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but you know what you. know times. he's available. peeled back the report calls on washington to own up to the vietnam war they could see if the deadly chemical agent orange which it has denied for decades. that was the maker of the first atomic bomb described its detonation sixty five years ago which kicked off the cold war changed forever. seeing double a new hollywood film starring bin ladin spitting image takes a humorous look at the post nine eleven world. and in russia the euro is losing its popularity while the dollar is becoming more attractive and blame the debt crisis
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in the euro bensalem most russians still prefer. that and much more time. on a twenty four hours a day you're watching r.t. the u.s. house of representatives has convened for a third time to discuss the impact of the deadly chemical agent orange during the vietnam war while the effects are still being felt to this day washington insists there is no evidence to link it to illnesses that continue to afflict they two generations you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. i was born with and with too late and missing a hand it is because of america's chemical war against her people in the jungles of vietnam that has left tran in these conditions she is
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a victim of agent orange second generation tran is one of many her story represents millions living in the shadows of a lasting legacy. these kids will never live a normal life their deformities physical signs of human decay and although their parents were not even born until after the vietnam war eighteen million gallons of toxic herbicide spray through the jungles of south vietnam is still penetrating the d.n.a. of those being born today manmade marion said the victim into still alive are suffering from illness a sense of cancerous the u.s. government has acknowledged agent orange is directly connected to the health ailments and defects that continue to plague the lives of vietnam war veterans for generations to come but the u.s. has worst used to make the same length for the millions of vietnamese war victims whose lives have been devastated as a result of agent orange they say that has nothing to do with agent orange i think
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that the u.s. government has the reason to deny it. which is why delegations are here in washington following a report issued by lawmakers scientists and doctors calling on the u.s. government to own up to its agent orange legacy in vietnam today also people will stand me government records show nearly ninety five percent of all u.s. agent orange related aid is committed to efforts to contain and remove dioxin contamination reales to just used on the victims those fighting for justice in the case of vietnamese agent orange victims want the physical and psychological damages to be acknowledged if they say they have to pay to come to say to pull mamie instead of people. now. united states and also the country. today. with all of
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the dark legacy left behind by the u.s. in vietnam is one with millions of human faces their struggle three decades in the making will not end with money from the u.s. governments but it could ease the pain the u.s. has been ignoring since it dumped a month sent to manufactured agent orange in these jungles jan hoffa's r t washington d.c. . well jonathan moore an attorney from new york says us a chemical companies at the time of the vietnam war knew the purpose of the agent orange they produced he says they should be held responsible for its impact the agent orange that was manufactured that was used in vietnam by down monsanto and other chemical companies in the united states at the time contained in at a rate that was unnecessary and had no no effect on the mission that was the herbicides were used to it wasn't it wasn't a default and it was simply a chemical that was created because down monsanto used
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a process that was even at the time was contrary to the industry standard so. any way you look at it from a in a moral ethical or legal standpoint we believe these corporations should be responsible for. the harm that they cause because they knew it was going to happen to i think that they made millions if not billions of dollars off these products and they have both a moral and ethical obligation to take care of people who are poisoned by the chemicals that they put in their product this is the last legacy of the vietnam war and it will there will never be truly normal relations between the united states and vietnam. french police have arrested three ethnic chechens and have charged them with having links with a terrorist network russian official say they belong to the group there by infamous terrorist leader dog who model of it's been reported that those under arrest had
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firearms explosives and a map of moscow with remarks cations of possible attacks. is one of the most wanted of russia's north caucasus militant leaders he claimed responsibility for tax school system last march is also suspected of many other attacks and bombings across the country in june washington also puts on a wanted list of international terrorists. well countless bombs and thousands of deaths in different parts of the world who's behind acts of terror and what are the consequences for those who survived and all these special reports brings you the bloody history of car bomb attacks that's next hour a naughty. the
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libyan ship on its way to dollars a dock to egypt to unload humanitarian aid in a vessel called hope have been stopped by the israeli navy which has in place a maritime blockade on the palestinian autonomy the two tons of aid sent by the gadhafi foundation headed by the son of the. travel to gaza and. israel has criticized in maine when crew members of a turkish ship with aid supplies on court are killed sixty lawyers from around the world have gathered to be stern both to file a lawsuit against israel and paid for its actions in the fatality rate. pakistan has van indian film that stars and some of bin laden look at nyc the
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country's sense aboard has objected to the portrayal of the wells most wanted man saying it could trigger a terrorist attack marty's charan singh meets the people behind the film and asks is the world ready for post nine eleven humor. this could well be the biggest scoop of my career interviewing the world's most wanted terrorist however this man does not have a twenty five million dollar reward on his head in fact he's not all summer bin ladin but an actor in a bollywood for their new bin ladin or without you lot in but just in case you think this is a movie glorifying a terrorist it is a general. store is the. biography it's a film which is on the post nine eleven world of which bin laden happens to be a very important character and this is a fair number of feet bin laden and that's how we're using it's not insensitive or offensive in any way and anybody from any part of the world is going to enjoy this from i can get into that it's a comedy set in pakistan where
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a young journalist is fixated with going to america and you decide to stick it to get there is an interview with osama bin laden so he goes about creating a fake or. using a lookalike. they had to keep the twenty five year old actor under wraps to prevent making the film. to shopping mall in noida to promote this film and there was a commotion there get a crowd of more than a hundred people gathering. in this town. nothing like. he wanted to shake my hand and take my autograph so i signed up with. the journalist is a pakistani singer and this is his debut film how does it feel acting in an indian film set in pakistan and in pakistan bollywood films are greatly appreciated they are seen. people enjoy them. so i mean to see
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a pakistani. something very refreshing and new for them so they are very. good to hear back home that people are very excited to see the movie that let's see how it's going to be like you have bollywood movie playing in it and all of a bugs bunny it's about the lot of factors. but the selling point of this movie is bin laden and you can't have an osama look alike without. so i asked to act the part in. america they will be retribution of all the just an evil actions you have. immediately countries like iraq and afghanistan for these you will have to have. when i first heard about this thought it was going to be a glorification but actually it's quite irrelevant. looked at with suspicion in the west today and khalid media could be fooled into believing something that doesn't
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exist i think this plane could do well in south asia but western audiences would probably be a good sense of humor to appreciate the message c r g. on the surface appears to be a world of. beautiful people but in reality it carries a reputation of sexual violence. has taken. so do the warnings from women's rights activists details from our correspondent in just a few. it was an event that would mark the beginning of the atomic age sixty five years ago a test code named trinity would see the u.s. win the race to produce a nuclear weapon america spent the modern day equivalent of more than twenty billion dollars trying to beat the scientific efforts. explores the remaining relics of the u.s. push for atomic supremacies. it
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was the culmination of the manhattan project the first american nuclear explosive device nicknamed the gadget went off in new mexico just weeks before devastating the japanese city of hiroshima many including the godfather of the atomic bomb j. robert oppenheimer were terrified by the power of the deadly mushroom cloud. both people were spared the echo of that blast carried far beyond the atlantic and the soviet union experiments with nuclear energy were on the way too but just like the u.s. and this research institute on the black sea coast the main roles were played by german scientists this used to be a top secret nuclear facility but aside from these lines the entrance was guarded by soviet soldiers the lab was hidden deep inside of a subtropical paradise. three hundred germans top nuclear physicists their
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assistants family members and even personal chefs were brought to this clue's compound and up cause by the order of joseph stalin in one thousand nine hundred five the nazis were famous for their highly developed nuclear research programs so after world war two moves german physics and chemistry professors at almost no other option but to work for either moscow or washington if fierce competition between the us the saw in america to get hold of nuclear weapons was on and even though the us were the first to successfully carry out a nuclear test their rivals caught up pretty quickly chess if you had to get them. the germans here thoroughly analyzed the us media reports about the blast even from there they were able to say what had to be done next but. alexander is a veteran of the sukhumi research institute he says many people here remember the
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time the germans successfully accomplished their mission and were let go by the soviet authorities in the nine hundred fifty s. he's showing us the four thousand book library with rare physics digests and german the office where head professor used to work and the equipment hell left for russian scientists. this machine is called the spectral brush it's a high definition device a very precise one even when the germans left are saying to us used to get great results with this equipment. but the rest of the building were german physicists used to work on the soviet a bomb is totally deserve it all lines are disconnected and nowadays people rarely visit these dark hole ways sixty years after the beginning of the nuclear era this place hidden among the bamboo trees still holds many secrets and the story of german scientists behind the soviet union's very own project manhattan is just one
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of them. r t applies here. escort agencies popular among wealthy russians have come under attack by activists claiming the business is dangerous for the women involved they believe the women who are paid to mix in high society often face sexual abuse and violence. single and in need of beautiful company events you need to attend as a couple but you don't have your plus one there are people willing to help with that the beauty of the escort business is they provide you with a choice of glamorous educated multilingual women will be more than happy to grace your side at any important event but many believe this business is not just skin deep. the girls who are engaged in these so-called escort services get sexually abused a lot more often than prostitutes because no one tells them they will have to perform sexual favors or who they will be passed on to sometimes the client who books an
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escort will simply bring the girl to use own clients who abuse her. however women who are employed by escort services seem keen to disprove this notion the limb is an escort and she does not worry about her safety. suit that's not a look this is the world we make and we show the mosque girls are educated attractive and teligent and people enjoy our company but that hasn't been a time when i felt scared and concerned about my safety lines up and if the girl feels unsafe she can always leave some not. still she says she wouldn't tell her boyfriend about her chosen profession because too often it is confused with prostitution and many say with good reason. all kinds of support for business meetings claims the website of one escort agency but the pictures that accompany the statement certainly don't show any support and hint at
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a very illegal business some believe this business can even get you killed. a russian newspaper journalist went undercover for six months as an escort what she saw certainly wasn't the fairy tale promised in the ads. when i was working as an escort i got invited to an interview with two very trendy influential man this was pretty normal thing so i wasn't scared but when the man came out to the loony kid i got worried and don't have a sudden he grabbed me and tried to force me to perform a sexual act a bit him and jumped off a balcony to ski and there scored agency owner called me and started screaming at me calling me a fat for ruining your engine says relations with such an important client. you just love i was lucky others weren't. they never talk about what they've gone through these girls only when they get really drunk the lucky ones simply get raped and like you once end up in hospital and they never complain because if you
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do a very unpleasant accident can happen like a hit and run boom and your dad. according to complain is the one thing these girls cannot afford to do. i remember a girl who told the truth about her life in a t.v. interview about how they get raped beaten forced to hand over all their money and the people that edited the documentary didn't change her voice or cover her face or anything a few days after the documentary aired she was found killed so the glamour and the money are very real but the danger is even more so i guess readers are of r t moscow. the record hot weather has left people across russia sizzling in what is the hottest july in the country for more than a century but as many flocked to water to cool off that it sees ministries also reporting a dramatic increase in number of people drowning in the last week alone will take
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people drowned these homes of central russia vacancies industry has deployed additional life gods and boats to deal with the increased danger north weather has also sparked up to five hundred fires a day across the country. into a major say such a heatwave could remain in parts of russia until september. now it's update you on some other news in brief from around the world at least twenty two people have been killed and more than one hundred sixty injured in twin suicide attacks outside a major mosque in southeastern iran among the dead on monday's of the revolutionary guard explosion happened when she got worshippers came to mark the birthday of the prophet muhammad's grandson rebel group has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was in revenge for the hanging of its leader last month. china and japan had been hit by heavy rain and powerful winds as authorities evacuate them to four
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hours of people from their central china is facing its worst flooding since one thousand nine hundred eighty two and thousands don't like severe weather conditions across china forty three dollars at least forty one people missing the same storm. twenty six. the somali extremist group responsible for sunday's loss in uganda which killed seventy six people have promised move audience in the region. insurgents alleged to have links with al qaida accuse uganda of funding the troops of somalia's western backed government ugandan police have reportedly arrested suspects in connection with the bombings its act targeted members of the public watching the world. cup final can't come. and after almost three months oil leak in the gulf of mexico has temporarily been stopped over b.p. the oil company responsible for the accident says it's too early to label the
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situation success it's now checking if a new cap stored earlier this week can hold all without it blowing another leak the environmental disaster happened in april after the deepwater horizon rig exploded and it's so fast spilled seven hundred million liters of oil. writer let's cross that business desk with you. everyone welcome time for the business update engineering giant siemens has put flash on the bones of russia's more than a zation drive after a huge deal to provide the country with state of the art technology trains and wind turbines present mitchum it that it and chancellor angela merkel noted. that business was booming between the two countries stand up to shore ports. siemens fixes its position as one of the top foreign investors in russia it will do two
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hundred fifty bolton trains in the country to replace creaking regional stalk europe's biggest engineering group will help to produce wind turbines cutting become trees dependence on oil and gas siemens also agreed to join russia's joint you silicon valley being built at school cover. the multi-billion euro deal called the president richard but it also helped to pull the economy out of its backwardness but assure you when you're not going to get let me draw your attention to the point that germany is number one in the list of russia's parliament switching we have. created a new technology so we really over one hundred years have perfect economic relations three years ago siemens was convicted of for pay. boy two would lucrative contracts to brush up today's make a deal with the back of the closed for between the leaders of the two states business leaders see a shift to more legitimate ways of avoiding influence it's very hard for anybody to
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engage in bribery nowadays this might take more time and more resources on the other side in order to have success but i would assume that talking about foreign investors bribery let's say more and more all out if it is being done at this time at all it's a radical difference from just a few years ago when russia's leadership would be to be it was impossible to do business with founders summits like the one here in the your rules are hoping russia to should soviet image that applies not just to the products but to the way it goes about producing them to the new business because the. four main group of petroleum exporters has raised its forecast for russian oil production and twenty ten opec says the export and internal supplies a russian curse expected to everett around ten million barrels a day organization says there is an increasing demand for oil from countries like
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russia and in particular this relates to the new russian plans flight from east siberia to asia russian crew is becoming more attractive in the market pressure on demand for opec oil cartel expects global to munch to grow around one percent next year. a look at the markets and stocks in the u.k. on the rise of the facts time in three days they are being called higher by positive news from the gulf of mexico where he says it has finally managed to plug its leaking oil well at least on a temporary basis company's shares have shot up four percent on the news and the german dax is just tipping in the black the south. and the russian the r.g.s. in the my six are covering from thursday's losses all the major blue chip stocks the solid bucking the trend obstacle to gus and nicole. big stage owned companies and rush are not coming up with the nuff innovative
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products that's the verdict of the managing director of pricewaterhouse coopers center of in the vacation or pocket correspondent of course up with him at the international forum of industry and innovation in the year olds. we interviewed that some one hundred of the largest companies and russia so it wasn't a small or perhaps more innovative start ups but it's a large sum of the largest one billion dollars minimum size no a forty percent of our produce innovative new products over the last two years so the good news is that that's forty percent the bad news is over a two year period for large companies it really should be closer to ninety percent so when we looked at. who was actually doing that and what were the companies what the nature of the companies that were doing more innovating in the major companies or foreign companies that were subsidiaries of international organizations were more likely to be innovating. and russian companies that sell in the international markets are more likely to be innovating. but russian companies
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a cell just domestically or had state ownership. were less likely to innovate so there's some sense there about what is what is what drives innovation do you believe in russia potential to build it in the table top and them all still seem a lot to cut it for now when they come back russia has to have patience because all of these very successful regions they didn't it wasn't like overnight they became huge success so it was sometimes decades at least a decade in almost everything and then russia because they need to be patient they should really look a little beyond you know what's the big hot new thing now or in the next year but sort of look at trends around science and innovation that are still sort of the free competitive love where you can bring multinational companies together with russian scientists and engineers and focus on solving major problems. the euro is losing its popularity in russia while the dollar is becoming more
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attractive russia's central bank says the amount of europe sold by the citizens has increased by nine percent in may to the highest level since two thousand and four meanwhile the sales of dollars declined by eight by eight percent and this play in the debt crisis in europe and say most russians still prefer saving in brussels. that's all from the business team but if you are eager to get more news right now you can always log onto our web site r t v dot com slash business.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on r g. ninety nine she. carries away the russian empires gold reserves. to save it from the soviets. five hundred tons of gold and dozens of colored. six hundred fifty million in czarist rule. the crane that is still
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a way to have the arrival station. a century long the way. the ministry of the golden train. they faced a. this is not a provocation but more of. a full of shit that machete first step is already assured us a pretty tree speaks they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it's the this is it all too nice and for any army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world.


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