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tv   Disrupt With Karen Finney  MSNBC  November 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current andormer military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. all right. disrupters, here we go. it is all related. blocking the president's judicial picks, rolling back reproductive rights and destroying the affordable care act. >> republicans now filibuster everything. >> and the lunatics charge the president is packing the court. >> we'll be successful in stopping this court packing. >> he is simply filling vacancies. >> two judges. they have written the bombshell federal court rulings on reproductive rights. >> fox news continues to spread lies and deceit about become
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care. >> obama and his socialist party wanted to take over one sixth of the economy. >> medical devices, all kinds of crazy things, contraception. buy our own breast pump and birth control pill. >> this is just too good. >> it's not insurance. it's welfare. >> they're afraid of it being popular. >> all i ask of fox and everybody else to provide the content. >> you're taking away their choice. >> and i believe in choice. except obviously in marriage and reproductive rights. ♪ it's been a week of setbacks, delays and partisan bickering and i am not talking about the outrage over the obama carolout but the judicial system. three major decisions this weekend. new york city, texas and latest in washington, d.c. first, right here in the big
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apple where judges from the 2nd circuit put to a stop to the decision issued in august that would have forced changes to the city's stop and frisk program. the reason? not the substance but the role of the judge who, quote, ran afoul of the code of conduct by compromising the quote appearance of impartiality surrounding the litigation. so in other words, let's not go after the bias stop and frisk policy. let's go after the judge trying to reverse the policy. moving to the lone star state where thursday the 5th circuit court of appeals reinstated a ruling forcing abortion clinics to close. now, it is the same law that now texas gubernatorial candidate wendy davis filibustered this year. the author of the decision, appointee of president george w. bush. and then yesterday the d.c. circuit took aim at obama care
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and found private employers can refuse to provide health plans that give access to birth control under the affordable care act. the authority of that decision, justice rogers-brown. another bush w. appointee. judge brown, if employers oppose birth control on religious grounds, what about viagra? but i digress. brown and owen are not just any appointees but both put on the bench in 2005 after only a two-year democratic delay of their nominations. republicans threatened the use the nuclear option to vote them through with a simple majority. that led to something that we rarely hear about, a deal. seven democrats, seven republicans. the gang of 14. they came together and decided from then on judicial nominees would only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances. ideology not being one of them and that is the deal that put
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both brown and owen on the bench. leaving us with two women responsible for two terrible decisions affecting american women. now back to today where this week we saw senate majority leader harry reid try to fill just one of the three vacancies on the d.c. circuit court and the nominee, patricia millett. the result? here's senator patrick leahy on thursday. >> president obama is being treated differently than president bush was, patricia millett is being treated different than john roberts was. it is not fair. it's not extraordinary circumstance. there's no justification for it. >> forget the 2005 deal. forget extraordinary circumstances. better luck next time. you're an obama nominee. in fact, so far in this administration, 32 of his nominees have needed cloiture petitions to end filibusters over nominations.
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that number in the entire bush presidency just 18. there's that old saying justice delayed is justice denied and couldn't be more true right now in the judicial system. might be a political game to republicans in washington but access to the courts matters to americans of all political persuasions across the country and we saw that firsthand this week. joining is professor spencer overton and drew courtney. thanks to you both. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> spencer, i want to start with you and talking about the decisions this week and the vacancies. i know that you've worked on the confirmation process and you know how hard it can be to get these nominees through. but also, the consequences of who gets put on the bench. >> right. and what we have to understand, karen, is how important the d.c. circuit is. it's important for a few
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reasons. one, it's a feed tore the u.s. supreme court. four current members of the u.s. circuit court used to be on the c.d. circuit and the issues before the d.c. circuit, national security issues, issues of environmental protections, consumer protections, worker protections so they're really big issues and one of the reasons that the gop wants to block patricia millett and others. >> drew, you have worked with following the cases of people who are directly impacted. tell us a little bit about this. >> yeah. i think it's probablien surpry n unsurprising of the people who can least afford it. republicans filibustering the two judges who were on the district circuit on rhode island essentially threw up the hands and outsource dozens of cases to massachusetts and new hampshire. and that left in just one case,
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you know, a dozen individuals who were engaged in foreclosure litigation faced with the prospect of driving to concord for their trial. in utah, a father had to wait four and a half years for a jury verdict on a case involving a gas can that exploded and killed his 2-year-old daughter and badly injured his other child. if you're a giant corporation, if you're an insurance company, a wall street bank, you can afford to wait four and a half years, mirgt not be great but you can do it. if you're a parent, someone trying to stand up against discrimination or a small business, this tilts the playing field way, way against you. >> well, and you know, when you we look at the broader context, so the vacancies that we have under president obama, again, this means that there is a backlog despite what the republicans want to say of vacancies and you have had everyone from chief justice john roberts to the president of the aba, i'll read something chief justice roberts said.
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the vital resource needs of the judicial branch include the appointment of an adequate number of judges to keep the current -- keep current on pending cases at the close of 2012, 27 of the existing vacancies presenting judicial emergencies. i urge the executive and legislative branches to act diligently in nominating and confirming highly qualified candidates to fill the vacancies. talk to us about what constitutes a judicial emergency. >> well, judicial emergencies occur when there's a backlog of cases and when cases take a long time to -- >> like four years? >> -- to resolve. exactly. we see that happening across the united states. now, republicans would say, oh, there's not a judicial emergency in terms of the d.c. circuit. but if you look at it, in the past, back in 2005, they wanted more judges. they were voting for the tenth and 11th judge to the d.c.
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circuit. now saying eight active judges is enough and four to four in terms of democrats, republicans. why that's deceiving is that the judges who were senior are disproportionately republican. >> right. >> as a result many of the decisions lean in a conservative way and they're striking down a variety of laws, regulations to really back door, push policy in a back door way. >> drew, we saw that this week with the particular examples in the d.c. circuit court and texas and, you know, again when we go through the numbers, the rational or the excuse that we hear from republicans and conservatives is they don't have a heavy case load. it's fine. of course, they say that because they're trying to protect their ideological imbalance. >> that's the right way. if it's fairness, they would be moving forward. i think what it comes down to is looking at the decision you
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quoted earlier and the eight scariest words is the majority opinion written by janice brown, this is a court pushing a real conservative agenda from the bench and you know what? the republicans, they love it. they're winning fights in the d.c. circuit they can't win in congress. that is their secret weapon against the obama administration and so they're going all out to provide to prevent nominees from reaching the bench and see the excuses that they have thrown up. patty millett, not a single republican raised a single issue about a single item on the resume of experience, integrity through the hearings or senate floor and said, well, there's enough judges we don't want you to have one and it shows they'll do anything to stop the nominees. >> spencer, to that point, even ted cruz had good things to say about this woman and near impossible to get these days. this point, though, that drew raised is very important one. it feels like there are a couple
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of things at play here. there's the ideology and also this idea that, you know, by saying president obama is court packing, i mean, that's ridiculous. it is his constitutional duty, frankly, to appoint judges and to make sure we don't have these crises, judicial crises. but in addition to that, it feels like this is putting ideology over what's good for americans because we know people are waiting for justice and it feels like this is driven by hate of obama and wanting to deny him what they would consider a quote/unquote victory. >> right. regardless of the politics, karen, this is a threat to the rule of law. this politicizes law in terms of these particular tactics here. so we have got a situation with patricia millett, a military spouse. she's argued more cases before the supreme court than any other woman in history save one. incredibly qualified. supported by ken starr here, right? >> right.
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>> she is incredibly qualified but she can't get a vote. she's blocked. republicans will admit that they're doing it simply so that they can preserve a conservative kind of dominance on the d.c. circuit. >> i'm going to quickly play a sound from senator cornyn. he made comments about millett this week. >> i think we're going to be successful in stopping this court packing experiment and the country will be better for it. i think they ought to let their senators know that courts should not be partisan play things for any administration and ask president obama and the democratic majority leader to stop their court packing effort. >> you know, drew, to the point that spencer was just making, i mean, again, you know, accusing the president of court packing when we're talking about a court that has vacancies, when we're talking about, you know, a legitimate number of cases, i
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mean, that smacks of politics, that smacks of let's, you know, slow down the wheels of justice, make the government even more inefficient under president obama. >> yeah. that's exactly right. i mean, there's a higher caseload than years ago putting on president bush's nominees. what i think this comes down to is we have government by temp tantrum. the republicans didn't like the way the government was working and decided to shut it down and break it for everyone and doing the same thing with the courts. they don't want the courts to rule in a way they don't like. they'll stomp their feet and scream and break it. they want to shut it down. ultimately, you know, it is terrible for the nominees, terrible for the judges but the people that pay the price are individual americans and they're the one who is are getting harmed by this and with the judges the republicans don't care. >> we see that the republicans don't care how the ideological
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temper tan trem americtrum impa. thank you. >> thank you. millions of fellow americans just went off of a hunger cliff and the gop congress, oh, they're home enjoying a good meal. >> now, food banks and assistance centers in the bay area expect another boost in traffic. >> the cuts affect moms and dads trying to keep food on the table. >> we estimate to see an increase volume of people at the food pantries earlier in the month than usual. >> kids think about food but not learning. >> kids at the pantries and kitchens rely on the s.n.a.p. program. clay. mom? come in here. come in where? welcome to my mom cave. wow. sit down. you need some campbell's chunky soup before today's big game, new chunky cheeseburger.
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i need food pantry in order to survive. you know? feed my three children because it's really hard to get a job out there even though i have all the qualifications. you know? they still don't hire people. >> the republican-led congress has done it again and by that i mean they've done nothing again. on friday, millions of americans hit a crisis point when the food stamp program was cut 5%. that's $5 billion over the next year alone. a supplemental funds from the 2009 stimulus ran out. to put it in context, s.n.a.p. recipients get about $1.49 per person per meal. congressional republicans are standing by offering no solutions and now 47 million people are being hit. including nearly one million of our veterans. so if you're a family of four, suddenly you have 36 fewer dollars each month for food or up to 21 fewer meals.
4:19 pm
plus, don't forget that the house has already voted to cut nearly $40 billion more from the program over next 10 years. california congresswoman barbara lee explained the dire situation they're facing. >> the majority of people on s.n.a.p. food stamp benefits, actually are working. they're part of the working poor. making $7 to $8 an hour mind you. so until we create jobs, real jobs and pass some of the president's jobs bills and create workforce training opportunities for people, people need that bridge over troubled waters. >> so now why aren't house republicans coming up with a plan for this food emergency? you know, time and again when things don't get done, what we hear is there just isn't enough time. how has the gop-led congress spent their time? according to the 2014 schedule released by majority leader eric cantor, working about 113 days
4:20 pm
next year. while making an average salary of about $174,000 by the way. in 2012, they worked about 107 days. they've spent time voting at least 46 times to repeal or dismantle the affordable care act, estimated 15% of their time. they held 18 full committee meetings on mbenbenghazi and th in september as the government headed for a shutdown. and yes, they shut the government down. altogether the gop congress has literally been setting records for accomplishing nothing. the last full congress passed only 283 bills into public law making them the least productive in at least a generation and at the rate they're going this year, the 113th congress is on track to go even lower. so far, they've only passed 46 laws with just a couple of months and while the rest of us have around 30 more work days this year, congress has just 16 legislative days left. basically, it's the same amount
4:21 pm
of time as the recent shutdown so over 16 days, the gop managed to hold the entire world in suspense. you would think that in 16 days they ought to be able to help 47 million americans get enough to eat. next, what you need to know about health care and those cancelation letters. no myths, in lies. no oz. >> ceilings in american are unacceptable. ceilings around the world that prevent education and health care and jobs and opportunity are equally unacceptable. than we're going to be about the business of making sure that those ceilings crack for every girl and every woman here and around the globe so let's get cracking! g go to a mattress g g go to a mattress g g store and essentially they
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millions of americans will have their plans canceled whether they like it or not. >> they're getting cancelation letters saying the plans don't meet the new obama care standards. >> the white house knew for years the promise would not be true. >> it was known by the president in july of 2010. >> we'll keep this promise. to the american people. >> now, that's just a sampling of the distortions that we heard this week promoted by our friends at coke brothers-backed americans for prosperity in an attack ad. we heard how they forced insurers to send out the cancelation letters, how millions and millions of americans are being shoved out of their insurance policies, how they'll have to pay astronomical premiums for new coverage and how president obama was part of a conspiracy to deceive the public about health care reform. now, look, there are legitimate questions of what the president said but all the heated rhetoric is just a latest round in the gop's multi-year campaign to
4:26 pm
sabotage the affordable care act and this white house. quote, the gop faithful kept up their crew said past the president's re-election in a pattern of massive resistance not seen since the southern states' defiance of the supreme court's brown v. board of education decision. so today, we're going to set the record straight an the letters. they aren't sweeping the nation. they're going to a small percentage of americans, most people get their insurance through their employer or the government. 5% buy it on the individual market. and the notices are going to an even smaller portion of that 5% whose policies don't meet the new standards. now, if you're one of those people who got a cancelation letter, i imagine it is scary. no one want it is lose their health coverage but it doesn't end there and thanks to the affordable care act you have options to get coverage that will probably be cheaper than what you had and definitely be better. so to help me break it down,
4:27 pm
jared bernstein, adele stand and jonathan cone. thanks to you all. okay. so -- >> thank you. >> jared, i'll start with you. waiting all this week for this. >> must have been a slow week. >> there was a front page story in "wall street journal" this week titled aides debated obama promise. what struck me, being the communications person in those kinds of persons when the policy people are making their arguments is that clearly there was conversation about both what the policy should be and what the best way to talk about the policy would be. >> that's exactly right. and i forgot that you had that background so i understand your insights there. in trying to explain a pretty complicated and nuanced program to the american people, there was a shortcut here.
4:28 pm
the idea being that as you said 95% of the population or i should say of the insured population gets the coverage through the employer or the government and those folks can keep it under obama care. it's also noteworthy and this was discussed at the time that if your plan was on the individual market, one of these plans canceled, the that plan was on the individual market and it didn't meet the standards, the consumer protections under obama care, it could be grandfathered in. so in that sense, you could keep it, as well. the problem and it wasn't stated and should have been, the problem is if it changes for the worse and not consistent then the protections then it could not fit under obama care. and that's the difference we're talking about now. >> presumably from what we're hearing in these letters, it is not in the interest of the insurance companies to make sure you have all the facts about what's really going on. >> that's true. but i think what's also the case
4:29 pm
is you really can't sustain a national health perform program that will be at all sustainable if a group of people has plans that are of the type that are being canceled. these plans lead a problem of adverse selection or the kind of death spiral where you just have a risk pool that's much too heavily weighted with people who are ill. >> right. >> and there is no health reform in any advanced economy that can survive with that kind of coverage. >> and so, jonathan, i want to talk a little bit about that because you've written extensively some of the best work out there about what we're looking at in terms of what's currently covered in terms of the obama care minimums versus what jared was talking about, some of the plans that either not in compliance with that or actually end up -- could cost you more for less coverage. >> right. so, i mean, to start with, as you and jared have been reminding people, we're not talking about the vast majority of americans here who get
4:30 pm
insurance from a large employer or from medicare or medicaid. we are strictly talking about people who buy coverage on their own. and anybody who's had to deal with this market before knows that it's been plagued with two really big problems. one is that you can't get comprehensive coverage if you have a preexisting condition. that's just the way the market worked. either a company charges you exorbitant rates, withhold benefits or they were incomplete. some of them didn't cover maternity care or prescription drugs or hospitalized they wouldn't cover rehabilitation and some of them rayly i mean pure junk. borderline fraud and it would just cover a couple of bills. so what is happening now is basically obama care says, look, you can't sell those policies
4:31 pm
anymore. you can't start new policies and sell them like that. every policy on the market has to have comprehensive benefits and to be available to anybody, regardless of preexisting condition and you can't charge people with the conditions more than you charge healthy people. those are the standards. >> you make -- you know, that's such an important point in terms of what you and jared are talking about with sort of the junk plans and people get kicked off of all the time. unfortunately, that probably should have been the message to lead with instead of having to explain it on the back end. another question to you, jonathan, you hear rush limbaugh saying why am i paying for your birth control and breast pumps. why am i paying for you viagra? >> i'm pretty sure that rush limbaugh was born in the normal human way which meant that he had a mother and a father and his mother needed that coverage. and, you know, i think one of the basic guiding principles of health care reform, of obama care and this is always stated
4:32 pm
as the principle is that, you know, this is about protecting people from random events in life. you know when's a random event in life is whether you're born with an xx, an xy, whether you're a man or a woman. in the past the market discriminated against women. they cost more to insure. obama care says you can't do that anymore. men and women, we have a stake in this and the same stake in this and we have to pay for that. people walking around policies before that department cover maternity and the expenses, now you have to have a policy that covers it. in some cases, not all, we haven't talked about the subsidies available that discount the prices and for some people it means having to pay more for insurance. >> adele, it was interesting this week there's a woman who was on cnbc and sort of talked about her current plan and she was confused about what the options were. i think we have some sound to play and then talk about it on
4:33 pm
the other side. >> please explain to me how my plan is a sub standard plan when, in fact, i can go to any doctor that i want, i can go to any hospital that i want. i'd be paying more for the exchange plans than currently paying bay wide margin. >> now, the l.a. times took a look at that, what she said and turns out that her current plan catastrophic coverage, $293 a month. $5,000 deductible. $8 ,500 out of pocket max. two visits to the doctor per year and didn't realize to go to an exchange in california. one of the -- a silver plan and cost $333 a month after a subsidy. which she is eligible for.
4:34 pm
$2,000 deductible. unlimited doctor visits. $45 copay for primary care and savings over $5,000. and, you know, what strikes me here, though, clearly this woman had no idea either that the exchange existed that on the exchanges there are subsidies to help make sure that you get something -- you get good coverage, not the junk coverage like jared and jonathan have been talking about and probably end up at a better price. >> oh yeah. this is what we're seeing, karen, is that this is all about the noise machine. this isn't about facts. you know? this is all about the noise machine, whether it's this narrative that's being put out that regular american who is are independent, you know, who are on the individual market are somehow getting screwed, not by, you know, the insurance companies who are canceling their plans. somehow the insurance companies don't get blamed for any of this and all about, you know, their yellow brick road and green eggs
4:35 pm
and ham and bad women have sex. >> right. >> and it is not about the actual facts and how the republicans, you know, how they win these battles even when in losses they tend to win because they advance these narratives. >> but jonathan and jared, i want to start with you, the subsidies actually matter and making sure that people know both about the exchanges or what their options are is really important. >> well, yeah. i mean, i think that -- let me sayin something that's deferent shl. everything we have been saying is true as is so often the case. >> we like to state facts, jared. you know that. >> the comparison of the pricing that that woman faced was very much on point. let's also consider if she can't get on to the exchange and learn about that herself and sign up for it herself, there's a real problem here.
4:36 pm
>> correct. >> a thing that's dprfrustratin for me, the architecture, the way it's crafted is exactly right for people in this space. many of them find out as we and jonathan said that they'll get better care for less but if they can't get on the damn thing to find that out or to sign up for it, you know, that really is a problem. so the collision of these two problems has been unfortunate in the timing to say the least. >> really quickly, though, jonathan, one more point. you pointed thut the gop has been pretty hypocritical and what we get under the republicans, based on what we know would be a lot worse. >> right. i mean, again, to stipulate the fact i do think going -- if we could go in the way back machine, president obama should have said most people or qualified the statement some other way. what the republicans don't tell you is that their plans, you know, remember, these people take medicaid away 14 million to
4:37 pm
20 million people right off the bat with the ryan budget. they have other plans to change the treatment of employer insurance and many people probably lose that. but they want to change insurance, too. introduce changes that people won't like and they should be up front about this. >> thank you so much. and when we come back, imagine hearing ted cruz tell you that the law responsible for your teenager's murder was actually good for you. it's a fact, mr. cruz, you're wrong. road closed? there's a guy... excuse me? glacier point? follow me! ♪ follow me! keep up, keep up, keep up. ♪ look he's right there! follow me! ♪ wow! crystal falls? follow me! [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinder.
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. it's time now to disrupt some of that more right wing spin with the facts. earlier this week, senator ted cruz repeated the debunk conservative talking point that stand your ground laws actually benefit african-americans. tell that to trayvon martin's
4:41 pm
mom. wait. he actually did. >> in florida, the data show that african-american defendants have availed themselves of the stand your ground defense more frequently than have an glo defendants. >> that was a congressional hearing on tuesday to examine stand your ground laws. the same hearing where trayvon's mother testified alongside another grieving florida mom. both women were calling the memory of their slain sons brutally gunned down in two separately and senseless acts of violence. cruz was alluding to a story of the conservative website the daily caller that was later repeated and rebuked on fox news. the article entitled blacks benefit from florida stand your ground law at disproportionate rate argue that african-americans benefited at a rate higher than the proportion of the state's population. saying that because one third of
4:42 pm
stand your ground claims were made by black defendants, and those who used the defense were successful 55% of the time, while white defendants -- but the fact is such a claim is grossly misleading and in fact not correct. first, in its analysis, it neglects the fact that killings by blacks perpetrators more likely to be determined as justified under the law in part because their victims are black. and as the atlantic wire pointed out the stand your ground defense was successful in one third or 31% of cases where the killer is black. and that a greater number of cases involving black killers are found justified than whites but and this is very important as a report by the tampa bay times found defendants claiming stand your ground more likely to revail if the victim is black. 73% of those that killed a black person faced no penalty compared
4:43 pm
to 56% of those that killed a white. that number increases to 78% when you include latinos. bottom line, it is a fact that about 4 in 5 killings of black people which relied on a stand your ground defense resulted in the killer go free and i would hardly call that a benefit for the black community. would you? welcome to you both. >> hi. >> so jed, i want to start with you because i know that you guys have been tracking and sort of break down stand your ground and talk to us about the breakdown that you guys were doing this week in trying to keep this straight. >> well, i think it's important to remember where this came from because for hundreds of years you've had protections that allowed people to defend themselves. you could always defend yourself if someone's threatening you. and in your home, you can stand your ground. if someone breaks into your house and starts threatening
4:44 pm
you, you don't have to leave your home. >> yeah. >> but what stand your ground did is disrupted that set of legal -- that set of legal guidelines and said, we are going to give people an additional right and that says that even if you have the ability to retreat and even if you could deescalate the situation, we are going to let you wherever you are stand your ground and even if you escalate the situation and ultimately kill the other person, that's okay. so it's really giving people the right not to retreat and there's been deadly consequences for that and as you illustrated in your intro, when the victim of these stand your ground attacks are african-american, they tend to be more successful. >> and, you know, judith, to that point, there were comments made by john lott, a witness and lindsey graham saying they
4:45 pm
didn't see -- the perception being they didn't see a racial bias and part of what that completely misses and ted cruz doesn't understand and never stopped him from talking before is a big piece of this is based on perception of who is a threat. right? >> that's right. i mean, these laws are all based on perceptions and what is reasonable. and what is a reasonable threat? and that's really in the mind of the person who becomes the killer. and so, if you take the case of jordan davis which people really need to follow this case which will go to trial next year, jordan davis is the young man in florida who was gunned down by michael dunn. michael dunn was in a gas station. they got into an argument about music coming from the car that jordan was in and michael dunn said it was too loud. he argued with these young men and then he pulled out a gun and shot several times into the car killing jordan and then drove
4:46 pm
off. okay? >> right. >> didn't -- said he didn't know that he was dead but the point is that he says he was standing his ground fearing for his life. they had no gun. there was no weapon. and so, this is all based upon his own bias. it's the george zimmerman we're suspicious of young black men and that's how people get a justification for killing people. >> and, you know, the urban institute showed in stand your ground states, white on black homicide is 354% more likely to be justified than white on white homicide. so to your point. you know, judd, the other piece of this is -- and judith, i want you to weigh in on this, as well, stand your ground laws are bad for everyone. it is not like when we talk about -- just the idea that it benefits someone is ridiculous but it's bad for everyone. texas a a&m did a study and the found that murder and manslaughter increases by 9% in stand your ground states so defending these laws and not
4:47 pm
recognizing the danger that they create in society, i think it's completely foolish. >> well, we really didn't even have stand your ground at all a few years ago. this is a very recent law and it's starting to pop up, not out of accident but because organization named alec and the nra, as well, working with them systematically pushed stand your ground laws and then florida and tried to get them in almost every state. so, this isn't something that's enshrined in the constitution. there's no right to stand your ground. this is a brand new invented thing that we just came up with a few years ago and now starting to see the consequences of it. >> judith, you get the last word on this. >> yeah, i mean, these are shoot first laws. right? shoot first, ask questions after. you should know also that i found out that actually rainbow push coalition, reverend jackson filed a case against georgia's
4:48 pm
stand your ground law in georgia and it is about how this is unequal justice. >> right. unequal justice. unequally applied. thank you, judd and judith. >> thank you. when we come back, a recall election over kids in school five days a week. uh-huh. it's fyi, some of the stories you may have missed this week. um, is that your car? >> maybe. >> i'm going to tell you the most important mistake you ever made after this break. so, kent, that mistake you made, that fundamental life changing error, that cosmic fail, that -- >> just tell me already. >> after this break. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row.
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just for the big name governor's races so we thought we'd take a look at the issues voters are deciding. washington state voters could be the first to require labeling of genetically modified or engineered foods. critics say that the measure could result in an increase in food costs as companies substitute nongenetically modified ingredients to avoid the requirement. now that colorado legalized marijuana, they're deciding whether or not to impose a 15% sales tax to raise an estimated $40 million for school construction. i guess they're lighting it up for the kids. back east, new jersey residents are set to vote for an amendment to their state constitution to raise the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour. plus annual adjustments for inflation. the state legislature passed a bill with a rate increase this year but it cot a veto from governor chris christie who said
4:53 pm
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