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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 24, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> yes, just like the afghan surge. >> potential customers are not the only ones unhappy with the obama care website. now the white house is hearing from the health care industry themselves. if you thought it was a tight squeeze in airlines, prepare to be squeezed even more. and then the misplays that turned game one into a one-sided affair. this is a sleepless "way too early." trying a little nap on route 864 going from connecticut to new york, and the shower woke me up and this is coffee number
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three. we will have much more from boston in game one of the world series, including another slip of the tongue from the city's mayor, and we're also talking about the high ranking official in the catholic church being called the bishop of bling. you can't wait to hear how much he spent on his bathtub. a lot of money. we begin in washington where later today an official from c.g.i. federal, the company hired to build will testify over the rollout. executives were at the white house to discuss the on going issues with the site which kept a lot of people applying for financial assistance. it has led the white house to push back the law's major deadline for enrollment by six weeks. shoppers have until the end of march now to sign up for insurance even if they are not covered yet.
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despite the change many on capitol hill are unsatisfied. you can count joe mansion among them. >> there should be no fines. we have a lot of problems and they have been identified and everybody has recognized them. let's fix it. january 21, 2015, no fines whatsoever. >> many democrats feel the longer there are issues with the obama care website, the less likely their chances are to retake the house of representtives next year. several lawmakers are calling for the white house to take more responsibility over the website failures while some are calling for some to lose their jobs. still, a new gallop poll shows support for the saw forwardable care act is up. this is just a terrible story out of massachusetts.
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we will give you more details on this this morning. a beloved high school teacher has been murdered and police say one of her own students is to blame. r body was found yesterday morning in the woods behind the high school in massachusetts. her family reported her missing when she did not answer her phone. the family of the murder suspect, the 14-year-old, reported him missing two hours earlier. police found him hours in the morning walking down the highway. he recently transferred from tennessee, and although he was the top scorer on the school's soccer team, many students say they did not know much about him. police found the victim's body after speaking with him and watching surveillance footage at the school and they found blood in a school bathroom. investigators are still looking for a motive as students try to deal with the shocking loss. >> she was always making
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everybody else's day better than hers whether she was happy or not she was up lifting to all the students. >> she was known for using social media to help inspire her students and one of her last tweets was, quote, find something good in every day, end quote. michael skakel, a kennedy cousin will have another day in court. the case went cold until books about the crime were published in the 1990s, and a grand jury opened an investigation, and then skakel after that was charged and convicted in 2002. he is the nephew of robert f. kennedy's widow, ethical, has maintained his innocence all
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along. germany is the latest country to demand answers from the u.s. about the spying of the usa. merkel said it could be a serious breach of trust. >> the president assured the chancellor the united states is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor. the united states greatly values the cooperation of germany. the u.s. is reviewing the way we gather intelligence to insure that we properly balance the concerns of our citizens and allies with the privacy concerns that all people share. >> he did stop short of saying whether the u.s. monitored her cell phone in the past. merkel made clear that she views such practices if proven true as completely unacceptable and
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condemns them unequivocally. a new report says pakistan is trying to play it both ways when it comes to american drone strikes. pakistani leaders were publicly criticizing the raids while privately endorsing them. they received briefings. they said the strikes have deeply disturbed and agitated our people. meanwhile a. new report from a top state report says even when the drones take out targets they often kill a large number of civilians, creating 40 new enemies for every al qaeda operator killed. and then the weekly jobless numbers. yesterday a down day across the board on wall street. snapped a four-day streak of new
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highs in the s&p 500. let's check in with my former colleague, kayla. >> the new york times reporting federal authorities may take action against the bank for looking the other way on the madoff's ponzi scheme. the company continued to work with him even as questions mounted about his business. and there may be a deal in exchange for a fine and other conditions. americans may be spending more than saving. a new report shows 3 in 5 workers are racking up debt faster than putting away for retirement. the biggest reasons for the
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growing debt, spending on housing and credit car debt and more auto loans. >> when we hit the road, we are always in coach. >> speak for yourselves. >> excuse me, i need a new agent. >> no, i don't. >> give details on what airlines are pinching space in the back. >> now airlines are starting to put one more seat per row, shrinking your seat to 17 inches. the wall street journal reporting in their push to lure passengers for business class seats, they are skipping on the space in coach. they don't want to lose revenue. armrest and aisles coming at a premium, and you are bound to get -- i don't know if that's enough to bump you up, but it
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might be for me. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. the so-called bishop of bling have gotten the boot. he is a bishop in germany for an unspecified period of time. he was under pressure to resign on reports that renovations exceeded $43 million. that's a bit of a contrast to the austerity measures pope francis is living in. you have seen the car he drives. the swift action spends a strong message. >> the pope is irritated about the scandal, and he doesn't like such scandals, and he is not -- he doesn't agree with the behavior of the bishop of lindbergh. >> what does 43 million bucks get you in that residents?
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>> a private chapel, and a $35,000 conference table and a $20,000 bathtub. that better be a sweet bathtub. the bishop denied any wrong doing. twitter question. i drove all the way to boston yesterday afternoon -- by the way, that hat, it's vintage 2004 world series champion santa hat. pretty sweet, huh. my wife made me wear it, and i told her it would mess my hair up and she told me to suck it up. how far have you gone to support your team? i drove back all the way in the middle of the night. let's see how many super fans we have out there. still ahead, david ortiz, a big night, awesome night, but that catch prevented it from being an even bigger night for him.
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>> and then his rap schools. ja rule's cookbook. there was an arrest this morning of an army veteran, and a recovery of a tripod and a scope. [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food.
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so the red sox -- we have a winner right there. the boston red sox! >> the red sox win puppy bowl. let's go to the real game. game one of the world series. let's look at the breakdown. the red sox, it's their 12th trip to the world series, and seven titles. just be quiet, bill, you will speak when spoken to. and then before i start the highly-produced video. anything to say? all right. last night, chilly. 49 degrees game time. bottom of the first, two men on, and david ortiz, bobbles and then out at second and john farrell comes out to argue, and the umpires gtalk. he never had possession of the ball, and the decision reversed.
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and so sox up 3-zip. >> yay, sox. >> jon lester, solid. and then david frees, frozen. and then a simple pop-up from stephen drew. between two of the best defensive players at their possessions, here is the slowmo. look at this. that's unbelievable. so it's ruled a base hit, nobody touched it. a few batters later a. grounder to short. pedroia doubles in another run and setting up this bases loaded at bat from david ortiz. >> ripped into right. back and beltran. at the wall. and it's caught! a run scores as beltran took a
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grand slam away. >> could not believe this catch. an awesome play. one run did score. the real drama subtle in this one. he gets hurt on the play. he will come out of the game, and we will have more in a minute. same score, david ortiz with another chance with a man on first. >> ortiz gets under it to right with a carry. at the wall. it's gone. 7-0. red sox lead in game one. >> john heilman put it well, that one was not catchable. jon lester, 7 2/3, and they win in game one. three errors by the cardinals. sox have won nine straight world series game -- bill, you listening to all this?
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it should be noted teams that won game one in the world series won 20 of the past 24 world series. >> what is the -- >> he is in the hospital? >> he is a game-time decision. first pitch, 8:07. it's hard to hit when your ribs hurt. >> you want to see the red sox win, but beltre, he -- >> he is a great player -- >> well , if you want to win, yu want to win against their best group. >> bill, they ate up all your time. >> at this point i want the red sox to win three more in a row to get it over and be finished with it. >> oh, you whiny -- quiet down. >> i will, as soon as they are done. as far as the forecast goes,
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another cold morning out there for the baseball game tonight. just like last night, chilly but not too bad. the red sox played ten games with temperatures like that and the cardinals played only one, so maybe they were not used to the cold like the sox. we are looking at a little snow showers over the great lakes tonight. the winter chill just moved in. temperatures in the suburbs are colder than in the cities. and then later this afternoon, it will warm up in the 50s. not horrible. but it will have that chill to it. and then looks just fine as far as sox nation goes. >> i will say the cardinals are a great organization. i love the cardinals -- >> we don't want to see a sweep again. >> i am a red sox -- >> hi, donny. >> it's a very important man. >> were you at the game last night? >> yeah, i was. >> you drove back? >> yeah, i have not slept. >> you are a sick, sick man. >> thank you, i am going right
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to bed after this. my day is over. >> you are not going back up tonight? >> no, i am not. coming up at the top of the hour "morning joe," and when we come back, the cooler. boston mayor, his blunder put him in the crosshairs of jimmy kimmel. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you. go to® and try it today.
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at the top of the show we talked about the drone situation in pakistan. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends there have been 358 drone strikes just in the country of pakistan alone since 2004. let's get rid of the real news -- let's go to lewis. >> thanks very much. impressed to see you back. weren't you at the game last night? >> yes. >> you look good. >> we know ja rule for his skills on the mike. ♪ >> that's a flash from the past. the 37-year-old rap star is much more than that. he is also a convicted felon and has spent more than two years in
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prison for tax evasion and a weapons charge, but he was not happy with the prison cuisine, so he used a microwave to create more appear advertising things. he gained 30 pounds in the two years behind bars. i wish the best with his new cookbook. let's move on to late nights where stevphen colbert is lovin all the problems with the white house and what they are having with the obama care website, but that does not mean he will try himself. >> the company behind websitegate is montreal based. [ speaking french ] i am not the only one that diagnosed obama care with a
5:55 am
terminal case of blow chunkage, so did obama care. >> there is no sugar coating it. people have been getting stuck during the application process. we have had some of the best i.t.s -- >> it's a tech surge, like the afghan surge. >> and then a gaffe or two when it comes to sports, and yesterday no different. >> the red sox playing the third world series the last nine years. well, we are rooting -- >> jimmy kimmel picked up on the mistake, and he dug up promotion
5:56 am
al stuff. >> it's a fantastic place to be a sports home stand. it's the boston skatearoos. catch the new england colonial guys, and watch the football, greg brady. >> i like the colonial guys and the skatearoos but would not drive back and forth to see them necessarily. still ahead, how far have you gone to support your team? "morning joe" just moments away.
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i drove up to the sox game and drove back on zero sleep. i have enough makeup on


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