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bored and indicate the bush might have been a socialist are going to call them out and our tool time segment tonight and the rallying cry for immigration bashers everywhere they're taking our jobs but what americans really want those jobs immigrants perform daily anyway will have a discussion on the issue just ahead. here we'll show you all to you live from the headlines this morning. almost used to it it's under the tree this current. drove the tree to bring some kind of. peace beginning to the end of the i think the burger will taste best for me than for the two of you. russia and germany set the table from great to corporation with the west to summit in the year olds on the menu transport and to cold head politics
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for russia followed by billion dollar deals at the meeting with president medvedev also iran to be more transparent and its nuclear program. also the u. os herm's over the last it won't keep prison under its control to local authorities america will continue to hold two hundred detainees including eight members of the former regime says the allied invasion the us road system has tumbled more than one hundred thousand prisoners president obama's deadline for withdrawal from iraq is set for december next year. thirty five years ago the us no instead those joint space mission up all those cities the benchmarks notionally the beginning of an aerospace corporation but also of the willing in will make. now back to the un some disturbing claims a new report on pornography it's next here on nazi.
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our to all time winner tonight is fox news and the g.o.p. i know you could make that argument every day but why today do we choose them you might ask well because they love to call anyone and everyone a socialist but of course pacifically like to call obama a socialist i mean seriously if you listen to these guys on a daily basis you will hear nothing but the following obama's plan to reform health care socialist obama taking b.p.'s harder and money and giving it away to an independently run fund socialist and of course obama asking congress to extend unemployment benefits during a recession when the unemployment rate is at almost ten percent now that is socialist as well now glenn beck has obviously made a living out of calling him but an interesting happen and interesting thing happened this morning on fox's morning news show listen very closely to how they define socialism. a minute andrea because the definition of socialism is
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a political theory advocating state ownership of industry isn't that what he did kind of with the car industry right exactly and he's expanding medicare which you could argue is a socialist program some say that but look he pushed universal health care i mean he didn't get the public option but he has taken a piece of the auto industry and he has tried to take control of banks so i would argue. now did you hear definition of socialism that something is advocating state ownership of industry so wait a minute here fox news guess who started the state ownership of banks and the i don't industry yeah that was george w. bush so did bush send us down this slippery slope socialism is fox news calls it well fox news bush was your man you never hide the fact you support his policies and carry out his talking points on your daily so. do we we have to have we have to blame bush for socialism in this country you see gretchen carlson it seems like you
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whipped yourself up into such a socialist name calling frenzy you guys actually slipped and spoke the truth oh how's fox going to backtrack on that one that puts their entire agenda into question and that's why this news tonight fox news flash the g.o.p. is tonight's tool time. now yesterday we debated a list of over one thousand names of alleged illegal immigrants that was sent to newspapers and government offices in utah and that was yesterday there is now another development in the hate and fear mongering against latinos courtesy of sue myrick republican from north carolina just put the pieces together and start looking at what's happening all throughout south america into mexico on our border it really became very obvious that there are so many signs of his bowl is very active and so since and we've been able to confirm through other sources that that
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is the case and they are operating not only in mexico but in five other countries. see she's calling for a task force to investigate the issue by looking into the islamic militant group hezbollah to see if they're showing a stronger president's presence amid the mexican drug rings in fact she thinks this is the important part of the immigration debate that we've all been missing double liberals now myricks has also sent a letter to homeland security secretary janet napolitano highlighting the growing influence of militants in latin america and inner letter she highlights latino prisoners in southern california who are popping up with farsi tattoos on their bodies that's just another sign of an arabic influence so guess what guys it's not just the illegals you should be scared of it's the illegal muslim latinos and even scarier picture i think a handful of hezbollah across. the border is enough reason to shift the entire immigration debate tell you so way to go sue freak everyone out with even more lies
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. well over and over again we hear the people claiming that illegal immigrants are stealing the jobs from struggling americans but the real question is during this recession when unemployment is skyrocketing what americans really want to do those jobs what americans really leave the unemployment line and give their free handout in order to do backbreaking farm work or the less than desirable jobs like cleaning toilets i got a feeling that they wouldn't producer among the lindo has the full story. under the hot southern california sun these immigrant workers are picking the consume by millions of americans and people around the world. it's a bad break in jobs not everyone is fit to do most of these get workers arrived in the united states illegally so from as far as a true america and many are oblivious to the political firestorm centered around it
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so you know what step in here for labor and you're going to leave any time i mean a lot of this is about lawful citizens versus illegal invaders if you want to build a fifty foot fence i'm in favor of the fifty foot fence you know there's a living million illegal immigrants in the united states. those could be american jobs those could be tax paying jobs but some industries especially california agriculture businesses don't want americans working for them. which translates into workers needed a spanish language sign definitely aimed towards immigrant workers a foreign based workforce that's making sure that these strawberries make it to your table there's no need for interviews or long applications undocumented immigrants simply show up at a field and they're hired many people including former president george w. bush i mean immigrant workers do the jobs americans refuse to do at a farm in oxnard a city just north of los angeles neighbors aren't convinced the average american
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could step in their shoes not even for a day is to hiring them for. why a person is too hard. i haven't seen any american here working here in the field said you'll get it all came into this country illegally through the southern california desert he makes a dollar ninety for every box of strawberries he feels and now in an effort to employ out of work americans and obviously to prove a point the united farm workers union is embodied in american citizens to take the jobs of these farm workers wouldn't be surprised if after a day or two they find themselves appreciating those who are taking the jobs we saw by the unemployment office to find out if people who are out of work would be willing to take the job of an immigrant farm worker if a farmer came up to you and said do you want to job here as a farm worker. and now. that. if
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i had a job that got me out there got me some exercise but no heavy lifting it was at least eleven dollars and up i would take it but i doubt that it's usually a lot of heavy lifting it doesn't pay too much there farmers and they're willing to pay slave labor of course they have. conservative radio host tony katz is among the growing number of supporters for an immigration crackdown he thinks that threat to the u.s. isn't just financial it over this is about people who may be coming with diseases we've already eradicated bring them back into the united states of america has paid a significant price because of illegal immigration air expenses the founder of we support arizona dot com he thinks americans will take the job of farm worker because an american will do what it takes to feed their family according to the united farm workers so far only three people have taken up their offer to take immigrant jobs in los angeles. r.t.
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. or among the joining me live from our studio in l.a. to give us more on the story ramon at the end of your story you mentioned the only three people have taken up that offer i mean how bad do you think things would have to get in america for for americans to want to do those jobs. they would probably have to give purdie bad because this invitation has been out there for over a month this take our jobs campaign there you know that the united farm workers have put out and they definitely want to make a point and i think that they have made this point that these are just jobs that typical americans don't really think that they should be doing anymore part of it has to do with the very low wage that they have and immigrant rights activists say that if wages were a little bit higher maybe they they would take those jobs but we i don't think that we're going to see those wages go up any time soon you know why i don't think farm labor really is that ideology job for many americans they want to have their cake
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and eat it too but you know there has been a crackdown going on so far so has that been hurting businesses. oh big time we talked to united farm workers there's a lot of growers in the central valley that they've noticed because of the immigration crackdown that less migrant workers are making their way up to the valley that's her business is a lot of the crops have just stayed on the vine or on the tree and the it doesn't get picked the farmers and it hurts the stores that depend on that fruit there are some other businesses that have had to lay off workers because they cannot provide proper documentation and they've tried to replace them with either veterans. or other american citizens and they're just not getting the same production for the prize yeah it does seem like this is something they're really pursuing right now and you know this is a very reactionary issue at the moment but even as you mention in your story george w. bush the former president himself admitted that the illegal immigrant population does
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a lot of hard work in this country so somebody has to be pulling some strings and letting this slide don't you think. well definitely we saw that in the years the bush administration well george bush himself praised immigrants and did give a lot of thanks to people that were here doing a job that frankly american citizens didn't want to do and then slowly we saw a lot of criticism from the g.o.p. a lot of critics a lot of conservative critics saying that he should have said that he toughened to stance a little bit we saw the same thing with john mccain who was seem to be pro immigrant and with this whole tea party movement has gotten a lot tougher on immigration he has an election still to come so i mean there's definitely pressures for any sort of republican or g.o.p. candidate or person in office to take a tougher stance on immigration even though it may not have been what they thought
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initially yeah well definitely and we've seen a lot of politicians flip flop on the issue but i think it's something that's very interesting as we're in a recession the fact that americans think illegal immigrants are taking their jobs but the truth is they don't want to do those jobs or those for mongul and our producer filling us in from l.a. now it's a good break but just ahead the latest trend in getting high it has to do with music on explain in just a moment and we'll ask the question why are more women turning to porn viewing porn make a woman sexually promiscuous we'll have a debate on that issue as soon as we come back. i i. i. i i.
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i. i i i . drain carries away the russian empires gold reserves. to save it from the some. five hundred tons of. dozens of. six hundred fifty million in czarist room. that is still awaiting their arrival safe. century long way. ministry in the. lead. have you ever heard of i sing so way where kids can get high on the internet by
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listening to and pay three s. that supposedly can induce a state of ecstasy now it's m p three s. aren't pongo hard core music but rather this droning noise that you can listen to through headphones while relaxing so is digital technology met the scandalous underground world of narcotics well we put one of our own editors to the test to see if how he would respond to. a man has a go ahead are you you feel. this is this is crazy i love. ok. that's great you know what i'm going to leave you here for a little while but you just. wait. what. could you give me. some
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some not choose or know a pizza but bruni know she's for us. ok anything anything you want. a. horrible noise all right so if you do choose to i doze you can buy forty different m p three is the claim to provide the same effects as marijuana cocaine or you can pay o.t. right i get this there's even a forty page manual that's available to instruct willing listeners on how to relax and listen to to get the best high out of their music oh and if you're still skeptical of how real the side of something is listen to the story parents in an oklahoma school district have already received notice from teachers and principals warning them about these psychedelic tubes and now that school the school district
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is banning i pods and other portable music devices to keep kids from getting high off their tunes now i'm sorry but i think i want to go ahead and have to call a b.s. on this little trend it just sounds like an excuse for teachers to take any music listening device away from their students but we'll just have to wait and see if this idea is in craze really does take off not that i'm advocating for getting high in fact i say that if you listen to good music rather than a droning sound you'll see the good music so you need so you know it next time kids just try a little unsettling. now breaking news more women these days are watching porn online a new study finds that one in six women are caught up in watching porn and are becoming more open about it but is that make them a slut see some call an addiction so dangerous that watching it might lead to rape because after all the typical woman who watches porn is just asking for it right
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and it turns out that men supposedly who watch porn are more likely to be the perpetrators well i brought in two experts to weigh in on this because i want to know can porn addiction really lead to not consensual sex and i don't know why everyone's so shocked with this study to begin with well joining me in the studio here is chris clapp logan the director of communications and congressional relations for enough is enough and from our l.a. studio sex educator and sex toy expert john ramsey now chris i'll start with you since you're right here i don't get really why everyone is making such a fuss about this study because who cares if women are watching porn well it really is amazing you know the industry is a huge industry they're targeting more eyes they want to increase their audience it should be no surprise that women are actually getting involved in this it's free and easy access to this content you know the women are accessing this through online chat rooms it's something that's become common in our culture we see a lot of cross marketing with mainstream media and so it's something that's become very normalized in our culture and unfortunately one out of six women as you said
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are actually describing that their interactions with this content is actually addiction to pornography that well a lot of people are claiming they're addicted now jen i just have to ask you a quick question here because you are a sex toy expert so how does one go about becoming an expert in sex toys online pornography us to do with it. she has nothing to do with it i actually have carpal tunnel and had to start using toys because i couldn't masturbate by hand anymore and when my relationship wasn't always everything i wanted it to be i got to have a relationship with myself and so i started reviewing toys and getting involved in the industry of design toys that work for manufactures making better products and so that i can love myself well thank god for the sexual revolution is all i have to say but you know what this is the part that i have a real problem with here and people saying that women aren't important to the fact that people are now trying this into their trying rape into the story they're
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saying that the women who watch porn are more likely to have non-conceptual sex how are those two things even related there have actually been studies of australia they looked at young girls who looked at pornography and after looking at progress feeding and group sex anal sex they were highly influenced by the content that they saw and if you look at a lot of the content that is rated in the top one hundred in adult video network it includes a lot of violent content includes a lot of degrading content is it empowering for women to be called sluts who are serving come in trash bags i don't think so and so a lot of that content that is becoming normal in this culture is something that is violent and very degrading to women and a lot of times is normalizing interactions that are not healthy sexually but i think it's up to the woman to judge whether she wants to be a part of those interactions or not right who cares and you know what's influencing her that i salute you and i would like to actually speak on on what you're saying if we're going to say that we think slug is
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a bad word i'm an ethical slut i happen to be very proud of the fact that i'm a sexual human being and i happen to be very proud of my friends that are in core and that are sexual human beings and they one of my favorites is you know hartley she is a fifty one year old porn star she's a buddhist her parents are buddhist monks and she got into porn to be a better example what women can be like in bed i don't think that that's the bad example that you are touting that. everybody that watches porn is receiving sure there's not bad porn there's porn that i don't want to watch but there's wrestling i don't want to watch there's news i don't want to watch and i choose not to watch it rather than going and telling the rest of the world that they shouldn't watch it and if they do watch isn't there a certain kind of person that's a slippery slope that's not fair so to say that just because i like sex and just because i think slut is a good word that doesn't mean that i am inviting rape because that's two different things you're talking about the violence and being someone that is not present with themselves and not proud of themselves and you're equating that with somebody who likes to look at people who like sex
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a lot of that that just there is no scientific basis for that a lot of i don't know your studies i would be very interested in seeing them and to see if they are actual scientific of the progress of a lot of the poor early that is because i let slip the studios to talk a lot of the it is it is supported and it is absolutely marketed by the porn industry supports women being surrounded by ten men at a time it's group sex it's seeing how much a man can actually insert into a woman's mouth it's left ejaculate onto a man to a woman's face and all of her drink that is all how you look around a lot of times and so unfortunately ok's messages have a powerful impact especially on our young children who have easy access to this type of content it's shaping the norms for our children for men for women for boys and girls girls expect that they should actually have to fill this fantasy world that pornography provides and unfortunately what we know is that
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a lot of the people who become addicted to this concept say they actually struggle to relate to real human being sexually it actually dehumanise it actually takes away from their ability to love in a full whole way actually creates a flat line for women it creates there's not enable study that says that that's true well if you notice that you're going to that you're thirty years. years you say you. are a guy you say you know that you enjoy sex so do you feel like you know i have an issue connecting with people like you have reached a line absolutely do you feel like that when you watch somebody cook dinner for you that you feel disconnected with the dinner that you have. received or if you watch a cooking show on t.v. then you no longer like food as much as you did before i think it's the other way around i think that you get to see how other people do things you're like oh i never thought of doing it that way oh or with this person is comfortable with the way that they look down there they're celebrating their body maybe i can celebrate my body too so i also want to address bringing children into this if children are
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watching porn that's the parents problem the children and watching porn is two totally that's a completely different subject than whether i feel like i'm a slut or watching pornography i would like to address those separately and i do not control and watching seven out of ten children accidentally encounter this content because it is pervasive seven or ten children i'm sure drink a beer before they're twenty one and that doesn't make them alcoholics but it's important to understand that a child's brain is developing up until they're twenty five and have images that they see. and especially when it comes to pornography online ok but if we're not talking about children talking about the fact that these studies show that now ten are going to you know women visit porn sites every single month so obviously that means that ten million women they're doing it because they want to not. liking this and we're talking about adults so if an adult is doing this then well you know what's so wrong with that why is that automatically so when asked to judge what it
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is that they enjoy i think it's because we have so much cross marketing with the porn industry and mainstream media that they've sold this idea that pornography is something that will actually help people experience sex in a pleasurable way but that's not actually what we experience when we talk to people who were there was a addiction and you can talk addiction. levels of women that work iraq get a divorce in this country. it's actually skyrocketing and it's something that we're seeing is pervasive in this culture it's actually inhibiting people's ability to enjoy sexuality with one another and really it's not a single study that says that there are multiple studies about it and go study that says that as a scientific if you go to porn harms dot com you'll see a number of studies if you go to our site and i am sure our those are all nonpartisan we are nonpartisan we are totally totally even skilled. scientific study look at they're done by no there's no way you guys have you can't you you went into the studies knowing what you want to do your results to be in the same
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way that you can go into fast food nation and you can say that i know that found anyone to be had anyone i know in perspective but if you look at the skyrocketing elements of people who are addicted to pornography they're saying it actually is inhibit you know they really know it's a different word there is virtually no. force you can be addicted to a lot of things in this world right some people say oh you can be addicted do we you can have a personality insert the top yet you could be trying to be addicted to sex that doesn't mean the absolute horror and so. every interesting discussion thank you both of you are just before we go tonight our tweet of the day now this involves a little incident that we had here in d.c. today you see there was a bomb threat near our office not a bomb there was a suspicious package and it kept me and several other crewmembers locked outside for hours this afternoon in the sweltering heat and to top it off a bird had a little accident on my shirt so the tweet of the day from me and these are my real
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thoughts at that moment was stuck outside the office in the d.c. he thinks for a suspicious package don't these terrorists know that i have work to do really guys i really wish you could be a little more considerate next time we have another tweet of the day for you tomorrow that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow because it'll be friday and also be the end of a. through the first nuclear bomb explosion now you think we've come a long way since then but there are still some people in washington that are fighting against the nuclear arms reduction treaty how do they explain that well we'll get into it tomorrow in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the launch on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can catch it all at youtube dot com slash the loaner show where we post the interviews and the entire show coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.
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that are killing innocents here or as a base of course and that's never a. sharper that's called the mayor i think i would ever do
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a. large fire try to memorise. so much so that the entire series dr. i was assured. i was ashamed that i had been neutered i was assured that i had been a true. i got my arm i got my legs i'm a lot. in the mind. but i went to vietnam i was a boy to the. what i was going i was what i think. that i was a good soldier. but now most soldier on the other side and i think i'm just a good.


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