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and human rights issues were discussed and it looks like russia is increasing its involvement in have helping the country in all those fears russia here is represented by the country's foreign minister sergei lavrov we're committed to supporting you in efforts on stabilizing afghanistan we will continue to allow transit of international cargo and personnel to afghanistan through our territory so we're working on additional measures to keep afghan forces together with our partners we're also helping restore the afghan economy this year russia wrote off the remainder of ghana stands didn't it hundred ninety one million u.s. dollars we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance also recently russia has said it's willing to sell over twenty am i seventeen helicopters to nature meant for the afghan army no those helicopters were designed especially to fly over the mountain so as the country's chief of staff has said himself they would be perfect for the afghan army russia has also said that it's willing to give some of
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them for free in order to help the country and each of them costs from between thirteen and fifteen million u.s. dollars and that of course will also be very much needed here in afghanistan once troops start leaving the country out of one hundred thousand people that die because of drugs coming from afghanistan annually and more than a third of them dies in russia and together with the e.u. the e.u. russia consumes about fifty percent of drugs coming from afghanistan so for russia of course it is a big issue during this conference and. of course russia is also willing to cooperate with the partners from the west in order to tackle this problem. of a reporting from the afghan capital and one afghan member of parliament told r.t. that the first thing the west needs to scale back on is the help it's given to heroin production. i think it's true that afghanistan produces a lot of opium but when you talk about the heroin the international community for
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gets the fact that the you know to turn opium to heroin you require chemical precursors that come from huge pharmaceutical companies from europe and far east in other countries so big that never talk about that bad there's a enough money made in bringing precursors to this country to turn our poppies into heroin and if you don't attack that angle of this problem just producing opium for a farmer who wants to buy a plastic pair of shoes for his son once a year is not going to solve the problem in this country for example one thousand tons of opium last year in afghanistan required thirteen thousand pounds of chemical tons of chemical precursors that came from a major force of pharmaceutical producers in the world afghans are producing it to survive and i'm not condoning it we should stop producing it but also the consumption should stop and also. the imports of precursors should also be
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stemmed in my opinion money laundering and banks and all those issues should be dealt with seriously. ego a couple of who's an expert in afghan politics believes coalition forces made a mistake in afghanistan applying a military solution to a non military problem. americans have failed in nation building in afghanistan and i see that the major problem you know general mcchrystal has now gone and the new commander of american troops and international troops in afghanistan they try to apply a neutral solutions yes because the nutriment much you know you can apply a neutral solution all new to the problem the problem in afghanistan the problem of pakistan are not military and those are social economic and political problems smallest of all corruption drug abuse and actually the basic problem the field nation building let's see the basic problem of those countries and of course we can make no plans for to interfere in. afghanistan expert igor.
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the un's warning that if the world's richest countries cut their spending on aids research the recent progress in fighting the disease will be put in serious jeopardy it's sounding the alarm at the international hiv aids conference in vienna where scientists are demanding universal treatment so if earth is in austria for r.t. . the main topic at the conference today has been on this new treatment gel for women designed to help in the fight to prevent hiv a. bigger she had this prevention as treatment and there's been a lot of research going into that over the last few years to really develop these prevention methods to the conference that they held his day to present the findings on the speech i was seated he runs the flows and everyone's been talking about that's a very positive thing to come out of this conference and it's day we all say how to talk about basing the phrase in crohn's earlier treatments
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a starting treatment for haiti earlier now that's being quite heavily debated not everyone does agree on that but again that's been another fake this conversation it's a day now we've seen a lot of these issues come up in a lot of the debates and not a lot of good intentions but is the money that because we've also heard a lot of cool save the last couple of days about the funding is now monday of course bill clinton shantel case they just the hate d.n.a. it's organized nations and also to make sure they're providing value for money and we're delivering the services especially in tough economic times the protests the speakers who really reason to be angered by that and what they see as a crossing in funding and commitment that things are really critical time before the official conference started we were posting from the unofficial conference which was a group who held alternative is questioning some of the fundamental assumptions of what we all think about hate safety and aids and they were questioning all said
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that this new treatment methods they have their unofficial talks they used were met with widespread criticism skepticism here is the mainstream conference now it's got to be said that these are new arguments since aids and to the public forum and people were aware of it since the one nine hundred eighty s. there has been opposition to. he's mainstream we can hear now. he's one of the people he has for this attorney to be. in order to pick up this boy from somebody who has you have. souls and sexual contact with somebody who's possibly not counting dates with negative ads they don't come stats whole efficient it is this is hopeless is biologically hopeless hiv is just another that we know hundreds of them as i said they were not taken to take a leaf seriously by the mainstream scientists say but a lot of the people that we spake to when even really willing to enter into
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a debate about that they're saying that they're really very focused on their mission here this week and that's pushing forward this idea of universal access making sure that happens that as we say with this funding question marks remaining lots and lots of good intentions people are really going to be looking now to see whether any of this translate into concrete actions once the conference is a. sort of first reporting that well as we heard from our correspondent there not everyone is convinced that we getting the full picture about h.i.v. and aids there's no speak to dr christian feeling from vienna thanks very much indeed for joining us now i understand that you believe the u.n. is a choice the figures are actually overblown what makes you so sure about this. well i studied in depth underlying diagnosis and the processing of these figures and it is more than ten years that i have pointed to the fact that the basis of these figures especially from africa is makes makes no clinical sense the
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so-called fun greedy finish. to finish an in africa is a useless from a clinical point a few and i'm mainly a clinician and then these figures have been blown up by un aids in geneva just to scare. the people and to scare the world population is a bit without any benefit but but surely the figures speak for themselves that people all of dying in africa and throughout the world from hiv aids on any moment are you saying that in effect that aids doesn't exist and that this is some sort of conspiracy. people are dying and they are mainly dying as a consequence of poverty if you look at africa people are poor what do you expect people to do when they are poor obviously they die but about mortality in africa has been stable even down and the population of africa has doubled within the last twenty years so obviously we don't have an. epidemic of
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a dabbler disease in africa the biggest problem cynically in africa is population growth and we are not helping people there to limit their fertility and the second problem is poverty almost half of the population has no access to clean drinking water so when people call for universal access for drugs i asked my research where's a call for universal access to clean drinking water where is the responsibility of the world's population to provide clean drinking water as a universal right all right let me just ask you one question though specifically has come out of an issue that has come out of this conference and that is that they're making much of a new gel for women to help prevent hiv through sex now you are going ecologist you all saying this is a p.r. stunt are you really saying the medical profession the world health organization your colleagues in the medical profession would be carrying out a p.r. stunt like this. well if you look over the last twenty years we have seen
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a number of hot air studies and this is just another one and i bet they do within one year no one will talk anymore about this study and if you look at the basis of the study it is focusing on african sexuality now this has been a white man's preoccupation since centuries and i ask myself as that. as a doctor why don't we why are we not as much preoccupied with clean drinking water sufficient food and clean housing of african people as much as we are preoccupied with sexuality of african people and just to give you one small detail about hundred almost hundred participants of this new study they had been enrolled in another study with another jail and they had to lie it they had deliberately lie it to the organizers of this study and it was discovered and then they were excluded from that study but to tell you that about one third of the of these participants deliberately lied to the organizers of the study just to just give you
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an image how reliable the state arrogance of briefly and you saying that you've actually said about contraception museum but are you saying actually safe sex the safe sex message is irrelevant and actually that people should carry on as normal because some people may say you're being highly irresponsible as a doctor. well i have put up a museum on contraception and abortion just to teach people how to protect themselves in their sex life in order to enjoy the least side effects and there is a centuries old tradition in heterosexual activity to protect ourselves in our sexual activity from the real dangers like unwanted pregnancies not from fantasy very truly dangerous and the real danger of unwanted pregnancy is a real one especially in africa where women have no access to legal illegal abortion and the condoms are medium effective they have
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a pearl index of fifteen and we see a high number of women coming for an abortion because they have relied on condoms as their mode of contraception and condoms have a role to play but they do so limited because their medium effective and i think it is highly irresponsible to display condoms as an effective tool to protect ourselves in the sexuality it is not a lot of women go through the experience which is an unwanted pregnancy and a subsequent abortion doctor christian feel are fascinating to hear what you have to say i'm sure we'll get many comments about your points of view here on r.t. we do appreciate your time here talking to us from vienna dr christian. dmitri medvedev is spending a couple of days in finland where alongside a bit of official business there's also a bit of time for some scandinavian sightseeing to start with the finnish president toddy helen and gave me a bit of a tour of her official summer residence known as the golden bank it's the second
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time the leaders have enjoyed a stroll in the sun the two last met in the russian resort of sochi last august present that is next year to soak up some baltic history but then it's down to business leaders are set to talk about energy deals and environmental issues and the details are in our business update later for you this hour on r.t. . london's christie's auction house is insisting the painting it sold to a russian billionaire is authentic it's been reportedly sued by a businessman victim who claims the artwork he bought is a fake burger allegedly splashed on nearly three million dollars when this painting caught his eye in two thousand and five it's called or at least supposedly by the russian artist. but arctic sports and russia have taken a closer look and then are convinced it's been forged burgers and to want his cash but damages christie's took another look at the painting and say it is genuine but they want more research to be done. they say a journey matters if you're a fine wine but not for one georgian woman who claims to be the world's oldest
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person alive and just give each other insists she's not one hundred thirty and shows no signs of slowing down. as the story. as you get older birthdays tend to get less exciting because through each other there's georgian woman says she's turning hundred and thirty years old it's a claim backed up by her passport but she appears to have outlived her birth certificate which would help prove she's the world's oldest living person by sixteen years she spends most of her time in bed but her ten grandchildren eleven great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren keep her and retained year round. now i feel weak but i don't want to stay in bed all the time i worked a lot i worked on my god. i needed to raise my children up to my husband died. they say despite her age she still has a sound mind and a sharp eye and enjoys
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a game of backgammon every now and then. mother worked all her life even during the war she never had a very comfortable life. is empty says a third and last living son she claims she gave birth to him when she was sixty her two older children died in the one nine hundred forty s. it seems there is something in the air in the mountains of georgia living to over ninety is nothing out of the ordinary here but making it to hundred thirty is still something pretty special the secret could be in the simple rural life or the d.n.a. of the local population or as some have suggested a mix of what the documents or maybe it's the combination of all three that keeps people like and going strong for years relatives say and to say used to smoke cigarettes doesn't eat meat but doesn't joy having a drink every now and then to spend all of her life in the village she was born in
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she didn't have much of an official education and doesn't know how to read or write her passport says she was born in one thousand a.d. but independently that the communication cannot be verified without auntie says last birth certificate but several other documents and testimonies from her neighbors say i'm definitely over a century old. which is pretty. fast but george is a preacher it just created a very conservative. piece of which i was born we need to. look at. in order to establish that. this person is the oldest person in the world but with people work or an art and discipline team is to lead by example proving that age is a case of mind over matter as long as you know how to make the most of every single moment of life in
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a ghost georgia remarkable story than our police in southern russia are looking for employees of a leisure firm which forced a donkey to parasail over the sea the incident has caused outrage among animal rights activists and locals who witnessed the ordeal. the terrified animal was sent flying for half an hour to promote the sport the donkey which luckily survived was heard praying before landing in the water and being tracked for several meters beachgoers some of which were distressed by seeing the animal suffering uploaded video of the flying document to the internet you're going to this could end up with a two year jail sentence if found guilty of animal cruelty. stories also updated twenty four hours a day on our website dot com a quick look through what else is online there right now teachers who are hitting children for not doing their homework corporal punishment illegal that parents want action after tormented people commit suicide. and moscow's soaring temperatures are sending people flocking to the city beaches
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to cool down for more and how muscovites are trying to beat the heat find out. the british prime minister david cameron says afghanistan will be the main topic of discussion when he meets president obama on tuesday june his first official visit to the white house cameron will also have to answer claims that the british based company b.p. successfully lobbied the u.k. government for the release of the libyan lockerbie bomber to secure an energy deal almost a hundred ninety americans were killed in the tragedy over twenty years ago relations between london and washington are also under strain because of b.p.'s oil spill in the gulf of mexico. and staying with a slick u.s. officials say the amount of oil seeping from the blown up b.p. operated well is insignificant they also believe seepage discovered near the well of the weekend could be a natural occurrence as a result b.p. has been told to carry on with its plan to seal a hole in the ocean floor for good the firm feared it would have to remove the cap which was fitted last week because because of concerns over the weeks the plug stem
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the flow of all for the first time in three months and it's now being allowed to remain in place. the syrian government has banned women from wearing face covering islamic fails in the country's universities. education ministry says the decision to protect the nation's secular identity band doesn't cover the shabbat headscarf which the growing number of women wearing similar laws are pending in france and belgium and there are calls in other european countries for the public wearing the food labels to be made illegal. the most severe flooding to have hit china in years now claim some one hundred fifty lives dozens of people are still missing roads and rail lines are blocked due to landslides triggered by the downpours only six million people have had to flee their homes and officials say water levels of china's longest river have reached dangerous highs are still rising. so that brings up to date for the moment we are not happy about with a recap of the main news in about eight minutes from now business is next with
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daniel. welcome to business several of those from the most important officials missed a board meeting on tuesday over a controversial new resource extraction tax on monday we reported that the gas giant was firmly opposed to the government's plans a fifteen percent increase in duty could cost gazprom as much as twelve billion dollars a year money which would be lost to its investment program from tuesday's meeting included chief executive alexei miller as well as economy minister. and energy minister sergei schmitz go president medvedev is in finland for a two day visit to discuss trade and not the mutual interest our correspondent has can offer is in the finnish city of turku for business altie. russia is among finland's leading trade partners the trade turnover between the two nations has already reached five billion u.s. dollars in the first quarter of this year alone which is quite an impressive figure
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compared to last year when the economic crisis was in full swing and the total a trade turnover between russia and finland was around thirteen billion years dollars for the whole year and a lot of other issues are also going to be discussed like the possible cancellation of visas between russia and the e.u. in the future of innovation and modernization as part of the russian e.u. dialogue the two leaders are going to exchange the other countries' experiences in using innovative technologies in their economies the baltic sea is also going to be discussed definitely since this is where the north stream pipeline project is currently being conducted. shares in moscow ended the day on a down note of a strong start in the morning energy may just fall away after the price of crude went on the seventy six dollars a barrel. from have shared around one percent today. bigoted trends to prevail in
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the markets and the results of the stress tests on european banks may add pressure on stocks. we expect that this friday. report on ninety six banks in years on and things that number of large institution will not pass just stress test and me. president. negative pressure on stock markets tomorrow i wish now forget about spain for financing that is due you were describing the next friday and over all its thirty two billion euros. that spain just don't have and. spain will have to ask european bailout also will have to enter market with a significant amount of money. that the shares. now russian book
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make a bet lee has signed a contract with the country's football premier league to start taking bets that stadium before a match accompli will invest up to five million dollars in the project and expects the first return in three years within a culture never has more. one to wager some money while into sports event but tired of the track now you can risk your sure down at the football stanny i'm asked to play resp repaired to kick off their one surefire win now will be the football association and its deal with the back league it will receive half of all the earnings and made by the bookmakers inside the stadium the money will be put towards the development of football in russia. fifty percent of what is made will be given to the russian football league and then we will decide whether to invest into football clubs or children's football the amount of money wagered on sport last here in russia and mounted to just one point two billion dollars if a very meager sound for situ law each country with
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a long sporting tradition the recent ban on casinos has not helped the situation from the bookmaker this point of view. has been a three fold decline in the market in two thousand and nine the volume of the market was one point two billion dollars and this year i can say is just around four hundred million dollars but i'm sure the market will grow and that's why we are ready to invest capital in new projects. have ski also has a cunning plan to boost the image of sports betting he has set his heart on winning the services of town tical fortune teller paul the octopus badly has offered to pay around one thousand euros for the psychic cephalopods who correctly predicted the outcome of games at the world cup or to appear to go we sent an offer and i think we will find a compromise of this octopus to help make an officer to predict the winners we are ready to provide everything he needs we just need him. paul has been getting many
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offers but if he does come to russia he will find everything and oracle octopus could need to show off his talents his sponsors could take him to the page on match day so he could pick the winner and encourage the spectators to places pentad as that might have a question of business are today. so for now you can always find more stories on our website that's r.t. dot com slash business.
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for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow will bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g. wealthy british style the stock.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two cars a report. areas which are made to police children. should. be a nurse and. so
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sure. that this is. the. representatives from seventy countries will. discuss how to bring about stability. in the country will be ready for the transfer of power in.
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progress. which would make up the. fifteen minutes from. dr to discuss israel's position. prospects for the. next. you know. what the i have talked enough wealth a member of the israeli parliament who sits on the foreign affairs and defense committees dr thank you very much for joining us here on our t.v. a few weeks before the fitting that came you warned.


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