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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 7, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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senator paul is clearly under a lot of pressure right now. a key moment for him and his political future. if this is the we he handles pressure, that is probably a good thing to know about hem now. probably better we learn the fact about him now than some time in the future. good thursday morning. right now on "first look" -- the new york stock exchange is all atwitter as the microblogging site goes public. a shooting rampage leaves two dead and eight wounded. sink or swim. 13-year-old week tiger cubs are tossed in the water and put to the test. we'll explain. and was plo leader yasser arafat poisoned to death? a woman's double mastectomy
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preop procedure with her medical team. police say ten people, were shot at a local barber shop. this morning two of the victims are confirmed dead. the eight others are being treated at local hospitals. it happened at al's barbershop. right now police are looking for at least two suspects seen driving away. was palestinian leader yasser arafat actually murdered? his widow believes he was poisoned by radioactive pulonium. the leader felt ill before his death in 2004 but no autopsy was performed. last november a team of swiss scientists exhumed his body and now say findings support poisoning. his widow did not say any country or person, but she said
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he had many enemies and was the victim of a shocking crime. now to an nfl great. tony dorsett has dementia. the hall of famer says the news hit him like a ton of bricks. according to espn, three other former players have also been diagnosed, including leonard marshall. president obama is once again finding himself playing defense on the affordable care act. this morning he's back in washington after a trip to texas. it's the largest state refusing to participate in the health care law. and while there, he got an earful from both sides. nbc tracie potts joins us live from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we learned the white house is rolling out more money for people who don't have health insurance so they can see a doctor so she can sign up for a
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plan had that web citsi website working. today the white house is announcing $150 million in grants to community health centers to treat more than 1 million new patients. it's part of the health law president obama says has him frustrated because the website to buy insurance isn't working properly. >> this is like having a really good product in a store and the cash registers don't work and there aren't enough parking spots and nobody can get through the door. >> reporter: he chided texas for not having the law. >> they are leaving a million people without health insurance that they could immediately fix. >> people's lives depend on this. >> reporter: on chill health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was grilled about whether americans can keep their existing health plans. >> is it true or is it false, madame secretary? >> in your plan -- >> no more excuses. no more spin.
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just give us the truth. >> reporter: she admitted early enrollment numbers will be low. one person who was able to sign up, alaska senator, but he's still giving the white house grief. >> he's not returning my calls because i'm yelling eight him all the time on some of the issues. >> reporter: we learned the top technology officer at health and human services is quitting, stepping down from the job at the end of next week. it's not clear if that has to do with this troubled website. >> tracie potts in washington, thanks so much. now to a bribery and prostitution stajcandal rockinge navy involved a foreign chashgt ter named fat leonard. they say a malaysian contractor gave the navy those goods in exchange for classified information. they say it helped his singapore
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company overbill the pentagon. a georgia family is demanding to know how thirteen age son was killed. his body rolled up in a gym mat. surveillance video shows kendrick johnson, that's him in the right with the long braids in a white t-shirt s seen entering the gym. the mat where his body was found is not in the video. johnson's father says they want answers. >> that's all we want to know, exactly what happened to kendrick and how did it happen? that's all we ever wanted, you know, they can bring forth the evidence and show us, you know, what they have and what they seem to think exactly happened. you know, that's all we want, the truth. >> the family's attorney says they are suspicious of why the video failed to show what happened. snooi. turning to sports with
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richard lui. >> last night a physical game with the chicago bulls. in the second, derrick rose with a clean two on this shot here. later two minutes left in the game, indiana steals. off to lance stephenson. he takes that, gets the dunk. pacers, 97-80. lone undefeated. golden state at minnesota, i guess -- warriors dominate. the sight of broken bone coming through in last year's ncaa tournament against duke but kevin ware is back. a triumphant return. ware's first shot, three, right there. >> good for him. so glad he's back in the game. >> there are reports rick renteria will be named chicago cubs manager today. the last one was fired after two years. renteria is currently the
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padres' bench coach. john moffitt says he doesn't want to risk his health and well being for money. the classic bears/packers rivalry, a bears fan seen here reportedly bets his wife, a packers fan, if the bears win monday night oe can shock her with a taser gun. >> who would accept that bet? >> this is an interesting couple. the bears win, as you know. so he takesers his wife, not once, but three times. the wife then calls the police. they arrive to find the couple loving after multiple beverages, quote/unquote. >> yes. >> the husband was charged for having a taser, which is illegal in wisconsin. >> sounds like a match made in heaven. >> how about bacon as a door prize. >> i'm in. i'm there. >> that's what kansas state is giving students at women's basketball opener. is it that tough to get folks in there? not just one strip.
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you get a paper container filled to the brim there. >> students are so easily lured. >> all jenkins at miami of ohio game versus bowling green. including this circus catch. is that a catch? >> even i, who know nothing about sports, that's a catch. hockey, winnipeg at chicago. adam pardy gets slammed through a glass. a fan removes his helmet, he wears it, someone pours, what looks like beer on pardy. chicago wins 4-1. >> that's like the gladiators in rome. >> always good sight. they may call it the doggy paddle but two tiger cubs in d.c. mastered swimming. the national zoo decided it was time for these two 13 -week-old siblings to try their time in water. tigers are the only big cats who like water.
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they didn't seem to have fun. it's to ensure they're ready to be released into their enclosure. >> can you imagine if you've never been in water, someone throws you into a big pool of it. >> a lot to get used to it. have you heard about this super typhoon. >> i have. >> yolanda heading toward the philippines, a category 5 hurricane. you see the circle inside those bright colors. that's headed right for the philippines. this is the strongest storm on our planet so far this year. >> wow. >> you know, we got lucky with our hurricane season. the philippines is about to go through a tragic storm. that's the path. it's going to go just south of manila. it will be weakening as it goes to the islands. category 5, weakening to cat for category 4, still devastating. in new england we'll be dealing with the rain as we go trout the morning. can you see the radar there. bring the umbrella with you this morning. even though it's not raining in
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philly, d.c., new york, it will throughout the middle of the day. >> my family used to live in the philippines, so i hope for the best there. >> the pictures we'll see probably tomorrow morning at this time will probably be devastating. >> i certainly hope not. straight ahead, a military fire sale overseas. plus google spills the beans on just what this four-story barge was created for. of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance.
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some stories making new this is morning. authorities have issued arrest warrants for an owner of the ride at south carolina state fair that ejected five people last month. scientists say space rocks are up to seven times more likely to smash into earth than previously thought. they came to that conclusion after studying the terrifying meteor that streaked across the sky and exploded in russia. injuring 1600 people. the 62-foot meteor had the explosive power of 40 hiroshima type atom bombs.
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u.s. officials say leaving the equipment in afghanistan selling the strap. they say it will save the u.s. billions and destroying it will keep it from falling into the hands of insurgents. turn to cnbc's jackie. >> twitter pricing its ipo $26 a share. that was above the expected range. this deal valuing the company more than $18 billion. it's the second largest enter netted ipo after facebook. twitter stock will trade today on the new york stock exchange. a new report says wall street bonuses may rise an average of 5% to 10%. for some workers like financial advisers some bonuses could jump 15%. bond traders could see their bonuses drop because of the volatility in the fixed income markets. the wild speculation over what exactly google's floating barges were being used for has finally been put to rest. the company issued a statement
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saying the four-story vessels will be used as enter active spaces where people can learn about new technology. when spouses run against each other for public office, we'll tell you what happens. vice president joe biden called to congratulate martin walsh. just one problem, he called the wrong marty walsh and he wasn't the only one who made that mistake. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom.
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it's time for your "first look" at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. the house will measure workplace discrimination based on gentder identity is sexual orientation. will the real marty walsh please stand up? vice president joe biden called the man he thought was boston mayor-elect to congratulate him. he said, you son of a gun, marty. you did it. problem is, it was this marty walsh, a former aide to ted kennedy. he said guys with that name are a dime a dozen in boston. florida congressman debbie wasserman schultz and rybak also did the same thing. the meeting was reportedly very cordial and productive between bloomberg and mayor-elect de blasio. but this picture was captured.
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maybe because there was a soda can. chris christie says he's so flattered by 2016 presidential speculation and has no problems with it. >> someone asks you if you're going to be a candidate for president of the united states and you're in politics, oh, stop annoying me and asking me if i'm going to be leader of the free world. come on. anybody who says that's lying. >> christie says he's happy with being governor of new jersey. that's the job he's going to do. at least for now. a little spousal rivalry never hurt anyone. in maine it helped democrat jennifer johnson defeat her republican husband david in race for waterville warden. she won a whopping 63% of the vote. i'm sure she's been bragging about it at home since. carrie underwood and brad paisley couldn't stay away from obama care. ♪ obama care by morning why is
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this taking so long ♪ ♪ why is this taking so long ♪ i'm going to wind up with hemorrhoids if i sit here till dawn ♪ >> and now that toronto mayor rod ford admits to smoking crack cocaine, jimmy kimmel has a little guide to help you decide if your mayor does, too. >> how to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. blurred vision. loss of balance. >> and that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. now for your "first look" at politics, i'm joined by syndicated columnist bob franken. >> that's how i am every morning when i get up. >> what does that say about you, bob. >> at least biden called marty a son of a gun. >> reportedly. could have been worse. let's talk about chris christie,
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the man of the hour. at this point he's being talked about like he's presumptive republican for president. how strong of a candidate is he? he can appeal to the middle but doesn't he lack to excite the base, which is the problem with mitt romney. >> well, he is the favorite of the month for pundits and pundit-wannabes. but he has problems, "new york" magazine says he lacks deft touch. it may not play well when it gets to a national campaign. >> he has a temper and he's not afraid to show if. >> and he will belittle and demean people who don't go along with his program. >> the margin of victory for terry mcauliffe was smaller. it may be because of those who
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do not like obama care voted for cuccinelli. does the affordable care act be a problem for those moving forward? >> it could be. right now affordable care act, obama care s an embarrassment. but if things start working properly, that could go away as an issue. let us not forget cuccinelli almost beat somebody, even though cuccinelli was perceived to be dragging kicking and screaming out of the 16th century. >> turning to the senate, a bill banning workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians, where it's expected to pass, but then goes to the house. how will john boehner handle it? >> he says he won't even bring it up. his excuse is because it could bring about trivial lawsuits.
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the argument is that can happen with any kind of discrimination. the party is being perceived, as i said, a party that is really way behind the times. and i think that boehner's handling of this might perpetuate this image. >> is it telling that's his reason and not on moral grounds, the moving away from it as a social issue and more to just trying to prevent logistical problems? >> well, that's traditionally been an argument against any kind of progressive legislation. that was the kind of thing used in the civil rights movement, that it would violate states' rights and also cause legislation. that kind of thing is always considered just an excuse to avoid making progress. >> all right. thanks so much. bob franken, we appreciate your perspective. coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be here for first buzz. we'll tell you why this operating room looks more like a dance club. we'll explain. [ horn honks ]
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time for "first buzz." bill, you're debunking an allergy myth. >> can you believe that? gluten-free has been a big thing. the gluten allergy a lot of people have. doctors say it's no such thing. don't ever let anyone tell you they have a gluten allergy. >> you're upsetting a lot of people right now. >> it's a cool thing. but a lot of people have said that and allergyists say they have come to them and saying it's not true. the other thing that's not true is hypoallergenic dog. like you can get a dog like bo
5:28 am
obama. all dogs give up dandruff -- >> dander. >> dander, dander. >> who are the people doing the studies? i'm curious. >> they had a meeting, all the asthma doctors. >> the asthma doctors? >> the allergy doctors. american academy of -- >> just took down two huge thoughts there. >> richard, you want to spy on people with the inside scoop? >> for spurned lovers, if you would like to find out what your other side is doing because you're mad, there's -- there was a problem called lover spy or e-mail p.i. sold online for $89. and the guy that created it is now one of the fbi's most wanted on their electronic list for those who have done a crime -- >> lets you spy on people. >> yes. once you get the program and it's installed, you can send an e-mail to somebody, a greeting card. when you open it, it installs malware and sends information about your e-mails to that person. >> invasion of privacy.
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we'll end with a feel good video. a woman in san francisco was getting a double mastectomy, she decided she was going to have a dance party right there in the hospital before her surgery. >> my favorite beyonce, too. >> she asked her family and friend to record their own dancing videos so she can watch. we wish her speedy recovery. >> way to go. meanwhile up in new jersey, g governor christie cruised to a win over a random democrat. nobody really knows. christie celebrated by weirding everybody out. >> tonight first and foremost, i want to say, thank you, new jersey, for making me the luckiest guy in the world. >> did


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