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tonka high joy electric power plants and russia's republic of comedy noble two people are killed. security forces are saying they know who is behind this attack but officially no name has yet been given for the war join me in just a few seconds. drawing attention to a forgotten war on iraqi american almost a little bit to the seven year campaign using his own skin as canvas for the memory . we fight wars over free speech and then we start a battle in parliament square against people who are expressing free speech and activists channels against the u.k. government saying it's corruption free speech to campaign is our victims from that scam holliman square. stock markets continue a top see turvy week as investors switch on friday stress test results from
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european banks will be going live to another just in london. a very warm welcome see this is live from moscow i'm alice habits two security guards have been killed in a terror attack on a hydroelectric power plant in russia's southern republic of qatar the noble cuddyer to generators were put out of action when several bombs were set off in some like the station that maria phenomena has more. none of the caucuses target as ations claimed responsibility for a serious of bloss their bucks on hydro power plant in russia but in a ball carrier in the north caucasus meanwhile national and to church committee is reporting now that all the people being involved in
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a base attack those who have carried out as well as the organizers have all been identified although officially no name has yet been given the russian media has already suggested that i made abdul lockwood be behind this attack this man is known as the leader of al-qaeda militants he became number one in the republic just a while ago and since then the number of deadly incidents in the republican south and in the region as a whole has increased dramatically and analysts say that in such a manner they smash and is now just trying to get some respect from the militants in the region and maybe at this particular this recent attack on the blunt could also be part of his planned huge plan to gain popularity and to strengthen his position as the leader of the militants so for the republican investigation is now continuing the only version of what happened earlier today at that plant remains
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a terror attack let's not listen to what the investigators say. we regularly carry out terror training in russian regions this is necessary to issue to seize work together if an attorney happens this time we have questions for the money issues of the cloned about to security on the reliability of it's going to the investigation will show whether this facility was welcome to it earlier today a group of people who were getting money about four people they say up to four gunmen burst into the pool aren't sure to gods and said at least four explosions three all the. police off the station have also been hurt two of them seriously injured and then hospitalized and we also have information that all of them happening as the militants have been looking for the switches to cut off power of god and they've tried to force these people to tell them where
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exactly it is situated as far as we know that they existed supplies haven't been a fact to buy base attack we have to admit that most likely they didn't they didn't find this failed to find these switches at the same time security see has been tightened everywhere in the region especially at all hydra paula facilities in which to solve. one independent political analysts that the medicals and believes the attack home the power plant reflects a shift in terrorist strategy. definitely changing the tactics starting from schools hospitals theaters. all blowing residential quarters the small embarked upon the higher the republish stations their music ever them. direct attention to the doom frail freight. on the one hand and on the other to intimidate the rank and file people caught
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short of electricity it's a kiss applause especially in the summer toward russia especially. in close cooperation the world with the world at large can definitely cope with such a menace only just a small groups of gangsters are still at large but we will manage to do so. well the u.s. is still spending billions each month on its operations in iraq but these days it was these little attention at home now a growing number of americans are accusing the media of burning the war nor giving its victims the recognition they deserve really to portnoy about the man for whom the scene is literally getting under his skin. the soul in a. a roll call of names then you may
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be more if you're a painful scar. one hundred thousand dots represent iraqis casualty of war and it had to drawing attention to them. in a very difficult situation. the two can trees or belong to their war aggression. from one country to the motherland tree and of course there is a huge amount of anger anger that will follow all channeled into art in march the rocky american turned his back into canvas for an ongoing project hold and counting. observers watch as the law is scored with a borderless map of iraq surrounding the city's dots representing the deaths of iraqi civilians and american soldiers dots only seen under a black light and the reason to have it. invisible things is
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to call attention to how. it is gone and mark a death count which includes his younger brother. how old was superman. think that was close before he about twenty maybe before he died. it was two thousand and four in belongs hometown city of kufa podgy. and fellow iraqi civilians were demonstrating against u.s. occupation when a u.s. predator drone dropped a missile i feel. to. some. to be. aware of what is going on says the media is not paying any attention but last month the us media did temporarily turn their attention to the other war and the scandalous mudslinging politics surrounding let's let's stick
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with stanley mcchrystal for a moment he has apologized for the comments that he made general mcchrystal has been ordered home to the white house to answer questions about his comments in this article a rolling stone article in which america's top commander in afghanistan publicly ridiculed the obama administration before star general tended his resignation according to the pew research center mcchrystal drama filled twenty five percent of the u.s. mainstream news cycle how can the president let him get away with this the second most talked about story in june third was the rocky u.s. economy. while ironically the war costing america more than seven billion dollars each month yielded minimum coverage. leaving those like the responsible for drawing a spotlight on scars of heartache that run deep seven years and counting. r.t. new york. coming up a little later in the program prosecuting
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a former president. of the american attorney aiming to get george w. bush in the dog to answer to his behavior in the. administration of george w. bush was particularly lawless i don't think there's ever been a time in american history when we had the highest officials in government so. only break the law and show no respect at all for the rule of law they just created laws just out of whole cloth they created laws in secret behind closed doors that were in them to american democracy. and shameful. do you can stuff it into funeral twenty minutes time. now i've been to national
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conference in vienna may have been about hearing of breakthroughs in treatment but it's also have had to evolve givens signs his own veiled a new h.i.v. vaginal gel which health officials are calling hope for women but human rights activists say the key to coping the disease is actually access to universal care a group of aids activists is filed a complaint with the u.s. against the united states they claim president obama's policies favor a multinational pharmaceutical companies raising the cost of treatment sure flew from the washington college of law will says the move will have an impact on patients and wants. the apollo ministration promise change in this regard he promised to quote break the stranglehold that large drug companies have over pharmaceutical policies in the u.s. and the internationalization of those intellectual policy property policies abroad but in fact what we've seen over the last two years is very little change from the
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obama administration on that regard the latest special three one report for example which expresses the view i think our policy. continues to sink ssion developing countries for not escalating intellectual property policies beyond that that is required by the world trade organization agreements and the impact of those escalations the impact of that policies will be less affordable amount of medications in developing countries and countries middle income countries as well like russia which was included on that list for not implementing a data exclusivity rule that would extend monopolies to drugs even without protection. well we're good to have you with us still ahead this hour find out why the government is clamping down on prozac peacefully demonstrating on present parliament's. now the entrepreneurs you
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strapped a donkey to a parachute and a parasailing publice is the star kid's face up to two years in prison for thirty eight of a terrified animal being launched into the sky spread across the world prompting anger from animal rights activists officials have launched an animal cruelty investigation that has polsky how. this case already caused proudest among animal rights activists here in southern russia a group of entrepreneur sent a coastal town of two men who decided to advertise their small business by a launch again dunking into the air they tied the parachute to a boat and the animal was flying in the air above the sea. for more than half an hour but the effect of such brutal advertising technique was the opposite to what these people probably expected because children who saw all that were crying most of the adults demanded to put the animal down immediately but people who were doing that refused to do so but even that was not all when the boat stopped the animal fell into the water desperately trying to get out it was tied to the parachute so
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the brutal show lasted for another ten minutes i witnessed the say although many objected no one reported the case and only after the video appeared in the media local animal rights activists decided to file a lawsuit against the business owners and that actually may put them away for up to two years since on the russian war there is a brutal act against animals right now we've established a group of persons who are implicated in this incident preaching to officer is taking measures to establish their whereabouts and carry out questioning about the incident the committed act qualifies under article two four five part two of the criminal code. this is the cruel treatment of an animal which is punishable by an eighty thousand rubles fine up to two years in prison there are hundreds of thousands of tourists who saw them in russia for summer vacation and it's a very busy time of year here on the black sea coast business owners try different
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ways to attract customers but it's hard to say why someone such a terrible form of advertisement and what could be bill expect from the small business resort that removes itself. reporting now protesters forcibly removed from the lord all visit the houses of parliament in london complaining that their right to freedom of speech is being trampled on on tuesday bayless evicted their peace camp in westminster but the campaign is calling for an end to the war in afghanistan say they're determined to return all season or emmett's reports. democracy but only on our terms that seems to be the message coming from the powers that be in the u.k. capital as a peace camp is finally removed from the government's doorstep as dozens of bailiffs and police sweeps to clear out the campaign as london's mayor said the demonstrators were making a mess and stopping the public from enjoying parliament square but the protesters
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insist their crucial message is being muted i would like to see the body go. on primarily i would like to see the aggressive foreign policy that this government has been pursuing over the course for such a long till going back through many governments and i would look to see an end to. sobering stories. for a new reason they've been resident in this focal spot in westminster since just before may's general election mainly calling for an end to the war in afghanistan but adopting other peace causes along the way it also became a magnet for all sorts of people including anna a teacher who gave up her job and her apartment to join the demonstration that i'm here mostly because i met some of the press coverage out here who ran a web shop about the rules of war which covers all wars and it showed me how evil rules are within the law and expose to me how unlawful the government is
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and and then that trickles into almost every other aspect of life and into how we advocate our children how much we are conditioned former m.p. and london mayoral candidates lembit opaque believes that while parliament sitting people should be allowed to make their protest heard within is short of their m.p.'s cricketer's all about free speech over time we fight wars over free speech and then we start a battle in parliament square against people who are expressing free speech about jimmy is a total contradiction it's anti-democratic but as democracy village is replaced by one. the hoff me to metal fences the demonstrators are adamant it's no barriers to getting hurt every time so this is of a country step outside the. authorized parameters approaches to take radical nonviolent action. in this power. affects
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people in all positions of the tsotsi that you can achieve just about anything you want all you need is a bit of courage. to see it but it won't for now come is restored to parliament square and the protesters dispersed but they're determined people and vow to gather again elsewhere it took sixteen bailey some four hours to clear out the ten thousand people and erect that spread and along with the process does when the right to free speech according to some they say the government sending a message to democracy keep off the grass nor emmett's out see. where on line view twenty four hours a day of course would you check out any of all stories at all to dot com any time you like here's some of what streaming there right now for you russian traffic police say moscow could save a billion dollars a year just like topping the daily gridlock but the number of calls just keeps growing. on money to spare usually makes people happy
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but not one versus women find out why she can't even hong kong's all that salty dot com. the u.s. secretary of state says north korea will face new sanctions in the day just to stem its atomic ambitions hillary clinton was speaking in south korea after holding talks with defense and military officials she said the new measures including the freezing of assets and to stop purchasing all selling arms comes just days before a joint to manage exercise aimed to jaring pyong. yang for many tests have chill at times well the north denied accusations that it was behind the sinking all of a warship belonging to the south in march have a militia call from the sense of the korean studies of the mosque a state university says the new sanctions are only likely see pyongyang. actually i don't know what could be more economic sanctions against north korea
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because it is already too much isolated though. the other trade always less down the four billion us dollars and eighty percent concentrated on china i think that's just a statement made of the u.n. security council statement on north korea each come down the wash it sounds kind washington sinking boss a stool which didn't blame north korea but these inaugural conditions north korea could that technology itself already due to the all of them in. predominance all military power from your past self or an alliance i think the only way to deal with north koreans now is to negotiate especially you know went down to park to nuclear power and they want to be treated as a new their power and then when they're treated as a some kind of. evil axis. so they're just irritated then
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that's a very difficult to to deal with them in such a way. that it's going to check all the international news making headlines this hour and scientists in the mania have double what it believed to be the baldies a fuller remaining dictator nikolaus tell chest and his wife and children want to confirm that they were actually buried at the spot in bucharest officials took samples from the corpses before repairing the coffins ceausescu ruled romania for twenty years before being executed in an anti communist revolts. the west of flushing in more than a decade his. actually seven hundred people in china dead so far this year millions have been evacuated from homes and more than three hundred still missing to continuing rainfall the roads and rail lines remain long due to landslides officials say the rainy season will continue until the end of august after least.
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sentences in the us are calling for an inquiry into the release of the lockerbie bomber last year prime minister david cameron rejected the idea denied he had been involved in the released during his first official visit to the white house said it isn't to leave out the best run the us may have followed lobbying by the oil giant around two hundred and seventy people were killed when a plane was blown up over the scottish village of lockerbie in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. in france that traffic controllers are on strike protesting it plans to merge european aviation services they're concerned that major job losses could follow all flights have been cancelled at the country's two main international airports child to go on or lay at the height of holiday season industrial action is expected to last until thursday morning. as the weather news this hour don't go away there were those as business on the way
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good danielle. welcome to business circles of new cause in russia are expected to jump fifteen percent this year according to a report from accountants p.w. see the company says because for clunkers program has given a big boost to the sector but what will happen to the market once that scheme remains unclear nick paul reports. russians are once again getting annoying to buy new cars the way to get behind the wheel of a myth sadie's is up to three months and if it's a new russian built law do you want well that could take as long as one for a year in some regions so far overall sales are up three percent in the first half of this year however the market remains segregated with the most expensive and the cheapest shifting quickest the true colors are due in court on the city's been opened you have a. broken english form and so it means that people have got my store competitor and
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with a good quality comes. it's the second in the middle that i was talking about middle class because the conference was fine vote. for general motors that segment for that the middle class is they still struggling and some more sales a russian lot as a reason twenty percent this year price waterhouse coopers says the main driver has been the cash for clunkers program which has been more successful than expected it's clearly been very effective the question is how long the program will last and whether there will be any modifications to the program at the moment it's aimed really at the cheapest cars in the market it's possible that the program could be modified to target say the new modern cars that have been produced by russian producers in alliance with foreign promise the cash for clunkers program together with higher import duties on foreign cars have boosted the share of domestic manufacturers in the russian market to sixty four percent this year p.w. c.
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believes the russian auto market still has tremendous potential for growth at the moment for every one thousand people there are two hundred thirty five cause more developed markets the figure is two or three times greater pool business are tea. time to check out the stock markets now wall street is cautious as it's awaits a report on the world's biggest economy from federal reserve chief ben bernanke it later today stocks. morgan stanley bank better than expected second quarter profits this morning linda shares are up more than one percent. europe rising in the afternoon miners are enjoying their third straight day of gains as the price of copper and other metals strengthens extra cuz they. are all up more than five percent. and more scoreboards is performing well as well still make a mitchell is up almost five and a half percent off revealing a big rise in metals output for the first half of the power provider bruce hydro
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shared two percent on news of the tariff loss at its plant this morning it's now almost recovered those losses as analysts say the explosion caused less damage than initially feared. for analysis of what's going on in the markets i'm joined from london by vic the schmitz managing director of international big thing just as a worried about the stress test results from european banks out on friday do you think that's already been factored into the stock markets. in many ways that is true what we have seen in the last two months is a significant derating of price earnings ratios across all markets to reflect the expectation of slower economic growth rates as well as continued problems in the banking sector however the key with a stress test is ability the rigor of those tests and we have to see on friday how rigorous those tests were we've got a lot of corporate results coming out what are the flash points you're looking out for in the eurozone and the us. in the u.s.
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clearly technology sector generally speaking performed better than morse to invest this would have expected but if you look at the u.s. market as a whole the reporting season was relatively mixed european reporting season in my view will be dominated by the banks and will also be dominated by export clothes because smalltalk meekly i would have the analyst fully taken into account depreciation of europe against other major currencies how much better will emerging markets perform than mature economies this year in your opinion. significantly better and it's not just this year it is a permanent decoupling between developed markets and emerging markets although one has to say that not all emerging markets are made equal russia is still very much an option on accel orating or de excel already economic recovery and commodity prices while some markets like turkey are much more of a structural stories while the vic to spread solve neumar international thank you.
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that's the latest you can find all these stories on our website altie dot com slash business i'll be back with more in fifty minutes.
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