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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 4, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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formed from what was his campaign. later this week, he's going to head off to texas, talk up the benefits of this law, and this outreach is coming as the administration keeps getting hit with headlines like this in "usa today." small firms race health deadline. in the "washington post" sticker shock leads to anger. add to all of this that the associated press now estimating that more than three million people have already received cancellation notices from their insurers. >> why did not you or somebody else say to him, mr. president, don't say no matter what, you're going to keep your health care plan? >> hindsight is 20/20. >> that's why you're there is to say it's not hindsight. >> re-election rival and former governor mitt romney and on "meet the press" this weekend where he accused the president of dishonesty and had this warning about the president's second term. >> i think the key thing that the president is trying to get away from and that is that he told people they could keep
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their insurance and that was not the truth. and whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> wait, there's a little bit more, "the washington post" obtaining an internal memo that shows an outside health adviser warning of trouble ahead for the rollout. telling the administration, quote, i do not believe the relevant members of the administration understand the president's vision or have the capability to carry it out. >> looking back, people are going to be scratching their heads for years going how did they make this mistake? so how do mistakes like this happen inside the west wing? >> well, look, i think that's a fairly devastating story. >> joining me now is democratic congressman jerry nadler from new york. i want to get your reaction from this from the "washington post" article in which it says a 2008 obama health campaign adviser puts the rollout this way. they were running the biggest
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startup in the world and they didn't have anyone who had run a startup or even run a small business or a business. it's very hard to think where the people best at getting legislation passed is best at implementing it. we've seen zeke emanuel saying this is a long game on "morning joe," this is a marathon for the social contract of our country. some see it at this moment of a sprint and even the democrats are failing. with these new numbers out about millions losing their insurance, how do you get better control of the narrative that obama care isn't the titanic? >> well, i think that the rollout has certainly been fouled up, without question. why we'll find out in the fullness of time. but that won't matter in the long run. what will matter is do people in the end get good insurance that's cheaper than what they have? and i think most people will. remember that all these things we're seeing now, all the hype about millions of people facing cancellation of insurance, these policies, many of which have 10
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or $25,000 deductibles, many of which don't cover drugs and other things, are being cancelled because they don't meet the basic requirements. but most of these people, probably 9/10 of them will be able to get much better policies more cheaply on the exchanges. so that they'll have better policies more cheaply. now, they don't see that yet because they don't see the exchange yet, but within a couple of months they should see that and people should be well served. also remember that we're talking here about a subset of 5% to 6% of the people, because most people you get their insurance from medicare, medicaid from their employers or the veterans administration. none of that is affected. we're talking about the individual market. >> but this 5% still needs to be represented and not marginalized by this. let me just ask you, why aren't you and your colleagues -- >> but those 5% -- 90% of them will have much better insurance for cheaper than they're getting it now. >> absolutely. but they do not have that understanding yet because the private insurance companies,
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they're not really helping in all of this. let me just show the headline, sir, to everybody because we've gohow the narratives are fighting out on the front pages here. headlines out today, "the new york times" is pointing out millions are eligible for free policies under the care act but insurers are reluctant to push the option because of a costly tradeoff. ezra klein estimates as many as seven million uninsured people may be eligible for those bronze hel health plans that are free after the subsidy. and talking points memo into the lengths that the insurers are going to hide obama care benefits from its customers and in some states pressuring them to choose these new plans before the october 1st open enrollment dates. how do you encourage the insurance companies to tap into millions of new customers and recognize this is a good thing if everybody can figure out how it works. >> well, the insurance companies understand that they're tapping into millions of new customers. that's why the mandate was put in, in order to enable them to give -- to insure everybody, including those with
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pre-existing conditions without increasing people's rates. unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in insurance companies, not all of them, obviously, but enough of them to be doing what they can to fool people, to get them to sign on to expensive policies they don't need. now that's mostly a matter of state regulations. some states have the ability under law to prohibit it, to fine them, to stop them and kentucky is doing that. other states don't and should get that capability. if we were operating in a normal environment, that is where the republicans as well as the democrats were trying to make the law work instead of trying to destroy it, we would pass a bill in congress quickly that gave the federal government the ability to make sure that insurance companies didn't mislead their customers and that if they did, they were severely sanctioned and fined for it and the proper information was given to people. instead we have republican governors and legislatures doing everything they can to sabotage the navigators and others giving out correct information.
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>> the onus has been put on the federal government to get the website exchanges up and running. >> not just to get the website exchanges up and running but to give out a lot of the information because the states aren't doing it. >> in so many of these reds states there has obstruction in getting the exchanges up and running. in states where they are running we've seen success, in maryland an also kentucky. but we continue to push through this thing together. we'll let you go, sir. new york congressman jerrold nadler. i want to bring in the host of "hardball," chris matthews. chris, it's good to have you here. the latest revelations about the millions of people that have lost their insurance coverage, that is a sexy headline. >> it's easy too. >> it's easy. but the reality is, these are junk policies that did not meet the basic standard of care and these people that are getting these cancellation notices, they didn't realize that maybe they were one catastrophic emergency room visit or crazy situation away from being bankrupt. >> i think it's kind of a normal way. suppose you've been healthy the
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last two or three years and nothing has gone wrong. how's your health insurance for you? >> it's great. >> if you've had cancer warnings, if you've had real terrible chronic threats down the line, you know all the problems. you've heard the deductibles, hospitalization costs were going to kill you. this is the way it's selling. but the president has a problem here. i think a lot of people like me hate paperwork. they hate having to deal with accountants, they hate tax time, they hate keeping records, and they were told you don't have to deal with the bureaucracy, you're home free. just sign that policy and you're in business all for yourself. i think people were unfairly told you get away clean on this one. in fact you'll have to join the exchanges and deal with everything everybody else does. i think that was dishonest if it was done on purpose. >> most of us all hate change when it comes to things like this where we have to amend what we're used to, even if it is for our betterment. but let me talk about the fact that all of this is taking up the oxygen in the d.c. chamber and no one is talking about the shutdown and what that cost the country. >> i think these are different -- by the way, i think these are so unrelated. i know some people have already
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been saying, well, this is going to show that we were right in shutting down the government. i think people see them both as problems. one is the inefficient democrats and the other is the malicious republicans that want to bring it down. boy the way, if you have cancer, who are you rooting for, the guy trying to get you help or the one that's not trying? that was pointed out by krugman and other columnists. if you have a real case or stage 4 cancer, you want the federal government to come up with a health care option that you can afford and get into, not somebody that's doing nothing. the people i don't trust are the critics that have no plan. the cruzzes and rand pauls. they don't have a health care plan. they just go negative. >> rand paul, in kentucky it's highly successful. because they put the exchange in. let's talk about "double down." this is the new book that's out by mark halperin and john hileman. there are a number of
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revelations including the hillary clinton swap for biden, now the search for the white knight. if romney couldn't deliver sense santorum and romney's issues with chris christie, including his health and taurdness. here's what governor christie told kelly o'donnell about the book itself. >> but the fact is that these are just two guys trying to sell a book, let's not forget that. they sensationalize things. they go to low level staff to try to get a sensational book because they want to make money. it doesn't make it valid and nothing i'm concerned about, kelly. >> nothing that he is concerned about. is he concerned about the score settling? >> it looks to me like the romney staffers who gave him all the middle level goods on him, like he overused his expense account as u.s. attorney and stayed at the four seasons instead of the days inn, who cares. clearly there was bad blood left over from the fact that he looked very good walking the beach with barack obama and that hurt governor romney. >> if all of this is true, though -- >> i think there's some irishness in here somewhere of
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getting even. >> we get romney talking about chris christie over the weekend on "meet the press" as a potential presidential candidate and singing a different tune. >> at this stage you look at chris christie and say that's a very impressive guy with a great track record with a demonstrated ability to work across the aisle, with support of labor and blue collar voters in new jersey. it's a pretty compelling story and there's some other very compelling stories. paul ryan, jeb bush, marco rubio. there's a long list of very capable people. but chris christie stands out as one of the very strongest lights in the republican party. >> no ted cruz on that list, no rand paul. i think, look, i have nothing against governor romney, he's probably a good man, good father and husband and all. but i think he's regretting the campaign he ran. he ran as a faux right winger. he's the massachusetts governor who was a centrist governor. i think he's looking at christie that can run the campaign he should have win.
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>> that would be real serendipity. christie wanted that job and romney obviously looked at him and found him too heavyweight, actually too big for the job. >> chris christie -- >> he's losing some weight. >> that conversation with kelly o'donnell. >> i had a conversation with him once where i made a stupid crack about his weight and he called me up and said i'm working on it. you can't not like a guy like that. who doesn't have weight problems. >> a lot of americans can relate to that. we've got three big races today, new york city mayor, bill de blasio against joe lhota. terry mcauliffe is several points ahead of ken cuccinelli and chris christie has a wide lead over barbara buono. but virginia, new jersey say a lot of the ballots for the heart of the republican party. the clintons are really making virginia their territory. >> exactexactly. >> but it's going to show the difference between chris christie taking over a blue state and here we go with
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mcauliffe where ken cuccinelli could have run away with this race. >> this is like the bonapartes making maximillan emperor of mexico. this is a reach by the clintons. they take a guy, a good guy, mcauliffe, and put him into virginia. it's an extraordinary success. he's a very likeable guy but the clintons will get a lot of credit for this. this is the first big pin on the map. we've got virginia next time. >> do you think this is the tale of where the republican party is going and chris christie will become the national story? >> i have a dog in this race. i want the republican party to return to its roots. it will always have a very hard right part to it but i think it's got to rebuild its center. i think with christie they have a good shot at rebuilding the old new york and pennsylvania and new jersey republican party, the party that used to be a centrist party. they need to have that wing up there. it takes two wings, and that centrist wing has to be rebuilt, i think. >> chris matthews, great to have you here, be sure to watch
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"hardball" at 7:00 p.m. tonight i get to be a guest on your show. >> tonight or very soon. my producers, we're deciding. but we'd love to have you on. >> look at that, i just got my throat slit right here on my own show. >> we want to get you after you come back from russia. we want the russia. >> he goes hardball on me on my own hour. look at that. cut right here on my own show. all right, chris, great to see you, buddy. ted cruz pays a visit to another state that could be critical to 2016. this time he's taking his lone star tea to south carolina. we'll talk to two political insiders there about what he's hoping to accomplish there. also ahead, if chris christie wins re-election tomorrow, what will that signal for his presidential aspirations and that possible run against hillary clinton? the agenda panel will jump on those topics when we come back, after i triage all my cuts and bruises from chris matthews right there. we're back after that. doesn't like being sold to. the last thing i want is to feel like someone is giving me a sales pitch, especially when it comes to my investments.
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so republican fire brand ted cruz is in another important 2016 state today. senator cruz, who visited iowa less than two weeks ago, is in south carolina to speak at a pastors policy briefing in columbia. it's the same group that newt gingrich spoke to twice before he won the state's 2012 presidential primary. joining me now is msnbc contributor jimmy williams and republican strategist hogan gidley. hogan, let me start with with you. this is a smart move for ted cruz, isn't it? >> it is a smart move. i'm not going to swipe your cuts like chris matthews did in your first half of television. >> it was a small knick on my artery. it's fine. >> south carolina is obviously important to the presidential process. i spoke with some officials in the ground in south carolina this morning, i'm in d.c., and we talked about his showing, his appearance. his style is very good for that
11:18 am
group. it's something like huckabee has done several times and gingrich has done it as well. it's right in ted cruz's wheelhouse. it's about faith. it's about tying faith to public policy. ted cruz has tried to do that many times and this is the group you want to court if you're going to make a 2016 run. in my opinion, though, i'm still not sold he makes that run. >> jimmy, earlier we heard mitt romney on "meet the press" give names out like christie, rubio and ryan for 2016. i want to play what he said about ted cruz. >> does ted cruz stand out to you as a potential light of the republican party? >> look, i'm not going to disqualify anybody, but i think i've indicated some of the names i think are most effective in becoming elected and we'll see where it goes. >> he could have started that with bless his heart, but he didn't, followed by that but that he then went into. is there a problem for cruzzed
11:19 am
credibility and electability. >> mitt romney called his own self severely conservative, which no one believed anyway. i'm not really sure -- i could care less what mitt romney thinks about ted cruz and the 2016 elections. he's lost, he's done, go live in malibu. but my bigger point is here in south carolina don't forget gingrich only won with 40%, mitt romney got 28%. rick santorum came in third with 17% in south carolina. it's a very tricky state. you have evangelicals up in the upper part of the state. you have folks in columbia, they don't like a lot of the social issues unless you're in the suburbs and people in the downstate don't like the social issues at all. and so this whole tea party idea, it certainly is alive and well in south carolina, but it's not nearly at the levels that it was four years -- or in 2012. or in 2010, to be honest with you. so i'm not really sure what ted cruz is doing down there except for running for president, but it doesn't mean that he can get the nomination. 1980, ronald reagan, every gop nominee that won the south
11:20 am
carolina primary, went on to become the party's nominee. that fall, except for newt gingrich. >> let's be fair to mitt romney because that killer house is not in malibus are it's in la jolla. >> i apologize. the el as a result begins in malibu. >> let's talk about the political article that claims that moderate house republicans have had it with the extreme right wing reporting that peter king says the congressional republicans need to specifically target the freshmen senator. is there really a civil war going on inside, trying to figure out who can emerge as a leader and a leader that can get people to fall in line? >> well, i'll give one defense of ted cruz with his actions with the filibuster and that's this. without strong leadership, there's a void and it allows someone like ted cruz to move forward and take that mantle. >> it wasn't a filibuster, it was a faux filibuster. everybody knew which way the wind was blowing before he started because he agreed to not have -- to not let it go that
11:21 am
far with harry reid prior to that epic, you know, how many hours that faux thing was. >> ted cruz admitted that himself. we all knew that going in. but the fact remains he still tried to do the tactic, i don't know what it was for, we can debate that all day long. >> national press. >> i'm sorry? >> it was for national press. >> it was to fund raise. >> there's no leadership at the top to rein these folks in and say at the end of the day we have to govern something, move some policy forward. no one is doing that and that's why it's given ted cruz the opportunities he's had so far. >> we'll all know soon enough when he had a pimento and cheese sandwich when he goes to south carolina. msnbc contributor jimmy williams and republican strategist hogan gidley. the suspected l.a.x. shooter remains hospitalized and in critical condition. what investigators have uncovered about a possible motive for that attack. and edward snowden is out with a new manifesto and is asking for clemency from the
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hey you know what? i'll drive! i really didn't think this through. brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) following a developing story with the supreme court and abortion rights in oklahoma. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins me now with more on this. pete, good morning. what's the update? >> thomas, let me bottom line this, first of all. what this all means at the end of the day is that a strict new law in oklahoma that was to basically ban the use of a two-pill regimen including ru-486 for medicinal abortions early in pregnancy, that law will not take effect. a little more detail. the law passed. the oklahoma supreme court said it was unconstitutional and struck it down. the state of oklahoma asked the u.s. supreme court to take the case, and in june the court said it would hear it, but it sent
11:26 am
essentially a homework assignment to the state supreme court saying we're not quite sure what this law does. will you please define it for us. last week the state supreme court said it's an undue burden on women's rights to have an abortion because it bans medicinal abortions. hearing that, the supreme court today dismissed the case. meaning the lower court ruling will stand, the law will not go into effect. it's a bad sign, i think, thomas, for similar laws in four other states, arizona, north dakota, ohio and texas, that have similar restrictions given that the court said, okay, we're going to look at this. now that they know the law is very harsh, they're not. there's another abortion case coming. planned parenthood has asked the supreme court to take up a case involving a law in texas that requires abortion clinics to have -- doctors at those clinics to have admission privileges at nearby hospitals. so we may yet have an abortion case before the supreme court this term. >> but not this one from oklahoma.
11:27 am
nbc justice correspondent pete williams. thank you, sir, appreciate it. new details are coming this morning involving the man police say went on a shooting rampage inside los angeles international airport on friday. the suspect, paul ciancia is hospitalized and in critical condition. he's been unresponsive because of his current medical condition, but investigators say they're still learning more about why he allegedly killed a tsa agent and wounded two others. miguel almaguer is live outside l.a.x. with the details on this. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: thomas, good morning. according to a federal criminal complaint, we do know more about the alleged shooter's motive. fbi investigators say that he left behind a one-page letter, what they call -- also has been called a manifesto in which he said he was specifically targeting tsa agents. it didn't matter whether they were black, white, brown or yellow. apparently that was written inside this manifesto. he seemed to target these individuals because they worked for the federal government and he had some problems with the
11:28 am
federal government. we don't know specifically what was in that note. that is still part of the investigation. as for the suspect himself, as you mentioned, he was shot multiple times, at least once in the head. he's in critical condition and he's been unresponsive because of his medical condition. investigators still trying to learn more about the motive today. >> miguel almaguer reporting from l.a.x. thanks so much. a german magazine publishing an open letter it says was penned by nsa leaker edward snowden in what's been titled a manifesto for truth. snowden reportedly writes that calls for surveillance program reforms justify his decision to leak classified information and he calls the u.s. and british the worst offenders. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot,"
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to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. so later this afternoon, the senate takes up a landmark bill offering protection to lbgt people in the workplace. members have scheduled a procedural vote and a final vote
11:32 am
is scheduled later in the week. the last time it was brought to the floor was back in 1996 and it failed then by just one vote. joining me is richard socarides, former adviser to president bill clinton. richard, it's great to have you here. newly elected senator cory booker said he's booking enda. we've got republican dean heller saying he's going to support this bill, making five republicans in favor so we're at the 60-vote threshold so no filibuster on this. three republicans who can vote in favor aren't saying how they'll too. are you surprised that senator portman is sitting on this? we know that he came out with a full-throated endorsement of marriage equality after revealing that his son came out to him identifying as gay. >> well, he may be waiting for strategic reasons that are unique to ohio, where he's from, but i would be very surprised if he doesn't support the bill. i mean he's become a great supporter of lgbt rights and of
11:33 am
marriage equality, as you said, so i'm pretty sure he'll support the bill, along with those others that you mentioned. i think at the end of the day this bill will probably have about 63 votes. >> all right. so we've got president obama saying that firing americans for who they are is not eligible. on the huffing post he urged congress to pass it saying it's offensive, it's wrong and to stop. in the u.s., who you are and who you love should never be a fireable offense. so the gop is at a real crossroads here because this is not, as some people will level this is offering special protection to the lgbt community. basically what this is doing is saying homophobia is bs and you can't allow for it anymore. is the gop going to get on board with that because of the fact they're at a crossroads and pauft fact they're trying to reach out to millennials and engage an entire new sect of young republicans who think that lgbt rights are fair game, or do you think that they're going to miss a huge opportunity here? >> well, they are in a very
11:34 am
difficult spot, right, because they want to broaden their appeal to young people and to different kinds of minorities, but yet they are in a little bit of a stranglehold of the conservatives and the tea party, so they are in a very tough political spot. i think ultimately the republicans in the senate will end up, a number of them will end up support of this bill, but john boehner just announced this morning that it will -- this bill will probably not see the light of day in the house. which means it won't become law, even though what we're about to see today will be historic if it passes the senate. it is probably unlikely in the house. >> but the language speaker john boehner uses, and we have part of it, the speaker believes this will increase frivolous litigation and cost american jobs, especially small business jobs. now this could have been a statement that was refreshed from decades ago. >> 20 years ago. >> from bringing women into the workplace, people with
11:35 am
disabilities into the workplace, minorities into the workplace, racial minorities, so this is an old seems reflexive. >> this talking point. >> scare people because you're going to get sued. >> this conservative talking point of frivolous lawsuits is kind of the last thing they have left to say. i don't even know what it means, frivolous lawsuits. you can say that about any law. any law you pass might lead to frivolous lawsuits. and it's a scare tactic. there's no indication that this bill will do anything but protect people based on sexual orientation in the workplace. a lot of states and municipalities have laws like this. we do not have a federal law like this. it is very important in places where no protection exist especially. >> it's not even -- i get back it's not even a protection. it's basically a homophobia detector. it puts you on blast to know that employers can't use that as a basis to get rid of you, which is just ridiculous, and the fact
11:36 am
that we've been having this language for all these years is even more ridiculous. and the fact that in 1996 it didn't pass because of one vote. and here we have marriage equality and we're debating whether or not this should go through and whether it can go through? >> as you know, most major american corporations already have policies like this. so you're right. it is a little ridiculous that today after all the progress we've made that a bill like this cannot get through the house, but it looks like today it will get through the senate. you know, we'll take it step by step, a lot of progress. >> richard socarides, thank you. this is our big question for you today. gay rights in the workplace. do you think the republican party will ever embrace ending discrimination against lgbt americans? you can weigh in on twitter and facebook. so sending a message. new jersey governor chris christie is poised to keep his seat by a wide margin. what does that mean for 2016 and one for the record books. just what would a christie/hillary clinton race look like? these are the topics for our agenda panel.
11:37 am
we've got dafna linzer, david corn, the washington bureau chief for mother jones and msnbc political analyst and corey d e dade, a contributing editor for the root. dafna, we have a handful of new polls showing the lead of chris christie over his opponent. quinnipiac has the governor with 61% to barbara buono with 33%. rutgers putting christie at 66, buono 30 and many new jersey anz want him to run for president. regardless of whether you like his politics or not, he's just a likeable candidate that has this sealed up, doesn't he? >> yeah, he does. it's been a really good year no chris christie in a lot of ways. the way he came out after hurricane sandy just a year ago was very extraordinary. he's very, very popular at home. it's wonderful that some of his constituents want him to run. i think the bigger question is will the republican party and the republican party the way it is today want him to be their candidate, want him to be the face of that party. >> all right. so david, nbc's kelly o'donnell
11:38 am
was on the road with christie over the weekend. she brought up 2016. i want to play a small portion of it for everybody. >> i'm not planning for it, i just think it's inevitable. i think people look at elections and they try to discern things from them about what they mean at that moment and what they mean for the future. and i think that what people are going to see is so unusual for what our party has created in the last couple of years, that invas invariably people will draw from it. >> so that will catch fire nationally. >> the words he's using. >> that's a message right there. >> but the really -- i think the key word in that statement was unusual. he's saying it's unusual for republicans these days to win in a blue state. that is to not be controlled by the right wing ted cruz faction of the party. and as dafna just hinted at, what we're seeing here is yet another battle, another round in
11:39 am
the gop civil war. tomorrow, if as expected, christie wins big and ken cuccinelli loses the governor race in virginia, because he is of the far right, it will give people on the sane side, on the nonkamikaze side of the republican party an argument about where the party should head in the next two years. nevertheless, i still think most of the grassroots energy for the party is far on the root and chris christie is still going to be steering into a tea party storm. >> all right, so he's still going to be steering but we'll see him ride that wave pretty high out of new jersey. >> in new jersey. >> based on what happens this week. i want to bring hillary clinton into this equation. cor corey, new york senator chuck schumer endorsed her this weekend in a rousing speech. i want to play that. take a look. >> tonight here in iowa, and i won't get this opportunity again, i am urging hillary clinton to run for president. and when she does, she will have my full and unwavering support.
11:40 am
2016 is hillary's time. run, hillary, run! >> so, corey, what do you think of that? so chuck schumer is out there, and people were trying to read the tea leaves of the public schedule that hillary clinton has been keeping. but there is a lot of star power to think of chris christie on the right and hillary clinton on the left and what this means for the country. the intellectual conversation that the parties can have for the direction of our country. >> yeah, a christie/hillary matchup is a political junkie's dream, certainly a dream for us. it will keep all of us employed for at least a year. but i think that, you know, schumer coming out at this point, you know, obviously it doesn't carry -- it's really carrying symbolic weight, but i think the thinking is if enough high-profile democrats, standard bearer democrats like schumer, even though schumer sort of represents the liberal side, can
11:41 am
sort of tacitly or blatantly get behind hillary now, the idea is it clears the field for her and it makes -- it puts pressure on vice president biden to really decide whether or not he wants to actually challenge that. i think what you're seeing perhaps is the first of many high-profile democratic stars to come out for hillary over the next several months. and if they can -- if they can turn the democratic party -- democratic primary in 2016 into a less bruising affair, it certainly keeps the party's powder dry for when they go up potentially against chris christie. in christie's case, he has -- his desired demographic actually cuts into where hillary is. >> right. >> you talk about women and moderates. >> and also in the african-american community, because i know there's a piece on the grio talking about how well he can do in new jersey based on that. >> that's right. >> and what that translates nationally. corey, you're right, it will
11:42 am
keep all of us employed a little while later if this happens. our agenda panel, dafna linzer, david corn and corey dade. thanks so much. you can learn more about our panel on our website, this is a big week for us here on the show. you can follow all of this on because as has been talked about, i'm heading off to russia. i leave tomorrow. i'm co-hosting the miss universe contest there in moscow. you can follow by journey on a travel log. you can join the discussion on the trip, get realtime updates on twitter, facebook and instagram. use the #robertsinrussia. my hosting gig got spoofed this weekend on snl and this pic was a team decision. tell us what you think. >> hello, hello, i'm thomas roberts from msnbc. >> and i'm someone from the e! network. boy, there are so many
11:43 am
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well, the function of the tsa is to ensure that people can board planes safely, take flights safely. the responsibility for protecting airport security is not a tsa function. >> that was attorney general eric holder speaking moments ago about last week's shooting at l.a.x., talking about airport security, what that means. the suspect in this attack remains hospitalized and in critical condition. as we look at virginia, voters there are just one day away from that state's closely watched election for new governor.
11:47 am
now, vice president joe biden hit the campaign trail this morning for democratic candidate and front runner terry mcauliffe. vice president biden highlighting the national significance of this race and took swipes at his republican rival, ken cuccinelli's conservative positions. >> it's the first major race between the forces and faces of the new republican tea party led by a candidate whose views on women, you know them well, but i think it's fair to say are from another era. i mean literally from another era. i think the motto of the tea party should be back to the future. >> so right now cuccinelli and supporters are gathered in warrenton, virginia, for a rally featuring senator marco rubio. you can see ken cuccinelli there back in the -- yeah, back in the background there. a new quinnipiac poll showing terry mcauliffe has a six-point lead. joining me now, larry sabato, author of "the kennedy half
11:48 am
century." all eyes on the two governors' races, the results which could hold clues about the attitudes of voters for both parties and messaging as we head into the mid-terms of 2014. that's when congress will be at stake here. how important has the support of the president and the vice president and the clintons for terry mcauliffe been as they're all making the rounds for him in virginia? >> well, thomas, it all helps obviously because you want to get your party base out. and of course this is an off, off year. in fact i think you were a virginia reporter for a while -- >> i was. >> it's very difficult to get people to vote right after a presidential race, and we tend to drop 30 percentage points on turnout. that's what this is about, it's about building base turnout on both sides. >> so president obama, as we saw over the weekend, out stumping for mcauliffe.
11:49 am
he linked republican ken cuccinelli to the national tea party. let's see if he made the proper connection. take a look. >> you've seen an extreme faction of the republican party that has shown again and again and again that they're willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. if you embrace the very politics that led to this shutdown, then i guarantee you, it's not in the rear-view mirror of voters in virginia. they remember. they understand that that is not how you govern and that is not how you move america forward. >> so, larry, cuccinelli's campaign is predicting that the president's presence there would energize republican voters who were outraged over the botched rollout of obama care. is there a chance that cuccinelli could pull out a last-minute win because of the problems with the obama care website and not about what's in the rear-view mirror of the
11:50 am
shutdown? >> you know, i always say there's always a chance, because every now and then all the polls are wrong and the turnout pattern is very different than they projected and that the rest of us projected. but let's remember it is very rare. the truth is, i don't think lets remember it is very rare. the truth is i don't think there's been a single professional poll that i would rely upon since august that hasn't had terry mcauliffe leading. his polling average is plus eight or so. you mentioned a poll that came out this morning that has him up six. that same poll last week had him up four. you can average them together. i think it's a pretty stable lead for terry mcauliffe. it would be truly remarkable if he didn't win at this point. >> larry, great to see you, sir. thank you. >> thank you, thomas. >> so we asked and you answered, the question being gay rights in the workplace. do you think the republican party will ever embrace ending
11:51 am
discrimination against lgtb americans and supporting the nondiscrimination act. >> evolution can't be stopped, thankfully. the gop will either evolve or die as a party. they will weigh in as long as they can legislate discrimination. not this rethuglican party. keep the comments coming on twitter and facebook. back after this. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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so even allies are starting to bail on toronto's merits. time for sidebar. members of mayor bob ford's inner circle are calling on him to take a leave and get help.
11:55 am
louisiana week the toronto police department had video showing bob ford smoking crack. ford says he has no reason to resign. democratic governor comes out in a series of op-ed statements in the state's newspaper. a state representative. he wrote, my personal life has nothing to do with my ability to lead maine. charlie crist officially announced he wants back in the governor's mansion. the former republican governor turned independent will now be running as a democrat. >> we gather here this morning on this beautiful day in the sunshine city of the sunshine state to take a journey, a journey to take back our state's destiny. >> kentucky senator rand paul is firing back against charges he ripped off wikipedia in his speeches charges nbc's own rachel maddow uncovered last week. he said he'd been targeted by hacks and haters and joked he'd
11:56 am
like to challenge his critics to a dual. quote, if dueling with legal in kentucky, it would be a dual challenge. there you have it. that's going to wrap up for me. see you tomorrow at 11:00 eastern time. don't go anywhere, alex wagner comes your way next. hi, alex. >> the great american reboot. new developments on, details, problems that were years in the making. hindsight and forethought with the "washington post's" juliette halperin. will the farm bill be a fair bill? we'll ask agriculture secretary. a new look at the film "dirty wars." controversial special ops in america's forever war. all that when "now" starts right after this. ysics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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