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american presidents thank you very much for sitting down to speak. this time that you have been on an on line campaign to prosecute george w. bush and members of his administration for what you call violations of international law domestic law the constitution why have you not given all this because the administration of george w. bush was particularly lawless i don't think there's ever been a time in american history when we had the highest officials in government so flagrantly break the law and show no respect at all for the rule of law they just created laws just out of whole cloth they created laws in secret behind closed doors that were in them a cold to american democracy. and shameful to our international image some of those laws for instance redefined torture so that it made it ok for the c.i.
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a to brutalize prisoners and detainees. supposedly even doing it legally for instance allowing the waterboarding to be done legally one in fact it is a violation of international law and u.s. law but it didn't matter provided that they did these laws in secret do you realistically with all due respect i think you're going to be successful. i take the long view i think that to do nothing is a travesty because of the damage that's been done to our country and to our reputation around the world we the people we the american people have to come forward and say enough is enough we've had enough of the impunity in the law breaking and it's on in every same single facet of our society nowadays it seems as a giant corporations rule the day. government seems to be incapable of stopping
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them and that our elected officials are not acting in our interest where do we begin someone has to stand up and say i'm not going to take it a war and we do have the rule of law so what we have to do is impress upon them what the rule of law is and hope that the will of the people will carry the day u.s. president barack obama has said several times this is an era of looking forward and not looking backwards barack obama said when he got elected he said it's not just up to me it's up to you so i'm taking him up. i realize that there are very powerful people who are telling him to move forward and not look backward because really what that's become of the code word for i will not prosecute but the fact of the matter is there was enough public pressure so that his own attorney general finally had to appoint a special prosecutor last summer to look into some of the worst criminal alleged
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criminal behavior by cia interrogators not even i when i was running for attorney general insisting on the prosecution of bush did i realize that we would have a special prosecutor that soon afterwards so you have to have hope and you have to take the long view in other countries a man who ordered nuclear bombing or oversaw the vietnam war would arguably be seen as a villain would essentially be taken to task why is it in the united states that presidents are never prosecuted the whole notion of a president is accountable once he leaves office is new to the american people strangely enough one of the things i argue is that you can prosecute any president once he leaves office for a crime look at what happened with nixon he was pardoned if nixon our previous president had not been pardoned then he could have been prosecuted for the crimes that he can. well in the white house but you know americans have
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a short term memory i'm sad to say and need to be reminded i would also say the role of the media. is a factor here and that is the quote unquote mainstream media the corporate media. doesn't deal with this issue at all i have not been on one television show other than this one for instance and doesn't surprise me the media tries to keep the status quo and it's very much corporate owned so therefore the american people are not informed they don't know what their rights are and yeah that's what i'm trying to do and others of us who are part of this very small but growing accountability movement we need to get the word out every way we can to the american people that everybody has to abide by the rule of law and no one not even the president of the united states is above it do you think that there's just an aura around u.s.
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presidents in this country that they're just untouchable it may be it may be this concept of. the president as being the big protector and people feel i do think that people feel uncomfortable about coing after the president in the court of law they would feel ashamed the way the rest of the world would see it when they just i suppose they feel that you know you have to accord the president and a certain respect the point is that bush fell into such disrespect disrepute that it's a less difficult for people to begin to accept the notion that that the president is not above the law so i think we're into territory here and bush has only himself to blame. cheney and rumsfeld they went too far they went overboard in such a trend actually a transparent way i say transparent because we finally were able to find out. now
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what happened but i just think it was it was too excessive and it's caught up with them and the reason why we're putting our foot down is because we see that some of what they began has been carried over into the obama administration and therefore that is proof of my claim and others that if we don't stop them for what they just . impunity will get worse and we're going to lose our democracy you recently wrote an article called the battle for justice heats up in which you say that the united states needs to look at argentina as an example and explain why because argentina has finally had its day in court so to speak at least the mothers of the disappeared the families of all those people who several decades ago lost their loved ones during a very brutal dictatorship and the last of the dictators has been sentenced to prison for the crimes that he committed during that period and that brings us hope
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that shows once again that impunity will not stand so it's a stand there well it will not stand there but as i said before everything is incremental pinochet was arrested in his hospital. this is a dictator was sentenced to twenty five years and i frankly believe that bush cheney rumsfeld and the rest of them they're not they're not very comfortable about traveling a book abroad because we have international law on our side and the doctrine of your star in the doctrine of universal jurisdiction so when it comes to committing war crimes war criminals have to watch their step this is just the beginning of a whole new hour and international law as far as i'm concerned so moving forward how do you plan on rallying up the crowd. part as i said of a small. people who consider ourselves part of
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a movement we're calling it the accountability movement it was strongest right before obama got elected and it was comprised primarily of impeachment activists who had become very frustrated with their own party the democratic party which at every turn made it very clear that they did not want to impeach and for whatever reason. that was suggested it kind of boiled down to political expediency first they wanted to win over control over congress in two thousand for and and then they wanted to two thousand and six and then they wanted to win the white house and well they did win the white house there's still a lot of accounting for that has to go on and so the people who want from impeachment and never got their wish then want to prosecution because they really do feel that accountability is an important issue so that's what we're doing we're
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building a movement i was out on the west coast recently at a conference which is called understanding politics the point of that is that people are now beginning to understand that there's sort of secret there's a secret government that operates behind closed doors that we are not really privy to cause a lot of the shots in our government so we're first of all we're trying to unravel in other words we're looking at the very powerful and when you look at the very powerful that would include even the people who own corporations not just people who manage them and then then reality becomes clearer to us and then we realize that we've got to stop just doing our single issues we've got to combine together as a larger more unified force and strategize how to temper their power is a long range task but it has. to be done again we're going to lose our democracy if
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we don't do it and i actually have a lot of faith in the american people. i was reading peter dale scott who's a fine historian and has written a number of books about what he calls the overall world and and one of the things he says is that when the american people are confronted with a crisis they often have the cammy ability to overcome it and to put us on a new and more forward path and i still have that faith in the american people so you'll be hearing more from us very soon and we're going to be putting out a declaration on accountability we're going to break it down into all the different areas where there needs to be accountability whether it's a locked door all we need media accountability political legal. environmental in other words we have got to stop rise to the top look down at what's happening
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and more and more people are realizing that our country is just. going to the to the birds and we've got to step forward because if we don't the right wing is and then well i don't know what i'll do in that case i live close to canada. that they sound much for sitting down and speaking with me thank you. there is no. illness is. worse than. the shooters against.
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salem's coolidge in the scene canary trying to explain pitch twitter. this morning . to trying to say. don't commute to come to mind when. the sequence of. letters every month we give you the future we hope you understand from total get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us for knowledge update on our g. a true movement started off toward nukes and lasted for almost a floozy years julie two superpowers i'm sure you arrange. about login to choose life forms during the speech congress on potty.
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explosions rock the height of power plants in russia's southern republic of carnival car in what's thought to be a terror attack two security guards were shot dead while the seance burst into the plant several bombs. respect patients rides aids activists demand more funds and universal access to care insisting the financial crisis sooden jeopardized progress made a scientist need to discuss fighting the disease activists say advances in medicine and technology mean nothing if ancients can get treatment. the sex trade a burning issue in ukraine's resort city of odessa s. thousands of women get caught up in the business world some say has the approval of corrupt officials at the port as well connected to some of the most popular destinations for sex slavery. campaigners accuse u.k. government. being anti-democratic after their tech talent down next to parliament
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demonstrators have vowed to combat the fight against what they see as the country's aggressive foreign policy. goals they have lines and next we'll bring you all the latest sports news with farmer don't go away. hello there welcome to the sport thanks for joining me and these are the headlines . big deal russia ice hockey star signs the longest contract and they tell history . class it's a true story of france came schleck and called it all put an end to their war of words. and we have all the gold from the russian prime in the in this week's. first day russia says money was not the main reason he signed the longest deal and
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h.l. history the twenty seven year old has agreed a seventeen year contract with the new jersey devils worth one hundred two million dollars that means he'll be tied to the club until he's forty four years old he had played thirty two games for new jersey the end of last season after spending eight years with the atlanta thrashers and made the decision to sign a long term deal on saturday the fourth anniversary of his father's death seventeen years of matches culture jersey number a lucky figure for the russian he has scored three hundred thirty eight career goals so far the most in the n.h.l. joined the league and says he hopes to not many more while sitting at the full length of his contract believing the great opportunity to win silverware with the devils. i have committed the rest of my career seventeen years my number to this team. others who have won the stanley cup here from the. from the playoffs last season there's unfinished business. that
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was the biggest reason. for just such a station now at the tour de france andy schleck says he settled his rag with yellow jersey holder alberto contador the spaniard took the overall laid out attacking shaq when his chain came off which is against cycling etiquette blood was on monday and the pair were riding side by side in the peloton yesterday stage sixty schleck saying that contador had apologized for his actions and that they were now back on good terms while at the front of the race seven time champion lance armstrong was trying to end his last tour with some glory he was part of a fifteen man breakaway and although that was whittled down as the pace picked up armstrong was still in with a shadow couldn't quite find the sprint needed to cross the line france's pick the three go with the legs to claim the stage win but afterwards it was the schleck incomparable rumpus that people were still talking about in the pale quick to put that to bed. i'm ready to fight all day today you know. just to to
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make it clear to you know we could begin. it came a year all the grocery. chain been there. for me as another day but you don't want a relationship to be as bad as it was yesterday i think your relationship is very good. well it is a rest day today and the riders will be preparing for what could be a deciding stage tomorrow which finishes on the massive climb of the cold and that could shake up the general classification which currently looks like this contador and schleck are separated by just eight seconds i mean the russian denis menchov is just a few seconds off the spot there. in football german coach joke and has signed a new two year contract with the national side it means the fifty year old will stay in charge through the twenty twelve european championships loads just like germany to third place at the world cup in south africa in two years ago his men were runners up at the european championships and the things they've got room for
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improvement. vice mundus all know everyone knows that we have a very good basis that we have a lot of players who can become even better with time so we see a lot of potential and want to team to stay together this way i think the circumstances are good for us to develop. meanwhile the pre-season is in full swing for european clubs defending libya champions barcelona held their first training session ahead of the new campaign but only a handful of first team players were there as many took part in the world cup and aren't you back until the end of july the likes of iniesta puyo p.k. and david vir enjoying some time off but they will be back to the pre-season tour of scandinavia south korea and japan. while in italy a team of them fans turned out to see their stars they finished third last season and failed to win silverware they've brought in a new manager massimiliano a legacy who takes over from leonardo and have brought new plays man oh yes mark
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emilia and socrates puppetmaster. club owner and the prime minister silvio berlusconi then arrived in understated fashion and pretty much call the shots the news conference saying he considered one of the to be the greatest ever player but would not be spending huge amounts on new plays and did not intend to sell the club . although pre-season isn't all toil and sweat is it now and again this time for british sightseeing to manchester united plays visited the steps of the philadelphia art museum a site made famous by the film rocky they play major league soccer side the philadelphia union later today from there to all of north america. lucky them well here in russia we're thirteen weeks into the season and the latest action saw twenty two goals fly in is any remain the only unbeaten side in the russian premier league and if you missed any of the action enjoy the highlights here riis.
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a couple real scream is there now formula one continues this weekend in germany and the sport's most decorated team ferrari will be looking to shrug off their recent poor run of form twice champion fernando alonso and felipe massa to clinch our ferrari one two with a curtain raiser in bahrain in march but have struggled ever since and they want
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the next race to be their turning point. we are over now of after two rather he says with not many points before there were i have to go to the good moment when you do to take care of the maximum for my workout. or three ball games you know i am not all i'm sure with a new point systems we would be different for the temperature but it's wrong for sure i'm not happy reich. i suppose should be so i. the begin of this is i was not like that specter the first race was ok we did too broad you and. we did a good race is. so especially in the last three races that you have to race in a role that is something that in a race you cannot point you cannot finish. and finally moscow isn't renowned for being a great place to go jogging i can vouch for that but this is about to change the
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city vice to join the list of the world's running capitals is letting me speak that now reports. different job stiffer and each different base but what does unite all these people is their lawful frani however the face if you heard else when it comes to jogging in moscow many people just don't understand what makes you what makes you not why you're running and playing like them the fun why should i join and all this stuff but still want to move the other one once we can all start to to work with the parents with the runners understand that this is not true so this will just you know some thoughts behind in order to change people's attitudes sportswear firm nike has opened ten running clubs and more schools bars when you athletes can get professional opinion and some weiss advice. when you're on an asphalt or in a park there is a big risk of getting injured but we can recommend to all around us some special shoes and give
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a few tips about their technique these foundation is trying to prove running can be easy and exciting for everyone from the very young to olympic medalists. of course i do most of my running indoors but i enjoy running in parks as well there's a very special atmosphere there and it's easier to grieve mosco may have some waltz more streets but now there is a better chance to get some fresh air and put your feet to war but it is through r t and i want to make the most of that before the winter arrives in a few months time anyway enough about the winter because it's good weather here in moscow as find out what the weather is doing when you are next. question is that so much taxpayers' money i mean i just never really. fighting it get any virus with the endless funding of big pharma how much consensus.
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explosions rock a higher power plant in russia's southern republican governable are you leaving two guards down and what's thought to be a terror attack. pushed back patients bridesmaid's activists demand more funds and universal access to care insisting the financial crisis shouldn't jeopardize progress made. the sex trade a burning issue in ukraine's resort city of death said yes thousands of women get caught up in the business some say nasty approval of corrupt officials. campaigners accuse the u.k. government of leaving and a democratic after the take out of the peace camp next to parliament.
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watching r.t. coming to live from moscow eleven am here on marina joshua welcome to the program now two guards have been killed and two workers injured as a series of explosions blasted through a house station and russia's southern republic of covered bowl caria officials say a group of terrorists broke into a box some planned and laid several explosive devices we now cross live to over one reason for more details on this. so maria what more can you tell us on what happened. while marina investigators and specialist from british ministry of urgency that currently working out the same to find out exactly what happened to her dad today at the sun paul plunge in vicious southern republican party that al qaida in north caucasus say in the region which is thought to be one of the country's most volatile.


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