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earlier this year is now being implemented and today here representatives from over at seventy countries are making sure that everything is going. by the plan of course other issues such as drug trafficking proving. standards of living here in afghanistan as well as the state regulations and human rights issue is also being discussed and it looks like russia is increasing its involvement in have helping the country in all those years. we're committed to supporting you in efforts on stabilizing afghanistan we will continue to allow transit of international cargo and personnel to afghanistan through our territory we're working on additional measures to keep afghan forces together with our partners we're also helping restore the afghan economy this year russia wrote off the remainder of ghana stands didn't it hundred ninety one million u.s. dollars we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance but also recently russia has said it's willing to sell over twenty am i seventeen helicopters to
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nature meant for the afghan army no those helicopters were designed especially to fly over the mountain so as the country's chief of staff has said himself they would be perfect for the afghan army russia has also said that it's willing to give some of them for free in order to help the country in each of them costs from between thirteen and fifteen million u.s. dollars and that of course will also be very much needed here in afghanistan once troops start leaving the country out of one hundred thousand people that die because of drugs coming from afghanistan annually and more than a third of them dies in russia and together with the e.u. russia consumes about fifty percent of drugs coming from afghanistan so for russia of course it is a big issue during this conference and. of course russia is also willing to cooperate with the partners from the west in order to tackle this problem. ours is
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how another of our reporting from the afghan capital kabul well political expert from the russian academy of sciences it got a lot of believes the biggest mistake in afghanistan was that the us supplied a military solution to a normal military problem americans have failed in nation building in afghanistan and the major problem you know general mcchrystal has now gone to the new commander all for american troops and international troops in afghanistan. neutral solutions yes because the nutriment but you know you can apply the solution only problem the problem in afghanistan the problem of pakistan are not military and those are social economic and political problems smallest of all corruption drug abuse and actually the basic problem the field nation building let's see the basic problem of those countries and of course we can make no plans for twenty for two. from the russian capital. and antiwar activists michael meyers there says
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washington desperate to negotiate with the taliban but it may be too late. it does not look like the taliban is in any position to negotiate the united states right now because the taliban is winning the war very clearly what this can be seen as is a move of desperation on behalf the united states to hillary clinton is going as that representative saying that you know this goal in afghanistan the reason that we're told we must fight and die and we'll see in afghanistan is to drive the taliban from any inch of political power because of that was to happen another terrorist attack would be lost from afghanistan on the united states that's the reason that we're giving but i don't while want to hand what we're being told we must fight and die and leslie to make sure the taliban have no political power we're seeing our representatives telling the taliban that they would like to put them on the payroll offer them seats in the government if they just promise to allow the u.s. to carry out whatever business and military interest it has in that country what we do know is that the united states is losing this war and the united states will not
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withdraw in defeat from this war and what we can expect to see is united states doing everything it can to not leave that country with the perception that they've been defeated and trying everything they can to bomb and murder that country into submission so we can expect to see another year is more u.s. casualties more afghan casualties and while the leaders in washington and the generals in the pentagon still finding justification to continue to fight their. well that was on to marco price so ahead for you this hour she may be no spring chicken but she sure has a. name to be one hundred thirty years old find out. naming the title of the oldest living. in the. united nations says plans by the world's wealthiest nations to cut spending on aids could jeopardize recent progress in
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fighting the disease the warning came at an international aids conference which is on the way in vienna as activists treatment for all of this in the austrian capital for us. it was the third day of the aids two thousand and ten conference in vienna and already we've seen some controversy in the days leading up to the official conference we heard from agreed to challenging many of the fundamental assumptions that a lot of us told about hiv and aids and about the forms of treatment no though their views were met by many of the mainstream scientists with widespread criticism that has been a lot of debating here at the official conference itself to do with funding and treatment strategy that we heard yesterday from bill gates and bill clinton they were addressing an aids organizations and really asking them to ensure that they were providing value for money and fish and delivery of services in tough economic times now there's been some protests going through the conference about this
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apparent scaling back the people saying the government's on holding kids on their promises i remember in two thousand and five the u.n. said that december two thousand and ten deadline for missing universal access to haiti hiv prevention treatment countries have fallen pretty far short of a target safe from a lot of speakers saying that this really needs to be pushed forward funding still needs to be there and health care in any country should absolutely not be an option that comes to pendant on a price tag now another of the areas that's been discussed here at the conference is to deal with treatments he seems new guidelines on early delivery of treatments that's been slightly controversial is going to be debated later on today but as he said the underlying basis of this conference is this focus on the human rights issue and the fact that this is not a need it's been a success in a global level a bit on an individual level to we can hear now from my colleague again to japan
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the medicine people living with hiv aids charlene carton says he tried he saved her life not something you hear very often in my life before the. story. i have to go for days weeks and weeks and weeks to go are you know does not even take a bath is get high get high get high get high was smoke crack smoke. drink drink and then go to that passed out seven years ago when a child the diagnosis prompted her to change your lifestyle and i've been clean thank you. and that's when we started the ball of my new life now she takes a cocktail of three chivied fighting drugs every day and says it's like fighting any other disease but the international community thinks differently aids which the united nations says has killed twenty five million people is classed as a global epidemic there are however some scientists in the minority who counter this view hiv is just another there to be no hump it's off them professor
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duesberg from the university of california berkeley says the world has been brainwashed into thinking aids is an infectious disease most scientists don't share his views if she is comes along but is and they wanted to make it an infectious disease but it's a lifestyle he sees over twenty million americans that's almost ten percent take a listen to the creation of clocks every day professor duesberg subpoenas on aids being a sexually transmitted disease are also far from the mainstream view it's not about but in order to pick up this far from somebody who has to have. cells and sexual contact with somebody who is positive not counting dates with negative thoughts they don't count stats hope efficient it is just as hopeless it's biologically hopeless no one argues that h.i.v.
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and aids is a problem it is the causes and effects of the immunity fish and sea diseases which are the focus of debate and disagreement in washington d.c. you come across these ads everywhere who's better on a bush or obama and that's a question a major aids foundation is asking well obama's new strategy is mostly focused on the domestic side h.i.b. and a and for the first time the u.s. national aids plan specifically targets gay and bisexual men and. ron simmons who's black gay and h.i.v. positive says targeting reese groups is actually a good thing and more efficient he has a support group for gay charity positive black man i was on the cusp of the wave of the sexual revolution so i had done all that stuff you know with a lot of i sort of knew that. so when i found out i was positive i wasn't surprised
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by while acknowledging lifestyle has a great deal to do with hiv diagnosis ron says people should avoid social stigma we think of people with lung cancer and that happens but think with their fall so tough luck don't get into how do you get sick that's not important how you guys think the fact is that you are sick but some scientists say that dealing with how it's contract it remains the key to its prevention going to check on our t. washington d.c. . president obama is urging the u.s. senate to pummel thinks tension of benefits for unemployed americans he's criticized republicans for attempting to block the bill and not helped in the war. after years of championing policies that turned a record surplus into a massive deficit the same people who didn't have any problems spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are now saying we shouldn't offer relief to middle class americans like jim or leslie or denise who
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really need help. well the bill extends the deadline for filing for unemployment benefits to the end of november the move will cost thirty three billion that donates an additional deficit spending republicans are concerned about the expense and say any extension of benefits should be offset by spending cuts that some americans even dispute battle. this is a situation where the government has to be proactive to try to stimulate the economy and to try to generate jobs and they haven't been doing a very great job of it so you can say well they shouldn't do anything but i don't see how that's going to lead to a recovery of our economy and neither do most economists around the world the problem is that there's an easy a logical group among the republicans and some other economists who feel that you know obama cannot have any victories he cannot be able to claim that he did anything positive so they are just the party of no
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they will vote against everything he proposes because he's proposing it and this is the problem that the democrats are facing it's masked as an economic debate but it really is and it's a political difference at its core the same republicans who are moaning about the deficit and the dead are also favoring tax cuts for the richest americans so they don't have to pay any taxes at all and the government can't generate any income their real philosophy is quote starve the beast try to make it impossible for government to function and serve the public and they're not very interested in lower income americans the people in pain and in poverty they're very they had dinner fly with the richest americans and that's why this is become a class battle not just a political battle if you want to cut the budget you want to really deal with the deficit you have to cut military spending and that's something the republicans for the most part are not interested in doing with the exception perhaps of ron paul so
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everybody. making selective arguments to build their ideological case but the reality is that the money is going into military and counter-intelligence kinds of programming that generates jobs for some people but leaves most people out of work . filmmaker down the shaft of the from new york of the u.s. the government is allowed to keep on its ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico but will continue to monitor the situation officials will warrant the plug fitted last week may have triggered all the leaks however say they may be natural and on related to the well. the device had stem the flow of oil for the first time since the rig explosion three months ago. a drug gang has killed a man during a street usually in mexico a day off the escalating violence in the country eighteen people were shot dead after partial monday's gunman stormed the celebrations the region has recently seen
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a rise in desk linked to competition between cartels almost twenty thousand people have been killed in drug related violence in the past four years. syria has banned university students and teachers in the country from the full islamic veil the education ministry says the decision aims to protect serious secular identity the band does not affect the headscarf which is more common in the region syria is the latest nation to weigh down on the face covering veil following similar in france and belgium. nearly one hundred fifty people have been killed in china as the most severe floods in the country dozens are feared missing on the western areas remain under water at least six million people have been evacuated from their homes many lakes of time as the longest river the young swollen and officials will build water levels are dangerously high and still rising
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. but georgian woman has set out to beat the world record for being the oldest living person on earth claiming to have just said at the tender age of one hundred thirty and just shows no sign of slowing down. stopped by to wish her a happy birthday. as you get older birthdays tend to get less exciting but not for each other this georgian woman says she's turning hundred and thirty years old it's a claim backed up by her passport but she appears to have outlived her birth certificate which would help prove she's the world's oldest living person by sixteen years she spends most of her time in bed but her ten grandchildren eleven great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren keep her entertained year round. oh sure is now i feel weak but i don't want to stay in
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bed all the time i walked along i worked on my god. i needed to raise my children up to my husband died. they say despite her age she still has a sound mind and a sharp eye and enjoys a game of backgammon every now and then. mother worked all her life even during the war never had a very close to. me how you isn't a third and last living son she claims she gave birth to him when she was sixty her two older children died in the one nine hundred forty s. it seems there is something in the air in the mountains of georgia living to over ninety is nothing out of the ordinary here but making it to hundred thirty is still something pretty special the secret could be in the simple rural life or the d.n.a. of the local population or as some have suggested and mix it with the documents or maybe it's the combination of all three that keeps people like and going strong for
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years relatives say and disabused to smoke cigarettes doesn't eat meat but doesn't joy having a drink every now and then to suspend all of her life in the village she was born in she didn't have much of an official education and doesn't know how to read or write her passport says she was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty but independently that the communication cannot be verified without antti says last birth certificate but several other documents and testimonies from her neighbors say i'm definitely over a century old. form. which is pretty. fast but this issue of his or her child it is creating a very conservative. piece of which i was born we need. much more every day. we're talking. you know that to establish the fact that this
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person is the oldest person in the world what with people work or not and discipline team is to lead by example proving that age is a case of mind over matter as long as you know how to make the most of every single moment of life in a coast guard georgia. dramatic footage of a daring a robbery in sweden has been released on the internet the burglary took place last year when government used a helicopter just killed and five million dollars they landed on the. crowd control the tempo and smashed their way using a mechanical saw on explosives as this pushes the back placed at the how the pool prevented officers from using their helicopters to chase the guy ten people have been charged a trial that was due to start next month most of the money stolen has not yet been found. if you get to log on to a website called weather always more stories for years some that might just catch
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your eye at the moment driven attack action rush the college is the battle to save a forest which is being felt to make way for a new mosque a city petersburg most play. a grand prix and twenty twelve major formula one show on the capital streets this weekend to fallon's and the spectators. to the flying don't keep. the parasailing company in. its stumped in southern russia is investigating animal cruelty. well that is the way the news is the. way they will but it's business news coming out now with the tasha could see this going to get all the latest for us.
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well the latest g.d.p. growth figure is what i'll have for you a bit later in the program but first let's start with the story the farm international airshow has opened in the south of england it's one of the premier events for the industry with companies coming from all around the world as our correspondent reports. airplanes of all shapes and sizes are taking to the skies over the south of england this week as farm international ash brings technology to russia's biggest aviation industry play as a representative not just era flattened sukhoi superjet but also titanium make. the russian defense super corp defense important export company export and russian helicopters it was a successful beginning to the show for russian helicopters which sold four machines
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to an indian company a new direction was a commercial market for. your market with care of several commercial. but that's not a big wanted to be confusion canonically developed. so we are putting additional. among the russian related deal signed his so far and placed an order for eleven planes for around a billion dollars and he will supply thirty of it super jets to an indonesian airline in a deal worth just under a billion dollars but the name on everyone's lips this year is bowing. down to be the star of this year's show the boeing seven a seven dreamliner on british soil for the first time hailed as the first new generation of airliners it's just the anguish of russian titanium the seventy seven's made of composite material and capable of traveling huge distances with
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this model still equipped for test flights boeing's confident it can make the first deliveries by the end of the year following a tour of the brand new plane. explained russia's involvement. in the last few years we have signed a lot of contract most of which were for. a newly built. the plane. just to consists of about twenty tons worth of titanium product all of which were made in russia. boeing claims planes for the next eighty years will be modeled on the dreamliner and they're hoping to drum up new custom for the plane cheering the course of this week last year's paris show was disastrous in terms of orders as the aerospace industry took a beating in the financial crisis this year could be different according to boeing i think there is some signs you know that the market is garment bag definitely no airlines go you know way more interesting for all the new airplanes you know
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definitely flying and certainly is no problem like eighteen months ago bumper is traditionally a litmus test for the state of the global aviation industry and the world's biggest defense manufacturers will hope evidence of it taking off your and that business r.t. . and it's time to check out the equity markets european shares slipped and to read an early afternoon trade following the u.s. teachers that trade lower indicating a weak wall street opening in a few hours and that's after a disappointing results from goldman sachs and i.b.m. that reported after wall street's closing bell on monday the fancies shedding less than a quarter percent germany's dax is down about a half. and the russian markets are also moving slowly and to read in the afternoon trading in moscow the r.t.s. is down almost half a percent of my sex is also losing the house for some while majors such as look
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after among the leaders after a small jump in crude prices. russia's biggest gold producer poorness plans to pay a dividend of rubles per share for the first off the year that's an equivalent of about twenty seven sounds the figure slightly lower than expected and it's about half of what the company paid last year if the board of directors or. invasion is approved the company would have to spend a little more than fifty million dollars on dividend payments this year. for shows top more while operator m.t.s. to add a full retail or euro set have signed a deal that will revive their cooperation in certain russian regions but alicia's have soured after m.t.s. rival vocal call bought the euro set chain two years ago both companies and without taking each other to court president saddam allas says he's pleased the companies have agreed to start working together again but stressed it's only in some remote
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regions of the country at least for the time being. russia's gross domestic product rose four point two percent in the first half of the year as the country emerged from the worst downturn in a decade the growth was underpinned by a strong rebound in industrial production was more than ten percent higher than the same period last year also benefited from rising commodity prices they're still the backbone of the country's economy. while you're up to date on all the latest in business my colleague daniel bushell will bring you an update in the last of our joint of them.
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that started off to. last it's really the most to lose him. you lose two superpowers. to. the spoons congress. wealthy british. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with my tax dollars are for a no holds barred global financial headlines to kaiser report. so.
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it's home now and this is a scene he could pull conference kicks off and off with international school heavyweights strongly think for a moment the country and. local security forces russia is committed to support un efforts to stabilize the country volunteer monetary assistance its.
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funding of the battle against a riot sounds it is called for more money to the disease that science is the divided on prevention and treatment this comes as delegates meant as an international aids conference in vienna and providing universal head to pitch its. protecting the people president obama says the senate to approve an extension on the point benefits accusing republicans of favoring the rich and refusing to help the bill would help millions struggling to survive off the financial crisis that will cost the government billions of dollars. next all she talks to his rainy member of parliament a dog to him that the will to discuss israel's position as attack on an aid for terror and may prospects for the middle east.


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