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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 10, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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stay in the groove with align. to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. i must go out of this city. >> we are addressing the needs of those injured, the need for food and water. >> dazed and testidefinite vasd in the philippines are wading through floodwaters, climbing through debris to find loved ones. officials say as many as 10,000
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may have died in one city alone. now, millions of survivors are lining up it for handouts of rice and water and right now, u.s. troops and marines are on the way with supplies. we'll talk live to a rescue worker on the ground. don't rush. we're not in a rush. we need to get the right deal. no deal is better than a bad deal. >> riran gives practically nothing that is not a good deal. >> talks break down to freeze iran's nuclear program. where do we go from here? i'll ask senator barbara boxer. what i'm focused on is doing my job in the state of new jersey. if the job was done, i wouldn't run for a second term. why bother. >> four more years? governor chris christie taking victory lap. will he serve a full term as governor. hear his answer. and incognito on defense.
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the miami dolphin accused of harassment, racial slurs, even physical abuse finally speaks out. and urban farming. without water, without dirt or even direct sunlight, we'll show you how. it's today's big idea. but we start this hour with typhoon haiyan. after tearing through the philippines, that storm is now bearing down on vietnam with landfall expected just hours from now. in the philippines, it's a creep u scene of utter devastation. the monitor storm has killed 10,000 so far and wiped out entire towns.the monitor storm 10,000 so far and wiped out entire towns.of utter devastati. the monitor storm has killed 10,000 so far and wiped out entire towns. dr. nancy snyderman is in the philippines. >> as you fly down, you can see the periphery of the definivastn devastation. where i am is almost a staging area for those who have survive and are making their way north
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and for rescue planes, supply planes, cargo flights voweded with canned goods, rice and water. so it's really a mixing of two populations, people exiting and relief going in. one of the things we've heard from those flees is frustration. frustration from a delayed response and in fact so many unaccounted for. but when you consider the airport is fractured and the main roads are just now been opened, it's easy to understand why the response seems somewhat anemic and why people are so frustrated and frankly so worried about those they cannot be in cusp with. dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news, philippines. >> all right, dr. nancy, thank you. gwendolyn panni gwendolyn pand from the red cross joins us. what is the status of the search and relief effort right now?
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>> right now,g from the red cross joins us. what is the status of the search and relief effort right now? >> right now, authorities are the ones concentrating in the search and rescue effort. and organizations line the red cross are focused more on the survivors. so because many of the survivors are already very desperate and they're so impatient already for all the delays in terms of really food. so we're trying our very best to meet the needs of the people affected by this typhoon. so it's not quite going on very well because there are still a lot of bodies lying on the road, you know, just everywhere scattered. and the debris are still, you
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know, everywhere. order is a concern or problem. people are trying to -- not trying, but some have already started to loot some of of the shops or stores. because they have no food to eat. >> they're desperate. gwenn dough lynn gwendolyn, with communications down and some areas virtually isolated, how are you going about making sure that the aid is getting to the areas that need it most? one is we coordinate with the local government, we coordinate with some of the key players on the ground. and we find different ways and
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means to get there. so we ship goods some by air, some by land. only we're also sending a ship loads of goods. so we're trying all possible ways. just for us to be able to send in goods for those people. >> gwendolyn pang, secretary general of the philippine red cross, thank you and good luck. >> thank you, craig. secretary of state john kerry has left geneva after a weekend of intense talks between iran and six other nations to hammer out a deal over iran's nuclear program. the potential deal is said to include easing anxious sanctions on iran. netanyahu was clear about his position this morning. >> did you help lobby against this deal? >> lobby? yes, of course i've been lobbying. that's an understatement. i speak up against it. i'm expressing not only the concerns of israel, but the
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concerns of many, many in the region. some of them say it out loud. some of them say it behind closed doors. but i'll tell you, this is a broad feeling here. broad feeling. that iran might hit the jackpot here. >> california's democratic senator barbara boxer sits on the foreign relations committee. senator, good to see you. on "meet the press," john kerry was asked if iran was in fact getting the better end of a possible deal. this was his response. >> are you being skeptical enough? >> david, some of the most serious and capable expert people in our government who spend a lifetime dealing both with iran as well as with nuclear weapons and nuclear arre arment and proliferation are engaginged in negotiation. we're not blind and i don't think we're stupid. >> israel thinks it would be a bad deal, several in congress have expressed reservations. how would you like to see these
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negotiations play out? >> well, first, if i might just send a word of support to those in the philippines. i just feel i must do it. i saw the pictures you put up and the filipino people are so good and they have been our allies and i hope that we'll do everything to support them. but getting to your question on iran, i think every agrees that we're not there. i was briefed by the administration before secretary kerry went to geneva. and they were skeptical going in. so i have a lot of faith and trust in this administration. they know what they're dealing with. everything is on the table with iran. if iran is smart, they will step up and do the right thing. and be relieved of these crippling sanctions. but so far, they're not. and so secretary kerry is doing the right thing. >> some republicans are saying they not only oppose the potential deal, but they intend to push for even more sanctions on rap.
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this is senator lindsey graham this morning. >> i think you'll see a bipartisan push by the congress to do two things. to introduce another round of sanctions we believe that sanctions and the threat of military force is the only thing this that will bring the iranians to the table. >> if it that kind of resolution were to come to the senate floor, how would you vote on it. >> >> i have to see the details were to come to the senate floor, how would you vote on it. >> >> i have to see the details were to come to the senate floor, how would you vote on it. >> >> i have to see the details were to come to the senate floor, how would you vote on it. >> >> i have to see the details. i've been one of the leaders pushing for sanctions on iran. but there is a problem here. we should be supporting a deal. the american people don't want another war. and let's be clear, everything is on the table. and so i think there is a lot of this anger moving forward before we everyone know if we have the chance of a deal. so i'm behind the push to get a deal. it has to be a good deal. secretary kerry is right, no deal is better than a bad deal, but i don't wapnt to talk about
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new sanctions. if we have to, we'll do that. they are work. but i'm hopeful we can have a breakthrough. if we can't, yes, sanctions are in the future for iran and that's bad for them. bad for their people. >> tomorrow of course is veterans day. you've ben a leader in the center on military issues most recently on combatting sexual assau assaults. you announced you're working with senator graham on a proposal that would among other things shield victims from intrusive questions when testifying in military courts. for folks who may not the have been following the story very closely, why is this so important and how does the current system work? >> there are two issues that are important. the one you're talking about is the boxer/graham bill, very bipartisan bill, that would change the way we do article 32. it has to do just with pretrial
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hearings. in the civilian system, you can't have a pretrial hearing and ask the victim, man or woman, all sorts of personal questions that have nothing to do with the the rain itself or the assault itself. so we'll just change that and make sure that it is more like the civilian court because if you look at what has become of the article 32, it's a total nightmare. it's a revictimization of the victim and they seems just give up the whole thing. the second issue is the sgch gillibran sdchlt bill which i strongly support. right now it's the commander who decides if there is a case. only 10% of the cases are reported. for 20 years, they have been promising to fix the problem. >> senator, as you know, the pentagon has said that they are not on board with that
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particular plan. why is that? what are they telling you behind closed doors with regards to their opposition? >> they don't talk to me behind closed doors because they don't agree with my pushing for this. an entire group of republicans and democrats. for 20 years the pentagon has been saying the same thing. oh, we'll handle it within the chain of command. it isn't working. only 10% of the 26,000 cases are reported. that means you have thousands of perpetrators walking away the military, sometimes they go back, you know, to civilian society and do the same thing all over again. we need real change. the pentagon is an obstacle to that change. last point i'll make on this. we had an amazing press conference with a woman who was assaulted and her husband who is active in the marines.
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he was a commander. he said the last thing the commanders really need is to deal with these issues of sexual assault in the military. their job is to fight wars. and he says it's a huge distraction and it would help them if we did in fact change the law. and i hope that we will. there is really an epidemic going on. and the victims are telling us they will not report because they don't want to have to go to the commander and have the commander city whose side to take. people who aren't trained in the law -- we want trained prosecutors just like do you in the outside world to make these decisions. >> california senator barbara boxer, always good to see you. thank you for your time. >> thanks, craig. >> let's get to the brain trust. goldie taylor, zachary carabel, and peter. good to see you.
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goldie, we just heard from senator boxer. you're a marine corps veteran. these new statistics from the pentagon are dramatic anyway you slice them. reported sexual assaults are up some 46% over the previous year. why do you think we're seeing such an increase? is it simply more women are reporting these assaults or are more women actually being assaulted? >> i think anytime that we are facing waging war on a number of fronts at one time you'll see some assaults go up. but i think a large part of this is because women are feeling a little more comfortable in making these reports. but make no mistake about it, it is dwikt within tifficult withi command to lodge a sexual assault complaint and have your commander decide whether or not your case goes forward. it is difficult at best to sit in a therapist's room and know
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that everything you say to the person evaluating you and giving ultimate counseling and support, that everything you say can be and will be reported back to your commanding officer. so those are the constraints men and women are up against. so i support taking it outside the chain of command. it belongs in the legal court. i don't believe it should be adjudicated by the military services. i believe anything that is prosecutable for up to a -- over a year in jail ought to be prosecuted in civilian courts. >> zachary, the military is also facing budget taker issues, as well. president obama will be sitting down with pentagon brass as the senate takes a look at military spending. in the "wall street journal," as congress fwirds for its next budget battle, the willingness
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of rank and file republicans to cut the once sack crow sanction pentagon budget is bolstering the negotiation position of gop leaders. are we about to see a shift where the budget hawks will give a knockout to the war hawks? >> the pentagon already has been struck in year because of the sequestration cuts. there is also a strong group of both republicans and democrats who believe that the military budget should not be cut even the 4% or so that it's been cut under the sequester. it's actually less than 4%. so i'm not ready to call it a paradigm shift. you hear the nsa revelations, you have increasing discussion of drone warfare. none of which are particularly by the way large budget items. an f-22 fighter plane is a large budget item. but it does draw attention to what are we spending it on and how much should we be spending.
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and clearly the sequester has shown provisionally that there is a lot that can be cut without perilling america's sku e's sec. >> military leaders say they are already pinching pennies and the cuts heard them significantly. and the cuts are affecting readiness. take a listen. >> we're looking with sequestration at a long range problem that is significant. it will take us 10 plus years to get readiness back for the level we want under and i fully sequestered budget. >> a decade. are you buying that? >> you know, i don't buy it entirely because we heard prior to the sequestration cuts that it would have a dramatic and immediate effect on military jobs, on against contractor jobs. and those numbers that we heard prior to sequestration cuts going into effect haven't really born out. so what we're seeing here is that the military is doing what government agencies always do.e. so what we're seeing here is that the military is doing what
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government agencies always do. america complaint survive without this money. but it's pretty clear that there is a lot of fat that can be cut and a lot of places that can be trimmed and that republicans are increasingly seeing that's the case. >> by the way, military saying it is having trouble meeting its objectives, but its objectives are unbelievable maximal. it is a two war or win hold whip strategy against major convention warfares happening simultaneously around the globe, when united states spending more than the next 20 nations combined. the likelihood of needing to fight the wars that the military is currently saying it is unprepared to fight is essentially zero. >> i think bob corker refers to the pentagon as the department of everything. goldie, stzachary, peter, stick around. we'll bring you back and talk about the miami dolphins and bullies and the interview that i'm sure you saw and read about earlier today. meanwhile, the gop's man to
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meet, chris christie, hits four of the sunday shows just days after his re-election. also pleading his case. richie incognito, the dolphins player speaking out for the first time today. we'll get to that, as well. and worth the wait. two american heros from world war ii and vietnam finally tie the knot. they spent 20 years watching the tide of gay rights come their way. that couple will joins us live with their story on this veterans day weekend. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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especially lhe i especially a same-sex couple. but that's exactly what happened. this 92-year-old joined the air force a week after pearl harbor. and 68-year-old served in vietnam. they married each other on september 11th. they had been dating for about 20 years. and the newlyweds joining me now live from san diego. john, let me start with you, sir. what made both of you decide to get married now? >> well, the supreme court more than anything changing the requirements. and so we were eligible then to get married. and so we did. and we were anxious to get married. we had been living together without benefit of marriage for 20 years. so it was time. >> you'd been shacking up essentially. >> yes, you could say that.
3:28 pm
>> garraerard, how far have samx couples come sense you served? >> there was no such thing as a same-sex couple in the military when i was in. i could see gradually over a period of time rules got a little lighter and there was more respect towards same sex type companionships. and now it's really come around with this new supreme court ruling to where even we could even get married in public even. >> so we did. >> what was the ceremony like? >> halves rather nice. we had most of our people, the people we know show up. we wrote the ceremony ourselves. it was very short. we didn't want to bore anybody with it. and it came out pretty between. it came out pretty well. >> clergyman who marrieds us was a jew. and he was there in the home.
3:29 pm
a man who is crippled, he can't walk. but he said if you ever get married, and i had like to perform the ceremony so we of course asked him and he did that. so it was nice to -- he's a nice guy and we like him very much. and it was interesting to have him do the service. it was meaningful. >> gerard, what was your family's response? >> oh, well, my parents, they passed away some time ago. but they thought it was great. once they got the word out, they just -- they were quite delighted with the whole situation. we'll be seeing them all over thanksgiving, so we'll find out firsthand and be able to see their faces. so it will be kind of fun.
3:30 pm
>> congress repealed "don't ask, don't tell" in 2010. since then, public sentiment in this country has shifted in a dramatic way when it comes to same-sex marriage. how surprised have the two of you been by the evolution of the military specifically and society as well with regards to same-sex marriage? >> well, it's a very meaningful situation for us. we're delighted with the way things have turned out. >> in the past, it was we would almost being ridiculed at times. and now some people say, oh, that's nice, it's no big deal. it's nice to siee you two poeg. we'll hear remarks like that more. >> and i was going to say and we
3:31 pm
think the same way. we're delighted with the situation and are glad we got married. >> what is the next step, where do you think we go from here? >> i'll tell where you we're going to go, we're going to palm springs tomorrow and have a good time. that's where we're going. >> vacation. >> you got it. we're good travelers. even now we still get around quite well. >> veterans day vacation. john, gerard, congratulations to both of you. and thanks to both of you for your years of service, as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it was a pleasure being here. >> our pleasure. a race to the altar. other couples rushing to tie the knot tuesday. why tuesday? because it will be 11-12-13. a growing trend among couples who want to get mayrried on iconic dates. some suspect it's also about making it easier to remember anniversa anniversaries.
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there may be more you could do for your asthma. people in vietnam now are preparing for typhoon haiyan. that storm is expected to make landfall just hours from now. inietnameee eietnamesee eaetnei vietnamese shorts moved people to safe zones. as many as 10,000 were killed in the philippines. homes were flattened, streets flooded, towns and cities all but wiped out. meanwhile, the united states and other cups are lending a helping hand. a team of about 90 marines and sailors are headed to the region. the pacific command is also helping out with search and rescue efforts. meanwhile here at home, people with rouloved ones in the philippines are fearing for the worst. >> i watched this morning and
3:36 pm
it's really horrible. even though we live here, we have a better life, you think about them, too. >> for nor information on how y can lend a hand, nbc chris christie was a busy man this morning making the rounds on four of the sunday talk shows. and he didn't seem to mind any of the chatter about his political future beyond the garden state. >> i'm the governor of new jersey. that's my job and that's what i asked for for four more years. and that's what i intend to do. >> all four years? >> listen, who knows. i don't know. >> who knows. mark halperin is msnbc senior analyst. he's also an author of course. the new book out, there it is, double down. i hear it's a fantastic book. i've just started it. thanks for coming in. >> great to be here. >> it's been interesting to watch chris christie this week.
3:37 pm
clearly relishing his new role, but it's also interesting to start to watch some of the other potential 2016 presidential contenders starting to knock him down to size just a bit. how might christie's role in the gop change over the coming months and years? >> well, he had a big day on election day not just getting reelected, but winning in a fashion 60% of the vote, winning from a lot of groups republicans from struggled with, that give him bragging rights to say i'm one of the leaders of the party and i'm a serious guy for 2016. let's see how visible he stays. we write about him and his role in the last election, but now he has a chance to try to flush out some of the areas where maybe he's a little less well defined on policy for instance. and he has to decide how many of the fights he picks. because he's clearly a threat to some of the paf of the people i. >> how does he potentially win a primary in a place like south carolina or does he just sit that one out?
3:38 pm
>> we'll see who the other candidates are assuming he is it run. but chris christie has a lot of political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,bu political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,ru. but chris christie has a lot of political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,bu political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,po compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,bu political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,r but chris christie has a lot of political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,u but chris christie has a lot of political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,n but chris christie has a lot of political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking about now,. but chris christie has a lot of political gifts and if you compare him to most of the other people are talking ab he has support from people in the establishment. chris christie starts with a lot of assume from tsupport from th establishment and i think he'll play pretty well. >> he is a character in your book and you write about why he was not chosen to be mitt romney's running mate in that book. kelly o'donnell asked chris christie about that on the trail this week. take a listen. >> the fact is that these are just two guys trying to sell a book. they sensationalize things, they go to low level staff because they want to make money. i understand that. but it isn't make it valid, nothing that i'm concerned
3:39 pm
about. >> what say you to that? >> well, we talked lo lto lots people, i'm not here to have a fight with governor christie, but we talked to people at high levels. there were denials that mitt romney was not concerned about some of the people in the vetting report. that's not true. governor romney was concerned about that. the day after he got a report with the lawn friday list of potential problems, he pulled the plug on chris christie for the second time.friday list of potential problems, he pulled the plug on chris christie for the second time. so there is no doubt our reporting is correct that governor romney was concerned. some of those things may be an issue if he runs again and chris christie has acknowledged that. >> switching gears slightly, sarah palin is going to be a guest on the "today" show tomorrow. she was speaking last night in iowa. she is promoting her new book, as well. you write in "double down" about bad blood between sarah palin
3:40 pm
and ann romney. it started when sarah palin got chosen in 2008. devote, ann out her husband hung the moon. this moose hunting woman from alas characterization really? and disdain for palin continued in 2011 on the same expect day that romney announced he was running for president at a nearby farm. you write, quote, some of romney's aides were irate about what they saw as an obvious attempt by palin to step on mitt's headlines. ann romney shared in their irritation grousing around the farmhouse that palin's inkurgs was classless. what is the general opinion on sarah palin in gop circles are or does it depend on the circle? good depends fend >> did depends on the circle.
3:41 pm
i think for the most part, people in the establishment have the same concerns about a ted krug oig and some cruz and some of the other tea party leaders as they did and do about sarah palin. >> she's made quite the living for herself doing whatever it is she does. >> entrepreneur. >> mark, thank you so much. coming up, ritchchie incogn at the center of a bullying scandal. finally speaks out, why he says this is not about bullying at all. in the real world, security surrounds us. there are cameras, police, guards... but who looks after us online, where we spend more than 200 billion dollars a year. american express can help protect you. with intelligent security that learns your spending patterns, and can alert you instantly to an unusual charge. so you can be a member of a more secure world.
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3:45 pm
used to grow healthy produce indoors. chris is the founder, he's here in the studios with me. first of all, i guess in the simplest of terms, how are you able to grow anything in these cubes without water, without direct sunlight and without dirt? >> well, the cubes are pressurized, so that keeps out bugs, basically the rest of the could you be is conditioned. it's a completely conditioned environment. we use a misting technology that mixes the nutrients with water. 95% less water than what you use in convention al culture. and the mist goes straight to the root systems. so you're main lining the root systems right to the plants without resistance from dirt. >> so there is mist involved. not water, but there is misting involved. >> right. >> what are we looking at here? >> these are what we use to actually grow the plants in the grow cubes. they're 3d printed seed carriers.
3:46 pm
so we're very bullish on 3d printing and we're developing a parallel technology that will print 3d seed carriers like these by using an organic material -- >> can i touch? >> so that would serve as fertilizer. >> and the crops that you're growing in this now, are they the same? are they identical to the fruits and vegetables that i would buy at a whole foods or trader joe's? >> yeah. the emphasis is that they're locally grown, but they're exactly the same. >> how do you get this to scale? how do we get this to the market? >> the product that we have is a could you be so you can stack them vertically you can go as high as you want. so if you imagine a warehouse that may be the farm of the future, you would fill it up with grow cubes and the environments are all software and hardware controlled. >> and the advantages to me it would seem a tremendous advantage for developing
3:47 pm
countries to grow mass amounts of food this way. is that the thinking? >> that's a great point. and also urban area where is no food grows and where food has to travel a long ways to get there like new york city. >> it would also seem that some folks who have been growing pot in their closets have been sort of utilizing this concept for years now. >> a lot of people did, definitely. >> what's the next step? >> we are doing a campaign so we can sell them to the people. so it will be kick starter in february. >> so be on the lookout for it. and they're called grow cubes. >> grow cubes. >> thank you so much, chris. it's today's big idea. very fascinating. keep us posted, okay? >> definitely will. >> if you have a big idea that is either making a difference now or has the potential like this one to make a huge difference, we'd love to hear about it. there is our e-mail address right there on your screen. big idea.msnbc at nbc
3:48 pm
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the brain trust stuck around. we're not paying them anymore. they came back nonetheless. goldie taylor. zachary carabel. peter suderman. goldie, let's start with what everyone seems to be talking
3:52 pm
about right now. richie incognito. bullying teammate jonathan martin. spoke out for the first time today. incognito talking to fox sports in an interview that aired a short time ago. this is just a snippet of what he had to say. >> this isn't an issue about bullying. this is an issue of my and john's relationship where i may -- i've taken stuff too far. i did not intend to hurt him. when the words are put in the context, i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised. but people don't know how jon and i communicate to one another. >> goldie taylor, people don't know what their dynamic is. do you buy his explanation? >> i don't buy him a bit. at least the people at nebraska and the people at oregon programs from where he was outright cut, certainly understood the context. at the end of the day if you or i did what richie incognito was
3:53 pm
accused of doing here we would be without a job. to say this is normal locker room banter, you know, i think it's over the line. if you threaten somebody, if you get into physical altercations, if you use the "n" word with literal abandon, i think that says something about you. i think it says something about your mental state. this guy clearly has anger management issues. it's about time that philbin and ireland, the coach and general manager at the miami dolphins really did something about it and really held him to task for these transgressions. >> zachary carabel, your take on this is a tad different. >> first of all, i think there's a degree to like judging someone's marriage. there's a lot we don't know about this. >> aren't there certain things universally we can agree on? >> there are. i think there is a locker room culture of bullying and toughing up that if you really expose the light of day in a lot of circumstances, we would find shocking. the question is, are you going to say there's just a wholesale culture here that needs reforming? the answer to that may absolutely be yes. >> yeah. >> but i absolutely do not think that you can look at this and go, as many sports writers have
3:54 pm
done, oh, this is just way beyond whatever pale we think. i think the reality is, we talk about this with military and sexual assaults yesterday -- earlier today. that this is a cultural reality within locker rooms. we can tell you it's wrong. >> you're going to compare this to military sexual assault. get on somewhere. >> my point is, it is a similar kind of culture issue of this is clearly not something that is confined to two people in one locker room. that's all. i'm not saying these are the same kind of -- we are giving them equal time on air right now. >> your framing, not mine. >> just because we're giving them equal time doesn't mean we hold them in the same regard. >> we obviously think this is important. and says something. >> incognito did defend himself against the charge he used racist language. peter, take a listen. >> if i was a racist and i was bullying jon martin, when the press went in there and asked them questions, that locker room
3:55 pm
would have said, listen, we saw this. we saw that. i'm proud of my guys for having me back and telling the truth. >> peter, based on what we've heard, based on what we've seen and read, just to speak to zachary's point, to a certain extent, how far removed from society's norms is the locker room culture? >> i think there is a locker room culture that is fraternal. that is different than, say, the way you might treat somebody at a dinner party. context matters. however, when you look at incognito's history of abusive remarks to coaches, to officials, when you look at the racially charged language that he has been using here, i think what incognito has done has gone beyond hazing and into harassment. and so what you have here is something that is not acceptable. and that cannot simply be dismissed. and sort of, you know, brushed away as, oh, this is something that's normal for locker room culture. it's not. and it's a real problem. >> goldie, i was talking to a
3:56 pm
colleague of mine who covers sports who said, you know, if people only knew some of the other things that go on inside nfl locker rooms. and some of the other dynamics between players, a lot of folks might not watch pro football. >> that's probably true. to go back to my colleague, if he went back to military boot camps, if you knew what used to go on in military boot camps, some of the physical and downright demeaning behavior that used to happen in military boot camps, you might not want your son or daughter to join the marine corps again. the fact of the matter is we outlawed that behavior. we are no less a strong fighting force because of it. so the very notion that we ought to allow this kind of behavior, most of it is illegal. most of it is against employment practice and laws. to say we've got to let this stuff go on and we're going to have a less prepared football team take the field, i think is a misnomer. >> goldie taylor, i agree with
3:57 pm
you who heart leheartedly. i disagree with zachary carabel. >> i'm not saying this is cool. we should do it. i'm saying it's a cultural thing. >> thanks to you for joining us. we'll be back next saturday, 2:00 eastern. right now, though, "disrupt" with karen finney. help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. [ ding! ] losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the boring-potato chip decoy bag. then no one will want to steal the deliciousness.
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