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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 3, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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i'm keikichi hanada in tokyo. here are some of the stories we are following this hour. japan's prime minister says he will lift some sanctions against north korea once it starts investigating the fate of japanese abducted decades ago. angry people in gentleman russ element suspect a palestinian boy was murdered to avenge the deaths of three israeli teens. japan's prime minister has
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made a diplomatic decision aimed at solving a long-standing and emotional issue. shinzo abe plans to lift some sanctions against north korea once investigators there start a fresh probe into the abductions of japanese citizens. agents from the north carried out the kidnappings decades ago. >> translator: regarding the result of the japan-north korea talks we verified the structure of the organization that will conduct the investigation into all missing japanese including the abductees will be unprecedented. is it an organization that can make national decisions with the national defense commission, state security department and other entities at the forefront. therefore, based on the principle of action to action, we will lift some of the sanctions that japan has imposed.
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>> abe spoke after meeting with members of the national security council. he said north korean leaders will give a special committee the power to launch an effective investigation into any organization in the reclusive nation. the chief cabinet secretary gave further details on the scope and timing of the probe. >> translator: we have decided to lift some of the sanctions japan has imposed against north korea based on the following reasons. one, the special investigative committee has been given a special authority by the highest organ of the state, the national defense commission, to investigate all relevant organizations. the committee will be headed by an official of both national defense commission and state
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security department and a member organizations will include state security department, ministry of people's security and the ministry of people's armed forces. next, under the special committee for the issues of abductees, missing national japanese nationals, the remains of japanese nashls left in north korea, the issue of japanese nationals living in north korea including spouses of north koreas, separate subcommittees will be set up. but that is not to say that certain areas will be prioritized over others. investigations into all these areas will be proceed in parallel. third, north korea says preparations are in place to begin the investigation and to start up the special committee. in consideration of the fact that i recently said that the duration of the investigation should be within one year, they are ready to begin the investigation promptly.
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therefore, we comprehensively judged through all these elements that north korea has at this point made preparations to a certain extent for an investigation that is effective. that is why the government has made this recent decision. >> the abe administration will lift sanctions that include restrictions on travel, port calls by ships and tight regulations on money transfers. officials from japan and north korea met in may in stockholm to talk about the abductions issue. they formed the framework of an agreement. north korean leaders have been weighed down by international sanctions for years as punishment for their nuclear and ballistic missile tests. but the restrictions imposed by japan were much tougher.
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>> reporter: the u.n. security council adopted a resolution immediately after north korea conducted a nuclear text in 2006. it called on member states to prohibit or freeze north korean funds or goods that could lead to the development of weapons of mass destruction. japanese officials went ever further and imposed additional sanctions. they banned all imports and exports from the north. north koreans are no longer to enter japan except for people carrying special permits. north korean residents living in japan can still travel between the two countries on a is -- humanitarian basis. but japanese officials are discouraged from traveling to the north. north korean ships and chartered flights have been banned from entering japan. rules overseeing certain funds transfers have been tightened. the father of one of the abduct yees sounded an
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optimistic note on abe's announcement. he said a fresh outcome to the issue is possible because the new investigation committee has the backing of the north's high profile government bodies. north korea says that his daughter yagumi, is dead. >> translator: north korea surely has all the data on the eight abductees it says are dead. so i think it can verify what is true and what is not. if they have the will to do so. >> he said he wants to continue to try to bring the abductees back home as he believes his daughter is still alive. >> and joining us in the studio is our reporter, who has covered issues on the north korean peninsula for many years. so what are the key points of the news conference by chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga?
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>> there are several reasons why the japanese government believes the special investigation committee will be trustworthy. suga revealed details about the makeup of the investigative committee. he said the panel is well-organized and ready to start a full-fledged investigation. suga says north korea's highest government body, the national defense committee, authorized this special committee. he says the panel is able to make a full investigation into the case of every abductees. this includes the remains of people who have died as well as missing japanese and japanese spouses. he says this committee is credible enough to carry out an effective investigation and they will complete the poll within one year. >> the abe administration has decided to lift some sanctions. how would you characterize the government's move?
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>> the easing of sanctions will mark a breakthrough in the abduction issue. it has been stalled for more than a decade. japan and north korea joined the pyongyang declaration in 2002 after summit talks. the two sides agreed to take steps for compensation for japan's colonial rule and for the abduction of japanese nationals. the goal was to normalize ties. north korea recognized it would receive economic assistance from japan once ties had resumed. the late leader kim jong-il allowed five japanese to return home and conducted what they say was a solo investigation. that's because he was anticipating a huge amount of economic assistance. but the report on how some of the abductees died was full of inconsistencies. that caused an outcry from the japanese public.
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north korea took a firm stance again and insisted that the issue had already been resolved. then four years later, the north agreed to conduct an investigation but soon changed its mind citing the resignation of japan's prime minister fukuda. >> why is north korea approaching japan now? >> i think what has prompted the change of attitude this time are the circumstances surrounding north korea and a shift in japan's public sentiment. the international committee has imposed a series of sanctions on the north in response to its nuclear tests and missile launches that has left the north korean economy in shambles. after kim jong-il died in 2011, his third son, kim jong-un took over as leader. he vowed to revive the economy but he has yet to follow through on his promises.
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besides, the north's traditional ties with china have cooled and its relationship with south korea have become worse. meanwhile the relatives of the abductees are getting older and little time is left. calls for an early resolution of the issue are intensifying in japan. north korea appears to have judged that the abe administration will be in power for some time and that abe is desperate to resolve the abduction issue. abe has pledged to move the issue forward. in other words, a coincidence of interests between the two countries led to the agreement. >> will the north really carry out a fresh investigation and return all the abductees? >> many things stand in the way. one of them is the creation of the special committee the north is setting up.
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even if the committee is given full authority, japanese officials won't be able to join in the poll. the north insist that eight of the officially recognized abductees are already dead. theut japanese spouses living in the north subject to the repatriation. japanese officials thought that by widening the scope it would be less complicated for the north to return japanese citizens. north korean officials were described as being sincere. so i expect the investigation will proceed smoothly. to what extent should japan lift its sanctions depends on north korea's response. >> thank you very much indeed.
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palestinians have hit the streets seething over what many believe is a revenge killing. the body of a palestinian teenager was found in jerusalem. security forces say his death may have been retribution for the murders of three israeli teenagers. the boy was last seen earlier in the day being bundled in a car. his body was found in a forested area. palestinian media say it was charred and bore signs of violence. the discovery followed the disappearance last month of three israeli teenagers. their bodies were found on monday. israeli leaders have blamed the islamist resistance group, hamas. members of hamas deny any involvement. israelis, too, have taken to the streets. some shouted "death to the arabs."
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nicolas sarkozy has denied claims he tried to influence a probe into illegal campaign funding. the former french president appeared on it have to denounce the judicial authorities who have put him under investigation. >> translator: i want to say to all those who are listening or watching that i have never betrayed them and have never committed an act against the republic's principles or the rules of law. >> it was his first public appearance since being released from custody this week. investigators questioned him over claims he used his influence to gain details from a judge of a probe into his 2007 election campaign. they suspect sarkozy offered a judge a new post. judicial authorities have since launched a full-fledged investigation which may lead to a trial. sarkozy bitterly condemned the
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magistrate saying they are out to humiliate him. he was thought to be planning a political comeback. sarkozy was dumped from power in the 2012 presidential election. officials from iran and six world powers have restarted negotiations with a deadline looming. they are trying to reach a final agreement on the iranian nuclear program by july 20th. the delicates from iran, the united states, britain, france, germany, russia and china reached a breakthrough last november but they are still work through the details. iranian negotiators have agreed to restrictions. in return those from the major powers say they'll ease sanctions. but the two sides are still divided over the scale of i rain's ukrainian enrichment program and the lifting of sanctions. u.s. secretary of state john kerry submitted his views in an article in the "washington post"
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newspaper. he warned time is rung out. he wrote the u.s. and its partners will not consent to an extension merely to drag out negotiations. the iranian foreign minister said that his government is prepared to address the concerns of the international community. but he said, excessive demands from the other negotiators would block progress. foreign ministers from the philippines and vietnam have criticized china for installing an oil rig in the south china sea. both countries have territorial disputes with beijing in the area. vietnamese officials say that two people agreed that china violated international law by setting up the oil rig near the paracel islands. the two met the hanoi. the ministers said it's important for the members of the association of southeast asian
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nations to work together to peacefully resolve the oil rig dispute. leaders from china and asean had agreed to create acosis of conduct for settling territorial disputes in the south china sea. asean members are at odds on how firmly to deal with china. myanmar will hold a series of asean meetings next month. the delegates will be joined by officials from china and other countries. the philippines and vietnam plan to use the meetings to urge china to speed up negotiations on the code of conduct. some international financial leaders fear that leaders are using low interest rates to take more risks and they warn that
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could bring instability in the financial system. but janet yellen says she won't pushed into raising rates. >> i do not presently see a need for monetary policy to deviate from a primary focus to obtain price stability and maximum employment in order to address financial stability concerns. >> yellen was speaking to an audience at the international monetary fund. she said staff members at the fed have refocused their efforts to limit the buildup of risk. imf head christine lagarde and others have warned about the fed's impact on emerging economies. she urged policymakers to ensure their changes do not bring about instability. the dow jones industrial average has been breaking record after record. and analysts see some signs it may be overheating. some say the fed's rate policy is fueling these trends. the people at an arm of japanese electronics giant toshiba have found fewer opportunities at home. so they are looking to europe to sell some of their nuclear
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technology. they are expected to win a $5 billion deal to build a plant in bulgaria. officials with toshiba's westinghouse subsidiary are expected to sign the contract to build the plant. it will generate enough electricity to power thousands of homes. managers are also considering taking a stake in the state-controlled firm that will operate the plant. all nuclear reactors in japan are offline. so managers at the electronics firms have been looking overseas. those at toshiba and hitachi have acquired power companies that plan to build power plants in britain. managers at hitachi are also negotiating to win a contract in lithuania. japanese workers turn out products known around the world. but much of what they make is made with resources imported from abroad. iron ore from australia for example.
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a mining giant there has just shipped its 1 billionth ton of ore to japan. managers invited their colleagues from the japanese steel industry to mark the event at a port in western australia. they have been working together since 1966. australia is the largest supplier of the ore to japan, providing more than 60% of imports. officials with japan's jfe steel said a long-term relationship is the key to success in the raw materials industry. china's president is visiti visiting south korea for the first time since taking off. xi jinping will have a meeting with park geun-hye. nhk world's daisuke azuma reports.
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>> reporter: since becoming president last year, xi jinping has taken a series of diplomatic steps toward neighboring countries. this trip marks the first time that the chinese president has been to south korea before paying a visit to north korea, china's long-time ally. one day ahead of xi's visit in the south, north korea fired two rockets into the sea of japan. analysts think that china will try not to anger north korea too much. >> translator: i believe that china notified north korea of the visit in advance as always and i think the north launched its rockets to remind china and south korea of its presence and revive tensions on the peninsula. >> reporter: china also wants to
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extend bi-lateral cooperation by finalizing a free trade agreement with the south which it hopes will boost investment. the port city of qingdao is pinning its hopes on the two sides signing an agreement. since diplomatic relations were established in 1992 it's been a steppingstone for south korean businesses entering the chinese market. many chinese people who speak korean have moved to qingdao in search of jobs. many factories are located here and they employed many workers. but the situation is changing. china's strong economic growth have led to higher labor costs
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forcing some companies to pull out of the city. figures show that the number of south korean companies in qingdao dropped 20% during 2013. many restaurants catering to these companies have had to close. >> translator: there are fewer factories and those that are left are small or mid-sized businesses. in the last two or three years our sales have dropped by half. >> reporter: if the two countries do sign a free-trait agreement, duties will be eliminated in many fields. he hopes this will lead to a rebound in investment since they have a large south korean speaking population. an agreement may also have an important strategic value. >> translator: if there is progress toward a free-trade
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agreement between china and south korea it will strengthening the ftas that china has with asean countries. this will be an asset in the future as counter balance between the fpp between the u.s. and japan. it's time to check on the weather. >> hello there, the heaviest rainfall in 50 years is hitting northern kyushu. le 2 -- 200 mill meeters in two hours. the rate of rainfall has exceeded the drainage capacity. several houses and shops are inundated and several landslides blocked roads and residential
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areas. many schools are closed. take a look at these impressive numbers. these are the rainfall amounts over the past 24 hours. over 310 millimeters in nagasaki. that is much more than the monthly rainfall. and 223 millimeters that is more than we normally see this time of year. and there is more to come. 150 millimeters in the north and more heavy rain in the southern areas and rain is shifting to the eastern areas, aiming for the tokyo region with damaging lightning and stronger gusts and even tornados are not out of the questions. tornados in rainy weather are quite dangerous because they are very invisible. many things will be happening in much of japan tomorrow. tokyo will see stormy conditions from early tomorrow morning into the noon hour. that could affect your morning
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commute. if you look at the south we have another rainmaker. this is going to become a tropical storm in the next 24 hours. right now it's a tropical depression and it is starting to affect the southern islands like guam. we have a tropical storm east of the florida peninsula. this is saw thur. the worst is happening over the waters but is it a troublesome system maker because it is going to attach to the east coast of north carolina by your thursday night as a hurricane and move up to the north parallel to the eastern seaboard as we go into the next couple of days. and on top of that we are expecting heavy rainfall and gusty conditions in the eastern areas because a new system is coming in from the west. areas in the northeastern u.s. you are expecting stormy weather at reis into your thursday, the worst is in washington, d.c. and new york city. watch out for flooding and
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landslides. the windiest part will be found in the east coast of the carolina. now temperatures are as follows. quite hot in several places. meanwhile, sunny weather will come back in jacksonville with the departure of arthur. but because of high humidity you feel like 39 degrees on thursday. watch out for heatstroke. as for washington, d.c., heavy rain will continue into early friday and in new york city, rainy weather will continue for most part of friday but by the nighttime hours, sunny weather will come back so the firework event should be okay on your independence day. that's it for me now. up next is your three-day forecast. as for washington, d.c., heavy forecast.
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and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada. on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us.
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♪ osaka is a major commercial and cultural hub. it's known for its lively entertainment districts and its inexpensive, tasty eats. >> unmistakably osaka. there's a power and energy here unlike any other town in japan. what a wonderful place to be tonight. but on this week's journeys
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