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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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with our hands on the trigger of our consciences, and we have to find a way of sayin that ranica mcbride is not a stranger. she's my daughter. she is your sister. and who would kill one of their own? thanks so much for watching. ed schultz and "the ed show" is next. good evening, americans, welcome to "the ed show," live from washington, d.c. i'm michael eric dyson in for ed schultz. as ed would say, let's get to work. ♪ good news is, over the past 44 months, our businesses have created 7.8 million new jobs. >> u.s. economy added 204,000 jobs last month. >> employers only added 204,000
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jobs. >> that's probably one of the strongest reports this year. >> you wouldn't know this sometimes, listening to folks on tv. >> that the 204,000 jobs added is -- sounds good, doesn't it? but i would take it with a grain of salt. >> the defy sets are going down. they're not going up. >> shut up, shut up! >> is it as great as we need to have a really roaring recovery, no? but it's certainly better than where we were last month. so it's not bad. >> we would have had more jobs in october were it not for the shutdown and the brinksmanship. >> part of the problem, obama care, continuing to hang over our economy like a wet blanket. ♪ >> by bringing down the cost of health care that doesn't just help our economy, it helps bring our deficit down. >> there's no question that the shutdown harmed our jobs market. the gears of our economy, every time they are just about to take
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off, suddenly somebody taps the brakes. somebody taps the brakes and says not so fast. ♪ ♪ ooh child things are going to get easier ♪ >> always glad to have that tupac when you need him. haters gonna hate. but president obama and workers across the country have something to celebrate. despite all the republican resistance and a 16-day government shutdown, we're still adding jobs. >> we just found out the u.s. economy added 204,000 jobs last month. >> i think that's a pretty good number. obviously oh, you don't like unemployment rate going up. but that's also so much a function of how -- whether people are dropping out oh of the job market or going in. >> most exciting to us in these data were that august and september were revised up. where now it looks like we're creating 200,000 jobs a month. and so going into the shutdown
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on, the economy was in a stronger place than people thought. >> usually this is when we would hear john boehner and his buddies step up to the mike and twist the positive jobs report. but, of course, they are not in session. do these guys ever work? the right wing smear machine is picking up the slack with a full force attack on the president and obama care. >> president obama's approval rating falling on the obama care disaster. >> i felt not only the president, but i felt the people around the president for allowing him to mislead the american people for so long oh. >> his administration is not anyone else's. this is the obama administration. >> my goodness gracious. what the conservative crowd seems to forget is, republican house speaker john boehner's nonaction started the government shutdown in the first place. the white house released hard numbers about the price we paid for the shutdown. ahead of today's job reports. the shutdown led to more than 6 million days of lost work, and cost taxpayers $2 billion in back pay for government workers. those numbers seem small in the
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context of the $16 trillion economy. but my friends, they do add up to less effective government service, and at a higher cost. the report didn't even calculate the amount it takes for actually shutting the government down, and reopening it. but it described it as significant. even after all of this, a second shutdown is looming. another shutdown will happen unless congress can pass a budget or provide more stop-gap financing for the government. a bipartisan house and senate negotiating committee is working behind closed doors on a budget agreement. but expectations for any kind of major deal are extremely low. it's no surprise that expectations are dwindling after the kind of stunts and fake filibusters senator ted cruz and his tea party conservative cronies were pulling last month. it's not out of the realm of possibility that ted cruz will do something like that again. still, president obama remains focused on moving ahead and making more improvements for the u.s. economy. jobs topped his agenda today.
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he spoke to a crowd in new orleans just a short time ago. >> our businesses are resilient. we've got great workers, and so as a consequence, we added about 200,000 new jobs last month. but there's no question that the shutdown harmed our jobs market. the unemployment rate still ticked up. and we don't yet know all the data for the final quarter of the year, but it could be down, because of what happened in washington. now, that makes no sense. these self-inflicted wounds don't have to happen. they should not happen again. we should not be injuring yourself every few months. we should be investing in ourselves. we should be building, not tearing things down. rather than refighting the same old battles again and again and again, we should be fight to go make sure everybody who works hard in america and hard here in new orleans, they have a chance to get ahead. that's what we should be focused on. >> my fellow americans, it's clear the conservative talk tank
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is running low on fuel. and is blaming the wrong guy. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, do conservatives care more about fixing the economy or destroying president obama? text a for fixing the economy. text b for destroying president obama. to 67622. or go to our blog at i'll bring you the results later in the show. joining me now is dr. frederick haynes iii, senior pastor at friendship west baptist church in dallas, texas. and reverend dr. otis moss iii, trinity united church of christ in chicago. gentlemen, welcome back. >> thank you, dr. dyson. >> thank you. >> why isn't president obama getting any credit for the things he's doing right? they beat up on this man as if he's done the worst thing since the, you know, the invention of the wrong machine that we can hit. what's going on here? why can't he get any credit? >> well, the bottom line is the
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president is making progress in spite of, and so as a consequence, you have 204,000 jobs created in spite of, and with that being the case, please understand, there's an underlying issue of race that oftentimes is not addressed. this black man in the white house. and on the other hand, you also have a determination on the right to do everything wrong to ensure that the president does not have success. after all, this is the same right wing that before the last election, you had some of their leaders saying that their number-one priority was to ensure that the president does not get a second term. you had, who is it, rush limbaugh say when he was first elected he wanted him to fail. so that has been the agenda of those on the right. instead of creating jobs, they have been determined to sabotage his job. instead of looking out for everyday people in america, they have been determined to ensure everyday that the president
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catches nothing but hell. again, there is an undercurrent of race on top of that. it's the politics of the right that is leading our country in many instances wrong. >> great. well, in light of that, dr. moss, we know in many senses the folds -- the faults and flaws of the obama care in terms of its implementation are widespread. the technical matters. but the substance of it seems to be pretty much in place. but how important was the speech today, to pivot attention away from the negative activity about obama care? >> well, i think it was pivotal. it was not about the websites that are working or not working. in our congregation, we have a wonderful woman. i'll call her mary. she was working poor. she was homeless, unbeknownst to us. we found out that she was homeless and we, of course, wanted to support her. but here is a woman whose ministry was servicing those who are most i mpoverished in chicago. she was not a take e a scammer, ethically dubious in any way, shape or form. she was deeply committed and in
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the word of the gospel, what is beautiful about the affordable care act, it lifts up one of the oldest, most ancient ideas. the idea that we are to lift up those who are hurting. and so what we are seeing is no longer are the poor invisible. and what i am so proud of, in reference to the president, the president was able to stand before the nation, admit that we have challenges, admit that there have been mistakes that have been made. i want a leader that is willing to admit, i've made a few mistakes. because i teach my own children that you are better when you admit your mistakes. in the words of the great coach, phil jackson, admit your mistakes, make an adjustment, and we continue with the fight. we have admitted some mistakes, but we make an adjustment and we continue with the fight. no longer will the poor be invisible and in the words of tupac that you quoted earlier, we're going to keep our heads up. >> keep your head up, no doubt about that. and like he said, it ain't funny, when it rains it poors, money for wars but can't feed the poor. speaking about the poor, dr.
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haynes that dr. moss spoke about, the president is supporting a bill that would raise the minimum wage to over $10 an hour. how likely do you think it is that given all the division in congress, that he's going to be successful? >> well, unfortunately, you have an obstructionist congress that is determined to declare war on the poor, as well as fight the president of the united states. and so the likelihood of the congress coming along and recognizing that those at the bottom need to have the floor raised, as opposed to insuring -- insuring that those who are in the penthouse are doing even better with tax cuts, i don't see that happening. but, again, look at what took place with the jobs report. you are talking about 204,000 jobs created in spite of a government shutdown. in spite of a congress that is basically do nothing. in spite of a congress that says we're not going to pass the president's jobs bill. we're not going to fix a crumbling infrastructure. and so this has happened in
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spite of, and so as a man of faith, i believe that in spite of the goliath of a congress saying we're not going to do anything for you, david still has some smooth stones. and hopefully we'll raise the floor so that even those at the bottom can have an opportunity to move forward. so looking at congress, no. looking up to god, yes. >> all right. >> what we need to be able to do is to make sure we are injecting compassion, love and justice into the civic discourse. when love and justice get married together, something powerful happens. love without justice and sentimentality -- justice without love can become naked brutality. when they go down the aisle, marry each other, produce twins, one transformation and the other liberation. that becomes important. we speak with compassion. >> that's extremely important. so what do you say to critics who say raising the minimum wage could slash the total of
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low-income jobs and that these twins will be viciously separated? >> well -- i would say to those conservatives that we must make sure that we are speaking to all americans and no longer will the poor be invisible. it does not hurt jobs every time we raise the minimum wage. we create a class of people not only able to purchase but able to make their way out of poverty. it's interesting that the group that wants to speak about jesus does not want to preach what jesus preached. and so i would encourage our conservative brothers to go back to the gospel and begin to look and see who christ focused on and that was the poor. and whether you are atheist or whether you are an an will i can, you should have compassion and operate with love and we should inject that into american discourse. >> dr. haynes, in light of what doctor moss has indicated, how do we talk about a nation that claims itself to be at least allegedly christian, and yet display such heartless disregard for the poor? veterans day is coming up, we know there are many veterans out
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here who are starving, homeless, who are without, you know, serious economic or social support. what do we say to a nation that has turned its back on so many of the homeless and those who are poor and those who are certainly without resource? >> well, it's a nation that needs to repent. to continue what doctor moss was saying, if you look at the gospels, jesus will judge nations but how they treat his brothers and sisters. so i hear jesus saying i was hungry and you cut food stamp programs. i was thirsty for knowledge and you cut opportunities for a head start. and pell grants. and real sense. and as much as you do it to the least of these, my brothers and sisters, he says you're doing it also under me. and so we are editing out certain sections of scripture, when we say that we are not going to be a blessing to those who are poor. we're not concerned about justice, we're not concerned about the least of these. we're not expressing our love for those who find themselves
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oftentimes left behind. and with that being the case, that is antichrist. that is anti christian. and so this nation, if anything, it needs to repent. it needs to change its mind, because how can you say you love god, whom you've never seen, but you mistreat your brothers and sisters who you see every single day. and so regardless of your faith background, every faith background recognizes a responsibility for those who are left behind. and so this nation is really running anti let california to what it claims to be as a quote, unquo unquote, christian nation. it's really antichrist. >> all right. reverend dr. frederick haynes iii and dr. otis moss iii. if you think it's hot friday night, you better join them sunday morning. thank you so much. remember to answer tonight question at the bottom of the screen and share your thoughts on twitter at ed show. and on facebook. i really want to know what you think. coming up, the field of
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that's it. >> anything i can do to help you from the white house in terms of your needs from boston, holler, man. >> no, wait, that's not it. damn you, tommy two-tone. >> i'm tired of the media picking our candidate. you want to elect people, you don't have to lobby. launch and leave missiles. >> conservatives are calling for kooch to run for senate. >> we said this race was a referendum on obama care. >> loser! you're a loser! >> homophobic, anti choice, birther friendly, big three hating. ken cuccinelli. >> cuccinelli's crowd is a bunch of typical tea party crazies. >> and today's top trender. barracuda is back. >> you are good people. >> fried butter on a stick. cheesecake on a stick. >> sarah palin sets her sights on the hawkeye state. >> she wants to get involved in the races. >> ted cruz and more of those good guys need some
5:20 pm
reinforcemen reinforcements. >> mike lee, i am your father. >> and potentially senate campaigns. >> someday i'm actually going to tell america what i really think. ♪ ooh barracuda >> i'm joined now by liberal commentator and comedian, john fugelsang. how are you doing, my man? >> always a pleasure. >> so sarah palin is speaking at the iowa faith and freedom conference this weekend. in des moines. what is she hoping to accomplish there? is this a warmup, so to speak? >> there will be cameras there, doctor. she is flogging a new book, getting in on the war on christmas bandwagon five years after bill o'reilly made it trendy. it's going to work. sharpe's job right now is to keep folks like you and me talking about sarah palin. it's easy to scoff and say oh, she is irrelevant, she can see oblivion from her house and i get those arguments. i think sarah palin is sort of like -- she does for the gop
5:21 pm
what jar jar binks did for "star wars" episode 1. she distracts the easily amused from a total lack of narrative. but the fact is, you know this, doctor, no major candidate will ever criticize her on the gop side. no politician outside of dick cheney has ever criticized her once, because for all the laughable aspects of her, she is still a king-maker and everybody wants her endorsement. >> well, it seems after ronald reagan she is the most teflon-like republican in a long while. but in the band of republican ideology, she is playing second fiddle to utah senator mike lee at the conference this year. do you think she still has the juice? does she have the same influence in the gop she had even a couple years ago? >> oh, good lord, no. i do think she'll be the first-ever major party ticket candidate to one day host a cosmetics infomercial. you know it's going to happen. in the ten years she'll be marveling over this lip liner, ladies. but in the meantime, her job is it to keep herself in the media eye.
5:22 pm
she is going to talk about the war on christmas and make that her new pet issue with the book that somebody else wrote. and that should be pretty effective. telling people who are the religious majority they're an abused minority will never make you go broke. >> no doubt about that. but she has been side stepping questions about another run for office. do you think she is testing the waters in iowa right now, kind of dipping her toe in, figuring out if it's going to work, if it's going to be successful or not? >> absolutely. and she should have done it last year. she wouldn't have won, but she would have, you know, hit the snooze alarm on her career and kept it going a bit more. as it is now, she is a hero to gullible conservatives, smart liberals, and all comedians. i hope she runs. i think we're finally ready for a second president who thinks row banda rowan dawas jj's sister on goings request times." >> rick perry is there, ted cruz stopped by to hunt pheasant with congressman steve king last month. are republicans really already jockeying for position in 2016?
5:23 pm
>> absolutely. this is tea party idol and you're going to iowa, dawg. you're going to see more and more of this. these guys have to start fund-raising early. you know the obscene amounts of money they will have to raise to run for office. and keep in mind, it's going to be a very entertaining 2016 field. it's not going to be like the clown car 2012 was for the gop. you'll see what passes for heavy intellectual hitters in that campaign. mike lee, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, chris christie. the anti avengers in a bizarro universe, everyone fighting each other. so i think it's going to be a lot of fun to watch. mana for comics. and i would love to see sarah palin use that primary process as an excuse to keep her career going a little while longer. >> well, if we draw back and look at the broader field of republicans, chris christie with his recent re-election in new jersey, augers well for people who believe, look, we need a sensible republican who is not on the extremes, who is able to run a national campaign. do you think he has a chance here to really seize leadership
5:24 pm
and be the front runner for 2016 for the republicans? >> he would if it weren't for the republicans themselves. i think that chris christie is perceived as a moderate. and a lot of the media like to call him a moderate. let's point out, this is a moderate who thinks that roe vs. wade should be repealed and women who terminate pregnancies should go to jail. that's what this moderate is fighting for. this is a moderate who has finally stood up against the big got having this guy repair active therapy going on in his state and after months and months finally said he thought it was wrong and was hailed as a moderate for sticking up for the gays. but this guy still thinks the gay taxpayers citizens don't have the right to marry who they love. so i don't know where this moderate talk comes from. maybe compared to ted cruz's pop he is a moderate. but according to the dictionary, he ain't. >> given your analysis, what hope does anyone have who is not on the far right wing who is a republican who wants to hold his head up high and say we believe in science, we have our religious beliefs here, but
5:25 pm
we're common sense cal kind of human beings. where is the hope for the republican party to find a candidate who can run, win over the right wing? >> i ask myself this question all of the time. i think governor huckabee could have done quite well last year. i think chris christie could do it. he is by far the best public speaker of all these candidates and much better public speaker than mrs. clinton. to his credit, very charismatic, likeable. people who hate him like him. those new jersey voters disagree with him on the issues and still picked him. however, the fact he has shown insufficient disgust for muslims, the fact he has shown some movement on gun control, hasn't been completely offended by medical maurrijuana. the fact he has tilted towards mod race a little bit is not going to be rewarded by the tea party base. and at this point calling the shots in the primary season. you will see chris christie come out in favor of marriage equality before the 2016 election. but not before the primaries. >> my friend, you're a funny man but your insight is serious. john fugelsang, thank you for
5:26 pm
joining us today. >> hey, merry war and christmas to you, doug. >> ahead, let's just say it's complicated. plus, a baby face birther lands in tonight's pretenders. but next, i'm taking your questions. ask m.e.d. live is just ahead. stay tuned. ♪ ce in sync [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪
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excuse me? glacier point? follow me! ♪
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follow me! keep up, keep up, keep up. ♪ look he's right there! follow me! [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinder. wow! follow me! [ male announcer ] nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $279 per month lease on a 2014 nissan pathfinder. ♪ welcome back to "the ed show." we love hearing from our viewers. tonight in "ask ed live" our question is from allen. what's wrong with this world when you can't go looking for help without getting shot? and, of course, he is referring most recently to the sad, tragic case in troit, michigan. really, outside of detroit in dearborn heights, where a young black woman, ranicia mcbride, who got caught in an automobile accident was involved in an automobile accident, was a bit disoriented, went to a home,
5:30 pm
trying to seek help, and predictably, sadly and tragically so, shot in the back of her head, clearly not a threat to whoever was behind those doors. this is yet another index that african-american identity seems to be a scourge to so many in this country. that the anatomy of black identity seems to pose a threat to those who feel that somehow all this jumble of stereotypes about the threat of black existence somehow comes to bear upon interactions between black people who are victims of this heinous kind of crime, and others, whatever their color oh, who feel that somehow this person is a threat. we know what happened in north carolina. a young man, again, in an accident, seeking help, and being murdered. this is akin to what some have suggested trayvon martin. that is to say that you are being profiled.
5:31 pm
american people being retail profiled in stores, being racially profiled by the police. and, of course, the vicious jumble of racial stereotypes that prevail when american people who are ordinary citizens are simply seeking to exercise their right to exist, and seeking help. not as vicious, but vulnerable people. my brothers and sisters, this is why those stereotypes must be repudiated. this is why racial month pro filing must be rejected. this is why the crass and crude reductionistic approach to seeing the other person, a stereotype, after all, is a lazy person's way of dealing with the other. must be cast aside. only when we do this will we not perceive a unarmed, young black woman, who is simply seeking to get help after an accident as a threat to somebody's existence. when we do that, then the true beauty of america will be
5:32 pm
revealed, and we will get choser to the belief that all human beings have trust and civility and have the possibility of being acknowledged as full-fledged citizens of this great nation of ours. stick around. the rapid response panel is next. i'm seema mody with your cnbc market wrap. the dow hitting a record high, soaring 167 points. the s&p 500 climbing 23, and the nasdaq adding 61. the jobs report topping expectations as employers added 204,000 jobs in october oh, but the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.3% in september. consumer sentiment, though, fell unexpectedly to a near two-year low in november, following the government shutdown. twitter stock down 7%, and its second day of trading, now just under $42 a share. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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welcome back to "the ed show." president obama once said, i am not the president of black america, i am the president of all america. hmmm. his relationship with the black community has always been a complicated one. and revelations from mark halperin and john heilemann's latest book about the 2012 election probably won't help. a passage in "double down," the duo follow up to their 2008 book "game change" puts it simply. obama had little patience for the professional left and vanishingly close to zero for what one of his senior african-american aides referred to as professional blacks, as opposed to black professionals. apart from georgia congressman john lewis and jim clyburn, obama had nearly as much contempt for the cbc as he did for the tea party caucus. new york's charlie rangel he derided as a hack.
5:37 pm
jesse jackson senior was effectively banned from the white house. obama remembered all too well a conversation with cornell west in 2009 in which the professor used the precious time to complain about his seating at the inauguration. joining me now is our oh rapid response panel, msnbc con tritter james peterson, director of africana studies, and karen finney, the host of "disrupt." professor peterson, what's going on here? the distinction between professional blacks and black professionals. and we should make that clear. black professionals, lawyers, doctors and other kind of people. that's not who he is mad at. he is mad at people who claim as a profession to talk about and define blackness. is that a fair distinction to be made and what do you think the president was getting at if this is true? >> i think it's an interesting distinction to be made. you know, my interpretation of it is, the president means by professional blacks is those folk who are i think exploiting
5:38 pm
ideas about race and about blackness for personal gain rather than communal progress. you know, the critique could be applied to some of the folk who have been critiquing the president, but certainly not to all of them. and i think we have to also caution the president here. i mean, i don't know how substantive these leaks are. skron john and mark are great journalists, but there is still hearsay in all of this. so i would love to hear if and when the president will respond to it. but i think the president has to understand, there may be some progressive blacks and some blacks that have voted for him that have that kind of feeling about him in the sense there has been so much symbolism around his presidency that in many ways people are looking for some of the substance and policies that address the specific needs of the black community. and so i think there's enough for everyone to learn out of this kind of gossipy hearsay stuff and i hope the president sort of can reflect on that in the same ways that any of his critics will. >> karen finney, what surprises
5:39 pm
me in some of those names, he parallels the cbc, congressional black caucus and tea party? maybe that's blown up here, maybe it's exaggerated. jim clyburn and john lewis exempted from that. but charlie rangel, who has been one of the longest-serving congressmen ever within the african-american ranks and emmanuel cleaver and maxine waters and the like. so in other words, is there a bit of nay saying going on, exaggeration or frustration of the president not feeling the entire black congressional caucus supporting him? >> as you know, and as james alluded to, the president has had a complicated relationship with the african-american community throughout, right? and that's kind of -- i feel like that's like a family conversation and i'm sorry to see that conversation spilled out on to the pages of a book that is -- the reason i don't like these kinds of books is that you have to remember that there are lots of blind quotes and lots of people who are off the record in some places and is
5:40 pm
on the record in other places so it makes it very hard to -- i say it's like 50% fiction, 50% potential fact. because we don't know what the origination of this conversation was. you know, i certainly remember that period in time. and a person was uncomfortable with this idea of challenging the president's blackness, because as a mixed race person myself, i don't think that we should be judging each other that way. but, again, i feel like that's kind of a family conversation. that we ought to be having. and i do think there has been some tension with the cbc between the cbc and the white house. but also remember that was a period of time when the president was still really trying to, you know, take republicans at their word, and work with them. and he has since learned his lesson that you know what, you can't trust those guys. >> yeah. but james peterson, in light of what karen finney just said about family conversations, a lot of people say the president is the first one to break that rule. why are you standing before the nation talking about black-on-black business before a white audience that can easily misinterpret what you say and
5:41 pm
take it and run and say he believes in black pathology as well. has the president himself offended that very rule? >> i mean, when you look at the -- his speech for the celebration of the march on washington and the way he characterized the riots and the armed -- and nonviolent resistance of the '60s. when you look at pieces of his speech at morehouse, speeches on father's day, it does seem as if the president does not heed the rule of a family and community conversation. you know, doc, here's for me what it boils down to. you know, what this president has done with his ascendcy, he has created an opportunity for the black community to realize its diversity, particularly in the political spectrum. there are a lot of back folk who voted for this president who are unhappy with how things unfolded from education to drone policy. and so i think it's -- it's an opportunity for us to have a conversation.
5:42 pm
sadly, what i hope is that we don't get caught up in some of the rumor mill and some of the name-calling and ad hominem attacks. to me, let's talk about the policies. let's talk about what we want this president to do in the last portion of his second term. to me, those things are more important than figuring out who said what. >> let me ask you, karen. on the other hand, is this a thin-skinned president incapable of taking legitimate black criticism? let's put the haters aside. we know who the haters are. so we are not dealing with them. we're talking about legitimate disagreement with you, expressed publicly, articulated against your particular beliefs and can we have enough room to do that? >> i think the president has created plenty of space to do that. let me be clear. when i say it's a family conversation, i mean i don't like to see that in a book that is two-thirds gossip. i feel like if the president wants to put it out there, like he did in the most glorious way after the trayvon martin verdict, where i thought he spoke to every american and put a lot of very real stuff on the
5:43 pm
table, that's appropriate. and i think there is space to have that disagreement, and i do think, to your point, doc, you've got to separate out the haters from what is legitimate, serious criticism and questions. >> right. james peterson, when we talk about the president and we talk about dealing with blackness and, you know, some of the things he has had to endure, which have been pretty extraordinary, when the book suggests a kind of parallel between the extremes, the black left on the one hand and not just the black left, he was just mad at the left more broadly because he had been broadsided by them. and on the other hand, the tea party. is this a kind of moral equivalence that really works, or can we say that the president is just frustrated because he's getting attacked, and oh, you know -- by all sides, and as a result, it feels the same to him? >> well, that's why -- again, that's why i, you know, respect to mark and john, but difficult to trust the validity of that particular comment. you know, i hate false equivalencees. i hate when people say oh, the
5:44 pm
left does this just the way the right does this. we can be much more sophisticated than that. so suggest that the congressional black caucus is in any way like the tea party. look at the history of the cbc. by the way, the cbc paved the way for president obama in many ways. but also let's be clear here. everyone in the cbc is not a member of the black left. there are progressives within the cbc itself. we have to be more nuanced and complicated. but there is no way to equate the congressional black caucus with the tea party. it's crystal clear. >> absolutely. >> james peterson and carey finney, thank you so much. >> thanks. still ahead, rebuilding detroit. a critical crossroads for my hometown. ♪ i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day.
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5:49 pm
colorado state senator owen hill recently visited kenya on a charity mission. when he got back to colorado, hill told denver county republicans what he really wanted to tell the children of kenya. >> you spend time out there and kids are running around barefoot in the streets and you ask them what they want to be. they want to be an astronaut, physicist, marine biologist. and one kid said he wanted to be president of the united states and i held back my snarky comment we already have a president. >> i'm so glad they think his joke is hilarious. here's what's funny, owen hill is running for state senate seat, just another fringe tea party republican out to rile up his base by saying crazy things. if owen hill thinks he's qualified tore a u.s. senator after making a joke like that, he can keep on pretending. t to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened
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look, i want everybody to hear me. but let me speak to progressives here for a minute. progressives, let's get back to work. america needs to pay attention and stay vocal. here's a look at the top three stories ahead next week in fast forward. >> coming in at number three, honoring heroes. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> long after our heroes come
5:54 pm
home, we stay by their side. that's who we are. >> we owe our very existence to the nation's veterans living and dead. >> on monday we salute our veterans. >> their sacrifice will never be forgotten. >> fast forward to number two. obama care checkup. >> the white house still will not say how many people have enrolled to this point. >> it will come, ray. people will most definitely come. >> the white house will release enrollment numbers. >> come out to play. >> we will get the full enrollment numbers for all of october, bill, next week. >> i've got his number. i got his number. >> can't stop what's coming. >> and our number one story to watch. detroit debt. >> the bankruptcy's a good thing. >> you have a better bad idea than this? >> public safety unions asked
5:55 pm
for specifics in cuts in their benefits and pensions. but on july the 18th, bankruptcy was filed without getting any specific details from the city. >> he's swindling public workers out of their hard-earning pensions. he thinks that he can reinvent detroit by making it a better place by putting the city through bankruptcy which, of course, is in legal challenge. >> on wednesday a judge could rule on the city's bankruptcy. >> was detroit's bankruptcy planned all along? >> i don't have a plan. >> yes, you do. you're on the non-plan plan. >> i'd be happy to listen to any of the plans someone could come up with. >> and was kevyn orr the pilot working with the governor? >> to to get at the goals we want to achieve. >> this bottom line here is an unelected official who began selling off public assets and slashing public services. >> this is why we have judges.
5:56 pm
♪ you better give me that mon " monmone money ♪ >> for more let's listen to the mayor. many say kevyn orr planned on bankruptcy from the very beginning. that there was no deliberation or calculation. give us your take on that. >> there has not been enough deliberation. the pensioners have not been treated fairly. it's abysmal and unacceptable. you're talking about people who have counted on a pension that ought to be able to count on a pension. it is unfair, it is wrong, it is unjust what is being offered. there was no question they were given an unfair timeline to deal with this. i don't believe the administration has dealt in good faith with those pensioners. and i'm hoping that the judge will order a period of time some type of structured mediation so those workers can be fairly represented and be at the table and come up with something that is fair. what's being offered is not
5:57 pm
fair, it is not right, and it didn't have to be this way. i'm upset that we're dealing with high finance here. a lot of the focus has been on wall street. what about main street? what about the people on main street who are still dealing with the problems in the city of detroit? what's bankrupt is the quality of life in detroit. and that has not been dealt with by this emergency manager in eight months. >> well, absolutely. and do you find it ironic or perhaps tragic that an unelected official is making critical judgments about the distribution of important resources to vulnerable populations. the job of a politician, a dually elected politician. isn't there something anti-democratic about that? >> yes. when i ran for governor, when we ran we said fixing detroit was going to be among the top priority once we took office. and yet it took him three years to get around to it. while things festered and got
5:58 pm
worse. you know, cities in michigan have not been supported much by state government over the years. not just by this government. our cities have been allowed to die on the vine. and i have seen in this time with this governor, i have not seen a proactive preventive plan. what i've seen is a lot of emergency managers coming in after the fact, you know, coming in afterwards to slash and burn, essentially. but i still don't see an urban agenda. there is no urban agenda. we have no plan to build up our cities. we allow the problems to fester and to grow worse. then we come in with high priced folks like kevyn orr, high priced wall street consultants, turnaround expert who is come in and rip off millions of dollars and still on the ground we don't have the street lights turned on. that would have been -- as a mayor i'm biased. eight years, i was just re-elected to a third term in lansing. but you've got to take care of people on the ground level. you've got to have public safety and security in the
5:59 pm
neighborhoods. and they haven't even done that. and if i was governor, i mean -- and i'm not running, but that is priority one for all this time they haven't fixed the conditions on the ground. >> and what's your response to duggan? when you think about everything you've been talking about, what are some of the other players besides kevyn orr you think in terms of their roles in what's going on in detroit? >> they have a new governor. you are a native of detroit. they have a new mayor. i think any new mayor has an opportunity. he wasn't handed victory and he deserves an opportunity to govern. i can tell you mike duggan has my support as a fellow mayor. he was dually elected and he should be given the reins of power and the support. if the state is going to be there, again, what have they taken over? there's a state takeover. you haven't made the people safe, you haven't turned on the lights. so i think that mike duggan should be given every opportunity. he should be essential


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