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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 24, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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welcome back to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. first the head lines at this hour. a taiwanese passenger plane has got caught up in stormy weather and crashed on a small island. people across the netherlands are mourning the victims of the downed malaysia airlines plane after the bodies arrived on dutch soil. and a chinese construction company has managed to avoid
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default. taiwanese authorities have launched an investigation into the crash of a passenger plane. the plane got caught up in the tail end of a typhoon. the crew tried an emergency landing, but didn't make it. 47 people were killed. ten others, hurt. the transsay -- transasia turboprop plane took off with 38 people on board. crew members tried to land at an airport but they lost contact with air traffic controllers. and the plane ended up crashing in a nearby village. >> translator: i heard a loud bang and i thought it was thunder. then i heard another bang and saw a ball of fire. >> japan foreign ministry officials say most of the passengers were taiwanese. their families had to wait to find out what happened to them. [ speaking foreign language ].
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>> a typhoon had slammed into taiwan before the crash. the center of the storm had moved on to southern china but it was still raining and visibility was limited. >> translator: we apologize for the accident. >> the plane was a model called the atr-72. the twin-engine aircraft can carry up to 70 people. the same type crashed two years ago in siberia. 31 people were killed. two years before that another went down in cuba killing all 68 people on board. an international team has taken charge of the investigation into the downing of an malaysia airlines plane. the jet was shot down last week over eastern ukraine. ukrainian forces have been fighting pro-russian separatists in the area and fears about
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their safety have prevented investigators from getting to the site. malaysia airlines flight 17 bound from amsterdam to kuala lumpur went down last thursday. all 298 people on board were killed. the dutch safety board said experts from around the world have launched a full-scale investigation. the team is set to be collecting an analyzing data in the ukrainian capital, kiev. but the investigators have not visited the crash site itself. pro-russian militants control the area. and two ukrainian fighter jets were shot down not far from the site. an australian team is considering going to ukraine and the netherlands government is also considering sending troops to protect the investigators.
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people across the netherlands have stopped to listen to the tolling of church bells. the government leaders declared wednesday a day of national mourning. two planes carrying bodies from the downed malaysian airlines jet arrived on dutch soil. the planes touched down at an airport in the city of eindhoven. they were carrying the remains of 40 victims. national flags of the victims' countries be flown at half staff. king willem-alexander and prime minister mark rutte were among those who observed one minute of silence. officials took the remains to a military facility where investigators will identify the victims. >> translator: i hope we can ease the families' grief and pain. >> translator: when i saw the cars passing by, i couldn't hold back my tears. >> dutch leaders say it will take a few more days for all the bodies to arrive in the country.
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the leader of the islamist group hamas is refusing to agree to a ceasefire with israel until his demands have been met. khaled meshaal says that israel has to meet his demands before a ceasefire will be met. the conflict has left nearly 700 palestinians and 30 israeli soldiers dead. nhk world's craig dale is tracking developments for us. >> israeli forces have hit hamas hard over the past two weeks in their campaign to try to stop rocket fire on their country. the general consensus here is that hamas wants to try to walk away with this war with something a justify their losses. and that's what khaled meshaal is trying to do. he spoke in qatar and said his group will only accept a ceasefire if israeli leaders lift their seven-year-long economic blockade of gaza. meshaal did say he is willing to agree to a humanitarian truce for several hours. similar to one that happened last week. top diplomats are trying to
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secure a permanent ceasefire. u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with mahmoud abbas. abbas's fatah faction controls the west bank and has been at odds with hamas in the past. but the two groups formed a unity government in june, much to israel's displeasure. kerry also went to tel aviv to speak with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu has his own conditions for ending this campaign. he wants hamas to stop firing the rockets at israel. his troops are working to destroy tunnels hamas fighters use to try to infiltrate his country. with both sides standing their ground, the fighting looks set to continue. more than 110,000 palestinians have fled their homes. israeli leaders have faced continued criticism about the number of civilian casualties. their war planes have hit hospitals, mosques, schools. they say hamas fighters keep their command centers and rocket launchers in these places and
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densely popularitied areas. most members of the u.n. human rights council have expressed concern at an emergency meeting. they launched an investigati into possible human ri abuses in the palestinia territories. >> the respect of the right to life of civilians, including children, should be a foremost consideration. not abiding by these principles may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. >> 29 council members voted in favor of the resolution calling for an investigation. 17 members abstained and the u.s. was the lone holdout. the u.s. officials are saying that the resolution was one-sided. this conflict is taking a human and economic toll. more international carriers have temporarily cancelled flights to israel because of the fighting. especially the rocket fire coming from hama >> thank you very much there, that was craig dale reporting. senior officials from japan and south korea have revisited a topic that has long divided them. they have met in seoul to
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talk about so-called "comfort women." they discussed the results of a japanese study into how the government composed a 1993 statement on the issue. the chief of the foreign ministry's asian and asean foreign affair bureau, junichi ihara led the japanese delegation. the head of the south korean foreign ministry's northeast asia division, lee san-deck led the team from seoul. they discuss the statement issued 21 years ago. by then, chief cabinet secretary yohei kono. ihara says he explained the results of the study earlier this year into how the statement was composed. the statement said that many of the women were recruited against their will to work in brothels operated at the request of the japanese military during world war ii. it said, excludeing those from japan, many of the women were from the korean peninsula. the statement expressed apologies and remorse. ihara said the japanese government conducted the study in the interest of accountability. he said there is no change in the government's stance of
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upholding the statement. but lee criticized the japanese for the study. he says efforts to compromise the statement will only lead to japan's reputation being damaged. the japanese and south korean foreign ministers are scheduled to attend a conference next month in myanmar. japanese officials are hoping they can meet one-on-one. police in shanghai have detained five people who were involved in a food scandal. they work for a company who were accused of selling expired met to mcdonald's and other chains. a tv station exposed the scandal on sunday and reported that the worker repackaged old beef and chicken. the company provides meat to clients in china and japan and managers of some fast food restaurants are having trouble finding supplies.
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chinese media say investigators have begun looking into products shipped from the firm's factories across china. some 13 tons of processed meat have been withdrawn in guangdong province. similar measures have been taken in other locations. many chinese are sensitive about food safety following a string of scandals over the past decade. people who run a chinese construction company have avoided a default and calmed fears about instability spreading through the market. executives at huatong road and building group have managed to raise enough money at the last minute. nhk world's daisuke azuma reports. >> reporter: the group is based
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in shanxi province. the company was founded nearly 20 years ago and employs 30,000 people. its businesses include coal mining and the construction for the private housing market. last year, huatong issued a one-year short-term bond through the interbank market in shanghai. the company borrowed a total of $65 million at 7.3% interest. but the price of coal dropped sharply and stagnant domestic sales dealt a blow to the company's bottom line. the repayment deadline was wednesday. employees arrived at the huatong head office as usual this morning. but inside, they say, it doesn't feel like an ordinary day. >> translator: i like working here. so i'm worried about what will happen to our company.
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>> reporter: the company admitted there was a possibility of a default on july 16th, a week before the bond was due to mature. it announced through the shanghai clearinghouse that it was not sure if it could repay the loan, including the principal. this sparked concerns about a string of defaults. the local government realized that this would have a huge effect on the local economy. analysts say that the huatong managed to avoid default on wednesday because it received aid from local government. >> i think that the shanxi p provincial government just want to rescue the company because
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they want to overcome the problem of unemployment. the unemployment important is very serious to damage the stability of society. >> reporter: continuing to bail out companies to avoid defaults poses a moral hazard to the economy. the chinese premiere li keqiang noted in march that he would allow a certain number of defaults to go ahead. >> translator: it's unavoidable that some financial instruments are going to suffer defaults. the government needs to strengthen its monitoring and avoid systemic financial risks. >> reporter: the experts say it's more important for the government to change the market system to stabilize the nation's economy. >> the problem here is not how to rescue one company. the problem is how to reform the institution and the system to
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reform the market structure. >> reporter: more debt-ridden chinese companies may default, causing concern about the economy, which will surely lead to financial instability. the government faces a difficult future as it works out whether it can stabilize the financial system while controlling defaults. daisuke azuma, nhk world. >> populous, prosperous, pushing ahead. china's rise brought it wealth, power, and problems. an income gap divides its people. pollution threatens their health and differences over territory strain relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges that china faces on "newsline."
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le. japan's trade deficit are the largest in history. people at the finance ministry say imports have exceeded exports every month for the last two years. they just released trade data for june. that fills in the picture for the first half of this year. the numbers add up to another month in the red and the biggest half-year deficit ever recorded. exports for the period rose only 3.2% in yen terms from a year earlier. finance ministry officials attribute the drag on exports to slowing demand in emerging economies. on the other hand, imports for the period rose a record 10%. japan bought more liquified natural gas from australia and qatar and crude oil from saudi arabia. the deficit in june added up to $8.1 billion. that's the 24th month in a row that the trade balance has been in deficit.
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg announced a spike in earnings. he says revenue during april to june is up because of strong sales in mobile advertising. sales for the world's biggest social networking site rose 61% from the previous year to $2.9 billion. net profits jumped 138% to more than $790 million. facebook now has 1.3 billion monthly users. that's 14% more than last year. all those users are helping to push up ad revenues. ceo mark zuckerberg says people in the u.s. spend nine hours of their day using digital media but less than an hour on facebook. he says there's still a lot of room for his company to grow. senior u.s. trade official wendy cutler says conditions are ripe for concluding talks with japan for their part of the transpacific partnership free trade pact. >> and the most difficult issues are generally dealt with at the
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final stages. we feel confident that there is a shared commitment and common ground we can reach a tpp agreement. >> american and japanese negotiators made some progress last week on beef and pork tariffs. they discussed implementing safeguards which would allow the japanese to raise tariffs temporarily if imports surge. cutler said talks on agricultural tariffs will resume early next month in washington. some investors believe they can find some wealth in the power of the sun. two years ago the japanese government launched a program to promote more solar power and other renewable energies and investors from japan and abroad have rushed in to get a piece of the market. nhk world's keiko aso has the details. >> reporter: an array of solar panels cover the hillside in tokushima prefecture in western japan.
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junya kimura has invested into solar panels here. his initial investment was $200,000 u.s. every month he earns a profit of about $700. >> translator: i'll make another investment with the profits from the solar power operation. >> reporter: a company helped kimura launch his business. it's been promoting solar power to investors since the government's program got underway. power companies buy electricity generated by renewable power suppliers at a price set by the government in principle for 20 years. that price is about twice as high as in germany, the country with the world's highest installed capacity.
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>> translator: at first individual investors took a wait and see attitude. but after some people showed good results from power generation, they started paying more and more attention. >> reporter: the high price offered in japan has not escaped the notice of companies in the united states, europe, and asia. they are also launching solar power projects in japan. even so, some programs have surfaced since the program started. as of march, about 1.2 million projects have been approved to sell their generated solar power. but the number of projects in operation is half that figure. according to an industrial association official, the capacity of the power grid is too small to handle the surging market, which has been growing faster than expected.
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another problem is gaining consent of local residents. >> translator: local people often say they can't accept a contract to lease their land because they aren't given enough explanation. >> reporter: a south korean company has been able to address such concerns. its strategy is to put the priority on building good relations with the local community. the company started to generate solar power from a 42,000- square-meter field. in one year, it recorded sales of $1 million. the company entrusted the power station management to a local organization. the company has signed a new lease for land in the area. it's invited local representatives to its ground-breaking ceremony.
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>> translator: as a member of this community we hope to be of help to you. we think we know the way of thinking of our business partners in japan to some extent. but the most important thing is to narrow the perception gap more. >> reporter: market players need to come up with smart strategies and well-planned efforts. that's because japan has a limited supply of suitable land while more and more businesses are entering the solar power business. keiko aso, nhk world tokushima. every morning, investors turn their attention to asia. the tokyo market leads the way
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and markets around the world follow. >> from the decisions that could change the course of an economy. >> to the companies at the forefront of change. >> up to the minute market reports. >> and analysis from specialists from around the world. >> get all the latest business news and insight every day here on "newsline." time for a check of the weather. people in the southern part of china are dealing with stormy conditions. for the details of that and more here is mai shoji. >> the storm system that was once a typhoon that slammed into taiwan last night is now lingering over southern china. it's a tropical storm status. it has picked up its pace at 30 kilometers per hour but the gusts are packing up to 90 kilometers an hour bringing in stormy conditions. it is likely to move toward the north but will pound the area with staggering amounts of
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rainfall. this area has been hit with this storm system lingering a long time. the land is prone to flooding and more rain will heighten the risk of landslide and flooding. and a surge of moisture will be pounding the western coast of the philippines yet again. what this system is going to be doing even if it downgrades into a tropical depression in the next several hours it looks like it is going to be merging with this seasonal band. and likely to become a quite pro tent low pressure system. so these areas will be seeing lots of rainfall now and quite some gusty conditions. that's likely to pound in and around north korea. 400 millimeters of additional rainfall in and around seoul and much more across north korea. this is an area we should be really monitoring for flooding. for japan, this is the trend. it's really hot. it has been really hot for the
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past couple of days and it's likely to continue into the weekend. so throughout the weekend we're likely to see this. this is a beautiful picture of sunflowers taken yesterday. you're likely to be able to enjoy it all throughout the weekend. the temperatures will be hot. try not to stay too pitch out in the sun. here in the u.s. we have a lot of trends here. it was really stormy in oklahoma city. look at photos coming up from there. the midsection of the u.s. due to day time heat willing be co mingling with the cold air up ahead. and another storm system will be impacting montana, and ontario and the warmth is descenting down into the midsection of the u.s. a cool down in the east. a drastic difference in temperatures. denver will be really hot but shaulg fell below the average range into your saturday. try to watch out for these dramatic temperature differences. here in central europe things
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are really rough across this area. it has been rough for quite some time. italy has had a few tornado touchdowns a couple of days ago. this system will be likely to pound similar locations with large hail. gusty conditions as well as thunderstorms to be in a patchy area. the north is looking really hot as well as the iberian peninsula. madrid looking at 36 degrees for your high with plenty of sunshine. and oslo the same digit goes with lots of sun and people are enjoying this sun. i'm sure a lot of people are on vacation looking for a cooler place to go. but it could be one of the hottest places on earth. people trying to cool down in the fountains. but with this heat going to prevail into friday, so please watch out. it will be a cooling trend but above average range for some of these cities. i'll leave you now for your extended forecast.
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when more story before we go, tourists visiting a castle in western japan are enjoying a brief break from the summer heat with the help of a little ninja trick. [ speaking foreign language ]. a volunteer dressed as a ninja sprays visitors to the castle with a cool mist. as the guide group began service this year. [ speaking foreign language ]. the visitors get the treat once they make it up to the top of the castle. they have to cope with the strong sun and temperatures that rise well above 30 degrees celsius. if there are a lot of tourists the single ninja will use the shadow clone technique to split
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into two ninjas. and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us.
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