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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 9, 2013 7:00am-8:00am EST

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i'm sure this issue will not come up. it seems like an important dramatic change that happened in our country and politics. if republican governance has disappeared from urban america entirely, it really has the, why is that? and doesn't that mean that something is wrong with what is supposed to be our two party system? violent and tkdly. a storm of historic proportions moves through southeast asia. we have a live report next. deal or no deal? u.s. deep in talks with iran trying to stop that country's nuclear ambitions. one american ally is none too pleased about it. a live report in minutes. you can't make this stuff up. a mayor of toronto to top himself when it comes to bad or criminal behavior. burger wars are on again. what's the latest move by one
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fast food joint to top the other? good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt". there's a struggle under way in the philippines. haiyan is the most powerful storm on earth ever to hit land. it is comparable to a strong category 4 in the u.s. there are more than 100 dead lying in the streets. because that storm moved across the country so quickly, they are hoping the death toll will be limited. they say there's a desperate need for drinking water. witnesses say there was a massive wall of water when that storm hit. one man said it sounded like a 747 flying over his roof. dylan dreyer has more.
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good morning, dilan. >> good morning alex. it is no longer a super typhoon at this point. haiyan raced through the philippines. more than 100 injured and more than 100 have died. it is still back over water. it is approaching vietnam. it should move just to the north. perhaps at this point equivalent of a category 3 hurricane. so is this is still a very dangerous storm. it will ride along the coast. from areas across vietnam and to the north we will have to keep an eye out for potentially more damage as it makes land fall once again. back home, things are fairly quiet. showers moving into northeastern texas, northern louisiana. we have some snow and lake-effect snow and rain showers across northern wisconsin, michigan. that will move into new york as well. temperatures moderate. we're not seeing a whole lot of
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anything too warm or too cold as the jet stream is sitting south of chicago. chicago, 56 for a high. 46 in boston. these temperatures are fairly close to average this time of the year. all the warmth across southern florida. we'll drop down. we should be in the 80s across florida with scattered thunderstorms around miami. most of the country, besides the pacific northwest, should be fairly quiet throughout most of the weekend. new this morning, president obama spoke to benjamin netanyahu about iran's nuclear program. he assured him that the u.s. remains committed to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. secretary of state john kerry is
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in geneva for another round of negotiations. there's not enough time this year to tackle immigration reform. kevin mccarthy of california said he's committed to working on immigration next year. president obama spoke in on major infrastructure projects like ports, roads, and airports. >> if we help our business grow and children reach a little higher, then the economy is going to grow faster. we'll rebuild our middleclass stronger. the american dream will be real and achievable not just for a few. not just for today but decades to come. >> the gop isn't letting up on troubles. house republicans plan to introduce new legislation next week. todd young delivered this week's gop address. >> next week the house will take up the keep your health care act, which will will ensure
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plans available today in the individual market, can continue to exist. no one should have to go to their inbox or mailbox in fear of finding out they're losing a plan they like. >> health and human services kathleen sebelius announced a new rule requiring health insurance companies to cover treatment for mental health and substance abuse no differently than for physical illnesses. and to los angeles. two separate incidents at l.a.x. settled already rattled nerves after a passenger told the ticketing agent he was carrying, quote, a dangerous item. he later confessed he was just joking. police will charge him with making a false threat. and this the same terminal where a tsa was killed last week. they say the pattern had cleared
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security before boarding the the flight into los angeles. nypd officer indicted for the in famous highway brawl. the officer, who was off-duty at the time, participated in the attack when he smashed in the back window of the suv. his charges including gang assault and criminal mischief. one remains paralyzed after the suv driver tried to get away. and blocking the release of a 911 call from sandy hook elementary. freedom of information commission said the tapes should be released after a request from the the associated press. all that remains now is the concrete foundation. workers expect to have it completely demolished by next month. a bit more on the desperate
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situation in the philippines after typhoon haiyan come ashore. angus, what's the the situation like there right now? >> reporter: well, people here in the philippines are used to storms. there have been two dozen already this year. but super typhoon haiyan was much more than expected. they're beginning to survey the damage in the gill means after one of the strongest storms ever recorded swept across this island nation. the winds of typhoon haiyan drove ashore with unknowledgeable force, clocked at 195 miles per hour, with gusts over 230, equal to a category 5 hurricane. few buildings are built to withstand such an onslaught. power down, streets flooded, homes leveled. officials are still trying to
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get a handle on the extent of the destruction. >> do you think there are villages along the coast completely destroyed? >> yes. hopefully nobody died there. >> reporter: many make it to shelters. some were caught at sea. the crew of this barge pulled on board. more than 1,000 miles across, it would cover a huge portion of the united states. the philippines has seen more than 20 typhoons this year, but it's hard for anyone to recall a storm anything like this. well, this is fast becoming an international aid effort. i spoke to a colonel from the u.s. marine corps. today. he said the u.s. government is standing by, waiting for the official request for assistance.
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>> angus, so much of the problem is trying to find out who is being affected. there are seven islands that make up that country. several thousands populated. how long is this going to take? >> aid workers say it could be many days. experienced veterans of these types of things, the damage of devastation looks the same as the the sort of scenes that were seen after the december 2004 asian tsunami. and that is not a comparison you make lightly. so this devastation, what we're starting to see and what we will see over the coming days is much, much worse than people have feared. that is saying something. this is a country well used to something like this. most killed by flooding from a
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massive storm surge. >> this is just the beginning of covering this story. angus, thank you so much >> dramatic developments overnight as the u.s. is deep in talks over the country's nuclear ambition. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva where talks are taking place. >> i want to emphasize there are very important issues on the table that are unresolved. it is important for those to be properly, thoroughly addressed. so will tehran scuttle its nuclear program in exchange for a deal with the international community? ali, good evening or good afternoon, your time. the likelihood of reaching a deal is what today? what are the sticking points for preventing any sort of potential deal from moving forward? >> welsh good morning, alex. well, it's very difficult to say. at the beginning of this conference things looked like they were looking up. the foreign minister was upbeat.
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he said an outline, draft, first steps to be agreed to. as the talks went on, they were having intense negotiations. their arrival of secretary kerry proved a positive point to show the wheels were in motion. the french foreign minister came here and said there were serious stumbling blocks. he said they were very concerned about iran's heavy water reactor, this could produce plutonium level bombs. these were very, very major concerns. he said things are moving along, but there are a lot of issues to be resolved. things have seemed to have taken a step back. they were willing to sign off on an initial draft but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. they were in very intense negotiations until very late last night. all back at it this morning. we're all waiting to see what's
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going to happen after these negotiations and what kind of statement they're going to give us today to see where it's going to go from here. alex? >> certainly a lot to sort out. ali, you and i have talked to each other when you have been inside iran. do you think it's the effect of the economic sanctions? is that driving iran's interests to consider cutting a deal? they want to get rid of that, right? >> absolutely, alex. before iran always said the sanctions haven't affected them. it's allowed them to be more independent. as the talks are furthered, we have heard the iranians saying more and more sanctions have to be lifted and it is affecting the country. the cost of everyday goods cost has gone through the roof. they want to stop that. it's affecting the ordinary people in iran. that could turn into a problem
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remember reagan challenged incumbent republican president in a primary. and there was a grassroots revolution where he said, listen, this isn't working. let's get back to free market principals, back to the constitution. economic growth, people want jobs. they want opportunity. and what we're doing isn't working. that same thing is true right now. >> tbs tbexas senator ted cruis a lot to say last night on the
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"tonight show" with jay leno. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> erin, aaron, is that a fair comparison? >> i don't know if he felt he was comparing himself to reagan. every republican sees a little ronald reagan in themselves. i don't think the comparisons go so far. reagan is a guy who did immigration reform. taxes were raised. these are issues in which they aren't willing to compromise a lot. i think jay leno made a good point. he said to cruise, would ronald reagan even have been invited to today's tea party. i think there's legitimate discussion to be had about that issue. >> let's listen to a little more to what senator cruise said on
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leno. >> i think americans are deeply frustrated that washington is broken. and i think it's a bipartisan problem. the biggest divide is not between democrats and republicans. it issen trenched in both parties and the american people. >> m.j., here's a face of the tea party, yet tries to spark a populus tone. how much of that is true? >> first of all, i think it's interesting every time ted cruise sits down for a major interview it seems the interviewer always wants to ask him one question. that is why does everyone hate you right now? that speaks to the fact that there is this growing impatience and concern about how ted cruise behaved as legislator and politician. and i think that really came into focus during the shutdown, the debt ceiling saga we saw in
7:19 am
october. as we get closer to 2014 and the midterm elections, this is something that the establishment is going to be thinking about a whole lot more. and the fact of the matter is, the pea party is a very important part of the republican party. at the end he of the day, when we're getting to november 2014, are these folks that can win elections? and i think in a lot of states and districts the answer is no. so far we have seen establishment of republicans coming out and making it clear we are going to be backing the candidates that can actually win elections. and ted cruise or people who aspire to be like ted cruise, that doesn't always end up working out in their favor. >> the populus tone, do people buy that from him? >> i think certain people buy it from him. if you're looking from a political standpoint and elections standpoint, that doesn't always work. it won't work in certain parts of the country. that is something the gop will have to grapple with. we saw it in alabama.
7:20 am
we saw it is possible for a tea party candidate to be beaten by a candidate. >> you make a good point there. aaron, cruise tried to blame the government shutdown and all the grid lock on both parties. is that a fair assessment? >> the polls show there is some degree of disagreement about this. there's more blame for the republican party. republicans were trying a tactic generally not used during budge et negotiations. what happened was a shutdown that i think more americans -- polls show more americans blaming the republican party. i think it is settling around that idea that this was a republican inflicted shutdown. i don't think ted cruise did a great job necessarily fighting back against that narrative on
7:21 am
jay leno. >> aaron, house republicans say there is not enough time to get immigration reform done this year. what are the implications for the gop? how can they gain traction with the latinos if they don't bring it up for a vote in the house? >> obviously, we have an election coming up. >> by february or march. then it's going to be off the table. >> maybe april at the latest. republicans recognize this is a goal for them given their base. practically speaking, if this is something not going to happen, they need to do something smaller perhaps that gets the the ball rolling in the right direction. right now this is a very bad situation for them to be going forward. not so much in the 2014 election but the 2016, 2018 and 2020.
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and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today in today's three big money headlines, early bird shopping, soaring stocks, and be like mac? joining me to break it all down is regina lewis. let's start with this wave of stores opening on thanksgiving. >> real early. kmart, 6:00 a.m. macy's and best buy, 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. respectively. they tell you they have to, especially this year. there are six fewer shopping days. 27 days between thanksgiving and christmas, so they need them all. it is the single fastest growing
7:26 am
online shopping day. so even people who don't head out are certainly clicking for deals. harris did a cute survey. 32% of americans confessed they have either skipped thanksgiving dinner, rushed through dinner or eaten dinner earlier just so they could take advantage of thanksgiving day sales. >> i guess that means people want to shop on thanksgiving. i'm not one of them. twitter certainly going public. how is it going for the investors? how have people fared in the past? >> it was very interesting. they ride to be the fail to the debacle with facebook. they are widely credited with it. they had a very professional road show. they didn't wear hoodie which mark zuckerberg was criticized for. they had a pretty conservative opening price point. to your question about how they
7:27 am
faired, it was up 73% the first day. by friday's close, market close, it was down 7%. overall, up 60%. so it was very well handled, very well received. they went with the new york stock exchange. it was pretty flawless. if you look at tech ipos, stunning numbers we have pulled here. if you have $1,000 on the ipo, the initial public offering date of these companies, here's what you would have now. so look at that amazon figure. $1,000 would now have yielded you $239,000. you have to be pretty clairvoyant to bet on e-commerce in 1997. that's the risk/reward scenario that you get. >> what's the latest in the burger wars? >> burger wars. that's a good way to deem them. well, they're coming out with the big king, a knockoff of the
7:28 am
big mac. two all beef pattys, cheese, special sauce. >> lettuce. >> you got it. slighter fewer sesame seeds. it has 510 calories versus 550. it is cheaper. it is is a knockoff. >> thank you for all that, regina lewis. see you again next week. jimmy fallon gets us into the pre-thanksgiving holiday spirit. >> with thanksgiving coming up, pringles is coming out with pecan pie flavored chips. that's right. they are very, very popular. you have the pumpkin spice latte. that's awesome. whole bunch of stuff. listen to some of these other ones. bose is releasing family fight
7:29 am
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on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pharmacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. welcome back to we"weekends with alex witt". russian foreigner minister has arrived in geneva for the iran nuclear talks. secretary kerry met with his european counterparts. and the uk secretary said they made very good progress. this is the closest world leaders have ever come to a deal with iran. one major detractor is benjamin
7:33 am
netanyahu who had this to say. >> iran got the deal of the the century and the international community got a bad deal. this is a very bad deal. and israel utterly rejects it. and what i'm saying is shared by many, many, they express it publicly. >> it's always good to see you, sir. thanks for joining us. where do you stand on the the possibility of sanctions with iran? >> i strongly support the administration. this is the pwebest best chance engage with iran. netanyahu always wants everything his way. i say that as a jewish american who strongly supports israel.
7:34 am
i think he's being counterproductive here. these kinds of situations require step-by-step progress. this is a huge step forward. >> how would you suggest the u.s. address benjamin netanyahu over this? >> i think the president is doing it right. i understand they spoke last night. netanyahu is playing to his fema, playing to his audience. he has a tenuous situation. they have coalitions and he has to keep them together. but he's basically scaring his constituents. >> we're not going to allow iran to develop nuclear weapons. we are strongly allies of theirs, always will be. he has his own political
7:35 am
situation. >> in terms of intelligence and how close iran is to having a nuclear bomb, where are we on that? what do we know for certain? >> well, we don't really know for certain. when we've been briefed on the situation in congress, basically they've said if the iranians decided to make a nuclear bomb, there is really no evidence they have determined they're going to do that, they would have probably a year or so to go before they actually co test something. then a couple more years before they could actually deliver a nuclear weapon. so there is a difference of opinion. i know they think they have a much narrower window in which to take action if that were deemed to be necessary, military action. the united states, if we were to consider military action, we could do it almost any time.
7:36 am
you know, i don't think there's any evidence that they have ever wanted to use any weapons in an offensive manner. they funded terrorism, and that's a deplorable situation. they've been basically pretty benign in terms of being aggressive. you know, this is our best chance to nurture a relationship with with a democracy. even though it's a strange democracy, in any part of that region of the world. and with the exception of the israelis i think this is a very, very positive move on our part. and i think the atmosphere is finally getting more productive. >> we should say there are a couple hiccups in geneva right now. not to be unexpected. >> sure. >> let's talk about domestic
7:37 am
politics. your state of kentucky. the race is heating up. in an interview with peggy nguyenen, senator mcconnell distanced himself from the far right gop. to govern, parties must win. to win, they must run candidates, don't scare the general public and convey that we can be responsible for governing. you can trust us here. we're grown-ups. so he was talking about conservatives who were happy about the shutdown and all the fringe elements. where do you see this going? what does it mean for next year? >> i think he's going to survive the primary in kentucky even though he has a strong tea party challenger. what will happy in the process is they are going to generate a lot of support. and people who will not come out for mitch in the general election. that's the biggest fear he has.
7:38 am
the primary process will alien ate his voters. he has spent eight million dollars. so he's in a real pickle here. >> yeah. quickly, super pac released an ad. how big of a liability is that for the democrats do you think in the midterms? >> i think that remains to be seen. we're going to see what happens over the next five to six months. i know they will and find out they are getting good deals and affordable prices as they are in kentucky right now. i think the affect will be minimal. if we don't get the federal exchange problems corrected, it could be a serious problem. in kentucky we have a successful
7:39 am
rollout. almost 40,000 people now enrolled in health care. 300,000 have started the process. >> kentucky is what to do and how to do it right. thanks to see you. >> good to see you, alex. and florida. shining a spotlight on the miami dolphins locker room and the nfl. through his lawyer, we heard from jonathan martin. that's the player allegedly bullied by one or more of his teammates. that lawyer, david cornwell, didn't pull any punches. right to kerry sanders from dade florida with the latest on this story. what did he have to say? >> it was only a page long. it did not hold back any punches. it including from speaking on behalf of martin part of a text
7:40 am
that jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing. he attempted to befriend the teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment. it went on to say he not dealt with verbal abuse but in one case he had to deal with a physical attack. so that certainly is has upped the ante in all of this. there is an investigation launched by the nfl. they have hired ted wells, an attorney, brought in as an independent investigator. that investigation is just now getting under way. ted wells tells us there is no timetable and that he is completely independent in this investigation, alex. >> kerry, so i'm hearing about another allegation against richie incognito. he is the only player suspended thus far. is it relative to what you were
7:41 am
saying, something about the physical incident or something else. >> here's the deal. richie incognito is the lineman that played next to jonathan martin. many thought they were very good friends. but when this came about they indefinitely suspended richie incognito. he is the only player who may be suspect in this bullying. incognito's past, because he is quite flamboyant, quite loud. he at times voted the dirtiest player in the nfl. he's a rough and tumble kind of guy. so there is a sort of a search to see what sort of details about his past that maybe people didn't know about. one thing that surfaced was a police report from aventura.
7:42 am
a woman claimed incognito had been sexually harassing her at a sponsored golf event. complained to the police. the police investigated but not very far. apparently she is not speaking about the incident because it eventually was resolved and she has essentially a gag order. she can't talk about it. it suggested that somebody paid some money to somebody to make that go away. it gives a films of incognito's public persona. he right now is in los angeles. he's left south florida. interestingly, jonathan martin is also in los angeles. they're both out there. >> the dolphins took a risk in hiring incognito. i'm sure you heard coach tony
7:43 am
dungee. he was like when i was looking at him, i saw things both on and off the field that we just didn't want to go there. hi hindsight is 20/20. the economic damage from the government shutdown. how bad is it? we've got new numbers next. cost. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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with intelligent security that learns your spending patterns, and can alert you instantly to an unusual charge. so you can be a member of a more secure world. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. growing our economy, creating new jobs, helping middleclass families regain a sense of stability and security so they can find good jobs, make sure their kids are doing even better than they did. that's always been what america's about. but for too many people that sense that you can make it here if you try, that sense has been slipping away. >> that was president obama speaking in new orleans. the white house released a new report revealing the cost of the 16-day government shutdown. 6.6 million workers, days lost. $2 billion in back-pay for
7:47 am
furloughed employees. 120,000 private-sector jobs lost. senior fellow at the center on budget and policy parties. good to see you, jared. thanks for get up early. do the numbers fall in line with what you were expect something. >> the jobs numbers from yesterday were better than most people were expecting given the shutdown in october. many of us thought it would put more upward pressure on the unemployment rate and it would show up in the jobs numbers, not so much in the furloughs but more the kind of waiter for a cafe outside a park that was shutdown. we didn't see those kind of layoffs. we will probably see slower growth in the fourth quarter because of the shutdown. the jobs number yesterday was clearly better than expected. >> regarding the shutdown numbers and all that was lost, jobs, money, all the back pay,
7:48 am
billions of dollars in furlough back pay, is that when you were expect issing as well? >> yes. . that's very much in line with expectations. this is going to shave something like, oh, maybe three-tenths of a point off gdp growth. that may not send like a lot. but it's billions of dollars. as you mentioned, the back pay is interesting. we have decided, and i think it was a good decision, to pay people for their furloughed work. so they're going to get back pay for work they still to do now. that's a very unfortunate consequence of this quite foolish, politically eye dee logically political shutdown. >> you hear all the huge numbers. you toss them around. it painted a pretty positive picture. 204,000 jobs. unemployment rate rising 7.3%. you're throwing a buzz kill on all of that. >> look, one thing that didn't
7:49 am
get quite enough attention yesterday, and i agree. that jobs number was an upside surprise, as we say. labor force participation rate continues to go down. now, it went down a lot in october, more than it should have. i think that was a bit of anomaly. but the longer term trend is just conspicuously down. i'm kind of scratching my head trying to figure out if the economy is getting better, the job market is improving, why aren't they coming back in the job market? it's hard to get by for folks if they're not coming bag in the job market. >> if you have a better than expected gdp, 2.8% for the quarter, how does -- it doesn't seem like the numbers are adding up with the the numbers. >> okay. so basically we're in this kind of peculiar place.
7:50 am
the numbers look better than a lot of us listening feel about the economy. some of it has to do with a lagging effect. it takes a while to filter down. but if you dig into the numbers, you find that, for example, the gdp grew 2.8%.gdp grew. .8 is building up inventory. that's not something that shows up in jobs or paychecks right away. right now, we're getting better. but we're getting better at what i would consider still a bit of a slog. >> interest rates, what's that going to mean, real quick? >> interest rates will stay low for a while. some thought the jobs report was better-than-expected. the fed may think about tapering some of their programs, raising rates at some point. i think that's far off. there is a lot of noise in these datas with we just mentioned, interest rates will stay low for
7:51 am
a while. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. you can't make this stuff up. if head scratching latest move by the mayor of toronto. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online .
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>> there's new word today the most talked about mayor in north america is considering rehab, just three days after toronto mayor rob ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine a. video surfaced showing him threatening to kill someone. now calls for his resignation are getting louder. now, mayor ford not only plans to step down, but says he plans to seek re-election. >> hey there, alex. an eventful couple of days for this city and mayor rob ford t. context of this video is not clear. what is clear is this. the mayor is very angry about someone for something. before we show you this, we should let you know this language is graphic and could offend some viewers. if ever there is a video called mayors gone wild, toronto's rob
7:55 am
ford may have just earned top billing. >> it's extremely embarrassing. the whole world will see it. >> just days ago, after months of denials, he admitted smoking crack. now this, the mayor making death threats against an unnamed man. >> i'll make sure about that. i need ten many wants to make sure he's dead. >> i was very, very inebriated. >> thursday, around a crush of media, he offered few specifics object what or what angered him so much. >> i don't know what to say, again and again i apologize. >> reporter: the mayor has been under a dark cloud since reports surfaced in may that he was caught on video smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine, which he said he tried a year ago under a quote drunken
7:56 am
stupor. in august, ford paces the room, almost like a wrestler, boasting about the damage he hopes to inflict on an opponent. . >> 15 minutes, no interference. he dois. >> reporter: ford says he has no intention of stepping down. >> if he won't find the exit, i think we are have the show him the door. >> reporter: meanwhile the late night comics weighed in on the situation. >> i don't know what to say. clearly it looks like outtakes from "tommy boy." >> he's ranting, raving, like the hate cool aid guy was the mayor of your town. >> he admitted doing crack, he blamed it on a drunken stupor. this time he was really drunk, he blamed it because he was high on crack. so it's hard to figure out. >> reporter: we can tell you some of the toronto city councillors are looking to enact some stipulations.
7:57 am
some media here have gone to court trying to get access to skooeld sealed wire tams. an occasional driver was arrested on extortion charges. the court is expected to make a ruling on that sometime next week. alex, back to you. >> thank you, ron mott. >> that wraps up this "weekends with alex witt." up next, "up" with ron kornacki. ♪ .
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