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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 1, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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hall of fame. we'll tell you what will be on display as i try to stretch this story as long as humanly possible. perhaps you've been in this situation. you're scorching toward a high score in whatever game you waste time with and the flight attendant says you have to power down now. that's pretty tough moment. pretty soon you won't have to stop. details on new faa rules. and hillary clinton, how close was she to replacing joe biden as vice president? perhaps close are than previously thought. this is "way too early". good morning, everybody. brian shactman here. definitely feels like a friday at least around here. we actually had an nfl game last night and it ended without a tie, but without a field goal or a touchdown. i will explain what exactly happened later in sports. and in the cooler, wel willie g as you've never seen him before.
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and his hair did him serious justice. we'll explain. and also how a guy drove across the entire country in less than 30 hours. but we begin with a one month birthday of now we're learning just how serious problems were at launch time. documents released by house republicans appear to show that just six people were able to especially roll for health insurance on the opening day. about a day later, 248. this is a country of over 314 million people. notes from internal meetings describe the widespread issues among them the high volume on the website, troubles with direct enrollment and problems with the va system and credit check information. the administration says it expected early enrollment numbers to be low. officials are pushing back on the report saying the douncumen are just notes and not official numbers. the white house continues to point to massachusetts where just 123 people enrolled in the
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state's health care program in its first month, that number steadily grew. but circle this date on your calendar. november 30th. that's when the agency in charge of the site says it would be ready with all the fixes to all the glitches. some analysts have said it will take literally millions of lines of code to get it running smoothly. the biggest dot comes of the country are lining up to end the nsa program of collecting phone data. they're supporting a bill by james sensenbrenner that would limit the scope of what the government can collect and how long it can keep it. by the way sensenbrenner also wrote the patriot agent. at the same time the tech giants are developing technology to protect user information.cgent. at the same time the tech giants are developing technology to protect user information.ent. at the same time the tech giants are developing technology to protect user information.nt. at the same time the tech giants are developing technology to protect user information.t. at the same time the tech giants are developing technology to protect user information. senator rand paul even speculates the nsa could potentially tap president obama's phone. and in russia, nsa leaker edward snowden appears to have a new job working for a website.
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his attorney says snowden starts later this month, but did not name the company. some have speculated it could be russia's answer to facebook which publicly offered him a job earlier this year. mark halperin and john heilemann once again set to shake up the political word. new details on double down are now leaking to the press. remember the rumors that the obama administration was considering booting vice president biden off the ticket in favor of hillary clinton? you thought it was crazy cable news chatter. not so much. obama's chief of staff at the time william daley was actively pushing the idea and his quote, he was vocal about looking in to a whole bunch of things and this was one of them. you have to remember at that point the president was in awful shape so we were like holy christ, what do we do. that's a quote. fortunately for the vice president, research suggested the move was not going to help the president's chances. also in the book, mitt romney was seriously considering chris christie for vice president but
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the campaign ruled help out due to unanswered questions about his background and his health. president obama has disdain for rubbing elbows not just reserved for republicans. he could not name his campaign top bunk letters and after meeting with gorm sore rows, he allegedly said if we don't get anything out of him, he would never sit with him again. the book also details the complicated relationship between the president and bill clinton. during a golf outing in 2011 meant to strengthen the bond between the two, they didn't finish all 18 holes. and after coming off the course, obama allegedly told aides about clinton, quote, i like him in doses. the book notes that the president has come to rely, though, on clinton's advice, but their relationship of course may once again be put to the test as we get closer to 2016 and a possible presidential run by hillary. another turn in the texas abortion law situation. a federal appeals court
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overturned a lower court's ruling that blocked a series of new abortion restrictions. the ruling lets most of the new limits take effect immediately. means up to a dozen clinics won't be able to perform abortions. the restrictions will remain in effect up january when the appeals court considers the constitutionality of the law. the restrictions came into the spotlight of course after democratic state senator wendy davis launched a 13 hour filibuster against the legislation back in june. eventually it became law earlier this week, things were overturned and not flip-flopped yet again. supporters of the stop and frisk policy scored a victory in the courtroom. a panel of federal judges put a stay on a previous ruling that required changes to the policy. in addition, the panel has removed the judge from the case saying she compromised the appearance of impartiality surrounding the litigation. the panel also says she steered the lawsuit to her courtroom when it was filed six years ago.
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she's been vocal making statements and appearing in interviews responding to the criticism. it will allow the city and other parties time to appeal. of course this story in new york is not over. some news on a story we followed a lot this past summer, the mayor of toronto and alleged drug use. toronto police say they now have the video of embattled mayor rob ford smoking crack cocaine. reports of the video's existence surfaced back in may through the toronto star and a website, but now the city's police say they have recovered the video from deleted files on a computer found during gang raids as part of a separate investigation. city down scouncil members have ford's resignation. >> i have no reason to resign. i'll go back to return my phone calls, i'll be out doing what the people elected me to do. and that's take taxpayers' money
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and run a great government. >> the city police chief says there is nothing in the video that would prompt criminal charges, but added he was, quote, disappointed. yesterday as the news broke, ford confronted media camped out at his home as he left for work angrily asking them to get off his property and physically pushing them out of his way. not his first run in with reporters. earlier this summer, he ran directly into a camera at another event. let's stretch it out until -- oh, that's not good. no need to flip through sky mall any are more. the federal aviation administration changing its rules on the use of electron he can devices on airplanes. now airlines will allow flyers to use ereaders and tablets during taxi takeoff and landing. previously they were only allowed at cruising altitudes. still banned, using the internet at less than 10,000 feet and
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making voice calls of any kind. what's not clear is why those rules will remain. flight attendant's role is to advise them in terms of the rules. we want them to be in airplane mode. there is no safety problem if it's not. but you'll arrive at your destination a dead phone and i don't think anyone wants that. >> the faa says it's up to airlines to prove their planes won't be affected by the rule change. let's go to business now where the market is looking to recover from a pretty disappointing halloween,dices c the red. steve sedgwick live for us in london. steve, good morning. >> hello there. yeah, the market had a very good month in october. s&p up over 23% for the year, up over 4% in the month of october. so, yes, they gave back a bit of ground, but it wasn't a great fright. elsewhere really interesting stories. 23 million homes plus, 47
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million americans plus, are actually recipients of food stamps and they will get a benefit cut today. it will be around about 36 bucks out of the 275 monthly benefit per household which will be cut, but there is a multiplier effect. which means it has a two to one effect in many cases. so if you lose $5 billion worth of benefits, that can have a $10 billion effect on the u.s. economy. so real concerns there about what those benefit cuts mean across the united states. elsewhere, a bit of good news for people who have been reluctant up until now to put money toward flexible spending arguments for health care. basically use it or lose it was the old mantra. now it seems the irs and treasury saying you might be able to carry forward 500 bucks of those monies which means you can use them in the next year for things such as over the counter drug which is may mean a the lot of special income and lower income workers are more apt to use those savings for
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health care benefits. >> will quickly on the cable wars, time warner is losing customers, but the phone companies are doing very well. just give us an update on who is winning the battle. >> verizon and at&t have been long term rivals. they have been investing heavily in all independeull kinds of vi products on to the consumers. now they're getting really big subscriber growth against comcast and time warner. so they have been getting big increases in subscriber numbers at the same time time warner just suffering a little bit. >> all right, steve, have a great weekend. that brings us to twitter by the way. it was halloween yesterday in case you at the present time know. one of the perks as a parent on halloween is raiding the trick or treat bags when the kids go
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to bed. you know you do it. you might remember this moment from jimmy kimmel. >> tasted so good especially the peanut butter cups. >> you sneaky mom. >> we want to know your favorite candy that you took from your kid's stash when they went to bed. kids don't eat the heath bars, so i get those right away. #way too sneaky. we'll put the best answers on the air later.cular run on thursday night football. and in case you missed it, willie geist may have had the best costume of them all. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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bengals/dolphins, straight to the fourth quarter. bengals trailing 17-10. giovani bernard. he'll run 35 yards for a touchdown, but he runs about 70. all the way to the end zone. ties the game. both teams would tack on field goals. and the game would go to overtime. andy dalton back to pass. that is a safety. >> my fantasy quarterback last night. >> do you lose points for a safety in fantasy? you do. by the way, the third team a game has ended on a safety in nfl history. dolphins win it 22-20, four game losing streak snapped. nba action, knicks/bulls. derrick rose first home game in
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more than a year and a half. looks pretty good. always get nervous when they hurt their knees. fourth game, carmelo anthony the fadeaway. they're clinging to a one point lead. >> rose with it. rose with the shot. he scores! with 5.7 remaining. >> pretty clutch with 5.7 left. knicks get one more chance. nope. anthony misses the long jumper. time expires. bulls win it 82-81. eastern conference will be fun this year. didn't take long for baseball's hall of fame to get their hands on some baseball treasures from this year's world series. iteming included a bat used by david ortiz, of course the mvp. cleats complete with mound dirt on them and the glove worn by
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stephen drew. >> what was the green stuff? >> we all have big greenbe burgs on our gloves. i know, bill, i mean, i know we're sick of the red sox story -- >> i want more. i can't wait for the parade. probably going to go today and get a front row. >> get a hotel room, stay overnight so you can get a good seat? i'm sure of it. >> it will be all right. at least they will have nice weather for the parade in boston saturday morning. as far as the weather goes this morning, actually serious weather started yesterday in texas and it's going through pennsylvania right now. the flooding was just epic in areas right around austin. they had a lot of water rescues. some people had to hold on to like telephone poles. three people died in the flash floods from yesterday. that same storm system rained out a lot of people's trick or treating in the ohio valley and now what's left of it, still a really strong line of thunderstorms that are rolling right through central pennsylvania crossing the appalachians and it will try to
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roll down through i-95. it's in d.c., baltimore, philly, new york at the peak of the rush hour. already very windy morning out there. airplane delays will be longest specially in the northeast this morning. the rest of the country will look okay. it's windy and warm and there will be you very much. coming up on "morning joe," shockingly low especially roll the numbers on why is the white house continuing to keep the numbers a secret. and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the cooler. how long it took to drive from l.a. to new york and without any bathroom breaks. before carolyn hughes was a peacekeeper in haiti... before william hughes
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at the top of the show, we talked about reports that only six people especially rolled on during the first day the site launched. if you want to sound smart, tell yourrolled on during the first day the site launched. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends the program will need to average 39,000 a day to meet the goal of 7 million americans by march 1st. let's go to the cooler. for minute who has ever made a long drive, this story may
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inspire you and also tick you off with the time that they made. cannon ball run, great movie, race from new york to l.a.. rules whoever arrives first wins. no questions asked. this year's winner made the drive 2800 miles in 28 hours averaging 98 miles an hour. ed trove a tricked out 2004 mercedes that had extra fuel tapping as, radar detectors and bed pans. that's kind of gross, but that's what he did. highly anticipated hearings on the obama care website drew a lot of attention, but one congresswoman in particular drew jon stewart's ire. >> of course the master of anti-obama care grand standing marsha blackburn who made clear that no matter [ bleep ] some people like it that way. >> what do you say to mark and lucinda in my district who have a plan, they liked it, it was affordable, but it is being it terminated and now they do not
5:53 am
have health insurance? i will remind you, some people like to drive a ford not a ferrari and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup, not crystal stem. >> seems like she has a lot of questions. hopefully three hours will be enough time for the congresswoman to get all the information she so -- wait. is she getting up? that's weird. at 10:21, is she leaving? oh, my god, she's walking out of the room. was she going back to research some insurance facts perhaps to refill her red solo cup? >> joining us now is representative marsha blackburn who was in the hearing, asked some terrific questions. she joins us now from capitol hill. >> what's so important to tell the tiny amount of americans who watch fox business network that it cooperate wait up the hearing you you demanded was over? >> some people don't the want to be shipping chardonnay from a crystal stem, they want to drink beer from a red solo cup.
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choices. >> i might drink out of a red solo cup -- indication. we told you about reports the nsa was spying on the pope. stephen colbert not surprised. >> there is another new report on the national security agency today, an italian magazine reports that the nsa may have spied on the pope. and some cardinals. sources at the magazine have been told that the nsa eaves dropped on vati itican phone ca before the conclave. i'm a devout catholic, but i believe the nsa must spy on the vatican. they're tapping the direct line to god. and as i pointed out, this guy has a beard, spent a lot of time in the middle east, and i keep hearing he has some plan that for some reason always involves your grandma dying.
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>> halloween gaft networks the chance to show off their personalities and you might expect david letterman very impressed. >> it's halloween and all your tv show hosts put on the halloween outfits. this is matt lauer today on the "today" show. that's george stephanopoulos dressed as george clooney. next we have hoda and kathie lee. these are adult men and women making a living on network television. and we do have 60 minutes, take a look. >> that's good. one guy missing from that is willie geist. he may have the best of them all. in case you can't recognize him, he's the hof. look at that chest hair.
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what else you got? >> jason says almond joy and mound. she called it trick or treating supervision. >> i can't stand them. do you know it anyone who likes them? you can have all of them. >> and s


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