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news from russia and around the world this is our. thanks for joining us dissenting views in the medical community over what causes aids have come into sharp focus in vienna in advance of the conference on the disease to be attended by twenty thousand delegates in the city over two thousand doctors who have been attending a separate gathering are challenging the established order to see that the virus is the only cause of aids and some of them cite their views are ignored by a mainstream bought by big pharmaceutical companies. as mills the capital. they're questioning the validity of the common assumptions that are often associated with hiv and aids and they also question the traditional means of treatment with the aid with the drugs treatment not some of the more specific
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questions that they've raised in the last couple of days prior to the official conference and they've been holding their own talks things like the accuracy of the hague hiv test a person's defined as having a if they develop one of the twenty nine a finding diseases those are things such as pneumonia and. and as well as that test positive for hiv so a positive or negative hiv test can mean the difference between so on being diagnosed with pneumonia or being diagnosed with aids so they're calling into question the reliability of this very important test another thing they've been talking about is about the safety and effectiveness of the aids drug treatment now for more on this we can hear from journalist jane shanta from the community resource foundation of the spoke to us about some conventional treatment has actually caused the death of a whole generation of young gay men in america when they were on the high doses of aids and that is well done. commended not one single young man or woman and there
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were a few women who took the high doses of aids their d. has survived many many others have survived who haven't taken the antiviral and many have survived who have taken antivirals at times to damp down what essentially is an immune suppression for many many different reasons so it's extremely important to be challenging this hypothesis which of course is tied up with hundreds and billions of thousands of dollars of international money which have led to absolutely no result the people that are here at this conference and over the next week they're extremely reluctant to even enter into a discussion about these alternative theories and we've been trying to talk to some of the people that are here but they're really focused on the agenda of this conference and they're saying that this conference is about growing together with the best of the medical minds in the global community and really focusing on ways
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in which provide universal access to hiv prevention which is what they're all here for as we said they're not even really willing to enter into a discussion. and then an iconic alice had that sparked it. best time from the global hiv vaccine enterprise and you down a doctor who questions definitional age. and nobody could give me the paper. he is isolated in the way scientists. are asking for it since the seventy years since the seventy's the other thing is that there exist doesn't exist any paper. shows if a chevy is existing how it is doing a it's in the spatial situation use their data is a fairly different thing is in the western countries so called western countries and the so-called developing cost in countries in africa. south america and so
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on so it is it doesn't fit in the norm of virus diseases because viruses only can make a very few things they are not so intelligent to do so many things it doesn't fit in a viral cause ok let's. what's your reaction to the. well a couple of points the first point to raise the has never been isolated well that's simply not true the virus has been isolated it's been molecularly cloned using d.n.a. cloning technologies it's been sequenced literally thousands of times from different individuals infected with the virus. simply isn't ever an isolated certainly. nor the virus causes of you know deficiency it's also not true we know very well how it works now let's just hear from dr spock if we think
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we can i would say that it's true that hiv is cloned thousands of times but cloning means to take something from a clone if it is a clone you have to have the original and original is never never shown in any paper. year will shall see us as a come on the program the pain of the vietnam war still felt today victims of the damage chemical weapon agent orange on again washington to admit the toxic legacy of the poison spread over huge areas by american forces are you. satisfied of an indian comedy featuring the world's most wanted terrorist is not being seen in pakistan by a. teenage would be. eight people arrested and a counter-terror operation in the southern republic of dagestan guns grenades and lost wills were among items found by a russian security forces with girls as young as fifteen saying they were trained
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by that terrorist husbands off his catarina as are now reports. so young but deemed old enough one of the alleged terrorist change in the russian republic of the gets done is just fifteen years old that according to officials did not stop her from taking part in planning terrorist attacks she and the other woman were allegedly trained by their husbands. my late husband left the guns here i've held a gun i know how to fire one but i've never done it i know how to use a grenade to. so i'm fifteen years old and knew there were guns in the house i even helped them played around with them and then put them back they all say their handling of the weapons was just curiosity but the wills suicide belts and elements of disguise found in their homes seem to tell a different story the childish handwriting and hearts make it hard to believe these
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women were capable of the deadly deeds they are accused of many psychologists worldwide however believe it is easier to set women on such a destructive course because they are more vulnerable to. terrorists disgraced these women raped them deprive them of a better future in the muslim society of the caucasus. they're psychologically shattered in our lives with nor their choice but to become cannon fodder one of the men detained in the same raid is accused of something even more tangible than planning future attacks bringing to moscow the two female suicide bombers who in march two thousand and ten set off explosions in the metro the two blasts within twenty minutes of each other took place during morning rush hour forty people died and nearly two hundred more were injured russia's anti-terrorist committee is still searching for others involved in the deadly attacks but these latest arrests officials say they are one step closer to finding not only the executers but the mastermind behind the entire operation people detained in the russian republic the
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discomfort continue to maintain their innocence but the terrorist committee believes it has more than enough evidence to make its case catherine is our of our team last hour there fractured relationship between the u.s. and iran to hate another spike this week as the country's try to allegations of a nuclear scientist. the iranian expert who returned home on thursday says he was kidnapped by the cia powerful full time mom and son tortured to reveal information about the country's nuclear program and he also claims he was also to confess to being an intelligence agent aside the u.s. could smoke him for three americans being held in iran on a spanish charter is washington denies this that american media meanwhile has reported that amir was actually the last time i forget is working undercover as a terror on university oss he's pursuing for sound looks into the case. the looming question in this case how did the iranian scientists sure all of the early get to
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the united states one person has already answered that question sure amiri himself but his answers completely contradict one another in this video a man who says he and miri says he's in tucson arizona and was kidnapped by agents from the cia and saudi arabia. an intelligence agency he claims he was tortured a few hours later though this video is released a man who looks the same and also says he is sure amiri claims he is here to further his education the u.s. state department seems to agree with that statement he is here of his own volition that he has chosen to return to iran of his own volition that is how we do things here in the united states we didn't we didn't seize him and bring him here they were not preventing him from returning to iraq this building is the pakistani embassies office representing iranian interests the old iranian embassy in
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washington sits empty because there's no longer a diplomatic relationship between the united states and iran according to reports coming out of iran for amiri arrived here monday night he told those inside he was quote brought here by his captors and demanded an immediate return to iran but i was told that if i would confess they could swap me for three american spies who had been detained at the iran iraq border they said that this was a common process between countries intelligence agencies and that i wouldn't have any problems. as media outlets waited outside for a glimpse of something those at the state department press briefing bickered about what this all means of other than knowledge that he has put videos up on the on you tube from time to time i actually have no knowledge about what he's been doing since he's been here in the states proof here of chaos in a case of the man shrouded in mystery with potentially far reaching implications for relations between the united states and iran and an outcome that is still
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unknown in washington christine for south r t. the program also have a history of nuclear bomb development on both sides of that plant expects to find he is says the fast access for atomic test. this used to be a top secret. nuclear facility but aside from these lawyers the entrance was guarded by soviet soldiers. deep inside the a subtropical paradise. the acclaimed russian conductor and pianist may have played a new office in thailand to appear in court child sex abuse charges and this month thai police accused him of the statuary rape of a fourteen year old boy which he denies his arrest followed the detention of a thai citizen suspected of involvement in a prostitution ring the grammy award winning russian was freed on bail to allow him continue a world tour with his orchestra he must return to thailand however every twelve days if found guilty he could spend twenty years in jail. so altering temperatures
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in a record breaking heat wave has forced a state of emergency in almost twenty regions across russia as crowds are trailing three of the normally trius palace turning usually rich farmland into little more than a desert forcing farmers to see government support our correspondent sean thomas reports now from the republic of just one of the many regions ravaged by the heat. a natural disaster is taking place in central russia painstakingly slow in the making but impossible to stop unseasonably high temperatures and extended periods without rain are leaving farmers without the possibility of a harvest which. you see because of the on president a drought the crops are not laden they are empty the plants are underdeveloped they are good neither for grain nor for livestock feed we have harvested almost everything by now and it only covers about half of what we need. it is one of
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sixteen regions along the volga and urals that have declared a state of emergency an area more than twice the size of switzerland which faces losing a billion dollars this year in this field of summer wheat should be about chest high on me in a rich lush green color but in fact right now it's dead withered and yellow and the ground itself is dusty and pretty much worthless at this point now it's true that the drought has affected crops but it's also affecting the people who live here negatively. we have a problem no water yes a problem dripping at the base. no no no water it's drawing the wells and many of the villages have run dry forcing those who live here to make long tracks to a nearly dry river bed for water such conditions have locals concerned about their survival this is the size of the potato we have nothing. no food for people means even less food for animals causing farmers to take drastic measures just to make
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ends meet mr to move her blood we are already thinking about reducing our cattle stock we are selling this year's calves to individuals which we are also thinking about sending under-performing cows those are you less than five to ten liters of milk to the slaughterhouse the situation however is further complicated by the fact that meat prices have dropped already leaving many to hope for government intervention and financial support so they can get by. r t. so muscovites that suffering from the horses july week fall is fifty gets enough so saturday this is like temperatures reached record high plus thirty five degrees centigrade which is ninety five degrees fahrenheit with no letup predicted by forecasters within a week while people are seeking relief from the boiling heat and lakes and rivers two hundred drownings have been reported across russia and the heat wave has also caused almost a thousand wildfires nationwide. only or are you all in the wall tell us what
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you think is the best way to cope with soaring temperatures simply not going to answer your call and. so far the majority of euros forty six percent side out looking around and that underway to be the hate a small amount of voters that turning the acquisition are up to sixteen percent the fed to stock up on always keeps for drinks allan similarly desperate minority are sticking their heads in the fridge so what's your take to be the eat lettuce now your opinion as our table called in the top stories section. of. the u.s. has released called a confidential documents on the vietnam war revealing deep divisions among white
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house officials at the time of the conflict and it comes as the house of representatives has been discussing the impact of the deadly chemical weapon agent orange sprayed on vast areas and civilians by american forces during the war hunt how fits found out victims will the u.s. government to seal the account for the chemicals toxic legacy as its impact is still felt today and unified some of the images of this report disturbing. i was born with out tonight and missing a hand it is because of america's chemical war against her people in the jungles of vietnam that has left tran in these conditions she is a victim of agent orange second generation tran is one of many her story represents millions living in the shadows of a lasting legacy. these kids will never live a normal life their deformities physical signs of human decay and although their parents were not even born until after the vietnam war eighteen million gallons of
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toxic herbicide spray through the jungles of south vietnam is still penetrating the d.n.a. of those being born today i'm a name marion said the victim into still. are suffering. illness a sense of cancerous the u.s. government has acknowledged agent orange is directly connected to the health ailments and defects that continue to plague the lives of vietnam war veterans for generations to come but the u.s. has worst used to make the same length for the millions of the enemies of war victims whose lives have been devastated as a result of agent orange they say that has nothing to do with agent orange i think that the the u.s. for a man has the reason to deny it. which is why delegations are here in washington following a report issued by lawmakers scientists and doctors calling on the u.s. government to own up to its agent orange legacy in vietnam today also people will stand me government records show nearly ninety five percent of all u.s.
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agent orange related aid is committed to efforts to contain and remove dioxin contamination we asked the justice for all the victims those fighting for justice in the case of vietnamese agent orange victims want the physical and psychological damages to be acknowledged with. the dark legacy left behind by the u.s. in vietnam is one with millions of human face. their struggle three decades in the making will not end with money from the u.s. government but it could ease the pain the u.s. has been ignoring scented done for months sent to manufactured agent orange in these jungles to have this washington d.c. . censors have also been at work in pakistan this week and he bollywood comedy featuring and some of the not a new can like has been banned authorities were worse that iconic depiction of the world's most wanted man could trigger terrorist attacks on his currency went on
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behind the indian comedy in the wild is really ready for potus nine eleven humor. this could well be the biggest scoop of my career interviewing the world's most wanted terrorist however this man does not have a twenty five million dollar reward on his head in fact he is not bin laden but an actor in a bollywood for their new bin laden or without you lot in but just in case you think this is a movie glorifying a terrorist it is a general sort of. distorted biography it's a film which is on the post nine eleven world of which bin laden happens to be a very important character and this is a fair number of feet below them and that's how we are using it's not insensitive or offensive in any way and anybody from any part of the world is going to enjoy this from i can guarantee you that it's american comedy set in pakistan where the young journalist is fixated with going to america and he decided to stick it to get there is an interview with osama bin laden so he goes about creating
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a fake or. using a lookalike for them and seeing the look alike so well they had to keep the twenty five year old actor under wraps to prevent them making the film. had gone to shopping mall in order to promote this film and there was a commotion there a crowd of more than a hundred people gathered so we were following in this time pete was curious the way to attack me but nothing like that happened they wanted to shake my hand and take my autograph so i signed with love a summer. elisa who plays the journalist is a pakistani singer and this is deputy film how does it feel acting in an indian film set in pakistan in pakistan bollywood films are greatly appreciated they're seen. people enjoy them so i mean to see a pakistani in a bollywood film something very refreshing and new for them but pakistan's firm
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censors have banned the movie saying it mocks security agencies. and screening it in public could trigger violence so films distributers in pakistan call it a message of peace and not appealing the ban but i thought it was a nice film and there's a lot of good humor from the name it sounds like a serious films but actually it turned out quite different so it's full of great jokes. definitely quite a good film it will definitely like it mind my students to come and watch it and they will like it there's nothing here that will incite people to my lines. the selling point of this film is osama bin laden but it's very tongue in cheek so i asked to act the part in the. i challenge you america there will be retribution holding just evil actions you have committed in the countries like iraq and afghanistan so these you will have to pay a heavy price when i first heard about this film i thought it was going to be
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a gratification of journalists but actually it's quite irrelevant subtile in the way pakistanis and muslims are looked at with suspicion in the west today and how the media could be fooled into believing something that doesn't exist i think this film could do well in south asia but western audiences would probably need a good sense of humor to appreciate the message got and seeing r.t. . check some other stories from around the globe at least forty people have been killed and fifty injured into a suicide bomb attack south west of baghdad members of the sunni militia working with government forces against al qaida were targeted as they connected their pay. this that's a separate granny's father wants to tax. security forces in iraq in the last three months the us forces have already begun a phrase withdraw funding of it to iraq and nutri have been sustained violence is inconclusive parliamentary elections in march. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has appealed to pakistani leaders of thought of
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cooperation on the afghan war or a trip to islamabad she witnessed the signing of a new trade deal between the two neighbors and she also pledged half a billion dollars in development aid for pakistan cause in america for an end to u.s. involvement and there will have been growing fueled by a record mostly of death toll one hundred three come mission troops injuring. the start of the atomic age sixty five years ago the u.s. has won the race to produce a nuclear weapon america spanned the modern day equivalent of about twenty billion dollars on the project in a bid to be told that saw the travels who were also close to grazing a bomb. explodes they were manning run x. of the soviet union's push for new class supremacy. it was the culmination of the men had brought jackets the first american nuclear explosive device nicknamed the gadget went off in new mexico just weeks before devastating the japanese city of hiroshima many including the godfather of the j.
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robert oppenheimer were terrified by the power of the deadly mushroom cloud. the blast carried fall beyond the atlantic and the soviet union experiments with nuclear energy were on the way too but just like the us in this research institute on the black sea coast the main rules were played by german scientists. this used to be a top secret nuclear facility but aside from these lions the entrance was guarded by soviet soldiers the lab was hidden deep inside a subtropical paradise. three hundred germans top nuclear physicists their assistants family members and even personal chefs were brought to this clue's compound and up cause by the order of joseph stalin in one nine hundred forty five
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the nazis were famous for their highly developed nuclear research programs so after world war two german physics and chemistry professors at almost no other option but to work for either moscow or washington if fierce competition between the us the saw in america to get hold of nuclear weapons was on and even though the us were the first to successfully carry out a nuclear test their rivals caught up pretty quickly chess if you had to get the bullets and go surely for the germans easier thoroughly analyzed the us media reports about the blast effects and even from there they were able to say what had to be done next but. oleksandr church is a veteran of the sukhumi research institute he says many people here remember the time the germans successfully accomplished their mission and were let go by the soviet authorities in the nine hundred fifty s. he's showing us the four thousand book library with rare physics digests and german
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the office where head professor used to work and the equipment he left for russian scientists. illustrations for this machine is called the spectral brush it's a high definition device a very precise one even when the germans left our scientists used to get great results with this equipment. but the rest of the building where german physicists used to work on the soviet a bomb is totally deserve it all winds are disconnected and nowadays people rarely visit these dark hole ways sixty years after the beginning of the nuclear era this place hidden among the bamboo trees still holds many secrets and the story of german scientists behind the soviet union's very own project manhattan is just one of them. are across the. i'm back with the headlines shortly followed by an exclusive interview with historian helen rappaport bob executional the last russians on his family says stay with us about.
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and i gather this is also you the headline. the mainstream medical view about the causes of aids comes under fire from skeptics says twenty thousand scientists temptations and dots it is gathering again at the conference to discuss ways of bottling the disease. the week's top headlines security forces a rest a group of suspected it would be suicide bombers in the southern russian republic up to the stone among them were fifteen year old girls the sad that dead terrorist husbands train them. heroes he wrote and the iranian nuclear scientists returns home off to claiming he was kidnapped by the cia but america has denied accusations are false that he may have been spying in motion to sleep. i think by the heat a raccoon breaking heat wave across russia is still too cold smiting tough times for fall it's.


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