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as the investigation continues security forces already say they know who is behind this attack for. just a few seconds. a point of display in iraq the american turned his back into a huge depicting every life lost since the start of iraq's occupation in two thousand and three a war he says has been forgotten by the media. and the cost of suffering human rights activists at an aids conference and be accused companies of keeping drug prices sky high as the death toll of twenty five million from the disease continues to rise. from our studios here in central moscow this is the twenty four hours a day to have you with this. security guards had been killed in an attack on
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a hydroelectric power plant in russia's southern republic of company. two generators were put out of action when several bombs were set off inside the station. at the scene. this is the hydroelectric plant main gate so it all actually started here police say that a group of unidentified gunmen broke through this gate having killed two policemen who were actually sitting here after that they proceeded through the to the administration building which you can probably see behind me allegedly the government. started to torture them with knives trying to fight our delegation of the controls which is police say that. the gunmen pulled to the generator room when detonated the bombs destroyed two generators out of three and the one which you can probably see behind me. survived later when security and police arrived at the scene they found an explosive device and did now the plant is still blocked police
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forensic team and the gators are still working on the ground searching every inch of the area looking for evidence about who might be behind the attack despite the explosions paralyzing the plant the region's promise supply wasn't affected in the meantime security has been increased on all the hydroelectric plants across the russia's north caucasus region following that attack. more information is falling investigation in moscow brings us the latest. the initial investigation has caused a fight what happened at the bus hydroelectric power plant and rushed about to occur in north caucasus as a terror attack but later on they rejected this version saying that it was such a target and a criminal investigation has been launched on the following articles sabotage first illegal arms for adoption and possessing stealing by friends and attacking law
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enforcement officers although terror has been the least of the articles later national and to terror community has confirmed it has been carried out by militants all public or private in a ball carrier that was saying that all the people being involved in this attack those who carried it out and the economics of this attack have all been identified although officially no name has yet been given so far the russian media has already suggested that amir abdul ought to be behind this attack this man is known as the leader all worked out in a boat carrying militants he became number one in the republic just a while ago and since then and now the number of deadly incidents in the republicans well as in the region as a whole has increased dramatically and analysts say that now they smash and is trying to gain some popularity and to get some rest. and most likely the main message the main goal of this particular recent attack on the plunging debatable
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car was to attract their attention and to show to demonstrate how powerful is here and to demonstrate to strengthen his position as the leader of the militants in the republic with as mentioned the investigation see you and to go in as to be confirmed exactly who is behind this attack who is going to. be regularly carrying out anti terror training in russian regions this is necessary to issue. a from the time congress time we have questions for the managers of the plant about security and the real. his guards investigation will show whether this facility was welcome to. russia's most wanted terrorist doc or moderate has been repeatedly threatening attacks on the country's infrastructure and looking at this recent attack on the plunge into but in about korea we can say that this could be the first abas
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successful attack on the country's infrastructure less not listen to what the abolitionists say it seems to me that the it can be very dangerous of for the swedish. crime to have good realists war where not only representatives of forethought which is huge and the prices. are becoming targets for fear of the it's much more complicated. from there it's time to think it. through moves. through its social political economic modernization of the region but we have to admit that the terrorist threat coming out from this particular part of the country remains rather high with reports about the incidents deadly incidents happening in the region almost daily russian sources of it must be uncertain about that troy a number of measures to stop violence escalate in the region but as far as we still
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reporting information like this recent about this recent attack we can admits that these measures are maybe not enough. or to use more official reporting from moscow . the u.s. is still spending billions each month on its operations in iraq but these days it receives little attention at home now a growing number of americans are accusing the media of burying the war and not giving its victims the recognition they deserve report not the man for whom the issue is literally getting under his skin. this. thing. a roll call of names more if you're a painful scar for each one hundred thousand dots represent iraqis casualties of war and it had to drawing attention to them. in a very difficult situation. the two can trees or belong to their war aggression.
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from one country to the motherland can treat and of course there is a huge amount of anger anger that will follow all has channeled into art in march the rocky american turned his back into canvas for an ongoing project called and counting. observers watch as the law is scored with a borderless map of iraq surrounding the city's dots representing the deaths of iraqi civilians and american soldiers dots only seen under a black light and the reason. that invisible things is to call at times to how. they are is gone and marked a death count which includes his younger brother. how old was your. think that
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was before he about twenty maybe before he died. it was two thousand and four in the laws hometown city of kufa haji and fellow iraqi civilians were demonstrating against u.s. occupation when a u.s. predator drone dropped a missile i felt compelled to engage people in some. art to be to use raise awareness about what is going on says the media is not paying any attention. but last month the u.s. media did temporarily turn their attention to the other war and the scandalous mudslinging politics surrounding let's let's stick with stanley mcchrystal for a moment he has apologized for the comments that he made general mcchrystal has been ordered home to the white house to answer questions about his comments in this article a rolling stone article in which america's top commander in afghanistan
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publicly ridiculed the obama administration before star general tended his resignation according to the pew research center mcchrystal drama filled twenty five percent of the u.s. mainstream news cycle how can the president let him get away with this the second most talked about story in june third was the rocky u.s. economy. while ironically the war costing america more than seven billion dollars each month yielded minimum coverage. leaving those. responsible for drawing a spotlight on scars of party that run deep seven years and counting. we're just remind you as well as being on screen twenty four hours a day where only twenty four hours a day it's a web site you can check out any false stories that dot com any time. of the month long and many other features you can find out about russian traffic police telling
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us that you can save a billion dollars a year just point tackling the. number keeps growing. usually makes people happy but one british woman can find out why she can't even hold notes or coins that's. called. an international aids conference in vienna may have been hearing about breakthroughs in treatment but it's also had plenty of arguments scientists on vale the new. gel which health officials are. calling for women but human rights activists say the key to coping the disease is access to universal people they talk to this complaint with the u.n. and against the united states they claim president obama's policies favor multinational pharmaceutical companies raising the cost of treatment becoming one of those making the complaints. unfortunately the obama administration is continuing some bush era policies that said in fact that they were going to
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threaten countries with trade sanctions for simply trying to make medicines more affordable to their people including in medicines what happens is that the obama administration and the bush administration before them continue to threaten countries and what it does is it drives up the price of the drugs because unlike you know like generic drugs brand name drugs cost thousands and thousands of dollars per patient per year if we restrict countries ability to make those generic drugs and make them available to their people especially if we have the ability to actually make those drugs which is ninety two percent of the drugs come from india if we're trying to push against them making generic versions of these drugs in order for drug companies to profit that's a violation of human rights we can in fact prevent and treat and actually end aids if we work at it but we have to reach universal access to aids treatment and that means the prices of drugs have to come down so on the one hand we've got this administration huge supporters of pepfar and doing
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a lot on aids but on the other hand trying to restrict countries abilities to actually make those drugs affordable we have to reconcile those two policies. when that was aids and human rights activist matthew coming up talking to me. the debate continues with people about in these cross two guests they discuss the effectiveness of treatments for aids. companies tied to the violence there doesn't do anything with drugs ever terribly toxic ok. there is he was forty years ago all for one purpose to cause to kill human cells for cancer chemotherapy and the result is they have never ever cured one aids patient they even say that ok did i do you disagree do you disagree with that. of course i mean we have two million people die of hiv infection every year and these are not people who die of old age i can tell you that the average age of people who die in russia is thirty two years this is pretty ostracise. viruses are keeping people alive
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and people are staying alive thanks to administration of these products and we have now five billion people. and it's thanks to that that mortality has decreased so much of that people live a normal life. and you can watch crosstalk later. on. the former prime minister of kosovo is to be retried in the hague over alleged war crimes how to deny his previous trial two years ago was abandoned due to a lack of evidence the president of the yugoslav tribunal has since claimed witness intimidation was to blame as the most senior member of the cause of the liberation army to be indicted over the bloody war in the late ninety's political expert on the balkans. things the ex prime minister has enjoyed protection from the hague while doing america's dirty work. we need to see the conflicts in which this whole
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thing is taking place mr hodder the night he was a commander of the costs of the liberation army and independence on the using terrorist methods and he was also supported by the united states and nato are doing effectively dirty work for them to enable them to bomb themselves into costello and take control of the region let's be quite clear the largest military base of the united states in europe has been built in kosovo since then so mr howard i deny clearly enjoyed protection at the hague and i don't regard the hague simply as a un impartial tribunal on the mic many people regarded as in washington tribunal there are now questions as to why this is this retrial is taking place well some of it he's. really. was if you like absolved of any guilt because as you say and no evidence but the reason is essentially intimidation
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numerous people have been killed and costs a lot as a result of that i think they now want to show that some kind of justice in this and that is why we haven't got a trial i've seen nineteen nato countries developing the equivalent to a free hiroshima bombs in a seventy eight days war of aggression against the then federal republic of yugoslavia this is twisting things around and it is coming essentially from nato countries i don't think that serbia seeing as being guilty in russia or china at least two countries that still respect the child's sort of the united nations and a great many other countries especially nonaligned way but let's come back to this you have to bear in mind that many of the things of which mr hardee night has been accused of have taken place in cross civil when it was part of the fact that all the public ok the slob and the. since then during the trial a number of this is a complete and one possibility is to show that now that this is
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a stake in place and that essentially nato occupation and on that it cost so the administration that they actually want to show that this is not all right. and that was balkans political expert. talking to me from london. protesters forcibly removed from the lawn opposite the houses of parliament in london they're complaining their right to freedom of speech is being trampled on on tuesday bailiffs evicted their peace camp in westminster but the campaign is calling for an end to the war in afghanistan say that term and to return. it has this report. democracy but only on our terms that seems to be the message coming from the powers that be in the u.k. capital as a peace camp is finally removed from the government's doorstep as dozens of bailiffs and police sweeps to clear out the campaign as london's mayor said the demonstrators were making a mess and stopping the public from enjoying parliament square but the protesters insist their crucial message is being muted i would like to see.
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primarily. the aggressive foreign policy its government has been pursuing for such a long time going back through. to see. states . they've been resident in this focal spot in westminster since just before may's general election mainly calling for an end to the war in afghanistan but adopting other peace causes along the way it also became a magnet for all sorts of people including anna a teacher who gave up her job and her apartment to join the demonstration i'm here mostly because i met. about the rules of war which covers. me. within the law and expose to me how unlawful the government is and
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and then that trickles into almost every other aspect of life and into how we have our children how much we're conditioned former m.p. and london mayoral candidates lembit opaque believes that while parliament sitting people should be allowed to make their protest heard within earshot of their m.p.'s cricketers all about free speech over time we fight wars over free speech and then we start a battle in parliament square against people who are expressing free speech that to me is a total contradiction it's anti-democratic but as democracy village is replaced by one. the half meter metal fence says the demonstrators adamant it's no barriers to getting hurt every time citizens of a country step the. parameters approaches and they take radical nonviolent action. in this power. affects people in all positions. you can achieve just about anything you want.
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a bit of courage. to see it but it won't for now calm is restored to parliament square and the protesters dispersed but that determined people and vow to gather again elsewhere it takes a bit. to clear out the tent and the people and erect steps but and along with the process does when the rights of free speech according to they say the government sending a message to democracy keep off the grass nowhere and it's. time now for some of the international news here in r.t. the us secretary of state says north korea will face new sanctions in the latest bid to stem its atomic ambitions. speaking in south korea after holding talks with the french military officials he said the new measures including the freezing of assets and aim to stop north korea purchasing. it comes just days before a joint military exercise aimed at deterring pyongyang from any potential attacks
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the north deny kids nations that it was behind the sinking of a warship belonging to the south back in march of this year. to china now where the worst flooding in more than a decade has left over seven hundred dead and more than three hundred missing in the country china's vice minister of water resources nummi says the disaster has affected tens of millions of people roads and rail lines from a slight. areas of the yangtze river have now reached record highs rains are forecast to continue until at least the end of august with predictions of even worse downpours still to come. traffic controllers are protesting the plans to merge european aviation services a concern that major. international airports. and all of the holiday season industrial action is expected to last until thursday morning. for the moment. to minutes from now the battle against aids is the focus of. guests but before that we speak to.
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american lawyer who tells us why she's taking on big corporations and powerful american politicians that's coming your way in just a moment here. attorney and author charlotte joins me now to talk about her people first bush and the possible. that surrounds american presidents thank you very much for.
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that you have been on an on line campaign to prosecute george w. bush and members of his administration for what you call violation of international law domestic law the constitution. why have you not given up is because the administration of george w. bush was particularly. i don't think there's ever been a time in american history when we had the high. officials and government so flagrantly break the law and show no respect at all for the rule of law they just created laws just out of whole cloth they created laws in secret behind closed doors that were in them a cold to american democracy. and shameful to our international image some of those laws for instance redefined torture so that it made it ok for the c.i.
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a to brutalize prisoners and detainees. supposedly even doing it legally for instance allowing waterboarding to be done legally one in fact it is a violation of international law and u.s. law but it didn't matter provided that they did these laws in secret do you realistically with all due respect think you're going to be successful. i take the long view i think that to do nothing is a travesty because of the damage that's been done to our country and to our reputation around the world u.s. president barack obama has said several times this is an era of looking forward and not looking backwards barack obama said when he got elected he said it's not just up to me it's up to you so i'm taking him up on that challenge i realize that there are very powerful people who are telling him to move forward and not look backward
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because really what that's become is the code word for i will not prosecute but the fact of the matter is there was enough public pressure so that his own attorney general finally had to appoint a special prosecutor last summer to look into some of the worst criminal alleged criminal behavior by cia interrogators not even i when i was running for attorney general insisting on the prosecution of bush did i realize that we would have a special prosecutor that soon afterwards and other. countries a man who ordered a nuclear bombing or oversaw the vietnam war would arguably be seen as a villain would essentially be taken to task why is it in the united states that presidents are never prosecuted the whole notion of a president is accountable once he leaves office is new to the american people strangely enough one of the things i argue is that you can prosecute any president
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once he leaves office for a crime look at what happened with nixon he was pardoned if nixon our previous president had not been pardoned then he could have been prosecuted for the crimes that he committed while in the white house but you know americans have a short term memory i'm sad to say and need to be reminded i would also say the role of the media. is a factor here that is the quote unquote mainstream media the corporate media. doesn't deal with this issue at all i have not been on one television show other than this one for instance and doesn't surprise me he recently wrote an article called the battle for justice heats up in which you say that the united states needs to look at argentina as an example and explain why because argentina has finally had its day in court so to speak at least the mothers of the disappeared
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the families of all those people who several decades ago lost their loved ones during a very brutal dictatorship and the last of the dictators has been sentenced to prison for the crimes that he committed during that period and that brings us hope it shows once again that in impunity will not stand and i frankly believe that bush cheney rumsfeld and the rest of them they're not they're not very comfortable about travelling about abroad because we have international law and. our side and the doctrine of your star in the doctrine of universal jurisdiction so when it comes to committing war crimes war criminals have to watch their step this is just the beginning of a whole new hour and international law as far as i'm concerned so moving forward how do you plan on rallying up the crowd we're calling it the accountability movement it was strongest right before obama got elected and it was comprised
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primarily of impeachment activists who had become very frustrated with their own party the democratic party which at every turn made it very clear that they did not want to impeach and for whatever reason. that was suggested it kind of boiled down to political expediency first they wanted to win over control over congress in two thousand four and and then they wanted to eventually in two thousand and six and then they wanted to win the white house and well they did win the white house there's still a lot of accounting for that has to go on and so the people who want from impeachment and never got their wish then want to prosecution because they really do feel that accountability is an important issue so you will be hearing more from us very soon and we're going to be putting out a declaration on accountability we're going to break it down into all the different
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areas where there needs to be accountability whether it's a lector all we need media accountability political legal. environmental in other words we've got to. rise to the top look down at what's happening and more and more people are realizing that our country is just. going to the to the birds and we've got to step forward because if we don't the right wing is and then well i don't know what i'll do in that case. i lucullus the kid about on that notice that they sell much for saying that in speaking with right thank you. laurie which are made to police children. on their helmets.
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make. sure illness is the only nurse in the. state. to secure itself against a. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean i didn't exist in a real mystery has been to be fighting a deadly virus with the endless funding of big pharma how much consensus is. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. of. life in the studio.


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