as good a compliment as i can give this guy, because i know we've got a seat at the table now. there is nobody else i would rather have sitting across from paul ryan during this entire fight. senator sanders has fought tirelessly for working men and women. and make no mistake, he will fight for americans for the upcoming negotiations. do you know what? he's doing it right now. he's doing his homework right now. this week, senator sanders is touring southern states on a fact-finding mission. i guess you could call it opposition research. senator sanders' videoconferenceded with a group in mississippi on wednesday night. he spoke in birmingham, alabama on thursday. he met with people in atlanta, georgia this morning. and he's currently in south carolina preparing for an event tonight. you can call it bernie's southern strategy. now, in my view, in my world, what i think, this is what united states senators are
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supposed to do. to go out and find out in these states, which are very, very red, how do you feel about social security? medicare and medicaid? because that's where the feet is going to be. they're going to go after the entitlements, earned benefit programs. so for senator sanders to do this, why aren't others doing it? this is important. he's on that budget reconciliation committee and he's going down into the belly of the beast, into republican territory, to find out what the folks really think. because the biggest voting block in this country are independent voters. the others are down south too, but they always lean conservative. so tell me, what is the conservative position on medicare? what is the conservative position on the stability of social security? what is the conservative position on obama care? we are a changing society in the way people think, and the way they think about money right now, and goods and services and
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things that are provided by the government. and, oh, by the way, we are the government. one more thing about this whole budget fight. simpson/bowles. i'm sure they're good guys. i've never interviewed them. they have been around government a long time, served at a number of different levels. but i've read most of the simpson/bowles report, and i can tell you that this is no blueprint for the future of america. i would say to the democrats, throw that sucker right in the trash can. and start over. don't even pay attention to simpson/bowles. that's not where the country is. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. is it time for democrats to go back to a 50-state strategy? go around the country, go around to every state? and make a play. text a for yes, text b for no to 67622. you can always go to our blog at ed.msnbc
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bernie sanders of vermont joining us from columbia, south carolina tonight. senator, great to have you with us. you have been -- >> great to be with you. >> you bet. you're doing your homework. and i appreciate it because you've got to go down there and push the flesh and find out what these people are saying on the wake of this shutdown, and the money that we have lofted, $24 billion and the priority set forward. senator, what are you hearing down south? >> you've got a lot of great people. i've been meeting with unionists, independents, progressive democrats, and they are tired of being abandoned by the national democratic party. they want some help, and they believe that with so some help, they can start winning in these conservative states. and what they are saying, very clearly, is that in mississippi, in alabama, georgia, south carolina, people are hurting. these are low-income states. and what concerns me is that you have many white, working class people who are voting against
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their own best interests. these are guys getting hung up on gay marriage issues, abortion issues, and it is time we started focusing on the economic issues that bring us together. defending social security. defending medicare. making sure that medicaid is not cut, veterans' programs are not cut. and i honestly believe that we can win states in the south. because you know a lot of folks here who are hurting terribly -- these are people who are working for low wages, they don't have any health care, they can't afford to send their kids to college. and i think if we start pounding away at the economic message, our willingness to take on the big money interests, to take on wall street, to create the millions of jobs we need, to raise the minimum wage, to make college affordable, i think we can win in these southern states. >> senator, there are nine of these republicans on the budget
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committee who are going to be going to conference committee who voted for default. how are you going to work with them? they were ready to allow -- default on its own debt. these people are going to be on the budget committee. how tough a fight is this going to be? >> well, the way you work with them is you make the case that maybe, just maybe, they might want to be listening to what ordinary americans are saying in overwhelming numbers and not listening to the koch brothers and other billionaires. and then what the american people are saying is very, very clear. they are saying in poll after poll, do not cut social security. do not cut medicare. do not cut medicaid. what they are saying is, in fact, the most important issue facing the american people is not the deficit, which is important, but not the most important. the most important issue is the need to create millions of jobs
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so we deal with this frightfully high unemployment that we're seeing. the most important issue also is raising the minimum wage so we don't have millions of working people not surviving. really falling you said under. because they're making $7.50, $8, $9 an hour. and if we deal with the deficit, the way to deal with it, as you have just indicated, take a hard look at defense spending, we are now spending almost as much as the entire world combined. begin asking the one out of four we have now one out of four major corporations not paying a nickle in federal income taxes. i think we have to take a hard look at that, as well. so there are ways to do the deficit that is fair. we have got to create jobs and we have got to protect social security medicare and medicaid. that is what, by the way, not just what bernie sanders wants, that is exactly what the american people want. >> that is what the american people want and exactly what the republicans are going to go after. they have paid no attention to polls in the past.
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they're all about an ideology of how they think government should be run. paul ryan, of course, is right at the heart of all of this. i mean, this -- we could be headed right back for round two of another government shutdown. i mean, do you really think that the republicans are going to be honest brokers and negotiate to strengthen these programs without cutting on benefits? >> well, i think we have got to make them an offer they can't afford not to take. and that is if they once again -- look, they got burned very, very badly in their willingness to shut down the government. . american taxpayers got burned, yeah. >> the american taxpayers got burned, but their brand name of republicanism has gone way, way down. they're not worried. they are not worried whether they're going to retain control over the house. and i think their hopes of winning the senate have been significantly diminished.
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our job is simply to raise consciousness on the issue, to let the american people know what's going on. and if they in the midst of all of the opposition are cutting social security, medicare and medicaid, if they want to move in that direction, we have got to rally the american people as loudly and clearly as we can. if they go in that direction, i think, ed, they can lose the house and surely are not going to gain control of the senate. but our job is to organize and educate the american people to put pressure on them. >> all right. senator bernie -- >> if we do that, we'll be in good shape. >> senator bernie sanders, an interesting year, no question about it. thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate you doing that southern tour. i think it's desperately needed. messaging is the big key. a lot of people vote against their own best interests in the south. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter at ed show and facebook. we love it when you like us there. we always want to know what you think. coming up, steven co colbert
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goes on a tear and targets mayor bloomberg. plus the fox news machine revives an oldie but goodie to attack obama care. oh, basy the way, a corn is bac. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts
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time now for the trenders and social media, this is where you can find us. facebook, twitter, and the radio show on sirius xm channel 127, noon to 3:00, monday through friday. the ed social media nation has decided and we are reporting. here are today's top trenders voted on by you. >> it's like we all showed up at the same halloween party. >> three trenders. >> mayor bloomberg here?
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>> stand on your chair or wave something, sir. >> stephen colbert zings mike bloomberg. >> thank you very much. very, very patient man and very tiny man. >> the real reason he doesn't want drink cups larger than 16 ounces, because he's afraid he might drown in one. >> the number two trender, empty suit. >> i have nothing against homosexuals as people. >> homosexuals, which the bible still refers to as sodomizers. >> your honor, i object! >> a right wing pastor thinks he can sue the gay away. >> the whole issue of a class action lawsuit. >> it's outrageous, egregious. >> the centers for disease control verifies that homosexuality much more likely leads to aids than smoking leads to cancer. the entire nation has rejected smoking, billions of dollars are put in a trust fund to help cancer victims. and the tobacco industry was
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held accountable for that. >> you're out of order! >> you're out of order! the whole trial is out of order! >> and today's top trender, health nuts. a.c.o.r.n. is back! >> ooh! >> back in 2009, famously, they were caught in a sting operation by a journalist, james o'keefe. >> i do not think what your thinking is. >> fox res recollects an old bogeyman. >> remember when a.c.o.r.n. was busted? >> a.c.o.r.n. operatives are trying to sign people up for the affordable care act. >> remember, president obama once worked with a.c.o.r.n. as a political organizer. >> hmmm. that makes you think, doesn't it? ♪ back in time >> they will try anything. i'm joined by john garrett of california. congressman, good to have you with us tonight. apparently the sell job for obama care is going to have to
5:21 pm
stay focused in the cross-hairs for the democrats with garbage like that going on. >> well, i was almost laughing there. i tell you wh, what's really go on, the 48 million americans trying to get health care and they have an opportunity. yeah, the website is not working right. yep. and it's going to take a while. but i'll tell you, here in california, 1.5 million people have gone to the california website, covered california, and a couple hundred thousand are well into buying a policy. this is the start of a very, very important and a very good situation where men and women across this nation, families, are going to be able to get health care at a reasonable price. and if they can't afford it, there will be a subsidy available. sure, there's problems right now. i don't know any start-up that hasn't had a problem. and, okay, so we've got a problem, let's work and get on with it. aye co a.c.o.r.n., this is a jo. >> they will try anything and
5:22 pm
lie and prop people up. fox and friend, they're not the only ones spreading more lies about this health care law. last week, sean hannity featured six what he called average americans who were feeling the pain of obama care. from cancelled policies to financial burdens, for small business owners. so let's take the interest of a former aide, montana governor, brian schweitzer. he did some research, and turns out none of them have actually looked into the exchanges. actually, they would save money under obama care. congressman, have you ever seen such a misinformation campaign effort by anybody, anywhere? i mean, this -- i mean, if this is what 2014 is going to be like, we're going to end up spending most of our time correcting lies. >> well, they spent over $400 million attacking the affordable care act in one way or another, misinformation and all the rest. the fact of the matter is, they're not really talking about the insurance reforms that are
5:23 pm
already in place. children or young adults, 18 to 26, can stay on their parents. there's a couple million -- >> they can't find those people. fox news, can't seem to find those people. they must not be around very often. >> they're not looking for that young demographic, apparently. then you take a look at anybody with a preexisting condition has now the opportunity to get health insurance. that wasn't the case a year-and-a-half ago. the affordable care act is actually protecting americans across this nation. and, by the way, i keep hearing about the cost of health care going up. oh, yeah. it's gone up. it's gone up every year for the last 30 years. however, in the last two years, the rate of inflation is about one half of what it was before the affordable care act. so that curve is actually bending downwards. this is good news. there's a lot of good news here. what is really bad news is the continued effort to try to stop americans from getting health
5:24 pm
insurance and try to roll back the clock so that americans have to face health care discrimination, because the women, because they have a preexisting condition, or because they happen to be 18 and can no longer be on their parents' policies. those days are over, ed. we're on a good track here. >> on a great track. and the republicans have damaged their brand, a lot of self-inflicted wounds. and they've got a record of voting in the wrong -- the wrong way where americans are -- 144 of your colleagues, congressman, in the house, voted to send this country into default. and we're supposed to believe that you can negotiate with these folks? we've just thrown away $24 billion. you sit on armed services over on the house side, an aircraft carrier, $6.2 billion. they're going to be asking for military spending and yet they throw this stuff away. i want to get back to the number of 144. you know, is there an ideological logjam here that's not going to be able to be
5:25 pm
broken? >> well, i think it is going to break. i was out at a meeting, actually, a celebration, california water fall association, the opening of duck season. we're talking about conservatives and they were very, very angry. angry about those who caused the shutdown. they want things to move on. they're business people. they want their businesses to have some certainty out ahead of them. they're frightened. they're concerned that these guys are going to do it once again. but they're not going to stand for it. they are turning their backs away from these radicals, total irresponsibility. i was really not surprised, but really -- i think actually pleased to see these folks saying we can't do this. this isn't good for us. it's not good for the economy. >> so you were taken by their level of did he say gust. disgust. >> yes. >> does this play to 2014? this is a pretty bad hangover the republicans have right now. we're going into budget
5:26 pm
committee. we've got the wind at our back. the progressive movement is very strong, it pulls very favorably with the american people. and i think a lot of it, john, has to do with the fact the democrats have been focused on workers and focused on the middle class that's been a very consistent message, whereas over on the other side it's been just all negative activity, like that piece we just played about obama care over on fox news. i mean, they're trying to make a living and gain their party favor by constant negative attacks. >> well, that's absolutely true. i know what we want to do, and certainly might make an initiative, trying to figure out ways to use american taxpayer money to buy american-made goods and services. >> yeah. >> those kinds of things and the creation of jobs. we really have to move this economy. and if we do so, the -- ed, the economy is like a racehorse in the starting gate. they hear that trumpet, but the dog gone gate is not opening, because of these 144 members of congress keep slamming it shut. >> that's right. well, john garamendi,
5:27 pm
congressman from california, if you can get those guys from the shotguns to turn over to democrats, that is a huge win. >> well, i didn't say they were going to go that far, ed. that's a leap. >> all right, john, good to have you with us tonight. thank you. coming up, michele bachmann calls republicans the adults in the room? we'll have some more from the queen of distortion. plus, talk about dysfunction. a disgraced former congressman gives his opinion about the republican party. but next, i'm taking your questions on "ask ed live" coming up next on msnbc. ♪
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5:31 pm
tea party, i think about sales in business. when you're in business and you're trying to sell somebody, the first thing you've got is you've got to get their attention. then you've got to present. then you've got to close. now, the tea party does a heck of a job of getting your attention, and they do a heck of a job of presenting. but they just can't close, because their product sucks. our next question is from longa will jams. she wants to know, with the united states be able to get its good reputation back. you know, what i head to london tomorrow. next week i get to speak at oxford university. i've been excited about this for the last several months. i'm honored to be asked to go speak at the oxford debating society. i'm going to talk about austerity. but i am so interested to find out what the brits think about what america has gone through, and where is our reputation? i feel confident that, yes, we can get it back. but it would be a heck of a lot better if we had people in congress who knew what $24
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welcome back to "the ed
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show." since the deal was struck late wednesday night, republicans have been making the rounds, trying their best to spin the government shutdown disaster in their favor. case in point, congresswoman michele bachmann. >> i voted no on the bill because this means barack obama got 100% of what he wanted. his stance from the very beginning has been no negotiation. in fact, one of the senior administration officials a week ago said that they were willing to push the country into default and that's what the president did. he rolled the dice. he knew that republicans would be willing to be the adults in the room to make sure the country didn't go into default. he was willing to let it default and we're at the result we are tonight. >> oh, my friends, do not adjust your television sets, you heard that correctly. michele bachmann has the audacity to call the republicans the adults in the room. talk about a complete lack of self awareness. 87 house republicans and 27 senate republicans supported president obama to avoid a potential worldwide economic
5:37 pm
disaster inflicted by their own party. isn't that kind of like expecting to be called the hero for putting out the fire that you started? on another note, if the republicans who voted to avoid default were the adults in the room, what does that make congresswoman michele bachmann? she voted against it. bachmann continued her out of touch tour, telling minnpost, to me it's a very sad day because obama's agenda is going to go forward and he gets an immediate victory lap. and michele bachmann's world, it's a very sad day when parks and museums and monuments reopen across the country. when research projects and vital community programs can get back to work. when agencies like the epa and the fsa finally get the resources they need to function to help americans who paid for it. to michele bachmann, it's a very sad day when some 800,000 furloughed workers get back to go to work.
5:38 pm
folks, in my opinion, it's a very sad day when elected officials put a pr stunt and advance their own celebrity ahead of the needs of their constituents. talk is and cheap and the american people know that. i'd ideologues don't put food on the table. michele bachmann has done nothing for jobs and neither have the republicans. joining me, holland cook, stephanie miller host of the stephanie miller radio show, and occupy wall street protester, jesse lagreka, whose wife is in our green room, about ready to deliver a baby. but the show must go on. jesse, congratulations before it happens. all right. holland cook, let me ask, is michele bachmann just being propped up by right wing radio? she is just a product of their environment and she is really a tool for these psychos? >> i think she's going to berlitz just to punch up that
5:39 pm
accent. but to be fair to michelle, she is about to confront a very jarring transition in various capacities. she has made a living all her life as a government employee, and when she leaves congress, she's actually going to have to enter the arena she claims to champion, the private sector. if you think she's going to go back home to minnesota and do needle point, you're nuts. what do former congress people do when they retire? they consult. they go to k street and become lobbyists. we'll see. but you know what? >> stephanie, i kind of see michele bachmann as the same role of a jim demint. she is going to play a very vital role for the conservative movement, when she is out of congress next year. >> good news for us, ed. >> yes, it is. >> the news just keeps getting better. yeah, can you imagine her saying this is a sad day? i mean, granted, it was not as sad a day as when marcus found out "glee" was getting
5:40 pm
cancelled. but still a sad day in the bachmann household. she was the one on record saying we got exactly what we wanted. this is the happiest i've seen members in a long time. don't you think she is the person that part of the people are like -- shhh, no, michelle, that's the stuff you don't say out loud. we say that in the back room. it's hilarious. and i want to say congratulations to jesse too. i'm glad the shutdown is over for you and your wife and the birth is going forward. congratulations. >> that's right. jesse, what are you thinking at this hour? your wife is getting ready to have a baby. i'll just ask a personal question now. >> they've lost their minds. and what's really strange is, bad news for america is great news for them. their facial expressions don't match what's going on. it reminds me of the benghazi moment during the obama/romney campaign where the romney campaign was like, isn't this great, america is being attacked and it's all obama's fault. and that weirded out americans. it weerds out the normal person who doesn't think harming this presidency is the greatest thing we can achieve in the next three
5:41 pm
years. i'm looking forward to my daughter coming and saving the world eventually. because i don't know what it's going to take to fix this nut case. >> i'll tell you what, we need all the help we can get, no question about it. let's turn to another example of republicans treading water. half term alaska governor sarah palin sat down with fox news' megyn kelly thursday. palin had some trouble responding to president obama's claim that the government shutdown all right american credibility abroad. just listen to the rant from the queen of quitting. >> what has emboldened enemies, putting on a path towards bankruptcy and then walking up pipelines and resources that will result in us being more reliant on foreign imports for energy. and then, of course, he, having left behind his administration, left behind our brave men in benghazi to be murdered. and then, of course, there is syria, where he promised to bomb syria because in that civil war, syria was going to bomb syria. and then we never heard another
5:42 pm
word again about his threat to bomb in a foreign civil war. and then, of course, most recently, megyn, using our military, those who would fight against our enemies, holding them hostage in terms of budget deals, threatening to with hold paychecks for our brave men and women. >> stephanie miller is it me or did meg inklely have a look on her face, is she really on my program? >> ed, i'm sorry. i didn't have a barbie to english headset. it looks like megyn kelly just lost the will to live about ten seconds into that. >> she does. priceless look on her face. like, is this idiot really on my program? >> like, i think her thought was what fresh hell have roger ailes brought on me now? >> it did.
5:43 pm
>> holland cook, respond to this. i mean, what -- is that just -- >> i did not see that tape until right now, but there's that expression of megyn kelly, just absolutely priceless. >> listen, first things first. certain dippously, i visited the lincoln memorial the day before that paint-flinging incident. it's really important to secure those monuments and it's really cynical of her jumping on a plane, flying across the continent to jump in front of the parade. but, of course, ted cruz is the shiny object of the moment. he is the flavor of the month. and if you're sarah palin, you are groping for relevance. right now, sarah palin is a little like the seinfeld reruns that have been in syndication for a couple of decades. when you watch seinfeld, it's still funny, but you can tell it is of another time. and sarah palin used to make a
5:44 pm
lot of money filling arenas. now she can still make a living filling theaters. but it's not quite the same. so she has got to jump on the plane to do this cynical photo op at the memorial. that's kind of sad. >> jesse, all of this psycho talk that is out there being supplied and the wake of the shutdown and ramifications of it and what not and then, of course, kicking the can down the road. is this really a big boost for the occupy movement? i mean, i think seriously, the occupy movement in this country changed the conversation. and focus wanted on what americans were really concerned about and that was greed, income inequality. where does that go in the wake of this? >> i'm not quite sure if i would call it a boost. but if you wanted to compare and contrast, what has occupy wall street done versus what has the tea party done. occupy wall street didn't cost america $24 billion. we didn't shut down the government across the country, didn't cost people their paychecks, really. when you compare what the two sides are fighting for, occupy
5:45 pm
wall street talked about creating a better economy for 100% of america, recognizing the fact that the wealthiest 1% are basically profiting off the rest of us and taking the money out of politics. the tea party wants more money in politics. ted cruz is going to hold up the s.e.c. chairman if he doesn't allow more david koch commercials with no recognition of who is paying for them. the tea party has basically proven to america that if the conservatives actually get more conservative, every dependent voter in america runs screaming in the opposite direction. >> all right. jesse -- >> jesse, can i say real quick, your daughter isn't even born yet and she is the adult in the room compared to anybody in the tea party right now. >> oh, yeah. we're joking about that in my house about the republican party. >> great to have you on "the ed show". thanks so much. coming up, decision time for detroit. bankruptcy could set the stage for a long line of controversial cuts. what options do workers have left? larry cohen joins us next. stay with us. ♪
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and in pretepiders tonight, a real canadian love story. cnn asked disgraced former congressman tom delay for his view on republican dysfunction. the lord of the dance didn't see problems. he only saw hero. >> i got to tell you right now out here in the real world, these people think ted cruz is a hero. they think that those republicans in the house are heroes. and they think obama is destroying this country. >> no, no, no, no, no. i was pheasant hunting in north dakota last week and i ran into people who do not think that ted cruz is a hero in real america. unfortunately, the lust for cruz was not a tom delay exclusive. the network has been peddling
5:51 pm
out cruz groupies by the barrel. >> i think ted cruz is a populist hero at the moment because he stood up and basically said -- >> cruz hero or villain in all this? >> i think he's a brilliant guy that is going to end up being a hero out of all this. >> that's why ted cruz is such a hero. >> hero? what are these people smoking? far from reporting on senator cruz's path of destruction. if cnn thinks this quality of commentator has any contribution to news, they can just keep on pretending. ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future.
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progressives let's get to work. america needs to pay attention and stay vocal and active. so here's a look at the top three stories ahead next week in fast forward. coming in at number three, garden state quality. >> knowledge. >> i believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. >> new jersey's high court rules on same-sex marriages. >> this is a human rights issue. this governor equates it with guns and taxes. >> this is fabulous. >> fast forward to number two. london calling. they want to hear from a liberal and the perspective of a liberal in american politics. next week i'll visit oxford university. >> he's got a good pair of lungs
5:56 pm
on him. >> you sound like you're from london. >> and the number one story to watch. detroit in court. >> we need to resolve this issue with city government in detroit. that's the last obstacle in my view to say we can now grow detroit. >> on wednesday the city's bankruptcy eligibility will be argued. >> everybody in this city shares the same dream of the detroit we want. >> joining me now is larry cohen. great to have you with us tonight. this is a big story next week for america. many people think that detroit's bankruptcy could be a model for other cities who run into financial trouble. your thoughts on this and also fighting legislation around the country and state levels that are going to empower the governors to circumvent local elections and do what has happened in detroit. >> a couple things. this use of bankruptcy is right
5:57 pm
from the private sector. how -- what are other ways whether it's corporate america o for in this case a governor who doesn't care about detroit at all. how do we use bankruptcy court to gut the rights of retirees? that's really what's at stake here. and we just came through the fight at peabody. this is about retired city workers. this is more importantly about how governor schneider divides and conquers michigan. only wants to be the governor of suburban michigan. and depends us on not standing up for each other. and working americans and retirees have to realize these are our fights in common. protecting the requirement income of those who will have served, protecting the retirement income of those who have worked in the private sector and that a bankruptcy court guts it whether in the
5:58 pm
airline industry. >> i think this is a potential model for right wing extremists in state governments across america when their states don't get federal money or don't want to tax the wealthiest residents. in fact, 60 minutes did a story the other day and the correspondent asked kevyn orr who was appointed by the governor, what about these people with pensions? he just shrugged his shoulders and say i'm sorry. that's what's out there for people who spent 30 years working for the city of detroit because they couldn't run their finances. this bodes terrible for workers. your thoughts. >> well, i think whether we live in detroit o for in the, we need to stand up for the people who do. we need to send the clear message that whether it's in michigan or new jersey or wisconsin or all the other places where people got elected by divide and conquer, that we're going to unite, stand up, and fight back as working
5:59 pm
americans. we're not going to get wedged essentially between public and private sector, between retired and active workers. we understand these attacks are coming in cycles, wave after wave. we only stop them if we stand up together and for each other. >> i mean, how do you protect somebody's pension against something like this? >> again, there's the legal aspects. and other unions will be doing that. but there's also the moral outrage that i saw in st. louis when i was there with retired minors. has nothing to do with my organization. but has everything to do with what kind of a country are we going to have? we need to say not only to bankruptcy judges but to corporate america, turn your back on your retirees and we'll be on your back. because we will stand up and fight back against this. >> larry cohen, appreciate you being with us. that is the big story coming up next week, just what is going to happen in detroit. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with


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