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the book. momo says well you have two options either through this current somehow megas to withdraw the treaty offering barack obama to some kind of european immigrants we believe going to stay in the us i think the burger will to be suppressed or you don't put the two of you. russia and germany set the table of greater cooperation with the west for the summit in the urals on the menu transport and technology advances for russia followed by the billion dollar deal of billy's new cars and convert it also they want to be more transparent and it's neat that. they do as huns over the last iraqi prison days controlled local authorities
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america will continue to hold two hundred detainees including case members of the former regime says the allied invasion of the us road system has handled more than one hundred thousand prisoners president obama's deadline was a draw from a round is set for december next check. and such five years ago russia and the u.s. coast are close to joint space mission upon a series the event launch not only the beginning of an aerospace corporation but also a booming import more nations. ban on the shows up next after months the u.s. congress has finally upon some reforms to rein in wall street i don't know finds out if they will do any good or will the fat cats just keep getting even faster that's all coming your way next you know. welcome the alone a show where you'll get the real headlines and not of the mercy or coming live out
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of washington d.c. now it's taken months but it looks like congress has finally passed wall street reform will really help will america out of a recession i'm have the details in just a minute and next we'll bring you details on how congress plans to tackle cyber security it's a topic of growing concerns the government is quickly working to assemble a cyber command center but we still have to ask whether these threats are real and if old lawmakers are really the ones to be dealing with that then we're going to examine general petraeus his approach in afghanistan he now wants to pay local police units that are not linked to the afghan government to help u.s. soldiers just don't call them militias but will that strategy really work then will shed light on a very hush hush issue here in the u.s. agent orange this deadly chemical wasn't touched by lawmakers until now when they took up the discussion about it on capitol hill earlier today r.t. correspondent john half is has those details and then we'll look into illegal
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immigrants who are taking jobs for americans now it's a heated debate in this country but now some are asking what americans really want to do those jobs anyway r t producer among the lindela bring us that story and at the end of the show a new study shows that more women are watching porn these days but some are speculating that this practice could lead to more women being victims of nonconsensual sex how do they figure that one would host a debate on the issue at the end of the show but now let's move on to our top story . after months of debate and political wrangling congress has finally passed legislation for wall street reform. now the senate bill was approved a late this afternoon and now heads to president obama's desk for his signature it's called the most sweeping set of changes on wall street since the one nine hundred thirty s. but it doesn't even come close to the sweeping reforms that warnock that after the great depression see the bill aims to strengthen consumer protection rein in
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complex financial products and head off more bank bailouts but to get the sixty votes needed to secure passage of course senate democrats made a lot of deals which and the watering down this bill you remember congress first started discussing an overhaul of the financial regulatory system in spring of two thousand and nine well it's now summer of two thousand and ten and it still is now and only now passing now the bill shines a light on some of the complex financial products called derivatives that are blamed for helping cause the collapse of financial companies like g.m. lehman brothers but as expected republicans were pretty quick to call out the bill and they even vowed to repeal it didn't we hear that exact same message right after health care passed now president obama is expected to very quickly sign this bill into law maybe even by tomorrow and while some reform is a step in the right direction it's kind of scary even if millions of americans continue to suffer because of the lack of regulation on the banking industry the
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banks still won the day in many ways with this bill they helped bring down the world's economy and they still get off easy in the end it really makes you wonder what would actually have to happen for real reform. now on wednesday president obama had a closed door meeting to talk about everyone's favorite topic cyber security now while there has been heated debate online about whether or not there even is a cyber war to be fought i think we can say that the topic is one that's starting to demand a lot of attention and a lot of money. billions of dollars are already going to cyber war contracts and a new cyber command office is being stablish so will we soon be calling cyber war the next frontier or could this just be an excuse for lawmakers to pass more legislation that strips away all of your privacy correspondent lucic half enough is here to discuss it with me lou so you went to this hearing today they had on cybersecurity on the hill tell me this cyber warfare is it's
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a pretty new it's a pretty was probably a good discussion a very complicated one these lawmakers are kind of old they seem like they have a grasp on this very new issue it is a very new issue and unfortunately have to remember that when we're talking about the u.s. congress we're essentially talking about a glorified retirement community except unfortunately in this specific among the specific body of older folks the decisions and their whims really do have very real consequences on the lives of you and i and other americans so you know a lot of these folks are just barely becoming comfortable with the concept of e-mail let alone something so vast and uncomplicated like cyber security and actually legislating to protect us against attacks that don't necessarily have a specific enemy in a specific name and face and country to this enemy so. one thing that makes me a little bit less hopeful i think their staff probably know a little bit more what's going on is the way that these folks actually describe their understanding of the internet i think we might have
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a clip from you from senator ted stevens we do and. it's something that you know. it's a show you should. there you have it right that i mean you know i don't know if that makes you feel safer at night knowing that these folks are legislating against this thing i mean you know they might not be very comfortable with the ins and outs of the internet and cyber security but the one thing that these folks do understand is war and defense and spending on defense because that's what helps them get reelected in their districts and in their states and so the danger is that we run into here is if you scare enough of these lawmakers into thinking that there is some sort of a threat whether they understand it or not there are very real consequences in terms of money being spent and that's what i wonder here is are they being influenced because you know there really is a heated debate as to whether we are fighting a cyber war not who our enemy would even be but. you know whenever money comes into play whenever it's put under the label of defense spending congress seems to comply
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so this is what they're treating as the next frontier in our war i think i think very much they are many have to remember look at him look at america where we are today when we're not we haven't won the manufacturing war. we're not doing very well in terms of manufacturing products china is kicking our butt and so what is left what is there that's left to spend money on the new frontier where america is very very good high tech fields cyber security internet i mean most of the major companies that you know have come out with the with the internet you know you tube facebook etc all of those are american companies so we're very good at high level technology things what unfortunately we see happening is because of this ambiguous threat of some sort of a warfare some sort of cyber attack against the united states all of this money gets spent into this new are. the commander said i what i mean i think paul and i mean that you know when you're dealing with something like that you don't even have the figures for the budget of the new cyber command center that was recently
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launched by the pentagon because it's top secret so how do we track this spending it's a few other issues and i think it's way too easy for them to constantly put everything under the banner of top secret or classified and personally you know i think there's a lot. legislation that certain lawmakers want to push through all also you know something that's going to keep our national security intact and so you know we have things like this kill switch they bring that up at the hearing did not but that's something that's very worrisome because again you know when you don't understand the actual threat and you don't understand fully the issues that you're faced with it's very easy to jump to oversimplified solutions like the skills which idea by senator lieberman senator snowe which would essentially allow the government of president obama in a specific case of a national emergency to cut off the internet but who decides what the national emergency is and when it rises to that level and doesn't that sort of reflect their lack of understanding for the role that the internet plays in our society today and it's very dangerous and the thing that i'm that is most concerning here that i
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think is that you have essential a whole entire cottage industry that has sprung up around the threat of cyber warfare we've never had a cyber war i don't even know what one would look like and unfortunately a lot of experts don't know that as well but you do have a lot of people a lot of contractors who were former high level administration officials for example michael chertoff mike mcconnell richard clarke who are all benefiting from these vast of. vast massive contracts for cyber security defense today by any chance happen to say who it is that we're fighting in this cyber war who our enemies are where they are not the problem i mean you know a lot of folks point to you know rogue china or for example north korea or even russia but the thing is because of this threat the u.s. government is putting all this money into building up our defenses against cyber war and so as a result we have become in some sense the cyber bully of the world because we put all of this money into this high level research and development of cyber attack
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weapons and cyber defense preparations and that's something that's a threat to other countries well there you go in trying to protect ourselves we once again have made ourselves the bully that the rest of the world lead. thanks for filling us in on that we have to take a break but coming up and appears the pentagon is in dire need of cash and tell you about their latest threat to congress and he's only been in charge of the war in afghanistan for days but we are getting an idea of general petraeus is new strategy will discuss that in a moment. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us to know the update on our g. . for the we've got.
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the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. you know i think any washington insider could tell you the pentagon the pentagon has congress by the balls but today we have the perfect story to prove it let me explain to the brass over the pentagon are telling the democratic led congress to pass a thirty seven billion dollar defense bill by august recess or they might be able to pay salaries that's right the pentagon is making this a while demand and they expect congress to write a blank check to continue paying for two endless wars now the bill to fund the war has a lag in congress for the past few weeks despite pleas from defense secretary robert gates who says of that money is needed to fund the troop surge in afghanistan and while i understand that funding for the war is needed and democrats in congress are dragging their heels on the bill guess who is all in arms about this republican in
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there calling it a true emergency and they're already to give the pentagon another thirty seven billion dollars to spend without any questions asked but here's my question do you think this spending might add to our deficits because i'm pretty sure republicans are the ones saying no we can't do that remember they block the extension of unemployment benefits to americans that are unemployed in this current recession because democrats couldn't come up with a way to pay for it. no the unemployment benefits republicans support extending we just don't want to do it by adding to the deficit so it will. all right so we can have our blank checks for wars but not help people in this country that are suffering right now thanks to the recession i think washington needs a serious reality check and quite frankly maybe it's time the pentagon figures out how to shift around their bloated budget and make that money count. all right well it's time for another question for the pentagon see ever since general stanley
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mcchrystal was sacked everyone's been asking whether or not things might change under trius and now we have somewhat of an answer and from the looks of it general petraeus is pulling out from an old bag of tricks to try to get things back on track in afghanistan so his new plan hinges on using government formed government paid government uniformed local police units to use the word government much there . you mean the completely inept afghan government they can't get their act together will contain or take money from the u.s. anyway the story does go on further you see the pentagon now wants to make sure not to use the dirty more militias these are local police units the guys they just happen to be outside of the afghan army and police influence until now when the start getting paid that sound a little bit familiar sounds like the train is is taking about a page out of his iraq playbook and using those tactics in afghanistan but is there any chance of that working or could it all backfire well here to discuss it with me
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is joshua thousand military analyst and blogger for register and dot net now josh my first question to you is why does the word militia scare them so much. in part it's because of afghanistan's history be of several decades now of both militia combat and militia rule and it's never ended up well for them so my guess is that the pentagon things that by avoiding the militia word they can somehow but one instant criticism that will come with hearing that they're building up another militia but these people that they're aiming to recruit now for these local police forces aren't these the same people that they've been trying to recruit all along into the afghan security forces into the army into the police and what's going to make it work this time one of the issues that i think comes up in discussing this is we don't really know who they're going to be recruiting of from what the pentagon has been saying they're not going to be. specifically try believe me they're not going to be specifically community based though they will be related back to their communities so i'm not sure we can see i mean we don't know anything
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about this program really beyond the fact that it exists but if they're not tribally based and are not community based then who are they i mean you know that well who else is there to pick from. that's a good question i mean there are obviously going to come from tribes and they're going to come from communities what i meant by that was that we're not specifically saying ok from this tribe we need to have this many people and from this community we need to have this many people that's at least what they're saying right now what realistically they're going to come from tribes and there are probably going to be tribal conflicts that pop up during this there are probably going to be more community conflicts of up during this too like we've seen with other local defense initiatives well that's what i'm wondering if they start trying to pull people out of these tribes if they're perhaps go to an area where there is you know this power broker a warlord who's in charge why does he all of a sudden want the government stepping in and trying to take these people away from him many of them probably won't i think probably
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a better precedent for this would be the shin warry deal in southern nanda horror at the end of two thousand and nine in the beginning of this year that's when the local u.s. decided to pay some shin warry tribesmen to rise up against the taliban and essentially do their fighting for them what they eventually found out was that they had only managed to pay off a small part of the mauri and the other part of the tribe got mad and decided to attack the people who were suddenly getting money and weapons from the americans this new arrangement doesn't involve providing them with weapons just some money and it's coming from the government not from the americans so there is hope that by channeling things through the afghan government instead of through either nato or the united states that it stands a better chance of remaining responsive to government needs instead of whatever the community leaders want i don't know if i'm really skeptical here because they might think that this money is coming from the afghan government but they don't have any money of their own that money of course is coming from america so why doesn't
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petraeus you know why can't they just come out and say it and be honest and say we're going to try the same thing that we did in iraq when we gave these people you know a big fancy shiny as you these were just trying to pay them off because there is no other way to make this work. that's a good question and i think afghanistan is very similar to the united states in that there's a lot of ritual to its politics so even when everyone agrees that something is happening and that ultimately this money will be coming from the united states because it will be it's important to still channel it through the afghan government so that it has that stamp of whatever legitimacy they might have left on it otherwise it just becomes another example of foreigners directly imposing a solution on people without even giving them a chance to have a say in it yeah but i think of the same time petraeus and the u.s. military oh it to the american people to tell them that we're putting this money there of course no one here ever asks any questions for some reason about defense spending but you know petraeus obviously is trying to bring over the success that he had in iraq this is why he is the the rock star general do you think that this
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really can be applied to afghanistan we this is an entirely different playing field could maybe he been over as head. i don't know whether in over his head directly bringing the lessons of anbar into iraq i mean i've been a vocal skeptic of that for a good three years now the social political and even security structure surrounding the two wars are sufficiently different to where i don't think that could really work at the same time i don't see any evidence yet that general petraeus is directly taking the sons of iraq idea and trying to put it into play in afghanistan there seems to be at least an attempt on his part to make it a little more relevant to how afghan politics work and how afghan communities relate to each other but at this point unfortunately there's not much we can do besides see if maybe this will work beyond that i mean there's just a lot of speculation and not a whole lot of facts why i guess you know nine years until
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a war that's all you can do is try another thing throw it at the wall and see if it might stick but tell me this earlier i was just going over a little story here about how the pentagon is up in arms because congress hasn't passed this new thirty seven dollars defense spending bill yet and so the pentagon just they're freaking out they're saying that if you don't do this by august recess we're going to have to stop paying people i find that so hard to believe that they don't have the extra cash laying around to pay if you salaries. what do you think of this. well i mean i don't know about that either it's rare the government agencies and federal government agencies are unable to pay employees when there's a funding break it could just be talk i would actually assume that it's just talk to try to scare congress into taking action on what's going on but at the same time in the early ninety's the entire government was shut down when bill clinton and the republican congress got into a fight over budgeting priorities and i was a little young to read them or what happened at that point but i mean the
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government stopped functioning at that point so it's possible that the major bureaucratic functions within the pentagon could pause until the budget gets passed yeah well like i said i think a lot of americans these days when the. unemployed are a little more upset about those unemployment benefits running out and congress not furthering them rather than them not being able to pay pentagon employees or we'll see what happens about josh thanks so much for joining us thank you our it's time for a break on the show a new study looks into that would mean being overweight and being dumb so what does that say about america's obesity problem and it's an issue not widely discussed these days agent orange and the effects of it had on soldiers returning home from the vietnam war we're going to have an r.t. report from john hafiz in just a moment. this
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next story really has me worried for the future of this country and on that note for the future of the entire world is he a study out of the university of chicago as asking the question does being fat make you dumb now well they didn't actually raise the results of the study exactly that way i think you get the point they found the older women who are hoping to keep their minds should keep their minds young excuse me should keep an eye on the scale researchers have found a link between slowing down mentally and piling on pounds so for every extra points
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gained on a scale of obesity scores in reasoning memory and other mental skills dropped and the study looked at the memory abstract reasoning and. writing for a group of women age sixty five to seventy nine so of the nearly nine thousand women who completed the test for each point increase in the body mass index scale scores on the mental test went down by a point and that's what scares me have you walked on an american street recently i mean we are a nation that is getting fatter and larger by the second it so if we keep getting fatter and then as a result we keep getting stupider what's the future going to look like. we're going to make the. area. here with this new george bush.
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vision. well i think that clip from wally says it all unless something's done about obesity not only here in the us but around the world we're going to end up as blobs they can't do anything for themselves talk about reverse evolution. now the struggle for the independence of the iroquois nation against the u.s. government rages on a group of american indian lacrosse players were denied entry to britain for lacrosse tournaments until this afternoon because the iroquois lacrosse team had high hopes to travel to britain to participate in this tournament only to find out that britain won't allow the team into the country unless they have the proper documentation c. as of now they have passports issued by their tribal federation which the u.k. said they will not accept while the british and us travel out already say the team being detained should come as no surprise the team thinks that those passports that they have should be recognized because they are not united states citizens and they've vigorously assert their sovereignty from the u.s.
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now earlier we spoke with drew bucktooth one of the team members earlier about the problem and asking why they don't want a standard us passport. we've been a sovereign nation and if we give into using the passports this time in my sort of precedence for them to say we don't use it all the time and it would just be taking another piece of our sovereignty away from us. now eventually the players did it get a waiver from secretary of state hillary clinton which allowed the team to travel to britain but the bigger question still remains can the area quite continue to fight for their independence in a changing world we asked him what he thought of people who say that it's time for the iroquois and for other indigenous people to accept america and give up some of their old ties. that's a pretty deep question that's. there's no way that's going to happen we're not going to. do except parts of it but we're not giving up our identity also
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that's that's out of the question. so the iroquois nation refuses to integrate decide to get the u.s. is demanding that native americans do have ten regular u.s. passports i want to know you guys think about this issue should native americans be expected to obtain regular documentation even though they've been independent from american society for years let me know at the back of the loan or show dot com or you can always respond to us on twitter. vietnam it's not a topic that too many americans like to talk about specially the negatives but there is something that makes the u.s. government even more uncomfortable about the it's agent orange the chemicals of facts are still being seen not only in the nom but also right here in the u.s. so this week lawmakers are talking about the subject on capitol hill so i don't know what they're saying largely correspondent john hafiz has the story. i was more
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with too late and missing a hand it is because of america's chemical war against her people in the jungles of vietnam that has left tran in these conditions she is a victim of agent orange second generation also people than me tran is one of many her story represents millions living in the shadows of a lasting legacy. these kids will never live a normal life their deformities physical signs of human decay and although their parents were not even born until after the vietnam war eighteen million gallons of toxic herbicide spray through jungles of south vietnam is still penetrating the d.n.a. of those being born today may need millions to baked into still. are suffering. from cancer as the u.s. government has acknowledged agent orange is directly connected to the health ailments and defects that continue to plague the lives of vietnam war veterans for
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generations to come but the u.s. has worst used to make the same length for the millions of the enemies of war victims whose lives have been devastated as a result of agent orange they say that it has nothing to do with agent orange i think that the u.s. for a man has the reason to deny it. which is why delegations are here in washington following a report issued by lawmakers scientists and doctors calling on the u.s. government to own up to its agent orange. you see in vietnam today why isn't there any money dedicated to the vietnamese who also have the same coming i don't know i cause i think that i think that you're right i think that that's a very important issue and i've a lot of vietnam vets in my district that you know are dealing with that issue and i think that it should be so i agree with you i don't know i don't know the answer to that government records show nearly ninety five percent of all u.s. agent orange related aid is committed to efforts to contain and remove dioxin contamination we asked the justice for all the victims those fighting for justice
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in the case of the enemies agent orange victims want the physical and psychological damages to be acknowledged if they accept they have to pay to come to say to form a mini instead of people not now but also in taking it to states and also to the country that a career like philip a shreya news event was the dark legacy left behind by the u.s. in vietnam is one with millions of human faces their struggle three decades in the making will not end with money from the u.s. governments but it could ease the pain the u.s. has been ignoring since it dumped a months until manufactured agent orange in these jungles to have hospice r. t. washington d.c. . still to come on tonight's show the fox news actually go on.


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