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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 1, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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so, kent, that mistake you made, that fundamental life changing error, that cosmic fail -- >> just tell me already. >> after this break. >> i will never achieve anything this cool ever again in my life. it's "the simpsons" sunday night. that does it for us tonight. . good friday morning. right now on "first look," a tire guying scene for any parent. a school bus carrying ten children plunges into a creek. >> i thought i was going to die. >> we'll have the incredible details coming up next. did president obama seriously consider replacing vice president biden with hillary clinton? and how does mr. obama really feel about former president clinton. fascinating details. and using electronics for the flying masses. plus a really bad day for this $300,000 ferrari.
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and sights and sounds of a healthy and happy halloween 2013. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. we begin with the story of ten who escaped a bus crash unharmed. it toppled off a bridge into a fast moving creek in douglas, kansas. it landed on its side. all the children on board were under the anyone ge of 13. older kids are credited with helping the younger ones escape through a roof hatch. >> there was all screaming and stuff and then me and my friend were telling them to calm down and stuff. >> i was scared, but i really wasn't and my friends, i tried to put them first to get them out of the water. >> at the same time, the 64-year-old bus driver called 911, he was later treated for hypotherm hypothermia. this morning the kansas highway patrol is investigating why he drove on a water covered bridge. officials say rain caused the low rise bridge to flood over
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the past couple of days. heavy rains are also hitting parts of texas especially hard leaving two dead in the austin area following massive flooding. more than a foot of rain fell thursday triggering those flash floodsing to dozens of rescues. some were forced to cling to trees for hours. >> at that point, i lost complete and total control and was coming up and down out of the water. i saw two of my dogs wash away. we ended up catching hold of a tree. >> in austin, 5,000 customers were left without power. officials in at least four states had to make tough decisions. parts of indiana, ohio, kentucky and tennessee postponed trick or treating. new this morning, defense
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secretary chuck hagel is speaking publicly about something he says causes division. nine 125i9s are refusing to issue military i.d. cards to same sex spouses of service members. that goes against pentagon policy. secretary hagel says he's taking action to remedy the situation. >> everyone who serves our country in uniform, everyone in this country, should receive all the benefits they deserve and they have earned. and in accordance with the law. everyone's rights must be protected. >> a senior defense official tells nbc news there are 114 national guard sites not complying with the policy. the skies might be friendlier soon after a decision from the faa. airline passengers will now be allowed to use smart phones, tablets and ereaders on board that includes takeoff and landing as long as everything is in airplane mode. but you still can't make calls
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or send text messages. many are clamoring to be the first. the new york police department's controversial stop and frisk policy is back in the news. a federal paerls court has put a stop to a major yefr hall of the program. in august, the judge ruled the practice violated civil r50i9s, but the decision late thursday keeps it going for now. opponents contend it unfairly targets minority its, while police say it's vital for security. the judge who struck down the policy is off the case. appeals court says she improperly steered the case for her bench. major bombshells are reviewed about the 2012 presidential election in the soon to be released book "doubledown oi "doubledown," the see get to game change. the authors write that the president's inner circle secretly considered replacing vice president joe biden with then secretary of state hillary clinton on the ticket during the most recent election.
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and they went so far as to get the opinion of focus groups. but in the end, research showed there wasn't a big enough spike in support to justify that bold move. the vice president was not made aware of these deliberations. the authors also write president obama grew tired of bill clinton during a golf bonding outing, so much so they didn't even finish 18 holes. and another shocker, the authors say mitt rom any nixed chris christie off his short list for vice president because of several up answered questions including some about his medical history. halloween is over, but here are some tricks and treats that arose. we start in canada where there wasn't your average x-ray. border agents at the montreal airport found three hollowed out pumpkins filled with about four pounds of company cape. they were sent through an x-ray scanner because they seemed too heavy. the white house was bathed in orange last night. earlier the president and first lady handed out candy, cookies
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and dried fruit to trick-or-treaters who were local schoolchildren and the children of military families. michelle obama was dressed in black and orange. in new york city, the icon he can empire state building displayed a special halloween light show set to music. blocks away, the 40th annual halloween parade was back in full swing after being canceled last year by super storm sandy and the year before that by a freak snowstorm. children in japan got in on the western tradition of trk or tre trick or treating. they could learn about western culture, practice english and dress up in fun and cute costumes. and halloween may be known for trick or treating, but for one indiana couple, it was also the perfect time to say i do. the zombie bride and her ghoulish groom tied the knot in a haunted house called the shadow asylum which is also where they happened to work. congrats on them.
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turning now to sports and thursday night football, bengals/dolphins, an overtime thriller. fourth quarter, only seconds left on the clock, sturgis kicked a field goal to tie the game and force ot. the bengals had their backs against the wall when the dolphins knocked andy dalton into the he said zone for a game winning safety. only the third time in nfl history that an overtime game has ended in a safety. miami upset cincinnati and miami has also won all six times they have played on halloween. well, to the nba and derrick rose's home opener in chicago. in the closing seconds, new york ahead by one, rose drives down the right side, he's double-teamed, but scores the game winner with only 5.7 seconds remaining. bulls 82-81 over the knicks. in soccer, between goals, montreal knocked him down and kicked him in the back side.
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not very nice. other players got involved. two were ejected. houston won. and jonathan flores made an incredible jump from a helicopter in his custom made wing suit. the death defying stunt was captured by cameras attached to flores and a jumping partner as they sped at over 100 miles per hour. and dallas mavericks have released a fun paparody video o song called what does the fox say. ♪ >> i like the animal costumes. is it bad that i don't know that song? >> you do. >> i don't. i've been living under a rock. >> it will be in your head will
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the rest of the day. >> bill karins is here with the forecast. >> nasty wind storm. almost like a dangerous type morning out there for a lot of the people in the northeast. right through the ohio valley. we had wind gusts of 54 miles per hour in buffalo, that's now down tree lines and have pow p outages. this will mean significant airport delays. looks about everyone on i-95 will get rain during the morning hours. it will clear up by the away, b afternoon, but severe storm watch in pennsylvania, and that's for gusts up to 60 miles per hour. so as far as the storm goes, it will move quickly at least, so by this afternoon, most areas will clear out. but again travel problems early today in the east. and it's warm, too. almost humid. over the weekend, we should see an improving forecast this many areas.
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cooler in the great lakes and that will make it to the northeast on sunday. you just warm and humid. >> when i came in, i was shocked at how strong the winds were. >> and they were get stronger. >> okay. thank, bill. just ahead, the most exciting new potato chip to come along in a long time. and police behind an incredibly sophisticated drug tunnel along with thousands of pounds of pot and company cape. the secret is out. hydration is in. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion
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welcome back. now to other stories making news this morning. more than 47 million food stamp recipients will see a cut in their benefits starting today. that's because stimulus funding instituted in 2009 automatically expires. the center on budget and policy priorities found the cuts translate into $29 less per month for a family of three. more than a third of abortion clinics in texas could be closed as early as today after a federal appeals court ruled the state's tough new abortion restrictions can take
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effect immediately while they're being challenged. planned parenthood says the fight is far from over. in mid october, a bus driver saw a woman leaning over a guardrail. he stopped his bus and saved the woman from jumping off a bridge. early this morning, will this tweet from donald trump. the bus driver who saved the woman from jumping off the bridge was really cool, great guy. i'm going to send him $10,000. he deserves it. federal authorities have released images of a major and sophisticated tunnel they say was built to move drugs between mexico and u.s.. the recently completed pass allege way connects san diego and tijuana. authorities seized 8 1/2 tops of marijuana and cocaine. and car enthusiasts may find this disturbing. a new york city delivery truck backed into a $300,000 ferrari
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ff crushing its hood. oops. according to the truck driver,i ticketed for double parking. we turn to business now. >> the government is easing restrictions on the flexible spending accounts that are used to pay for health care costs. you'll now be able to carry over up to $500 in unused cash into the next year. previously people had to use are or lose money in their accounts by december 31st. walmart will be kicking off its online deals today. retailers are worried with the shorter holiday season they will have to use heavy discounts to lure cash conscious consumers to shop which could result in the smallest increase in holiday spending in four years. frito lay is appearing to measures for all things sweet and salty, chocolate covered poe pay toe chips. they will only be sold at target through the holidays. >> i'm headed to my nearest target.
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now it time about for your first look al this morning's dish of scrambled politics. the father of senator ted cruz wants to send president obama, quote, back to kenya. it's from a tea party rally back in april and again, this is from rafael cruz born in cuba, father of ted cruz, born in canada.
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>> we have our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago and let them send him back to kenya. >> house majority leader eric cantor has released next year's schedule for the house of representatives. and it leaves plenty of time for campaigning. the second session of the 113th congress is scheduled to work 113 days next year. but between august 4th and november 4th, election day, the house will be in session for just 12 days. that's down from 153 days last year. for more on what's going on or not going on in the house, karen finney will have an exclusive interview with nancy pelosi. that's sunday at 4:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. the 2014 florida gubernatorial race is on. charlie crist now a democrat is expected to announce plans on monday to take back his old job.
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on the same day, current governor rick scott will flood the airwaves with a half a million dollars in ads. and this weekend on "meet the press," mitt romney sits down with david gregory. the two will discuss the problem plagued rollout of obama care and life after the campaign. and that is your crmorning dishf scrambled politics. if it's friday, it's kevin ser rilly joining me. >> thanks for having me. happy friday. >> so i want to talk more about this new book double down, the sequel to game change. it comes out next week, has a lot of juicy tidbits in it. one of the revelations was that barack obama could barely endure spending much time with bill clinton. that's kind of surprising because it seemed like their relationship had warmed up a lot since 2008 with clinton delivering one of the strongest speeches of the convention. so what do we know right now? >> i think both are reportedly
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saying it's a great relationship, but according to the book which by the way i can't wait to read this thing, but according to the book, when they were on the golf course, president obama said that he could only take president clinton in little bits of doses. and so i think that once it got -- it got closer to the election and they realized how close it was neck and neck with former governor romney, i think they realized that they needed the clintons to help for some political capital. >> it's interesting because clinton is now very good friends with george bush, so easy to mend fences in politics. the book also reports that former president clinton apgerred the obama campaign by praising romney's business record as sterling. so is there a concern among democrats that he'll have to be reined in a little bit should hillary clinton run in 2016? >> maybe it was actually done so that the obama administration and obama campaign could realize that the former president is a huge asset for them and perhaps
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they better make sure that they're working with him and communicating with him. but i think the biggest tidbit everybody is talking about is obviously this switch between hillary clinton and joe biden. but also what i want to know is what's in there about governor chris christie particularly some of the things in his background back when he was working as an sec lobbyist. and a think all of those details will be out shortly and you can no doubt bet people will be looking for clues for the potential gop frontrunner for 2016. >> the book said he did not choose chris christie because he had too many political land mines. so what might be some of the problems he faces if he chooses to run in 2016. >> what's also interesting is that the christie spokesperson put out a statement actually saying that he was very forthcoming with the romney campaign, so they actually issued a response. i think that there are going to
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be tons of questions everyone's vetted for 2016 as you go through the process, but particularly when he was working as a lobbyist for the sec and some of those dealings. i don't think all of those details have emerged quite yet. but it will be interesting to see what comes out in that book. >> and i always wonder when details come out how it affects current relationships like president obama and biden a little icy towards each other right now. we'll have to wait and see. kevin, you'll stick around for first buzz? >> i am. a lot to talk about. >> and we'll also be joined by bill karins, he'll be back for all the stories we're talking about this morning. we'll also tell you about the magic that one ferairy godmothe is spreading. but first, who was credited for first coming up with the idea for daylight saving time? we'll have the answer when "first look" returns. check it out.
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before the break, we asked who is credited with first coming up with the idea for daylight saving time. the answer, benjamin trafranklin 1784 saying people would use fewer candles if they rose earlier to make use of the morning sunlight. time for first buzz you can a", stories we're talking about this morning. kevin, you have news on another paterno? >> yeah, joe paterno's son, jay, actually might be considering a run for congress. and i asked as a democrat it in it a redder than red district, in central pennsylvania, and if
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he run, it's not going to be because the voters want him to fight for the obama agenda. it will be because they want vindication for his father who remains very popular in this district. i asked former pennsylvania governor also democrat ed rendell earlier this week if he thinks it's a good idea for jay-pa as he's nope to run for congress and the gov told me it's a little too soon. >> nationally i think a lot of people think paterno's legacy was tarnished by the scandal, but you're saying that in their home district, he's actually still remarkably popular. >> absolutely. outside of the penn state community and outside of central pennsylvania, the paternos have a somewhat tarnished legacy, but within that community, he remains very he popular. >> all right, bill? >> yeah. hallmark famous for their holiday ornaments. this one little controversial. you can see it here.
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don where he now our fun apparel. they kind of changed the christmas lyrics to this one. they're getting a little criticized for taking the word gay out. >> and they apologized. >> they realize now it was in bad taste. >> they should apologize for the sweater. >> this is stirs lois first loo. would too early oig starts right now. the new york yankees released this congratulatory message for the red sogsox. take a look. >> the new york yankees would alike to extend congratulations to their arch rivals on their 8th championship in 109 years. you'll match our 27 championships in the year 2271. good luck, fellows. >> let us enjoy just for a little while. if turns out pieces of the world series already headed


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