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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 9, 2014 6:00am-6:11am JST

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a series of car bombs has ripped through the iraqi capital killing more than 60 people. officials suspect al qaeda-affiliated sunni extremists were behind the explosions. security officials say the blasts occurred in the one-hour period on saturday night mainly striking shia neighborhoods in baghdad. a crowded marketplace and a major highway were among the targets. a political bloc led by shia prime minister nouri al maliki won the largest number of seats in april's parliamentary elections. sunnis and other groups accused
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malaki of ruling in an authoritarian style. islamic extremists have been trying to inflame the tensions. insurgents clashed with security forces on saturday in the northern city of mosul leaving many dead or wounded on both sides. egypt's former defense minister has been sworn in as the country's new president. al fatah vowed to establish a strong, just and secure country. the former army chief took the oath of office on sunday. at the supreme constitutional court in cairo. >> translator: i swear to god to sincerely safeguard the republican regime and respect the constitution and the law and to fully attend to the interests of the people and to maintain the independence of the nation and the unity and safety of its land. he secured almost 97% of the vote in last month's
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presidential election. he led a de facto coup last july that ousted the nation's first democratically-elected president mohammed morsi. since coup, security has been steadily deteriorating with islamic extremists carrying out sporadic terrorist attacks. that is affecting tourism in a country where hosting foreign visitors is a major industry. they're trying to cope with stagnation of the entire economy. many of them expect a new president to exercise strong leadership to put an end to the chaos, but others are concerned that the return of a military backed president will lead to the relapse of authoritarian rule in egypt. thai police have detained a group of suspected north korean defectors in northern thailand. they told the officers they escaped from north korea to china and traveled down a river by boat.
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police say the group consists of 11 women and two girls. they were found in a boat on the banks of the mekong river. the site is close to the borders of laos and myanmar. they told police they're seeking asylum in south korea or another country. in july last year, 12 north koreans were captured in the same province. many north korean defectors have traveled through china and laos to enter thailand and most of them choose to live in south korea. india's foreign minister met her counterpart on sunday. she's visiting the country as xi jinping's special envoy. the outreach comes two weeks after prime minister narendra modi launched his new administration. it comes two weeks after prime minister narendra modi lost his new administration. india's external affairs minister hosted in new delhi. the two ministers agreed on more talks between senior leaders of their nations. the ministers talked for more
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than three hours and agreed to strengthen the bilateral relationship. china's government has invited the new indian leader to visit beijing, but the indian govern has already announced that it's arranging modi's visit to japan in july. modi is showing his preference to first strengthen ties with japan to revitalize his country's economy. observers say that the chinese foreign ministers suggest china is attempting to win india over to its side as it squares off against japan. modi is scheduled to meet wang on monday. fifteen crew members of a south korean ferry will face justice in a courtroom on monday. they are indicted for failing to evacuate passengers when the vessel sank off the coast in april. the first hearing of the trial will be held at a district court
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southth country. the captain and three others face charges of homicide through willful negligence. prosecutors will argue they could have given an evacuation order but didn't take any measure to save the passengers. attention is focused on whether the court will recognize the willful negligence of the defendants. mean while the district prosecutor's office is searching for the former chairman of the firm who operated the ferry is wanted on charges of embezzlement. prosecutors detained people on concealing his whereabouts. japanese defense minister onodera says the government will step up its surveillance capability in southern japan. onodera visited an air
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self-defense force base on the island on kagoshima prefecture. the island is on the eastern edge of the east china sea. the base is close to the airspace where chinese military aircraft flew near japanese self-defense force planes last month. the incident increased bilateral tensions. a vehicle mounted radar system is being used at the site while the current system is upgraded. >> translator: it's very important to increase the radar system performance and strengthen warning and surveillance capabilities in southern japan. >> he told the sdf members that their duties are becoming more important because of the increasing amount of activities involving aircraft operated by japan's neighbors. he urged them to carry out their task with a strong sense of purpose. japan's health and welfare ministry is trying to deal with the pressing issue of dementia among the elderly. they conducted a survey on people who have gone missing from their homes and nursing care facilities.
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the ministry says over 10,000 people with dementia go missing each year. the national police agency has been compiling data on missing persons, but the government hasn't fully addressed the problem. the first survey will collect data on elderly people who disappeared in the 12 months ending in march of this year. the ministry will gather information on the level of care these people need and the nursing care services they've used. it will ask nursing homes to report any unidentified people sent to them from police custody. the survey will also look into how well a nationwide missing person's program is working. it's known as the s.o.s. network and is operating in conjunction with police, local governments and communities. japan's soccer squad arrived in brazil five days of the start of the fifa world cup finals.
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brazil is hosting the tournament that begins on thursday. the japanese team flew into the international airport outside sao paulo after warm-up matches in the u.s. japan's coach says he's happy to come to brazil at least. >> translator: our team continues to grow. we are ready now. >> translator: the players are in very good physical condition. we now need to prepare for our first match. >> the players and team officials went by bus to their dormitory at a camp site. fans gathered in front of the building. japan will face cote d'ivoire in its first group stage game next saturday. now let's check out the world weather.
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that will do it for "newsline" at this hour. i'm hiro morita in tokyo. thanks for watching nhk world.
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