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forced entry. as the investigation continues security forces are already saying they know who is behind this attack. in just a few seconds. also this hour now to a reminder of a painful truth from the rocky american memories and it's only. on those victims from both countries killed in the seven. we investigate whether pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on aids patients from around the world put the disease under scrutiny the. lawyer for was studios here in central moscow. twenty four hours a day good to have you with us two security guards have been killed in an attack on a hydroelectric power plant in russia's southern republic of korea two generators
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were put out of action when several bombs were set off inside the station. at the scene. this is the hydroelectric plant main gate so it all actually started here police say that a group of unidentified gunmen broke through these gates having killed two policemen who were actually sitting here after that they proceeded through the to the administration building which you can probably see behind me allegedly the gunman tied of this stuff and started to torture them with knives trying to find our delegation of the control switches police say that after. the gunmen pulled to the generator room when detonated the bombs destroyed two generates all three and the one which you can probably see behind me in the survived later when security and police arrived at the scene they found an explosive device and defused it now the plant is still blocked police forensic team and gates as. still working on the
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ground searching every inch of the area looking for some evidence about who might be behind the attack despite the explosions paralyzing the plant and the region's power the supply wasn't affected in the meantime security has been increased on all the hydroelectric plants across the russia's north caucasus region following that talk well let's get the latest on the investigation and speak to. you sir for your force in moscow so maria what is the main focus of inquiry at the moment. well below the initial investigation has caused a fight what's happened at the bus hydroelectric power plant and rushed about to my car in north caucasus as a terror attack but later on they rejected these versions saying that it was about taj and a criminal investigation has been launched on the following articles sabotage first illegal arms production and possessing. stealing weapons and attacking law
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enforcement officers although terror has been the least of the articles. later national and to terror community has confirmed that it's been carried out by militants all public or private in the book already that you're saying that all the people being involved in this attack those who carried it out and the economics of this attack have all been identified although officially no name has yet been given so far the russian media has already suggested that. that amir abdul op would be behind this attack this man is known as the leader all about caring militants he became number one in the republic just a while ago and since then the number of deadly incidents in the republic as well as in the region as a whole has increased dramatically and analysts say that now they smash and is trying to gain some popularity and to get some respect from militants and most likely the main message the main goal of this particular. attack on the plunge and
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debate about korea was to attract their attention and to show to demonstrate how powerful is here and to demonstrate to strengthen his position as the leader of the military in the republic with as i have mentioned the investigation is see you undergo another is to be confirmed exactly who is behind this attack that's now listen to what investigators are saying. we regularly carry out anti terror training in motion regions this is necessary to ensure all agencies work together if an attack happens this time we have questions for the managers of the plant about its security and the reliability of its guards the investigation will show whether this facility was well guarded. russia's most wanted terrorist still call moderate has been repeatedly threatening attacks on the country's infrastructure and looking at this recent attack on the plunge into but
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in about korea we can cite that this could be the first abas successful attack on the country's infrastructure let's not listen to what the abolitionists say. it seems to me that the it can be very dangerous lying all for the so we each truth a current of good realists war when not only representatives of food for riches but huge shouldn't the prices simply cannot make war jets becoming targets for their obvious lampy it's much more complicated to. drift from them it's time to rethink and to revise the whole corn syrup of how to deal with northern caucasus to think how to move step by step through it social political economic modernization of the region. meanwhile meanwhile security has been tightened up all over the raging especially old hydroelectric
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power facilities in russia's south just for the lemuria tell us how volatile is the present situation in russia's north caucasus at the moment. while we have to admit that the terror threat coming out from this particular part of the country north caucuses they ease and remains rather high with reports like face one about incidents deadly incidents happening in the region coming from. this area almost daily the southern republics of the gestalt. of it in about the area witnessed frequent attacks on local officials and politicians suicide bombings targeting law enforcement bodies have become a rather common thing that and there was. the thing about this region is that it is known as home to many so-called terrorist schools where the militants have been had been trained to carry out terror attacks not only within the regime but also
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outside and we have to admit that. has reached far beyond for example those behind the serious deadly most good measure bomb is over also believed to be prepared. part of the country so we have to say that. the terror threat coming out from. russia is rather hard russian authorities will be much concerned about that. a number of measures to stop violence escalates in the region but as far as this is to report any information like this recent about this recent attack. it meets that these measures may be north. thanks very much indeed for that and some reflection reporting from outside the investigative committee here in moscow. the u.s. is still spending billions each month for its operations in iraq but these days it
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received little attention at home well now a growing number of americans are accusing the media of burying the war and not giving its victims the recognition they deserve real portnoy the man for whom the issue is literally getting under his skin. see. a roll call of names and you mean more here. one hundred thousand dollars per person to iraqis casualty of war and it had to drawing attention to that. very difficult situation. can trees or belong to the war. from one country to the motherland and of course there is. huge amount of anger anger that will follow channeled into art in march the rocky american turned his back into canvas for an ongoing project hold and counting.
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observers watch as below is scored with a borderless map of iraq surrounding the cities dots representing the deaths of iraqi civilians and american soldiers dogs only seen under a black light and the reason. that invisible thing is to call attention to how. is he gone and mark a death count which includes his younger brother. how old is you. think that was before. about twenty maybe before he died. it was two thousand and four in the laws hometown city of kufa haji and fellow iraqi civilians were demonstrating against u.s. occupation when a u.s. predator drone dropped a missile i feel compelled to engage in some.
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to raise awareness about what is going on says the media is not paying any attention but last month the us media did are really turn their attention to the other war and the scandalous mudslinging politics surrounding let's let's stick with stanley mcchrystal for a moment he has apologized for the comments that he made general mcchrystal has been ordered home to the white house to answer questions about his comments in this article a rolling stone article in which america's top commander in afghanistan publicly ridiculed the obama administration before star general tended his resignation according to the pew research center. mcchrystal drama filled twenty five percent of the u.s. mainstream news cycle how can the president let him get away with this the second most talked about story in june third was the rocky u.s.
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economy. while ironically the war costing america more than seven billion dollars each month minimum coverage. leaving those. responsible for drawing a spotlight on scars of heartache that run deep seven years and counting. an international aids conference in vienna may have been hearing about breakthroughs in treatment but it's also had plenty of arguments scientists unveiled a new. which health officials are calling for women but he would rights activists say the key to curbing the disease is access to universal a group of aids activists this fall the complaint against the united states president obama's policies favor multinational pharmaceutical companies raising the cost of treatment. one of those making the complaints. unfortunately the
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obama administration is continuing some bush era policy that said in fact that they were going to threaten countries with trade sanctions for simply trying to make medicines more affordable to their people including in medicines what happens is that the obama administration and the bush administration before them continue to threaten countries and what it does is it drives up the price of the drugs because unlike you know like generic drugs brand name drugs cost thousands and thousands of dollars per patient per year if we restrict countries ability to make those generic drugs and make them available to their people especially if the ability to actually make those drugs which is ninety two percent of the drugs come from india if we're trying to push against them making generic versions of these drugs in order for drug companies to profit that's a violation of human rights we can. prevent and treat and actually end aids if we work at it but we have to reach universal access to aids treatment and that means the prices of drugs have to come down so on the one hand we've got this
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administration huge supporters of pepfar and doing a lot on aids but on the other hand trying to restrict countries abilities to actually make those drugs affordable we have to reconcile those two policies and that was aids and human rights activist matthew kevin are talking to me in atlanta . the u.s. secretary of state says north korea will face new sanctions in the latest bid to stem its atomic ambitions hillary clinton was speaking in south korea after holding talks with defense and military officials she said the new measures including the freezing of assets and to stop north korea purchasing sending arms it comes just days before a joint military exercise a deterrent program for any potential attacks the north denied accusations that it was behind the sinking of a warship belonging to the self back in march when i talked to his store and career expert jim hall he joins us now from london thanks very much indeed for being with you know considering the current sanctions really don't appear to be making any differences is there any point in having new ones. it's very difficult because the
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. new sanctions mrs clinton has a. problem with sanctions and north korea's sanctions. on north korea since nineteen fifty fifty. of the korean war. have not had much noticeable effect. summarized very broadly by mrs clinton. those measures have been imposed since two thousand and six by the united nations. nuclear tests north korea conducted and it's really very hard to see. anything new in what she's saying now it may be that she intends or the administration intends to have more. sanctions but again. but in theory everything is already covered all right but what
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about you saying not having much of an impact what the people in korea north korea itself the impoverished people she's saying she does not want these sanctions to have any effect on the people the. population there but actually is that true will they have an a further effect. it's very hard to tell the current sets of sanctions which are very similar to what she said today or you. know goods. in theory that means that the people aren't affected but if you reduce the amount of funds coming into the country the top leadership isn't going to carry that it will be ordinary people who suffer so i think any sanctions regime whatever the expressed in and however much you say we're not going. to be effective it will start affecting ordinary people just. interrupt just how big how big
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is there a risk of an attack from the north what how do you gauge the situation. i think it's been much exaggerated i think the. sinking of the trauma can be explained by the tensions that exist in that particular area this is an area where regular clashes last november it was the north that went away with a bloody nose so i think one shouldn't extrapolate from that incident something about a much wider. plan by north korea to engage in hostilities i think you have to put it all in the context of the south korean government since the current president took over adopting a fart. for approach to the north making it more difficult for the north to involve the southern companies and so on and so the atmosphere has got much worse but i
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think it's a big step for me to say that we are on the verge of danger of. speculation over kim jung il health how do you see the future for the north in terms of if he does pass away what could happen do you think as a result of that. all of us. i think. the security apparatus broadly speaking the military the police security intelligence people all those people are very sure that the whole thing does not collapse because if it does they're all in trouble the same goes for the topic of the party and the topic becomes in the piece people do not look forward to unification with the brothers with any joy and anticipation whatever other people within north korea. they see themselves as being out of
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a job possibly facing trial and execution so for them to keep the system going with or without with or without one of these is very important to. leave it there thanks very much indeed historian and career expert jim hoare joining us live in london here on r.t. thanks very much indeed for your time thank you. were just reminder online for you twenty four hours a day to check out any of our stories at r.t. dot com any time here's some of what streaming there right now for you. russian traffic police say moscow could save a billion dollars a year just by tackling the daily gridlock but the number of cars keeps growing. and money to spare usually makes people happy but no one british woman you can find out why she can't even hold. you can find out online. well let's have a quick look at some other international news before the business update for you scientists and romania believed to be the bodies of former romanian dictator. and
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his wife and children want to confirm they were actually buried at the sport and book arrest officials took samples from the corpses before repairing the coffins ceausescu ruled rumania for twenty five years before being executed in an anti communist. that was flooding in more than a decade has left at least seven hundred people in china dead so far this year millions have been evacuated from homes and more than three hundred still missing due to continue rainfall roads and rail lines remain blocked due to landslides and officials say the rainy season will continue until the end of august at least. and such as in the u.s. are calling for an inquiry into the release of the lockerbie bomber last year but british prime minister david cameron rejected the idea and denied b.p. had been involved in the release during his first official visit to the white house says believe. his release may have followed lobbying by the oil giant around two hundred seventy people were killed when a plane was blown up over the scottish village of lockerbie nineteen eighty eight.
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in france air traffic controllers are on strike protesting it plans to merge european aviation services a concern that major job losses could follow flights are being canceled at the country's two main international airports charles de gaulle and only at the height of the holiday season the industrial action is expected to last until thursday morning. and that brings up to date for the moment here on the other updates in about ten minutes from now and as promised the latest business news is next with daniel. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and. the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for
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technology update on our g. welcome to business the russian government's plans to raise the mineral tax may not be as punitive some companies first feared the state plans to increase the gas extraction levy by six percent in twenty twelve and five point four percent in twenty thirteen this will help raise an additional one point nine billion dollars during the first year and a further two point two billion the following year the all sector will also face changes to its tax regime resource companies have been objecting to the new plans saying they would lead to reduced investment in the sector the finance ministry says it will offer concessions goals and. a new mechanism should be created to help the worker new fields and provide tax breaks for them the fields of canned will be included on the list of those receiving tax breaks. it will also feel some changes
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starting from twenty twelve under the plan or extraction tax will be raised to six point five percent to twenty twelve and five point four percent in twenty thirteen . sales of new cars in russia to grow fifteen percent this year according to a cult p w c the company says the cash for clunkers program true of the sectors roys but it's unclear what will happen when the scheme ends pool reports. russians are once again getting in line to buy new cars to wait to get behind the wheel of a myth sadie's is up to three months and if it's a new russian built do you want well that could take as long as he will for a year in some regions so far overall sales are up three percent in the first half of this year however the market remains segregated with the most expensive and the cheapest shifting quickest luxury cars are doing quite well most and it's been open you have a. message from him so it means that people have got my story had to spend with him
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because. it's the segment in the middle that i was talking about middle class. the conference by vote for. general motors that segment for that the middle class is they still struggling some more sales are russian orders have risen twenty percent this year pricewaterhouse coopers says the main driver has been the cash for clunkers program which has been more successful than expected it's clearly been very effective the question is how long the program will last and whether there will be any modifications to the program at the moment it's aimed really at the cheapest cars in the market it's possible that the program could be modified to target say the new modern cars that have been produced by russian producers in alliance with farm promise to cash for clunkers program together with higher import duties on foreign calls boosted the share of mystic manufactures in
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the russian market to sixty four percent this year p w c believes the russian water market still has tremendous potential for growth at the moment for every one thousand people there are two hundred thirty five because more developed markets the figure is two or three times greater. business. let's take a quick look at the stock markets in russia now both men both years had a strong day gaining some two percent methyl mine i met shell with almost five and a half percent off the revealing a big rise in metals output for the first half of the year most hydro also ended up off the analyst said it. was less serious and failed. the stress test results from european banks are putting pressure on stock markets worldwide managing director in the moon or international vic to schmitz explains what we have seen in the last two months is a significant derating of price earnings ratios across all markets to reflect the expectation of slower economic growth rates as well as continuing problems in the
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banking sector however the key with a stress test is ability the rigor of those tests and we have to see on friday how rigorous those tests were now playmakers sue has a mind hundred million dollar deal to sell thirty aircraft to a bermuda based leasing firm it marks its third significant firm order secured at the show in as many days the super jet one hundred will be the first passenger plane built by russia since the fall of the soviet union earlier on thursday the company announced an agreement to sell ten planes to gazprom for three hundred twenty three million dollars and kicked off the show by signing a contract to supply the plane to an indonesian carrier the issue of the full featured. sales were thrown twenty three billion dollars. that's it for me you can always find more stories on our website at www dot com slash business.
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i am. glad. fifty. fifty fifty. five. hungry for the full story we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face when the news makers.
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