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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 24, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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that they're trying to do here is shift the focus the obama care enrollment and put it on the issue where they have the high ground. that bill came out of the senate and the bipartisan bill championed by folks like marco rubio who was dead on arrival in the house of representatives. the president would like to see immigration reform done by the end of the year and that clearly will not happen. speaker baoehner will not push t to another fight with the debt limit and you have to look at what 2014 what will be possible. from sources on capitol hill, some variation of the dream act where folks who were brought here by no fault of themselves who grew up in the united states and would like to have some sort of real shot at citizenship could obtain that possibly to some democrats are open to that, but as far as that large-scale, bipartisan bill that came out of the senate, it's very difficult to see how the house would move to something like that on an election year and the issue that this always comes back to is
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republicans can never give a straight answer on what constitutes for border security. >> there are all of these different variations of it. the border security in the senate bill was perhaps overkill. i've spoken to house republicans who said it was not nearly enough to secure the border. the most you will hear about immigration reform is the campaign style event from the president that distracts us from the obama care enrollment issues especially if they want to win back the house and continue to grow among the latino voting bloc, thomas. >> the president talked about what happened in the bipartisan fashion and also talking about house democrats trying to craft something that resembles it, but politico is reporting that darryl issa is working on his own legislation that would provide this legal framework for illegal immigrants and undocumented immigrantses in the united states. what more is i.c.e. working on? >> the possible framework to
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give what i said earlier is some variation of the dream act, some variation of a guest worker program and that capacity. the details are scarce at the moment, but even if issa moves something. even if there seems to be some drum beat within the conference sports. speaker boehner says it's an issue that will not get done. the conservatives do not want to touch emigration reform because it does not play well in their districts and there are those conservative districts out there where this is a very nuclear, reactive thing that they don't want to have anything to do with and that will continue to set the framework for debate as we move forward. >> luke russert at the white house. the botched obama care rollout taking center stage on capitol hill. >> it was not your decision to go live? >> it was not -- it was cms' decision, it was not our decision one way or the other. >> did you ever recommend to cm is that they weren't ready and perhaps they would want to delay
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the date? >> it was not our position to do so. >> the contractors that designed the website. the bottom line in today's hearing is that no one wants to take ultimaty r sponsiblity for the issues that even have the democrats questioning president's health care reform. the house energy and commerce committee are executives with the two main contractors. cgi group and quality software services and take a listen between a lawmaker on the committee and a witness with the plays on the site. >> do you think it's right that 99% of the people that try to go through the the system get rejected and can't even complete the application? is that a system that you're proud of? >> sir, this is a system that we are working every day to make improvements. >> all of this as the white house makes a move to delay the deadline by sign up for six weeks. some red-state democrats question whether that's even
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long enough. >> this should be a transition year. for one year, there should be no fines. there are a lot of problems and they've identified and everybody's recognized them. let's fix it. kathleen sebelius continues to play defense with the chorus of calls for her to resign growing. today 32 republicans signed a letter calling for her departure and her exit would be much ado about nothing. >> some people are calling for her to be fired. to me that's kind of like firing captain smith on the titanic after it it hit the iceberg. it's not going to do much right now. >> president obama is trying to move on legislatively move on. he renewed calls as we watched there on other parts are of his arc jenneda on immigration reform in the last ten minutes and saying he has nothing to lose because he doesn't have to worry about getting reelected again. there are serious questions by oversights to be asked about obama care's website and the 2.0 website patches and fixes to
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streamline what americans say they want. they want affordable health carry, can house republicans drop the drama and ask fact-buysed questions or sk act happier like p-- let's dive in n this. a lot is going in washington and as we know, there are serious questions to ask about what took place with the website. contractors on the hot seat and next week we have kathleen sebelius. there is no way to track the deluge they received from americans that were interested and then we get an essentially don't blame us response. colleagues are yours are calling for consequences. representative nolan saying president obama needs to man up. nelson says it's inexcusable, someone ought to be fired and someone ought to lose their job
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on this and this is what you had to say on our air that this is like a pimple on an elephant's back side and you were quoted as saying it's screwed up. who deserves the blame here? >> blame? we have tense of thousa we have tenses of thousands pee applying for health care and that didn't work. it didn't work with social security the first time it was rolled out. it didn't work with medicare the first time it was rolled out. presidents bush, section d for prescription drugs. you know, i just can't believe that republicans all have this obsession to destroy a plan that would provide health care. so this is a glitch. i'm not belittling. i wish we didn't have it, but my god, we've got until the end of march to straighten out these things and i never thought when i went to congress over 40 years ago that my biggest problem with
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health care was taking care of the overwhelming number of people who are either under or uninsured. >> or that the advent of the internet is what's standing in the way of everybody. let's talk about this because this is a huge lift, a heavy lift to the social contract to the country trying to get affordable, accessible health care and with the government's help and helping people to the private insurers. we have to get the young people's attention and get them in the boat to help them float the cost of what it will be for americans in this country. >> one of the major problems we have is that most americans already have health insurance or medicare or medicaid and so it's these working hard people that are treeing desperately hard to understand how can i get it and now we're saying this we should fire everybody because we've had glitches. i would hope that we could take the other attitude and say my god, this is overwhelming. this is what we thought would happen and it it did happen. i wish we were better prepared
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for it. >> what's the boehner way to say about wishes and nishg ols because his politico points out this morning that the hearings will run by the same house republicans who don't want the law in the first place and have a disastrous government shutdown to prove it. >> the americans united for change said you can call it as hypocrisy, but that would be an insult to hypocrites. do you think the republicans are stepping in a witch hunt because it doesn't seem that the authenticity is there to fix the problems as much as it is to pan obama care. >> you know, zee to find out who with the heck is the republican party because i think it was proven when we saved the nation from a fiscal catastrophe. when we re-opened government there were good -- not good, there were republicans that joined up with democrats and so it meant the majority of the
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members of the house of representatives was the afford. there's no question in my mind that the majority of the members of the house of representatives want health care, want immigration reform, but there are one group of republicans that call themselves the tea party that when you say obama even if it means bringing down the country they're against it. without their support boehner cannot be their speaker. when he becomes a patriot instead of a republican america wins. >> representative charlie rangel, good to have you. >> this conversation will continue and our big question for you at home today as unity among the democrats seems to be crumbling in the wake of the botched obama care roll out, weigh in with your comments on twitter and facebook. do you think people should take responsibility for it and that someone needs to be a scapegoat in this instance. >> some are calling it a delay and others a six-week slide and they're calling it a clarification to the penalty deadline. a wrinkle in the law had
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suggested that most people would have to sign up by mid-february to avoid penalty for the year and yesterday the administration said people won't incur that penalty as long they sign up by march 31st. it has been the last day of the official open-enroll want period. health sciences professor at lsu and ceo of blackhealth sir, great to have you here and i want to talk to you about the hearing going on capitol hill and you have the house, energy, and commerce committee in search of the health website. i want to play a shawl portion of it. take a listen. >> was it ever an option to delay going live on october 1st? did any of you come forth to the administration and say this thing may not be read owe october 1st. we want a delay until we can get it right? any hands up? i mean, either you didn't know
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about these problems or you knew about them and chose not to disclose them. >> we expressed all of those concerns and risks to cms throughout the project. >> do you believe it's going to be necessary to scrap the entire health system and start from scratch? >> i do not, sir. >> so the contractors, doctor, are blaming the centers for medicaid and medicare service on this. in your estimation and what you know of the industry, where do you think the blame belongs? >> this kong rshl hearing actually looks like a bad three stooges or abbott and costello. who's on first? they're just pointing at everybody. the point is that it wasn't ready october 1st for the rollout, with but issue though, the bigger issue is that this website is only trying to just enroll people. it does not give insurance. it does not provide health care so there's really no excuse for this company cgi not to have done this appropriately so everything has to fall directly on their shoulders because
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everyone there is basically a subcontractor of cgi. the question of privacy, doctor, which led to a relatively heated exchange and i want to play that portion. take a look. >> yes. >> i am trying to tell you that the problem here -- >> disrespecting american citizens -- >> it is a legitimate concern of this committee. >> hipaa doesn't apply. there's no health information in the process. you were asked about your address, your date of birth and you are not asked health information so why are we going down this path? because you are trying to scare people so they don't apply and so therefore the legislation gets delayed. >> is that what they're doing, intimidation, doctor, or scare tactic about a potential privacy issue basically of creating a problem that doesn't really exist? >> that is a pure, republican smoke screen, once again, intimidation factors from wanting people to get involved.
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51% of americans still don't know what the affordable care act is. so republicans, once again, when they have the bully pulpit they will constantly try to discredit everything and that is not right. this is a policy issue not a computer issue. >> we'll still talk about it. dr. cory aber, thanks for joining us, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> she was always making everyone else's day better than hers whether she was happy or not. she was always very uplifting to all of the students there. >> a new england community in mourning after the murder of a beloved young teacher. a 14-year-old student charged and what police believe motivated this horic attack. >> investigators in portugal reopen the madeleine mccann case. how her parents are reacting to the renewed focus on their daughter's whereabouts. with the dysfunction and discord does washington need a hero? i'll pose that question and a whole lot more, actress, singer
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>> this next story is trialy very disturbing. an 11-year-old boy is washington state is in jail charged with attempted murder after police say he showed up with a gun with, several knives and 400 rounds of ammunition. no one was hurt. the 11-year-old is scheduled to go before a judge later today. three southern california elementary school students were hurt when they fired a police officer's gun during a safety demonstration. one of the children had to have is surgery to remove shrapnel from his eye. the officer was at the school for red ribbon week, a national initiative aimed at preventing
11:18 am
drug use among children. >> there are reports that the suspect in monday's deadly school shooting in nevada had been bullied. some students at the school tell the "l.a. times" that they'd seen him get pushed in the highway. the 12-year-old killed a teacher and wounded two students before turning the gun on himself. >> questions remain why a high school student killed a teacher. friends were giving an emotional interview about their beloved teacher. >> of everyone i've ever known in my life she is the last person i would think that something like this could happen to, and every report and every story that you read about how kind and gentle and caring she was was absolutely true. it wasn't just painting a picture. that's who colleen was. >> richard's body was found in the woods about 20 miles northeast of boston. the suspect, 14-year-old philip
11:19 am
chism has been charged with first-degree murder and will be charged as an adult. ron is live with more on this. what more do we know because this has rocked that community? >> reporter: it has, thomas. there is no word from danvers high, but there are counselors here to help parents, teachers, staff. that's why the the parking lot is full of cars. the staff trying to deal with this and we see people from the community arriving as well. we talked to people just devastated by all of this. she was a beloved teacher. a lot of that was because she was so young. she was just 24 years old and had graduated from college herself a couple of years ago and that's why a lot of the students say they really connected with her, they confided with her and they believed in her and was inspiring to them and just a tragic loss for this community. as far as the investigation is concerned, the police are not releasing any further details about what happened.
11:20 am
her body was found over there. there's a clump of woods on the edge of the school property. police also say there was a crime scene blood found in a second-floor student bathroom here at the school. there are reports that the body was moved in a recycling bin or trash bin across that way to the woods, but all of that is not confirmed and people are trying to find out how this could have happened in the school after 3:00 when there are activities going. the student's being held without bail. he has pleaded not guilty and meanwhile, again, people are try ing to wrap their heads around how this has happened. >> if you want to vote good luck with that. why the voter id law is impacting women more than men. the white house pushes back on the nsa is spying on angela merkel. is the damage to this diplomatic
11:21 am
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all right. so we continue developing news unfolding on capitol hill. they're testifying there and getting a grilling from lawmakers about the flaws with the federally run website that resulted in renewed republican hits on the president's signature legislation. >> when can these exchanges be ready and when people get on them with reliability? miss campbell? >> as soon as possible. we're working as hard as we can. >> mr. slavit? >> our systems are currently ready and we're doing everything we can to maintain them and we want to do everything we can to assist. >> i have to say, mr. chairman, my health care aide went on to the national aide who lives in virginia last night and she was able to register and research plans and i hope this happens to the rest of america. >> tempers have flared.
11:25 am
they called it a quote, monkey court. u.s. forces say armed pirates have attacked an american oil supply vessel off the coast of nigeria. the ship's captain and chief engineer both american citizen have been reportedly kidnapped and sources tell nbc news there are no u.s. war ships in the region and no immediate plans for a hostage rescue attempt and we'll keep you posted on that and here's a look at stories topping the news. after five years portuguese police are re-opening the madeleine mccann case. the toddler vanished from a beachtown in 2007 while her parents were dining at a nearby restaurant. we hope that this will finally lead to her being found and to the discovery of whoever is responsible for this crime. >> a lawyer of a family of a georgia team found dead in a wrestling mat is demanding a coroner's investigation into his death. they say their son was a victim of foul play after his body was
11:26 am
stuffed with newspapers. a connecticut sdwruj has ordered a retrial for michael skakel, the nephew of robert f. kennedy. he was convicted of his 1975 beating death ofs his neighbor martha moxley. the judge ruled skakel's attorney did not sufficiently represent hiv during the trial when he was convicted. the the german foreign minister has asked for the meeting. after angela merkel demanded clarification that the nsa had tapped her cell phone. according to white house spokesman jay carney the the president assured merkel that the u.s. was not monitoring her communications. "fifty shades of grey" fans, jamie dornan has been tapped to play in the steamy novel. and while he plays christian
11:27 am
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11:31 am
for this speech. is the president trying to deflect the conversation away from the obama care rollout and how that seems to be taking a lot of oxygen out of d.c. and any type of legislative agenda? >> i would have said so except that darryl issa, the congressman from california, the republican actually gave an outline yesterday so i think what the white house wants to say is encourage the conversations that darryl issa had put forward. what i did find today that was significant is that he had vice president joe biden by his side, some but when you start talking to joe about immigration reform he really believes that it's a parallel conversation that his ancestors had with irish roots and understands the obstacles that immigrants face and they go behind closed doors on capitol hill and have one to one discussions with folks in rural areas and i think it was significant that the vice president join the president today. it's a really good observation
11:32 am
today and let me ask you because as maria teresa points out, this could be an attempt with darryl issa coming up with his own type of legislation and a way to craft or unearth the growing divide within the republican party. would you agree with that? >> it was not a mistake that there was a campaign theme and a campaign setting to president obama's speech here. the same political dynamics that we've seen on the budget fight exist for this immigration fight and even if darryl issa is proposing to introduce his own plan, house speaker john boehner has said he prefers a piecemeal approach, this is recruiting season for candidates and the democrats would like republican congressmen to be challenged by their right by more conservatives and they would like to encourage more democrats to fight with their seats. >> and do you think we'll see something come to the floor by the end of the year and would boehner use the hastert rule? >> dennis hastert himself has
11:33 am
said there is no hastert rule and that is something they use on privilege. if boehner stepped up to the leadership position and recognized that 2014 is so critical for the republicans, there are enough votes now to pass the senate bill and even if the republicans decide to do a piecemeal approach that folks have been talking about, they can still reconcile it in committee. frankly, something is better than nothing otherwise republicans will come have a hard time come the 2014 elections. >> we have a press release saying more than 400 conser conservatives will meet with congress to push the immigration reform. how much influence do you think that these conservatives will have and then take in the tea party element and add that to the equation? >> that's the relevant question right now. you have a battle over the republican party and you have
11:34 am
mainstream business interest who are trying to pull it back to the center and these are people who favor immigration reform and you have the tea party and this group of 30 to 40 conservative congressmen who want nothing and no part of it and it will be an interesting battle to see how this plays out among republicans. >> mario teresa kumar and terry goddard, great to see both of you. our agenda panel. you can find out more on our website, with the vitriol in washington, there's no doubt they can use a superhero, but who is savvy enough to get that job done? ♪ ♪ wonder woman ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wonder woman >> i never get sick of seeing it, but joining me right now is the actress who played wonderwoman, the singer, the
11:35 am
activist and the one and only linda carter. >> hello you handsome fellow. >> oh, my gosh, my dream is made today. thanks for joining us and i want to pivot about why you're in new york in a second. >> you are politically active and very politically minded. >> yes. >> i point out that you're an activist on many progressive a topic and what do you think about the current tone in washington d.c. right now and how can people be a hero just by try toggle straight an intellectual, compassionate discussion? >> i think that because this fight and this ridiculous thing that happened in washington was really funded by far right organizations and big money far right organizations, i don't really even understand why they threw obama care into a budget fight, but it's good for democrats, but it is just -- it's just so ugly and it is ridiculous, and i just wish they would move on and try to support
11:36 am
it. it's already law. let's support it and try to fix it, you know? i get so frustrated with it. >> you said that a combination of power and ignorance is a lethal weapon. that's perfectly said. yes. >> do you think we're witnessing some of that with our elected leaders in washington, d.c., right now? >> well, they are kind of getting what they asked for in some regard because you've got a group of people without any experience that came in and that are making wild statements and they really don't know how the political thing works in washington, and they are -- and their elections are being funded by far right groups and, you know, this is what you get when you go that direction. my opinion. >> you've had some choice words, though, for the tea party. >> oh, i know! wait, i was trying to be so perfect. >> but many of them are digging in and because more reasonable
11:37 am
republicans, moderate republicans like john mccain and a chris christie would have higher favorablity and ted cruz who are more popular and more teflon coated in their own districts. >> that is what is so ridiculous. it is almost as though if you only listen to and watch fox news, you know, that if you really think that that's the way things are, i mean, you belong in a mental institution in some ways because it's so fear-filled. it's so negative. it's so nasty and you don't get any kind of balance at all. i don't think it has anything to do with reality. i think it has to do with self-aggrandizement. >> one thing that you are here in new york doing right now is you're about to perform at lincoln center. >> yes, i am. >> i know you're normally in d.c., but one thing you were working with marvel comics. >> yes.
11:38 am
>> they were auctioning off an item for someone to come to the show. they worked that out. they arrived friday. >> yes, they have. it's for a wonderful organization, and they're going to come to the show and we're going to have a -- there's a party afterwards that we'll meet with them and talk with them. >> it's called the weekend of heroes campaign, fighting hunger in africa. >> i think we can add to that. we can start fighting hunger in america. that might be good, too. >> you just taped an episode of "two and a half men" can you explain what you were doing on that show? >> is it raunchy in any way? >> i am so embarrassed. >> i'm such a cougar. >> no, you're not. >> oh, i am in the show. >> who are you playing? >> i actually play myself, but it's a version of myself because i'm pretending like i'm not married, but i really am, so it's a version of myself. i don't want to give it away. >> what if someone approached you of doing a reboot of wonder woman and you picked up with
11:39 am
diana prince's life now would you do it? >> i would probably have to maybe would be wonder woman's daughter, and i would play the mother. >> right. >> picking up with your life and you have kids and the family life and you're politically based in d.c. and you have this whole thing going. would you be interested in doing something like that? >> it's all in the words, isn't it? >> does it freak you out sometimes how much people love you and how much people identify with this role of wonder woman? i mean, because i've told you this and i'll tell you this every time i see you my head explodes every time i see you. >> oh, gosh, listen to you. i know. does it freak you out? >> no. no. i've had it for a long time. 1975 is when i first did wonderwoman. that's a long time ago. and i enjoy listening to people's stories and listening to, you know, it's a way to connect with people. they connect with me and that's what they want to talk about.
11:40 am
so it's okay. >> thank goodness you are just so nice to boot because if you weren't so nice, you know, it would make it so much harder, but she really is, she's so nice and i hope everyone gets a chance to meet lynda carter. >> lincoln center. >> we just love you. >> amanda ingersoll, the baby giant panda the at the smithsonian's national zoo got her first vaccine this week and she wasn't happy about it and she wasn't afraid to let the handlist know that she wasn't a fan. she is healthy and active and weighing in about 6 pounds. you can view it by heading over to facebook. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee, affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy
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11:44 am
hitting on the legislation. here's mike roberts questioning the security of this website. >> in less than two weeks you're telling me that you are constantly changing code. you are introducing new code. you can't quite tell me how that's secure in any system that i have ever seen. two months for a functionality test is not appropriate, let alone a security check on this information. i am more nervous today than i was when i got here. i am shocked. shocked. >> so cheryl campbell, senior vice president of cgi said the programmers were not just putting code willy-nilly, but more tough questions will come from that hearing today. falling through the cracks, some members of congress are calling for the overhaul of the child welfare system with recent numbers showing many foster kids becoming victims of sex trafficking. child advocates gave disturbing testimony about how foster children are at a huge risk at
11:45 am
the center for missing and exploited children. 60% of children rescued are foster children. as many as 300,000 kids are at risk for sex trafficking each year. one survivor who was trafficked until the age of 17 gave testimony. >> during the 14-plus placements i've endured. the more consistent family was that of my pimp and his family. no one looks for us. i want to make this clear. no one looks for us. no one looks for us. the system makes no effort. >> just tears at your heart. that woman joins us now. she's a college student and board member for the human rights project for girls and you go by t. so i can call you t., correct? >> yes. correct. >> your back story is you were in the foster care system for 18 years. you say sen of those years were being spent being is e-ally
11:46 am
trafficked on the streets either on the internet or the strip clubs or massage parlors. explain why foster children become so vulnerable to this behavior? >> so sorry. there are many reasons. i feel like foster youth are vulnerable. some of my highlights from yesterday is pretty much how youth are pretty much object phied for monetary purposes so there's money given to the caregiver to provide for the necessities and needs of the youth, but there currently isn't from my knowledge any system set up to identify and make sure that that money is being used for that purpose. so oftentimes the money is being used by the parents for their own personal use or for the use of their biological children and families. so the families, the caregivers, shall i say go on and make these statements as i don't care what you do as long as you don't die i'm going to continue to get my paycheck. it formulates this ideology that you're nothing, but a financial
11:47 am
gain. >> like a golden goose. >> exactly. so foster youth, it makes it harder to differentiate, bringing in money into a foster home and bringing money into an exploiter's stable. i'm sorry. >> i wanted to say, is there another reason why there is such a vicious cycle here is because the victimization of the victim and the concrete stats that we don't know about how many kids are actually trafficked because a lot of times they're often treated as criminals. >> factually. i think that's very relevant and something i push and advocate hard for is the fact that we can't criminalize these youth by putting them in detention centers for such cases as solicitation or prostitution because these young people aren't even often of legal age to consent to sex so how can they be selling something they don't have the legal right to have. that's something i advocate is that we need to shift the change in regard to the laws in regard the way we deal with the youth because often times at the sage of 15 or younger they may not themselves identify as victims
11:48 am
as yet. it takes a lot of education, knowledge and trauma-informed and victim-informed services and care to provide that perspective. >> how do you think you did yesterday? it's hard to get the attention of our congress and you were able to move members on both sides of the aisle. how do you think you did? >> i mean, honestly, it's been an amazing experience. i've been push ing to make this relevant since i started advocating. this section is very important in understanding how vulnerable this population is, and i think, you know, it was amazing to see that from both parties and both republicans and democrats that i got some great feedback and it it seems they were very vested in the goal of making a change to service these youth. >> you're an inspiration and shining a bright light in a dark place. t. ortiz, thank you and onward and upward to you. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back after this. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face.
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you're looking at live pictures for the senate for american progress, in honor of their 10th anniversary. senator gillibrand is at the mike. another featured speaker jerry brown, former secretary -- or secretary of state john kerry, chicago mayor rahm emanuel and vice president -- former vice president al gore. you can watch the live stream of the event at presprunt in texas new voter id law in effect and posing problems even the law's creators might not have seen coming. we're hearing from unexpected victims, married women a district judge, who was married, was forced to use a provisional ballot during early voting because the name on her driver's license didn't match the name on her voters registration card. >> i don't think most women know this is going to create a problem, that their maiden name is on the driver's license, which was mandated in 1964 when
11:53 am
i got married and this. so why would i want to use a provisional ballot when i've been voting regular ballot for the last 49 years. >> great question. as msnbc rachel maddow explained last night, it's not just married women who could be turned away at the polls. >> there are an estimated 1.4 million voters in texas who are eligible voters who do not have the kind of documentation you're now required to show in order to cast a vote in that state. that doesn't even count the people who do supposedly have the right documentation, they do have the right kind of id like that judge, but the id doesn't match in exactly the way it has to match now for you to be allowed to vote anymore. >> matchy matchy. joining me now you recently wrote about the problems with the voter id law. republicans started statewide efforts in june to make sure those who don't have photo id will get them. as rachel brought up, 1.4
11:54 am
million without the voter id, only 50 people have it. that is a 0036% of people helped. striking. >> exactly. texas isn't doing a very good job getting people these ids at the very least. according to their own numbers, 600 to 800,000 registered voters don't have the id. latest number i saw was 41 people got the id. maybe jumped up to 50 now. there's a huge discrepancy among people who need to get the id and people that have the ids. texas set up mobile id centers in 20 counties, only 20 people have gotten ids from them. texas has to do a much better job getting people ids if that's what they want to do. >> the number is 50, maybe we'll see it climb up as the sun dauns in texas. the idea is voter ids will stop voter fraud. we always hear voter fraud
11:55 am
issue. there's only been one person convicted of voter impersonation in texas since 2000, just one. >> so you have a situation in texas where they might disenfranchise 1.4 people, inconvenience many, many more people based on this texas judge, based on one case of voter misidentification. it's been sold as an issue that stopped voter fraud but there's no actual problem of voter fraud they would stop. it's a solution in search of a problem, a very bad solution in search of a nonexistent problem. >> doj has a lawsuit? >> remember, this was blocked under section 5 of the voting rights act last year. it's only in effect because supreme court overturned section 4 of voting rights act. this thing should have never been law. it's law because of what the roberts court did, sued under different section of the voting rights act, section 2. meanwhile this is in effect inconveniencing,
11:56 am
disenfranchising, hurt a lot of people. >> thanks for being here. that's going to wrap it up with me. up next, "now" with alex wagner. don't go anywhere. neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze. of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes
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ever the basketball enthusiast, president obama makes his favorite move, the pivot. it's thursday october 24th, and this is "now." president obama is trying to get back on course. this morning the president made an attempt to turn away from the deeply flawed launch of the nation's health care exchanges and refocus on another white house priority, immigration reform.


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