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from across the world and protesters demanding treatment for all aussies tariff isn't that all strength capital. we see already that funding spin a big topic a for the last couple of days and this thursday being concerned that some countries such as the u.s. is seen as perhaps we can in their commitment to fund i know we've heard arguments such as hiv and aids funding these are being called false arguments that there's really much much more that needs to be done this still many people not receiving people here is taking a life saving treatment so it's really focusing on this on an individual level so you see a lot of people trying to get their voices heard and talking about the reality of living with the condition and what still needs to be done and of course in the days prior to the official conference we heard from the other side which is a great book perhaps challenging the official definition fate of d.n.a. and also the standard treatments the standard drugs treatments those are called
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into question though saying that there are alternatives out there the people who have tried these alternative methods and that's maybe something that should be discussed or we've seen a bit of a conflict between the mainstream view on the way to approach the situation and the alternative. opinion or not to every fact that we hear over the coming week these all represent an individual that is living with hiv and it's their reality so this issue of universal access still very much on everyone's minds everyone's head. we can hear now from my colleague. he went to meet someone he's living with hiv. positive he's just one of about a million people infected with the virus in russia alone a country the u.n. says with one of the fastest growing rates of hiv in the world we're going. to have to leave with hiv involves a lot of difficult things not just physical. psychological sometimes some refused
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treatment and i have to fight against doubt while alexy and others. i can continue to fight their battles all they're really looking for is a cure it's already been a long way for those with a virus and respite doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight just yet. the main issue at this point we don't even know which part of the virus causes immune deficiency that's why research is argue about the type of vaccine needed scientists and doctors have been trying to find a remedy since hiv was identified in the early one nine hundred eighty s. but they've only managed to come up with preventive treatments and medication that slows down the degenerative process of the virus. there are more than twenty five types of drugs with clinical proof that they are effective if a person takes entirely they suppress the virus preventing it from spreading the person doesn't get aids this point there is no drug that could destroy the virus completely for one of those clinically approved drugs is finally dying or a.z.t.
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a type of antiretroviral drug used for the treatment of hiv and aids joan shandon of immunity resource foundation is strongly against such treatment conventional treatment has actually caused the death of a whole generation of young gay men in america when they were on the high doses of aids that that is well documented so it's extremely important to be challenging this hypothesis there are almost thirty two million people in the world with hiv or aids and more than one million deaths this year alone international organizations are calling it a pandemic but there are those who stand against this belief and are challenging the very facts we've come to accept as truth there is a well of a majority believe you should just follow i'm sorry to say science is not the majority about science it's a free competition of the best arguments and verifiable arguments it is very fibro that there is no epidemic and it is very fiber of that aids treatment today is just
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less toxic than in the early ninety's and i would call for a. open the bait to test the best argument organizers of the eighteenth international aids conference being held this week in vienna see it's a gathering of individuals committed to ending the classified as a pandemic for alexei he'd rather not get his hopes up all he wants are the facts on the probably will your news i don't expect to see any breakthrough at this conference i just hope that it will be make clear as to where we are to regarding the vaccine because we needed it yesterday. r.t. moscow. some however are predicting that there could soon be a massive scientific breakthrough against the disease suggesting that h.r. they could even be eradicated i can tell you that just last year there is a professor from japan professor them all to publish the paper published in the prestigious journal of medical where all agree they're most treating their h.e.b.
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infection can be eradicated the years are toward their views and this has been published by stimulating the immune system so this means eradication of a trivial infection or of science of hiv infection and so if these will be confirmed on the larger clinical scale clinical trials because that was just as a model a scale a clinical trial then yes i can tell you that hiv infection can be eradicated by stimulating by properly stimulating the immune system is not so easy but yes we can say that there could be a turn out of cures that have already been published there and we are just confirming with our data those results. that was a lot of code from florence university in italy. going on now in india the recent suicide over thirteen year old boy allegedly after being caned at school has revealed that outlawed practice of corporal punishment is still persists the case
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has sparked a public outcry with demands for criminal penalties for teachers who beat pupils parents saying possible. this is one of india's worst kept secrets the prevalence of corporal punishment in schools but the recent suicide of thirteen year old who won rival has brought the practice out into the open a student at the prestigious martin here for boys' school in kolkata hanged himself at home earlier this year after being gained at school after spending months juicing the school for answers his father has filed a police complaint against the three teachers he says were involved i think that they were after him for a long while and i think he was so long as he was giving them individual. battling if i may use the word he was able to take it but when they all descended on him at the same time that day i don't think. i don't think his young mind could have
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that much animosity. emission from his friends the school's principal has admitted giving room run but says this was not responsible for his suicide the case has set off a public outcry largely because it occurred in one of india's best and most elite schools but most cases of corporal punishment take place in government run schools and go largely unrecorded ten year old mounties often beaten when he doesn't complete his homework on time. to match the teacher and tries to teach us that when we don't learn she teaches and sometimes cry when i get it in the child with the state clearly doesn't solve any of this one either the child would become too used to this kind of punishment and the effect would go off or else the child who's very sensitive and anxious by predisposition would feel very very vulnerable a supreme court judgment in two thousand prohibited corporal punishment in earl
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it's films in india but the habits die hard many teachers and even some parents still believe in the need for this. we don't want to hit them but we get angry sometimes because we're taking so much effort to teach them so sometimes we are forced to hit them with all the fifty children in their class teachers often resort to beating them to control their large numbers you hear words like or phrases like it's a theatre of war out there teachers are sometimes frightened to go into class because there is such a lack of respect and. it's very hard to with an inverted commas control the class or discipline but for one loving father there can be no arguments about corporal punishment there's a law against it there's no debate if you let people hear your kids there will be a monster who will take out his frustrations on your child and you will not be able
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to save your child it's not open to discussion nobody has that but. nobody you god gave them to us to love not for some guy to beat them up. one father's crusade for justice is bringing the sport played on to corporal punishment which is illegal but still call money in indian schools one wonders how many more children will have to suffer before more humane methods of disciplining them are in forced got and seeing. you know with our see and coming up in just a few moments here on. the u.s. military's planning to triple its complement of drone aircraft and then ten yes but there is international concern over the line number of civilians killed indiscriminately by the weapon. the thirty five years since the historical apollo so he's been in outer space coming up but archie will show you how they're
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celebrating that event here on the ground. a russian billionaire is taking the world famed christie's auction house to court for allegedly selling them a fake work of art the paid nearly three million dollars for this painting in two thousand and five it's called and was told to bay by the russian also is very nice because the idea of that says danceable russian all taxpayers have concluded that it's a forgery that's about now wants his money back as well as damages from chris's on the grounds of misrepresentation and negligence and the ports as a senior editor of the mostly news website says this could seriously affect chris's credibility with russian art by. christie said they would carry out an internal investigation but this hasn't generation any results or at least not results which of satisfied folks. over the weekend he's lost this legal brit presumably to force their hands to get into a courtroom and thrash it out so far all they've said is that this is about the
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taking very seriously and they will investigate it accordingly clearly it won't help if they are found to. think. they're helping a number of scandals in the world over the past several hundred years almost as long as people have been painting and. christiane so that we suppose come through price fixing scandals in the past so it won't put them out of business but obviously it will have a knock on effect on how credible well particular in this market is. a grammy award winning russian pianist and conductor has appeal appeared in court in thailand and child sex charges may help denies raping a fourteen year old tired boy was arrested earlier this month but freed on bail to allow him to continue a world tour with his orchestra and last however time to hold hearings in thailand every twelve a day for the sun to go take a better face up to twenty days in jail or the pianist claims his arrest was triggered by the detention of a time musician who knows they are suspected of involvement in a child prostitution ring in. the u.s.
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military is planning to triple its complement of unmanned drone aircraft within ten years sales of drones are rising as our fear is that more use of the weapons will mean high civilian casualties he's going to try to count reports now on the consequences of today's reallife robot. the economy out of the blue two words for you predator drone. you will never see it coming a drone least ten times cheaper than a fighter jet it requires no pilot so there are no troop deaths to explain it's the perfect weapon for covered cia operations in countries like pakistan and afghanistan if things go wrong you can deny it all and things do go wrong studies by independent international experts suggest that for every militant killed as many as fifteen civilians also die there's no way of getting exact numbers the cia keeps
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its drones program under wraps but the united nations and other international police stations question the legality of the extensive use of the weapon it becomes different when you come to a sort of undeclared war with organizations which. like ok you know that ali baba and you go off the persian say we suspect. we say they are terrorists but who has proven that the person you're actually targeting to terrorists. they're not they're not in uniform but humanitarian concerns seem to be doing little to dampen surging international demand for groans also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or u.a.e. vs the military appetite is such that the market is expected to grow to a staggering fifty five billion dollars in ten years from now with the advances in technology they depersonalize warfare and so therefore you have people war willing
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to use them and you have people that don't understand the consequences because the people who are flying the drones are not on the battlefield they're not in the plane there are thousands of miles away and when they cause to structured they don't feel it here in washington d.c. suburb but cia drone operator wakes up in the morning your family goodbye comes to the office and shoot at targets thousands of miles away from here and go back home at no risk look forward to specialists say the whole operation reminds the media ok the question many ask is if it is so easy and convenient we'll get our m.p. we can move more in the future if war is cheap why not use the people specially against the smaller countries and organizations such. it would try to sit around the table with to talk it over simon vets him and has produced a research report on drones with the european parliament among his concerns are the
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consequences of terrorists getting hold of such weapons a scenario sunlight likened to real life but deadly robot wars demonstrators outside cia headquarters at the start of the year protested against indiscriminate killings by unmanned weaponry they say that rather than winning wars drones merely make more enemies by killing mostly innocent people are fueling rather than quelling insurgency ganesh i can. r t washington d.c. . and now to some other stories making headlines in the world more than sixty people have died and over one hundred have been injured when a passenger train slammed into a stationary one in eastern india because it's not known about paul nations has been a factor in previous rate disasters in the country only two months ago nearly one hundred fifty died of one passenger train was paid by freight said it's rebels denied claims they sabotage the truck. u.s. officials are allowing b.p.
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to keep the cop on its ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico on a day by day basis the authorities are worried the cap may be causing other leaks to spring up elsewhere which b.p. has been ordered to monitor on the ocean floor new seepage has been found near the best well indicating possible problems with the cup pleated last week b.p. believed they devised the flow of oil for the first time since disaster struck three months ago out of a rig explosion which killed eleven workers triggered america's worst ever environmental catastrophe. gunmen have stormed a birthday party in northern mexico killing seventeen people and injuring a dozen others witnesses say that time has arrived in several cars and started shooting randomly without saying a word more than two hundred bullet casings have been found at the scene police are linking the massacre to the country's long running drugs war which has killed more than twenty six thousand people over the last four years. the first soviet era
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cosmonauts and american astronauts to fly on a joint international space mission all celebrating the flight's such a fifth anniversary they still use apollo project knocks a new era of cooperation between the superpower rivals thomas has been following the celebrations at moscow's space museum. it is a been a day of a ceremony and celebration and old friends getting together and reminiscing about their time that they shared in space thirty five years ago the four remaining survivors of the actual event itself the apollo soyuz mission came here to the space museum where they were greeted by a band they got a tour of the state of the art facility and then they also had the chance to answer questions and talk and reminisce in fact the american astronauts spoke in their best russian and were quite understandable and you could tell that these these people had shared a history and had shared this this amazing event together and they are still good friends today as you watch them go through the museum and look at different
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artifacts some of them in their own artifacts in fact and then they were able to celebrate with a little bit of a meal afterwards we had the opportunity to speak to vance brand who was on that mission he's one of the american astronauts this is what he had to say about the event thirty five years ago but never just that it would. develop been through a large cooperation like we're. back. where we're thinking about the things that we do is to make the mission the success so it's a great pleasure to read your and we appreciate the honor of the story on this mission was the symbolic end of the space race that started when russia launched sputnik in beer the first artificial satellite and then both countries were had tense relations to see who could conquer this new frontier and of course this was the first time these two superpowers worked together in fact they actually had to engineer specific devices so these two spacecraft could fit together they
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were designed separately not to work together so that was one feat of engineering that had to be accomplished but also it was the first time that these two cold war rivals had to train together and work together for more than six months so that they could accomplish their mission in space when the two crafts actually dock it was on the seventeenth of july they there was a three hour period. where they waited to make sure it was ok for them to open the hatches and shook hands and then spent forty four hours together conducting experiments as well as getting together and even joking the russian cosmonauts wrote vodka on the side of their food to trick the american astronauts into thinking that vodka was a part of their everyday space rations of course it wasn't it was a joke but just an atmosphere of jovial. in outer space. while while they only stagers of the space race so rushing dole was being sent into orbit the notion of sending a don't pay into flight was never considered that was until this weekend when a. police investigation decided to launch a donkey be tried with a quite
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a difference stand they go as watched as the animal tethered to parasail with sound ad borne of the sea for closely now are witnesses reported hearing the turf i don't keep praying before eventually landed in the water at the animal survived the ordeal which police say appeared to be a stance to promote sailing and officers say that while people were excited by the creatures distress they've not been alerted animal cruelty charges could follow which could bring the organizers back down to where the two year jail sentence. well with with tough new immigration law is due to come into force in arizona and more planned elsewhere in the us the last american population in the country is calling for reforms and ulti spoke to journalist and human rights activist george runnels says immigrants benefit america that's coming up in a moment. it
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is a controversial issue and an emotional one what to do about the immigration system in the united states all sides of this debate and there are many sides agree on one thing the system is broken but how to fix it and one to fix it has become the subject of a great debate i'm joined now by jorge ramos mr ramos has been the face of univision for twenty years serving as their anchor for their nightly news
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broadcasts has also authored some books including this one a country for all an immigrant manifesto mr ramos i want to thank you so much for joining me today you and countless others came out to rally support for and vote for now president obama he promised. several times that he would make sure the comprehensive immigration reform would pass within the first year of his presidency and it hasn't it's been more than a year but you can see that president obama has gotten a lot of other things done but he also promised why is it that so many hispanics are so angry that this was not the first thing that the president got too many latinos voted for president barack obama because he promised immigration reform nobody forced prosser and barack obama so you're nothing but he did he promise that during q four three in office he was going to have an immigration bill that he could strongly support and it's been a few months and we have seen absolutely nothing and we need action here put up
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stop deportations of students who put up the protection of children in the parlance of your experiences could have called for a bipartisan summit of the white house he could have even presented his phone proposal if you saw an immigration bill in john mccain during the during the campaign he also promised me that he was going to support a path to citizenship. for undocumented immigrants and that he even he described undocumented immigrants god's children so what's going on right now when when john mccain when he's fighting a very tough primary are they not god's children anymore i mean why you think he's supporting immigration reform right now so we have the blame is being shared by both republicans and democrats while since we're talking about the state of arizona let's talk about the seven ten seven day this is a bill back in april that was signed by arizona governor jan brewer and it gives authorities not only the credence or the ability to but requires them to detain anyone that they suspect of being here here illegally but there are several people
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who support this bill and many would argue americans you know many americans would and many would even say the majority of americans support this bill they want to see more bills like this around the rest of the country what do you have to say to those americans the realities that immigrants pay taxes they create jobs and they don't take jobs away from americans they are simply taking the goals that americans don't want to do i haven't seen millions of americans going to go farm fields in california texas or for your picking up tomatoes or ruffles so engrossed create jobs they bring crime down the court of justice just recently probation prescreening crime has been going down in the last decade despite the fact that the immigrant population has doubled so violent crimes have been going down thirty five percent robberies twenty five percent. so there's a lot of misinformation but if we realize that it's a great business to have immigrants in this country hopefully people just my church change their minds but they're almost one of your main arguments in your book is
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that immigrants are needed because there's going to be such a large population of people that are retiring these are the baby boomers and that immigrants will be needed when there's a labor shortage you say this in your book but the term labor shortage is very hard to swallow for most americans right now many of whom are out of work it just doesn't seem feasible that there's going to be a labor shortage anytime soon it's very simple if you bring them out of the shadows they'll be able to pay more taxes they'll be more productive they'll create new businesses and they'll be able to tool employ more people so again there's a lot of misinformation on the contributions of immigrants to this country and unfortunately when there's an economic crisis like the one we're facing right now immigrants are being blamed for for everything that's wrong with dysfunction from crime to unemployment and it's simply not for but if you take the civil rights movement there was martin luther king jr when you take the labor movement farmworkers there was a cesar chavez there is not one leader in this movement and how
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do you mobilize and how do you get something to happen change to happen if there's not one person for people to rally behind what's so interesting is that we don't need one cesar chavez we need a fall from césar chávez. and it is true latinos are on the represented politically . we are fifteen percent of the population and we only have one senator that has to change this is it is incredible that the most powerful country in the world is persecuting and discriminating against eleven million people i just came back from south africa may seem to see how in sixteen years they progress so much in getting rid of fighting discrimination it's fantastic what they're doing in south africa but when i come back to america and realize that you know the sauna and they're going exactly the opposite way it's really shocking i'm not saying that people that the majority of people in arizona want to create an upper thigh system but what i'm seeing in arizona right now in many other parts of the country you shamefully close to two. terrible days you are emmy award winning journalist that includes twenty
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years as an anchor for you know vision you have interviewed people from fidel castro to bill clinton to your current president barack obama i'm curious how you reconcile the fact that you are a journalist and yet you are so outspoken about one of the greatest issues about our time it's a great question an interesting one when i'm doing my newscast every night when i'm doing my political show with sunday mornings i am not supposed to i have never given my opinion i mean they didn't hire me to give my opinion on the other hand i mean i am an immigrant i am an immigrant with the privilege of being on the air all the time i mean i'm going with a voice in. in some time so i do feel the need to speak for those who don't have a voice for those who are invisible in this country jorge ramos journalist and author thank you so much for speaking with us thank you i.
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to much brighter than if you knew. from the sun stupid. stunts on t.v. don't comb. it's the first day of the morning in the russian capital this is all saying the headlines. of the world's richest nations plan to cut spending in the battle against aids due to the financial crisis demonstrators at
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a major international conference on the disease in ghana demand universal access to treatment the united nations says funding cuts could threaten the recent progress made against the disease which has killed around twenty five million people. corporal punishment in schools comes and discouraged me up for the suicide of a thirteen year old boy reveals that the cane still rules some classroom is just one of the punches being banned in the country parents and according to criminal penalties for teachers the same pupils. said to five years since the two cold war so the cars came together that even though it was in a space the docking on the soviet soil used an american apollo spacecraft to get aboard a more cooperative era between the two rival countries. also and white whales are the undisputed stars of russia's aquariums find out more about their lives both in the wild and among people in our special report that's.


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