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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 8, 2014 10:00am-10:11am JST

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for a half day and 9700 for a full day. the minimum size for a tour is two people. full details can be found on the program's website. welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. heavy fighting continues between government troops and pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine. president petro poroshenko was inaugurated in the capital of kiev. a separatist spokesman says his group was hit by artillery attacks from government forces in the donationic region on tuesday.
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the two sides also exchanged fire on friday. the spokesman says the separatists destroyed 20 armored vehicles and a reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the interim government. government officials said a cargo plane carrying humanitarian aid supplies were shot down by separatists. several border checkpoints have been closed as armed groups are believed to be crossing into ukraine from russia. the u.n. refugee agency says more than 10,000 have fled in the last few months. the u.n. high commission for refugees people are flooding out of the donetsk and luhansk to seek refuge elsewhere. many are in the capital kiev. many have no friends and relatives to rely on and are struggling to get buy.
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repetitive in ukraine said if the security situation in the east doesn't improve, the number of internally displaced people could rise by the thousandes of even tens of thousands the u.s. deputy secretary of state is preparing to sit down with negotiators from iran. william burns will lead the latest effort to break an international deadlock of tehran's nuclear program. burns will meet with the iranians on monday in geneva. the sides are trying to work out a deal before the july deadline. delegates from the u.s., russia, china, britain, france, and germany have spent years negotiating with their iranian counterparts. they want to ensure tehran doesn't use its nuclear technology to develop weapons of mass destruction.
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teheran iranian officials want to press on with construction. japan's prime minister has returned from a visit to europe where he attended a g7 summit in brussels. prime minister shinzo abe arrived at tokyo's haneda airport sunday evening. the summit was tended by countries discussing ukraine, tensions in the south china seas and the global economy. g7 leaders called on russia to exercise further constraint over ukraine warning they are ready to impose tougher sanctions if needed. also opposing attempts by any part to cert claims to
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territorial areas using force. the two leaders greed to work towards early signing of an economic partnership agreement between japan and the european union. they confirmed their intention to strengthen political and economic relationships. abe intends to speed up relationships within his coalition to finalize the government's economic and fiscal policy plan getting the economy on a steady recovery path. pop music fans of japanese singing group akb48 attended a performance and awaited the results of a member popularity pole. held amid tight security following a recent attack on two singers last month. organizers beefed up screening procedures in a sports stadium in tokyo. fans submitted to security checks by metal detecters before
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entering the venue. around 70,000 fans awaited the result of the annual vote known tas general election. the online ballot ranks all by fan popularity. one of the injured girls took the stage for the first time since the attack. she fought through tears and thanked all her fans for the support. the other girl injured was also absent. by phone she said she was good in shape and expressed her gratitude the to all the fans. a japanese news woman has
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been released after spending three weeks in detention. a chinese female assistant with the chan king bureau was released on saturday. the decision to detain her linked to human rights lawyer pu zhiqiang. he was taken into custody in may. the female staffer had previously attended an interview with pu. they asked authorities to explain their action but did not receive a response. the detention drew criticism in china and abroad including the u.s. state department. xu youyu and three others who
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wrp reportedly taking part in the meetings. were released also. pu is still in custody. >> the lead up to the 25th anniversary in the tiananmen incident on june 4th. government officials in china are using a business expo to promote trade with their asian neighbors. the exhibition attracts around 2500 firms from territories in south and southeast asia. the second china south asia expo runs through sunday. about 80 vietnamese businesses are displaying and selling furniture food products and others at the event. china will establish a bank to invest in infrastructure in developing economies in the
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region. however some vietnamese representatives said the dispute between vietnam and china over islands in the south china sea could overshadow business between the countries. >> translator: i think both governments should resolve the current territorial problem. >> chinese authorities have urged their citizens not to travel to vietnam. they have also canceled exchanges with their neighbor following violent antichina demonstrations there. coming up a three day weather forecast for selected cities.
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♪ ♪ that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for watching.
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welcome to cool japan, we introduce cool japanese culture. so what do you think? >> you find so many in japan even though we're considered a small country. can you guess what it is? >> what a rough approach. any hint? >> well in your case i suppose it would be. [speaking foreign language] >> oh now that sure brings back memories so it must be traditional food. >> i guess you could call it that. but japanese love other traditional food besides their own. >> oh i know it's local gourmet. >> bingo. >> let's get


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