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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm JST

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. . welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. u.s. president barack obama offers to help broker a cease-fire in gaza as the conflict between israeli forces and palestinian militants escalates. u.s. vice president joe biden has hinted at further sanctions against russia if the country continues to support separatists in east ukraine.
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as people around the globe mark the u.n.'s population day, one says is is essential to crack down on child marriages. u.s. president barack obama says he's willing to help negotiate a cease-fire between israeli leaders and palestinian militants in gaza. israeli forces have been targeting members of hamas in retaliation for rocket attacks. dozens of palestinians have died, and there are fears the violence could worsen if israel launches a ground offensive. more from nhk world's craig dale. >> reporter: palestinian militants in gaza are firing off rockets day and night. israelis have been rushing to bomb shelters. and while some of the rockets hit their marks, most end up as white puffs in the sky, blown up by israel's sophisticated aerial defense system known as the iron dome.
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the israeli air offensive in gaza has been much more punishing. buildings reduced to rubble or engulfed in flames, residents rushed out on stretchers and cars turned into piles of mangled metal. israeli leaders say they're targeting members of hamas, the islamist militant group that controls gaza, but civilians are dying, too. >> we face the risk of an all-out escalation. >> reporter: members of the u.n. security council met to discuss the conflict. >> it is now more urgent than ever to try to find common ground for a return to calm. >> reporter: both sides made emotional appeals.
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>> 15 seconds, that's how much time you have to run for your life. >> reporter: israel's ambassador says no country would tolerate rocket attacks. the palestinian representative urged the security council to act. >> failing to do so, it will further diminish its own credibility and be complicit in allowing innocent children, women and men to die. >> reporter: the seeds of this latest conflict were sewn last month. three israeli teens disappeared in the west bank. authorities in israel blamed hamas and launched a crackdown. hamas responded with rockets. then, after the teens turned up dead, a group of israelis allegedly kidnapped and killed a palestinian teenager out of revenge. the cycle of violence and lingering tension is familiar. the israelis sent ground troops into gaza in 2009, and they last went to war there in 2012. at this point, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is only saying expect more, but palestinian president mahmoud abbas argues a ground operation could start within hours. u.s. officials are offering to
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broker a cease-fire. >> de-escalation ultimately is in the interests of all parties. >> reporter: it's unclear if statements such as that will stop the violence. hamas leaders accuse israel of carrying out war crimes by killing civilians, but the israelis say they're going after terrorists and that they have long days of fighting ahead of them. craig dale, nhk world. international negotiators are struggling to reach a final accord on iran's nuclear program by a july 20th deadline. now the foreign ministers from the six world powers engaged in the talks have been invited to vienna in a bid to breathe new life into the negotiations. european union foreign policy chief catherine ashton and iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif have been leading the attempt to find common ground. ashton's spokesperson said the ministers of the six world
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powers have been invited to participate. a u.s. state department spokesperson said secretary of state john kerry will travel to vienna this weekend. french government sources said foreign minister laurent fabius will arrive on sunday. negotiator remain sharply at odds over the scale of iran's uranium enrichment program, including the number of centrifuges it should be allowed to use. they're also divided over how to lift the economic sanctions imposed by western nations. officials with the international atomic energy agency warn insurgents in iraq have seized nuclear materials, but they say the substances do not pose a significant threat. iraqi government officials informed the iaea that the insurgents took the material from a university in the city of mosul. reuters says nearly 40 kilograms of uranium compounds were kept at the university for research purposes. the iraqi government is asking the u.n. for help to stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in iraq or abroad.
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iaea officials say the materials are low grade, but they say any loss of regulatory control over nuclear or other radioactive materials is a cause for concern. over the last month, sunni militants have taken control of a number of cities in an offensive across northern and western iraq. u.s. vice president joe biden has indicated that his country could move forward with another round of sanctions against russia. biden spoke by phone with ukraine's president, petro poroshenko, about cease-fire negotiations that aren't going nowhere. white house sources say poroshenko told biden that the kremlin and pro-russian separatists in ukraine had rejected numerous proposed venues for peace talks. biden told poroshenko the u.s. is discussing with its partners
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in the international community the need to hold russia accountable for its continued support for the separatists. the sources say the two men agreed the separatists should immediately release captive ukrainian soldiers. they also agreed that the organization for security and cooperation in europe should monitor the ukraine/russia border. last week, poroshenko told biden that his country is ready to implement another cease-fire if the separatists lay down their weapons and meet certain other conditions. japan's top government spokesperson has suggested an opportunity for talks with china. chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga addressed journalists in tokyo. he said the asia summit in november would be a natural environment for leaders to meet. suga said the world's second and third largest economies must act as responsibly. he said china and japan must help maintain peace and prosperity in the asia-pacific region and the rest of the
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world. and he added the leaders should talk especially when they have issues to address. >> translator: world leaders will gather for the apec summit. i think it would be natural for the japanese and chinese leaders to make use of such an opportunity to hold talks. >> relations have soured since japan nationalized the senkaku islands in the east china sea in 2012. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. prime minister shinzo abe has not held direct talks with chinese leaders since taking office in december of that year. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson rejected the call. qin gang says he won't agree to hold talks unless tokyo works to resolve bilateral issues and he
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made reference to japan's decision to nationalize the senkakus. >> translator: the action is aimed at forcing us to eat bitter fruit that hurts china's sovereignty and chinese people's feelings. we will never accept it. >> qin said officials of the two countries cannot discuss ways to improve ties unless japan takes corrective attitude and takes action. an overloaded school minibus crashed into a pond in china, killing all 11 people aboard, including 8 kindergarten children. state-run xinhua news agency says the accident occurred on thursday in hunan province. the children were being taken home. xinhua reports that the driver had been hired only several days before and was not familiar with the route. the father of one of the children said the vehicle was carrying even more students when it left the school, but some had already been dropped off. >> translator: the van has only seven seats, but it was carrying 14 or 15 passengers. >> overloaded vehicles are often involved in accidents in china.
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chinese officials have announced that more than a quarter of a million couples have applied to have another baby. the government eased its one child policy which was in place for 30 years because of the aging society. the policy change is not only affecting the population but also paving the way for new business ventures. nhk's daisuke azuma reports from beijing. >> reporter: newborn babies are in this facility in the suburb of beijing. wealthy mothers tlaand their bas enjoy around-the-clock care. doctors provide health checks, baths and anything else the newborns may need. the mothers can relax here on a
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mat. they have no worries about care for their babies. the service is not cheap. it costs about $5,000. but the demand for this kind of center is growing. >> this place provides healthy food and other support so i can recover my strength. it is very comfortable for new mothers like me. >> back to the easing of the one child policy this year. china's annual birth rate is expected to rise by 10% to 18 million. this increase in new babies on the back of economic growth means more opportunities for business. there is an even higher level of care for the rich. inside this hotel, one venture business has converted some
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guest rooms into a high-end care facility. the nurses offer one-on-one attention and feature organic vegetables and the chair helps mothers get back in shape. a nurse like this costs more than $10,000. >> there has been a sharp increase in business opportunities since the easing of the one child policy. >> another business rises for small children. this children's swimming school opened last month. it has been affecting higher sales as many people believe swimming and development in the newborn child.
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>> translator: i was worried since my daughter can't swim but i am happy to see her having fun. >> reporter: malina is a swim school operator. she hopes to win the trust of wealthy clients who want to give their children a head start. in a country plagued by health care, the water is purified with other refrigeration equipment. >> translator: children will be safe even if they drink the water by mistake. >> the training of instructors is also a priority. >> it reduces the risk of drowning if the babies are put on their back like this. >> the school also added yoga classes. ma hopes they can have stable
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enrollments if they continue to send their children as they grow up. >> translator: competition is tough. the only way we will survive is if we offer better childhood education. >> reporter: chinese purists are famous for doing whatever they can to give their children the best possible education. a growing number of businesses are responding to such ambition. daisuke azuma, nhk world, beijing. a chinese think tank says the market for goods and services under 12 was worth $200 billion last year. it predicts that figure will grow 25% per year. managers of a hotel in seoul have abruptly canceled the japanese embassy's reservation
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for a reception on the eve of the event. it would have marked the anniversary of the establishment of japan's self-defense forces. the embassy had invited south korean government officials and lawmakers as well as foreign diplomats stationed in south korea. the lotte hotel cited anti-japanese feelings as the reason for the cancellation. the hotel said it was unaware of the purpose of the reception at the time the reservation was made, but the embassy said it made its intention clear from the beginning. a major south korean newspaper, the "dong-a ilbo," earlier ran a front page article criticizing the event for ignoring public sentiment. the hotel says it's received many calls protesting the event, including from groups that said it would hold rallies in front of the hotel. >> translator: regardless of the reason, it's highly regrettable that the hotel unilaterally canceled the reservation on the eve of the scheduled event. >> kishida said his government launched a strong protest with the hotel via the embassy.
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curators at a war museum in seoul have canceled another japan-related event just before it was scheduled to open. they called off an exhibition of japanese characters from a comic called one peace. the exhibit was supposed to run until september at the war memorial of korea. the organizer had finished all preparations but the curators say they received complaints, some claimed images similar to the rising sun flag appear in the comics original series. the flag was used by the the flag was used by the defunct defunct imperial japanese military in south korea it's considering a symbol of japan's colonial rule of the peninsula. curators say they decided not to hold the exhibit because it is against the spirit of the museum. a japanese politician whose sobbing put him under an international spotlight has resigned after being accused of
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misusing public funds. he resigned from the prefectural assembly in western japan. he is accused of receiving allowance for political activities by providing false reports. he claimed he spent $30,000 to make 195-day trips in fiscal 2013. he didn't submit receipts. at the news conference, he denied any wrongdoing but did not explain what the trips were for. assembly officials say they have filed a criminal complaint against him. pakistanis drink milk to experts and pom policy makers are marking world population day. they are thinking about how to sustain the human race expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. u.n. secretary, general, ban
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ki-moon has called them to focus on young people who make up for a quarter of the world's inhabitants. a directory of the world's population fund told the tokyo audience that girls are the most at risk. >> reporter: an 11-year-old girl sits in her home before her wedding in afghanistan. she is getting married to a 40-year-old man. two 8-year-old yemeni girls stand next to their much older husbands. these are the kinds of people that motivated a tokyo-based noe to organize a seminar on how to prevent child marriage. the u.n. population fund's deputy executive director anne-birgitte albrectsen came to speak about the situation in developing countries. she said many girls are pushed
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into marriage before they reach 18. and that's a threat to their education and health. >> child marriage, it impacts girls in much, much greater numbers and constitutes a great threat to a child's -- to a girl's childhood as i said before ending her education, exposing her to violence, disease, and can put an end to her life at a very early age. >> translator: i never knew about the realities facing girls in developing countries. >> translator: i think it's a deep-rooted problem tied to things like poverty, religion and local customs. >> reporter: albrectsen said the population fund has changed its approach. instead of just counting people, they're now focused on making every person count. >> what that means is that there was so much evidence that if you
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gave the man and the woman the right to choose, if they wanted a baby, when to have a baby, and the spacing of those babies, by having access to family planning information on sexuality and various other things, if you gave them that choice, that, in fact, would impact the number of children that they have. >> reporter: the u.n. says there are 600 million girls aged between 10 and 19. 500 million of them live in developing countries. albrectsen says if the population keeps growing and attitudes don't change, the problem of child marriage will only get worse. and she says that's a threat to the global economy. >> if just 10% more girls got a secondary education, global gdp would grow by 3%. that would have an enormous
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economic benefit and it would accelerate change in societies in a way that -- in the way that we need it to reach the most vulnerable in developing countries today. >> reporter: albrectsen says the world needs stronger laws against child marriage and better ways to identify the problem areas. she says it's time to move beyond general advocacy and start investing in programs on the ground. and she called on people in japan to get behind the push. >> just get engaged, stay engaged. use your voice, your wealth, your education to keep a focus on these issues. >> reporter: albrectsen says society can't afford the waste of talent and opportunity caused by child marriage. u.n. officials say the only way to achieve genuine prosperity is
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to protect the rights of every individual. mitsuko nishikawa, nhk world, tokyo. much of europe is dealing with persistent rainfall. our meteorologist, jonathan oh is here to tell us if dryer weather is is on the way. jonathan? hello. we have been tracking a couple of low pressure systems that have consistently placed rainfall into the central portion of europe. it remains to be seen whether these will eventually move off. there is not really a forcing mechanism to push these systems to the east so anywhere from the balkan peninsula to the portions of france have been dealing with the rainfall. another low near the italian peninsula. both areas continuing to force plenty of moisture with unstable conditions. be prepared for more rainfall at least for the weekend. we do have another low pressure system coming over the british isles, which means for the
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weekend, you are also going to be dealing with plenty of precipitation. if you are looking for options for some dryer weather, you can head over down towards the iberian peninsula, where you will see sunny skies and warmer temperatures and also into turkey where you will be dealing with temperatures into the 30s. speaking of 30s, i wanted to point out a couple of places that saw high of 38 degrees. the prefecture saw a high of 38. also, into the hube province in china. we are seeing the very warm temperatures as the summer month progresses. neoguri is nowhere to be seen, departed from the area, clearing skies over japan. the rainy season front does persist into china. we are looking from 50-120 millimeters of rainfall as you go into the weekend. i want to point out this swirly system, a tropical depression near guam. it is currently moving to the west at 20 miles per hour packing winds of 54 miles per hour. it is going to be a big rain event as well as a little windy event. because of that, guam is under a tropical storm warning while tay pay remains under a tropical storm watch.
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as we go throughout the next couple of days, saturday an sunday, the core area of this rain will pass over guam and push toward the west but still residual rainfall will be something that will be monitoring as we go throughout the weekend. now, if you're looking for some options to travel around east asia, you have a few nice places to go to, a little bit hot in some places, like highs in the low to mid-30s in parts of japan. above average for this time of year. remaining dry. if you are talk about many of these other cities, you will be experience dryer conditions with a mix of sun and clouds. here is a look at the forecast for the americas. we are continuing to monitor a stationary front that is continually bringing thunderstorms for the deep south. you will be seeing the heating of the day interacting with this line. you will deal with the thunderstorms mainly during the afternoon. we are also watching out for a system that is moving through the midwest. that's bringing the possibility
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of strong thunderstorms into nebraska and also into minnesota. now, as we go into next week, we're going to see a dip in the jetstream that is going to bring in much colder temperatures. it is not the polar vortex. rather, it is just a big dip in the cold air into the eastern portion of the united states and canada where highs may be in the low 20s and lows falling into the teens. much below average and maybe even breaking some records as well. for friday, we are going to be dealing with some pleasant temperatures, 25 in toronto, 29 in new york with sunny skies. deep south dealing with thunderstorms over into chicago. a chance for rain and high of 24. 32 degrees in denver with a chance for thunderstorms. let's wrap things up with a look at the world cup forecast in brazil. the last two pitches about to come up this weekend. if you're looking at the third place match taking place on saturday, nice conditions. partly cloudy. high of 25 degrees. then, for sunday, between germany and argentina, the big battle.
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the partly cloudy skies will persist there in rio de janeiro with a high of 22 degrees. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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thrill seekers in the u.s. have met their match. they're lining up at a resort in kansas city to ride the world's tallest and maybe scariest water slide. the attraction is a towering 50 meters high. that's the equivalent to a 17-story building or taller than the statue of liberty. riders need to climb up 264 steps just to reach the starting point. they've had to wait more than a year to take the plunge because construction crews couldn't meet their deadlines. the slide failed several safety tests, so builders were forced to slow down the speed and put up a net to prevent riders from falling off. but many daredevils are still willing to take the risk. officials say they're limiting each person to one white-knuckle ride down the slide. that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. -- captions by vitac --
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