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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 22, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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them. >> a glitch is a glitch is a glitch, but get this, the government knew the site was flawed and launched it anyway. we will talk about the solutions being bantered about. and then the death of netflix, that was a bad call. and now some say it's out pacing names like hbo. the biebs carries cash, a lot of it, and a stripper -- yeah, that's right, uses twitter to allegedly prove it. what can i say? we don't make this stuff up. this is "way too early." i think the biebs is just making news to haunt my soul here in terms of journalist eubg credibility. the giants try to win a football game, and we find out who the most hated players in the nfl
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are. we have a top five, i guess it's the bottom five, but we begin with obama care, and the website. yesterday -- >> experts who by the way have seen things like this happen before, they want it to work. they are reaching out and offering to send help. we have had some of the best i.t. talent join the team. we are confident that we will get all of the problems fixed. here is the bottom line. the product, the health insurance is good. the prices are good. it is a good deal. people don't just want it, they are showing up to buy it. nobody is madder than me about
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the fact that the website is not working as well as it should, which means it's going to get fixed. >> citing health politics, and the first remedy is extend the six-month enrollment period set on march 31st, and the second solution is to exempt taxpayers from penalties while the government fixes the website and enrollment process. meanwhile the washington post says these problems should not come as a surprise to the obama administration. the health care website reportedly crashed during a simulation with just a few hundred people attempting to log on, and the washington post and abc news found voters are still willing to give the health care law a chance. 46% of voters support obama care and 49% are against it. while 53% disapprove of the way the president is handling the
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law's roleout, 33% say it should be repealed. 66% say the law should stand even though one-third of those voters say they oppose it, which means they respect that it was passed as a law and was upheld in court. new polling shows more bad news for congress despite its vote to end the shutdown and avoid default, and meanwhile a princeton research poll finds nearly of a of all americans would work better if every single member were replaced, and that figure is similar to election year's past when the minority party won control of the house. the obama administration is facing questions this morning over the nsa surveillance programs after more disclosures involving this time france.
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and president obama called france's president to promise policies. phone calls were apparently automatically recorded if certain numbers were called and key words were allegedly used to pick up text messages. and secretary of state john kerry happened to be in paris and responded to the report. >> protecting the security of our citizens in today's world is a very complicated and very challenging task and it's an every day 24/7 365 task unfortunate unfortunately, because there are lots of people out there seek to do harm to other people. >> the information came from documents from edward snowden
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documents. and then a senseless school shooting left two people dead including the shooter. >> active shooter sparks middle school, they have two down and one in the drop aufr area, and suspect is described as wearing khaki pants. >> the armed student killed a math teacher that tried to protect the students. >> the student was pointing a gun at the teacher after the teacher told him to put it down and then the student fired a shot at the teacher and the teacher fell and everybody ran away. >> police say the shooter turpbed the gun on himself. right now the two wounded students are listed in stable condition, and the teacher who faced down the gunman is being hailed at a hero. michael lance bury was 45 years old, a former marine and
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national guardsman that leaves behind a wife and two step daughters. late last night the community gathered to honor him, and the school will be closed for the rest of the week at least, and the investigators working to determine a motive. the boy scouts have given the boot to two leaders toppling an ancient boulder in utah state park. they said they tossed the boulder because they were worried it would fall on somebody. they cheered after they did it. they violated the leave no chase rule, and it turns out one of the men, glenn taylor filed a lawsuit last month claiming a car accident left him debill taeutd. so he hit a rock over. the men could still face criminal charges. let's get to business news. investors looking ahead to taoed's jobs report, which is weird to have it on a tuesday but it was delayed because of
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the shutdown. and the s&p hit an all-time high, and existing home sales were the big number, and they were down 1.9%. so the jobs report on the tuesday, the september report out this morning and delayed 2 1/2 weeks by the government shutdown, and the forecast called for 180,000 jobs to be added to payrolls and unemployment is supposed to hold steady at 7.3%, and the numbers don't reflect the impact of the shutdown, and that will show up in the october numbers out in two weeks, and those will be delayed one week into november. drivers, this is good news, may get an extra present this holiday season, and that's lower gas prices. prices continue to fall the rest of the year hitting an average of $3.50 a gallon. oil prices fell below $100 a
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barrel for the first time since july. and gas prices, of course, lower oil prices take a few weeks to feed through to gas prices. and then netflix, the company adding 1.3 million video streaming customers in the u.s., and they are benefiting from the original content and the pop layer tease of the season after viewings, they have 31 million u.s. customers reportedly eclipsing hbo, which is big news. what is being hailed as a big step as a medical breakthrough, you remember the colored hair spray in a can for bald or thinning hair, that as mike walks by. does it come in white is what i
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wanted to know? >> continue with your little program. >> it was too easy. there should not could be a whole new way to truly grow back your hair? >> it's an exciting discovery. it's one of the first time i think adults can be regenerating a human organ in human tissues. >> scientists said they were able to transplant cells together, and hair actually grew. they say the research is still in the early stages, but as a positive sign. according to the international society of hair restlation surgery, 65% of women and 80% of women show some signs of hair loss at the age of 60. >> columbia? >> yes. >> i will be back with hair. >> that would be awesome. like biden. we are trying something new with
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the twitter contest. barnicle, you worked with this. might tkpwb. new improved obama program released 35 floppy disks. funny, right? we think you can do better. take a headline shot at obama care if you are going to have an article on it. the hash tag is waytoowitty. coming up, highlights on the football game next. and then what did jimmy and alec baldwin end up spitting up all over each other. that's when "way too early" comes right back.
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that's...wifi friendly. ♪ time for sports. giants looking for their first win of the season against the vikings on monday night football. they are up three at the end of the first. and 86 yards, and i love returns. skip and stumbling and bumbling -- even the return is boring. a little cynical, but kind of true. second quarter, eli manning, a touchdown. and that was a gotkpgood grab. 10-7. 20 for 53 passing and later in the third, vikings fumbled a punt and giants get the
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possession at the 3 yard line, and the newly acquired payton, punched it in seconds later. and then my fantasy team got lucky, i won, only 28 yards. the giants get their first win 23-7. yay. to the call that will live in infamy. rex ryan said they knew about the illegal push. officials were on the lookout for the foul. and then obviously we are wrong said bill bielichick. i will point out if you go on the internet, which i warn you the internet is dangerous, there is a play the jets did earlier in the game that does the exact same thing and it was not called.
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>> but belichick was not smart about it like rex ryan. >> yeah, he didn't go in and say take a look at those guys. and i have sad news, the nfl mourning the loss of the tennessee titans owner. he moved the team to tennessee in 1997, and changed the name to the titans, and "forbes" estimated the value of the titans at more than $1 billion. what an investment. and then "forbes" magazine list mark sanchez number five, and not even playing.
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and then ben roethlisberger. and then manti te'o at number two. just get caught with an emergency nary girlfriend. >> just get caught? >> i don't know how else to put it. number one, by the way, michael vick. eagle's quarterback, earned his way out of prison and back on the football field, and animal lovers, what he did is irrehenceable, but i didn't think he would be the most hated guy in the league. >> among the players? what is the poll? >> i think it's fans. >> what do they know? >> that's the barnicle we love. getting close to christmas to do his grinch impressions. and then could be gracing the basketball court. born without the lower half of his left arm. nice. he committed to florida on
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saturday as a preferred walk on. he is 6'4", 200 pounds, and been in contact with several schools including in his home state of kentucky but felt florida was his best chance to play, and he thought it would be with the gators. i don't think donovan would do it as a gift, and he has to earn his way on the team skpbgs he obviously can play. >> i bet you he works, a hard worker, too. people love to have him on the bench and team. good for him. you have storms brewing right? >> yeah, about 24 hours now, and it's starting to weaken a little bit, but still when we see the pictures of the heavy rain and the devastation it's doing, a little scared. we will find that late our on today and into tomorrow. and then today in chicago and indiana, windchills in the 20s in the great lakes. that cold air heading across the country, and then rain in the southeast, moving up from florida, and atlanta,
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charleston, savannah, have your umbrella with you. and one more kind of mildish type day for boston, new york, d.c., and i know we have a couple red sox fans watching the weather closely for tomorrow night, and drizzle and windchill about 40. >> dry but cool? >> it has been worse, but it won't be barnicle shorts and tank top. >> why take a shot at barnicle? that's my job. coming up, the president fighting back. mr. obama took to the rose garden to defend his health care plan, and to tout its benefits, but is his message enough? when we come back here, just when you thought you couldn't get enough of justin bieber, he makes news as a strip club. lewis has been doing the investigation. we'll see that next. how are things with the new guy?
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talked about new polls out this morning, which most americans say members of congress should not be re-elected. nearly 2 in 5 lawmakers in the house have served for fewer than three years, and republican congressmen are more inexperienced than counterparts
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and 46% of them have served for fewer than three years. let's hit the cooler. i know kanye and kim, lewis, are engaged. we are asking the over and under on how long it will last. i give it two years. >> it will be over 72 days, that's for sure. but given both of their volatility, i think, two years is going to be about it. give them the benefit of the doubt, though. let's start with the late nights here. alec baldwin got things a little messy during his visit at jimmy fallon. >> don't -- >> don't piss me off, paul. this is police department -- >> prance you would like a dr.
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pepper? >> i prefer a mr. pibb. >> sorry i'm late, paul. >> you were never the poster boy for punctuality. >> peter pipe wur picked a peck of pickled peppers. >> things went off the rails quickly there. gay couple from all over new jersey are enjoying their new legal rights of marrying, and nobody was more happy about it than cory booker. >> the special moment this couple has been waiting for all their lives. >> do you wish to be joined in marriage?
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>> yes. >> and i wish to join you. not in marriage, but joining you together. >> too late. it already got weird, so -- >> all right! you may hug your mayor! >> leave them alone! it's not about you! >> too good. justin bieber knows how to have a good time, i don't blame him, and a dancer at a club is glad he stopped by. they hit the club, and one dancer said he could not keep his hands to himself, and diamond tweeted he touched me, i almost fainted and he was real and i danced for a lot of celebrities, but justin had me in shock. she said she is a big fan of
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bieber about that she posted a picture of a huge pile of staff. they appear to be singled. i was trying to eye how much money that was, and luckily i have somebody that knows about such things here at "morning joe." >> in 2007, it's a different era. >> it's not the era of your grand dad's strip club, we are talking about stacks of money, $1,000 each. >> you just didn't have a couple ones stacked down -- >> everybody makes mistakes in college. bill karins is about to walk out of the room, if i see that one more time i am out of here. >> if you need help for your problem, we can talk it on it. >> thank you, lewis. i appreciate your care of me. i really do. still ahead, your best and most creative obama care related
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