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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 10, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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ngal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you are pregnant, or plan to be. taken twice daily, xeljanz can reduce the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe ra, even without methotrexate. ask if xeljanz is right for you. the scale of that monster typhoon in the philippines growing worse by the hour. it could be one of the deadliest in history. a series of reports straight ahead. speaking out, suspended miami dolphin richie incognito speaks candidly about the allegations against him, and you won't believe what he says about jonathan martin. and he still won't go. what can toronto city council do to give their mayor the boot?
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hello, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." let's get to what's happening right now out there as we have new developments to share from the philippines in this hour with typhoon haiyan causing disaster of epic proportions. victims have been buried under debris, corpses have been found hanging from trees. the storm so powerful it washed a large ship ashore. it packed winds that gusted to 170 miles an hour with a 20-foot storm surge. one witness says the water was as high as a coconut tree. the storm has weakened to a category 1. it is now headed toward vietnam. it is expected to hit there later today. reporter angus walker is in one of the hardest hit areas. he has more on the damage and the struggle to get help to
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those who desperately need it. >> reporter: feared dead are now 10,000. that means the death toll has gone up ten times in less than 24 hours. rescue teams are now starting to see the true horror of super typhoon haiyan. >> the devastation is -- is -- i don't have the words for it. >> reporter: the loss of life is staggering. >> we have an estimated casualty of 10,000. >> reporter: that's in the hardest hit province. as the number of dead continue to climb 48 hours later, officials still can't be sure of the severity of the damage. >> it's a great human tragedy. there's no power. >> reporter: but what is becoming clear is that the worst of it is in the central islands of the philippines. the eye of the giant typhoon slammed straight into tacloban, a city of more than 200,000 people. survivors mourn the loss of life
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as they begin the grim but essential task of clearing the dead. many have nowhere to go. the winds and the storm surge wiped away almost every home in the city. tacloban's airport is strewn with wreckage, making it that much harder for the military and red cross to get aid to the suffering. across the south china sea, vietnam is heeding the warnings. even the tourists are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. >> i'm quite frightened because we don't have anything like this. we we've spoken to a few locals. they thought we'll be all right as long as we stay indoors. >> reporter: this is now an international aid effort, and the u.s. military is standing by and will soon be involved in this air base, which is now a rescue center. thousands of people are gathering here, hoping to get air lifted out of this province, which has been cut off for three days. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, angus walker
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there in the philippines. let's get more now on the relief efforts in the philippines. i'm joined on the phone by an emergency communications officer. you and i spoke yesterday. give me an update on things, how they've changed since then. how much worse are things from what you observed yesterday? >> hi. we are establishing the extent of the wrath of typhoon haiyan in some of the areas we're trying to penetrate. there are lots of communities that are submerged in flood waters. some roads are still impassable. >> aaron, we were talking about hundreds of people yesterday. now the death toll is into the thousands. they talk about bodies being in
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trees. i mean, there are corpses strewn places. can you confirm? have you seen that sort of devastating landscape? >> there are unconfirmed reports that the casualties are continuously rising. we are really trying our best to reach the hardest hit areas in order to find out how can we best provide aid to these people who have been needing water and food and other relief items that can help them survive for the next couple of days. >> aaron, i know that you have a picture of a relief flight. it was loaded with supplies. it's taken off apparently headed for manila. what do you know about that flight and the provisions on board? >> yes, that flight contains goods like 5,400 blankets and 3,000 plastic sheets that could
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really benefit thousands of families, especially those who are lying cold in the evacuation centers. >> aaron, communications are down. electricity, down. what kind of impact does that have on your relief efforts? >> we are really trying our best to work with the government. they're now working on clearing roadblocks and restoring travel routes in order for us to find out the best means to reach families who have been devastated by this storm. >> well, i imagine, aaron, it's very challenging for you and frustrating as well because i know you're there to do some good and help. i'm sure you'll get to those people. thank you for your time with us here on msnbc. best of luck to you and your organization. >> thank you so much. >> if any of you would like to help support the relief efforts in the philippine, the red cross is accepting donations. you can go to
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also, nbc's chief medical analyst dr. nancy snyderman has arrived there to help in the relief efforts. from the philippines now to geneva where intense addition us cans over what would have been an historic agreement to halt iran's controversial nuclear program ended without a deal. john kerry was on "meet the press" this morning. >> the president believes as i do that the pressure exists today, which is why they're willing to negotiate. i mean, look, i was there and i voted for these sanctions. we voted for these sanctions in order to bring around to the negotiating table. now that they're there, you have to act in some good faith in an effort to be able to move towards the goal you want to achieve. we're absolutely determined that this would be a good deal or there will be no deal. now, that's why it's hard. >> joining me now from london.
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we were speaking from geneva yesterday. we have this optimism in geneva throughout the weekend and leading up to it that a deal was imminent. what went wrong? >> well, alex, i think the french threw something in the works and addressed israel's major concerns. at the beginning, there was a lot of optimism this deal was going somewhere. on saturday morning, the french foreign minister came in and said this deal is not addressing serious security concerns. he believed that iran could still have a break-out ability with the parameters of the deal that was on the table. france is a member of the permanent five members of the security council which have a veto vote, so they're able to do this. that threw things back. on friday and saturday, all of the press there were convinced a deal was in the pipeline. but that didn't happen. much to the happiness of israel. i think the other world powers
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there were not very pleased with this and we have to see what happens on the next stage of the negotiations. >> yeah, speaking of israel, of course, benjamin netanyahu, he's been skeptical to say the least about bringing iran back to the negotiating table. he was on cbs' "face the nation" today. let's take a listen. >> there are many, many leaders in the arab nation saying this is a bad deal. when you have the arabs and israelis speaking in one voice, doesn't happen very often, i think it's worth paying attention. >> arabs and israelis speaking in the same voice. about which arab nations is he talking, and what are their concerns? >> well, he's certainly talking about the saudis, who are more concerned than anybody else in that region about iran advancing its nuclear program. i think what the saudis are also concerned about second base iran making some sort of light friendship with the united states that would give them more influence again in the region. iran hasn't had a relationship
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with the united states in 34 years, which has put the saudis in a very prominent position in the region. they don't want to see iran come up on the rise again. there are also other gulf arab states like the emirates who don't really want to see iran's nuclear program advance because they're scared it might spur a nuclear arms race in the region, which would also be a disaster. >> thank you so much for that update. chris christie assesses one big exit poll from his tuesday victory in new jersey. does he try to down play it? plus, the most hilarious send up of the rand paul plagiarism accusations. to all the veterans... no longer in uniform, but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues... in every mission, whatever it may be... affecting our lives every day... for your continued service,
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we salute you. this message of appreciation to our nations' veterans is brought to you by paralyzed veterans of america and unitedhealth group.
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fresh off his re-election win, new jersey governor chris christie appeared on today's
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"meet the press." he reacted to all the speculation surrounding a potential presidential win, including a hypothetical matchup against hillary clinton. >> in new jersey, according to the exit poll there, shows that you would trail hillary clinton even in your own state. do you view that and say that she is formidable, that you'd be an underdog if it were to come to that? >> you know how i view that, david? i got 61% of the vote in the state of new jersey in a blue state that had just re-elected barack obama a year ago by 17 points. that was nearly a 40-point turn around between voting for a democrat at the top of the ticket and voting for a republican. >> meanwhile, voa vote is expecd in the house this week that would allow people to keep their current health insurance if they like it. it would allow insurance companies to continue offering insurance plans they say need to be scanceled because they don't meet obama care standards.
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elise, let's talk about the gop controlled house, which is pushing this bill. is it purely politically motivated? does it actually stand a chance of passing in some form through the dem-controlled senate? >> probably not, but we're definitely going to have to keep tabs on those numbers. the number of democrats who decide to back the plan. we've already seen several vulnerable lawmakers say they would do this when about six months or a year ago there's no way they would have backed a change like this. it will definitely pass the house. i think the crucial number is the number of vulnerable democratic lawmakers who choose to oppose the white house on this one. >> dana, i'm looking at your paper's new op-ed by david cutler, one of the president obama's 2008 campaign health advisers. the cost of health care has gone down because of obama care. here's the kwoet. the focus on insurance coverage obscures other parts of the aca
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that are working well, even better than expected. it's increasingly clear that the cost curve is bending and the aca is a significant part of the reason. so do you think this message might resonate another tough public relations week for the white house? >> it might help a little, particularly because it was a memo of his that got leaked that caused some of the problems for president obama in the first place. but look, there's only one thing that's really going to fix the pr problem for the administration. that is the website problems have to start working and they have to get over this -- the problem of all these people in the individual market losing their insurance. they're moving to address both of these things. but until people start to see more evidence of obama care working across the board, even if what professor cutler is saying is true, people aren't going to accept that until they're seeing more widespread success. >> yeah, your latest article, elise, attaches numbers to different states on the health care rollout.
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is it fair to characterize what you found as being a mixed bag? there's some meager and some more plentiful states, certainly. >> that's true. certainly states that are running their own insurance marketplaces have by and large seen more success. those websites tend to be working better than, which as dana suggested, we just keep seeing more and more problems as they attempt to fix it. it's almost getting worse because they're uncovering the extent to which they need to make those repairs. so there are states like delaware where we found out there were really only a handful of official enrollees since october 1st. but i think the other challenge for the white house this week is when they release their own enrollment numbers for the first time, that's going to create a fire storm for them because they've already suggested that the numbers aren't good. i think that what we all need to remember is that the number of enrollees can be defined in a variety of ways. that's really what to look at. for example, in delaware, they were counting people who have
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actually paid their premiums, rather than people who have sought to sign up. there's certainly a lot of interest overall, but those numbers aren't going to be friendly to the white house. they already know it. >> okay. so dana, we've got to get to what you wrote on friday. a hysterical column. >> why, thank you. >> oh, so funny. the plagiarism mess surrounding senator rand paul. it's a bit different from your usual columns, we should say. here's a very interesting line in particular. here's a quote. i'm not a crook, i'm not a potted plant. four score and seven years ago, a day which will live in infa my, i did not have sexual relations with that woman. you know, you even go to where's the beef from the wendy's commercial. all of this, we have plenty of politicians that have been damaged, some irreparably at times, accused of plagiarism. rand paul, how does he fight this and get past it? >> well, i mean, look at joe biden. it only took him 20 years or so.
1:19 pm
he got over it and became the vice president of the yiet. it can be done. i think people are going to say this guy is sloppy, he's cutting corners. as i can say, writing that entire 750-word column using other people's words and none of my own, that's hard. it's hard to plagiarize. he could find he could use his own ideas and might save some time. >> i'm so glad you wrote it, though. seriously. it's going to stay on my desk for a long time. dana, also, the other senator from kentucky, mitch mcconnell, facing re-election next year. his republican opponent released a picture of herself shooting a rifle, touting her support for the second amendment. when you have to start putting out pictures like this, is this a sign that you might be already facing an uphill battle? >> well, you're facing a 28-year incumbent who's the senate minority leader in a red state. but she's mounting a pretty serious campaign. that was a good response. the senator got an award from the nra. she said, come out and shoot on i h my range if you're so into guns.
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she's running a very feisty campaign. if can can be done, she appears to be the person who could do it. >> she looks like she can handle a gun comfortable there. do you think this will resonate with voters, elise? you think it will turn them off? a good strategy? >> i definitely think it's good. a picture is worth a thousand words in this case. that photo went all around the internet when it was released. it's gone viral. i think people enjoy seeing her as this feisty campaign that she's running that's making waves. mitch mcconnell doesn't necessarily come off as the most feisty personality. i think her trying to introduce that into the campaign can certainly be effective. of course, we'll have to see. he does have a huge money advantage here. so she'll have to work hard to overcome that. >> okay. >> alex, what she has to do next is challenge him to a duel. >> it'll go over, maybe. elise, dana, good to see you guys. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> thanks, alex. for the first time, we're
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hearing from the man at the center of those locker room harmt allegations in miami. richie incognito talked about his relationship with fellow lineman jonathan martin, who left the miami dolphins after saying he was harassed. >> people don't know how jon and i communicate to one another. for instance, a week before this went down, jonathan martin text me on my phone, i will murder your whole "f'ing" family. did i i think jonathan martin was going to murder my family? not one bit. >> he left that message for you? >> he text me. i didn't think he was going to kill my family. i knew it was coming from a brother. i knew it was coming from a friend. >> for more on this story, let's go to nbc's kerry sanders in florida. kerry? >> reporter: good day, alex. 14 days ago, jonathan martin walked away from the dolphins team here. he complained of bullying and there was an allegation of a physical confrontation. the dolphins did a brief
1:22 pm
investigation. they suspended martin's teammate richie incognito. now, richie incognito, aside from a few tweets, has made no comments up to this point. if he has a lawyer, he hasn't shared that lawyer's name. now, richie incognito is speaking for himself. saturday at miami dolphins practice, the two players at the center of controversy were absent and both have been silent until now. suspended offensive lineman richie incognito sat down with fox sports, a portion of that interview begins with a question. is he the face of bullying, and what of his use of the "n" word. >> this isn't an issue of bullying. this is an issue of mine and jon's relationship. you can ask anybody in the miami dolphins locker room who had jon martin's back the absolute most. and they'll undoubtedly tell you me. all this stuff coming out -- just -- it speaks to -- it
1:23 pm
speaks to the culture of our locker room. it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood. the racism, the bad words, you know, that's what i regret most. but that's a product of the environment. that's something that we use all the time. >> reporter: his teammate, jonathan martin, who remains on the team's injury report this weekend listed as ill, is in los angeles with his parents and is not talking. on the high school practice fields across america, coaches like rich hanson in jersey city, new jersey, safe even without all the facts, they're hopeful this can become a teachable moment. >> it's on the coach and the school and the coaching staff to lay the groundwork for a respect so that, you know, you can have a creative environment that's conducive to what you're really trying to do. >> reporter: dolphins coach joe philbin, who coached both high
1:24 pm
school and college before becoming an nfl coach, says he's now waiting for the results of the nfl investigation. >> we're all committed to getting to the bottom of this. out of respect for the process, i will not be answering any questions relative to the review until it's complete. >> reporter: the nfl has hired an independent investigator to try to get to the bottom of this. alex? >> all right. nbc's kerry sanders. thanks so much. a huge piece of space junk is hurtling toward earth. it could be arriving in just hours. should you be worried? how are things with the new guy? all we do is go out to dinner. that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it.
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miss universe 2013 is -- venezuela! >> you recognize that voice. you should. it was msnbc's own thomas
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roberts declaring the winner, 25-year-old gabriela isler. the crown slipped off her head when she was being adorned with her sash. she's the seventh miss universe to hail from venezuela. a research satellite is expected to plummet to earth either tonight or tomorrow morning. the 2400-pound satellite, which was launched in 2009 to map the earth's gravitational field, has since run out of fuel. most of it will burn up on re-entry, but dozens of fragments are expected to crash land. scientists don't exactly know where the debris will fall, but they say it's unlikely anyone will get hit. how they know that, we don't know. a massive rescue effort is unfolding in the philippines right now. nbc's dr. nancy snyderman is there. she's telling us why some people are hoping to get back into the hardest hit areas. ♪
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bake the world a better place i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." developing now, shaping up to
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perhaps be the deadliest storm on record in the philippines, the monster typhoon is believed to have killed more than 10,000 people in one town alone. for more, let's go to nbc's dr. nancy snyderman who is there. nancy? >> reporter: alex, i'm south of manila. as we flew in this afternoon, it was easy to start to see some of the flooding that came from the outer rings of this typhoon. most of the devastation is south and east of us. towns like tacloban, that have been relative the story and other villages that may literally be wiped off the map. today we witnessed c-131 cargo planes being loaded with rice, canned goods and water desperate to get into the hardest hit areas. interesting, some people desperate to get to those areas to find loved ones who have been cut off. we saw a passenger flight allowing people to get on it and
1:33 pm
fly north to manila. this is really an interface between those who have survived and want out and those who are desperately looking for loved ones and want in. reporting tonight from the philippines, alex, back to you. >> we appreciate that so much. we are seeing a lot of reaction to this storm on social media. the weather channel tweeting this morning, a thousand words cannot describe the sheer power of typhoon haiyan's sheer power. unicef tweeted this. from there now to toronto with turmoil and new controversy surrounding that city's mayor, toronto's rob fort d is not stepping down, but he could be headed to rehab soon. here's part of one of ford's public confessions. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when, sir? >> do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken
1:34 pm
stupors. >> well, that one happened tuesday. two days later, this video went public. >> i'll poke his eyes out. it'll be over in five minutes. >> joining me now, kevin donovan, investigative reporter at "the toronto star" who broke the original story of the mayor smoking crack. kevin, welcome. i'm curious to the reaction of you and your colleagues after seeing this latest video. >> we obtained the video and published it late last week. it was very shocking to see it because mayor ford appears to be quite out of control and is making these what appearing to death threats. i don't think he was actually serious about it, but it certain certainly was an example of how impaired mayor ford can get. >> and you said you bought this
1:35 pm
video. you published it, rather. it was about $5,000, i believe, you paid for it. why did you do that? >> we've been on this story for the last six months. we had done the original story about the crack video. it actually took a lot of heat for writing about something we had not purchased just something we had seen. in that case, we were concerned. first of all, the people who were involved in the drug and gun trade who took that video were asking various people in the media for upwards of $1 million. in this case, we satisfied ourself that the money was not going to anybody involved in the gun and drug trade. while it was a controversial decision for us to make, we felt it was very important that the people of toronto who elected mayor ford should see what he's like. we did all the reporting on it before getting the video. so we had the information that led to our story last thursday. >> and curiously, what is the
1:36 pm
general reckoning f you will, on toronto's mayor? are the people wanting him gone, or are they behind him? >> well, his council, it's a very large council, 44 counselors. they are moving towards a motion on wednesday, which we believe will ask him to step aside, at least for some period of time. he no longer has the support of the majority of council. it's hard to tell the various polls that are being done. he certainly still has the support of what he called ford nation, which are the people that helped get him elected. i think he's running about 30%, 32% in the polls. but the people of toronto that i've been talking to that have reached out to me seem to be united that this is a person who has a substance abuse issue. he's been hanging around with drug and gun runners. he's also a person who not too many years ago was quite against people associating with those in
1:37 pm
crime. so i think it's time for him to step back and take a breather. i don't think he's going to do that. i think he'll finish out his term. >> a breather, kevin. if he does that, and he has made no secret he wants to run for re-election. can one assume he would not have any chance? >> no, you can't assume. he does have a loyal core of supporters, and he was elected on a platform of fiscal responsibility. he wants to, as he says, cut the waste in city hall. i don't think there's that much waste in our city hall, but he wants to do that. and he's also trying to, he says, build more subways, that toronto is very underserviced by subways. that has caught the ear of people across the city. we're the fourth largest city in north america. so there are certain issues that he touches on with his very simple mess annals. >> all right. well, kevin donovan, thank you very much for bringing us the latest from "the toronto star." appreciate it.
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watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. one of the most interesting battles brewing in the lead up to the midterm elections is in wyoming, where liz cheney is looking to unseat senator mike enzi. it's become a bitter primary race that's surprised many, not least of whom senator enzi, who said he considered dick cheney a friend. it's a success by all means style of politics that should be no surprise to anyone who followed the elder he cheney's tenure at the white house. now a new book takes us inside that administration and the often misunderstood relationship between george w. bush and dick cheney. joining me now is the author, "new york times" white house correspondent peter baker. peter, i have to say, the excerpts i've read from this book, it is fascinating. you're clearing up so many
1:42 pm
things that we just -- i didn't see it coming. so it's really cool. really good stuff. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. very kind. >> before we get to details about that, though, what's happening in wyoming, does it surprise you to see the vice president getting personal in his daughter's race? disparaging senator enzi and saying they were never really friends when you're getting something completely different from enzi. >> it's very interesting, obviously. he loves his daughter, wants her to succeed, no question about it. but it is the first time the vice president's really kind of weighed in that way, in a republican primary battle. it tells you about what a small place wyoming is. this is a family state. only about 600,000 people or so. everybody knows everybody. so the -- this race has really divided republicans right down the middle. it's become a very personal thing for a lot of people there. >> give me a description of the cheney style of politics. >> well, that's a good question. when he first ran, that is dick cheney first ran for the house in wyoming, he came back from
1:43 pm
washington like his daughter in effect without a lot of recent ties at that point to wyoming. he set about driving around the state, listening to old carpenters music on an a-track tape, hitting every town in the state, every possible function, every dinner he could to reintroduce himself. essentially, i think that's what his daughter now is doing in the 21st century version. she's trying to sort of connect to this place that she's had connections to but not deep roots. the question is whether she can replicate her dad's success. >> yeah, though perhaps not with the carpenters music playing, i'm going to guess. >> and a-tracks are gone. >> a common attack on president bush was that he was just a puppet for vice president cheney. your book says not so. explain that. >> yeah, well, i think we kind of overly drew this relationship to the point that it was a cartoonish kind of version of things, one that was a great line on "saturday night live" and the late-night comics. it overstated what was really going on. what was really going on was actually a much more interesting
1:44 pm
dynamic here between two men who were very close at the beginning. certainly vice president cheney was very influential in the early years. but they grew apart as the eight years went on. by the end, the two of them were on opposite sides of most of the issues they were confronting. >> why did they drift apart like that? was george bush -- was it because he was being hammered from both sides and started losing his steadfastness, if you will? the two of them were so aligned at the beginning. was that part of it? scooter libby, that also played into it. >> i think by the time the second term comes along, iraq has gone so badly. there aren't the weapons there they were told. president bush begins looking for ways to right his ship, you know, to get his presidency back on track. he turns more toward diplomacy. he turns toward counterterrorism programs we've debated so much. vice president cheney saw that as being a mistake. he was fixed solely on the north star and his view of how to protect the country and thought these policy changes meant that
1:45 pm
president bush had kind of lost his will to cosome extent. >> and the personal relationship between these two men, i mean, they talked all the time. one would assume they were friends, but it didn't really go that way, did it? >> i asked vice president cheney about that. he said, look, we weren't buddies. they weren't personal friends. it was a professional relationship. since leaving office, they've gone their different ways. they don't talk very often anymore. i think they have a proper relationship. they're respectful of each other, but they've each gone in a very different way. >> and part of the book deals with the schooler libby situation, when he tells vice president cheney he was not going to pardon him. did that really unravel their relationship? >> that was sort of the final break, in effect. it comes after several years of frustration on the part of vice president cheney that president bush is not listening to him on a lot of these issues. they were on opposite sides of so many things. iran, north korea, syria, russia, climate change, gun rights, gay rights, the auto bailout, russia. so many different things.
1:46 pm
when the scooter libby fight happens in the final days of the administration, it's like the final straw in effect. vice president cheney's asked him for one last thing. president bush won't give it to him, believes it's not merited. so they part on pretty bitter terms. the vice president tells him, you're leaving a good man wounded on the field of battle. >> this is something that haunted president bush. didn't it take laura bush to say to him, stop, make your decision, enough. >> yeah, exactly right. he's up at camp david, dwelling on it. he's there with family and friends. it's supposed to be a victory after eight years of difficult times. he's dwelling on this. president bush is not a second guesser. in this case, he's completely consumed with it. even on the car ride to the capitol on inauguration day, the one piece of advice he gived president-elect president obama, whatever you do, set a pardon policy from the beginning and stick to it. >> absolutely extraordinary.
1:47 pm
the book is "days of fire." you're peter baker. thank you for joining us. sarah palin is trying to rally the gop by waiting -- wait for it -- trashing the gop. the big three is next. clay.
1:48 pm
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it's time for the big . today's topics, gop versus gop, best friend, and this week's must reads. so let's bring in the big three panel. lynn sweet, jason johnson, and joe watkins. hi, twiguys. good to see you. ladies, first with you. we have sarah palin speaking in ayla last night lashing out at republicans who agreed to end the government shutdown. >> remember this? they promised that they would do everything in their power to fight against socialized medicine, against obama care. but when it came time to stand
1:51 pm
and defund it, they wave the white flag of surrender and they threw under the bus the good gus who did stand up and fight for us. >> so palin also said it's time to, quote, stiffen our spines for the 2014 midterms. lynn, where will the growing fracture take the gop? >> i think in the primary it will help wipe occupy centrist republicans and it will get marginal figures who may nopt whip.upy centrist republicans and it will get marginal figures who may nopt whip. but because of the botched rollout of obama care, this has turned out better than the republicans expected. the shutdown cost everybody a lot of money. and there is a nickname for what the hard liners were called in the republican caucus and it was the insane caucus because they went in there without a plan on
1:52 pm
what to to. >> but don't you think if the rollout rights itself, that will take away a lot of steam for the gop and we have a lot of time for that to happen. >> absolutely. but for the moment, just saying delay, defund, you could take another stab at it now because there are some flaws. but at the time just going in for the shutdown, we might still be in a shutdown if we hadn't had the debt ceiling pressure to force an end to it. sfwr j sf >> joe, do you want sarah palin speaking for your party? >> a lot of republicans wanted to make sure the government didn't shut down and many americans, republicans and democrats, are not pleaseded wi with the ray tway the rollout d if a place. and a lot are still opposed for the affordable care act because of the problems on the individual mandate sides swell
1:53 pm
as well as employer mandate side. you have governor christie, of course, who demonstrated republicans do have the capacity to attract democrats an independents in a major way because his election this past tuesday was a shot heard round the world you might say.dindepe because his election this past tuesday was a shot heard round the world you might say. >> 61%, that's true. where does the end fighting leave the democrats? do they just sit back and watch the republicans fight it out? >> yeah, a wise union general once said don't go anywhere near a circular firing quad. if t squad. and i want to point this squad. and i want to point this out. sarah palin is on 14:59 of her 15 i want ins of fame. she has little or no influence outside the hardcore base.
1:54 pm
so, no, republicans don't want her speaking for them because all of her endorsements in 2010 didn't work. nothing she's done since 2008 has had any sort of relevance. the republicans will keep fighting, they will do fine, but they don't want sarah palin involved. >> i have to keep going here to topic two. jason, the scandal relative to the miami toami dolphins. ritchey inlog nieto says everybody has his relationship with martin all wrong, he says martin was his best friend on the team. are we all missing something here? >> yeah, i'm not missing a thing. let's see. one guy says i want to kill your family and the other guy calls him a half n word. these guys aren't friends. and this isis demonstration of e total incompetent teps of the miami dolphins and i'm sure they will lose on monday night ffbl. if you have an organized locker room, you can haze people, you can be mean to people, you can make fun of them, but you don't have to go that far. and in the end, richie incognito got himself kicked off the team, not because he said something racist and offensive, but
1:55 pm
because he had established a reputation of going too far. so i don't believe a thing he has to say. i feel sorry for both of them and miami will be back in the draft as a perpetually losing team. >> there is a quote from the daily news talking about the players and they're supporting incomignito more than jonathan martin. does that make sense to you? >> i understand that. i'm a former athlete, very former athlete unfortunately. but i know what it's like when you play on a team and sometimes in the heat of the battle things get said that aren't nice. and people sometimes cross the line, go to far. that's clearly the case with ritchie. but that being said, it's something that can be fixed i think. he's done the right thing. you have to apologize, state where you stand. and the dolphins still have work to clean this up. >> real quick, lynn, toupg thdo you think this is typical
1:56 pm
hazing? >> i don't even think typical hazing is something that should be tolerated. some of it is in the eyes of the be holder. snapping a towel is one thing. but even going close to the things that incognito is accused of to go just se of doing is something you shouldn't be doing whether a sports organization or anything. >> must reads. lynn, you start. >> there was between story in the post about where the tea party is going. fits in with what we were talking about with sarah palin. it's a good briefing on where things stand. >> jason. >> great article on why do poor people waste money on luxury goods. it's about a man at barney's and it's about a discussion about those of us judge poor people for spending the way they do. and you have to at least not look poor even if you are poor when you're trying to get a job. >> joe, yours.
1:57 pm
>> i went to wisconsin, the times journal had a wonderful piece that i thought was very well written. it was sober and sane. it wasn't yelling and screaming at the president, just saying we have to fix to make it work for americans. >> and i so have to go. have a good one, everyone. in the nation, sometimes bad things happen.
1:58 pm
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