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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 23, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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stay that way. reinvention is possible. you might enjoy the process and be newly inspired along the way. best new thing in the world today. good wednesday morning. right now, a white house fired for tweeting often embarrassing insider information under an anonymous name. the center of the health kaecare ca care .gov debacle. and it's chrissening day for will and kate's bundle of joy, prince george. i am veronica delaw krauz. a senior administration official is now off the job as
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being the voice using a fake name. it was first reported by "the daily beast." he was a senior member of the national security staff, and he was also famous is d.c. web circles. joseph was said to openly criticize policies and bosses as well as other white house insiders. joseph had previously worked at the state department and for senators bob casey and joe biden. now to the other problem plaguing the white house. the rollout of obama care. we are hearing from kathleen sebelius, and she admits there were concerned in the lead up to the launch. >> the president say that he was angry about this. do you know when he first knew that there was a problem? >> well, i think it became clear fairly early on.
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the first couple days. >> not before that, though? not before october 1st, there was no concern at the white house or at hhs? >> i think we talked about having testing going forward. there were certainly challenges that could be smoother and it could be easier to access and that's what we are working on. >> sebelius will testify before congress next week, and in the meantime the president has appointed jeff zink. the white house says there is a white gap between u.s. assessments of casualties and nongovernment reports. >> to the extent these reports claim that the u.s. has acted
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concary to enter law, i would disagree. we are choosing the course of action least likely to the result in the loss of life. a strike in pakistan killed a grandmother in view of her grandchildren. nuclear facilities are supposed to be among the nation's highly guarded and now four air officers are being punished for being the blast doors open. they were deliberately left open while one of the two crew members slept inside. that's according to the associated press. the two incidents happened this year and while the violations are not criminal air force
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officials tell msnbc news the reprimands are career ending. the parents of the boy that took the gun to school brought the gun from school. a student says a teacher stepped between him and the gunman saving his life. >> it is unlucky, you know. it's sickening. but in hindsight, thank goodness mike was there because it could have been a lot worse. >> there is evidence the shooter tried to enter the school but failed. today may be d-day in australia where dozens of
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massive wildfires will be fueled by high winds and temperatures. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. ian is live. >> reporter: a short while ago the head of the fire service here announced that disaster has been averted and that he hoped people evacuated from the blue mountains and they soon would be able to return to their homes. that's not the way it looked this morning. fires were raging over a huge area of the state. that meant winds speeds, gusting wind speeds up to 60 miles per hour, and soaring temperatures. the fear was that was going to fan the fires, create new fires, and putting them completely out of control, and perhaps even threatening the sidney suburb. the worst is probably over,
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veronica. >> we appreciate it. thank you so much. >> let's check in with my good friend, richer louie, where he is standing by with sports and cocktails, right? >> we are going to get to that, veronica. tonight's world series will be like a blind date. these teams have not seen each other in years. and the concerns started at least four years ago. tuesday, miami university's football and basketball programs now cited for a decade of violation. they will lose nine football scholarships and get three years probation, and it was on allegations that boosters gave hundreds of thousands to
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athletes. miami heat were picked to three-peat, and harden as the stop-shooting guard, and it's the first year in 12 years kobe bryant was not picked. and then a parent from the losing team filed a bullingy complaint. the winning team did bench the starters after 12 minutes of play here. and then here we go. the female guests must be 21 or older if they get an a women's clinic. >> there you go. >> and then finally, a scholarship.
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here is his family's reaction. >> love it. a high school student in california got the khapbls of a lifetime, make a 40 yard field goal, win a white chevy camaro, and he kicks the ball and loses the shoe and nails the field goal, gets it done. great stuff. >> yeah, throw that in there. >> sounds good, richard, thanks. bill karins with the forecast. what about you, bill? >> i kicked a 40 yard field goal -- a martini i can handle, but not a 40 yard field goal. we have drizzle and a little bit of shower activity out
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there. southern side of d.c. through maryland, light rain and that will head into delaware and new jersey during the day. not a lot of rain, and tonight that will move up towards boston, and for the baseball game there could be a little damp weather. and then the colder weather is going through the great lakes, and the highs 44 degrees with a little sun and then the cold air will arrive in the northeast, and then you notice the southern half of the country, the western half of the nation looks fine today, so the only people complaining about the cold is the great lakes and the northeast. >> i am going to miami. and the royal chrissening of prince george. ♪
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good morning. welcome back. it's a special morning across
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the pond. prince george will be christened. william and kate are breaking with tradition. annabel, good morning to you. it's a big day for the royal family. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, veronica. william and kate breaking with tradition. prince william and his father were both christened at buckingham balance, and william and kate have chosen the smaller palace, so just close friends and family attending. they just announced that choice of seven god parents four prince charles. prince williams were mainly royals, and that's not happening with prince george. they have chosen mainly close friends from their loyal group of friends, and there is one
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exception, prince william's first cousin, the daughter of princess anne. it's going to start under five hours and then we will have the answer, what kate has chosen to wear for this special day. >> but of course. annabel, thank you. other stories making news. hopes were dashed regarding the little girl who may have been abducted by a couple in greece. the dna did not match any profile in their database. authorities are looking into eight to ten of the tips sent in. a performance was to benefit the foundation of work of artist killed by the nazis. and then for the first time ever, a poll supports the legalization of marijuana. the numbers jumped ten points
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from the same poll done just last year. the tsa is going to start creani screening you before you get to the airport. they will use government and private data basis. it will help to speed up the security process. the horse carriages of new york city may soon be off the streets. mayoral candidates say they plan on appalishing the horse drawn carriag carriages, and so at time for a little pop culture. it's betty white's turn to have wrecking ball fun of her own. she gets on a wrecking ball, and happily she is fully clothed. and then texas stats on voter ids.
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♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪ now here is your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. early voting for next month's general election is underway in texas and that means it's the first test of the controversial voter id law. only 41 new id cards have been issued. that is a fraction of the estimated 1.4 million eligible
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voters without i.d. across the state. and then turning up the heat on the mayoral debate. the most intense explain came over this ad. it portrayed democrats as soft on crime. deapplause yo calls it race-baiting. >> don't tell me i throw out the race card, because there is nothing racial in there. bill you cannot stoop that low and bring that up. >> as upset as he wants to be, but the bottom line is, his ad depicteded images of riots of dead bodies in the streets, of racial imagery clearly meant to be fear mongering. go look and your own ad. anybody that lacks at that ad knows what he is up to. >> they also clashed over the legacies of previous maters. he said he was sick and tired of him talking about his boss about
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that >> julie ony did divide us. and then a two-year 60-million restoration project. the dome has more than 1300 cracks and deficiencies. beverly young tells the governor to stay away from the upcoming funeral, riwriting, i don't want my husband's memorial to be like that. hillary clinton turns 66 later this month, and what better present than a campaign
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war chest. they launch in efforts to bring in cash. allen grayson facing criticism for the e-mail. the cross is used to form the letter t in tea party. the 77-year-old senator, john mccain, says he is not ruling it out. >> i am seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me in a few years from now. i am seriously giving that a lot of thought. >> former congressman, major owens has died. he was credited for helping to pass the americans with disabilities act of 1990. that's going to do it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. i am joined by washington post reporter, aaron blake.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> let's start with obama care. the most read piece is about president obama's biggest credit, and it's not ted cruz or mcmcconnell, but it's actually jon stewart. how much influence did he have here? >> i think it's a lot more than people recognize. i think it's not just jon stewart but the late-night kau immediateens, and "saturday night live," and this is where a lot of people who don't watch the news or read the "washington post" or watch msnbc are getting their news and the way in which jon stewart present the news in particular is a lot of how young people are consuming news, and young people in particular are very important to obama care, and they are the people that need to sign up, and the fact
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that jon stewart is being critical of the way this health care law has been rolled out i don't think should be under sold. >> in earlier shows he has been in support of obama care. are you saying that a lot of damage has been done? >> i think, you know, it's clear that he is in favor of the idea, and he is just very frustrated by the rollout and the way the website has been handled in particular. i think, you know, if anything that might be a little more difficult for the administration to handle because people see a supporter of this, a very high-profile supporter of the law, spending one-third of the show talking about how poorly it's going. i think as far as a gauge of how far this is going and whether they are improving or not, people can keep an eye on how he is talking about it on a nightly basis. >> we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. coming up "first buzz,"
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welcome back. it's time for "first buzz." we will start with you, bill. >> ten days ago we showed you an amazing picture of the orefish, and this is a myth that it's a warning of an earthquake to come. they had the 8.8 magnitude one
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of fish washing up. so we will wait and see. >> this is california, right? >> that's what the buzz is, what is going on? do they know something we don't. >> you have news -- >> a proud papa? >> yeah, this kid got an "f" and was unable to pass math and gets a c-minus -- we don't have the video. what he does is starts to cry -- >> no, we do have it. let's play it. so he gets the report card. it's a c-minus -- he cries for about two minutes, and then he tells his son, you are set for
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life, he passed finally. parents care so much. >> that's going to be me some day. i can just see that happening with my son. this is "first look" on msnbc, but stay tuned because "way too early" starts right now. this morning in san francisco, apple unveiled a number of new products, the ipad comes with more memory, too. not enough memory to remember you just bought a new ipad two months ago, but more. this ipad is the fastest and most vivid way to not be able to log on to the obama care website yet. >> even the new ipad won't help, but a something else can. americans are cool with people getting high now more than ever before.


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