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actives of the deadly chemical agent orange of renewed calls for the u.s. government to acknowledge its toxic legacy. and the most wanted doppelganger a new bollywood comedy featured in a summer bin ladin look at like his band in pakistan r t meets the leading man. hello nine pm here in moscow this is r.t. it will welcome if you just joined us this hour kevin now in syria with the top stories for you and first french police have charged three ethnic chechens with conspiring with terrorists russia says they belong to the group led by infamous militant leader dr ahmad off was responsible for a number of terrorist acts including the attack on the moscow metro in march this year our european correspondent joins us live from the details laura what do we know about those charges down there suspected links to this terrorist group. well
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the latest news kevin is the officials are preparing to fly to paris in connection with the arrest of three potential chechen terrorists we're hearing reports that french police have charged those three four in fact were arrested one was released without charge and these three have been charged with conspiring with terrorists now france says that they are links to various names terrorist organizations but russia maintains links with doku umarov who of course is one of russia's most wanted man he's one of the most notorious terrorist still at large in connection with russia perpetrated the self-proclaimed perpetrator of the bombings in march and also has links to al qaida now a source says that one of those who was arrested in western france was in contact with somebody who made regular phone calls to joe cool moderate so there is a connection between them there and that in turn suggest that these men could have
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been part of the planning for march's moscow metro bombings during the search of the flat where these three men were living police found firearms explosives and also particularly significantly more scary with various potential attack targets marks on it this arrest is really significant for three reasons firstly of course it makes the world a safer place just in general there is a hard and fast evidence that these three men were conspiring to perpetrate attacks in russia and possibly elsewhere in the world also it is an important cooperation between russia and the french authorities the french police made these arrests and brought these charges following a tip from the russian authorities russia said to france there are you know there are these three chechens living in western france you should move in and have a look at what they're doing so that suggests that two countries are working together to minimize the terrorist threat also traditionally chechens and north
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caucasus. wrists have been seen by the rest of the world as separatists people who are fighting for the independence of their region from the rest of russia but now with the rest like these that view is really falling out of favor it shows more that terrorists who commit acts on russian terror on the russian territory are just as much a part of the global islamic terror threats as as terrorists who committed atrocities elsewhere now europe continues to cooperate in hunting terrorists who are responsible for attacks all over the world including in russia and this is not the first set of arrests that's been made in the european union in april the way a twenty year old woman was arrested she pleaded guilty to planning to go to chechnya and act as a suicide bomber and then following that arrest in russia the people who were conspiring with her to help her with her travel plans they were also arrested so
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that's another example of of international cooperation between between two countries and also an example of what has become an international network you should logically belong to dr more of turn network tell us briefly a little more about him if you would remind us. well the whole model of is a chechen terrorists he calls himself the leader of the caucasus emirates and he recently was declared by the u.s. as a sort of a global terrorist they called him part of a radical jihadist movement which poses a threat to the u.s. so he's been recognized as being more of a global terrorist with links to al qaeda that was shortly before president met yesterday to the states he's one of now the most wanted man in operating in the north caucasus region he not only claimed responsibility for the mattress acts in march but russian officials think that he's been responsible for a wide range of attacks and he's been visible and operating since the one nine
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hundred ninety s. in many cases in many attacks and bombings these three arrests in france would seem to be a hole in his network really so we're hoping that this will possibly lead to more or a european correspondent or one from london thank you. it's more than three months since the deadly plane crash in the small and screeching killed polish president lech kaczynski and many of the country's top officials the russian investigation is being completed but rumors and conspiracy theories remain that's despite the fact that polish authorities declared themselves satisfied with the findings of his really good report. the sounds of this crash were heard around the world when the plane carrying polish president lech kaczynski and ninety five other state officials came down and smolensk region killing on board russian poland united in mourning. moscow showed it was willing to go out of their way to make sure
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investigation went openly and swiftly but some took the tragedy a lot more personally than others the progress of the investigation is to say the least minimal it is stalled polish investigators have received important documents and was happen for mushy it this situation causes suspicion however specialists in flight safety see no flaw with the conduct of the investigation they didn't have to cough in the corners because really the causes for this accident were very straightforward by which i mean that it's the kind of accident which has happened many many times in this tree of aviation it is the most common type of fatal accident in aviation history i think possibly. some polish people would have said look accident investigations take two years how are they so sure that they have got the answer after only a matter of months those who worked with russian investigation teams say laying the
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blame on them is not fair. there was in essence a joint investigation underway which i think was very wise sides so i know that there have been an ongoing series of conversations and efforts because we do need to understand what happened to their place so where does the doubt in the transparency of the investigation and the causes of the crash come from some believe politics could be playing their feet. are fond of believing that it was russian factor and that the second major. major factor is that there is a strong media coverage on this issue and there is a political fight between parties using this crash as it often goes it was a tragedy that broke the ice between two people the chance to talk about moscow in warsaw closer than they've been in decades and now that relationship will have to
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withstand conspiracy theories to you know dollars car to moscow. coming up nuclear competition sixty five years from the first test to expose the battle between the soviets and the americans to develop. us is released confidential documents about the vietnam war showing bitter divisions among white house officials at the time as the conflict comes as hearings have been held in the house of representatives about the impact of the deadly chemical agent orange and in vietnam itself victims have repeated their demands for the u.s. government to fully acknowledge the chemicals toxic legacy and i find some of the images in john have business report disturbing. i was born without it too late and missing a hand it is because of america's chemical war against her people in the jungles of vietnam that has left tran in these conditions she is a victim of agent orange second generation tran is one of many her story represents
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millions living in the shadows of a lasting legacy. these kids will never live a normal life their deformities physical signs of human decay and although their parents were not even born until after the vietnam war eighteen million gallons of toxic herbicide sprayed through the jungles of south vietnam is still penetrating the d.n.a. of those being born today than a man named marion said the victim into still alive and are suffering. in a space of cancerous the u.s. government has acknowledged agent orange is directly connected to the health ailments and defects that continue to plague the lives of vietnam war veterans for generations to come but the u.s. has worst used to make the same length for the millions of the enemies of war victims whose lives have been devastated as a result of agent orange they say that has nothing to do with agent orange i think that the u.s.
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government has the reason to deny it. which is why delegations are here in washington following a report issued by lawmakers scientists and doctors calling on the u.s. government to own up to its agent orange legacy in vietnam today also people will stand me government records show nearly ninety five percent of all u.s. agent orange related aid is committed to efforts to contain and remove dioxin contamination we asked to just a stronger on the victims those fighting for justice in the case of vietnamese agent orange victims want the physical and psychological damages to be acknowledged . the dark legacy left behind by the u.s. in vietnam is one with millions of human face. their struggle three decades in the making will not end with money from the u.s. government but it could ease the pain the u.s. has been ignoring scented dumped a month sent to manufactured agent orange n.d.s. jungles jan hoffer's r t washington d.c.
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we've got more on this story on our website r.t. dot com we've got a further special report on the subject and some other stories online tonight might interest you have pics of the city mosque avoids getting physical and say this is the new ghetto work movement builds up a sweat not in this heat they're not encouraging more people to train almost anywhere in the russian capital good autumn if they've got the energy to do it and what show mary poppins a new arrival could be on the way it seems with robo nanny designed by moscow students. designed by moscow students first people to educate into ten children is cleaned up at a prestigious science competition but not quite the same i have to say as a first of a three rover well done party dot com. if you bollywood comedy has been banned in pakistan because of features in assam bin
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lardner lookalike the film is released on friday in asia and europe but pakistani censors are worried that the comic portrayal of the world's most wanted man could trigger terrorist attacks artie's car and saying we the people behind the indian film and asks if the world really ready for post nine eleven. this could well be the biggest scoop of my career interviewing the world's most wanted terrorist however this man does not have a twenty five million dollar reward on his head in fact he's not osama bin laden but an actor in a bollywood bin ladin or without you lot in but just in case you think this is a movie glorifying a terrorist it is a. biography it's a film which is set out on the post nine eleven world of which bin laden happens to be a very very important character and this is a fair number of feet bin laden and that's how you're using it's not insensitive or
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offensive in any way and anybody from any part of the world is going to enjoy this from i can guarantee you that it's american comedy set in pakistan where a young journalist is fixated with going to america and he decided to stick it to get there is an interview with osama bin laden so he goes about creating a fake. using the lookalike. they had to keep the twenty five year old actor under wraps to prevent making the film. i had gone to shopping mall in noida to promote this film and there was a commotion there a crowd of more than one hundred people gathered so we're following in this time pete i was scared you might attack me but nothing like that happened they wanted to shake my hand and take my autograph so i signed with love a summer. elisa for who plays the journalist is a pakistani singer and this is did you film how does it feel acting in an indian
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film set in pakistan in pakistan bollywood films are greatly appreciated be seen. people enjoy them so i mean to see a pakistani in a bollywood film something very refreshing and new for them but pakistan's firm censors have banned the movie saying it mocks security agencies. and screening it in public could trigger violence the film's distributors in pakistan call it a message of peace and not appealing the ban but i thought it was a nice film there's a lot of good humor from the name it sounds like a serious film but actually it turned out quite different it's full of great jokes . definitely quite a good film people will definitely like it mind vice to them is to come and watch it and they will like it there's nothing here that will incite people to smile and . the selling point of this film is osama bin laden but it's very tongue in cheek. to act the part in the movie i challenge you america there will be retribution
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holding just an evil actions you have committed in the countries like iraq and afghanistan so these you will have to pay a heavy price when i first heard about this film i thought it was going to be a glorification of terrorists but actually it's quite irrelevant subtile in the way pakistanis and muslims are looked at with suspicion in the west today and how the media could be fooled into believing something that doesn't exist i think this film could do well in south asia but western audiences would probably be a good sense of humor to appreciate the message got and see r.t. . when used today the mongolian president said a dive into the world's deepest lake aboard a state of the art many sub made him feel like a spaceman you visited lake baikal in siberia and went below the surface on a russian scientific research vessel that was used in fact during the filming of a blockbuster movie titanic those years back the vessel was also the first submersible to perform and to descend to the seabed of the north pole like by call
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is the world's deepest lake and its main source of water is the mongolian mountains . sixty five years ago a mushroom cloud in the new mexico desert showed that the u.s. had won the race to produce a nuclear weapon but soviet scientists harnessing the destructive power of the atom went far behind testing where obama just four years later and their success shaped global politics to this day that is polaski expose the relics of the u.s.s.r. push nuclear supremacy. it was the culmination of the manhattan project the first american nuclear explosive device nicknamed the gadget went off in new mexico just weeks before devastating the japanese city of hiroshima many including the godfather of the atomic bomb j. robert oppenheimer were terrified by the power of the deadly mushroom cloud people . cried both people were.
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the echo of that blast carried far beyond the atlantic in the soviet union experiments with nuclear energy were on the way too but just like the us and this research institute on the black sea coast the main rules were played by german scientists this used to be a top secret nuclear facility but aside from these lines the entrance was guarded by soviet soldiers the lab will see it in deep inside up cause a subtropical paradise. three hundred germans top nuclear physicists their assistants family members and even personal chefs were brought to this clue's compound and up cause by the order of joseph stalin in one nine hundred forty five the nazis were famous for their highly developed nuclear research programs. to move german physics and chemistry professors at almost no other option but to work for
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either moscow or washington if fierce competition between the u.s.s.r. in america to get hold of nuclear weapons was on and even though the us were the first to successfully carry out a nuclear test their rivals caught up pretty quickly chess if you had to get the bullet and go to german city or thoroughly analyzed the us media reports about the blast even from there they were able to say what had to be done next. alexander was a veteran of the sukhumi research institute he says many people here remember the time the germans successfully accomplished their mission and were led by the soviet authorities in the nine hundred fifty s. he's showing us the four thousand book library with rare physics digests and german the office where head professor used to work and the equipment hell left for russian scientists. this machine is called the spectral brush it's
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a high definition device a very precise one even when the germans left are saying to us used to get great results with this equipment. but the rest of the building were german physicists used to work on the soviet a bomb is totally deserve it all lines are disconnected and nowadays people rarely visit these dark hole ways sixty years after the beginning of the nuclear era this place hidden among the bamboo trees still holds many secrets and the story of german scientists behind the soviet union's very own project manhattan is just one of them. r.t. applies here. we bring up to date some top board news stories this friday evening from the fire in a hotel in iraq has killed at least twenty eight people half of them foreigners more than forty have been injured there the fire began in the five story building on thursday night it took seven hours to put it out it's thought to have been caused by an electrical fault. the u.s. senate has passed wall street reforms imposing the stiffest regulations on banks
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since the great depression is aimed at preventing a repeat of the financial meltdown of two thousand and eight the law provides new powers to liquidate banks which threaten the economy and create a new federal agency to monitor consumer lending the banks will be able to invest no more than three percent of their capital in hedge funds and private equity banks . turkish police have detained twenty nine people suspected links to al qaeda the arrests took place during a pre-dawn swoop across the country the latest in a string of raids against al qaeda suspects police have been on alert in fact since the turkish cell of a terrorist group carried out suicide bombers in two thousand and three killing sixty people in istanbul. looking ahead a global terror tactic on wheels or r t special report looks into the bloody history of car bombings.
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special report here on r.t. coming up in ten minutes first though business news tonight kareena is here after a very quick break. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and. the
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best unsanctioned technology from across russia and around the world. join us our technology update on our g. hello and welcome to our business program it's good to have you with spoke garry and russia expected to saya details agreement on the south stream gas pipeline when discussions conclude in sufi at the deal with effectively be a road map of how the two countries will move forward the next step will be to set up a joint company to study the facility of the project which would provide the details of a legally binding contract gazprom is developing cells to provide an alternative route for russian gas to europe has in the bed a ten energy and any and france's e.t.s. . very i spoke to a victim of a call for oil and gas i was from or i'll see you and he said the progress being made by south stream was undermining the arguments in favor of the european back
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now book a project. i would say there are currently. put a full terminations over this nobuko idea. i wouldn't truly save for europe the book is completely forgotten clearly europe needs diversification of the gas that kills from from russia into this part of europe. we might see additional ideas maybe from the russian side or possibly inspired from from european countries or the source of gas will north be only russia but c. is there but china is well served here bitching and interest that the pipeline on the russian territory and to ship to rise to a stream pipeline to that part of europe. russia clearly needs. diversification from from ukraine diversification from from transit flows but the problem is that european countries also need diversification and there are clearly
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there are constructing selves true there's no truly implied that europe will divorce a far from russian. trust in equity markets for us are highly against meeting trading session i thought a wealthy r.t.s. analyze its close down point nine percent all the blue chips in the red words very bad political. forces down to intercept. than expected financial results from american companies provided much of the driving force for the markets during the week and three d. again head of research of farts club explains the impact they had russian share prices. news determined to main trend of the wall markets and most of the week markets overall we did we saw a sort of short correction and we hold that these positive trend to build big continue during the next three and the season of corporate finance the result is
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going to mean to be whole to the results of the second quarter of the american corporate sector we'll be better than these femurs also in the second quarter last year but other stories b.p. could reduce some of its liabilities from the oil spill in the gulf of mexico by associating them with assets who's putting up for sale it's now thought the told cost stemming from the disaster could be as high as one hundred billion dollars b.p. has been considering the sale of assets to raise capital and such deals could be risky for potential buyers laws prohibiting project transfers could love victims to sue a buy to cover their claim even so action mobo waldock and have already publicly stated an interest in b.p.'s assets with the latter saying it was ready to pay ten billion dollars in alaska. big state owned companies in russia not coming up with enough innovative products that's the verdict of the managing director of pricewaterhouse
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coopers center of innovation parker our correspondent on the pinnacle of caught up with him at the international forum of industry and innovation in the. we interviewed that some one hundred of the largest companies in russia so it wasn't the smaller perhaps more innovative startups of the large some of the largest one billion dollars minimum size no a forty percent of our produce innovative new product over the last two years so the good news is that that's forty percent the bad news is over a two year period for large companies it really should be closer to ninety percent so when we looked at. who was actually doing that and what were the companies were the nature of the companies who were doing more innovating in the major companies or for companies that were subsidiaries of international organizations were more likely to be innovating. russian companies that sell in the international markets are more likely to be innovating. like russian companies
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a cell just domestically or had state ownership. were less likely to innovate so there's some sense there about what is what is what drives innovation do you believe in russia potential to build that kind of a tip top them all still seem a lot to cover for now in the coming plague russia has to have patience because all of these very successful regions they didn't it wasn't like overnight they became a huge success so it was sometimes decades at least a decade and almost every now and then russia because they need to be patient they should really look a little beyond you know what's the big hot new thing now or in the next year but sort of look at trends around science and innovation that are still sort of the pretty competitive level where you can bring multinational companies together with russian scientists and engineers and that in focus on solving major problems that's all for this hour headline news are next and don't go away.
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you know.
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wealthy british style. sometimes the type of. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. friday evening euro moscow days the top stories for monti sorry ethnic chechens detained in france have been charged with criminal conspiracy of the terror network moscow says the syria link to the group.


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