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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 1, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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big time. wait until you see this travel schedule. how she almost ended up on the ticket last time. it chris christie cruises towards reelection, it shows a bid for 1600 is a lot trickier for him than he might think. also this morning, data the obama administration would rather not see in the bank. six. not 60 or 600 or 6,000. just six. that's the number of people who apparently successfully enrolled via on the first day it went live. you know what they say. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. left over halloween imagery for you there. a deep dive to the effort to fix campaign cash laws that set washington on a course for dysfunction. good morning. it's friday, november 1st. i'm always thinking about
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another race ahead and another contest. at 1600. let's start with the first reads of the morning. we will talk weekly round up of all things. hillary clinton is not exactly hunkering down and keeping a low profile. in case you missed it, she has an aggressive fall schedule. as impressive as any potential presidential candidate. over the last ten days, a flurry of speeches and fund-raisers has taken her from buffalo new york to chicago to beverly hills. this afternoon, pennsylvania. she key notes the conference for women in philadelphia. it ends a week where we learned every woman in the senate, democratic side is privately signed a letter urging her to run. hollywood in the form of the once close supporter who had split with them to support obama in 2008 is wacking enthusiastic. otherconfidants claim she is
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running. >> i'm behind hillary if she runs. that's up to her. if she runs, i'm in. >> clinton seems to have a higher profile than the sitting vice president as candidates carve out the places in the evolving 2016 field. we are still getting port mort em from the last campaign with the new book, double down reveals in late 2011 the president's team led by then chief of staff bill daley had polling and focus groups paid for to measure how voters might react to replacement on the ticket from vice president biden to hillary clinton. this is what daley told the "new york times." i was vocal about looking into a burch of things and this was one of them. you have to remember at that point the president was in awful shape and i was like holy christ, what do we do? the senior adviser responded via
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twitter never any consideration of a vp switch were entertained by the only person who mattered for most of us back to halloween. any idea of replacing biden were never serious, there were folks who were inside the campaign who say it was more of a daily obsession meaning bill daley. the last thing he wanted to have was a campaign with anybody named clinton involved or some of those other obama folks. we will see. the president's first relationship with bill clinton after coming off the golf course where they had a high profile made. the president reportedly said i like him in doses. as new jersey governor chris christie gears up for a resounding win that he hopes revokes memories of 1998 that helped prove electability
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mattered. the national donors, christie hopes it does again and it gets him distance from the house republicans. the vetting of christie will start earlier than he may have expected thanks to this new book. according to a memo on christie from the vetting team from romney's vp search, it described in the back this according to the "new york times." romney's team was left with questions about potential land mines involving christie. a defamation lawsuit early in his political career. a securities and exchange settlement involving his brother and medical history. beth i hadder who is led the search committee told the new york times in a statement the paper was arranged by christie aide and governor christie complied fully with the romney campaign's request for do you means in a timely manner including a medical reporter from his internist and cardiologist. not complete denials, but a statement of fact. according to reports on the
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book, romney's super secret vetting process was known as project goldfish and potential candidates were known as fish names. putter fish was him. filet o fish was rob portman and pescado was marco rubio. get it? as both get raised, they are polling better than anybody else, both ever losing bipartisan shine. clinton remains a popular figure second only to christie, the percentage of folks who view her declined from 56% last january when she left the post to 51% to 46% now as she is seeing through more of a partisan lens. christie polls better than anyone else. 37% view him favorably down slightly from june and far from the biggest issue. christie's yellow flag is the tea party where he is just
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barely above water. views among tea party republicans declined from a rating in june to 39-31 now. we compare it to a third seed in the game. check out ted cruz. he may be 11 points under water and negatively among democrats, but the shut down made him more popular. he has gone from 52% positive to 68-4. a slew of presidential candidates will start moving around the country. scott walker will join republican ken cuccinelli on the final days and senator rand paul will be back in the old dominion after what can be described as a less than stellar week. he is sort of a tea party guy who is more acceptable to the establishment got this front page treatment in the national journal. this week he has been trying to
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beat back plagiarism charges. >> to disagree on how you footnote things and people do it differently in an academic paper than they do in a public speech. if we presented any of these for publication that had footnotes and a speech if people don't take the time to footnote things. it was clear that the plot line was not something i created. i department claim i created the movie. that's what is absurd. the plot line belongs to one person. the screen writer and i gave him credit for that. >> the office told nbc this. in the course of a 25-minute speech, he described the 34r09 of a movie and attributed it to the primary sources and no way saying it was his own thoughts or ideas. it has been submitted for academic tubication it would have been footnoted.
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only thsomething this trivial ia liberal source. don't overlook amid the back and forth of plagiarism and credibility, the question is, is this something the guy's ambitions want to be talking about? >> hopefully someone will stand and say wait a minute, not so fast. didn't we try that? didn't we learn what can happen when you let the state select for perfection? it's easy to say and oppose ask say how awful. we would never let that happen in our country. will we have the strength of character to resist a world where ugenics is prapd voluntarily. will we be sorry when we disable and eliminate those with premature deafness such as beethoven. >> there is you may wonder a rhyme or reason to this and why
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is paul doing this? one thing he is concerned about for 2016 is whether the evangelicals will support him. they have not done well with evangelicals and state rights are at odds on issues of abortion and that may explain why he is going so far. is that the conversation you want to have? joining me now, out on opening day, the statistic on health care roll out. the total number of people who signed up on day one would fit comfortably in an elevator. bipartisanship in the midst of the mess, they are going to join me on the political prognosis from capitol hill. first the politics planner. as you can see, obama meets with the iraqi prime minister amid the most violent times we have seen in iraq in a long, long time. you are watching "the daily
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the roll out of has been bad and we know that. we know about the do you means released by the controlled house shows that apparently just six people fully were able to enroll on day one. the next day was only slightly better. that laundry list of technical issues. at the same time the administration is dealing with questions about dropped coverage that they claim is only happening because insurers are
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not meeting minimum standards required under the health care law. emergency services and preventive services and mental health services. we have cosponsors of the excellence in mental health act. let me start with you. explain to me exactly this bipartisan bill and why it's necessary. what gaps in the law exist that this is filling. >> it's great to be here with you and with senator blunt, my great partner in this effort. right now one out of four people in our country have some kind of mental health issue. the good news is starting in january all health care policies going forward will cover mental health as it relates to insurance. the problem is we still have a gap in the community. yesterday senator blunt and i went to the floor to commemorate
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the 50th anniversary of president kennedy signing the community mental health act. it was a very important milestone. unfortunately the last bill he signed as president before his death, but it couldn't place the whole premises that rather than putting people away in institutions, people will be treated at home or in the community. the problem is funding is being cut for years and what our bill does is put in place a way to fund community mental health services that is like the great success we had with qualified health centers and work with health centers and work with the va clinics in the community. to actually do the last step in mental health care. >> sorry this something that is new money and new tax dollars or is this something you think some conservatives will be comfortable supporting if it means new federal money? >> i think so.
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it's not a significant amount of money, but it is new dollars. we use a model that works. the health care centers could expand to add behavioral health. a number of them in my state and other states are doing that anyway. we have a model that works and frankly the tragedies of the last couple of years. drawing attention to this issue. we both believe we have a model that works and a moment that works. this is something that the congress could do to respond to these tragedies. after newtown late last year, the senate committee that deals with the mental health the first they had since 2007. for whatever reason this is something that is a society we haven't dealt with the way we should. it is the consistent thing and the tragedies we see. it is important to make a point here that people with mental health challenges are much more likely to be the victims than
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the perpetrators of crime whether it was newtown or the navy yard or movie theater or college campus, the one thing was somebody with the behavioral health challenge that hadn't been met properly and hadn't been shared properly with others who needed to know. >> it's interesting because you said you were working on this and said you appeared together to do this, it's an anomaly now. bipartisan efforts by u.s. senators these days seem to be few and far between. what's interesting is you look at the most recent poll and members of both parties say they want their own leaders to make compromises sticking to their guns. a little more on the compromised side with democrats and the message to leaders than among republicans and their leaders. senator, this is for you. why is this a rarity that you are standing next to a colleague
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pushing bipartisan legislation some. >> we don't get anything done. you have divided government and you have to work if you have a final product. whether it's the appropriations bills or the normal work congress does, we have fallen into this pattern saying if i don't get what i want, i don't want anything. that will produce nothing. if we are going to get things done, we have to find things we can do. the president, you and i have talked about and the best position to say what he would like to see happen that is possible. not just what we would like to see it happen in our perfect view, but what's possible. we and others would want to work in this case particularly to find what can be done and a moment we can do it. >> senator, you had some success in getting a bipartisan farm bill done in the senate.
9:19 am
>> big success. >> it's not a success until it is signed into law. this has been a bigger challenge. why do you think this has been so difficult. why is it such an anomaly seeing you standing here? >> i should mention that we have been working together since both of us came into the u.s. house in 1997. the two of us got past and we have a long history of working together successfully. i think there is a lot more desire than portrayed. we know what happened in the last few weeks. >> let me stop you there. how about what happened yesterday. we had a partisan divide over nominees. >> what i would say underneath that whether it's the farm bill or mental health or whether it's immigration, people know i think in a sense with both sides they came here to get something done.
9:20 am
there may be others that did not. i think there many of us who get it. the public is saying stop this. cut it out. we want you to stop and get things done. that's what this is about. i can't think of anything that would impact more people right now to improving quality of life than to pass the mental health act that touches every single family in the united states. >> senator blunt, i want to put up a poll number that we had overall. that is, is it working well? 6% say it is. it needs minor modifications and 28% should be eliminated and 24%. i want to focus on the fact that we have 66% of the respondents want major or minor fixes to the law. they don't want it repealed. where are ow this?
9:21 am
are you somebody who said maybe it's time for republican fist they don't like the law to offer up ways to fix it? >> i think the major or minor fixes means we have a good health care system that was not working perfectly that could have been and needed to be changed. that is the major fixes to the law. how do you fix it in a major way. we will see what happens with the president's health care law. the website will be fixed. my view is it's the easiest thing they will ever do with the law. we clearly disagree on just the fundamental premises in the law in the senate and the country. >> do you want it to work some. >> this is something we don't agree on. i don't think it can work. i think it's based on a couple of premises that mean it can't work. to work it would have such major changes, you would be better off to start over again. i am confident we don't agree on that and we will find the things we agree on to work in.
9:22 am
i think obama's health care plan may turn out to be the biggest enemy of obama care is obama care when people see what it does. that's not what every member of the senate would think. it's what i happen to think. >> we obviously have a point on which we disagree and we respect each other's views. we have very different views on this. i believe affordable health care for every person, three out of four of us already have health care through an employer or medicare or the va or so on. the folks that don't, it's time to fix it. we have to make sure this works. i think what is most important is that we can have differences and look for common ground. that's called governing. we have a big country and we have people with very different views. it's a democracy and not about
9:23 am
looking for the ways we don't agree, but ways where we do agree. if we start with where we do agree, we can get a lot done. >> i good note to end on. you are both believers in the crazy system. you have to find a way to find middle ground on things. thank you both. up next, legal limits in the lone star state. new restrictions on abortions are in effect. flying high about new airline rules. in a florida fight that is not about football in a he storic moment on the hill. all coming up. trivia time with the most recent sitting member of congress to have their nomination to a federal office filibustered. first person to tweet the correct answer will get the on air shout out. the answer and more is coming up.
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. new restrictions on abortions are back in effect after a panel of judges lived an order that put the rules on hold. let me explain. it affects a third of clinics that perform abortions in texas. a provision that requires clinics to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital is something that protects patients and they rejected a ruling that said the restriction served no medical purpose. the law will remain in place when a court hears arguments about whether a law is even constitutional. time now for your friday daily run down. stop counting your halloween candy. first up. 170 is how many years it's been since the senate shot down the nomination of a sitting member of congress. that's what happened to north
9:28 am
carolina democrat yesterday to head the housing finance agency. he would spend more money and too much in the role and harry reid said he is going to try again. next up, nine. that's how many states chuck hegel called out for refewing to issue military id for same-sex spouses at the national guard post. the speech to the anti-defamation league, he said this is wrong and it causes division among the ranks. he is called on the head of the bureau to change it. next up, $25 million is how much money florida governor said he is prepared to spend against his likely democratic opponent and a colleague charlie crist. they report that the effort is going to get under way very soon and an ad that launches monday is called opportunist that coincides with the expected official announcement that he is running.
9:29 am
he can finance early ads like that to find charlie crist quickly. 10,000 for a long time has been the altitude where you can turn your electronic devices back on. the faa agrees with the passengers that never abided by the guidelines. they will scrap the rule once the airlines prove that your gadgets won't affect the equipment. that could happen by the end of the year for many airlines. finally 9-3. that's florida state's record against my hurricanes since 1980 when there was a democratic president in office. miami is 16-5 against florida state when there is a republican president. i have so many useless miami stats that will be filling my twitter feed throughout the day. attention, my friends. tallahassee for game day. up next, unintended consequences
9:30 am
in howing soft money is making it harder to govern. someone will disagree on this. the brand-new run down at website. a look at how republican infighting can boost democrats's chances of holding mary landry's seat. check back after the show for more from "the daily rundown." i left on the cutting room floor and i wish i hadn't. we want to you open the show now that we are in a nice period. find out how on we'll be right back. road closed? there's a guy... excuse me? glacier point? follow me! ♪ follow me! keep up, keep up, keep up. ♪ look he's right there! follow me! ♪
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you it fund your own campaign or find a rich friend to do it for you. today a deep dive to see how did we get here? back in 2002, the campaign finance reform was passed and we were on the path to eliminating money and politics. that law ended up having an unintended consequence and made it harder for big parties to bring in big money. that made them power brokers and party leaders were weakened. another law written with good intentions that ended up backfiring. it came in in the 1920s and spent their time and money elsewhere. revenues and raising property values. that didn't happen. people lost jobs and the federal government lost billions. millions of drinkers were classified as criminals overwhelming the legal system.
9:35 am
the law ended up causing more problems than it solved. that way is that the argument for fine gold. it set the stage encouraging people to raise money outside the system to frind other ways to get money into the system. combine the laws and made it more likely that candidates on the frinchls of the two parties can be more viable and run more campaigns. paul blumenthal ran a direct line from the citizens united to the rise of the tea party and gridlock. he wrote this. to be fair, campaign finance is not the only explanation and before they can clash over budget, they have to get election and reelected and that's how money can shift priorities. they are forcing candidates to feel the extremes rather than the moderate middle. >> all of a sudden people are looking over their shoulders and it used to be they are looking to see the opponent, but now
9:36 am
they are looking to see who the primary opponent is. the government pushed all the money to the right and left. >> not everyone agrees it should be implicated in financial excess and gridlock. the founder and president of democracy 21 writes a rebuttal and said they remain an important and valuable reform. it remains part of a solution where the problem is not part of the problem. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i fall on the side of the unintended consequence where it weakened political parties and the thing it ended up not r50e8izing is that money always looking for a way to influence politics and low and behold, it still does. >> sure, that's true. mccain feingold had unintended
9:37 am
consequences recognized by the supreme court and people who lived within the system and unlimited contributions are an inherently corrupt system they said in the 1970s. what caused the problem is not mccain feingold, but the citizens united decision which opened the door to unlimited contributions being spent in unlimited expenditures by outside groups. let's look at 2012. the parties and candidates spent some $5 billion. that's 80% of the expenditures that were made. the parties spent some $2 billion, not fact exactly that the parties are starving for money. on former speaker's comment, he is pointing to the problems in the primaries where the expenditure groups have come in and where the threat is and
9:38 am
that's citizens united. >> here's the theory of what if you essentially took and looked at the problem we have now, unlimited money is getting into the system. it's anonymous. if you funneled all that money into the parties and the political parties were the power broker, number one, there might be where the political parties had more heft and leadership and they make decisions based on the middle. set that aside and you have more disclosure. one thing we did know is we knew who gave it. >> disclosure, we can fix that problem and wea uh to and we came within one vote of fixing that problem. using that as a basis for saying that we want huge contributions to be raised by federal officers and given to the pardons is a
9:39 am
formula for corruption. even justice kennedy recognized that when he voted to uphold the ban on soliciting huge contributions. we had 100 donors who gave $470 million. >> let's do that now. 100 donors. >> they gave $470 million to outside group. that's $4.7 million per donor. we will not make a better system by having them give to the parties raised by powerful people. >> if you have a supreme court that right now equates money with speech, then what is your recipe for reform under that legal interpretation? >> they haven't gone that far to say limits are uncommon. >> i don't understand how they can make that. i know they will find a
9:40 am
distinction like they are going to because they feel like they have to, but i don't see how you make that distinction. >> i don't plan on living in the world forever, but what is the solution? disclosure is the easiest solution. we had it for 40 years until citizens united came along. that can be fixed. right now the only way to answer this big money whether it's outside or in large, but not ridiculous contributions to parties is to empower small donors. to bring small donations into the system by matching them with public funds and providing incentives. we have an awful system here, but what i would say is not caused by mccain feingold, but citizens united. >> what about the nascar approach where you had to stand by and say in your television ad if anyone gave more than
9:41 am
$100,000. you say the limits are there. the citizens united world, but you made a candidate say the names of the donors and people that gave them money. wouldn't that allow the market to -- >> disclosure doesn't work with contribution limits. the supreme court recognized that in the 70s. we had a terrific disclosure system with the soft money system. that resulted in all kinds of problems. it was ended by very large votes in congress. you are not going to solve the problem by disclosure. i would be all for requiring disclosure of donors on ads. >> to be continued and good luck with the supreme court decision. i know they will find a way. it is tough. thanks for coming out. coming up, our gaggle will be here for a preview. five days for virginia and new
9:42 am
jersey. the two big governor's races. are they more about 2014 or 2016. this sunday on "meet the press," an interview year from his loss from coming up short to be president of the united states, the former republican nominee mitt romney. president obama was just in boston talking up mitt romney. first, they are serving up seafood gumbo on a rainy friday in washington. [ male announcer ] crabfest ends soon,
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9:46 am
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we like to dedicate most of our friday shows to the road to 1600. all the buzz is around an election that is over 1,000 days away. actually they could be the first real test on what to expect in 2016. normally it's about 2014, but not this time. in virginia mcauliffe's campaign is seen as a proxy run for hillary and likely be major staffers on any clinton campaign. in new jersey, chris christie is channelling george w. bush, the version from 1998 using reelection and hoping to use it to show electability and distance himself from unpopular house republicans. with christie next to line to
9:50 am
take over the governor's association, they have been crisscrossing the country almost immediately, touting and perfecting his anti-washington message. let's bring in michelle bernard, president of the women for politics. and jackie. jackie, normally these first of the off, off year elections are the canary in the coal mine about what the climate could be for the following year and i think in many ways there's going to be a couple of lessons and on that front it's going to be, hey, look, tea party type republicans don't win. nontea party type republicans win. that's going to be the overgeneralization as far as the republican party is concerned, but there is 2016. there's a lot more to it than 2014. >> oh, yeah. if as we expect terry mcauliffe gets elected governor of virginia, we'll break that trend where usually a member of the party that doesn't hold the white house gets elected. >> all the way back to '72. an unbelievable trend.
9:51 am
>> so democrats will take heart from this but they know they can't read too much into this when in the midst of the polls, nbc/wall street journal poll being the most recent that shows they have got problems of their own. so i think these off-year elections, you know, we have to take with a grain of salt. >> they do. i think it's interesting the messaging christie is trying to do out of this. it's clear he wants to -- he is trying to almost refine his brand. he already had this brand, but he wants to use this re-election to refine it. >> absolutely. i think the new jersey race is probably the most interesting of the three that we've got coming up this week just because chris christie is such a phenom. it will be interesting to see how big his coat tails are. we suspect he's going to get re-elected. >> did they actually get other republicans elected. that actually helps make his case more. >> exactly. that he is the type of republican that republicans and the nation at large are looking for. how big are his coattails going
9:52 am
to be and who will he usher in with him. >> let's go back on the democratic side. clintonism is back. there's always been this -- the real tension between obama and clinton, yes, there's personality tension, but it really is sort of a governing tension. you have president obama sort of believing in moving the democratic party in one direction and bill clinton, the whole try angulation, which frankly the country might feel more interested in these days. >> there definitely is a difference in philosophy in terms of governing. but i think if you look at the context of what's happening in the country, enclosurely in the poll they picked this up, there is clearly some credible divisions amongst the american people on both sides. they're kind of tired of it. and i think whether it's -- you know, whether it's secretary clinton, whether it's hillary clinton or whether it's some other democrat or republican like christie coming out and saying, listen, we've got to move beyond this.
9:53 am
put aside who's to blame or not. we've got to figure out a way to govern. that could be a powerful message. that's a powerful message in the general. how powerful is that in a primary? i'm not sure it works to either christie's advantage and arguably even to hillary clinton's advantage. it's a question mark. >> it's interesting, the "washington most" has a very provocative piece talking about are the clintons subtly talking p the dysfunction in washington and taking small shots at president obama. >> maybe he's overreading it and maybe he's not but they do have a different philosophy on how to work these things a little bit. my question, jackie, how does somebody with the last name of clinton able to project the future and able to project the idea there isn't going to be polarization. that's her great challenge. >> i agree. it was her challenge in 2007-2008. >> ultimately she was seen as part of the past. >> absolutely.
9:54 am
and, you know, you had -- i just find it almost humorous to pick up the "post" and read this story. and not to take anything from it. >> no, it's a very provocative story and interesting. >> but both in 2000 and 2008 we saw george w. bush and then barack obama subtly or not running against -- for change and change was equated with not clinton. >> and clintons were associated with everything that was wrong with washington in terms of polarization and people just -- >> too much deal making, all that stuff. >> and they just wanted to get away from that. but, you know, every -- almost every election you look at, and you can go back to the last century, is about change on some level. >> always is. >> and you have to -- you know, if she's running for president, she has to at least try. >> i'm a bit of a contrarian here. she was the past, but i think that was really tied to her husband. here -- for me if we're going to talk about hillary clinton in 2016, the difference is you have
9:55 am
a lot of people -- i believe women voters are going to be the key in 2016. >> gender is the change, right? >> exactly. >> there's no count. >> gender is the change. hillary is the change. clinton is the past. >> exactly. >> how does she become hillary and only hillary. >> well, first of all, i don't think she's going to have her husband out campaigning with her. but i also believe that we're going to see so many women who are so tired of partisan politics at the state level and the national level, that if she comes out just as hillary and she's talking about the things that so many women were turned off by in this last election, vaginal probes in the state of virginia, violence against -- the violence against women's act, how we deal with fundamental issues that are also pocketbook issues. that is the change. and just boy virtue of being hillary on her own, that is change. >> and that was the problem in '07. in '07, she couldn't figure out how to sort of be hillary. >> but there were a lot of problems. >> essentially that was issue.
9:56 am
>> they also ran a really bad campaign. >> no doubt. >> i think she clearly got her voice at the enof that campaign and i think she has all of the details that she needs to be president. we know that. the question, i think, ends up becoming you still don't know where the country is going to be. does somebody else come out of nowhere, just like barack obama did. that's the thing. i know everyone gets hung up on this, but we've got to be really careful about it. it's the unknown that's driving american politics at the presidential levels. >> shameless plugs. >> i'm giving a shameless plug to georgetown university that ran a great program during the furlough that allowed government workers to come in, do a two-day workshop for free. it was fantastic. >> very cool. >> my shameless plug is a movie. if you haven't seen it see "12 years of slave" it is amazing. >> that makes two. that's what i was going to say. >> great minds think alike. >> there you go. i'll see you at 8:00. my twitter feed is going to be annoying to some of you.
9:57 am
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