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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 14, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> one place he won't be in a drunken stupor. more from an especially pick city council meeting courtesy of our friends north of the border. whitey bulger will be sentenced today. families of victims get a final chance to vent their anger at the now elderly convicted killer. let's end on a fun note or rather ap orgasmi maybe aporgas. the when harry met sally flash mob. this is way too early. what a way to start your day, right? listen, have actually a really great show today. i'm brian shactman. it is thursday, november 14. we have apon air engagement proposal from a friend of mine which will be very interesting. we'll have that for you. and also we know about the cult
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status of the mcrib? wait up you see what it looks like before the barbecue sauce is added.up you see what it loo like before the barbecue sauce is added. just a warning, you might want to turn away in the cooler. but don't turn off the tv. we want to begin with obama care and the eye popping enrollment numbers. for supporters, the results are not only disappoint, but also politically troubling. with close to 850,000 applications completed, gijust over 106,000 people have actually selected insurance plans between october 1 and november 2. you go inside those numbers, you learn this. 79,000 were from state based exchanges. that accounts for 75% of all the signups. that means just over 26,000 people getting their health care coverage through the federal program. that breaks down to just 1% of the estimated 48 million americans without health insurance. the congressional budget office expected 7 million individuals to sign up for obama care in the
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first year. in september, the white house said it expected 450,000 to sign up during the program's first month. so 450,000, 26,000. we want to get more on this from casey hunt from nbc news. i guess, first of all, if the site works great in a month, will this go away or now is this taking on a life of its own? >> well, it could, but the administration isn't even at this point promising that it will be done. that's what they have said, but girls testifying up on capitol hill yesterday wouldn't commit to meeting that deadline that they have set for themselves. and at a certain point you start to get into a place where it's not actually mixable, the numbers just don't add up. the risk pools they're trying to build to make the whole plan work would fall apart and right now we have no indication that the website is on its way to be able to ham the capacity that it will need to be able to handle. >> so the key yes, are democrats starting to bail on this. >> we're starting to see early
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signs of that. and senator jeff merkley, who is not exactly a red state democrat from oregon, signed on to this plan that mary landrieu has been pushing that would essentially try to keep the promise that was made that americans would be able to keep their health insurance. senator fine tieinstein is also board with that. democrats just feel abandoned by the white house. they feel like they're not getting enough information, they feel like the white house has done a really poor job of this and that eventually they're the ones who will have to pay the price. after all, the president's approval rating, he may not be running for re-election again, but they certainly are. and it's going to hurt them if it keeps going this way. >> we'll see what kind of distance people start to makes a they gear toward 2014. casey, thanks so much for getting up early for us. now for the philippines where president obama is urging all americans to come contribute to relief efforts. the president says some of the
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affected areas are islands that american and philippine forces helped liberate cduring world wr ii. hundreds are on the ground with aid and that number expected to triple. countries around the world also picking up the pace. united nations world food program says rice and canned foods have been delivered to 49,000 people, of course that's a fraction of those affected. but the mayor of tacloban says impassable roads and lack of vehicles are forcing officials to choose between delivering aid or clearing bodies. as dr. nancy snyderman reports, american doctors working around the round in areas that have so far escaped the world's attention. >> reporter: city hall, badly damaged and now functioning as the local hospital. inside, american froms and veterans from across the country are feverishly working. wooden desks serve as operating
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room tables and flashlights as overhead lights. upstairs, dr. sarah may from seattle treats an #-year-old girl whose leg was cut by flying debris. >> unfortunately, we've been doing procedures like this every day. we dress the wound, give them the one day of antibiotics that we have. >> cutting our dressings into 24 dressings so that we have enough to get through. but we need supplies quickly. >> reporter: for those who have surviv survived, the challenges of putting life back together are just beginning. >> that was dr. nancy snyderman reporting. also brand new video of the hospital the super typhoon hit in the town of san juan. the images show upthe rooted trees, bending in the wind almost horizontal. the death toll this morning is up to 2300 people. a closed door briefing with secretary of state john kerry
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and vice president joe biden left republican senators fuming about a possible deal with iran. in the words of two lawmakers, the meeting was anti-israel and unconvincing. the meeting was set up to try to stop congress from imposing a new round of economic sanctions, a possible death blow for diplomacy. but senator bob corker said there were precious few details on what any new deal would look like, adding he was very disappointed. senator marc kirk called the briefing fairly anti-israel. a senator aid told the "new york times" anytime he anybody would say anything about what would the israelis say, they would get cut off and kerry would say stop listening to the israelis on this. and while there is some support in the senate for cutting a deal with iran, several high profile republicans are simply shaking their heads. >> published reports are accurate, we owe our french allies a great deal of credit
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for preventing the major powers in the negotiations to so-called p5 plus 1 from making a bad, bad, bad interim deal with iran. >> if the iranians insist upon enriching, they have the ability to at that time the you'uranium especially rich it in the future, that is a nonstarter and you'll wake up one day with a north korea in the mideast. >> meanwhile sus aprice says sus it's premature to criticize a deal. supervisors were removed from the secret service detail because of alleged misconduct. the investigation began after a woman called police from a washington hotel to say an agent was trying to force his way into her room. reports say the agent had accidently left a bullet there earlier in the day after unloading his weapon when the woman became uncomfortable being
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around the gun. the investigation reportedly revealed he and another agent also september sexually explicit e-mails to a female colleague. the investigation of course comes 18 months after secret service agents were involved in a prostitution scandal in the cup of columbia before president obama visited that country. the secret service had no comment on the current investigation. let's go to toronto where the city council asking embattled mayor rob ford to step down after what can only be characterized as a heated meeting. the council voted wednesday, asked the matter to leave temporarily, though it has no actual power to force him from office. ford repeatedly declining to leave adding he is not addicted to alcohol or drugs. he said he didn't know the men in that picture were allegedly gang members when he took the photo at a house that court documents call a drug den. >> that is not a crack house. >> sorry? >> that is not a crack house. >> and what is it? >> it is a house with a family,
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with a father and a mother and three sons and a daughter. have you been into that house shall. >> i have noed interest being in that house. i'm not a crack user. >> mayor ford also made a stunning admission. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> be careful. >> yes, i have. >> thank you. >> new court documents came out later in the day. staffers reportedly accuse ford of a wild st. patrick's day in 2012. that's when ford allegedly took cocaine, oxycontin and partied with suspected escort, even produce the one of them to city hall. not really sure how to segue here, but i will to boston and a huge court case in just a few hour, boston mobster whitey bulger will learn his fate. a judge is expected to announce
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his statements after hearing emotional statements in court yesterday from the victims' families. prosecutors asking for a life sentence. of course he's in his early 80s. bulger stared at a table without saying a word. they referred to him as a coward and domestic terrorist. one of the jurors exchanged letters with bulger and she regrets finding him guilty because 6 the deals the government made with mob witnesses. >> it doesn't mean he is guilty. it was not a fair trial. it was a circus, it was a sham and everybody is falling for it. >> bulger was convicted in august of 11 counts of murder, racketeering, money laup dnderi and extortion. all three indices closing in positive territory yesterday. let's go to geoff cutmore live for us in london. good morning, geoff.
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>> good morning to you. a couple good stories for you here. oil independence a step closer for the united states. oil production has overtaken imported oil consumption. the other good news here, the gas price appears to be falling across the united states. elsewhere, markets turning around yesterday on the janet yellen comments. she goes into senate confirmation hearings today. they start at 10:00. but she sounded quite dovish about the position that the fed will take going forward under her helm. that helped turn away a losing day on the market, brian. >> i don't know how familiar you are with snap chat and its reputation, but i think a lot of people were pretty shocked not only that it got offered the amount of money it was offered, but also that it turned it down. >> it's incredible. apparently people who know about these things say the snap chat founders were offered billions by facebook. they turned it down.
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these guys are in their early 20s. apparently they think they can can can make even more money going forward. and that reputation, brian, i understand some people sent quite racy pictures over snap chat because they disappear. >> that's what they say. they allegedly disappear and people supposedly do that. i don't have any grekt experiendirect experience with it. other business related news, crocs is considering going private. the company gained huge success in 2006 with the brightly colored clogs with the holes in them. the company's profit fell dramatically in the last quarter because of weaker sales in the u.s. and japan. people are polarized on crocs. so the company is in trouble. it went out of business. would it be a big loss or a fashion good rid answdancriddan? we'll have some of your answers
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later. still ahead, the yankees need to shore up the bull pen with mariano rivera retiring. and you've never seen the popular mcrib sandwich before it's finished. neither the president nor the speaker nor senator dole will give. so tonight much of the government remains shut down. both sides are claiming this is a battle over principle. for a time, there were fapt signs a deal was in the works, but tonight nothing doing.
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cnbc had a life changing moment while she was thinking she was doing television. take a look. >> engagement rippings very big season during the christmas holidays. >> i can only imagine. what about the middle level jewelers, the ones like jared? >> will you marry me? >> yes. that be y thank you. >> that was courtney reagan and her fiance. and jared? of course, con drat lags congratulations. >> i i get choked up watching it. >> you're a cryer. first of all, it didn't make air. >> correct. it was never actually on air. jared wasn't really thrilled about the idea of that, but he
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knew i would probably cherish the video to be able to have it myself. so this was just a tape and never made air up right now. i guess now it is. >> that's exactly right. so i guess did you think we would actually -- somebody would do what we're doing right now? >> no. it's very sweet that people have been really, really thighs about it. this actually happened on november 1st. so it's very sweet that people have been so kind to say such nice things. but i certainly didn't expect it. >> courtney reagan is one of the hardest working people on television. and it's well deserved. congratulations from all of us. >> thank you, brian. thanks, guys. >> she is a fantastic woman. let's get a check on your weather -- >> she's so nice. >> and honestly, like she was a producer at cnbc and worked so hard to get responsibilities on the air as a reporter. and so anything that is good for her is well deserved. >> congrats. as far as today goes, just like
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yesterday, cold to start, but aways much better. we don't show you these often. this is called a roll cloud. like a long tube. almost looks like a parallel tornado up in the sky. there are two types, one called a shelf cloud like a thunderstorm and this is called the roll cloud. kind of just rolls right across the sky. >> is it moving? like if you go through that, is it -- >> it is spinning. leading edge of cold air just kind of starts to spin a couple hundred feet off the ground. just amazing. almost looks freaky, like the military is working on something. as far as the forecast, it's very cold out there. actually very cold all the way down to the deep south. atlanta at 31. pretty widespread. but today is going to be about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. so enjoy this. it should be a nice afternoon. winds will be lighter out there, too, especially in areas like d.c. should be about 57 today. 40s yesterday. 60 in dallas. so you get the picture here. we have about two quiet days in
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a row and then we'll deal with rain over the weekend. it looks like best chance for the east coast is sunday with midwest saturday. >> we have our last under 6-year-old soccer game on saturday, so we want to get it in. >> you will. saturday will be nice for the east coast. let's go to sports. a rivalry brewing between oklahoma city and the l.a. clippers. thunder up six in the second. griffin surging and tapping gng going for the rebound and some pushing and shoving. despite 33 points from kevin durant, clippers take the victory 111-103. yankees are in the market for some bull pen help, but brian cashman saying cross brian will so that oson off the list. his agent told cash man the right hander has no intention of
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shaving his beard. the yankees have a facial hair policy. needily groomed mustache only. he reportedly turned town eed d million bucks to shave his beard earlier in the year. what does it take to get people to come to a pre-season college hoops game? free beer. louisville women's coach buying beer for the first 2500 people who attend. he says a sich grgn of gratitud loyal fans and an invitation to people to check out the team. he's lucky, it is $2 beer night so it was cost him $5,000 and it is coming out of his own pocket. lose a coming up, live from d.c.. obama care numbers are out and they are ugly. what the pitiful totals mean for
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lawmake lawmakers. when we come back here, a flash mob like you've never seen before. re-enactment of an iconic when harry met sally moment. i'll have what these having. ♪ [ male announcer ] welcome back all the sweet things your family loves with 0-calorie monk fruit in the raw. ♪ welcome back [ male announcer ] it's made with the natural, vine-ripened sweetness of fruit, so you can serve up deliciously sweet treats without all the sugar. so let no drink go unsweetened. no spatula un-licked. and no last bit un-sipped. you don't have to throw a party, but you'll probably feel like celebrating. raw natural sweetness, raw natural success.
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at the top of the show, we talked about two members of the secret service who have been removed from the presidential
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detail following allegations of misconduct. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends the budget request from the secret service was $1.6 billion. the number does include money set aside for a host of other people other than the president's family. it includes former presidents and their families and of course visiting heads of state. put the news aside and let's go to the cooler. louis is parts unknown. allegedly food item that people have claimed to drive hundreds of miles for is the mcdonald and he mcrib sandwich. people love it. but take a look at this photo. this is a frozen mcrib. it's gone viral. some people thinking twice about the product. side by side, the photos look very little like each other. mcdonalds responding saying just like a burger pattie is formed to be round and flat, we form it
5:56 am
in the shape aftof aftra digtof rib. we then flash freeze it. group of pranksters bringing iconic movies to this is a good one. customers taken by surprise when the actors re-enacted a fairly loud scene from when harry met salary. >> i think women are pretty satisfied. >> are you sure they're genuinely satisfied, that they're not pretending to be satisfied? >> i'm saying they're faking -- >> yes. >> pretty sure i can tell. >> i can tell. >> oh, yeah! oh, yeah! yeah!
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>> i'll have what they're having. >> that is just fantastic. still ahead, if crocs went away, would it be a big loss or fashion good riddance? your tweets and more than j"mor live from d.c.. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook?
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