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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 12, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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jersey new jersey new jersey. >> chris christie 2016 just will not go away but today a staff on how chris christie will do against hillary clinton. some interesting numbers for you to chew on with those cheerios. as for the current president the health care law with his name on it gets some more bad news. we know just how many people signed up. write down your guess. "price is right" rules are in effect. what if you can catch a beer like buzz but avoid the hangover. professor says he found a way to do just that. this is way too early. good morning, everyone, brian shactman, tuesday, november 12th. we have monday night football on paper. doesn't seem to be much of a
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match-up. some highlights four in sports. but we want to begin with the very latest on recovery efforts in the philippines just as a new tropical depression makes landfall there. the situation, as you might imagine is turning into chaos and it is definitely a humanitarian issue right now. survivors losing patience, unable to leave storm-ravaged areas because some roads are impassable. many unable to find food, water, medical supplies. you name it. at this hour the "uss george washington" on its way to the disaster zone, 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft to help out. but the question we're asking what are other countries doing to help out with relief? ian williams live in the philippines with more. ian i read china is giving $100,000. it sounds nothing compared to the situation. >> reporter: that's right. there's been no shortage of offers of help, 22 countries have lined up to say they are
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willing to pour aid in here. this morning japan confirmed they would send soldiers to join the effort as well as $10 million worth of additional aid. south korea, britain and indeed japan are among the other countries although japan and the philippines have not been getting on all that well of late. we have a lot of ngos as well as the philippine government. but still there's a growing chorus of complaints from the disaster area that aid simply is not arriving. >> we were out of resources. we just need most of what we had. even as doctors, we didn't even go to our families immediately. >> we don't have anything. we survive and now we're questioning ourselves how to survive in term of food, in terms of water. >> reporter: the presidential
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palace here sought to counter some of that criticism here this morning saying they are doing everything they can to get aid in there. communications are being restored. no filipino in the disaster zone will be forgotten. and that aid would arrive as quickly as they can get it in. the problem, though, logistical, the logistics are a nightmare. i spoke to one aid agency this morning who said while they are able to fly some materials into tacloban, which is the worst affected city, indeed c-130s are flying in there at the moment the problem is getting there from there to the cities because there's no trucks available to transport the aid and that's in a city where people have arrived to assess the situation. elsewhere in that area, rescue efforts are still being confounded by blocked roads, by a lack of communication. also today, of course, the weather hasn't helped. another tropical storm, thankfully not nearly as fierce
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as last weekend's typhoon but it has hit the lower islands of the philippines and that resulted in quite heavy rain in the disaster zone. so, yes, plenty of help, of relief efforts but as of yet very little getting through to where it's needed, brian. >> an williams, thank you very much. of course you hope the loss of life isn't bad post-storm you hope we can handle that. if you want to help there are several ways you can do that. here are the organizes again. american red cross. let's move on to other news. we're finally getting a look at how many americans actually enrolled in obama care. for the white house the numbers not good. the "wall street journal" reports so far around 50,000 people have signed up for
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private coverage or medicaid through the government website. obama administration officials were hoping to sign up at least 500,000, ten times that number in just the month of october. additional reports say the white house is now looking to boost enrollment numbers by including individuals that have selected coverage but have not yet sent in their first payment. federal and state officials are saying the issues with have prevented tens of thousands love income americans from successfully signing up for medicaid. and later today the web sisitwe chief digital architect said he had no idea that original tests had security flaws that could lead to identity theft. a new poll gives insight what a head-to-head match-up between chris christie and hillary clinton might look like in 2016. right now hillary clinton would
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lead the new jersey governor by ten points. clinton would lead 83-4 among african-americans. christie leads among whites, seniors and high income earners. a wide field of projected candidates christie enjoys less certainty within his own party. hillary clinton by comparison had 66% of support of left leading adults. some other polling news to tell you about. new momentum at both the state and federal levels to increase the minimum wage. according to gallup, three quarters of americans now support a $9 an hour minimum wage. the minimum wage currently at 7.25. the poll also found and this is a key thing, 69% support automatic increases of the
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federal minimum wage that would be tied to inflation. of course inflation has been tough the last couple of years. police say a real life bonnie and clyde have been caught. the couple accused of robbing 13 banks in florida, two in alabama just since last december. they were arrested at their home in tampa. police say robberies followed a similar pattern. couple would wear disguises including gloves, hats and afro style which is. emanuel handed the teller yellow index cards demanding all the money in the drawer. his wife waited outside as the getaway driver. the first break came when their license plate was picked up on a surveillance video after a robbery. police say more than $54,000 was stolen. now to business, stocks posted some modest gains enough for the dow to close at a record high for the third time this month and i believe the 35th time of the year.
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meanwhile investors will be keeping a close eye on walmart and macy's. they have their earnings out and of course we're approaching the holiday season which we'll talk about in a minute. what else have you got, jeff? >> as relentless as this bull market seems to be, so is the call for action on those banks that did bad things during the housing boom in the united states. this latest story, brian, 1.6 billion of southward mortgage debt, freddie mac going after bank of america saying we want to you take back this paper, it has gone wrong, we think it was missold. those two sides are currently in negotiations over settlement on that story. it's good to know we're not irrelevant in tv land, in the dot-com age, brian. this is a fascinating story. google which owns youtube for some time has been avoiding those traditional measurements
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of view eer participation in th product. they are talkingnielsen. it looks like they can use those youtube bits of video that we enjoy. >> a way to keep nielsen relevant. there's very little you can do to get me off the couch on thanksgiving. maybe a little ipad shopping. black friday is almost a thing of the past now with what we got going on with thanksgiving. >> i think this is a phenomenal story. as an outsider you can tell from my accent i'm not an american. i'm puzzled as to why it should make any difference bring forward shopping days. surely there's enough places that americans can go to buy stuff and you talked about your ipad on the couch. but apparently it does seem to
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matter here. the latest polls target and toys "r" us is joining walmart to bring forward shopping hours into thanksgiving. they think it will make a difference. i fwes to gi i guess to give them the benefit of the doubt. this is one of the shortest shopping seasons between thanksgiving and christmas day. six days fewer than last year. maybe there's justification. i don't think any american has any problem knowing where to buy stuff. does bringing forward the opening hour, bringing forward the opening hours a few more hours make any difference? what do you think? >> i guess if one or two do i want you have to follow because you don't want them to grab the sales. if one or two big ones do it. jr penny and walmart did it early and now everyone says we're going to do it too. that's the only thing i can think of. i won't be shopping on
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thanksgiving. he won't shell out taxpayer money to keep the atlanta braves in the city so the team will move out where hank aaron broke babe ruth's home run record and move the team to the burbs. turner field built for the 1996 olympic games less than 20 years ago. now the team is having economic development and poor mass transit will move to the suburbs. that's where most of their season ticket holders live. the move has spawned outrage and spoof logos like that one. despite some pretty solid success on the field the team has seen its attendance stagnate. they have been about 2.5 million the last few years. the ownership is looking to add more luxury seating and shrink capacity. a new study -- i don't take
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vitamins, i used to take them. a new study say they may be ineffective in preventing two top causes of death for americans. there's no clear evidence that any specific vitamin can prevent heart disease or cancer but beta carotene raised the risk for smokers and vitamin e does nothing to prevent diseases. americans spend $12 billion a year on vitamin and mineral supplements. that's why we sort of bring this to the twitter question today. we've heard this kind of information before. we want to know with this information are you still going to take vitamins and why? use the #waytoohealthy. your best answers come on the show later. and you may be the last guy you expect to score but bucs tackle? donald penn did just that. the dolphins make a game of it
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against tampa bay and it comes down the higher. blockbuster renting its final video here in the stores in the u.s. and the last movie out the door oddly appropriate for the occasion, we'll reveal the title later in the cooler and a check on the weather when we come back. >> the ntsb is saying all indications point to an accident not a terrorist attack. the plane took off at 9:14 this morning and crashed into a densely-populated neighborhood in queens. [ female announcer ] who are we?
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ask your doctor about axiron. monday night football featuring a couple of teams that really, really need to win. dolphins visiting the bucs fourth quarter after blowing a lead, bucs down four, cap an 80-yard drive with a one-yard run.
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take lead. miami one last shot fourth and long. brian tannehill goes deep. and i believe that is darryl revus. they finally win a game. tampa no longer winless. the owner and coach of the dolphins whether the off field distractions specifically departure of jonathan martin played a role in how the dofrls played. dolphins owner says he has been texting with martin and will meet with him on wednesday. of course martin still not with the team. ross created an advisory board including former coaches like tony dungy and ex-players to help to get to the bottom of the situation with the dolphins. in the meantime the owner standing by his head coach. >> i want to make sure that the type of racial slurs,
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harassment, you know, bullying doesn't occur in our team in our locker room there's no room for that. there's no room for that in the workplace. i think the coach, i believe one of the finest individuals i've ever met. going through the interviewing process. his character stood out so far and above amongst anybody i ever met and i have total confidence in him. >> finally one trick that's not in the harlem globetrotter's period rear tour. le with bulord dunks and hangs on and the whole thing comes on his head. that's quite scary. turns out he cut his left eye and actually okay. that's the thing -- >> he barely got out of the way. >> good thing he's okay and globetrotters pretty awesome. i follow meteorologists in connecticut. they say there's a little bit of snow. i was in northwest new jersey -- >> snowing at your house. >> really?
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because it wasn't when i left. >> that was a couple of hours ago. the front is moving through. it's fast. when you left -- >> it was warm. >> the temperatures are dropping in a hurry and the snow has fallen and enough to make a little coating, could be slippery out there especially west virginia, pennsylvania, areas of kentucky and now sliding in to areas of new jersey. the front just went through new york city and now it's starting to go through philadelphia and d.c. this is as warm as it's going to get for quarters on the east coast. from here on out the cold air spills in. look at the wind chill values. kansas city at 6. st. louis at 18. stroit 14. this is the coldest morning we had since last winter. this is going to the south. here's the snow on the map. northern new jersey turning white right now with snow coming down. the bridges and overpasses have the best chance of being slippery. most of the main roads should be fine. down central pennsylvania and west virginia higher elevations, appalachians it's cold enough for at that little coating out there. here's a closer look at
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philadelphia and new york city area. light rain for new york city. new york city has a chance to see snowflakes also. as far as the forecast, the falling temperatures and this is cold. this is a day you typically see maybe in late december. high in chicago of 33. that's it. that's as warm as you'll get. wind chills in the 20. only last about two days. will be 50s and 60s in many spots over the weekend. >> coming up at the top of the morning "morning joe," chris christie and hillary clinton head-to-head. 2016. the revealing poll numbers and how that could impact their strategies and when we come back here around the cooler, he's calling it alcohol without the hangover. how a controversial drug expert says how it will work and when it will be available on the market. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
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at the top of the show we talked about the devastation in the philippines following typhoon haiyan. if you want to sound smart tell your friends typhoon haiyan is the a third category 5 super typhoon to hit the philippines since 2010. typhoon megi hit in 2010.
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typhoon bopha hit in 2012. let's go to the cooler. last week blockbuster announced it was ending store rentals, saturday was the last day you could go in a store and take out a movie. the last stoffer to shut down was in hawaii. last official rental was -- >> stay here four to five -- >> we have 12 bottles of water, nutella, a milky way. >> can i have the milky way. >> i'll be bummed if i don't get a bite of the milky way. >> that was "this is the end." blockbuster made the announcement on its twitter feed. they have a sense of humor about the whole thing. let's check in with jimmy kimmel who spent the weekend watching the miss universe pa against and one of the known judges is on panel. >> as we saw on "american
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idol," steven gets excited around beautiful women. this is his question. >> judge number one steven tyler your question. >> miss venezuela -- [ speaking spanish] >> what is your biggest fear and how do you plan to overcome it. [ speaking spanish ] >> my biggest fear is that a scary beauty pageant judge would inactivity me and i would walk among the living dead. [ laughter ] >> now i would like to have a drink every once in a while but when that alarm goes off at 4:00 a.m. i regret it. all the time i regret it. i might be regretting it right now this morning. one expert says in the uk he has a solution to my problem. the professor says it's possible
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to get drunk without a hankover. he says in "daily mail" it's a two step process. first drink a new substance that produce a buzz. when you're ready to sober up pop this antedote he has and it works instantly and no harm to heart, liver, stomach and leaves you hangover free. sounds like a pretty good product. the only thing he needs some funding to get the antedote to the market. give him some investment dollars at least for my sake and brian shactman's sake. >> i could use that. i wonder if you can drink something if it tastes any good. >> we have to see. maybe you can scene us a sample. >> a little case study with you. thank you very much. still ahead on way too early a new study says vitamins doesn't prevent cancer or heart disease. you still taking them? why. tweets are coming up on "morning
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joe" just moments away. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] more room in economy plus.
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>> new study says vitamins don't


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