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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 24, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm JST

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. . welcome to nhk world "n" i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're fo hour taiwanese authorities have begun to inves of a plane crash on evening th they're analyz data recorders. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is trying to negotiate a cease-fire in a conflict that's now claimed over 700 lives. a chinese construction company has managed to avoid a
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default in some potentially unsettling consequences for the market. aviation authorities have lost contact with an algerian aircraft. flight ah-5017 was oro the capital of the west africa nation of burk algiers. airlines officials say the plane went missing while passing over the country of mali. the airliner is reportedly carrying 110 passengers and six crew members. the plane disappeared from radar after it took off early thursday morning local time. the air algerie aircraft is a mcdonald douglas md-83. the aircraft is a mcdonald douglass md-83. taiwanese investigators are analyzing data to find passenger plane crashed of evening.
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48 people died and ten were injured after the transa airlines plane cra up in flames while attem land near an airport in penghu island. five people on the ground were hurt. a team of experts have begun investigating the cause of the crash at the sit they will also analyze the flight data and cockpit vo recorders obtained from the plane. aviation officials say the pilot informed the control tower it would make a second landing attempt just before contact was lost. officials say rain and bad weather caused by a typhoon was reported near magong airport at the time but the added investigations so far show that visibility was adequate for landing. the team is proceeding with its investigation while eyeing all possibilities such as equipment malfunction and human error. police officers were australia will soon be heading to easte. they'll help with the investigation into the downing of the malaysi passenger jet.
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27 australian nationals were killed in the crash. >> we are ready to deploy australian police to ukraine to help secsi an international team and the united nations. >> prime minister abbott said pro-russian separatists have prevented a thorough search of the crash site. he said 50 australian police officers are prepari mission. all 298 people on malaysia airlines flight 17 were killed last week when the plane was shot down. but international experts assessing the remains say they've only counted about 200 bodies. they say some could remain at the crash site. >> sg families of the 43 malaysian victims of the crash hope their loved ones remains can be brought home by next monday. that's when muslims mark the festival of ede. malaysian prime minister najib
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razak says it may take more time. >> he visited the dutch embassy and paid tribute to the 193 dutch nationals who were on board the plane. holland had the highest number of casualties. he told reporters more time is needed to identify the remains. >> it is expected that this whole process will take weeks. it might even be months, we are not sure yet. >> in downtown kuala lumpur, a shopping mall set aside a condolence corner. visitors can write messages for the victims and their loved ones. >> i'm so scared about the news. i'm so sad. i feel like i want to cry because i thought if my parents is over there, what i would be feeling. >> we are still waiting for the exact news, to get the
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confirmation of what actually happened to all of them. whatever, i know it is god's fate, but i think at the same time, we need to know too. the malaysian leader expressed disappointment. the team of international investigators in ukraine still does not have full access to the crash site. world leaders are struggling to broker a deal to end the conflict in gaza. israeli troops are pushing their offensive in the area. palestinian authorities say the death toll from the fighting is climbing above 700. secretary of state john kerry met with palestinian president to negotiate a cease-fire and met face to face with israeli prime minister, netanyahu. netanyahu spoke to reporters on thursday about his intention to
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continue with the military operation. he said, israel is determined to take any measures necessary to protect its citizens. the leader of hamas has reiterated his group's stance. he says, there can be no cease-fire without first lifting israel's economic block aid imposed on gaza. the top humanitarian official with the united nations is demanding that leaders on both sides end the violence. in an exclusive interview with nhk world in tokyo, valerie amos says more and more innocent children are being killed every day. amos serves as under secretary general and emergency relief coordinator and says a cease-fire is vital to live >> it's a dire humanitarian situation.
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we have civilians who are caught up in the midst of the violence, over 600 killed already in gaza, over 500 of them civilians. humanity demands tha cease-fire. >> amos highlighted that children are the ones paying a high price in the conflict. >> in the last two days, a child has died every hour in gaza. my message is to remember the children. look at those faces. these are children who should have a future and right now they don't. >> amos said that thousands of people are now taking shelter at various u.n. compounds. she says even before the israeli military started its current offensive, more than half of the people living in gaza relied on food aid and she says there's growing shortage of supplies and medicines.
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senior finance ministers from japan and china have discussed beijing's plans to set up a new asian development bank in the region. the delicates met in tokyo. one of the main issues was china's proposal to set up the institution which will be named the asian infrastructure investment bank. the aim is to support developing countries to build social infrastructure. japanese representatives said they asked the chinese counterparts on the significance and operating policy of the proposed bank saying the asian development bank already exists for the same purpose in the region. officials on the japanese side have been talking a cautious stance on beijing's plan but will continue to talk with china on the issue. the people who run chinese
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construction company have avoided fears for the market. they face a bond payment of tens of millions of dollars. they managed to raise enough money at the last minute. daisuke az ma reports. >> reporter: this group is based in this area. the company was founded nearly 20 years ago. the employees, 30,000 people. its businesses include coal mining, public works such as roads and bridges. and construction for the private housing market. they issued a bond through the market in shanghai. the company borrowed $65 million at 7.3% interest. but the price of coal dropped sharply and stagnated domestic
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sales for the company's bottom line. receipt payment deadline was employees are at the headquarters this morning. inside, they say it does feel like an ordinary day. >> translator: i like working here. so i'm worried about what will happen to our company. >> the company admitted there was a possibility of default on july 16th, a week before the bond was due to mature. through the shanghai clearing house, it was not sure if it could repay the loan including the principal. this sparked concerns about default. the local government realized this would have a huge effect on the loca
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a analysts say they managed to avoid default on wednesday because it received aid from loca. >> i think that the shanshi proof vengs government just want to rescue the company because they want to overcome the problem of unemployment. the unemployment is very serious. just damaged the stability of the society. >> reporter: continuing to bail out companies to avoid defaults poses a hazard to the economy. the chinese premier noted in march that he would allow a certain number of defaults to go ahead. >> translator: it is unavoidable that some financial instruments are going to suffer default. the government needs to
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strengthen and avoid systemic financial risks. >> reporter: the expert says it is more important for the government to change the market system to stabilize the nation's economy. >> the problem here is not how to rescue one company. the problem is how to reaffirm the institution and the system to reaffirm the market structure. >> reporter: more debt-ridden chinese companies may default causing concern about the economy, which will surely lead to financial instability. president xi jinping's government faces a difficult future as it works out whether it can stabilize the financial system while controlling default. daisuke azuma, nhk world, yang chan, shaanxi province.
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a dispute between argentina and u.s. creditors continues as a deadline to strike a settlement draws closer. argentina risks its second default in 13 years. unless it negotiates a deal with the bond holders by wednesday next week. the argentine president insists her country will not go into default. she says buenos aires has been paying debts o creditors debt obligations from the 2001 default. the u.s. supreme court ruled last month argentina cannot pay other investors unless it pays off the bondholders demanding full repayment. argentina rejects the order since those credit accept reduced payments. negotiators from both sides are expected to meet in new later on thursday. japan's trade deficit from january to june is the highest ever for a half year period. rising fuel imports are causing the imbalance. financial ministry officials issued preliminary trade figures
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for the first half of 2014. they show a deficit of more than $74 billion. that's the largest since officials started keeping comparable data in 1979 exports for the period rose 3.2% in yen terms f earlier. officials attribute the drag on exports to emerging econo. noernld on the other hand, imports for the period shot up 10%. japan bought more liquefied natural gas from austr qata . the deficit in june added up to $8.1 billion. that's the 24th month in a row that the trade balance has been in deficit. a university research team has developed a new model of drone plane that can ply indoors without using gps. the drone will be used for inspecting the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. a research group developed the unplanned plane, 1 meter in
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width and lebt and has about six propel lars. about ten firms cooperated in the project to fly indoors where gps does not work, conventional drones have to have positioning information provided from outside by infrared or other rays. this new model has a sensor for fi su it is designed t obstacles all by itself. global competition is becoming intense for the drone market. amazon and google of the u.s. are among those that developing unmanned planes. here are the latest market figures.
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japanese government officials have released some old documents that shed new light on relations with the u.s. they have declassified documents that surround . textiles. the papers reveal some of the frustrations of president rich experts say they also give insight into the cur relationship between the two nations. nhk world reports. >> reporter: officials at japan's ministry of fo affairs have o into the past. documents on negotiations that took place from 1969 to textile exports to now been mad.
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it might not sound like much now, but the negotiations caused a considerab friction. during these negotiations, prime minister had to promise to make concessions to t. but in 1971, japanese textile makers announced limits on u.s.-bound exports. the americans complained that the limit didn't go far enou but the japanese supported the textile ma. among the rela document is a letter from president richard nixon to prime minister sato sent shortly after. nixon expressed his disappointment at sato's support of the textile makers. he said it seemed impossible to continue the negotiations. at the same time japanese and american negotiators in talks
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the return of okinawa th the am successfully press japanese of concessions on textiles. as a result some people criticized sato saying he sold .ut people one expert on japan-u.s. diplomacy saying the letters suggest presiden sato betrayed him. >> i think this sort of very personal and also the same time sentimental angry expressed close ally by another state, prime minister sato apparently thought his promise in the talks was just a kind of a v convenient remarks to return of okinawa. but in the talks, nixon, president nixon was really
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encouraged by his personal promise. japanese government at the time took but the prob government of japan did no textile issue. >> reporter: he says that u.s. government officials textile negotiations and okinawa's return originally different issues and he poin similar situin japan-u.s. relations. >> we might have seen the same kind of picture in the summit talks in april. tpp and senkaku issues were -- was not linked but in that talks, summit
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actually linked. united states delayed actually to release joint statement before japan conceded on tpp issues, so we can see this kind of troubles repeatedly. >> reporter: he emphasizes that the personal relationships between top leaders is a key to resolving difficult issues regardless of the times. naoki makita, nhk world. senior officials from japan and south korea have revisited a topic that's long divided them. they met in seoul to talk about so-called comfort women. they discussed the results of
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how the government composed a 1993 statement on the issue. the chief of the foreign ministries asian and oceanic affairs bureau led the japanese negotiation, the head of the southeast foreign ministers northeast asian division led the team from seoul. they discussed the statement issue 21 years ago. by then, the chief cabinet secretary. he says he explained the results of the study earlier this year into how the statement was composed. it said, many of the women were recruited against their will to work in brothels operates at the request of the japanese military during world war ii. it said excluding those from japan, many of the women were from the korean peninsula. it expressed apologies and remorse. they conducted the study in the interest of accountability. he said, there is no change in the government stance of jun holding the statement. >> he criticized the japanese for the study. he said efforts to compromise the statement will only lead to japan's reputation being
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damaged. the japanese and korean foreign ministers are scheduled for a conference. they are hoping to meet one-on-one. the governor of tokyo is hoping to boost exchanges with seoul. yoichi masuzoe is visiting tokyo's sist talks with south president park geu masuzoe ha park won-soo the meeting with president park was not part schedule but analysts say her decision to meet him reflects a desire to improve ties with japan. south korean officials are hopeful exchan co au the strained ties. >> translator: i'm very glad that president park will meet me. she is very busy. >> president park has shunned
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requests for a summit meeting from japanese prime mi shinzo abe. she cites the so women issue and other hi . the only time park and abe have met since the two leaders assumed office was at a trilateral summit in march in the netherlands. that encounter was mediated by u.s. president barack obama. bright lighting filled the stormy skies of tokyo thursday evening. our meteorologist, jonathan oh, is here with the forecast. jonathan? hello. we had some strong storms rolling through tokyo thursday evening. i want for you to pay attention to the satellite perspective right there. you can see the bright white clouds right on top of tokyo. that indicates very powerful storms. i want to show you some video coming out of tokyo. let's take a look at it. this is dramatic pictures, right there. lightning strikes. some of the residents of tokyo were quite surprised at the numerous thunderstorms that rolled through. thousands of them were in the dark because of power outages. in addition, because of heavy
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rainfall, several railway services had to be suspended in the setagaya ward. 42.5 millimeters of rainfall fell in one hour. we are talking about localized flooding taking place. part of the reason why this happened is because when you have warm temperatures like this, 34.6 degrees in tokyo, on top of the cold air higher up in the atmosphere, that creates instability and allows these thunderstorms to really billow up. we are not just talking about high temperatures in tokyo. look over into the miyazaki airport. 37.4 degrees for a high on thursday. so this heat is definitely not something to be playing with. you want to make sure you are taking care of yourself, because unfortunately, in shikoku, one 90-year-old lady died because of heat stroke. you definitely need to take precautions in these temperatures. look at this. as we go throughout the rest of the week into the weekend for tokyo, above average into the low to mid-30s. into nagoya, few cue owe ka,
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make sure you take precautions if you are spending time outdoors. now, let's take a look at matmo, now starting to interact with the stationary front. because of this, a lot of rain headed towards the korean peninsula. statistics. northerly at 30 kilometers per hour. winds around 65 gusting up to 90, expecting to lead the coast of china as we head into friday, again. look at, maybe, up to 150 millimeters of rainfall in some parts. as we go through the next 24 hours in the korean peninsula. wet in seoul and shanghai. warm in tokyo in the mid-30s. maybe a thunderstorm possible. here is a cold front. you see the line of clouds. a very intense group of storms in the southern plains. this caused some problems over into memphis. let's take a look at some video coming out of there where flooding was a big problem. an intensive, fast-moving cold front battered the area with strong winds.
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several minor injuries were reported after a building wall collapsed. the storm was quickly moving in and out in less than an hour. you see the flooding here. many homes and properties were damaged. we are going to see this system moving through the deep south. for those of you in the carolinas, georgia, you will see the storms as part of your forecast thursday into friday. meanwhile, the western half of the united states, hot air with high pressure driving into the mountains. so you will be dealing with some temperatures in the mid-30s. instability in the western portions of canada, meaning thunderstorms, some of them may be strong for you as you go throughout thursday. let's wrap things up with a look at europe. low pressure consistently bringing rain and thunderstorms and instability as we continue into friday. that will continue. friday, to are paris, 27, with a chance of thunderstorms, vienna, at 26. much warmer, though, in the scandanavian peninsula. sunny skies, highs in the low 30s. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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from all of us here at nhk world, thanks so much for joining us. joining us. glad we could be together. -- captions by vitac --
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