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a very warm welcome to you this is live from moscow i have heard more than two million people a year die from aids that's why this weekend experts and scientists from around the world to find a way to save more people mainly through prevention but there's also a group calling into question the accepted wisdom of where this deadly disease actually comes from and they're angry that no one's listening. is following the story. eighteenth international aids conference will begin and head in vienna bringing together around twenty five thousand policymakers scientists community work is activists and people living with hiv to discuss the latest developments in the stills but right now there's a two day conference going on looking also trying to take definitions and treatments of hiv and aids when the aids epidemic first hit the headlines in the
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one nine hundred eighty s. it caused widespread panic for a singer he was one of the first diagnosed used it was a terrifying experience. steve turned sixty. the trust for information was just. right. kiran. chetry. so richard we've heard this to truly. be. considered the first. cigar since the discovery of aids three decades ago it's estimated a twenty five million people have died from the disease with eva sixty million people infected in that time according to the united nations u.s. scientists identified hiv as the cause and developed a successful test to detect its presence but this has itself been the subject to scientific disagreement some believe there are different causes of aids not just
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hiv and cause doubt in the standard aids test which is based on the taking the presence of a hate hiv virus was you might think there are only a small number of scientists who doubt the hate hiv aids their way or the conference is a list of around two thousand five hundred names all the scientists who challenge the classic definition some to have different visas to treatment author and his doctor will turn into therapy to conventional aids fighting drugs so strong is his belief in these other treatment methods that he's written a perfect. twenty three years positive based on his experiences. trying every summer he deserves an explanation for the strengths the market reforms for can live for the troops. still want to transfer from so far stays dissenting from the conventional view that hiv causes a city can face a thin hostility from the scientific pit is not occurring with the mainstream hiv
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theory of aids has even been compared to holocaust denial include a crime against humanity a science that there's a life has to have the permission to question a certain model of thinking serious thinking you know you don't bring in here a dying patient so that we have to act immediately and give him something we are discussing here we're scientists and medical doctors why should we not be able to discuss i'm very astonished at the reaction is sometimes so aggressive so that the official aids two thousand and ten conference will be one of the most widely watched aids events in the world every day some of the topics is likely to be discussed will be access to treatment as well as new technologies and hate hiv and injection drug now organizers have titled the conference right right now which they say emphasizes the central importance of protecting and promoting human rights as a prerequisite to successful response to the problem. still ahead this hour where
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the truth is the plane crash that killed poland's president and many of the country's elite is surrounded by conspiracy theories. europe remains in the time to grip of a heat wave in moscow the temperatures have already broken several records this summer on saturday some parts of the capital have been sizzling thirty eight degrees celsius but as a test also reports for many muscovites the burning sun is just another reason to have fun. he was in the. right there just lying around in the sense that this was. the. other. work. the out of.
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work. he was. but there. was relief. that was. worth worrying that he was the leader was. on the way. the severe heat wave across europe it's russian helicopters a fire fighter the council. and. the city to just move in the opposite directions and no tail makes the mission most people here in. iraq. a tough immigration law.
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is being criticized across the u.s. for allowing racial profiling the north set to come into force later this month allows the police to stop and search people who would just suspected of being illegal immigrants critics say would lead to the targeting of ethnic groups well supporters claim the know will protect jobs but is also used on one linda in california found out if the illegals have gone up with no one to replace them. under the california. immigrant workers or picking the consumer that millions of americans and people around the world. it's a bank breaking job not everyone is fit to do most of these immigrant workers arrived in the united states illegally from a far as central america and many are oblivious to the political firestorm centered around that you know what's happened here for labor and you're going to leave any time i mean a lot this is about lawful citizens versus illegal invaders if you want to build
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a fifty foot fence i'm in favor of the fifty foot fence there's a living million illegal immigrants in the united states. those could be american jobs those could be tax paying jobs but some industries especially california agriculture businesses don't want americans working for them. which translates into workers needed a spanish language sign definitely aimed towards immigrant workers a foreign based workforce that's making sure that. make it to your table there's no need for interviews or long applications undocumented immigrants simply show up at a field and they're hired many people including former president george w. bush i mean immigrant workers do the jobs americans to do at a farm in oxnard a city just north of los angeles neighbors aren't convinced the average american could step in their shoes even for a day. to hire
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a. white person is too hard. i haven't seen any american here working here in the fields said you'll get it all came into this country illegally through the southern california desert he makes a dollar ninety for every box of strawberries she fills in now in an effort to employ out of work americans and obviously to prove a point the united farm workers union is embodied in american citizens to take the jobs of these farm workers wouldn't be surprised if after a day or two they find themselves appreciating those who are taking the jobs we stop by the unemployment office to find out if people who are out of work would be willing to take the job of an immigrant farm worker if a farmer came up. here as a farm worker. and now. that. if i had a job that got me out there got me some exercise but no heavy lifting it was at
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least eleven dollars an hour i would take it but i doubt that it's usually a lot of heavy lifting it doesn't pay too much there farmers and they're willing to pay slave labor of course they have it. conservative radio host tony katz is among the growing number of supporters immigration crackdown he thinks a threat to the u.s. isn't just financial it over this is about people who may be coming with diseases we've already eradicated bring them back into the united states america has paid a significant price because of illegal immigration eric spence is the founder of we support arizona dot com he thinks americans will take the job of farm worker because an american will do what it takes to feed their family according to the united farm workers so far only three people have taken up there are for to take immigrant jobs in los angeles. are t. . well conservative author joe montana and human rights activists referenda grain and have crossed swords on this issue and also his washington c.d.a.
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discussing if the new street immigration just. the whole argument is around the issue of scarcity when you got all of these folks on employed all of a sudden you've got to look for a scapegoat for the reason why folks are employed but that's not the reason why folks ought employ the reason folks on employed is because of the way the economic system was structured wasn't regulated fell apart now the issue that you need to understand is that there's always been this country because of the capitalist system a race to try to produce more or less that has always been the case so what happens is that you ended up basically outsourcing it's not that folks took jobs we gave away gobs we gave away jobs right there on the mexican border when we passed nafta and we passed caf to all the free trade agreements it was so that people of corporations based in the united states could escape all the kinds of regulations and all the kinds of labor laws that existed in the united states it's the illegals themselves who cause trouble as well as the businesses i mean business is not
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innocent here business is as cost and the american taxpayer billions of dollars through skirting labor laws openly say reverend robert how do you respond and i'll get i want on a car going just to semantically question one is i don't call anyone a legal because there is no human being that is illegal they may be undocumented get a etc etc but it's a theological point of view to understand theological points of views and i guess that's what i think so because i don't have a reverend if you haven't already what you're talking about in terms of their anti immigrant for is a new word for racism and what you're really talking about are keeping people in the shadows so that people can continue to be manipulated by corporate entities and you never look at the kinds of international policies that the united states has created another place that creates a false immigration to the united states in the first place the reverend say that all he wants but the it's the word illegal it doesn't count if you're breaking the law you know there is such a thing as illegal immigration the left is doing everything they can to change the fight from illegal immigrant to immigrant the law that has been passed that has
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been passed in the soon to be implemented in arizona really opens the door to racial profiling because if you believe almost. i would attract one of the engine oh everybody always say well the police can stop anybody without a reasonable cause well there's always reasonable cause when it comes to people of color to get stuff you drive into shining a car that's reasonable cause you look like you're in the wrong neighborhood that's reasonable that's always an issue this is just a new new new form of racism i just want to ask the reverend question should there be any border law at all should anyone be allowed to come here at any time for any reason and stay as long as they want the united states i despise can i get some clarity on that from here sir well the issue is i mean yes of course you want to have some regulation to the border but it needs to be home it needs to be jazz it needs to really deal with where you're going as a country and it also needs to take into account the kind of policies that you have put in place in other countries that creates a forced economic immigration well to forget we've got plenty more on our website
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quizzes and blogs on poles where you can have your say also of course there are many more stories for you on line including the miss chief of bollywood from fire based on the some of the raises and large with some but anger among others. and mary poppins seems to have a new bride follow robo nanny designed by asking students to educate and entertain a children has cleaned up at a prestigious science competition. it's more than three months since the deadly plane crash. killed polish president lech kaczynski and many of the country's top political figures the russian investigation has been completed rumors and conspiracy theories remain despite the five thorson's
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declared themselves satisfied with. findings. reports. the sounds of this crash were heard around the world when the plane carrying polish president lech kaczynski came down and smolensk region killing on board russian poland united in mourning. moscow showed it was willing to go out of their way to make sure investigation went openly and swiftly but some took the tragedy a lot more personally than others the progress of the investigation is to say the least minimal it is stalled polish investigators have received important documents and was happen for mushy it this situation causes suspicion however specialists in flight safety see no flaw with the conduct of the investigation they didn't have to cough in the corners because really the causes for this accident were very straightforward by which i mean that it's the kind of accident which has happened
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many many times in the history of aviation it is the most common type of fatal accident in aviation history i think possibly. some polish people would have said look accident investigations take two years how are they so sure that they have got the answer after only a matter of months those who worked with russian investigation teams say laying the blame on them is not there there was in essence a joint investigation under way which i think was very wise both sides so i know that there have been an ongoing series of conversations and efforts because we do need to understand what happened to get your point so where does the doubt in the transparency of the investigation and the causes of the crash come from some believe politics could be in play their feet. are fond of believing that it was
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russian factor and that the second. major factor is their. there is a strong media coverage on this issue and there is. a political fight between parties using this crash as it often goes what the tragedy that broke the ice between two people. just brought moscow and warsaw closer than they've been in decades and now that relationship will have to withstand conspiracy theories to going to college bar to moscow. i can it's going to check non-small the top stories from around the globe this hour and b.p. says the mouse it was on its ruptured well in the gulf of mexico appears to be holding firm the company's stop the flow of oil into the sea for the first time you since the dissolved it was caused by an explosion after a week in april pressure testing is now being carried out an engine is a monitoring to check that there are no further leakage is the oil spill has
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affected hundreds of millions of the spine and seriously damaged the region's economy. at least sixteen people have been killed in northwest part of the militants on those to convoy of passenger buses the vehicles were traveling to the city of peshawar with an escort from security forces when militants opened fire five people are reported to have been killed in the spalls and is believed the rest died in hospital. this is reeling heat across europe has already caused severe droughts and created a significant fire hazard among the most effective tools used for extinguishing those fires are specially adapted russian helicopters as the temperatures rise so to house the lawn for these choppers is where financial reports. it's every year hundreds of thousands of hectares of spanish forests disappear the reason fire and. the combination of the hard drive climate and human negligence
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often creates an unstoppable force resulting in a national catastrophe. but now it may have managed match. serene on the front line for many years russian firefighting helicopters are among the best and spain has welcomed their arrival we know that this is the best three quarter for fight for. you knowing spain for the fighting is very very important market and. it's the start of the fighting system that we have this particular fire fighting helicopter the russian k thirty two is capable of carrying up to five tons of water it takes just ten seconds for the crew to feel its huge container here it is and just fifteen seconds to drop it onto a fire so it's rather quick which is extremely important but this isn't the only feature that makes this russian models turned out. to seem to be
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just moving loves it directions and no tail rotor makes the machine more stable here in. the stability and accuracy also guarantee safety for firemen both on the ground and in the air. has that even at the if you sent over fire with flames reaching the helicopters to kill she always feels safe. it's made in russia but it works perfect here in and it's easy to control easy to maneuver it's not afraid of strong winds when others can't even takeoff it continues to work it's an ideal helicopter to work in emergency situations as they say it's gone through fire and vice versa i didn't like it but now it's my favorite pilots take a fast cities always the last helicopter to leave in mission area ten russian case already a feature in the skies over spain which to me due to join the ranks of the country's army and as the spanish samarra intensifies it presents could be of critical
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importance. not only come to severe pain. or we're taking you from the sky back down to our afraid and in fact on the ground this week's moscow out hopes hopes the city's famous retro network with jews even taking some lessons in driving a train. going up to a platform. this is the first of the for the trip right. to red square in the kremlin it's one of the main tourist attractions in the capital a must see for any business to. her . girls is coming your way in just ten minutes time both first is the business with karina.
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hello and welcome to business good to have you with us russia has passed a long awaited law on insider trading the new rules are intended to define illegal trading and what sort of punishment should be handed out to those who cross the line i do the question all reports. in the film wall street's by oliver stone gordon gekko makes billions by insider trading but the character that told the world greed is good gets his comeuppance of the long arm of the wall finally gets his hands on the antihero and we presume strips him of his wealth and send him to prison here in russia the gordon gekko's of this world have much less to worry about until now after ten long years of talks it seems a low dedicated to stamping out insider trading is finally ready for presidential approval. and former head of the russian market regulator he says this step is not only significant for the proper function of the stock market but also has
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implications for the whole economy which is having a little though is not enough it also needs to be plight. believes the russian market regulator is currently too small to take on the tosk and the core system is too complicated but the chairman of and damn sees a way out there's an improvement of legal system needs a lot of but because it's a serious political test. special responsible for. issues connected to the stock market like some special court is much easier is that according to the latest research around fifty five percent of people involved in the securities market admitted to the selective disclosure of information lawyer. says the new law would bring the country a step closer to international norms and willing hans's reputation as a place to do business just another sign a. contract. to be
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a little more civilized than previously the government's ambition to turn moscow into an international financial center has become something of a mantra much of the infrastructure is in play. the new business district since scrapes to school i just assume poor you can go for investors is the theory money is as safe as the next person's and that's the need to protection of the law i didn't question or moscow better than expected financial results from american companies provided much of the driving force for the markets this week under diggins head of research of forbes club explains the impact they had all russian share prices these news determined to main trend of the wall markets and most of the week markets to do with or sort of short correction and we hope that these positive trend will be continuing during the next three and the
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season of corporate finance results is going to be hold to the results of the second quarter of the american corporate sector so we'll be better than the same results of the second quarter last year russia is suffering from its worst drought in more than a decade in a state of emergency has been declared in sixteen agricultural regions some climate scientists believe the heat wave may be just the beginning of many years of hot dry weather. reports this could lead to a radical change in russian farming practices. central russia here over seventy percent of the green harvest has been destroyed by the drought but because russia normally produces a surplus and weather conditions have been more normal in siberia the country would next period be green shortage days here however this might not always be the case
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if the summer heat waves become a more permanent fixture as some climatologists expect some usable water poured fifty stories for the roasted holes economists published a study suggesting that from the late seventy's to two thousand and eight. planes the rain now rush is entering a warm dry phase as the last two years prove that it will last until two thousand and twenty six two thousand and thirty the hottest year in a cycle expected to come over the next five years this could be enough to change the face of russian agriculture as farmers are unable to survive on the poor yield from their land over a longer timescale a prolonged period of dry weather is likely to force farmers to change their crops turning russia from green producers into an ugly culture the green bean and so on crops the to lose eastern of cultivated land from green which currently stands at fifty percent could drop down to twenty percent indeed this process is already happening in some regions. of the last year's drought we gave up most of the dry
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land on the left banks of the river we continue to cultivate the right bank decreasing from one hundred twenty thousand to forty thousand hectares. today's blistering temperatures might become the norm when a few years time if some climate change scientists to are to be believed new weather conditions will inevitably force change in agriculture to some crops becoming non-viable in a previously for areas with its vast plains the solace of the country may no longer be the breadbasket of russia instead it might become but he will be even worse than does. the ninety minute business r.t. that's all we have for you this edition of business our t.v. you can always find most stories on our website r.t. dot com slash this.
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nineteen ninety the drain carries away the russian empires gold reserves. to save it from the soviets. five hundred tons of gold. dozens of coverage for six hundred fifty millions in czarist rule of. the brain but is still
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a way to have the arrival station. a century long the way. the mystery of the golden train. engine say let's call it the sea canary due to its high pitched. this moment now in this highly communicative. what's it trying to say and can we do come to mind with . the secrets of. the wealthy british style such. as not on the front. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. what this is. and i was set to host the international aids conference on sunday of scientists challenge the conventional view on where the disease come from they say they don't believe the is the only cause for a use which kills all than two million people every year. of europe has been gripped by a severe heat wave record breaking temperatures that will be safe and felt in russia threatening crops and forcing people to find new ways to keep cool outside.


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